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Subject: Deans Bicha Chapter 15 I have been reading stories for several years, and I thought I’d try writing one, so this is my first attempt. It’s based a lot on my youth with respect to people (names changed) and places and even some events, though most of the sexual situations are fiction. If you are under legal age to read, or in an area which prevents this, please leave now. Remember this was the mid 1970s and HIV wasn’t a thing. Play safe today. PLEASE: Donate to Nifty to keep this wonderful service free. I would really appreciate constructive feedback. I can be reached ail I enjoy getting comments and will reply. Deans Bicha 15 Wednesday After School I sat on the bus thinking about the day and all that happened: sucking Robby in the library; being caught by Phillip the tech-high school senior apprentice; Huck raping my mouth and beating my ass and balls; streaking down the hall twice; and sucking Richard off. I wondered how long he’s been sucking his brothers. All this quiet contemplation had me popping another boner. What is it about my dick? Does it ever go down? My dick! It’s colored yellow and red. I’ve got to get home and wash it off before heading down to the Soarer’s house. I can’t be late. First, strip off and wash my dick. Second, pee. Third, grab something to eat. No dress third then fourth get something to eat. There wouldn’t be time, a snack I can live without. I must remove the marker above anything else. I hopped off the bus ran up my driveway and came to a screeching halt. There on my back porch were Dean and Dale waiting for me. Fuck! Remember when I said our school didn’t have half day Wednesdays. Well their old town of Eastford did. So they were already home and horny waiting for me. I was sunk. “Well, don’t keep us waiting anymore bicha. Let’s get inside and have some fun,” Dean laughed. What was I going to do? There was no way they weren’t going to see the markers. Maybe I could beg to use the toilet, number two so they wouldn’t want to be with me and I could wash it off. “Guys, I really need to take a dump. Let me do that then we can do whatever.” “Ok.” Wow, that worked. The surprise must have shown on my face because Dale said, “Good. We can make sure he’s nice a clean again. Now take off your clothes so we can get started.” “Here?” “Like you’ve never been naked outside before,” Dean snorted. “Now lose the clothes. I’m sure you’ve not been following our no underwear rule and will have to be punished.” Resigned to my fate, I dropped my books and began undressing: shirt, then shoes and socks. Now my school trousers. As I lowered them Dean exclaimed, “Holy Crap, he isn’t wearing any underwear.” “Look at his dick. It’s painted or something,” Dale pointed out. The brothers were now kneeling in front of me to get a closer look laughing hysterically. “Guys. Can we go inside please before someone sees me,” I pleaded. “What happened? Did you do this?” “No. I kinda got into it at lunch with a kid at school and he cornered me later during activity period and made me drop my pants. When he saw how skinny and long my dick was he called it a pencil dick. Then he got the idea to use markers to make it look like one too.” I figured they didn’t need to know about the wedgie, streaking, sucking, or jerking off that I did so I didn’t mention those. “Anything else,” Dale asked. “No,” I lied. Dean knew I hadn’t told them everything and pressed me on it. “Spill. What else did he make you do?” “He made me strip off then jerk off. He kept my underwear.” I edited the whole story down to the least embarrassing portions. “So, you broke the no underwear rule. Though it sounds like you got punished enough. Come on, let’s get inside and have some real fun,” Dean said as he and his brother headed toward the kitchen door. I grabbed my clothes and books and followed them. I put my key in the door and opened it like a condemned man. I might as well have been. Once inside, Dean asked if I was going to take a dump. “No, I only said that so maybe I could wash the markers off my dick before you saw it.” “So, you lied to us? Well, you’ve just earned back your punishment. Put your hands on top of your head,” he ordered. Shit when will I learn to keep my mouth shut. WHAM. “Arrrggghhh.” Right to the nuts again. Dean had held my dick up to gain full access to my balls. His closed fisted punch just added to the combined suffering they had received thus far today. I was on the ground withering in pain. “Please, stop. My balls are still sore, Richard already kneed me,” I pleaded. “He kneed you in the nads? Cool. Sounds like my kinda kid. What else aren’t you telling us? Who is this kid? Don’t leave out any details cause we might just contact him and confirm what you told us.” The two listened with rapt attention as I told them everything that happened with Richard today, including the hanging wedgie which they thought was brilliant. “Shit, 40 kids saw you hanging in just your briefs and hard. Excellent! That wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t wearing any you know.” They were pleased I had to suck his dick, “you don’t have to get paid for every cock you swallow.” I was smart enough to edit out the part of him letting it slip that he was blowing his older brothers. If they found that out Richard was surely going to destroy my nuts. When I finished the were astonished to say the least. “Wow. Streaking in school. Fantastic. We are going to have to meet this kid. Maybe he can keep watch over you for the rest of the year. Then we’ll have a way to make sure you follow our rules and don’t wear underwear to school.” Dean was Giresun Escort on a roll. He’d control me at home and have Richard to control me at school. My life would be hell. Dale took some time to walk around me. He must have spotted my red sore ass and asked, “What else happened today? You’re leaving something out bicha.” When Dean gave him a questioning look, Dale pointed to my butt and said, “Bicha was spanked.” I reached into my pocket and handed Dean the $5.00 and phone number Huck gave me. I recounted that story too. I prayed he didn’t push any more because I really didn’t want to tell him about Robby or Phillip in the library. Somehow luck was on my side and Dean and Dale only questioned me regarding my oral rape from Huck. “Well, you have had a very busy day bicha.” Dean then noticed yellow and red marker on his hands from when he ball punched me earlier. Not wanting anymore on himself he ordered me into a quick cold shower and they took great pleasure in using a stiff scrub brush to remove all traces of Richard’s artwork. “Let’s go. We don’t have much time left,” Dale told his brother. By the time we finished there wasn’t as much time for them to torture, humiliate, and embarrass me. Somehow they would anyway. They started heading for the back door. I followed leaving my clothes and school stuff on my bedroom floor. I had to be home before my parents to pick them up. Standing on the back porch, Dean asked his brother, “What do you think? Bicha has already been streaking so maybe it should do some more. Instead of walking down to our house through the fields in the back, how about running down the road?” Dale broke out into a huge smile. “You’re truly evil bro. I like it. The commuter traffic hasn’t started yet. Bicha might be able to make it down to our house unseen if quick enough. It’s only three houses.” “Guys, please no.” “Go put your socks and sneakers on. Streakers always have those on,” Dean told me. Defeated, I went back to my room and returned in the “official” streakers attire. Something inside me stirred and my dick started to come to life. Really? Every time? “Looks like you’re getting excited to do this, no matter how much you complain,” Dale commented. “Ok, so as to make it fair, we’ll go home and call you when to go. You have five minutes after we call to get to our house. That way you can try and wait until there are no cars on the street. But don’t wait too long. You only have 5 minutes or you’ll be punished again. Right Dean?” “YES,” Dean exclaimed. “And bicha, don’t run around to the back door. Since you’re coming from the front of the street you should use the front door. Ring the bell and we’ll answer.” “Perfect. Now no covering up either,” Dale reminded me. I removed my hands from my groin as they had unconsciously tried to provide cover. My erection was sticking straight out. Grinning at me Dean went out the back door followed by Dale who whispered to me, “You really love this, don’t you?” There was no denying it. While in no way did I want to get caught doing any of this, part of me loved being forced into these situations. The humiliation was a turn on for some reason, as was evident by my hard dick every time. Of course, cocksucking was the most enjoyable part. I was scared of the butt fucking which I knew was coming, but I’d worry about that later. Right now I had a mission. Less than a minute after Dean and Dale left, the phone rang. That didn’t take them anytime at all. “Hello. Oh hi dad.” My father called to tell me something about a plumber installing a water purification system to our well pump or something stupid like that. Who cares dad. I knew that Dean and Dale were trying to call me and then were going to get a busy signal. They’d probably think I did it on purpose. Come on dad, get off the phone and go back to work I kept screaming in my head. Finally after an eternity he said goodbye. I no sooner had hung up when the phone rang again. “Bicha,” Dean screamed into the phone. “Did you think you could avoid streaking by taking the phone off the hook?” I explained about my dad calling but he could have cared less. Well, now you only have 2 minutes to get down here. Go!” He slammed the phone down so hard a thought my ear was busted. I glanced at my watch to time myself. I knew the actual run would only take about 30 seconds, which meant I had a minute and a half leeway to wait for the coast to be clear. Fuck! My dad talked longer than I thought. It was now 3:35 and the commuter traffic was going to begin if it hadn’t already. I stepped out onto the porch and noticed that my dick, which had deflated when talking with my father, was quickly on the rise again. I am a sicko. I crept to the end of the driveway watching for cars in either direction. There were a few cars heading our way at the end of the road. If I waited for them to pass, I might run out of time. And there was no guarantee that others weren’t to follow. “Just go for it” I thought. So I did. I never ran so hard or fast in my life. My heart was racing as I stood on the Soarer’s front steps ringing the bell several times. The boys opened the inside door but the screen door was locked as I tried to open it. “May we help you?” Dean said in a sing song voice. “Come on, please let me in.” Whoosh. Whoosh. My head spun around as the two cars from the end of the street went by. Lucky for me they didn’t seem to notice me. “Be a good little bicha and run down and get our mail,” Dale told me. I knew better than to argue so I took off for the end of their driveway. Just as I took the mail out of the Giresun Escort Bayan mailbox another car came up the road. I slammed the mailbox shut and turned to run back when the driver and I locked eyes. Shit, he saw me. Worse yet was his son in the passenger seat who looked to be around my age. His mouth was open in shock. Running at full speed ahead, I took off for the back of the house instead of the front door. I’d take whatever punishment from Dean and Dale rather than being seen any longer by some man and his boy driving down the road. Pounding on the back door, Dean opened it and I practically fell inside. They were laughing their proverbial assess off as I stumbled and fell to the floor out of breath. One minute later, Mrs. Soarer was calling us upstairs. Having been spotted, I was worried about what might happen yet I didn’t lose any of my erection. When we got to the top of the stairs, Mrs. Soarer had an angry expression on her face. Standing behind her off to the left was the driver of the car and his kid. Holy Crap. Luckily, I didn’t recognize him but Dale did. “Boys, what are you doing? And Jamie, why were you running outside naked?” I stood there dumbfounded attempting to cover my boner with my hands, not that it mattered at this point. I wanted to say because you all are a bunch of perverts and your boys made me. Instead I mumbled, ” Ah…Um…” “Sorry mama. He lost a bet so we dared him to run to the mailbox naked,” Dale informed his mother. Turning to the boy Dale greeted him, “Hey Keith.” “Hi Dale.” Turns out this boy Keith was in Dale’s class at school in Eastford. A moment of silence seemed to last forever as Keith looked me over head to toe. Truthfully he just stared at my hard cock partially hidden behind my hands. “Jamie, stand up straight and stop fondling yourself,” Mrs. S. ordered. I dropped my arms to my sides exposing myself full frontal to Keith and his dad, my erection pointing directly at them. “So you thought it would be funny to have your cousin go streaking?” Cousin? I guess that was her cover story. “We didn’t think he’d actually do it,” Dean said. He sounded so innocent. “I’m very disappointed in you boys,” she fake scolded us. “I know boys will be boys but still, shame on you. And Jamie, you’re older, you should know better. Just because they dared you didn’t mean you have to do it. What if they dared you to jump off a bridge?” “Sorry,” was all I could barely reply as I looked down at the floor to avoid making eye contact. I so badly wanted to cover up my erection. “Well you all deserve to be punished. No dessert or television tonight for any of you. Jamie, you need to understand there are consequences running around like that.” With that, she sat down on the sofa and pulled me over her lap and began spanking me. Wham, wham, wham, wham, wham. A dozen or so hard slaps were delivered in quick succession to my already tender backside. I squirmed around her lap trying to avoid another spanking. If she noticed my red butt cheeks from the beating Huck gave me she didn’t comment. Standing me back up she looked down at me and watched me wipe my running nose and eyes. “Well?” “Sorry it won’t happen again.” I knew from spankings from my own father that was the only response they wanted to hear. Turning to the driver of the car, Mrs. Soarer dealt me another blow. “If you’d like to have a go at him for wasting your valuable time, please feel free.” “I think I will. Young man, get over here,” he said in a booming voice as he sat on a side chair. I slowly walked over to him and saw Dean and Dale out of the corner of my eye. They were loving this but couldn’t express too much glee as they never knew what might happen. Their mother might make them get a spanking too for this guy’s benefit. I heard Keith say, “Oh wow,” as I leaned over his dad’s legs exposing my backside and hanging balls. “I usually strap my boy now that he’s in junior high, but a good old fashion over the knee spanking should work nicely,” he said as he held me over his lap. I watched as Keith’s face which was red from his own embarrassment about being whipped turn to glee as I was about to be spanked in front of him. “If you’d like, you can use a strap. I don’t want you to hurt your hand as I’m sure you’re much stronger than I am,” Mrs. Soarer said before he could begin. “Well, that’s mighty nice of you.” Nice hell, the bitch, I thought as he pulled me to my feet. He took his belt out of his pants and doubled it over. Sitting back down he grabbed me again and put one leg over the back of mine as I laid across his legs, my traitorous erection trapped between his knees. There would be no escaping his wrath. He then proceed to give me 10 of the hardest hits I ever had. I was crying from the first one. When he was done, he stood me back up and marched me over to the corner. “Put your hands on your head. Don’t even think about trying to rub away the pain. Think about what you did and how you brought this all on yourself.” He turned back to Mrs. Soarer. “Thank-you ma’am. I’m glad to see you took this seriously. So many adults don’t.” “Of course. He’s my nephew and he’s staying with us a few days. I bet his papa will give it to him again when I tell him about this.” She would and I did eventually. If getting caught streaking and then getting a whipping from from stranger wasn’t bad enough, Mrs. Soarer added insult to injury. In her softest voice she asked, “Keith, would you like to spank him too?” Before either Keith or his dad could answer, she continued, “After all, you were inconvenienced and subjected to his Escort Giresun nakedness. Why don’t you give him 10 like your dad did.” Being in a complete mental fog, I couldn’t tell you how I got from the corner over Keith’s lap, my dick squeezed between his legs. It may have been his first time whipping someone, but Keith proved to be even more competent than his father. As Keith brought down the belt across my butt cheeks he raised his right knee directly into my balls. This action produced two results, 1) additional painful ball busting and 2) my butt automatically reacted by recoiling upwards away from his knee thus meeting the downward belt. Everyone watched with rapt attention as Keith tenderized my already sore rear end. Nobody, except myself apparently, counted the strokes Keith gave me. His dad eventually came to his senses and told him to stop after the 16th stroke. While not as strong as his dad, between the kneed nuts and 16 strappings I was in a world of hurt. Putting me back in the corner, Keith laughingly whispered, “That was awesome, boner boy.” I was so embarrassed sniffing back tears as my dickhead was actually touching the walls. As they got to the front door, I heard the dad say, “I’m a little surprised he still has an erection. It must be the hormones at that age. Probably what made him accept the dare in the first place.” “Probably,” Mrs. S. replied. “They always seem to get nasty boys into trouble.” “May I ask, he doesn’t have much hair? Down there?” “Oh, he had his appendix out a little while ago and they shaved it off for surgery.” “I see. Well goodnight.” “Bye Dale,” Keith said. “We’ll talk tomorrow.” I knew I’d be the topic of discussion. As soon as the door was shut, Mrs. Soarer came back over to me and pulled me to the center of the living room. “You embarrassed me in front of a total stranger. Dean, go get your father’s belt.” “No, please,” I cried. My ass couldn’t take anymore. Dean returned with a belt and a smile on his face and went to hand it to his mother. She shook her head and told him he and Dale could each deliver 5 hits. You’d have thought they had won the lottery. In no time flat my butt experienced another 10 hard whips of the belt administered by the very two bastards who had put me in the situation in the first place. I was ordered to the corner again with my hands on top of my head to “think about what I had done.” Hell, I didn’t do anything but follow the boys’ orders. How unfair is this? A few minutes passed when the doorbell rang. I nearly jumped out of my skin afraid someone was going to see me like this. Luckily, whoever it was went to the side door not the front door so I wouldn’t be seen in the living room. I heard greetings and two women talking. Then a few younger voices say their goodbyes and the mom issuing instructions to be good. A minute later, Dean and Dale walked back into the living room with their friends from school, Owen and Paul, in tow. Shit, first Huck now these two. Was this a reunion? Would I be sucking everybody I sucked at the fair again today I wondered. Mrs. Soarer came into the room and said, “Dean honey, take your Bicha downstairs so you and your friends can use it. We need to leave in a half an hour, so be quick. It’s getting late.” What?! I shouldn’t have been shocked but I wasn’t. Mrs. S. was openly allowing her sons and their friends to use me sexually. Dean grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the basement door. “Look at Bicha’s ass. It got whipped several times today. It’s nice and red.” Everyone but me laughed as we descended the stairs. Dean was loving it though and was very excited. My butt was still throbbing from the beating it took which actually kept my mind off of the fact that Dean had stopped washing under his foreskin. If I had been more fully aware, I would have noticed the awful stench. Luckily, he only lasted a few minutes before he shot his watery 11 year old boy juice into my mouth. “Next,” he said with a smile on his face as he pulled out. Owen went next. He was so excited to be getting a “free” blowjob he lasted only two short minutes. Personally I would have liked it to last longer as his dick tasted sooo good. His spunk was sweet as honey and coated my mouth as I swallowed his load. Paul stepped up seconds after Owen withdrew from my mouth. Slamming his dick to the back of my mouth his few pubic hairs smashed against my nose. He held me there and I began to work my mouth on his hard rod. We both loved the sucking action I gave him. Paul lasted about 6 minutes and blew most of his wad in my mouth, pulling out at the end and giving me a nice facial. I knew I’d suck these two off again and again if given the opportunity. Dale went last. He kept his cock cleaner than Dean but after a day of sweat and pee it was mildly stinky. I grabbed his hips and began bobbing up and down on his bigger cock. I closed my eyes and was loving this part of today. I didn’t know if what I had been through so far today was worth it, but the reward at the end was a nice mouthful of spunk from a boy just a few months younger than myself. Thirteen year old boys do produce sweet tasty cum. “Boys. Finish up with the Bicha. We’ve got to go,” Mrs. S. called down almost the second Dale fed me his load of baby makers. “Good job bicha. You’ve had a busy day so go home, the back way,” Dean commanded. I was out the door in a flash running home with a hard on leading the way. Collapsing on my bed and thinking about everything that happened today I jerked off spraying cum all over my stomach and chest. Scooping some up with my fingers I ate a bit of it leaving the rest to dry on my skin as I fell fast asleep dick in hand. To Be Continued… Authors Note: A little shorter chapter. Poor Jamie seems to have had more than his fair share of spanking today, and the day’s not over yet. Stay tuned for chapter 16, another one of my favorites.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: What goes around comes around What goes around comes around. The following is a true account about getting off with a very cute 16 year old boy schoolboy I met cruising a public toilet last year. Comments gratefully received at [email protected] Search John McQuillium on prolific authors to read my other postings in the Gay Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a small donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good work. When I was a teenager the internet age had barely begun so internet chat rooms weren’t available to meet like minded lads interested in boy on boy sex. On top of that the age of consent was 21 for gays but only 16 for straights. That meant I had to use more traditional methods of cruising for cock. One of these was cottaging which is cruising public toilets looking for cock. Many a time I’d been on my knees sucking a stranger’s cock or bent over a toilet being fucked up the arse. It was mainly men I met cottaging but the occasionally I met a schoolboy like me or a twink. Roll forward a few years and the term ‘what goes around comes around’ came true. After a run in the park I went into the public toilet purely to drain my bladder as I was too pumped from the run to be thinking about sex. However that promptly changed when I saw a schoolboy was already in there. I knew he was a schoolboy due to his height and his school’s arms on his black backpack. He was wearing a short sleeved white shirt and black school trousers. You could see he had a firm pert round arse. His short dark brown hair was gelled into spikes all over as if he’d stuck his finger in the mains. As I approached the urinal he kept his face looking forward. I was wearing a blue sleeveless muscular top that was soaked in pungent smelling man sweat. My gym toned arms glistened with sweat all of them on display. My sweat soaked top hugged my buff chest and washboard abs. Normally I don’t bother with underwear but need to when doing sports otherwise my big thick limp cock would be battered and blue. I stepped up to the urinal and fished my cock out which 5 inches soft and thicker than most men’s cock when hard. I hooked the waistband of my boxer briefs and running shorts under my big balls and let rip. Following urinal etiquette I kept my face looking forward. As I pissed I realised the schoolboy next to me wasn’t. There was no sign of movement but I decided to discretely check out his groin area out of the corner of my eye. I got a very nice surprise. His boy cock was hard but he was pointing it downwards and hiding it with his hand. All I could see was his pinky pale knob which unusually for a British boy was circumcised with a big pink scar. Once my piss had finished I left my cock out. I knew he was a schoolboy but I didn’t know if he was legal yet. Because of that I let him make the moves. It quickly became obviously neither of us were pissing so that left the only other reason to be in a public toilet. Movement to my right caught my attention and I turned slightly. The boy was looking at me. Luckily he looked 16 which made him legal as the Government a few years early had the sense to bring the age of consent for gays down from 21 to 16 in line with straights. He had a round cute face with pale flawless skin and slightly rosy cheeks. He had sparkling blue eyes and lush pink lips which broke into a smile when he saw my tanned handsome face. His face was a bit plain but cute enough. He had his school’s coat of arms on his left breast pocket and a purple, dark blue and silver stripped school tie. I let my gaze drop further. I could see some wispy brown pubes poking through the open fly of his black school trousers. His teen boy cock was as pale as the rest of him a slightly thicker than average for his age. It pointed at a slight downwards angle. The pale shaft was nicely veined with a large pink circumcision scar. He had a pink knob with a pretty decent ridge. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the shocked expression on his plain but cute boyish face when he clapped eyes on my thick tanned 10 inch uncut cock. Check out the British porn star Steven Prior and you’ll see the fat monster cock facing this lad. “Fuck that’s huge.” He said his bulging blue eyes clamped on my cock. “Go ahead play with it.” I encouraged as I twisted to face him. Tentatively he reached out and took my massive cock in his right hand. His pale fingers couldn’t wrap around it and I enjoyed the colour contrast of my tanned cock against his pale hands. He weighed my horse hung cock in his hand before giving it a few strokes. His plain but cute face was a mix of admiration, fascination and apprehension as he played with by far the biggest cock he’d ever seen. “Do you want to come back to my places?” I asked eager to get into his pants. I’d just come out of a relationship so it had been a while since I’d shagged a schoolboy. My partner and I had played around but they’d all been over 20 except for an 18 year old. Besides it was payback time. I’d done my stint as the sex mad schoolboy surrendering my body for older men’s pleasure now it was my turn to savour the fruits of youth. “I need to be home soon but we have time for a quick blow job in a cubicle.” He replied. “Hot I love the thrill of outdoor sex.” I said all the memories of when I was his age and going into a public toilet cubicle your teen cock and hormones overriding your mind about going with a complete stranger. We went over to the far toilet cubicle him going in first. He sat down on the toilet as I locked the door. “It takes me ages to cum so I’d better suck you off first as that’ll get me closer.” I said. A surprised smile spread across his face because of my buff body and huge cock he didn’t think I would be anything than a top but now he was going to get the Brucy bonus of a blow job himself. I unfastened his belt, undid his button and pulled his school trousers down to his ankles. His thighs were pale with slight definition and a light dusting of brown hairs. His pale lower legs also had a bit of definition and a slightly heavier dusting of brown hairs. He hoisted up his school shirt and tie exposing his small dense bush of soft dark brown pubes. His 6 inch teen cock pointed downwards at a slight angle. The shaft was as pale as the rest of him with some prominent veins running down it. He had a large pink circumcision scar and a decent ridged pink knob that had formed a pearl of clear pre-cum. He had nice sized balls for his age in a tight pale sack that was lightly dusted in brown pubes. “Nice cock.” I said as I took it in my left hand and gave it a few strokes, my tanned hand contrasting with his pale cock. “It’s not as big as yours.” “I’m abnormal you have a decent sized pecker for a lad your age.” I said before licking up the pearl of pre-cum from the tip of his cock. I’d forgotten how much sweeter a boy’s cum is compared to a man’s. I just had to taste more. I gripped the base of his hard virile teen boy cock at the pubed base and aimed it at my mouth. I kissed the tip and pushed my lips red lips onto his knob and over the ridge of his knob to clamp around his cock shaft. With his cut swollen sensitive knob in my mouth I started strongly sucking it as I circled the exposed ridge of his knob with my tongue. A gasp of pleasure escaped his lips as the hot wet tightness of my mouth soaked into his sensitive cut knob. With just his knob in my mouth I began to strongly suck it and flick it with my tongue. As I did so I reached behind him and began to grope and knead his silky smooth firm round arse. He began to purr with pleasure and constantly leek sweet tasty pre-cum. I saw the dreamy look of sexual pleasure on his cute boyish face as he had a man 20 years his senior sucking on his teen boy cock. His blue eyes were glazed as I slurped on the end of his schoolboy cock. Then I rammed my hot wet mouth onto his cock until my nose was buried in his small dense bush of brown pubes. His slightly sweaty horny aroused smell flooded my nostrils and brought back memories of orally servicing my classmates, even some of the straight ones were happy to take a blow job off me rather than go with blue balls or wank themselves off. He gasped in pleasure as I swallowed his boyhood whole. I ground my lips around the pubed base and flicked the underside with my tongue as I strongly sucked. Then I started deep throating him. I carried on strongly his cock, flicking it with my tongue as I dragged my mouth up his cock wanking it with my lips. I pulled up until just his swollen circumcised knob was in my mouth which I strongly sucked and licked. Then I push my mouth back onto his cock until my nose was buried in his pubes. As I sucked off this cute schoolboy I was really turned on by our age difference and the risky fact we were doing it in a public toilet where we could get caught at any minute. I loved feeling his nicely veined smooth fleshy cock sliding over my lips and tongue as his horny schoolboy scent filled my nostrils and his boyish purrs of pleasure echoed in my ears. His free flowing pre-cum was nectar sweet. His smooth firm arse feeling so good in my hands and I hoped one day so I’d be spreading them to give first my tongue and then my huge cock to his boy cunt. I tried to keep our gaze locked as much as possible during the blow job so I could admire his cute boyish face and dreamy glazed expression as I expertly sucked him off. As I would later find out he’d only been having sex for a year and most of the sexual liaisons he’d had since then had been cottaging shags. Therefore it was no wonder that it took me just over 5 minutes to make him cum. My cock sucking expertise and his inexperience, although he more than most boys his age, coupled with our risky location and hence need for urgency had him spewing thick tasty teen cum into my mouth. It was in that transition between boy cum and man cum. It was sweeter and a bit more watery than man cum but still delicious never the less. Being a virile schoolboy he pumped a copious amount into my mouth coating my tongue in his sweat nut juice. His moans of intense sexual ecstasy and release mingled with my muffled purrs of pleasure as I tasted his boy cum, the first I’d tasted in a few years. His orgasm was so intense he had to steady himself on my shoulders as his young body shuddered in the racks of orgasm. When his intense and copious orgasm ended I pulled my mouth off his spent schoolboy cock. Looking into his plain but cute face that was now flushed with the glow of orgasm I made a show swilling his sweet boy spunk around my mouth before standing up. I cupped his face between my hands and pulled it to mine. I pressed my lips against his and pried them open with my tongue and shared his schoolboy cum with him. His orgasmic high had been so intense he was like a rag doll and passively accepted his own seed. Then I spun him around and plonked him on the toilet. With my right hand holding the top of his head I gripped my big fat cock in my left hand and slapped my heavy bulbous knob on his lush pink lips splattering them which pre-cum. I then used my knob to smear my pre-cum all over his pretty boy lips as if I was painting them with lips stick. It was then that he came out of his orgasmic trance. A look of worry and apprehension spread across his face but it was too late. With my grip on top of his head I forced his mouth onto my massive manhood. Due to its meaty girth I could only force in the top couple of inches before his lips were stretched to the max. With the top of my knob lodged in his mouth I moved my right hand to the side of his face and grabbed the other side with my left. With his boyish face clamped between my hands I began to face fuck him. Sure I could only feed him the top couple of inches of my fat 10 inch cock but I wasn’t being gentle. I was treating him the same way I had wanted men to treat me when I was his age, rough and dominant. The thrill of the sexual power and dominance over this schoolboy made me realise what had driven all those men to take advantage of me when I was a schoolboy. This was no rape he was willing and complicate but he’d bitten off more than he could chew. He didn’t battle, protest or fight he just resigned himself to his fate. Despite normally taking ages to cum the thrill of sucking off a cute 16 year old schoolboy in a public toilet cubicle and then face fucking him with the top of my fat 10 inch cock and the thrill of dominance that gave me got me hot in double quick time as did the sense of urgency due to our risky location. “I’m going to cum in your mouth boy.” I warned as I felt the warning tingle intensify in my cock. His muffled “Oh yes” reverberated down my cock and set me off. I started powerfully pumping a massive load of cum into his mouth. I usually pump big loads but because he was a cute schoolboy and our sleazy risky location meant I practically drowned him in my man spunk. His muffled purrs of pleasure rippled down my cock and fuelled my orgasm. When my intense and copious orgasm ended I released him from my cock. With a flushed face I watched him swill my very thick strong tasting man cum around his mouth. “Thanks kid that was a great blow job.” I breathlessly said. It was a semi lie as it certainly wasn’t the best but not bad for a lad his ages. Besides I want to boost him up so he’d come back for more. “Thanks mister. I didn’t think I’d be able to take it and you cum so much.” He panted back his dark brown hair ruffled through sex rather than gelled that way. “Show you how sexy you are.” I said trying to reel him in. “Really?” He asked surprised that a buff tanned 36 year old man with a thick 10 inch cock would be interested in a 16 year old schoolboy. Oh how the tables as turned. So often I had been in his position self doubting my worth as a teenage boy unaware of the lure that had to older men. “Sure. Giresun Escort You remind me of when I was your age and cottaging. I’m surprised lads your age still do it seeing as you now have internet chat rooms.” I said as we both adjusted our clothes. “Yeah I’ve met a few guys on line but cruising a bog means they are local. On line they could be the other side of the world. “True.” I replied as I unlocked the toilet cubicle door and let us out. I was certainly up for meeting him again but he was only just legal so again I let him make the move. He seemed uncertain and self doubt filled me. Sure we’d just had a hot oral sex session but had it been teen hormones that had led this 16 year old schoolboy to go with a man 20 years his senior. His face was a bit plain but in a cute way so he could have pulled any gay guy around his age. We are so used to twink porn star good looks that sometimes we forget that the boy on the street cuteness can be just as hot. On the other hand his uncertainty could be self doubt in his part as it had with me so many times when I was his age. Could this buff older man really be interested in me, a schoolboy when he could have any hunk he wanted? As it would turn out it was the latter. “Can I see you again?” He asked in a squeaky voice his self doubt showing. “Hell I’d love to if you don’t mind me being an old duffer.” I joked. “You’re not hot, you’re smoking hot.” “Flattery will get you everywhere.” I joked back. As I was out for a run I didn’t have my mobile phone so told him my number which I watched him tap into his phone. After that he left and I held back to make it not look suspicious. Then I jogged the rest of the way home. For the rest of the evening I edge wanked as I replayed the oral sex sessions with the schoolboy I now knew was called Casey. I’d stroke my cock to the brink of orgasm but then stop to cool down. That night I had a fit full sleep as I was horny as fuck and sexually charged to the max. The following day the drudgery of working life took over. In my usual zombiefied state I went about my morning ablutions before heading off to work. All day I was constantly hard think about sex with the cute school boy. I fantasised about stripping him out of his school uniform and kissing and licking every inch of his youthful body before pounding his tight little arse with my fat 10 inch cock. At lunchtime Casey called me and we arrange to meet up when I finished work. After work I called Casey a couple of stops before mine. By then time I had gotten off the tube he was waiting for me. I didn’t mind being seen with him as I was 20 years older than him so wouldn’t inconceivable I was his Dad. We made small talk as we walked to my flat. Once inside I offered him a drink out of hospitality but we both knew what we were really there for. I stood in front of and looked down into his face as he was a couple of inches shorter than my 6 feet. His face was a bit plain but there was a cherub cuteness that was appealing. The skin was milky white and blemish free with slightly rosy cheeks. He had bright blue come to bed with me eyes that drew you in as did his lush pinky red lips. His dark brown hair was spiked all over like he’d stuck a finger in a socket. He was still wearing his school uniform which made him look even more cute. He was wearing a white short sleeved shirt with the arms of his school on his left breast pocket. His dark blue, silver and purple stripped school tie was loosened by the knot. Below he was wearing a pair of black school trousers and you could see from the bulge he was already boned up. As for me I was wearing a light blue short sleeved shirt with no tie. My shirt hugged my gym buff body with the armbands tight around my big biceps as my muscular chest stretched out the front. My thick 10 inch cock was an obvious bulge down the left leg of my black trousers, an obvious pre-cum staining forming as I was wearing underwear. I cupped his cute boyish face and brought mine down to it. We were looking into each other’s blue eyes as our lush lips connected. I began to passionately mash my lips against his before my tongue forced its way into his mouth where our tongues fenced. In no time I’d battled his tongue into submission with him sucking my tongue like a cock. As we passionately kiss I let go of his head and loosened his school tie some more before pulling it off, our passionate kissing resuming after a brief break. I began unbuttoning his school shirt and opened it up. My big tanned hands rested on his flat baby smooth chest savouring the warm smoothness of the skin and feeling his heart beating fast underneath. His small nipples were bullet hard. As I caressed his flat shapeless chest he started unbuttoning my shirt. Once it was open he placed his small soft warm hands on my muscular smooth pecs. He muffled a moan of appreciation into my mouth as he began pawing and groping my buff chest. The fingers of my hands were circling, flicking and gently tweaking his small bullet hard nipples. As we continued to kiss we pushed each other’s shirt off before our hands resumed caressing and exploring each other’s warm smooth upper body. As hot as our passionate snog was I just had to taste the boy. I pulled back so I could admire his naked upper body. I Started at his round cherub cute face whose cheeks looked more rosy than usual. His bright blue eyes sparkled with sexual mischief which was at odds to his innocent schoolboy looks. His chest and stomach were was flat as an ironing board with no definition at all. He had small pink nipples that were bullet hard and surrounded by small halos that were pink with a hint of light brown. His milky white stomach had a thin trail of brown hairs running down from his navel into his school trousers. At the same time he admired my gym buff body and from the look on his cute face he was impressed. My pecs were hard and well defined with big brown nipples that I love having tortured. My abs were the perfect washboard with a trail of blondy brown pubes running from my navel and into my trousers. I lifted his pale slender arms up and he got the idea and clamped his hands together at the back of his head. This exposed his pale armpits which had small tufts of brown hairs that were matted with sweat. In that position his slender biceps bulged a bit giving them a hint of definition. I buried my face in his left armpit and drank in his schoolboy scent. It was a mix of teen boy fresh sweat and cheap deodorant. I began eagerly licking out his pit the taste of his sweat battling with that of his deodorant. This soon had him purring with pleasure. After licking out his left armpit I kissed and licked my way to his left nipple. I circled my tongue around his pink bullet hard nipple. Then I started to flick it with my tongue before I began gently chewing on it. At the same time I tweaked his right nipple. All this had him cooing with pleasure. Then I swopped nipples before moving to lick out his right armpit. The smell of his teen boy sweat was intoxicating even if it was slightly marred by his deodorant. Then I kissed my way to the middle of his flat smooth chest and worked my way southwards. Soon I was licking our his navel before working my way down the thin trail of brown hairs to the waistband of his trousers. I undid his belt, unbutton his trousers and pulled down the zip. I pulled his trousers down exposing his unflattering checked cotton boxers which had a tent in ended with a big wet spot. His thighs were fairly shapeless with a fine dusting of brown hairs. His lower legs were also pretty shapeless but had a slightly heavier dusting of hairs. He stepped out of his trousers and I pulled his black socks off with him steadying himself on my shoulders. I could see his cock twitching in his boxers eager for stimulation. I hooked my fingers under the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down. First I exposed his small dense tuft of soft brown pubes. Then his 6 inch cock sprung out and flicked some pre-cum on my cheek. His steely hard schoolboy cock pointed down at a slight downward angle. It was 6 inches long and of average thickness for a 16 year old. The pale shaft was lightly veined with a large circumcision scar that was a slightly darker pink than his prominent ridged cut knob. His slightly sweaty teen boy aroma filled my hunger and fuelled my sexual hunger and lust for this cute 16 year old schoolboy. After admiring his boyhood I gripped it between the thumb and forefinger of my left hand my tanned skin contrasting with his pale skin. I lifted his cock up to expose his boy balls in a tight pale lightly haired sack. Moving in I drank in his sweaty horny schoolboy scent as I began to lap away at his boy balls. Casey began to purr with pleasure as I licked and sucked away at his balls, his hard 6 inch cock throbbing in my left hand. I cleaned his balls of the delicious mix of his teen boy sweat and pheromones. My left had started getting slippery with his free flowing pre-cum. I just had to taste it so I licked up the underside of his young cock. Greedily I lapped up his tasty clear pre-cum. When I reached the top I circled my tongue around his circumcision scar before spit polishing his cut knob with my tongue. I felt his body shiver with pleasure and he was moaning as I caressed his swollen sensitive knob with my hot wet tongue. He rewarded me with lots of sweet tasting pre-cum before I kissed the tip of his cock and push forward. My lush red lips parted and slid down over his swollen knob with its exposed ridge before tightly wrapping around his cock shaft. Casey loudly gasped when his knob popped into my hot wet mouth. I began to strongly suck Casey’s knob as I flicked the underside with my tongue savouring his delicious pre-cum. As I did so I reached behind him and began to grope and knead his silky smooth soft shapely arse. For a couple of minutes I just sucked away on his knob. I couldn’t believe my luck. There I was a 36 year old man sucking on a cute 16 year old schoolboy’s cock, a complete role reversal to when I was his age having an older man suck me off. After giving his swollen cut knob a good sucking and licking I thrust my mouth onto his boyhood. My lush red lips and flicking tongue descended down his cock until my nose was buried in his small tuft of soft brown pubes with all 6 inches of his hot hard cock throbbing in my mouth. I ground my lips around the pubed base of his cock as I licked the underside with my tongue and strongly sucked it. As I did so he moaned with pleasure and I drank in his horny teen boy scent. Then I began to deep throat him. I’d pull my hot wet sucking mouth up his hard throbbing cock flicking it with my tongue. When just his knob was in my mouth I strongly sucked it and swarmed my tongue all over it being rewarded with sweet pre-cum. Then I would force my mouth all the way down onto his cock where I would repeat it all over again. As I sucked his cock he moaned with pleasure and his body shivered so he was enjoying the blow job as much I was enjoying sucking him. Whenever I did look up I saw the look of sexual pleasure on his cute face, his rosy cheeks seemed redder than normal and his bright blue eyes were glazed. For about 10 minutes I sucked Casey’s cock but I sensed he was getting close to orgasm so I stopped as I didn’t want him to cum. I could sense his disappointment and remembered the constant need to cum at his age so I stood up to give him something to take his mind off it. I put my hands behind my head to expose my tanned armpits were their trimmed tufts of blondy brown hair and make my big biceps bulge. A look of impressed admiration spread across his cute boyish face as he reached up and began to caress my biceps. “I wish I had a body like yours.” He said in envy. “Well you can. It takes lots of work but I could draw you up a plan. There is stuff you can do out home with improvised weights and your own body weight to give you tone and definition. If you want to bulk up you need a gym but at 16 you are old enough to start.” I said as I savoured his soft hands stroking my biceps. Casey then moved in and began licking out my right armpit which was slightly sweaty with no deodorant. I’d been to the gym at lunchtime and after my shower released my deodorant can was empty. This meant Casey could just savour my manly sweat without it being impinged by the taste of deodorant. It soon became apparent that Casey was as addicted to sweat as I was. He was muffling appreciative purrs of pleasure as he cleaned my sweaty pit with his flicking tongue as I words of encouragement like “yeah boy lick my sweaty pit.” After licking my right armpit clean he kissed and licked his way to my strong well sculpted right pec where he began to circle his tongue around my dark brown bullet hard nipple. Then he started to flick it with his tongue and then gently chew. “Yeah chew that nipple boy.” I commanded as I looked down into his cute face. He did as I asked but tentatively as he hadn’t had much nipple torture experience. “Harder.” I commanded. “Fuck yeah that’s it boy.” I groaned at the pleasurable pain radiating out from my nipple as he chewed it like a stubborn piece of fat. Once he’d gotten it nicely red, swollen and sore I instructed him to my left nipple. I felt his kissing lips and flicking tongue working their way over my silky smooth tanned toned chest to my other nipple. Now knowing the game he started by circling his tongue around my nipple and then flicking over it. Then he started gently chewing my nipple before becoming rougher without me needing to instruct him. Once my right nipple was as sore and swollen as my left he worked his way to my right armpit which he licked clean of manly sweat. Once Casey had licked my right armpit clean he worked his way between my muscular pecs and began kissing and licking down the smooth central cleft of my tanned washboard abs. Giresun Escort Bayan He paused briefly to lick out my navel before flicking his tongue down my treasure trail. Then I had a cute naked 16 year old schoolboy knelt in front of me. His cute face was an expression of surprise and admiration at the fat 10 inch tube of meat down the left leg of my trousers. I only wear underwear when doing sport so there was a big damp patch of pre-cum at the tip. “You have such a huge cock.” He said in awe and apprehension in equal measure. I already knew the biggest he’d had so far had been 8.5 inches and not as thick. “You did great with it yesterday.” I encouraged so as not to scare him off. Casey started sucking the pre-cum wet patch sucking it out of my trousers and sending shivers of pleasure up through my cock. As he did so he undid my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my trousers. He pulled back slightly as he began to pull my trousers down. First he exposed my deeply tanned groin with its trimmed dense bush of blondy brown pubes. Then the tanned very thick base of my cock came into view. The more he pulled down my trousers the more of my monster cock came into view. Eventually he exposed all 10 inches of my manhood. The shaft was eye wateringly thick, nicely veined and as tanned as the rest of me. I was uncut with my tanned foreskin retracted a bit just covering the prominent ridge with most of my tanned knob on display. Casey had seen my cock the day before and the size of the lump in my trousers but he still had a stunned expression on his cute boyish face as if he was clapping eyes on my monster cock for the first time. After admiring my massive cock for a bit he took it in his right hand. His pale fingers couldn’t even wrap all the way around it and contrasted with my tanned skin. He weighted it in his hand like a slab on meat. Then he wrapped his left hand around my cock below his right. He then began to give me a two handed wank job. His warm soft smooth hands slid up and down my long thick throbbing cock shaft sending waves of pleasure through it. As he did so my tanned foreskin peeled back and forth over my bulbous knob making me leak clear pre-cum. Casey wanked my big cock for a couple of minutes before aiming it at his mouth. He opened his mouth as wide as he could before moving forward until my knob was in my mouth. He clamped his lush pink lips around my really thick tanned cock and began to suck my bulbous knob. Immediately the hot wet sucking tightness of his mouth soaked into my sensitive knob. His cute boyish face looked so slutty sucking on the end of my massive manhood. His lush pink lips were stretched to the max and contrasted with my tanned cock. As he sucked my knob I looked into his dreamy blue eyes and saw the lack of confidence. “Oh yeah that feels fucking good.” I encouraged as he was doing a pretty good job seeing as he was only 16 years old and had only been sexually active for a year yet he was having to deal with the biggest cock he’d ever seen. As his confidence grew his blow job got better. For a couple of minutes Casey sucked on just my knob. Waves of pleasure flowed down my cock from feeling his tight little mouth sucking away at my knob as he caressed it with his tongue. Seeing his cherub cute boyish face impaled on big tanned cock was such an erotic sight that turned me on as much as the physical pleasure. Casey then began to bob his mouth up and down my massive cock. Due to the thick meaty girth of my cock Casey could only take the top couple of inches of my cock before his young lips and jaw were stretched to the max. What he couldn’t take in length he made up for in pace and eagerness. He rapidly bobbed his hot wet sucking mouth up and down the top couple of inches. As he did so he flicked it with my tongue and his muffled purrs of pleasure reverberated down my big cock adding to the pleasure. As he sucked me off he looked up at me as I looked down into his cute boyish face that looked so at odds with the adult activity it was undertaking. I rewarded him with copious amounts of pre-cum, moans of pleasure and words of encouragement. For several minutes I let Casey suck on my big before I decided to take it to the bed. I lifted Casey up and whereas his face had a look of apprehension before he started sucking my cock it now had a look of disappointment. “You need to learn there is no need to rush.” I chuckled. “But I’m so horny.” He whined. I pulled his face to mine and began to passionately kiss him. He quickly returned the kiss. Then I pulled him onto the bed where for several minutes we passionately kissed as our hands explored each other’s naked body. My hands explored his smooth shapeless boyish body as his explored my gym buff manly body. However soon the itch in my arse got to me. Yes I wanted to fuck the hell out of this schoolboy with my massive cock, to screw him as roughly as all those men had done me when I was his age but the thought of a 16 year old schoolboy screwing my man cunt was equally appealing. “I want you to fuck me.” I lustfully begged after break our kiss. “I think you’d better do me first.” He replied. “Why?” “Because if I cum I might have second thoughts about taking that huge cock of yours up my arse.” He replied looking down at my fat 10 inch cock the look of apprehension returning to his face. “Don’t worry I’ll be gentle.” With that settled I rolled Casey onto his back and got into the push up position above him. We resumed our passionate kissing for a couple of minutes before I broke off and began kissing and licking downwards. I kissed and licked down his flat smooth chest and then stomach. When I reached his steely hard 6 inch boy cock I aimed it upwards and swallowed it in one go. Casey loudly gasped in pleasure and his body locked solid. I began deep throating his sweat virile young cock. As I rapidly bobbed my hot wet sucking mouth up and down his hard cock it strongly throbbed in my mouth and leaked lots of tasty pre-cum. It was all a teasing tactic and when I felt him getting close to the boil I stopped. Then I lifted his legs up and exposed his pale arse. He got the idea and grabbed his legs behind his knees that left my hands free to part his baby smooth buttocks and expose his sweaty arse crack which had a few wisps of brown hairs and a tight pink pucker. Wasting no time I dove in and gave it a long hard lick. I dragged my tongue from the base of his spine, up between his sweaty crack, over his tightly wrinkly sphincter which quivered and then over his boy balls. I gave him a contented look as I savoured the taste of his sweaty arse crack on my tongue. Then I repeated this several times with each lick getting shorter and shorter as I home in on arsehole. Soon my tongue was circling around it and then flicking over it. As I flicked his hole with my tongue I felt it quiver and twitch under my tongue. Then I started sucking and chewing his tight little sphincter before tongue fucking it. My tongue stabbed in and out of his schoolboy cunt like a small dick. His hole felt incredibly tight so I knew I would have to go extra careful when I fucked him. For a few minutes I tongue fucked his arsehole until I felt he was relaxed and horny enough to take my massive cock. I knelt up and rolled a condom down my eye wateringly thick 10 inch tanned cock. Then I liberally greased it up before finger fucking a generous amount up his arse. I looked down at the highly erotic sight beneath me. There was a cute 16 year old schoolboy as naked as the day he was born. His cherub cute face and bright blue eyes showed his apprehension and worry and that gave me a domineering thrill that so many men must have felt with me when the roles had been reversed. I could see his heart thumping in his pale flat hairless chest. His stomach was flat and pale with his hard 6 inch circumcised cock resting on it. His pale balls hid his arsehole and his pale slender arms were gripping his legs behind his knees. With my left hand I pushed his balls up exposing his pink arsehole as I gripped and guided my massive cock with my right. I pressed my big bulbous knob by his arsehole which looked tiny beside it. I was faced with a dilemma do I watch my bulbous knob pop in his arse or watch his face. I went for the latter after checking my aim. I saw the worry in his face and eyes. “Keep pushing out as if you are trying squeeze out a shit and tell me to pull out if it gets too much.” “OK.” He squeezed. I started pressing forwards and his sphincter stubbornly resisted before giving way. “Aww fuck!” Casey screamed as my prominent ridged bulbous knob popped in his arse. I felt the tight ring of muscle slid down my swollen knob and over the ridge to clamp shut around my fat cock in a vice like grip. I saw Casey’s cute face scrunch up in pain and his eyes clamp shut. His knuckles went white gripping his knees as he fought the sharp searing pain that must be radiating out from his arsehole. For about a minute or so I held my cock still to give him time to recover. It was a hard battle to resist the urge to ram it in ball deep. It did give me time to savour the hot tightness of his arse. “OK go slow.” Casey panted as he opened his eyes. I started forcing my fat 10 inch cock which made the wince return to his face and his body squirm. His young arse felt so fucking tight and his sphincter was strangling the hell out of my thick cock shaft. I only forced half of my 10 inch cock into him before holding still briefly before pulling back. I pulled back until just my big bulbous knob was inside his arse where I held still so he could recover. I kept repeating this, fucking him with very slow gentle thrusts but with each one I forced more of my massive cock into him. It took several minutes before he was able to take the full 10 inches. “Oh.” He gasped the first time I bottomed out in his boy cunt my bulbous knob lodging in the entrance to his colon, tickling parts of his arse never touched by cock before. I held my fat 10 inch cock ball deep in his arse where I savoured its hot tightness. Casey then wrapped his shapeless legs around my muscular legs which freed his hands up which he used to caress and grope my muscular smooth chest. After holding my cock ball deep in Casey’s arse I began to fuck him with long slow gentle thrusts. I’d pulled back until the prominent ridge of my bulbous knob butted up against the inside of his tight sphincter. Then I’d slow force all 10 inches in until my knob plugged and stretched the entrance to his colon. With each thrust Casey’s whimpers of pain and expressions of discomfort became fewer and his overstuffed arse began to loosen up. As it did so I started fucking him a bit harder and faster. This brought back the occasional groan of pain but then I pushed him over the pain barrier. His arse relaxed enough for me to start fucking it even faster and harder. There were no more groans of pain just constant moans of hard fucked pleasure. His cute boyish face looked so lustful as he got fucked by the biggest cock in his young life. He was groping my muscular chest as if he was clinging to a cliff face. His tight sphincter was wanking my thick thrusting cock making it throb with pleasure. The walls of his arse caressed and stimulated my swollen sensitive knob through the condom. I enjoyed the slap of my groin against his soft smooth buttocks. Then fact I was 20 years old than the cute 16 year old schoolboy I was screwing gave me a feeling of sexual dominance and thrill. For ages I fucked Casey getting harder and faster the more he relaxed and grew accustomed to my massive manhood. By the time I was getting close I was fucking the hell out of him and he was taking like a tart. Expressions of well fucked pleasure flowed over his cute face and his moans of delight rang in my ears and fuelled my horniness. He had impressed me with his ability to take my huge cock despite his young age. When I felt the warning tingle in my cock I pulled out, pulled off my condom and scooted up his boyish body. I straddled his chest and aimed my cock at his mouth with my left hand. Casey bent forward and readily accepted my bulbous knob into his mouth as I supported the back of his head with my right hand. Casey began greedily sucking my swollen sensitive knob as I wanked my cock with my left hand. Within a minute I warned him I was about to cum and he muffled he wanted it. “Here it comes boy.” I said when the warning tingle in my cock reached its intensity. Casey increased the intensity of sucking and licking my knob which pushed me over the edge. My body locked solid before beginning to violently shudder as I began spewing a massive load of cum into Casey’s mouth. I’m naturally a big spunker but the thrill of fucking a cute 16 year old schoolboy had built up a bigger load than normal. My loud grunts of sexual ecstasy and release mingled with his muffled purrs of pleasure as his mouth was flooded with man spunk. I pumped so much in his mouth he had to swallow some. When I pulled my spent knob from his mouth his rosy cheeks were bulging from the amount of spunk in his mouth. Free of my knob I watched Casey swill and savour my man spunk around his mouth before swallowing. “You did great, you certainly earned you big cock badge.” I said before bending down to kiss him savouring the taste of my cum on his lips and tongue. After our brief snog I rolled onto the bed beside him as I savoured my orgasmic buzz. This was intensified when Casey straddled me and started kissing and licking his way down my gym fit buff body. He paused to suck and chew my nipples before descending down my washboard abs. When he reached the tip of my thick 10 inch cock he took it into his mouth and he sucked my bulbous knob before licking down my cock and over my balls. I lifted my toned legs up and out to the side exposing my tanned firm arse. I watched Casey’s cute face bury itself in my sweaty arse crack. Escort Giresun I felt his hot wet tongue drag from the base of my spine, up through my sweaty lightly haired crack, over my sphincter which quivered and then over my balls. My moan of pleasure was met with a contented purr from Casey as he savoured my man sweat. From the expression on his cute boyish face it looked like he’d just savoured the most delicious thing ever. Casey kept repeating long licking my arse from the base of my spine and over my balls. Then he started homing in on my arsehole. My moans of pleasure became constant as he circled his tongue around my quivering hole. Then he started flicking over it before sucking and chewing it. “Yeah eat my man cunt boy.” I groaned as waves of pleasure radiated out from my arsehole. Next he started stabbing my arse with his tongue worming it in as far as he could go. His bright blue eyes had such a dirty look of sexual hunger as he greedily ate out my arse. For a couple of minutes Casey ate out my arse and it was obvious he was no stranger to it, in fact he relished it. But then his teen hormones and constant need to cum kicked in. He knelt up and I tossed him a condom which I watched him roll down his hard virile 6 inch schoolboy cock. Casey then lubed his cock up and shuffled forward. He looked down at his cock and aimed it at my arsehole. I felt him press his knob against my sphincter and he pushed forward. My sphincter gave way and his knob popped inside me. We both moaned with pleasure, me from feeling his sheaved circumcised knob pop in my arse and Casey from the hot tightness of my arse. Despite being a cock whore since losing my virginity at 13 and a half and having taken some huge cocks and brutal fucks in my time I exercise my arse every day to keep it tight but flexible. So when Casey sank his 6 inch boy cock into my arse it felt just as good as a bigger one. A glazed look of sexual pleasure spread across his cock boyish face as he held his 6 inch cock ball deep in my arse. “Oh wow.” He moaned, his eyes rolling back in his head when I flexed my well trained arse muscles and squeezed his cock hard. After brief holding his cock inside me he started to fuck me fast and hard. Casey was a cute lad so I didn’t want this to be a five minute wonder. As I would find out he’d mainly bottomed before so didn’t have much experience topping so he teen hormones were taking over. “Slow down there’s no need to rush. Edge fuck me.” I instructed. “What’s edge fucking?” Casey asked his voice sound so innocent yet he had his cock up my arse. “Fuck until you are about to cum and then stop or slow down until the feeling goes then start up again. That’s what I did when fucking you. It makes it last longer and will give you a bigger and more intense orgasm.” I said as I looked up at him. Casey seemed to take it on board and began fucking me with long deep slow thrusts of his cock. As he did so his gaze flitted from my face, down my tanned gym buff body, over my big hard cock to watching his pale cock ploughing in and out of my tanned arse. As for me I took in his boyish good looks. His kind of plain but cherub cute pale face was a bit flushed from the exertion of fucking. His bright blue eyes were glazed with sexual pleasure and his lush pink lips were moist. As he was knelt up fucking me I could see his pale shapeless arms and flat pale chest and stomach which rippled as he thrust his cock in and out of me. “Grab my ankles.” I instructed. Casey did as asked which made his shapeless biceps bulge a bit. With my hands free I began to caress his silky smooth chest and stomach. For a while Casey fucked me knelt up. He seemed to enjoy watching his teen cock fucking the arse of a man 20 years his senior. As for me I got to admire his cute face and smooth boyish body. I was getting a thrill that I was 36 yet being fucked by a 16 year old schoolboy and I presumed he was getting a thrill of the opposite reason. As his 6 inch cock slid in and out of my arse it made my sphincter glow with pleasurable friction. The walls of my arse throbbed from being punched open by his knob. My still hard cock dribbled pre-cum whenever his knob hit my prostate. My firm buttocks tingled every time his sparsely pubed groin slapped against them. The room was ripe with the erotic aroma of teen on man gay sex, sweat and pheromones. We were both moaning and groaning with pleasure. Then Casey leant forward getting into the push up position above me. He started fucking me faster and harder and I tightly wrapped my muscular legs around him as my hands caressed his back. I loved feeling his warm sweaty boyish body against my sweaty muscular manly body. from the expressions on his face he was battling orgasm but he did keep easing up so you could tell he was following my advice. For a few more minutes he fucked me faster and hard and then slow when he felt he was getting close. But then teen instinct took over and he started hammering away at my arse uncontrollably. His 6 inch cock was slamming in and out of my arse really making it throb and my sphincter glow. Rapid slaps echoed around the room whenever his groin connected with my arse. I was flexing my well trained arse around his cock like mad as I roughly groped and kneaded his soft smooth arse. “Cum in my mouth.” I begged eager to taste his schoolboy spunk again but it was a lost cause. Casey didn’t have the control and was lost to the animal instinct to sow his seed. His fucking reached fever pitch before he slammed his 6 inch boy cock into my arse one last time. His cute face scrunched up and his bright blue eyes rolled back in his head as he loudly grunted. His pale shapely young body began to violently shudder as he stabbed my arse with deep short thrusts of his cock as intense waves of sexual ecstasy and released coursed through his body. I continued to flex my arse around his orgasming cock like mad to fuel his orgasm and milk him dry. Casey grunted with each ejaculation and I counted 7. When Casey pumped the last jet of his orgasm he collapsed in a sweaty heap on top of me. He was totally drained of energy and spunk. His face was nuzzled against the left side of my neck and I could feel his chest heaving and his heart racing. I stopped squeezing his arse and started caressing his sweaty back. I continued squeezing my arse muscles around his cock to prolong his orgasmic high. “For a bottom boy that was a hot fuck.” I complimented. He just murmured contentedly too lost in his orgasmic high to reply. My big hard cock throbbed from the pleasure of being squashed between our warm sweaty bodies. It knew it just had to fuck this cute boy again. It took Casey ages to recover from his orgasm. When he did he pulled out of me and rolled over onto his back. I peeled off his condom but made sure all his boy spunk dribbled down his cock which I licked clean. His cum was sweeter than man cum and very delicious. “Do you think you could take another fucking?” I asked once I’d licked his boyhood clean. “I think so.” I manhandled him into the doggy position on the edge of the bed. I stood on the floor behind him so that we were both facing a full length mirror on my wardrobe. I bagged and greased up my really thick 10 inch cock as I admired his soft smooth pale arse. “Have you ever been spanked?” I asked. “No.” “I’d love to spank you sometime.” I said my cock twitching at the thought of turning his pale arse red and hearing his boyish yelps. Nothing too serious as I didn’t want to hurt him but just enough to give him that pleasurable pain. “OK.” He replied seemingly open to any suggestion I threw at him. Once I was prepped I looked down at his arsehole was had a redder tinge to it from the fuck I’d given him earlier. I slapped my sheaved heavy bulbous knob against his small pinky red arsehole. I gripped his hip with my right hand as I used my left to steady my huge cock. I looked in our reflections in the mirror. Cute 16 year old English pale schoolboy in the doggy position about to be penetrated by a well hung muscular all over tanned 36 year old man. A dominance overcame me that I knew many men had felt when the roles were reversed. His cute face looked apprehensive and slightly worried that just fuelled my dominance. “Fuck!” He cried out at the stinging sensation radiating out from his tight sphincter as my thick ridged bulbous knob. His exclamation turned into a protracted groan of discomfort as I slowly forced my fat 10 inch cock ball deep into his incredibly tight boy cunt. I felt my bulbous knob force open the entrance to his colon. His cute face was scrunched up in discomfort and I did feel him try to back off my huge cock but I held him tight and ground him on my cock. Then I launched into a fast hard brutal fuck using all my muscled might into slamming my big thick cock in and out of his arse. With each slam in he cried out as his arse was tested to the max. His cute face showed his discomfort which gave me a domineering thrill. His young body was squirming about trying to escape the brutal assault on his arse, his knuckles white from gripping the bed sheet. I knew he was in pain but I’d been in his position many times so I knew what I was doing. For a couple of minutes I fucked his tight overstuffed teen arse as hard as I could. When I saw it looked like he couldn’t take any more I eased up. I really slowed the pace and only used half of my 10 inch cock. His upper body collapsed onto the bed a look of relief spreading across his boyish face. I fucked him slow and gentle for a few minutes to give him time to recover. Then I started brutally fucking him again raping his boy cunt. Despite the pain he was taking it like a troop just like I had when I was his age and being fucked by a huge cock. Because I’d had that experience I knew when to ease up and the intense pleasure that would follow when I fucked him over the pain barrier. I kept that up for a while, fucking him faster and hard and then easing up when it looked like it was getting too much. Then we hit the golden moment when the pain barrier is reached. His arse became looser as it adjusted to being brutally fucked by an eye wateringly thick 10 inch cock. His expressions of discomfort morphed into expressions of hard fucked intense pleasure. His groans of pain were now purrs of pleasure. As I’d fucked him into submission I continually fucked him fast and hard. His tight young arse and obscenely stretched sphincter had a vice like grip on my long fat cock and gave it a great wank job. I savoured the hot tightness of his arse and wished AIDS wasn’t about so I could do him bareback. I loved feeling his soft smooth arse slap against my groin whenever I bottomed out in his arse. I was getting such a thrill from topping a cute 16 year old schoolboy with my huge cock. The sight in the mirror was highly erotic and made the fuck even more intense. There was a pale cute brown haired blue eyed 16 year old boy in the doggy position with a gym fit tanned 36 year old man stood behind him fucking him hard. This went on for several more minutes before I felt his body start to tense up. A confused look spread across his face. “Oh my god I’m going to cum.” He groaned his cute face scrunching up. I reached under him with my right hand just in time to catch some of his boy spunk. Several jets hit my palm with the rest splattering against my bed sheet. As he orgasmed his really tight arse spasmed uncontrollably around my big thick brutally thrusting cock which brought me closer to orgasm. When Casey’s orgasm ended his upper body collapsed onto the bed as he savoured the dual pleasure of orgasmic glow while still being fucked fast and hard by a really big cock. As I continued to pound his boy cunt I brought my right hand up to my mouth and greedily lapped up tasty teen spunk. This was the final straw. With my taste buds tingling with the taste of his boy cum I yanked my cock out of his arse and ripped off the condom. Then I roughly flipped him onto his back and straddled his chest. I started furiously wanking my big tanned cock aiming it at his pink lipped mouth. Despite being on an intense orgasmic high he opened his mouth. The sight of his once pale cute boyish face, that was now flushed with the orgasmic glow, blue eyes glazed in sexual bliss and open mouth pushed me over the edge. I started hosing him down with two thirds of my man spunk squirting in his mouth with the rest splattering his cute flushed face. When my orgasm ended his cute innocent looking boyish face looked so sexy and slutty splattered in my thick man cum. I saw him close his mouth and swill my spunk around his mouth. Then I licked and sucked the rest of my cum off his face and feed it to him savouring the taste of my own cum like I had so many times before. Once his face was cleaned I rolled over beside him were we savouring our orgasmic buzz and recovered from out orgasms. “Wow I’ve never cum from being fucked before.” Casey purred once he’d recovered from his intense orgasm. “That’s what you get from being fucked hard by a big cock. I should know as I’d been in your position plenty of time when I was your age. You’re a great bottom boy too. Some men couldn’t take the fucking I just gave you.” A proud grin spread over his cute face. “At time it hurt so much I wanted you to stop but it was worth it.” He replied with a cheeky grin on his cute face. “Like I said I’ve been in your position so know what to do but if it ever gets too much or I don’t something you’re not comfortable with tell me to stop and I will. Sex should be fun so if you’re not enjoying it stop it.” I said hoping that he would come back for more. Luckily he would. As it was getting close to the time when his parents would be getting home he got dressed and left. I hit the shower and had a leisurely wank as I relived fucking Casey. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it. Search John McQuillium on prolific authors to read my other postings in the Gay Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives.

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Subject: Cottage life Cottage life. The following is a true account of a very successful day of cruising London’s cottages when I was 16. If you don’t know what cottages are they are public toilets were gay man hang out for sex. Comments gratefully received at [email protected] Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a small donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good work. When this happened it was the two week Easter holiday from school. Whilst most of it was spent doing the stuff most teenage boys do it also involved me frequenting a lot of cottages cruising for cock. There is the heart thumping rush and butterfly stomach as you psyche yourself up to enter. Once inside there is either the elation that someone sexy is in there or the sinking disappointment if it is empty or full of crusty old men. If you do get lucky the sleazy surroundings and risk of getting caught make the sex more intense and thrilling. The fear of being gang raped by a load of men you don’t fancy is outweighed by the hope that gang banged by a group you do fancy. The worry about getting the shit kicked out of you by a queer basher contrasts with the hope you get it fucked out of you instead. All those things were happening to me as I approached a very shabby public toilet on the Isle if Dogs in London. It was a warm spring day so I was wearing a sleeveless white cotton muscle top that showed off my deeply tanned arms that were starting to buff up since I started hitting the gym a few months earlier. Due to all the rugby, cricket and swimming I did I had a pretty decent start to begin with. Below my white England rugby shorts were deliberately a size too small so that they clung to my pert bubble butt arse and obscenely hinted at the package at the front. My shorts also showed off my deeply tanned, sports toned legs dusted with blond hairs. My attire was finished off with ankles socks, trainers and a small backpack. When I went into the toilet I caught the very tail end of a flurry of movement and hope of getting lucky grew in me. There was a tall chav stood next to a lanky skateboarder so that made them game, it was just a question of was their faces as sexy as their attire? The chav was wearing black tracksuits bottoms with a white stripe down the side of each leg above white trainers. Up top he was wearing a white polo shirt with the collar turned up and a white baseball cap on the right way around. The skateboarder had a black baseball cap on backwards but at a slight angle so that it wasn’t fully back to front. He had a dark brown tee shirt over a slightly larger white tee shirt giving his brown tee shirt armholes and hemline a white boarder. Below that he was wearing fawn cargo short that came down to his knees and showed off his pale spindly lower legs covered with dark brown hairs. They kept their eyes facing forwards and as I approached I noticed there was no sound of pissing. When I stood at the urinal trough I fished out my cock and glanced to my right strongly suspecting they had been fooling around with each other and I was proved right. The cock of the chav who stood to my right was glistening with what could only be the skateboarder’s saliva. The chav had a big juicy cock so it was no wonder the skateboarder had been having a good slurp on it. It was 9.5 inches long with a nice thick. He was pale but the skin on his cock was a shade darker. His foreskin naturally peeled all the way back when he was hard exposing a pink tinged knob. He was aiming his hard cock downwards trying to hide it. The skateboarder’s cock was pale as the rest of him. The shaft was slightly thicker than average, pretty veiny with a large but neat circumcision scar below his swollen pink knob. His cock seemed saliva free although his circumcised knob glistened with his pre-cum. Now that I knew they had been fooling around together I lifted my gaze to see if their faces were as sexy as their cocks. The chav had a sexy face in a rough council estate stereotypical chav way. His skin was pale and spot free and although clean shaven there was a dark hint to the tip of his chin from the dark brown skin beneath the surface. He had a classical nose and thin pink lips. As he was facing forwards I couldn’t make out the colour of his eyes. His hair was cut short below his cap and he had a fake diamond stud earring in his left earlobe. The skateboarder was less sexy having a slightly dorky appearance but there was enough about his face to appeal to me. He had an English tan which is pale all over except a light tan to the face and forearms. His ears were a tad big compared to his head and he had an angular but not large nose. His lush pink lips were glistening with saliva and no doubt the chav’s pre-cum. Whether they could feel my eyes on them or they realised I wasn’t pissing or maybe it was the movement of my left hand wanking my cock to hardness but they both twisted their head slightly towards me. A sly grin broke on the chav’s face when he saw me wanking. Realising that I was there for the same reason as him the chav put his right hand on the back of the skateboarder’ s head and pushed it downwards so it could resume the blow job he’d been giving him. The skateboarder went down willingly and was soon bobbing his hot wet mouth on the chav’s big thick cock. As he got his cock sucked the chav reached over with his left hand and started wanking my dick that was now at its full fat 9 inch hardness. As he wanked my cock I lent forward to kiss him. “I ain’t gay mate. I don’t mind using a fag’s mouth or arse if I can’t get pussy but I don’t do gay shit.” He said but not aggressively as he tilted his head back out of my range. “Do you want a go?” He added in way of a truce offering pointing downwards with his eyes that were bluish grey. My reply was to drop to my eyes so that I was eye level with his big thick cock. “I meant a go on his fag mouth but knock yourself on my knob if you want.” He chuckled as I’d jumped to the wrong conclusion. Surprisingly the skateboard surrendered the chav’s cock without a fight. As I began sucking the chav’s cock the skateboarder stood up. “So did you still want to come back to my place?” He asked the chav. “Yeah I’m horny enough to fuck a couple of fags.” He said. “You want this big cock up your shitter?” He then asked me as he slapped my face with his big thick cock. “Hell yes.” I eagerly replied standing up. “Course you do, all your fags are cock whores.” The chav chuckled. The three of us left in dribs and drabs. The chav went first as he wanted a fag of a different kind. As I waited for my cock to go down I chatted with the skateboarder. His name was Blake and he was a 19 year gay boy the bottom side of versatile. He’d been sexually active since a 35 year old man cherry popped him in the same toilets when he was 16. Blake then left with me following a minute later. As the three of us walked to Blake’s flat I found out the chav was called Luke. He was a 21 year old straight boy who happened to have no qualms about using a fag boy as a pussy substitute. His rough yet sexy chav looks and big cock meant he rarely needed to use a fag but today was one of those days. He’d been fucking girls since he was 13 and he found the pleasure of fucking an arse when he was 15 and got pissed with a group of his mate and gang fucked a camp older boy from school. Whether the gay boy took it as a gang bang or gang rape I don’t know but the six of them tag fucked him three times each before letting them go. Blake lived on the top floor of a nine storey council estate tower block. The smell in the lift was the typical mix of stale piss and salt and vinegar drenched fish and chips. Blake lived with his mother who was either at work, down the pub getting pissed on vodka and tonic, shagging some random guy who they had both met through beer goggles or passed out. When we arrived she was at work. Blake’s room was a tip with dirty clothes strew around the floor. It smelt of stale teenage sweat, stale cigarette smoke and the bleachiness of unwashed cum rags beneath his double unmade bed. Now I’m no OCD clean freak but even I wondered if his bed was safe to lie naked on. The three of us stripped out of our clothes and I admired their pale naked bodies. Neither of them was in the running for Mr Universe with both of them being slim. Luke was slim in an average way whereas Blake was skinny. Luke’s long pale arms had only slight definition to the biceps with his forearm dusted with short dark brown hairs. There was the faintest pencil line definition to his pale hairless chest that was studded with pinkish brown nipples. His pale stomach was flat and firm with a shallow central cleft. A dark brown treasure trail of hairs ran down from his navel to a broad dense bush of dark brown pubes trimmed short. His thick 9.5 inch cock pointed slightly down from the horizontal which was impressive considering its length and meaty weigh. He had average sized balls in a semi-loose sack dusted with dark brown pubes. His long pale legs were dusted with dark brown hairs and had a hint of definition from playing football. Blake was skinny but not unhealthily so. His long slender arms had no definition at all with his biceps pale yet his forearms having a hint of a tan. His milky white chest and stomach were ironing ball flat and he had small pink nipples. He had a thin dark brown treasure leading to a naturally small sparse bush of short dark brown pubes. His pale slightly thicker than average, veiny 7 inch circumcised cock jutted straight out with big-ish balls in a pair sack hanging below. He had spindly pale legs covered with dark brown hairs. As for me my face was as cute as Alexander Ludwig’s when he was 16 and my body was as tanned and toned as Tom Daley’s at the same age. My fat cock was 9 inches long and as tanned as the rest of me. “Fuck your fag friend, I like my pussy sloppy.” Luke commanded Blake as he pointed at me. The expression on Blake’s face couldn’t make up its mind whether to be happy or disappointed at being fucked second, especially as he’d already put in all the ground work in before I got there and it was his bedroom we were using. But nearly all of Blake’s sexual conquests had been men met in public toilets. Rarely did he come across a cruising schoolboy so he decided to make the most of it now he had the chance. Blake and I got on the bed ready to fuck as Luke sat on chair with his feet on the table watching TV as he had no interest in watching us fuck. Blake might not have been the sexiest of guys but there was a kind of gangly, slightly dorky cuteness to him that appealed to me enough to surrender up my arse. Even if he had been less good looking I might have had sex with him as a path to being fucked by the well hung straight chav watching TV. Blake started eating out my arse as he greased up his cock. It was kind of funny as once Blake had stripped naked he’d put his black baseball cap back on in its not quiet back to front angle. Therefore I now saw it and the top of his face as he ate out my arse. It might have looked funny but it felt so good. Blake’s hot wet tongue long licked my arse crack which made my sphincter quiver every time his tongue ran over it. Blake’s long licks then became shorter as he homed in on my arsehole. His tongue started swirling around and flicking over my quivering sphincter before he started worming his tongue in like a small cock. The pleasure was intense and I mashed his face into my arse crack until he needed to cum up for air. At that point our eyes told each other what we wanted. His eagerness to fuck me matched my hunger to be fucked. Blake got into the push up position above me and in one fast powerful thrust he rammed his 7 inch cock ball deep into my arse. There was the pleasurable sting when his swollen circumcised knob forced open and then popped past my arsehole. That tingle was maintained as his slightly thicker than average veiny cock shaft sawed against my breached sphincter. The exposed ridge of his swollen knob forced open the receptive walls of my arse making them buzz with pleasure. When his knob grazed over my prostate my cock twitched and dribbled a drop of pre- cum. Blake’s groin then slapped against my pert buttock as his hot hard throbbing 7 inch cock bottomed out in my arse. He briefly held it there to savour the hot wet tightness of my schoolboy arse. Blake then launched into a surprisingly rough hard and vigorous fuck. It was hard to believe that a lad as skinny as Blake could fuck so fast and so brutally hard. His cock drilled my arse like the pumping piston of an F1 car at full throttle and set it on fire with intense pleasure. The exposed ridge of his swollen circumcised knob scraping down and then punching open the highly receptive walls of my arse made every nerve ending in it buzz with pleasure. The pounding his knob was giving it made my prostate pulse and my achingly hard cock throb and dribble pre-cum. His dorky yet fairly cute face was a mix of pleasure and dogged determination. He was well used to being the bitch for older men but now he was making the most of screwing a 16 year old schoolboy. As for me I wasn’t passively taking the blissfully hard fucking he was giving me. As his veiny 7 inch cock rapidly fucked my arse I worked the muscles on it, flexing and squeezing them on his pounding cock. My hands had started caressing his skinny upper body but they had quickly learnt that Blake liked nipple torture so my fingers were roughing them up. There had gone from small pinkish brown to red and swollen. Each time I yanked them him face winced in pain yet he moaned with pleasure. Blake gave me a long hard fuck that had me groaning with pleasure and my arse on fire. There was the blissful burn in my stretched sphincter as his veiny 7 inch cock rapidly thrust in and out of my arse. The walls of my arse throbbed from the pounding they were taking. My repeatedly punched prostate was brewing a huge load of cum in my balls to dump in Blake’s arse when it was my turn to fuck him. My attraction to Blake had just about been enough to have sex with him but the more he fucked me the more attracted to him I became. It wasn’t the great fuck he was giving me that increased my attraction to him but it was the time to take note of his face. It might not have grabbed your attention straight away and was slightly dorky but the more you looked at it the more you realised its underlying attractiveness. Blake then slipped into the pre-orgasm fuck frenzy and pounded my pussy boy arse even faster and harder. His rapidly pounding 7 inch Hatay Escort cock made my arse feel so good. His face then scrunched up as his orgasm hit. Blake began loudly grunting as he started powerfully blasting cum into my throbbing arse. He carried on fucking me with fast hard deep thrusts painting the length of my shit chute with cum. Blake powerfully blasted ten large bolts of cum into me. My receptive arse felt each and every squirt of cum and I purred with well bred pleasure as Blake grunted with sexual release and orgasmic pleasure. When Blake’s orgasm ended he sank his 7 inch cock ball deep into my cum splattered arse and held it there to savour his orgasmic high. As he did so I continued to flex and squeeze my arse on his spent cock. “Have you two fags finish I need to pop a load.” Luke said still watching TV. Blake gave me a quick kiss before he pulled his cock from my arse. The ridge of his circumcised knob scraped down the throbbing walls of my arse before popping past my sex swollen sphincter. “He’s all yours.” Blake told Luke as he gave me a sly grin. “Get on your knees I only fuck you faggots doggy style.” Luke said in a matter of fact way. The fact Luke had absolutely no sexual attraction to me and just wanted to use me as a pussy substitute didn’t bother me. He wasn’t the first or last straight guy horny enough to fuck me rather than suffer blue balls. Anyway he might not have fancied me but I thought he was dam sexy in a rough chav way that pandered to my posh pussy boy nature so I was more than happy to be fucked by him. As Luke wanted me on my hands and knees I decide to kneel on the edge of the bed facing the mirror in the door of Blake’s wardrobe. Luke stood behind me and aimed his thick 9.5 inch unlubed cock at my arse with his right hand. His swollen knob pressed against my arsehole and he brutally rammed his big thick cock ball deep into me. “Fuck yeah!” I cried out in roughly breached pleasure tinged with stinging discomfort as his thick unlubed cock bottomed out in my arse. Luke then tightly gripped my hips and launched into a blissful brutally hard fuck. For the first few thrusts my sex swollen sphincter stung with discomfort as Luke’s long thick cock had no lube. However the lube on my sphincter, my arse juice and Blake’s cum quickly greased up Luke’s pounding cock. “Fuck your big thick cock is making my arse feel so good.” I moaned as the initial mild stinging discomfort had evaporated so that there was now only blissful pleasure. “Shut up I don’t want to know I’m fucking a fag.” Luke said. Luke had his eyes closed so I guessed he was fantasising about fucking a girl up the arse or in her pussy rather than screwing a bi-boy. His chav sexy face was a mix of physical exertion and sexual pleasure as he brutally pounded my pussy boy arse. Luke gave me a long rough hard fuck that felt so good he risked making me cum. His long thick cock rapidly sawing against me sex swollen sphincter was making it burn with pleasurable friction. His big brutally pounding cock had pulverised the walls of my arse into a mush of hard fucked pleasure. My dribbling pre-cum added to the sex stains on Blake’s bedding. Luke’s sexy face scrunched up as he battled against his rising orgasm. He might have preferred to be fucking a girl’s dripping wet snatch but any hole is a goal. Ploughing my hot wet tight cum splattered arse certainly felt better for him that a wank would have and it made a good pussy substitute. Luke then slipped into a pre-orgasm fuck frenzy. His long thick cock really tore up my arse and I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure despite his request I keep quite. Luke didn’t complain though as he was too lost in fucking me and his battle against his orgasm. It was a shame that Luke was a one off as he was sexy and a great fucker with a big cock. Luke’s fast furious fuck frenzy lasted several minutes before his orgasm hit. Luke brutally rammed his thick 9.5 inch cock ball deep into my throbbing arse where it swelled as it powerfully blasted a big bolt of cum deep into me. Luke began loudly groaning with sexual pleasure and release as he began powerfully spunking up in my arse. He fucked me with short deep hard thrusts of his big thick cock as he powerfully blasted 12 large squirts of cum into me to mingle with the load Blake had already fired into me. As he orgasmed I flexed and squeezed my arse on his pumping cock to fuel his orgasm and milk him dry. When his orgasm ended Luke didn’t leave his big spent cock in my arse but pulled it out. “Where’s the loo?” Luke asked Blake who told him. As Luke went for a post orgasm piss and to clean his cock Blake and I got ready to fuck with me being the top this time. Blake got onto his back and I pushed up his long slender legs to expose his arse. It was pale and skinny with a dusting of brown hairs that got a bit denser in the sweaty crack. His tight pinkish brown pucker was clean and glistened with sweat. To start with I gave his sweaty arse crack long licks from the base of his spine up to his balls. Then they became shorter as I homed in on his quivering arsehole. My tongue circled around and then flicked over his arsehole before I began tongue fucking it. Blake purred with pleasure with his sphincter quivering as I ate him out, alternating between worming my tongue in and out like a small dick to sucking and chewing his arsehole. Then the urge to fuck him overcame me so I greased up my cock and I got into the push up position above him. The lust and cock hunger was obvious in Blake’s face and I intended to try and satisfy that hunger in his arse. There was only the slightest wince of discomfort in Blake’s face when I brutally rammed my fat 9 inch cock ball deep into his arse. He then grunted with the pleasure of feeling his arse stuffed full of hot hard throbbing cock. In Blake I recognised an equal bitch boy so I fucked him how I need to be fucked which is fast, hard and furious. As I started fucking Blake with all I had Luke returned to the room and resumed watching TV as he smoked a cigarette. Blake’s dorky yet kind of cute face was a picture of lust and hard fucked pleasure as I pounded his arse. Never before had he been fucked by someone as young as me. All his sexual conquests had been men the youngest of which was 22. Blake never came out at 6th form college or at work so he picked up all his guys by toilet trading. He was a good bitch boy and was flexing and squeezing his arse on my big fat cock that was fucking the hell out of him. His hands also seemed impressed with my budding muscles as they caressed them. He was loudly groaning with hard fucked pleasure as my cock pounded his pussy boy arse. As for me I savoured the wonderful wank job his tight sphincter was giving my long fat cock. Then there was the velvet caress of his hot wet arse on my swollen sensitive knob as it rapidly plunged in and out. Blake got a long rough hard fuck before I was ready to cum. Being tag fucked by two sexy older lads had brewed up a huge load in my balls and I was getting close to unloading it in Blake’s arse. As I was using all of my sports toned teen might to fuck Blake I had no more to give so I didn’t slip into a pre-orgasm fuck frenzy. However I still managed to hold out for a few more minutes before my orgasm hit. “I’m going to cum.” I warned out of instinct. Then I began powerfully spunking up in Blake’s arse. I felt my cum bubble around my cock as I maintained the deep hard brutal fuck I was giving his arse. My groans of sexual ecstasy and release mingled with Blake’s purrs of well bred pleasure as he felt my warm cum flood his throbbing arse which he was flexing on my cock to milk it dry. When my orgasm ended I pulled my cock out of Blake’s sloppy arse as I knew Luke would be eager for his go. It would have been nice to stay in Blake’s arse to savour my orgasmic high but as I had popped my load my sexual needs switched back to my arse. As I started getting dressed I watched Blake get into the doggy position and eagerly await Luke to finish his cigarette. Just before I left I watched Luke ram his thick 9.5 inch cock ball deep into Blake’s arse, spearing his red sex swollen sphincter. Luke then started fucking Blake as rough and relentlessly as he had done me. The sounds of Luke grunting with physical exertion and Blake purring with hard fucked pleasure echoed down the hallway as I left to head back to the cottage and look for some more cock. Luke was a straight lad looking for a pussy substitute and Blake was a bottom boy so I never saw them again but the memory of them remains and I was glad to have had sex with them. When I got back to the public toilet I lucked out straight away. There were three guys there with two in their late 50’s either side of a hunky sexy guy in his mid 30’s. It was obvious they were gay and cruising as they looked to see who had come in, hence how I knew what they looked like. Straight guys follow toilet etiquette and keep their eyes staring forward, it is only gay and bi guys who let their eyes wander in a public loo. The hunky guy was in office relocation. He had a dark blue baseball cap, dark blue polo shirt with his company’s logo on the left breast, dark blue cargo shorts and black boots. There was only room for me at the urinal trough to the left of one of the guys in their 50’s. As I took up position and fished out my cock I blatantly eyed up the hunky guy whilst totally ignoring the older guys. He was a stunner in a rough ruggedly handsome hunky way. His pale oval face was perfectly proportioned with a trimmed short dark brown beard that really suited him. There was a slight chubby cuteness to it rugged sexiness even though there wasn’t an ounce of fat on him. He had dreamy bluish grey eyes and lush pink lips. The armbands of his polo shirt were stretched taut over big bulging biceps and his toned forearms were cover in dark brown hairs. The material of his polo shirt clung to a hunky sculpted chest and you could see there was no fat on his stomach. When I walked in I’d already checked out the outline of his hunky arse showing through his dark blue cargo shorts with his muscular lower legs on display. All three of them started to cruise me but I only had eyes for one. Not only was the removal man sexy of face and hunky of body he had a juicy cock too. It was a really thick 8 inches with a slight upwards banana curve. The thick shaft was pale and heavily veined. He was uncut with his pale foreskin peeling back and forth over his swollen pinkish knob that was glistening with pre-cum. All three of them were eyeing me with lust and sexual hunger not believing their luck at stumbling across a cruising 16 year old boy. The old guy stubbornly remained between me and the hot 35 year old even though it was obvious the two of us were trying to get it on and that I had no interest in him whatsoever. The removal guy’s indicated backwards with his eyes and I nodded yes thinking that he wanted to take this to a cubicle. We put our cocks away and stood back from the urinal trough with me heading to a cubicle but with him heading to the door. One of the old pervs started to follow me as if he had the slightest chance. Realising that the hot guy wanted to go elsewhere I followed him out. He walked ahead of me and we didn’t speak. As I had a stonking boner I carried my backpack before me to hide it. The sight of his muscular arse flexing beneath his work trousers wasn’t helping either. We walked around the corner where I saw a dark blue Transit van with the same logo as his polo shirt. He scanned the street to see no-one could see and then opened the back of the van and indicated me in. We hoped up into the van and he closed the rear door. Once inside he switched on a light, threw off his baseball cap and pinned me up against the wall. It was instantaneous lust and passion. Our lush lips powerfully mashed together and our tongues fenced. His beard grazed my smooth skin as our faces rubbed together. He passionately groped my sports toned arse as I groped his hunky chest. Feeling how hard his chest was I had to see it in the flesh. With animalistic passion I pulled off his polo shirt to expose one hot hunky body. He had a flat firm stomach with a subtly six pack all covered with brown hairs. His muscular sculpted chest had the same covering of brown hairs. It was a nice covering that was far from being too hairy. With his beard it gave him a hunky bear look. His pointy nipples were a pinkish brown. He then pulled off my muscle top to expose my deeply tanned subtle washboard abs and sculpted chest. As soon as our tops were off we were back to passionately snogging with him groping my arse and me groping his naked muscular hairy chest. With every second we kissed the lust and passion for each other grew. The guy was so sexy I wanted to service his hot hunky body and have him ravish mine. Even though he was a dam sight stronger than me I flipped us around so he was pinned up against the van wall. Carrying on kissing him I lifted up his arms which let out the whiff of his sweaty armpits. Breaking our kiss I dove into his left sweaty hairy armpit and began licking it out. The salty taste of his sweat and its musky manly stink was like Viagra to my already achingly hard cock. He began purring with pleasure as I greedily licked his hairy armpit clean of tasty sweat. Once I had done so I licked over his muscular hairy chest to lick and gently chew his left nipple before moving onto his right. Then I licked out his right armpit savouring its salty taste and erotic aroma. Once that was clean I placed a hand on each of his muscular hairy pecs and gave him my best sultry seductive look I knew was at odds to my sweet innocent schoolboy appearance. As I slowly sank to my knees, my tanned hands stroked down his hunky hairy upper body until I was eye level with the throbbing bulge in his cargo shorts. With lust and eagerness I had his cargo shorts open in a flash. His thick 8 inch cock was an obvious bulge in his white briefs with a big pre- cum wet spot at the tip. Pulling his briefs and shorts down at the same time I released his big thick cock. As I pulled his shorts and briefs down to his ankles I admired his sexy cock and muscular hairy legs. With him naked save for his black work boots I took in the full picture of the hunk hairy sex good before me. His head was shaved which contrasted with his brown beard that gave his face a ruggedly handsome look. His expression was one of carnal lust whilst his dreamy bluish grey eyes burned with sexual hunger for the blond schoolboy knelt before him about Hatay Escort Bayan to perform a sex act on him. My eyes then scanned down his hot body taking in the sight of his muscular hairy chest and stomach. He had big strong sexy arms with bulging biceps and hairy forearms. He had a dense bush of short dark brown pubes above his thick 8 inch cock that jutted straight out with a slight banana upward curve. His thighs were muscular as were his calfs all covered with brown hairs. With a look of carnal lust at odds to my sweet innocent schoolboy appearance I swallowed all but the last inch of his thick 8 inch cock. “Fuck.” He gasped with pleasure as the hot wetness of my mouth soaked into his cock. Then I launched into a rapid deep throat blow job that had him groaning with pleasure and me muffling purrs of contentment. My lush red lips were alive with the pleasure of sliding up and down the thick throbbing shaft of his veiny 8 inch cock. My taste buds buzzed from the salty taste of his free flowing pre-cum. Whenever his swollen knob plugged my throat I squeezed the muscles back there on it. When his knob was just inside my mouth I strongly sucked it and swiped it with my tongue. He had his big strong hands on my head but I was doing all the movement. As I sucked his cock I held his gaze as much as possible and looked at him as slutty and sultry as I could. His ruggedly sexy face was a picture of sexual pleasure and his eyes burned with carnal lust. The more I sucked his cock the greater the itch in my arse became. After a few minutes it got to the point where I needed this hunky hairy guy to bugger me senseless with his thick 8 inch cock. My mouth likes a cock in it as much as my arse so it was with reluctance that it let go of his sexy cock. “I want you to fuck me.” I said with the sexual need obvious in my voice. “Ace.” He replied with a shit eating grin on his sexy face. “What’s your name kid?” He asked as went to the back of the van and grabbed some blankets used to wrap up office furniture and made a pile on the floor. “John, what’s yours?” “Alex. How old are you or shouldn’t I ask?” He said with a sly grin knowing full well that I was under 21 years old which was the legal age for gay sex at the time. “16, how about you?” “Hell the last time I fucked a 16 year old I was in school myself. I’m 35.” “Well it’s our lucky day then.” I said as I got on my back on the pile of blankets and adopted the position. With me on my back and my tanned sports toned legs pulled into my chest and out to the sides it offered up my arse. Alex knelt in ready to give me a rim job. “You’ve been fucked already.” He said with surprise when he saw my sex swollen sphincter glistening with lube and speckled with cum that had leaked from my arse. “Yeah I picked up a 19 and 21 year old in the toilet earlier. They tag fucked me then I screwed the 19 year and left the 21 year old to follow.” I proudly boasted. “You dirty little slut.” “I might be a slut but I have high standards and you fucking exceed them by a country mile.” I lustfully said. “Thanks and you are one cute kid. I can’t believe I’m going to fuck a 16 year old boy.” “You are so sexy I hope this won’t be the only time you fuck me.” I said with my voice laden with lust as he got into the push up position above me. “Well I’m more than game if you are.” “Pound my pussy boy arse with your big thick cock.” I pleaded with the sexual hunger in my arse now unbearable. A sly grin appeared on his bearded face as he prepared for fuck his first school boy in 19 years. With a brutally hard thrust he rammed his unlubed thick 8 inch cock up my arse. My sex swollen sphincter stung from being speared so roughly by a thick ungreased cock but the walls of my arse throbbed with pleasure from being battered open. With an expression of domineering determination Alex launched into a blissful and brutally hard buggering that had me groaning with pleasure. If it had been in the bedroom I would have been screaming with pleasure but I had to keep the volume down so no-one walking past the van heard me. Alex quietly moaned with pleasure and grunted with physical exertion as he fucked me fast and furiously. There was so much pleasure it was unbelievable. The sight of his bearded ruggedly handsome face alone was stimulation enough. On top of that my eyes feasted themselves on his tensed hunky hairy upper body. My hands groped the muscular mounds of his hairy chest and gently tweaked his pointy nipples. His firm furry rippling stomach lightly grazed my achingly hard cock. Alex’s long thick cock had now picked up the lube from my sphincter with my arse juice and Blake’s and Luke’s cum greasing up the rest of his cock. It now pistoned in and out of my arse with intense pleasure. My sex swollen sphincter burned with pleasurable friction as Alex’s long thick cock shaft rapidly sawed against it. The walls of my arse throbbed from the brutal battering they were taking. Every time his swollen knob hit my prostate it pulsed and my cock dribbled pre-cum. Alex gave me a long rough relentless fuck that had me on the brink of orgasm but he beat me to it. “Fuck I’m going to cum.” Alex moaned. He had been fucking me with all his muscled might so there was no pre-orgasm fuck frenzy as he was already giving me everything he had. “Pump my bitch boy arse full of cum.” I lustfully begged as I flexed and squeezed my arse on his big thick thrusting cock. Alex’s long deep hard thrust became short and deep when his orgasm hit. He groaned with sexual ecstasy and release as he began powerfully blasting his warm cum into my already sloppy arse. As I felt it flood into my arse I purred with well bred pleasure. Alex pumped ten squirts of cum into me and I felt every one. When his orgasm ended he buried his thick 8 inch cock ball deep into my arse and held it there as he savoured his orgasmic high and recovered from the vigour of the fuck he had given me. Whilst he did that I continued to flex and squeeze my arse on his spent cock as I groped his sweaty muscular hairy chest. The van stank erotically of his musky manly sweat, pheromones and gay sex. When Alex recovered from his orgasm he pulled his big thick cock from my battered boy cunt which felt so empty now free of his cock. It glistened with three loads of cum and my arse juice but was otherwise clean so I greedily set about sucking and licking it clean. Once I had done so I begged Alex to suck me off after telling he’d fucked me to the brink of orgasm. Alex eagerly set about obtaining his first taste of schoolboy spunk in over 19 years. Alex might have been a pure Alpha male top but boy could he suck cock. His snaking tongue sent electric waves of pleasure down my fat throbbing cock straight to my cum laden balls. His hot wet mouth was sucking like a Hoover on overdrive making my cock throb harder. Seeing his pale dam sexy, ruggedly handsome face sucking on my fat tanned man sized teen boy cock was a highly erotic sight. The long rough hard fuck Alex had given me along with his dam good looks and fit furry body had gotten me horny enough to blow but now with the expert blow job on top within a couple of minutes I was powerfully blasting 12 large ropes of schoolboy spunk into his mouth. My groans of sexual ecstasy and release mingled with his muffled moans of contentment as he felt his mouth being flooded with my thick creamy cum. When I stopped spunking up he pulled his mouth off my cock and made a show of swilling and savouring my spunk. When I’d recovered from my orgasmic high we both got dressed. Alex then made me stand at the back of the van as he lifted the tail gate a bit to check the coast was clear. We then hopped out and went to the cab where we exchanged phone numbers and arranged to meet up there when Alex finished work. Although my arse was a tad sore it was still hungry for cock and as I had nothing better to do so I went back to the public toilet. It was empty and after hanging around for a while with no new comers I headed off to a different public toilet well used by gay guys for scoring cock. When I went in it was empty. Going up to the urinal trough I had a piss and then started stroking my cock getting it to its full fat 9 inches. After about ten minutes a guy came in. When hard my cock dangles down so I didn’t have to painfully bend it down when he came in. Just in case he was coming in to use the toilet for its intended purpose I stopped stroking my hard cock and tried to hide its 9 inch length as best as I could with my hand. Playing straight with my eyes not deviating for staring straight ahead I tried to squeeze a wee out of my hard cock. The guy stood beside me at the trough but I remained looking straight ahead. However I was aware of movement as he fished out his cock although I didn’t see it. “Suck my nig**r cock batty boy.” His words not mine and said in a south London accent tinged with Caribbean. “Pardon?” I asked trying to sound truly affronted at such a wild accusation. When I said it I twisted my head towards him. He was a black guy in his mid 20’s wearing a red baseball cap. His face had a street mean look to it with a black stubble jaw line beard and moustache. There was a leer on his face that I couldn’t make out if it was lewd or menacing. He had really dark brown eyes below thick black eyebrows. He had a short broad nose and lush brown lips tinged with pink. . Despite fearing I was about to be queer bashed there was a certain rough mean appeal to his face. “Come on we both know you’re a poof.” H he said as he cupped the back of my head with his left hand and started pushing my head down. As my head angled downwards I saw he had his cock out and it was hard. He had his light grey cotton tracksuit bottoms hooked under his big balls in a semi-lose dark brown sack covered with short black curly pubes. His dark brown cock was a fat 8 inches long and heavily veined. He was circumcised with the large dark brown scar tinged with pink as was his knob that was a slightly smaller diameter than the shaft. Realising he really did want his cock sucked and he wasn’t about to queer bash me I didn’t resist him pushing my head down. When my face reached his big black cock I opened my mouth and took in his swollen knob in and began to suck it as I swirled my tongue around it. “That’s it suck my cock faggot.” He moaned in pleasure. There was a spicy favour to his cock and musky aroma to his groin. Being bent at the waist isn’t the best position to suck cock so I twisted us both so that we were facing each other and I squatted down in from of him. He was about 5 feet 11 inches tall and was gym buff rather than muscular. His left arm had a Chinese dragon tattoo down its full length adding to his menacing gang member appearance. His white tee shirt clung to a toned rather than muscular upper body. His light grey cotton tracksuit bottoms were hooked under his balls with his fat 8 inch cock jutting downwards at a 45 degree angle. Then I took his cock in my mouth and after giving the head a bit of a suck and lick I forced my mouth as far down his cock as I could. As his cock was so thick I could only swallow the top few inches. Then I started rapidly bobbing my hot wet sucking mouth up and down the part of his fat black cock that I could swallow. A couple of minutes in and he took control. He tightly gripped my head in place and began fucking my mouth with his fat black cock. “Cock sucking faggot.” He groaned as he felt my lush red lips wanking his cock as my tongue tickled it and my mouth sucked it. A couple of minutes into the face fuck he was giving me someone came in yet he didn’t stop. I tried to back off and make a run for it, however he held my head firm as he continued to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth as it if was a pussy. “Told you he was a homo, so what do yeah say?” He said to whoever had come in. As the black guy had my head gripped firm with his forearms in my line of vision I couldn’t see who had come in. “Let’s fuck him.” The newcomer said and from the sound of his accent I guessed he was another black guy. “Where?” The first one asked. “That depends on whether he wants it or if we have to take it.” The second guy said with menace in his gruff voice. “What’s it going to be kid? Are you goona give up your arse or are we goona take it?” The first guy said as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and angled my head up where I saw an evil leer on his face. He might have looked mean and menacing but he was sexy enough for me to happily surrender my arse to but I didn’t know what the other guy looked like. It was irrelevant anyway as like it or not they were both going to fuck me whether I went willingly or was taken by force. Even though I was pretty fit for a 16 year old I would be no match for two guys. Even if the other guy was a dog he was going to fuck me anyway so why get raped in a toilet cubicle when I could get fucked in a bed. “You can fuck me.” “You white batty boys can’t resist black cock.” He chuckled as he released my head. Now that I was free I looked to see what the second guy looked like. He wasn’t as sexy as the first, who wouldn’t have won any beauty contests either, but they were both just about sexy enough to sleep with. Looking at him I realised I had made the right decision to willingly let them fuck me as he was a 6 foot 3 inch brick shit house. He looked to be in his early 30’s and was bald. His oval face was gangster mean with two notches missing from his right eyebrow. He had a goatee beard of black stubble on his chin but otherwise clean shaven. His eyes were so dark they were almost black and he had a broad squat nose above thick pink tinged dark brown lips. His white tee shirt clung to a muscular upper body. He had massive biceps and his lower arms were thicker than the upper arms of most men. His chest was bulging muscle but it was big and well defined. The outline of his muscular tree trunk legs showed through his dark blue tracksuit bottom. He left whilst the first guy and I adjusted our clothes. On the way to their place we exchanged names and ages. The first guy was called Ace and was 26 years old. The second guy was 32 and called Bruno. When I asked them their sexuality they said they just fuck white pussy regardless of gender and for me not to expect anything back. They were both going to fuck me and then send me packing. At their place they split up with me and Ace going to his bedroom where we stripped naked. Ace’s face was sexy in a thuggish gangster way and pandered to my posh pussy boy nature. He was 6 foot tall with a fit body Escort Hatay that was defined rather than a muscle hunk. There was good definition to his deltoids, biceps and toned forearms. There was a red and black ink Chinese dragoon tattoo down the full length of his left arm with a black ink rose tattoo on the underside of his right bicep. On his upper chest he had a scroll tattoo of gothic script from one shoulder to the other. He also had a black tattoo from his right hip around his back to his left hip in a kind of design you see on heavy metal records. His dark brown chest was sculpted rather than bulging and was hairless. His stomach had a subtle six pack and was dusted with black hairs which led down to a broad but dense bush of tightly curled black pubes. His fat dark brown 8 inch cock jutted downwards and was throbbing in eager anticipation of fucking pussy even if it was the arse of a boy. He had well sculpted legs covered in short black hairs. All in all not the hottest guy on the planet but there was enough to him to attract me plus there was the submissive feeling I got from being in his company. As Ace greased his cock I got into my favourite fuck position which was on my back with my legs pulled into my chest and out to the sides offering up my arse. However Ace told me he only fucks boy bitches doggy style. That was a shame as I was looking forward to my hands exploring his body as he fucked me. As a consolation prize I got into the doggy position at the foot of the bed so that my body was parallel to a mirror in the wardrobe so that I could admire his sexy thug face and fit body, even if I couldn’t play with it and watch myself get fucked as the same time. Ace roughly pushed between my shoulders forcing them and my face onto the mattress with my tanned toned arse high in the air for him to plunder. Once I was in position Ace stood behind me. His eyes were close as he was no doubt fantasising that he was about to fuck a woman rather than deal with the reality he was about to fuck a 16 year old fag boy. Ace tightly gripped my hips and roughly yanked my arse onto he forward thrust cock. My eyes watched his fat dark brown cock disappear between the tanned pert mounds of my arse. My sex swollen sphincter stung as his fat cock breached it making me yelp, but it was only a sting rather than real pain. The sting was maintained as his fat 8 inch cock rammed ball deep into my sloppy arse with the two loads of cum already up there bubbling around his cock. Whether he felt my arse had already been used that day or not I don’t know, but if he did he didn’t say anything. With a slap his groin hit my pert buttocks with all 8 inches of his big black cock buried ball deep in my white bitch boy arse. Taking such a thick 8 inch cock so roughly did make my arse ache a bit but that was worth it for the pleasure. My boy cunt had a contented stuffed full felling. The tip of his cock just tickled the entrance to my colon. His fat 8 inch cock was body temperature but it felt like a thick throbbing rod iron buried up to the hilt up my quivering young arse. My boy cunt felt all that in blissful slow motion as in reality Ace was a fast and furious fucker Straight away Ace launched into a fast brutally hard fuck as if he was trying to break me. It was a challenge he had no chance of winning. Sure that was some sting in my sphincter and a dull ache in my arse but that was outweighed by the pleasure. Besides there was no doubt my arse had had more cocks than his cock had had arses. Like Luke in the cottage earlier Ace and Bruno just used fags as pussy substitutes on rare occasions rather than making a habit of it. With his looks and banter though there was no doubt his big black cock had torn up plenty of white girl pussy. As I’d found out on the way there Ace had started puberty at 11 which his when he started fucking by cherry popping at 14 year old girl. As he fucked the hell out of my arse I watched the highly erotic scene in the mirror. There was a sweet innocent looking 16 year old blond boy knelt on the bed with his cute face mashed into the mattress and his tanned arse high in the air which was being brutally buggered by the fat 8 inch dark brown cock of a sexy thug black man 10 years his senior. My face might have looked sweet and innocent but it had such an adult expression of carnal lust and hard fucked pleasure. Ace’s sexy thug face, dark brown fit body, fat 8 inch cock, the position he was taking me in coupled with his brutal fucking style really made me feel a dominated sub which turned me on so much. My cock was achingly hard and was send sling-shots of pre-cum all over the place from the vigour of the fucking he was giving me. On top of the visual pleasure of watching myself getting fucked by a black guy there was the physical pleasure. My pert buttocks tingled from the spanking his rapidly thrusting groin was giving them. The sting in my stretched sex swollen sphincter was now a blissful burn. The ache in my arse was now an intense hard fucked throb. Ace had great staying power so I got to savour all that intense hard fucked pleasure for over 30 minutes. As I knew I was only there as a pussy substitute I keep my vocals to moans and groans of pleasure despite wanting to tell Ace how good his big black cock was making my slutty little arse feel. Towards the end I saw Ace’s face start to twitch as he battled his rising orgasm. Despite wanting to cry out and beg him to breed my boy cunt I just stuck with moaning with pleasure in case it put him off at the vital moment. A couple of minutes later and Ace began loudly grunting with intense sexual ecstasy and release as he flooded a huge load of black man cum into my white teen boy arse. He carried on fucking me with long deep hard thrusts of his fat 8 inch dark brown as he began powerfully pumping 12 large jets of cum into my sore but satisfied arse. My arse flexed and squeezed like mad to fuel his orgasm and milk him dry. When he finished spunking up in me he held his fat 8 inch cock ball deep in my arse to savour his orgasmic high and recover from the vigour of the fuck. When Ace recovered he pulled his cock from my arse which sucked and closed after it. Without Ace’s big black cock up it my arse felt empty despite the three loads of cum up it. “Collect your things bitch and go service Bruno.” Ace said not even looking at me as he went for a post-orgasm piss and clean up. When I went into Bruno’s room he was laid on one half of the double bed in a knee length black satin robe. On the other half about half way down was a stack of two pillows covered with a folded over towel. “Show us your pussy bitch.” Bruno gruffly commanded. After dropping my clothes on the floor I turned my back on him so he could eye up my high firm pert bubble butt arse that was deeply tanned and smooth except for some wispy hairs in the crack. Then I bent over and parted my buttocks to show him my red puffy sex swollen sphincter causing Bruno to wolf whistle. He then commanded me to lie on the pillows and part my buttocks. Once I’d gotten into position Bruno knelt behind me between my legs. He took off his robe and got into the push up position above me. He supported all his weight on his left arm with his right arm aiming his cock. When his knob touched my sphincter I knew I was in for a whole lot of pain but before that realisation reached my brain I was already in a whole lot of pain. In the relatively brief but highly promiscuous sex life I’d led up to that time my arse had had to deal with some dam big dicks but Bruno’s was so massive I thought I had fallen into their trap and they were queer bashers putting me to death by buggering me with a fence post. When his bulbous knob speared my sphincter it hurt so much I thought he’d ripped it. His massive, muscular and very heavy body then fell onto mine, roughly impaling my arse on his monster cock. The pain in my arse had me screaming and my eyes watering. Not only was his cock the thickness of a can of shaving foam it was so long a good couple of inches were buried up my colon. As I would later find out it was a humongous 7 inches in diameter and 13 inches long and it was currently buried ball deep in my arse that felt it had burst. Bruno gave me no chance to recover and instead launched into a brutal fuck. The pain in my arse was so bad it was if I was being buggered by a medieval mace. My sphincter that was swollen from the three fucks I’d already taken was at splitting point around his aerosol can thick cock. His cock was so fat it risked rupturing the walls of my arse as well as my sphincter. The entrance to my colon had never been stretched so wide or penetrated so deeply before. My screams of pain went unheeded as Bruno was well used to bitches of both genders screaming as they struggled to take his massive cock. If he didn’t plough on regardless he’d never get to fuck. He either fucked them unconscious or into submissive. Despite the agonizing pain I wanted the second. It was if a challenge had been laid down and if my arse endured being fucked by such a massive cock I could wear it as a badge of honour. In the mean time I cried out in agony, sobbed in pain and gripped the bed sheet so hard I risked cracking my knuckles. For the first few minutes the pain was so bad it overpowered logic. But then I started coming to my senses. Naturally my arse was trying to expel the huge intruder but instead I started monitoring his fucking rhythm and picked it up. When he thrust in I squeezed out which seems illogical as you would think that makes your arse tighter. What it does in fact is send a ripple down your shit chute so it is not one tight tube of clamp muscle. As Bruno’s 7 inch by 13 inch cock started slipping into my arse slightly easier the pain started to dull a bit, although my sphincter still felt like it was going to tear at any second. It took Bruno 15 minutes of brutal buggering to get my arse to the pain/pleasure threshold. Each merciless thrust of his huge black mamba up my arse and the unbearable stabs of pain dulled. My overstretched sphincter started just stinging rather than feeling like a rusty old saw was being repeatedly rubbed against it. The painful ache in my battered boy cunt became a dull throb. My eyes didn’t see stars every time his massive knob slammed in the entrance to my colon. My screams of pain became mere whimpers. My white knuckle grip lessened on the bed sheet. My cock had wilted under the pain and whilst still limp with was beginning to notice the stimulation it was getting from grating against the soft yet bobbled material of the bath towel. There was still pain there but also the seeds of pleasure. Another five minutes in and Bruno had fucked me into submission and over the pain barrier. Sure there was the occasional stab of pain but mainly it was hard fucked pleasure. My sphincter felt more swollen than it had ever been but now the unbearable sting was pleasurable friction. The walls of my slutty little arse had been fucked one rung up the cock ladder and now throbbed with hard fucked pleasure. His huge cock was so fat it stuffed my arse to the max so despite being reverse missionary my prostate got a serious massage. That massage coupled from the one Ace had given me meant I was on the brink of a huge orgasm. That was intensified by my now hard cock grinding into the bath towel. About another five minutes and I was ready to blow. Whether Bruno expected me to cum hence the towel or if it was there to catch anything leaking out of my arse I don’t know but I was thankful it was there. From the pressure in my balls it felt I was about to unleash a huge load and feared he’d beat the shit out of me if I stained his pillows with it. “I’m going to cum.” I couldn’t help but moan. “Yeah cum for me bitch.” Bruno said. That surprised me as I thought I might have shattered his illusion that he was fucking a woman and not a schoolboy’s arse. With his blessing I let my orgasm go. My warm cum squirted between my stomach and the towel and I groaned with intense sexual ecstasy. It proved to be a personal best orgasm with my cock powerfully blasting our 14 large bolts of cum. Although being fucked by Bruno’s massive black cock had started off as being my most painful fuck it had ended as one of the most pleasurable. My body shuddered from the intensity of my orgasm and I groaned with each of the 14 blasts I fired out. My intense and copious orgasm made my overstuffed arse spasm uncontrollably around Bruno’s brutally thrusting monster cock which set his orgasm off. His eye watering 7 inch by 13 inch cock brutally rammed in and out of my battered boy cunt a couple more times before he buried it in ball deep. His massive knob rammed into my colon where it swelled as it began powerfully blasting his black baby makers deep into my bowels. Now when I orgasm I shoot a lot of spunk but Bruno shot gallons. The amount and power of his orgasm felt like he was pissing in my arse. His arse busting cock throbbed like a strobe light as it powerfully blasted his cum into me. As he drained the contents of his big black balls into my batty boy arse he loudly hollered with sexual ecstasy and release coupled with the knowledge he had broken in yet another white bitch. It began for him at the age of 10 when he hit puberty and his cock was already 8 inches. He ended up screwing the 22 year old university student who came to clean his parent’s house to fund her studies. He might only have been a 10 year old junior schoolboy, meaning he was 6 years underage, but that big black cock on him made him hot property with the promiscuous white female uni students. When he started secondary school at 12 he was like a fox in the hen house even fucking two of the teachers. His first arse was a camp 17 year old boy from the 6th form when he was 14. His cock at that time was already 10 inches and when the camp boy saw it in the school toilets he begged to have it. Bruno had told me all this as we chatted after the fuck. It may sound like made up bullshit but looking at how massive his cock was I believed every single word. The we had a post fuck chat surprised me as Bruno had come across as even more heterosexual than Ace. But it turned out Bruno didn’t suffer the post-orgasm guilt from fucking a guy that Ace did. Bruno soon sent my packing though and I never saw him again but my arse has never forgotten his cock There is more to follow but this bit is getting too long. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it. Check out my other true encounters in the Sexual Experience folders on the Gay Adult/Youth, Bi-sexual Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives or search for John Mcquilliam under prolific authors

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Subject: A Trial Of Strength – Part 102 by Rob Williams A TRIAL OF STRENGTH – PART 102 By Rob Williams IN THIS CHAPTER: Jamie is left alone with Hassan in the desert … and the sex is spectacular. Mark returns and stands rigid with shock. “The room was reeking of sex, the smell of sweat and fresh semen.” In a panic Jamie runs away, into the desert and into danger. Mark faces Hassan. “Look at me, goddammit, and tell me why your raped my boy?” The rivalry of two magnificent, dominant males … like two wild stallions. ************** As always, guys, I welcome your comments and suggestions. They can be very helpful in planning future chapters. E-mail me at rw6789@aol. ALSO, I urge you to visit my Web-site gth. You can read the whole story, all the many chapters, with extras, including some great artwork. Click on the Our Story tab to read it chapter by chapter. Then click on the `Support’ tab, go to the `Contact Us’ page and send me your comments and story ideas. Enjoy! ***************** A TRIAL OF STRENGTH � CHAPTER 102 � “JAMIE & HASSAN” In the small house isolated in the sand dunes of California’s Mojave desert Mark had finally made his peace with Hassan, after taking his revenge as the solider hung naked in chains. When it was all over Mark’s first thought had been for his boy Jamie, and, as promised, he had driven him out from Palm Springs to this remote and lonely place to meet Hassan. The effect had been electric as the soldier and the boy gazed at each other for the first time, each one with an instant erection. Mark smiled, sensing their admiration for each other, though he was unaware of their raging hard-ons. “Well, you two seemed to have hit it off. Guess I don’t have to worry about you liking each other. That’s a relief.” They decided they would cook a meal on the decrepit old barbecue in the back yard. “Barbecued steak it is, then,” Mark had said. “Why don’t you get the barbecue into shape, kid, and I’ll take a run into Palm Springs and get supplies … charcoal, three steaks and all the trimmings. Give you two a chance to get to know each other a bit. Shouldn’t take me much more than an hour there and back … and then we eat like kings. OK?” As he left he hugged Jamie and looked earnestly into his eyes. “You OK with this, kid? I’ll be right back. Hassan’s a good guy. You’ll be safe with him.” “I’ll be fine, sir. Don’t worry about me. I’m having a great time.” ************* Jamie watched the truck disappearing across the desert and turned back into the house. Suddenly alone with Hassan he felt a bit intimidated, but elated just the same. The exotic, olive-skinned muscle-god really was one of the hottest men he had ever seen and Jamie’s hard-on was still raging as he got to work, leaning over the barbecue and scraping away at the grime. Hassan came up behind him and said, “Hey, Jamie, you’re gonna get filthy like that. You’ll really mess up those neat surfer trunks you’re wearing. Come inside and I’ll find you something old of mine that you can wear. In the bedroom Hassan rummaged in a drawer and pulled out an old pair of shorts that were already grimy and threadbare. “Here, kid, put these on.” “OK, sir,” Jamie grinned. If he felt just a little nervous about being alone with this hot, muscular man, changing clothes in his bedroom, he didn’t really mind. There was something about Hassan’s easy-going nature that made him feel comfortable. He knew they were going to be friends … and anyway, Mark liked and trusted him. So everything was fine. Jamie pulled off his T-shirt, dropped his shorts and bent down to pick up the shorts Hassan had thrown onto the bed. Hassan watched as Jamie undressed and he gasped as he saw the beautiful, young, tanned body, naked now … the perfection of youth. His gazed fixed on the tan line at his waist, setting off the rounded white globes of his stunning young ass. Holding the shorts Jamie turned round and smiled at Hassan. Their eyes locked, they took a deep breath, and the smiles faded. All other thoughts went from their head as they gazed at pure male beauty … the spectacular dark muscle-stud and the youthful blonde surfer. Their cocks were rock hard. Hassan said softly, “Don’t put the shorts on yet, Jamie. Come here… Without averting his gaze from Hassan’s hypnotic, slanted brown eyes Jamie walked toward him. Hassan took the boy’s hands lightly in his and again they felt that same jolt of electricity as when they first met. Hassan smiled. “You are such a beautiful young man, Jamie. Mark has chosen well.” He pulled Jamie’s hands up and placed them on his rock-hard pecs. “Do you like me, Jamie?” Jamie ran his hands over Hassan’s chest. “You … you’re very beautiful, sir. I like you a lot.” “So I see,” Hassan grinned, looking down at Jamie’s rigid cock standing at attention. He stared penetratingly into the boy’s eyes, and it was at that moment that they both knew what would happen. It had to … it was unavoidable. But Hassan’s next move surprised Jamie. The soldier fell to his knees, held Jamie’s cock between his fingers, then lowered his face onto it. Jamie felt his cock slide gently into Hassan’s mouth until it came to rest deep down his throat. The dark eyes looked up at him and Jamie gasped as he saw his cock buried in the stunningly handsome face, saw and felt the full lips pressing against his blonde pubic hair. He could not believe that this muscle-stud was on his knees, couldn’t believe that this glorious face was actually sucking his cock. He saw the head move back, felt the mouth sliding over the tender membrane of his cock. For a second the mouth came free, then instantly plunged back down, making Jamie shudder and moan in ecstasy. His gaze was riveted on the face pistoning back and forth, tears welling in Hassan’s eyes, sweat trickling down his cheeks, thick black hair flying. As Hassan grasped Jamie’s waist tightly, pulling it toward him, Jamie saw the biceps and broad shoulders flexing, still striped with the lashes of Mark’s whip. The sight was mesmerizing … and the sensation in his cock was electrifying. It was on fire as the muscle-stud worked on him. Jamie’s heart was pounding, his body pulsing, his breathing ragged as Hassan brought him toward an explosive climax. Jamie had no choice. He felt the blood gorge his cock, felt his juice surging through it until it exploded in Hassan’s mouth and Jamie’s screams echoed round the small room. He felt the throat muscles clench round his cock as Hassan swallowed mouthfuls of the warm, sweet liquid of youth. ************* A few seconds later Jamie had fallen on his back onto the bed and Hassan was towering over him. There was silence as they gazed at each other in awe. In the aftermath of his orgasm, now was the time Jamie’s thoughts would, rationally, fly to Mark and he would be overcome by guilt. But that didn’t happen. In a way he did think of Mark… but only deep down in his subconscious. And it was not so much rational as a vague kind of rationalization. He was floating in an unreal world, still mesmerized by the sight, the presence of the spectacular Hassan, and his exhilaration suppressed any real concern about Mark. Somewhere deep down he was dimly aware that Mark and Hassan excited each other, they were friends now, and that made it OK for Jamie to get close to Hassan. After all, he was Mark’s boy and Mark had said he wanted the two men to get to know each other, hadn’t he? Hassan too was running on pure lust and carnal desire. He too had submerged thoughts about Mark, but he felt an intimacy with Mark that, in a way, excused, even encouraged, his attraction to Jamie. There may even have been a residual rivalry between the two alpha males, where one wanted to sample the prized possession of the other. But all of this was instinctive and irrational, not the product of conscious, logical reasoning. All reason had evaporated as the two men gazed at each other, their breathing and heart-beats subsiding. They both knew beyond any doubt what had to come next. Jamie was spellbound as he watched Hassan kick off his boots, drop his fatigue pants and stand naked over him, his huge dark cock standing out stiff from his black pubic hair. Any thought of resistance was fleeting and dissolved instantly, such was the magnetic power radiating from Hassan. Jamie wanted this man, wanted to be possessed by him. As if in a trance he pulled his feet toward his ass on the bed, gripped behind his knees and pulled his legs upward, offering his ass. There was a half-smile on Hassan’s face as he knelt on the end of the bed, grasped Jamie’s ankles and pushed his legs high. Jamie heard his low, musical voice. “You want this, Jamie?” “Yes, sir. I want to feel your cock in my ass.” No more words. Hassan eased himself forward and pressed the tip of his cock against Jamie’s burning hole. He increased the pressure until Jamie gasped as he felt the thick, smooth cock glide inside him, tenderly, steadily until it came to rest at the back of his ass. Their eyes were locked and the world disappeared. Hassan pulled slowly back, then pushed forward again, penetrating even deeper into the boy’s ass. And so began one of the most prolonged and timeless fuckings of the young man’s life. It was as if the rest of the room faded to black and all he could see was the superb naked bodybuilder rocking back and forth over him. All he could feel was the huge shaft piercing his ass and setting his body on fire. He saw the slanted eyes smile and he Diyarbakır Escort heard the voice again. “You have the sweetest ass I have ever felt, Jamie. And you are the most beautiful boy I have been with … your exquisite young face, blonde hair, and the perfect proportions of your body. I am going to fuck you for a long, long time.” And he did. The rhythm was gentle but inexorable. It wouldn’t stop, couldn’t stop, they both hungered for it so much. Jamie was in a trance. He pushed his ass up against Hassan and loved the feel of the wiry damp pubic hair pressing against his flesh. He squeezed the muscles of his ass round the piston inside him and watched as the exotic eyes opened wide in ecstasy. He didn’t know how long this had lasted when the sensation became too intense and he felt his body shudder as he blasted a long stream of cum over his own naked body. But nothing else changed. The rhythm was unbroken as Hassan continued to fuck Jamie despite the boy’s orgasm. Hassan had recently shot his load twice with Mark, and now Jamie had cum, so the pent-up tension had been released and they could both indulge their physical desires without the imperative of instant orgasm. And so the fucking continued, in every way, every position … Jamie on his back, on his side, on his knees, aware only of the exquisite sensation in his ass and the spectacular man using him. It was on his knees that he came a second time, flooding the sheet with a pool of creamy liquid. And still the cock kept pounding. All sense of time was lost. They were both floating in a hypnotic world of pure carnal pleasure, their bodies united by their mutually intense hunger for each other. They did not know it at the time but an hour had passed, an hour of uninterrupted fucking, when they both felt the final climax approach. Jamie was on his back in a delirium of joy, gazing up at Hassan’s beautiful face, now gleaming with sweat. He ran his hands over Hassan’s magnificent chest, and all the boy’s senses were alive as he touched the flesh, smelt him, tasted the man’s sweat as it dripped down onto his face. Their eyes were locked and both knew that the time had come. They uttered no sound, though their bodies shuddered violently. Jamie stopped breathing as he felt the rod inside him pulse, impale him one last time and pour hot juice deep inside him. He was almost unaware of his own orgasm until he felt his own warm, sticky juice flow over him for the third time. They stared at each other for long minutes. It had been a marathon fuck, as the magnificent stud soldier had overwhelmed the eager young surfer with the force of his powerful sexual magnetism. They were drained, physically, sexually, emotionally … beyond speech or rational thought. Hassan fell forward and locked his arms round the boy, his cock still buried in his ass. And instantly they feel into the deep sleep of total exhaustion. ************** Mark was in a great mood as he drove across the desert. His trip into Palm Springs had taken longer than he expected and he knew the guys would be starving by now. But he had two bulging bags of food and supplies beside him, including three thick steaks, and he pictured Jamie beside the cleaned-up barbecue, no doubt sipping beer with Hassan. He was glad that Jamie was a part of this. Mark had started out the day with anxiety and misgivings, but everything was coming right after all. Impatiently he sped up as the truck bounced over the scorching sand. When he unloaded the bags from the truck he walked directly round to the back of the house. But there was no one there and he frowned as he looked at the still-rusty barbecue grill. His flesh started to tingle as he walked through the kitchen door, into the main room, then pushed open the bedroom door. It was as if he were struck by lightning. On the bed the two men were lying naked, fast asleep. Jamie was on his side, a slight smile on his face, and Hassan was pressed against his back, arms wrapped tightly round him. It was clear that his cock was buried in the boy’s ass. And the room was redolent of sex, reeking with the smell of sweat and fresh semen. The sheets were soaked with pools of cum, and clothes lay scattered over the floor. Mark stood rigid with shock and, like a man experiencing trauma, his mind shut down. He dropped the bags of food on the floor, turned and walked out of the house. In a daze he got into the truck, groped for his keys and, with a roar of the engine, sped away across the desert. ************* Maybe it was the sound of the engine that made Jamie stir, but slowly his mind cleared and he struggled back to consciousness. The first sense to come alive was his sense of smell, the smell of semen on the sheets around him. Then the sense of touch as he felt the strong arms holding him. Finally all his senses came together … and he remembered. He remembered everything all at once in a blinding light. The sex, his cock being sucked, offering his ass to Hassan and the endless, tumultuous, spectacular fuck. And now, at last, his mind flew to Mark, with a clarity that was as vivid as the slash of a knife. Mark! Suddenly he was drowning in guilt. What had he done? Why, why had he betrayed his master like this, the man he worshipped, lived for? He panicked, and his first instinct was to get cleaned up. He would clean away all traces of what had happened, he would shower and then confront Mark as soon as he came in. He would confess everything and explain … explain what? Oh, God, he knew that Mark would never forgive him. But maybe if he cleaned up the room and fixed the barbecue … Then he froze. He saw the grocery bags on the floor, and the terrible truth slammed him. Mark had already come back, had come into the room and seen them … seen Jamie in Hassan’s arms, with his cock in his ass. His heart missed a beat as he imagined the appalling scene. Now his panic overwhelmed him. He eased himself out of Hassan’s arms, desperately afraid of waking him. He got off the bed, staggered through the door and out to where he prayed he would see the truck. But it was gone. There was nothing but a plume of dust on the distant horizon where Mark was disappearing … out of sight and out of his life. “NO,” Jamie yelled and lurched blindly forward. Rational thought deserted him. He just knew he had to find Mark, had to explain, had to beg for mercy. He knew he would no longer be his boy but, he moaned to himself, “I just want to see him … just to say… I’m sorry …” and tears streamed down his face as he staggered through the hot sand. He ran mindlessly. He had left the room without thinking about clothes, so he was naked under the scorching sun. The hot sand burned his feet but he felt nothing, just overwhelming shame and abject misery as he stumbled forward. He had no sense of direction. When he finally looked around all he saw was featureless, unforgiving desert under the merciless sun. He would have returned to the house but he had come so far it was no longer in sight. But he was frantic to find Mark so he staggered onward, in a daze, blinded by panic, propelled by desperation. Jamie’s naked body was pouring with sweat as he ran on and on mindlessly, his heart beating wildly. But everything looked the same … there were no trails or landmarks, just scorching sand stretching to the horizon. He had tried to run in a straight line but after what seemed like an eternity he looked down and saw what had to be his own tracks. Fear seized him as he realized he had been running in a circle. He sank to his knees and fell onto the sand, knowing he was hopelessly lost in the vast expanse of this implacable landscape. ************** Hassan had slept long and deep, having endured first the exhaustion of his beating by Mark, then the euphoria of his sex with Jamie. So he had not stirred even when the truck came and left, even when Jamie had pulled himself out of his arms and off the bed. But now he was wide awake, and his overwhelming sensation was fury, fury at himself. He had fucked everything up, he thought. He who had asked Mark to make him atone for his past misdeeds, had endured a brutal whipping, and thereby healed the wounds that had existed for years between him and the blonde god he worshipped. But after that he had been alone with Jamie and had lost all sense of restraint and correctness. And now they were both gone. Hassan had seen the bags on the floor and guessed that Mark had returned, scooped up his boy and carried him away with him. Whatever punishment Mark gave his boy, Hassan knew that he would not easily condone what had happened. He resolved to let the dust settle and, in a few days, contact Mark and throw himself once more on his mercy. He sighed deeply, picked up the grocery bags and put away the food. The meal was aborted, the celebration cancelled. ************** Mark was starting to think again. The darkness that had descended on him was lifting as he drove robotically back to Palm Springs. But he was still dazed by the intense emotions that sped through his mind … rage at Hassan, supreme disappointment in his boy, the sadness of loss, of newfound joy obliterated, and above all total confusion at what to do next. This was a man, a tough cop, who could take charge of any situation, no matter how extreme. But now he was drowning. Needing a lifeline he found himself thinking of Bob. “Oh God,” he murmured. “You would know what to do, man. You always do. You could Diyarbakır Escort Bayan tell me where I go from here. I need you, buddy.” He longed for him, searched for Bob’s voice. And then he heard it … as clearly as if Bob were sitting next to him. He remembered their last conversation when they had discussed Mark’s upcoming meeting with Hassan. “You’ll work through this, Mark,” Bob had said. “I know you will. You’re tough … and you’re honest.” “Is that all you’ve got for me, buddy?” Mark had asked. “No words of advice?” Bob shrugged. “Just one, maybe. Take care of Jamie.” Take care of Jamie! Jesus, the man’s intuition was incredible. His one piece of advice through all this … “Take care of Jamie!” Of course he must. Of course! His own words now came back to him when he had reassured Jamie. “Here’s my promise, Jamie. No matter what happens tomorrow with Hassan or anyone else, you will always be my boy and I’ll never leave you. Do you believe that now?” And Jamie had believed it. `So what the fuck am I doing here?’ Mark thought … `running away, deserting my boy.’ He damned himself for being a fool and a coward, so involved in his own grief and despair that he had walked out on the boy he promised to love and protect always. Who the hell cares what he had done with Hassan … with anyone? Jamie was his boy, he loved him, and the boy must be hurting bad right now, regretting what he had done. With a screech of tires in scrub Mark yanked the truck around and floored it, speeding back over the desert toward the house. *************** Hassan looked up with alarm and surprise as Mark strode into the house. He ignored Hassan and went out back. He looked into the bedroom but there was no sign of Jamie. In the kitchen he yanked at the cellar door. Locked! He glared at Hassan. “I’ve come for my boy. Where is he … locked in your cellar … chained up waiting for you to work him over?” Hassan took a step back as if physically struck, shocked by the fury in Mark’s face and voice. “He’s not here, man.” Mark came toward him and Hassan put up his hands to defend himself. “I swear it, Mark. He’s not here. I thought he was with you. When I woke up he was gone. I saw the grocery bags and assumed you had come back and taken him away. I swear, man that’s the truth.” “Then where the fuck is he?” The horrific truth hit them both simultaneously. “Jesus,” Hassan said, “he must have gone looking for you. He saw the bags, realized you had come back and he’s gone looking for you … out into the desert.” He looked down at the bedroom floor. “And all his clothes are still here. He’s naked … out in this sun.” Mark howled like a wounded animal and turned to rush through the door. But Hassan restrained him. “Wait, Mark. We’ll go together in the jeep. It’s built for desert terrain and I know the area better than you. Here … ” He reached up to a cupboard and pulled out a first-aid kit he kept there. Then he grabbed several bottles of water and together they sprinted for the jeep. In seconds the open jeep was travelling slowly through the desert. Sitting tensely side by side, any thoughts of animosity or revenge were buried deep as both men focused intently on their vital mission … to find Jamie. The afternoon sun was high in the sky and brutal. They both knew that a naked man exposed to this heat for too long without water had little chance. Hassan tried to be reassuring. “Don’t worry, Mark. I’ve spent most of my life in desert terrain. I know it and its moods well, and in the military I was trained for search and rescue in the desert. Here …” He opened the glove box and pulled out a pair of binoculars. “Keep these glued to your eyes while I concentrate on the ground. Fortunately there’s no wind today so any tracks will not be blown away.” Despite all his anguish and whirling emotions Mark found reassurance in Hassan’s deep, calm voice. In this desolate place Hassan was the best man to have, and he was grateful he was with him. With one hand on the wheel Hassan leaned over the door and focused intently on the sand. “There,” he said suddenly. “See those indentations? They have to be the tracks of a man … couldn’t be anything else. Too big for any animal that might be out here. Keep your eyes peeled while I try to follow them. Slowly, agonizingly the jeep moved forward as Hassan followed the tracks and Mark desperately scanned the landscape for signs of Jamie. But they both knew the odds were against them. They drove in silence, and mercifully the intensity of their search precluded all else, suppressing any feelings of guilt on the one hand and vengeance on the other. The only sound was the hum of the jeep and the crunch of tires in the sand. The sun beat down on them and their T-shirts were drenched with sweat, clinging to their bodies. Suddenly the jeep stopped and Hassan leapt out. “Shit,” he said. “Look here. The tracks cross. He’s walked in a circle. He looked up and scanned the empty waste. “Hopefully he decided to rest when he realized he was lost. My hunch is he’s not far from here. Look, the tracks go in two directions but we don’t know which are incoming and which outgoing. Better if we split up and take one each. You keep the binoculars, and take some water. I’m gonna head for that outcropping of rocks in the distance.” He looked up and for the first time gazed straight into Mark’s eyes. “Good luck, man.” “Yeah, you too.” Mark paused for a second. “Thanks, Hassan.” ************** Jamie huddled against a rock, trying desperately to find a sliver of shade. He was motionless, totally exhausted. He knew that he couldn’t move his body another inch, his limbs were so weak. Maybe if he slept a while he would have enough strength to continue. He drifted into a state of semi-consciousness … for how long he didn’t know. Then he was woken by a sound that made his flesh crawl … a dry rattle. He opened his eyes and saw a large rattle-snake about fifteen feet away moving slowly toward him in the sand. Terrorized as he was he realized that rocks in the middle of the desert were bound to harbor snakes. But he couldn’t move. His limbs were limp from physical exhaustion and stark terror. It was like a nightmare he had sometimes where he was trying to escape from danger but his limbs were so heavy they wouldn’t move. He was living his nightmare, mesmerized by the snake winding its body ever closer. He was about to scream … when suddenly a hand flashed down, strong fingers grabbed the snake right behind its head, and an arm flung it high in the air. Jamie watched it curling against the blue sky like a thick length of rope, then falling to the sand at a safe distance and slithering away. In a trance he looked up and found himself staring into a face he had gazed at adoringly only hours before. Hassan. Jamie whimpered like a lost dog that had just found its home. Hassan dropped to his knees beside him and unhooked a bottle of water from his belt. “Drink,” he said. “It’s OK, Jamie, you’re safe now.” He held the bottle to Jamie’s mouth and the boy took great gulps of water into his parched throat. He finally pulled his mouth away and stared dazedly at his rescuer. His voice croaked weakly, “Mark …” “It’s OK, kid. He’s close by. He’s been looking for you.” “He came …?” But suddenly all the terror and fatigue overwhelmed him, his head dropped and he lapsed again into semi-consciousness. Hassan pushed his arms under him in the sand, flexed his muscles and with a huge effort pulled himself to his feet, with Jamie limp in his arms. And so began the trek back. Jamie was heavy, but Hassan didn’t feel the weight as he strode through the sand, retracing his own tracks. He narrowed his eyes in the bright sun and eventually glimpsed Mark in the distance. When he was close enough he shouted at the top of his voice, “Mark!” He saw the head raise, and the figure start running toward him. As he came close Mark stared in alarm at the limp body in Hassan’s arms. He looked searchingly into Hassan’s eyes. Hassan stretched his arms forward with Jamie draped over them. “Here’s your boy, Mark.” It was like a ritual offering, giving back something he had no right to possess, restoring it to the rightful owner. “He’s gonna be fine.” Mark eyes filled with tears of relief … and gratitude. All he knew right now was that this man had saved his boy. He took the offering in his arms and looked down at the face, still beautiful despite the sand and sweat covering it. The eyes flickered open and Jamie looked up at the face of the man holding him, an indistinct silhouette with the glare of the sun behind it. Unable to focus at first, Jamie wept when he finally realized it was Mark. He opened his mouth and murmured softly, “I’m sorry, sir …” Then his head fell limp. *********** A short time later Jamie was in bed. Hassan had known exactly what to do, familiar as he was with exposure and dehydration. He had made Jamie drink water, and even eat a little soft food. He had sponged off the worst of the damp sand and covered the young body with several layers of blanket. Mark sat by Jamie gazing at his sleeping face, the face of the boy he loved and had almost lost. “Let him sleep,” Hassan said gently. “Leave him, he’ll be fine now. He’s young … he’ll recover quickly.” They went outside and Hassan brought out a six-pack of beer. They sat at an old wooden table, sipping their beer in silence. Once again Escort Diyarbakır Mark’s thoughts were conflicted. Hassan had no doubt saved Jamie’s life. His persistence and knowledge of the desert had driven him to do what Mark could not have done. And yet … wasn’t this the same man who had caused all this, who had made love to Jamie and caused the guilt-ridden boy to panic and run into danger. Hassan too was conflicted. He knew that what he had done was inexcusable, but above all he did not want to lose Mark … or Jamie for that matter … so soon after he had found them. He stared at the table, unable to make eye contact. To relieve the stress that had built up in them they drank several beers, which not only relieved their anxiety, but also released their inhibitions. Mark’s feelings were now skewing from relief to anger as he remembered the graphic scene in the bedroom. “How could you do that?” he growled suddenly. He looked at Hassan’s bowed head. “Look at me, goddammit, and tell me why your raped my boy?” That word made Hassan’s head jerk up and he looked angrily at Mark. “Now get this straight, buddy. This was no rape. He lusted for me as much as I for him. Jamie didn’t resist … in fact he gave himself to me. He lay on the bed, pulled up his legs and offered his ass to me.” “That’s a lie,” snarled Mark, his voice getting louder. “My boy would never give himself to a man like you.” “Ask him, then. What … you think you’re the only beautiful man in the world? Maybe we should have checked with you first, but you weren’t there, and when he saw me standing naked over him he saw a magnificent hot stud and said, `I want to feel your cock in my ass, sir.’ Just like that.” “NO!” The image was too much for Mark and he lost control. He lunged for Hassan and in an instant they were in the sand, rolling over and over, limbs locked together, muscles straining for supremacy. Mark pinned Hassan on his back, kneeling on his arms, and pounded his fists into the slabs of his chest. But Hassan was strong and managed to pull his right arm free. He smashed his fist across Mark’s face and sent him reeling, crashing on his back. Hassan threw himself on top of him and they began trading blow for blow, with increasing ferocity. The cop and the soldier, both skilled in combat, fought ferociously. The tension had been building steadily …beginning years ago a in far off land, continuing through their years apart, and now today, with Hassan enduring a whipping, then fucking Mark’s boy. And now at last all the pent up pressure exploded and found expression in their fists. The implicit rivalry in two magnificent alpha males flared up and they fought like two wild stallions. They were evenly matched and the fight intensified. So enraged were they, so intent on inflicting pain on each other, that they didn’t even hear the shout. “Stop it!” Jamie had been woken by the sounds of battle and got up from the bed. He had mostly recovered from his ordeal and felt stronger, but now he stared in horror at the brutal fight. But they ignored him, couldn’t hear him, so he knelt in the sand beside their churning bodies and made a futile attempt to drag them apart. Suddenly a flailing fist flew outward and struck Jamie in the face. He howled, staggered to his feet, and then fell backward in the sand. The men heard the noise and, in the midst of their fight, glimpsed Jamie double over on the ground. They acted simultaneously, broke apart and screamed “No!” as they rushed over to him, kneeling beside him. “Jamie, Jamie,” Mark said desperately. “Here,” Hassan said and cradled Jamie’s head in the crook of his arm. Mark dabbed at his face, feeling for blood or injury, relieved to find that there was no real damage … the blow must have glanced off him harmlessly. Jamie had regained his breath and suddenly opened his eyes. Pushing them both off him he staggered to his feet and glared down at them, feeling stronger now and confident. “All this is my fault,” he said. “You guys were doing fine until I showed up and screwed everything up by giving my body to Hassan. I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t be with you guys. You’re fine without me. Sir, I want you to take me back to the city and I’ll get out of your lives for good.” Now it was Hassan who sprang to his feet and spoke more calmly. “No,” he said. “The fault is mine. What you two have is something rare and special … magical even. You love each other deeply, that’s very clear, and I have come between you. It’s I who will leave, so you can get your lives back together and be happy as you were before.” He turned to leave but Mark lunged after him and spun him round to face him. Mark paused to get control of his breathing, get control of himself. For the first time in hours he was thinking clearly, rationally. He was a cop, a commanding figure, and it was the voice of authority that spoke now to both of them.” “I want you to stop blaming yourselves. If anyone’s to blame it’s me. I brought you both together and should have foreseen what would inevitably happen when I did. So I can’t blame either of you. “Jamie, a long time ago I tried to convince you that you were my boy and always would be. I branded you, and told you that I would love and protect you always, no matter what happened to us. But for a while today I failed in my duty to you and deserted you when I should have stayed. But nothing has changed for us. You are my boy, Jamie. I love you, and you’re not going anywhere.” He turned his gaze to Hassan. “Nor are you, Hassan. Over the years I tried to rid my thoughts of you but it was impossible. You are a magnificent man, a great match for me, and I don’t want to lose you. I wanted you to meet Jamie and I was a fool not to realize that you are both such beautiful men that, of course, you would lust for each other and release that lust in a sexual act that I’m sure was spectacular. I said I wanted you to know each other, and now you do.” He grinned for the first time. “I just wish I had been here to see it. Next time, I’ll make sure I am. Jamie, I said that if you did not like Hassan, if it was a problem for you, I would ask him to leave. Do you like him?” Jamie too could not hold back a grin. “Yes, sir. Very much.” He became serious again. “But sir, I don’t want to stop being your boy. I am still your boy, aren’t I … your best boy?” Mark touched his arm and ran his fingers over the tattoo, MM, on his shoulder. “That mark will never fade, Jamie, and nor will my affection for you. Only now, if you can handle it, we’ll have Hassan as a new buddy in our lives … a friend to both of us.” “I can handle it, sir,” Jamie grinned. “Provided you’re with us.” “And you, Hassan?” Hassan took a deep breath. “You know that I came halfway round the world to be close to you, Mark. And I asked you to torture me as I had once tortured you, so that the score would be settled. I wanted to put the past behind us and be friends. Now I see you both together, perfect together … and it would be an honor to be welcomed by you both.” Suddenly there was a silence. They shifted uncomfortably, not quite knowing where to take it from there. It was Jamie who spoke up. “Sir, may I ask a question?” “Of course.” Jamie grinned, “If those three steaks are still around, do you want me to fix up the barbecue now? I’m starving.” *************** The meal was tentative at first as they ate hungrily, but gradually they relaxed into easy conversation. Jamie became especially animated. With the resilience of youth he had pushed his recent traumatic experience to the back of his mind in the excitement of being in the company of these two superb men. Mark smiled as his boy eagerly fired questions at Hassan about what life was like for a Marine in Camp Pendleton. When the meal was over Mark again took charge. “Hassan, Jamie and I have two more nights at the resort in Palm Springs. How would you like to spend them with us … if that’s OK with you, Jamie?” Jamie’s eyes shone and Hassan agreed willingly. Mark added, “Only, perhaps you could wait a couple of hours before you follow us into town. I need to spend some time alone with my boy.” Hassan said that he needed time anyway to square away the house and make it secure, and then he’d follow later in the jeep. So in a short while Mark and Jamie were alone in the truck as it bumped over the sand. Mark put his arm round his boy’s shoulder. “You sure you’re OK with all this, Jamie?” “Absolutely, sir. Being with you and Hassan will be awesome.” “Yeah,” Mark grinned. “You know, kid, since we’re speaking frankly, I gotta say that bedroom scene I stumbled into back there looked kinda hot, now I think of it. OK then, just so I know … and just to show you I’m comfortable with the subject … how would describe your sex with Hassan? Be honest with me.” Jamie blushed and hesitated. “Well … since you ask, it … it was pretty spectacular, sir.” Mark laughed. “Wouldn’t expect anything less from two hot studs like you. But you know, before Hassan joins us in the Springs, you’ve gotta make it up to me. Tell me what I have to compete with.” “Well, sir. Hassan fucked me non-stop for an hour and I shot my load three times.” “Hmm … Maybe we can go one better than that. What say we shoot for four?” Jamie laughed and pressed his head against Mark’s shoulder. Mark was silent for a while thinking of where they go from here. He sighed, “You know, next time Hassan comes into town I want him to get to know the other guys. How do you think he’ll get on with Bob, Randy, Zack and the boys? Should be kind of interesting, don’t you think?” Jamie smiled up at Mark. “Wow, let me fantasize about that one for a while, sir.” *************** TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength … Part 103”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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Subject: A Trial Of Strength – Part 26 by Rob Williams A TRIAL OF STRENGTH … PART 26 By Rob Williams Hi guys. This chapter is has real heavy duty action in it, where Mark and Randy get brutally punished by the Baxter gang. Some of you have told me there’s sometimes too much pain and suffering for your taste, but this chapter is the climax of that and from then on the story will calm down and focus much more on the relationships between the guys, especially between master and boy. So hang in there. There’ll be something for everyone. As before, please email your comments and suggestions to aol. ******************** A Trial Of Strength … Part 26 It had been a night to remember all round. While Pablo was being gently introduced by Bob to the joys of making love, Randy had arranged an intense fantasy for Darius, with the help and participation of the gorgeous cop Mark. The next day was a day to regroup before the rigors of the workweek. “Thank god it’s Sunday” sighed Bob. “I think we all need a rest.” “I sure do,” said Mark. “Long day tomorrow. I have to go back out to the desert to give evidence at the preliminary hearing of the Baxter trial.” “What?!” Randy barked. “Hell, you’re not going out there alone with those assholes on the loose. I’ll be right there with you, buddy.” “No, Randy. I can take care of myself. How would it look if I brought my own stud bodyguard to protect me? I’ll be fine. Just a quick court appearance and then straight home.” “But the other three Baxter boys are not on trial. And they’re out there waiting to dish out the payback they threatened you with …” “Empty threats,” laughed Mark. “They know better than to mess with a cop. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.” Randy fell silent, lost in memories of the day when he and Mark had rescued Pablo from the clutches of old man Baxter and his two sons. Randy had beaten them savagely and Mark had discovered their crystal meth lab in a trailer in back. As they were hauled away to jail, old man Baxter had promised that his other three sons, still on the loose, would take revenge. ******************* Early next morning Randy went into the garage and was surprised to find Pablo working on his truck. “Almost finished sir. She’s running like a bird. Thought you might need it today.” “Thanks, kid.” He grinned. “You cleaned it up real good.” He gathered up the padded blankets that he used for hauling stuff and threw them in a heap in the corner of the flat bed. As he strode out of the garage he bumped into Mark, who was already dressed in his full police uniform. “Early start,” said Mark. “Out to the desert.” “God, I wish you’d let me come with you, with those three assholes on the loose.” “I told you before, I’ll be fine.” He laughed as he straddled his big police motor bike. “Don’t worry. I can take care of myself. They’d be idiots to try anything.” “Call me on your cell phone when you’re headed home. If there’s any trouble, I’ll be ready.” They bumped fists, Mark kick started his bike and roared away. ************** As it turned out Mark’s evidence, as the police officer who discovered the Baxters’ meth lab, was brief and factual. It was, after all, an open and shut case. Old man Baxter and his two sons would almost certainly get long prison terms. The three other sons were not involved and were still running around free. After grabbing a quick sandwich Mark decided to head for home right away. He jumped astride his motor cycle, kicked it into life and hit the road, glad to put all this behind him and get back to Randy and the guys. He was still on a fairly deserted road headed for the freeway when suddenly a truck skidded out of nowhere from a side track and almost collided with him. Mark braked sharply and wrenched his bike sideways. He ran off the road, jolted down a small embankment and crashed against a rock, falling stunned to the ground. He was only dimly aware of a strong arm coming round his neck and squeezing his throat. Then everything went black. ****************** The big cop was slow to regain consciousness. He was first aware of a dim light and the smell of grease. Then he heard the sound of deep, rasping voices. He tried to move but couldn’t. He realized why. He was spread-eagled, his arms stretched up and out and tied at the wrists, as were his legs. Slowly he opened his eyes and his heart sank. Three sadistic, surly, ugly faces leered down at him and he knew where he was. Still in his uniform he was spread-eagled on his back on the car hoist in the Baxter garage. He gradually focused on the three thugs surrounding him. They were huge bears of men with beer guts, two of them bearded, all dressed in filthy grease-stained jeans and black T-shirts, stinking of sweat. “Welcome to hell, pretty boy,” growled the leader. “Guess you think you’re one hell of a stud. Well, we’ll take care of your pretty face and body real good. After what and you and your boyfriend did to my daddy and brothers you had this coming.” Mark managed to speak. “I’m a police officer. You’d better think again, man.” The burly giant laughed. “You know where you are, don’t you. In my daddy’s garage. ‘Course, it’s closed for business now thanks to you and your fucking boyfriend. So it’s nice and quiet. Nobody comes here. We’re miles from anywhere. No one to hear your screams. And you are gonna scream.” “Maybe we should introduce ourselves, officer. I’m Jake, this here’s my brother Silas and this is my baby brother Junior. Junior’s still in his twenties and not too bright so we give him things to play with. He’s gonna have fun with you. Silas and Junior can be real mean … but I’m worse,” he said with a guttural laugh. He nodded to his brother Silas who stepped forward, put his hands on Mark’s uniform shirt and yanked it open, exposing the white T-shirt stretched over his muscular chest. The man ran his hands over it, felt the shape of the big nipples and squeezed them tight, making Mark wince in pain. “I wanna see his chest,” ordered Jake. Silas grabbed the neck of the T-shirt and quickly tore it to shreds. With a few violent movements he pulled at the tattered remains of the shirt and T-shirt until Mark lay spread-eagled, naked to the waist. His sculpted chest heaved and flexed in anticipation of what was to come. He didn’t have long to wait. “Belts off, boys. You know the drill.” They pulled the heavy studded belts from their jeans and stood over the helpless cop. “This is it, shithead. And I wanna hear you scream.” They all raised the belts and brought them crashing down on the bodybuilder’s flexed chest muscles. The sudden pain was intense and the beautiful cop threw his head back and screamed in agony, pulling frantically at his restraints, his magnificent body bucking and straining under the rain of blows. The pounding went on for several minutes and the heavily veined muscles writhed as they became a mass of red welts and bruises. Finally it stopped and Mark lay in agony, his breath rasping, his shirtless torso heaving and streaming with sweat. “I need to take a leak,” said Junior. “Think that goes for all of us,” sneered Jake. “And here’s our piss pot right in front of us.” They pulled out their dicks, pointed them at the bound cop and began to stream urine over his face and chest. Mark gasped as the bitter smell of their putrid piss poured over him, blinding him and making him choke. When he was able to open his eyes he looked down at his ravaged chest, streaming with sweat and rancid piss. The muscle god closed his eyes in the helpless agony of a tortured man. “Now here’s the good part,” said Jake. “The one we really want is your boyfriend. He’s the one who really hurt our kin. See this here? It’s your cell phone, officer. Now let’s see here. Yeah, there’s a number listed here for ‘Randy’. Bet you a dime to a dollar that’s lover boy. Let’s find out.” *************** Randy was feeling uneasy all day and had come home early. It was mid-afternoon and he was talking to Pablo when his cell phone rang. He looked at the screen and saw with relief that it was Mark. “Hey, buddy. Where are you?” “In hell,” Erzurum Escort the guttural voice said. “Who the fuck’s that? What the hell’s going on?” “Here’s what’s going on, lover boy. We got your boyfriend … but it’s you we want. Come on out here and we’ll do an exchange. We’ll stop torturing his ass in exchange for yours. In case you need any persuading, listen.” Randy heard a loud crack and what sounded like the scream of a tortured animal. “You motherfucking sons of …” “Shut your mouth. Get out here. I think you know where. And if you tell a living soul where you’re going he’s a dead man.” And the line went dead. In a panic Randy looked around but Pablo had already left the room to give him privacy. There was no one to tell. “Shit. Shit. I knew it.” He didn’t wait to grab clothes or any gear, except for a tire iron from the garage. . Dressed only in jeans, boots and an old gray tank top he sped out of the room, threw himself into his truck and, with a screech of tires, sped away. **************** Randy had never driven so fast in his life and gave silent thanks that Pablo had tuned up the truck so well. And he had never felt so alone. He willed his buddy Mark to hang on. He wanted him to know that he, Randy, would absorb all the pain these thugs could dish out. He prayed that he would not be pulled over for speeding, and that prayer, at least, was answered. In just over an hour he was approaching the remote garage. He stopped the truck a distance away, grabbed the tire iron and walked up quietly. He knew that all the odds were against him but he thought the element of surprise might give him an edge. All was quiet. He crept around the back of the garage and tried to see in. He was unaware of the figure behind him and was suddenly immobilized by a chain pressed around his throat from behind. “Inside, lover boy,” hissed a voice in his ear. “Your buddy’s waiting for you.” He was manhandled inside the garage where he instantly took in the terrifying sight and screamed, “NO!” He stood helpless, in a state of shock. Mark was still spread-eagled but no longer on the car hoist. He was hanging from hooks in the ceiling, his arms spread wide and his legs spread and secured to hooks in the wall. Stripped to the waist, still wearing his uniform pants and high boots, his magnificent body shuddered, his huge muscles straining and flexed, his chest and shoulders covered in angry red welts and streaming with sweat. His head hung down in semi-consciousness and a heavy chain hung round his neck and down to his waist. “Come on, big guy. Say hello to your boyfriend. My brother Silas was just working on him. Show our new friend, Silas.” The big thug was holding battery jumper cables in his hand, the end attached to a small humming electrical generator. He moved forward and touched the cable terminals to Marks nipples. There was a buzz and the effect was instantaneous. With a piercing scream Mark’s body convulsed in a jolting spasm as the electric current ran through him. Even when the cables were withdrawn his body still shuddered. “Looks pretty good, uh?” Jake sneered. Randy stared in disbelief at the magnificent, heavily muscled, shirtless body that now hung spread-eagled, jangling in its chains like a helpless rag doll. The beautiful, sculpted features were twisted in agony, tears pouring down the face, blond hair matted to the forehead. Randy clenched his teeth and growled, “Let him down. Put me there instead. It’s me you want. It’s me that beat up your father and brothers. Torture me, thrash me. Just let him go.” “You hear that, guys?” Jake laughed. “He wants us to hurt him. Let’s take a look.” With one move he ripped the tank from Randy’s chest and it hung round his waist. “Wow, you sure are a big guy. Looks like you’re used to getting your own way. I’m really gonna enjoy torturing your ass. OK, my brothers. Let’s do as he says.” **************** A short while later everything was ready. Mark was slumped on the floor. Randy was naked, his arms stretched upward, wrists tied to a single rope attached to a hook high in the ceiling, his feet a few inches off the floor. He hung twisting from the roof as if he were being stretched on the rack, and the pain in his arms and shoulders was intense. He stared defiantly at Jake who was inches from his face. He could smell his stinking breath. “Now let’s see,” Jake leered. “You was gonna be a punching bag for Junior here … help him work on his boxing skills. But we thought it would be more fun if your boyfriend did the honors. We’ll let him give you the thrashing you begged for. But first, a little insurance.” He picked up a long length of rope, grabbed Randy’s balls and tied one end around his scrotum so his balls were stretched tight. Then he picked up the other end, went over to the wall and sat in a chair. He flicked the rope back, stretching the bodybuilder’s balls in an agonizing jolt. Randy clenched his teeth and winced with pain as his body swung from the roof. Jake jerked his head at the slumped Mark and said to his brothers. “Pick him up.” The young one, Junior, threw a bucket of water in Mark’s face and he and Silas hauled the shirtless cop up on his feet. He stood there swaying unsteadily, water pouring down his muscular, bruised torso. “OK, officer, here’s the deal. You’re gonna give your buddy the thrashing of his life. And just to make sure you don’t hold back I’m gonna yank his balls if I don’t think you’re putting all your strength into it. Like this here …. ” and he pulled hard on the rope, jerking Randy forward by the balls with a howl of pain. “Just remember, pretty boy. I can rip his balls off in a second, so don’t pull your punches. Just pretend he’s the punch bag at the gym.” Dazed as he still was, Mark knew what he had to do. There was no choice. The two muscle men locked eyes and there was a silent agreement that this was the only way. Randy nodded imperceptibly. Mark took a deep breath, walked around the hanging body and punched hard at the flexed pecs. Randy gritted his teeth but made no sound as his body swung backward and spasmed with the sudden pain. His silence did not last long. As his buddy continued to punch him hard his screams echoed round the small space as his body flexed and jerked in agony in his tight bondage. Mark’s eyes filled with tears as he continued to circle the stretched, beautiful body of the man he loved and rained blows on the chest, stomach and thighs. Flexing his bulging muscles hard to withstand the blows, Randy was howling as their mutual agony continued. If Mark tried to soften the blows Jake yanked at Randy’s balls and made him scream at his buddy. “Hit me harder, man. Thrash my body. He’s ripping my balls off. Harder, man, harder! Torture me, you motherfucker.” The agony continued, as one bodybuilder put all his muscle into savagely beating the other. The only way Mark could get through this was to visualize the punching bag at the gym instead of the huge muscle stud. Blindly he pounded frantically at the figure swaying before him. “Hit his face,” Jake screamed. Mark brought the back of his hand against the sculpted features of the swarthy face, which contorted in a howl of agony. Again and again he smashed his fist against first one cheek, then the other. Finally, mercifully, Jake called a halt. The huge body hung twisting slowly, shuddering and jerking in pain. “So what d’ya think, boys? Some show, uh?” “Jake,” whined Junior. “Whadya think these faggots do when they’re together. D’ya think they fuck? D’ya think they fuck each other up the ass?” “Good question, Junior. Why don’t we find out? Untie him. Strip the cop. **************** The two muscle gods stood naked facing each other. Untied now, both thought of making a break for it, but they knew that it would be useless against these three and lead to worse torment. “You,” Jake pointed at Randy. “On the floor. On your belly.” Randy obeyed. He lay prostrate, face down on the stone floor, the smell of grease filling his nostrils. “Show us your pretty ass, big boy.” Randy pushed his ass Erzurum Escort Bayan in the air. Silas leered down at the muscular body. “Don’t they need some kinda lubrication for that? Like oil or something? We got plenty of oil.” “Damn right,” said Jake. “Ok, Junior. Get him ready.” The youngest brother laughed and grabbed from the shelf several cans of motor oil. He began to pour oil over Randy’s ass, running it all over the rounded cheeks, into the crack, and finally all over his broad, muscular back. In a sordid state of abject humiliation, Randy slid on the filthy floor in a lake of motor oil. “OK, officer. Now that he’s all oiled up, let’s see you fuck you’re boyfriend. I’m sure you’ve had plenty of practice. If you don’t give us a good show I can still rip his balls off.” Horrified, the beautiful, bruised, naked cop knew what to do. He sank to his knees astride his fallen buddy. Looking down at the magnificent man, even thought he was in utter, filthy degradation, he was amazingly still turned on and his dick was soon hard. He fell forward onto the broad back, sliding in the black oil and brought his mouth to Randy’s ear. “Hang in there, buddy,” he whispered. He brought his cock up against the man’s oil-slicked hole and slid it easily all the way inside his ass. Randy let out a groan that was part agony, part humiliation but, incredibly, part lust as he felt his buddy’s cock slide all the way in.” “Fuck him!” Jake barked. So Mark did. He brought his own ass up and pressed it down hard time and again as he penetrated deep inside his friend. The three brothers could not believe the sight of these two beautiful bodybuilders, crushed, beaten, sliding around in the thick oil, the one fucking the ass of the other. Silas moaned. “I wanna see his face. I wanna see the fucking loser’s face as his ass gets ploughed in all that oil. You, asshole, flip him over.” As gently as possible, Mark turned Randy over, pushed his shoulders against his legs and continued to fuck him hard, knowing that Randy’s balls were still at the mercy of Jake. As his agonized eyes gazed into the handsome face of his friend he could swear he saw a hint of a smile spread over the swarthy features. His admiration for this battered giant grew and, despite the filth and degradation, he found himself fucking the magnificent man through lust, not fear. Jake sensed that his plan was not having the effect he wanted. “OK. I want to see you two animals shoot your load. Pull your dick out, shitface. Mark pulled himself back on his knees over the ravaged man and started to stroke his cock. Lying beneath him Randy did the same, and they locked eyes as they stroked themselves close to their climax. All three brothers stood looking down in amazement at the men as they slithered in the oil. Jake growled softly, “OK, losers, let’s see you cum.” Mark smiled down at Randy, their rhythm increased and suddenly, silently, their oil-covered cocks streamed with hot white cream, splashing all over the heavily muscled, bruised chest of the beaten man. In total exhaustion Mark fell forward and rolled off Randy, splashing down on his back beside him in the pool of oil. They looked up at the three brothers with a slight smile of defiance. Mesmerized by the sight, and without thinking, the three brothers had pulled out their own cocks and stroked them fast. Soon there were three jets of cum splashing over the oil- stained bodies of the two battered musclemen. They flinched as the rancid cum splashed over their faces and chests. “These animals are fucking filthy,” Jake growled. “Wash ’em off boys.” And the two shattered men felt more liquid pour down on them, this time with the stink of bitter, rancid urine. The thugs emptied their bladders all over their agonized bodies, into their faces and mouths. They gagged as they tasted the nauseating taste of their tormentor’s piss. “Tie them up,” Jake ordered. **************** Randy was now tied up as before, his arms stretched painfully upward, wrists tied to a single rope, though this time his feet touched the floor. The rope was still tied around his balls. A few feet in front of him, Mark was in exactly the same position. They stared at each other, at the bulging muscles stretched to their limit, their beautiful bodies streaming with black oil, rancid piss, and the cum of their three jailers. “I liked it when they shot their load, Jake,” said Junior. “Think you can make them do it again?” “Junior, I can make these pricks do anything I like. You wanna see them cum again? You got it, kid.” He reached up and untied one of the wrists of each man. The arm dropped down limply. “Now, assholes. My little brother wants to see you cum again, all over each other. And you’re gonna do it, or Silas and me’s gonna rip your boyfriend’s tits off.” He raked around in a box. “Here we go. This should do it.” He held out four alligator clips, long-nosed clips with serrated edges. He gave two to Silas. Each stood behind one of the men and brought their hands round to their chest. “Wanna give them a little demo, brother?” They quickly clamped the clips onto the nipples and pinched them hard. The two bodybuilders screamed and their torsos shot forward in agony. They flexed their pecs hard as the searing pain ripped through their massive chests like an electric current. Then the squeezing stopped and the pain lessened. “Now you know. You two are gonna beat your meat. And if you don’t shoot your load pretty damn quick your buddy’s tits are gonna be ripped off. Got it? Better make it quick, assholes.” Mark and Randy knew what they had to do. They took hold of their dicks and started to pump. But they had already shot their loads a few minutes ago. They concentrated on their buddy’s face, each one still glorious despite the oil, cum and piss running down it. They locked eyes, reading in them all the lust and passion that they had for each other. They had to make the other man cum despite the pain and agony of their torture. The brutal pressure began again and the teeth of the clips bit savagely into their nipples. Again the agonized men screamed as intense pain shot through their bodies. They looked into each other’s tortured eyes and pounded at their dicks. They knew this was their only means of release. As the pain and their frantic effort continued they began to beg each other. Mark shuddered and moaned to Randy, “Please cum, man. God, the pain. I can’t take it. Please, man, I beg you. Shoot your load.” Randy gasped, “I can’t buddy. The pain’s too much. I’ve got nothing left. Help me, man … ” “Aargh … ” Their screams echoed again as the two brutes intensified the pressure on the clamps, twisting them viciously on the nipples. Hanging by one arm the men twisted and strained, their shoulders, arm and chest muscles bulging and streaming with sweat. As they pounded their cocks frantically they gazed at each other and it was as if their buddy was causing the agony to continue, as only he had the means of release. Mark was close to collapse as he yelled at Randy. “For God’s sake man, you’re killing me. You’re ripping me open. My chest is on fire. Have mercy on me, man. Shoot your load. Shit man. You said you loved me. If you love me make the pain stop.” That finally did it for Randy. He mercifully felt his cum rising from his balls, his cock shuddered and he pointed it at the tortured man’s chest. A huge stream of white cream shot out and arced upward, splashing over the straining, flexing chest muscles, over the agonized nipples squeezed in the clamps. Mark watched wide-eyed as his buddy bucked and heaved as he emptied his semen all over him. The sight had an instant effect on Mark who, with his own piercing scream, shot his load over Randy’s massive chest. The pressure was immediately removed from the clamps and, though the sharp teeth still bit into their nipples, the pain became dull and bearable. The bodybuilders hung exhausted by one arm, bodies streaming with sweat, their heads bowed in abject misery. “Shit damn,” said Junior. “That was something else. We gonna play some Escort Erzurum more, Jake?” “Nah, time for a break. You got those burgers outside? We’ll go eat, leave these two assholes with something to think about. You ain’t felt anything yet, faggots. Wait till we start again. You’ll see what real pain is. Tie ’em up, Silas.” ****************** The three brothers went outside to eat their food and Randy and Mark were left alone. But new agonies were being inflicted. Both wrists were now tied to a single rope high above them and they faced each other about three feet apart. They were attached to each other in a brutal way. Ropes had been tied round their balls and brought together, pulling them toward each other. They arched their back and pushed their cocks forward as far as possible to ease the stretching of their balls. Their tits were also attached with a tight cord on the alligator clips pulling their chests together. They strained their bulging, muscular bodies forward and tried not to move, as each movement sent shock waves of pain through their chest and balls. Their faces were twisted in pain and their flexing, bulging bodies streamed with sweat. “Hang on, buddy,” Randy groaned. He was agonized not only by his own physical pain but even more by the sight of the glorious muscle god, his buddy, broken, filthy, streaked with oil, piss and cum, his magnificent body racked with pain. All Mark could murmur was, “I love you, man.” They held each other’s intense gaze as their glorious bodies stretched forward and they felt identical pain in their nipples and testicles. Randy had a chain loosely looped around his neck, hung there by Jake as a promise of new agonies to come. Both men knew that they could not endure much more torture. The minutes dragged on and they were descending into a haze of pain and delirium. Through it all, though, Randy heard a scratching far above him. He strained to look up at the grimy skylight in the roof. He watched mesmerized as the small window started slowly to open, inch by inch. Finally it was thrown back and a face appeared. Randy thought he was hallucinating. The face was Pablo’s. Randy shook his head and looked again. He was not going mad. It was the face of the boy they had rescued from this same hell hole. The face disappeared and the young man’s legs came through the opening. He swung himself over a beam and eased himself along it to the hook supporting Randy. He pulled a knife from his belt and with some difficulty cut the rope. Randy felt the blessed relief as his arms drops to his sides. His first reaction was to release his nipples from the agony of the clips, with a sharp intake of breath. Pablo was now by his side and he cut the rope attaching the men’s balls. The relief was enormous but Randy had no time to enjoy it. There was a noise outside and Pablo whispered, “They’re coming back.” Even though Randy’s body was still racked with pain, and he had been close to collapse, adrenaline now shot through him, giving him a jolt of energy, and he sprang into life. “Take care of Mark, kid. Then keep clear. I’ll take care of this.” Heavy with food, the brothers burped as they came through the door. “What the fuck … ?” yelled Jake. He stood stock still at the sight of the man before him. The big stud bodybuilder stood there buck naked, bruised body streaked with oil and sweat, his muscles heaving and flexing. Both hands were gripping the chain that had been looped around his neck. His eyes were ablaze and penetrated the gaze of the big thug. With a guttural howl, part wounded animal, part war cry, Randy raised the chain and whirled it over his head. He brought it crashing down and it wrapped around Jake’s bull neck. Randy yanked and the big man was dragged forward, straight into Randy’s fist as it crashed into his face. Junior turned to flee but Randy brandished the chain again. It caught him around the chest and he slumped to the floor. Pablo was trying to free Mark, but he saw Mark’s eyes open wide as he nodded. Pablo turned to see Silas approaching Randy from behind. Like lightning Pablo picked up the tire iron Randy had dropped earlier. He took aim and with a wild swing smashed it into the man’s gut. Silas screamed and fell forward. Randy turned. “Thanks, kid. Now leave him to me.” He became a wild animal, his intense fury fueled by rage and adrenaline. He became a machine of destruction, his magnificent naked body gleaming as he swung the chain and brought it crashing into the three men again and again. He reached down to Jake, pulled him up by the hair and smashed the back of his fist into his face. Silas was trying to crawl away but Randy kicked him in the stomach. As he fell on his back screaming, Randy stomped hard on his chest, then reached down, pulled him up by his shirt and slammed his knee into his balls. The big man crashed to the ground unconscious. Junior had recovered enough to pick up the tire iron and started to swing it. Randy reached out and grabbed it with one hand, pulling the thug close and leering into his face. “This is for my buddy, shithead.” He clamped his big hands onto the sides of his face, holding it rigid. He looked into his eyes, then crashed his head forward in a vicious forehead smash. The thug’s eyes opened wide, he paused, motionless, then fell backwards onto the floor, unconscious. “You motherfuckers!” Randy screamed and whirled the chain, smashing it again and again into the slumped figures of the three brothers. “You fucking, sadistic shitheads. You whipped my buddy. I’ll fucking kill you.” He was totally out of control, with no sense of restraint or limits. He was truly a demon, face blazing with fury as he savagely attacked the broken men on the floor. He finally became aware of a restraining hand on his arm. It was Mark, freed by Pablo, trying to calm the raging giant. Slowly Randy came to his senses and shook his head. He looked around him and became aware of where he was and who he was with. He looked at Mark, naked, filthy oil running over his magnificent bruised body. He gazed at him for a second, then fell forward and wrapped his big arms tightly around him, sobbing with relief and the draining adrenaline, knowing that his buddy was safe. Pablo looked on in awe at the two huge, naked bodybuilders, their muscular bodies entwined, both shuddering in an ecstasy of release as their emotions overwhelmed them. *************** “How the fuck did you get here?” The three men were outside, waiting for the cops that Mark had called. They had hosed themselves down and pulled on their pants and boots. Pablo blinked and put on his rimless granny glasses. “Don’t be angry, sir. I was with you at the house when you got the call on your cell phone. I could see by your face what it was. I know the Baxters. I lived with them. I know what they can do. I also knew you would go out there.” “You know a lot, kid,” Randy grinned. “More thank you think, sir. Anyway, I knew you wouldn’t take me with you so I ran into the garage and hid under that pile of blankets in your truck. Jeez, you drive fast. I was thrown all over the place. Then we got here and those goons took you and there was nothing I could do. I had to wait until they went out of the garage. The only way in without being seen was the skylight.” “But I had to wait and listen to what they were doing to you. I heard you … I imagined what they were doing. I knew they were hurting you but there was nothing I could do while they were there. I’m sorry, sir. I …” and tears began to roll down his cheeks. Randy stepped forward and held him in a bear hug. “Pablo. You saved our lives. You were incredibly brave. You’re a man’s man. You really are one of us, now. Forever, kiddo.” He ruffled his hair. “You’ll get your reward when we’re back home.” Pablo pulled back and dried his tears. “Thank you, sir. Thing is, sir. I love you.” He turned to Mark. “And you, sir. You’re so beautiful. I …” But he was stopped by Mark who came forward, hugged him, then kissed him hard on the lips. “You’re beautiful, Pablo. I’m honored to have you as a buddy.” **************** Hours later, they were on their way home. Pablo sat between the two big, muscular shirtless guys in the truck, each one with an arm thrown over the young man’s shoulders. He had never felt happier in his life. TO BE CONTINUED in “A TRIAL OF STRENGTH … Part 27”.

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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.
(This is a parallel story to “Schoolie”, but through different eyes.)
This `school holidays” chapter does not align, specifically, with any Chapter of “Schoolie”.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?


From Chapter 16:

“Everybody hates me!” he sobs. “It”s not fair!”

“No they don”t,” I say, trying to comfort him. “Why would you think that?”

“Well, Ron hates me. You know that. He”s already tried to kill me once. I think that he”d likely try it again if he had the chance.”

I don”t attempt to defend Ron. I know that it”s all Karl”s mind but I give him the chance to get everything off his chest.

“And Dad doesn”t think that I work hard enough. He”s even a worse slave driver than Ron. And he”s always making fun of me and everything I do. Even Mr Cameron told me off for not listening carefully enough to what Dad was telling me to do when he came by to see how we were going.”

“And you…” he starts. “I”ll bet that you hate me too, because William spends more time with me than with you!”

“I don”t hate you, Karl,” I tell him, rubbing his back. “I”m happy for you and William to spend time together and make each other happy. Don”t you remember me telling you that? And the couple of times that I left you two alone together, on purpose.”

“Yeah. Why?” he asks, looking up at me as if expecting some supernatural revelation.

Chapter 17 – Boyfriends

“Why not?” I ask him. “You like him; he likes you. You both have fun together. So, why not?”

“But what about you? Don”t you like him?”

“Of course I do,” I say. “I love mucking around and being gentle with him and with you.” Then I think carefully before I let him in on one of my secrets. At least it doesn”t involve breaking a promise to anyone. “Karl, you know that we are allowed to make a wish at Christmas. Right?”

“Yes,” he replies.

“And that I usually tell you mine because, if you tell Dad, then he is likely to buy what I want. Right?”

“Yes,” he replies again.

“And you know that I didn”t tell you my wish last Christmas?”

“Yes. I wondered about that,” he says, looking at me and obviously wondering where I am going with this.

“Well, I don”t suppose there is any harm in telling you now,” I share with him, “because it seems to have come true anyway.”

“What has?” he asks, now looking very interested. At least his sobbing has stopped.

“Promise me you won”t say anything!” I say. “It would just make me look stupid if anyone else found out.”

“What?” he pushes.

“Well, I could tell way before last Christmas that you were William”s favourite.” He is about to interrupt and protest, but I hold up my hand. “Don”t!” I say. “Please listen. You are William”s favourite and I sometimes feel that I”m in the way of you two having fun together, so I made a wish to fix that.”

If he was a fish, he”d now be hooked.

“What on this planet are you talking about?” he asks. His expression is one of total confusion.

“Well… I wished that Santa Claus or God, would make William have a twin, and send him here so that you could have William all to yourself, and I could have his twin.”

“And…?” he asks.

He obviously doesn”t get it. Yet.

“Think about it. You and I look the same. We”re twins.

“Yes. And…?” he repeats.

“And, who do we know who turned up shortly after Christmas, looking exactly like William?” I speak slowly to let my words sink in, hoping that I don”t need to explain further.

“The only new person who has turned up around The Village since Christmas is Mr Grant, and he…”

“Looks exactly like William,” I finish the sentence for him.

There is a long pause � the time it takes for the wheels in his head to grind around to an explanation.

“But Mr Grant isn”t William”s twin. He”s a lot older.”

Then the rubber hits the road.

He adds, “Besides, he”s our teacher.”

“Well, William”s older than you. So what, if Mr Grant is a bit older still?” I ask.

“But… but… but…!”

He”s already used his two logical trump cards. Our teacher and our ages. So, he tries persuasion instead.

“But Mr Grant would never muck around with you, the way that William does! He”s our teacher!”

“Don”t you remember that Mr Grant was happy to muck around with us in the weir?” I remind my brother. “And I really felt that he might want to do it again. And he wasn”t angry when I grabbed him by accident the first time, was he? And after we lost the horse-and-rider wrestling, he liked being gentle with me and me being gentle with him. He likes me.”

“But…,” Karl hunts for another reason why it wouldn”t work.

I add, as if it makes any difference, “And, he”s got a nice dick and balls, just like William”s.”

“Yeah, I know,” Karl confesses to me. “I grabbed him once, under the water, as I was sliding off his back.” He smiles, no… grins, with his teeth clenched.

“So! You see!” I tell him. “My wish came true. He”s William”s twin, just for me.”

Karl has brightened up. At least he”s happy now, even if it is only at my stupid claim and imagination. He wipes his eyes with both sleeves. “You”re nuts!” he tells me.

“What about my nuts?” I ask, trying to be funny, and grabbing myself.

He punches me lightly on the shoulder, as he gets up. “Just nuts! It”ll never happen. Let it go.”

“What? My nuts or my idea of playing with Mr Grant?” I”m still Erzincan Escort trying to be funny, for his sake.

“Both. Come on. I”ll bet that Mrs Cameron has dinner on the table,” he suddenly realises and comments. “What are we doing out here anyway?”

“Playing with my nuts!” I tell him. “Beat you back!” I take off at a dash towards the house, but slow down purposely to let him beat me through the door.

“I beat Kurt!” he exclaims to Dad. “I caught him.”

If he thinks he”s suddenly developed superhero speed, I”ll let him go on thinking that. Until next time.


Dinner is delicious.

“What do you want to play before dessert?” Dad asks us.

Karl suggests `poker” because he has a better chance of winning.

“Scrabble,” I say, which is met with a pout and a thumbs-down from my brother.

“What about you, Ron,” Dad asks. “What would you like?”

I”m expecting `Scrabble” but he surprises me. “Actually, Mr Andersen, I was kind of hoping that Karl and Kurt would show me the possums. I”ve never seen more than the one of them.” He turns directly to my brother. “What about it, Karl?

I think that if there were no adults present, Karl would probably answer something like, `Fuck off!” Instead, he is far more polite than I could have expected. He”s probably trying to impress Mrs Cameron. “If it”s OK, Ron, I think that my brother can show you. I”ve seen a possum every night while you guys were away.” He turns to me. “Do you remember where they are, Kurt?”

Ron looks at me and winks, hopefully so that nobody notices. He”s smart. He asked Karl deliberately, knowing that he would refuse, so that there could be no hint of favouritism for me.

“That OK with you, Champ?” Ron asks.

“Are you sure that you don”t want to come, Karl?” I ask my brother, adding weight to Ron”s invitation. I hope he doesn”t change his mind!

“No. It”s all right. Just don”t stand directly underneath them. You know what happened last night!” he warns us. Everybody laughs.

I bet he”d love it if Ron came back wet and smelling of possum pee!

“Take your time, boys,” Mrs Cameron tells us. We can all have dessert when you get back.

Her husband fetches us his torch and we head off, trying not to look too excited about being allowed to venture into the night alone � with everybody”s blessing, even Karl”s.

We don”t have any trouble finding the possums and we briefly exchange comments about them so that they can be included in our discussions over dessert.

Then, we also don”t have trouble dropping our pants and undies and having a bit of close-encounter fun with each other.

Ron: “Nice glutes!”

Me: “Nice Moby!”

Ron: “Nice Junior!”

Me: “Nice possum fur!”

Ron: “Nice chicken feathers!”

Me: “Nice erection!”

Ron: “Nice technique! Ooh! Aargh!”

Ron spurts, then I do. No baby oil necessary. We were both ready for it.

“Tomorrow night will be more fun,” Ron tells me. “Just you and me in the shower and plenty of hot water, thanks to the gas.”


Dessert is pudding and custard. Oh, and fresh cream. Yum!

We let Karl win at poker. At least Dad and Ron do, I think.

I partner Ron at euchre. Karl has Dad. Two games each.

“Anyone for Scrabble?” I ask.

Led by Karl”s stretch and yawn, everyone is suddenly tired and ready for bed.

We say good night to Mr that”s what he tells me, with my blond hair, swept to one side by my new haircut. Then there”s my blue eyes and my `chicken feathers” and my Junior Moby. Everything looks just like a slightly smaller version of Ron. Even our nice pair of erections!

Ron can probably see and sense what is going through my mind. He teases me with, “…and you”ll probably make someone a wonderful boyfriend!”, echoing Mrs Cameron”s words and imitating her voice.

There is a moment of silence.

“About that boyfriend thing,” I say, seeing that Ron has mentioned it. I attempt to explain myself. “I wasn”t saying that we were boyfriends. I meant that if we came over to the house together just after Dad saw us showering, and both with erections, we could have looked like… umm, `really close” friends, but maybe we didn”t want Dad and Karl and your aunt and uncle to think that we were being too friendly with each other.”

“Do you think that we are being too friendly with each other?” he replies.

More thinking time.

“Maybe,” is all that I say at first. Then I add, looking at his face, “I like mucking around with you. Maybe we shouldn”t be doing it, but I really like it. And I like you. As a friend. That doesn”t make us boyfriends. Does it? What do you think, Ron?”

“To be honest, Champ,” he says, “I know that what I am doing with you is not only wrong, but I”m breaking the law. I”m eighteen and you”re thirteen, and the law says that it”s wrong. If anyone found out, I could go to prison. That”s why I nearly shit myself when your dad came in and saw us, in the shower together, both with erections.”

“But, he knows that guys have morning wood,” I reply.

“Yes, but you and I both know that it doesn”t happen only in the morning, don”t we? Look at us now.”

I look at us in the mirror again. I don”t know whether to smile because I like what I see, or to frown at the idea of us being so naughty together that something bad could happen to Ron.

“Do you mean that I shouldn”t do this?” I take hold of Moby and try to smile.

“Not even this.” He takes hold of one of my glutes. He”s not smiling. But he”s not frowning either.

“But I like doing this stuff,” I tell him. “Why is it wrong if we both like it?”

I think of mucking around with my brother and William. Is that wrong too? And I want to muck around with Mr Grant. Will that cause him to end up in prison?

“Just because we like doing it doesn”t mean that it”s OK. The law is there Erzincan Escort Bayan so that an older person doesn”t take advantage of a younger person or hurt them just to please themselves,” Ron explains. “Sometimes people can”t help themselves and can”t stop once they get started.”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Could we just get dressed now and not have a shower together, even though we want to?” he puts to me.

“Probably. If you say so. But I wouldn”t be very happy,” I answer. Then, I feel Junior go soft, and I ask, “Ron, are we still going to have a shower together?”

“Do you want to?” he asks, rubbing my back and shoulders, instead of gripping my backside.

“Yes,” I answer. “I do.”

“Why?” he asks.

Is he joking?

“Because I want to. And it feels good. And I want to make you feel good. It does make you feel good, doesn”t it, Ron? Like the first time in the swimming hole.”

“Yes, it does, Champ,” he tells me. “And I especially like doing it with you,” he adds. “We brighten each other”s aura.”

“I wish I could see your aura,” I say. “I want to make it glow like you say mine does when you”re near me.”

“Oh, well,” Ron says, “seeing that we are `dressed for the occasion”, we may as well have a shower then.” He smiles.

Ron adjusts the water temperature and steps in to test it. “Perfect!” he says and beckons me to him.

I put my arms around him and just hang on, my head on his chest, almost on his shoulder. He takes the soap and rubs my back from my shoulders to my glutes. I expect him to say `it” but he doesn”t. He just keeps rubbing, massaging.

“I”m sorry,” I say.

“What for?” he asks, and his massaging stops.

“For mentioning `boyfriends”. It seems to have made you very sad. And, I”m sorry for making you sad. I just want to make you happy, like you make me happy.”

He steps back away from me and soaps up my front. His too. Then he puts the soap down and hugs us together. He sways from side to side, holding me, and with my arms around him again. It feels like we are dancing, the way old people do, but without any music.

Moby and Junior are not hard. But they are not fully soft either. Just chunky. Just the way I like Moby to be and to feel. We `dance” together for a long time and we keep turning to share the hot water on our backs.

Suddenly he asks, “Would you like to be my boyfriend, Kurt?”

I want to ask him why. But I don”t. But I want to know. So I do. “Why?”

We stop `dancing”.

“Because I want us to be friends. And you”re a boy. So, you could be my boy-friend,” he says.

I”ve heard that stupid stuff before! It”s not really convincing, and I tell him so. Then I look up at him and smile. “You”ll have to do better than that!”

“OK,” he says, and I feel him brighten. “How about this? Even though a boy usually has a girlfriend and a girl has a boyfriend, I suppose that a boy can have a boyfriend. And, there”s something special about boyfriends. They want to be together and to do stuff together and to make each other happy.”

“That”s not bad,” I say. “But I expected more from someone who goes to university!”

“You little smart-arse!” he says and starts tickling me under the arm with one hand and holding me with the other so that I can”t get away.”

“Aargh! Stop! Stop! I”m too ticklish there!” I squeal.

He stops tickling but still holds me and asks, “So, what should I have said then, Mr Smart-Alec Eighth-grader?”

I start, “What you should have said was, `You have a sexy body and I want to muck around with it, and with you, and make you happy when I muck around with you, and when you muck around with me”.”

“Yeah, that sounds like eighth-grade!” he tells me, making fun of me, but laughing. I like it when he laughs. He has a special glow! Maybe I”m beginning to see his aura too.

“OK, then,” I say. “I guess that makes us boyfriends. But… we have to be secret boyfriends. You”re not allowed to tell anyone. And you have to be careful not to give anybody hints when we are together. And you”re not allowed to kiss me like boys and girls do. Deal?”

“Deal!” he says.

A pause and then I ask him, “Ron, what else do boyfriends do?”

“Why do you want to know?” he asks.

“Because I want to be a really good boyfriend for you.” I say it and I mean it, and I want to know.

“Well…,” he starts, “boyfriends like to be together a lot of the time.”

“I like being with you,” I tell him.

“And they like to do things for each other,” he continues.

“I like doing things for you, Ron. I like cooking your breakfast and helping you fix fences,” I say.

“And, they like to touch each other,” he adds.

I”m quick to answer, “Well, I really like touching you Ron. All over.” I grin at him. He knows what I mean.

“And, sometimes but not always, boyfriends like to play around in bed together.”

“I especially like playing around in bed with you,” I tell him. “And I like you teaching me new stuff.”

“And you don”t like kissing,” he says, repeating my earlier comment, but I can tell that it”s really a question that he”s asking me.

“No,” I tell him. “I don”t like people mashing their lips together and sucking on each other”s face and smelling the other person”s breath, like I see men and women do. Boyfriends wouldn”t do that, would they?”

He doesn”t answer that question but asks me one back. “Do you like it when your Dad kisses you good night?”

“Yes,” I say, “but that”s different. Because he kisses me on my head or cheek, and he tells me he loves me and that feels good.”

“Would you let your boyfriend kiss you like that, if it wasn”t on the mouth?” he asks.

I think about it. “I suppose so,” I say.

Before he says anything else, Ron turns me around, hugs me from behind and holds my body against his. I can feel Escort Erzincan his chunky Moby and curly pubic hair on my smooth glutes. It feels good. Then he kisses me on my head.

“That OK?” he asks.

“Sure.” I answer.

Then he kisses me on the side of my face. “What about that?”

“That”s OK, too,” I tell him.

Then he starts to kiss me on the side of my neck under my ear and down to my shoulder, then up again. It sends shivers through my body and I hear myself moan, “Ooh. That feels really good!”

“So, kissing like that is OK?” he asks.

“Absolutely, if it feels like that!” I tell him.

“Then, I guess we can be boyfriends!” he announces. “What do you say?”

“Yes!” I answer. “Definitely.” Then I have to ask something that has been running around in my head. “But two boyfriends can”t do what a girlfriend and boyfriend do, can they, Ron?”

“What do you mean, Champ?” he asks.

“It”s hard to say it,” I tell him. “but you know what we saw the horses doing last holidays? The stallion has a `pole” and the mare has a `hole”. And the stallion puts his pole in her hole and then he spurts and pulls out, and a year later she has a baby foal.”

“You mean `mating” or `fucking”?” Ron asks me.

“Yes. That”s what I wanted to say.” I think of what Dad told me about him and Mum, and his `one big mistake” that ended up with Karl and me being born. “Boyfriends can”t do that, can they? Because they both have poles, not holes.”

Again, he doesn”t answer me directly but says, “Kurt, there are somethings that boyfriends do, that I think we should not talk about. At least until you are older. Maybe sixteen.”

“Why not?” I ask. “Why can”t you tell me now?”

“Kurt, when you are sixteen,” he says, “I promise that I will tell you everything. Just not now. OK? Can you trust me on that?”

“Will we still be boyfriends, when I”m sixteen?” I ask him.

“Of course, if you still want to be boyfriends then. Maybe you”ll find another boyfriend by that time.” He says. Then adds, “Or a girlfriend.”

Another boyfriend?

I think about it.

I can still muck around with Karl. He can”t be my boyfriend. He”s my brother. And I don”t think William will be my boyfriend. Maybe he”ll be Karl”s boyfriend. There”s nobody else whose boyfriend I could be. No boy and no girl. I wonder what it would be like to `fuck” a girl. Like Dad used to do with Mum. And Aunt Lilly.

“Will I still see you every holidays? So that we can do more boyfriend stuff?” I ask, hoping that holidays will keep coming around very quickly.

“Yes, I”d like to see you, every holidays,” he answers.

“Then I can wait. And I do trust you,” I tell him. “Because you promised.”

He kisses my neck again and I shiver. I feel Junior start to grow. I reach behind me a grab hold of chunky Moby. He”s still soft enough to squeeze and I love the feel of him getting hard in my hand.

“So, are we gonna do it here or in bed?” Ron asks. I don”t have to ask him `do what?”

“Here!” I tell him. “And I”d like you to keep kissing my neck. On the other side too.”

He backs away, reaches for the soap and lathers up Moby, my glutes, between my legs and then, with soap all over his hands, he holds Junior in one hand and my balls in the other. “You are so smooth and slippery and you feel wonderful,” he tells me, and starts to play. Junior. Abs. Pecs. Nipples. Kisses my neck. Both sides. Feels each of my balls with his soapy hand. Then his hand slides up and down Junior.

“Keep your hand still,” I say after a while. When he stops moving it, I push Junior in and out of his fist. “Ooh,” I moan. When he kisses my neck again, I tell him, “I”m going to cum soon. Keep your hand still.” He holds his arm against my body and allows me to push in and out. I can feel Moby resting straight up between my glutes. He starts pushing up and down my crack while I”m pushing in and out of his hand. This feels so good!

He kisses my neck again and my balls tingle. “Here it comes!” I tell him. He spins me around and I spurt all over him, like we did with each other this morning.

I feel weak. I tell Ron and he holds me against his body. I part my legs so that he can put Moby between them under my balls. Then I close them again and grip Moby with my thighs. Ron holds my chest against his, almost lifting me off my feet, and starts pushing Moby in and out. Slowly. Faster. Slower. Faster. Slow. Fast. Faster. Very fast. He freezes but Moby doesn”t. He throbs between my legs and I know that he is spurting.

I can”t reach Ron”s neck so, for no apparent reason, I kiss his nipples which are close to my mouth. “Fuck!” Ron calls out and I feel Moby give a huge jump and another spurt.

“Are you sure that no other boyfriend has been teaching you stuff while my back was turned?” Ron asks me, joking of course. “That was incredible. Where did that come from?”

“I don”t know,” I tell him. “It just felt like the right thing to do, seeing that I couldn”t kiss your neck.”

“I”m so looking forward to when you”re sixteen,” he says.

“I”m going to be sixteen next holidays,” I tell him, smirking.

“Sorry, Champ,” he says. “But nice try!”

We clean up and dry off.

“Why don”t I be the cook tonight?” he tells me. “Seeing that you”re cooking breakfast.”

“Deal, boyfriend!” I say, and slump onto one of the beds. This place doesn”t have a lounge like the other one.

“Hey, don”t over-do it,” he warns. “Because, if you do, one day you are going to slip up. Then… disaster!”


(to be continued)


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There was a kink to the middle of Graham’s cock which made it look like a squiggle. His cock was slightly thicker than average and nicely veined. It had a slight pink tinge compared to the rest of his milky white body. Unusually for a British guy Graham was circumcised but at least the scar was small and neat below the crown of his pink tinged knob. Graham had average sized balls in a tight pale, pink tinged sack dusted with light blond pubes. To finish off Graham had milky white, subtly sculpted legs dusted with light blond hairs. As my eyes feasted themselves on Graham stripping naked we filled each other in on our day. Whereas Will, Jake and Derek had gone on pussy patrol together, gay Graham and Johnny and my bi-sexual rugby coach had gone cruising for cock. They had lucked out at the gay bars they had frequented but had gone to a gay sauna where they had pulled. Graham had bitch boy bottomed for two older men so he was horny and in top mode. Graham was versatile who liked to fuck younger lads but bottom for men. Therefore he was happy to find a naked slutty 16 year old schoolboy in his dorm room. “Fancy a fuck?” Graham asked as he stripped naked. “Is the Pope catholic?” I joked as I pulled my sports toned, deeply tanned legs dusted with golden hairs into my chest and out to the sides offering up my cum laden arse to Graham to ravish. “Going to beat you Spencer.” I silently thought to myself as I prepared to take my tenth fuck of the day and surpass Spencer’s nine. Gorgeous Graham got into the push up position above me and steered his hot hard cock into my cum laden arse. First there was the delightful sting in my sex swollen sphincter when the exposed ridge of Graham’s swollen circumcised knob popped past it. That was maintained as the slightly thicker than average shaft of Graham’s 6.5 inch veiny cock shaft sank in ball deep. His swollen knob punched open the walls of my pleasantly sore arse and made the nine loads of cum already up there bubble. My arse savoured the heat and throbbing pulse of Graham’s cock buried ball deep in it. Graham then started fucking me fast and hard. We both began to loudly moan with sexual pleasure, regardless of our dorm room mates already there. It goes to show how physically drained and sexually slatted my other three room mates were as they were fast asleep with the dorm room lit up and the sounds of a 22 year old guy fucking an almost 17 year old twink. Apart from that kinky thrill I admired the stunning sexiness of Graham’s milky white face. It was starting to flush slightly pink from the vigour of the fuck he was giving me. It was topped with short light blond hair with a high hairline. He had dreamy bluish grey eyes, an angular classical nose and pink lips. My deeply tanned hands savoured caressing and groping Graham’s hairless, milky white, subtly sculpted chest. My pert upturned buttocks took a great spanking off Graham’s rapidly thrusting groin. The walls of my cum laden, tight teen boy arse ached with hard fucked pleasure as it took its tenth fuck of the day. My sex swollen sphincter burned with pleasurable friction as the slightly thicker than average, nicely veined shaft of Graham’s cock shaft rapidly sawed back and forth against it. Graham was hyper-horny as he had been fucked by two fit furry men at the gay sauna, one 35 years old and the other 40 years old but still fit and sexy. Now he was venting his horniness on my tight teen boy arse. Graham fucked me for just under twenty minutes before he was ready to breed my batty boy cunt. He continued to fuck me fast and hard as his orgasm hit. Graham began to loudly moan as he began spunking up in my already cum laden arse which was taking its tenth load of the day. My well trained arse muscles continued to milk Graham’s rapidly thrusting, orgasming cock. My highly receptive arse felt each and everyone of the eight large ropes of cum Graham fired into it. Although I was just shy of turning 17 years old I was such a cock whore and I was more than happy to be breed by so sexy Graham. When Graham’s intense and copious orgasm ended he collapsed on top of me in a sweaty heap and I continued to milk his throbbing cock with my well trained arse muscles. Graham’s hot hard cock continued to throb and pulse in my slutty schoolboy arse even though his balls had run dry. Sexuality slatted Graham got off me and went to his bed to sleep. As for me I rolled into the recovery position and savoured my hard fucked high with my tight teen boy arse full of cum. In a daze I was awoken a while later when I felt my 28 year rugby coach forcing his really thick 9 inch cock ball deep into my arse cum laden arse and started fucking it. This was my eleventh fuck of the day and I took it very willingly. John was so fucking hot and he was fucking me hotly. Check out the porn star John Magnum and you will get an idea of how buff, fit and furry my rugby coach was and he was currently buggering me bareback with his really thick 9 inch circumcised cock. John fucked me long and hard before breeding my arse. John then pulled his cock from my blissfully battered boy cunt before rolling over and falling into a deep sleep. As for me I savoured the hard fucked burn in my slutty, sloppy schoolboy arse and fell into my own contented sleep. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it. Check out my other true encounters in the Sexual Experience folders on the Gay Adult/Youth, Bi-sexual Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives or search for John Mcquillium under prolific authors

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Sevgilim Nazlı ve Ablasını Siktim

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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Seelamlar sevgili seks hikayeleri okuyucuları, been İstanbul’dan Yunus.
Üniversite içiin gittiğim Antalya’da yaşadığım maceramı paylaşmak istiyorum.
Sevgilim Nazlı ile okulun kantininde tanışarak çıkmaya başladık.
Aynı fakültenin farklı bölümlerinde okuyorduk.
Tanışmamızın üzerinden 1 hafta geçtiğinde iyice sevgili moduna girmiştik.
Ama en fazla yapabildiğim onu öpüp elleyebilmekti.
Artık canıma tak etmişti, ne olursa olsun bu işi daha ileriye götürecektim.
Nazlıyı eve davet ettiğimde ev arkadaşlarımı biir bahane ile yollamıştım.
Biiraz slow müzik ve dans ile yanaşmaya başladım.
Nazlı çook heyecanlıydı ve niyetimi az çook anlamıştı.
Dudaklarına yumuldum, dans ederken sevişmeye başladık.
İyice kızarmıştı.
Elimi göğüslerine attım, ses çıkarmıyordu, amma nedense çekingen davranıyordu.
Artık yarrağım pantolonumu delme aşamasındaydı.
Nazlının elini tutup sikime götürdüm.
Nazlı sikimi okşamaya başlayınca, been de onun o müthiş koca götünü avuçladım.
İkimiz de iyice sevişme havasına girmiştik.
Kulağına onu deli gibi istediğimi söyleyince, eğilip biir çırpıda sikimi çıkarıp yalamaya başladı.
Tam bu iş oldu derken Nazlının telefonu çaldı.
Tüm ambians mahfolmuştu biir anda…Toparlandık, telefona cevap verdi.
Arayan ablasıydı, anahtarı olmadığından kapıda kalmış.
Nazlı da eve gitmesi gerektiğini söyleyince dünyam yıkılmıştı sanki.
Yapacak biirşey yoktu.
“Tamam, been seni evine bırakırım!” dedim.
Arabama atladık o sinirle çook sürmeden evine vardık.
Nazlının ablası yüz ifademden bozulmuş olduğumu anlamış olmalı ki, “Beraber olduğunuzu bilseydim çağırmazdım…” dedi.
Been de, “Önemli değil.
” deyip gidecektim ki, “Been üzerimi değişip hemen çıkacağım, annemler halamlarda, yarın gelecekler, sen de gel içeriye, biir kahve Tekirdağ Escort içip öyle gidersin!” dedi.
Nazlıya baktım, o da ablasının bu teklifinden hoşlanmış olacak ki, banaa sanki fırsat bu fırsat der gibi bakıyordu.
“Peki, biir kahve içeyim ozaman.
” dedim, hepp biirlikte yukarı çıktık…Ablası hemen odasına gidip üzerini değiştirdi ve “Size iyi eğlenceler!” deyip evden çıktı.
Been de mutfağa gidip, kahve yapmaya hazırlanan Nazlı’mı tezgaha dayadım.
Nazlı elindekileri bırakıp döndü, dudağıma yumuldu.
Hem öpüyor, hemde, “Bu sefer yarım bırakmayacağım aşkım!” diyordu.
Bunu duyduğumda delirmiştim.
Amını okşamaya başladım.
“Hadi annemin yatağına gidelim, beenii orda sik!” deyip, sevişerek beenii annesinin yatakodasına götürdü.
Artık üzerimizdekileri parçalarcasına çıkartıyorduk.
Bluzünü çıkardığımda, o ortaya çıkan siyah sütyenden taşacak gibi duran göğüslerine yumuldum hemen.
O da beenim tişörtüme saldırıp çıkardı ve “Hadi çabuk ol, sik beenii aşkım!” dedi.
Artık beende film kopmuştu, doğrusu ondan böyle azgınlık beklemiyordum.
O anda neden dediğimi bilmiyorum ama, “Seni de, bizi yarıda kesen ablanı da sikecem!” deyiverdim.
Nazlı biirden duraksadı ve garip biir ifadeyle yüzüme baktı…İçimden, ‘Eyvah biir çuval inciri berbat ettim!’ diye düşünürken, “Hadi, amım yanıyor!” deyip tekrar dudaklarıma yumuldu.
Been artıkk dururmuyum, Nazlının pantolonunu biir çırpıda çıkarıp tangasının üzerinden amına gömüldüm.
Deli gibi inliyor, “Dağıt amımı erkeğim, sik beeni, döllerini boşalt içime!” deyip iyice gaza getiriyordu beeni.
Hemen tangasını çıkarıp domalttım ve amını götünü yalamaya başladım.
Nazlı iyice kendinden geçti ve titreyerek boşaldı.
O kayganlaşan amına biir hamlede girince, zevk acı hepsi biirbiirine karıştı.
Amına Tekirdağ Escort Bayan her girişimde kendini banaa yaslayıp, “Sok erkeğim, kökle!” diyordu.
Deli gibi pompalııyordum.
Tam boşalmak üzereydim ki, “Kolay gelsin!” diye biir sesle irkildik.
Ablası kapıdan bize bakıyordu.
Şok olmuştum.
Sikim o heyecanla küçüldü.
Nazlı, “Abla açıklayabilirim…” diye gevelemeye başladı.
Ablası yanımıza sokuldu ve “Ablanı da bu yarrağa oturtacaksın orospu, yoksa babamlar herşeyi öğrenir!” diye tehdit savurunca, biirkez daha şok oldum, amma aynı zamanda da dünyalar beenim oldu.
Bunlar abla kardeş meğer içiinde orospu ruhu olan biirer fahişeymiş.
Nazlı hemen yataktan kalktı ve ablasına, “Gel ozaman orospu, em de kalksın, amımdan yeni çıktı, been de senin götünü sikecem!” dedi.
Been şok üzerine şok yaşıyordum.
Nazlı ablasını soyarken omuzlarını öpmeye başladı.
Been donuk biir halde ona bakıyordum ki, “Ne duruyorsun, ver yarrağını ablamın ağzına!” diye bağırdı.
Been aptallaşmış biir şekilde ablasının ağzına verdim inik sikimi.
Nazlı ablasını soyduktan sonra ablasının arkasına geçti ve götüne yumuldu, yalamaya başladı.
Biiraz yaladıktan sonra banaa bakıp, “Ablamı sikmek istiyordun, işte amı da götü de senin, amma beenii de unutma!” dedi ve götünü yalamaya devam etti.
Ablası da zevkten inleyip, “Amıma in kaltak, amımı yala!” diye emir veriyor ve sikimi emmeye devam ediyordu.
O an ablasının ağzına öyle biir boş aldıım ki, döllerim direkt boğazına fışkırdı…Nazlı çevik biir hareketle ablasının arkasından çekilip, “Hepsini yutma orospu!” dedi ve ablasıyla dudak dudağa öpüşmeye başladılar.
Döllerimi biirbiirinin ağzına tükürüp tekrar öpüşüyorladı.
Been de şoku atlatmıştım ve ablasının amını yalamaya koyulmuştum.
Deli gibi yalııyordum amını.
Escort Tekirdağ Ablasının kaçıncıya boşaldığını hatırlamıyorum, sadece, “Sikin beeni, dağıtın her yerimi!” diye inliyordu.
Nazlı da yarrağıma yumulmuştu.
Emerek yalayarak yarağımı yeniden kaldırdıktan sonra, “Hadi sik şu orospuyu da kessin sesini!” dedi.
Ablasının amına geçtim ve ilk hamlede kökledim.
Ablasından çıkan “Iıııhhhh!” diye kısa biir acı inlemeden sonra gidip gelmeye başladım.
Tempoyu yakalamıştım.
Nazlıyı öpüp, ablasını sikiyordum.
“Daha hızlı, daha hızlı!” diye inleyen ablası sarsılarak orgazm olunca, “Been de geliyorum!” dedim ve sikimi amından çıkardım.
Ablası sikimi göğüslerine doğru tutup 31 çektirerek boşalttı beeni.
Nazlı da ablasının göğüslerinden döllerimi yaladıktan sonra, biirer sigara yakıp biiraz dinlendik.
Sonra üçümüz de çırılçıplak mutfağa geçtiik, karnımız acıkmıştı.
Kahvaltı türü biirşeyler hazırlayıp yedik.
Çay demledik, çay sigara keyfi yaptık.
Derken Nazlı, “Beenim amım götüm yanıyor, ikinize de söylüyorum!” dedi.
Ablası da dudaklarıma biir öpücük kondurdu ve “Hadi aşkım kalk, zillinin amını götünü dağıtalım!” dedi.
Kalktık ve yatakodasına gittik.
Nazlıyı aramıza alıp sevişmeye başladık.
O gece sabaha kaddar, aklımıza gelen her pozisyonda, her ikisini de defalarca amından götünden siktim.
En son ablasının amına boş aldıım ve içiinden çıkarmadan uyuduk…Sabah Nazlının inlemesiyle uyandım, ablası amına gömülmüş yalııyordu.
Sabah sabah bunları biirer kez daha siktikten sonra ordan ayrıldım ve evime gittim.
Şimdi ne zaman ev boşalsa sabahlara kaddar grup yapıyoruz.
Sikişirken bazeen Nazlıya şaka yollu, “Ananı sikeyim!” diyorum.
O da, “Ablamı siktiğin yetmiyormuş gibi şimdi de gözünü anneme mi diktin?” diyor.
Fakat ablası, “Sik aşkım, annemi de sik! Sen bu orospuya kulak asma, annemi de biir şekilde gruba dahil edeceğim!” diyor.
Artık fantazim bunları o koca götlü anneleriyle biirlikte sikmek.
Merakla ve heyecanla bekliyorum ve o hırsla sikiyorum kızlarını Nermin teyze! Seni siktiğimi hayal ederek coşuyorum 

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Group Sex

Subject: Backdoor Slider – Chapter 7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This story is completely fictional. Any resemblance by name or description to anyone dead or alive is totally coincidental. This is a love story between two 16-year old boys. If this offends you, if you are not of legal age or if this content is not legal in your area, please do not read this. If you have comments, please email me at ail. This is a rewrite. I have edited and added some chapters from the original posting. I hope you enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Backdoor Slider Chapter 7 My phone alarm penetrates through the deepest sleep of my life. As I regain the ability to think, I jerk my head over to make sure I’m still in Luke’s bed. I quickly realize his arms are around me, and he looks pretty happy. “So, it wasn’t just Diyarbakır Escort a dream,” he smiles with his eyes still closed. “Nope,” I whisper. “I gotta get in the other bed. Your mom is gonna be up in a few minutes.” “Nnn-nnn,” He grabs onto me, but I wriggle away. “I set my alarm to go off again right after your mom leaves for work. Then, I’ll come and get back in bed with you.” Luke groans and clutches onto the pillow I was using, bringing it into his chest. I cross the room silently and crawl into my old bed, unable to stop smiling. This hour is going to be so long. There’s no way I’ll be able to get back to sleep now. I know I’ll just be reliving every moment of yesterday– Suddenly, I feel Luke crawl into bed with me. “Luke, no!” I try to protest through my giggles. “She’s not gonna come in here.” He wraps his arms and legs around me. “She might. She did a couple Diyarbakır Escort Bayan weeks ago, remember?” I can’t believe my mouth is saying these words. His body feels so perfect against mine. Right now, I wouldn’t care if everyone in the world could see us. “How much longer are you gonna pretend you don’t want me?” Luke gives me the smile I can’t resist. “That’s all I got.” I put my arms around his shoulders. “Good.” He whispers as our bodies link together, resulting in a passionate kiss. * * * * * It’s 6th period, American History. The school day is almost over. I’ve been in a fog all day. I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything in any class. I try to stop my thoughts of Luke, but they creep in every few seconds. All day, I’ve felt like I’ve been on the verge of laughter or tears… not sad crying, but hysterical, crazy-happy crying. I’ve actually Escort Diyarbakır spontaneously started doing one or the other on multiple occasions today. I panicked and told some kids that my cat died during one of my crying jags, and I don’t even have a cat. The laughter was easier to hide. I would just slip out my phone and pretend I was reading a text. Mmmm… the texts. I take my phone out of my pocket to reread all of our texts from today. I think I can get through them again without crying. We’re watching a movie, and a lot of other kids have their phones out, too. The teacher doesn’t seem to care. I glance back at the teacher and see he’s on his phone, so I’m safe. Before 2nd period: Luke: “Hey, ur my bf now. Text me somethin bf-ish.” Me: “We can’t do this! 1 of us could get our phone taken and some teachers read texts!” Luke: “Jus text me b4 or after class.” Me: “K.” Luke: “I’m waaaaaiting…” Me: “I think ur cute. There, satisfied?” Luke: “I think ur cute, sexy, smart, funny and the guy of my dreams.” Me: “Ur makin me cry again!!! I already cried 2x and they want me 2 C a counselor. Save that stuff 4 later!” Luke: “K… Luv u! :p” Me: “Luv u2. & thanks 4 what u said.” Luke: “

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32