Hot Teacher, Lustful Student Ch. 01

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This story is a work of fiction developed solely by me on a cold Dutch winter night.

The sexual fantasy however, is weaved around some real incidents that happened between me and my teacher. At the time of the incident, I had just turned 18 (18 years and 3 months to be exact) while my teacher was roughly 28 years old. I hope you enjoy reading this narration and I look forward to hearing your views.


As is the case with most teens, my first crushes were the teachers who taught me. I had mild to moderate crushes on almost every male teacher who taught me. I completed my schooling from a small tropical town in the eastern part of India. But this story begins when I started taking private tuition at this Academy. Three male teachers taught us there, but my heart settled for this man who taught us Biology and was in-charge of the academy.

He wasn’t particularly hot or anything- but he was good looking. With a light brownish complexion, a dashing smile and dimpled cheeks, he was always very friendly with the students. Sometimes he would leave the buttons of his t-shirt open and reveal his hairy chest, which would make it impossible for me to concentrate. He would crack random quips, often sexual in nature- and I would just burn with desire from inside. I distinctly remember him talking about Julius Caesar but (accidentally or deliberately?) calling him Julie Sexier; or starting the class on reproductive system with a question, “what is sex?”.

Since I was the best student in my batch, he doted on me; needless to say, we were quite friendly with each other. To his question, “what is sex?”, I had replied rather confidently, the character that distinguishes males and females of a species. Even though I didn’t meet his eyes or look towards him when I said this, I think something unsaid and unseen happened that day. Since then, he would crack jokes with me and on me and I would blush furiously. I also cracked elliptical comments on him which he received quite graciously. I still remember the day when I had scored good marks in an exam and he had kissed my hand. The brush of his lips on my hand still sends a shiver up my spine.

Anyways, after my Board exams, I was about to leave my hometown for higher education and I called him up to meet him before I leave. He asked me to drop by his house in the morning. He was alone that day; his family had gone for some function in another town. We sat together on his dining table and talked for a while. We had a lot to talk about. I was barely 18 and was going to live independently for the first time in my life. I told him that I had to go to my school to drop off some books. He suggested that I go do that and come back again while he freshens up; it was really early morning after all and he had just had his breakfast. I think he wanted to take a shower.

By the time I came back, it was around 11 in the morning and the April sun was showing its wrath. He offered me cold drinks and we talked some more about my career and future plans. In about 30 minutes, I got up to leave. It was a rather emotional moment for us- I was leaving, and his tuition academy was also on the brink of closure. To give you some background, I had joined the academy a year and a half ago, primarily because several students of my class were going there. In a few months’ time, most of the students left but I continued. As a result, I grew quite close to all the teachers there; particularly to him.

Coming back to the story: as I started to leave, he pulled me in a hug. Hugging people was not a part of my life growing up- be it men or women. Even today, I Bostancı Escort get very awkward when it comes to hugging people. But that hug- the embrace of the man on whom I was secretly infatuating for over a year- was a moment worth remembering and cherishing; for that hug changed everything. It was one of the tightest hugs I had ever bestowed upon anyone and he perhaps felt it; how else would you explain the events that followed.

He hugged me; I hugged him back tightly. My hands could feel the curves of his back and my shoulders could feel the prickle of his two day old stubble through my shirt. I felt his grip tightening on me; his hands move on my back and his face readjust to mine. It was as if time had come to a standstill. He turned his head a little so that I could feel his warm breath on my ear and his beard rubbed against my soft twink beard. His right hand was now curled all the way around my back to my right shoulder while his left grabbed my waist.

We separated a little so that I could see his eyes- burning red in passion and boring right into mine- consuming the innocent, virgin passion it exuded; unencumbered by a man’s touch. He bent forward and our lips met. Perhaps he knew I was inexperienced for he took the lead. It started with a quick peck on my lips and he moved towards my cheek and gradually down the jaw to my neck. My breathing quickened with every move he made and my grip on his back tightened with every kiss I felt. As he traced his way back to my lips his hand moved to my hairs and he engulfed my quivering lip between his voluptuous ones. As the kiss intensified, my eyes closed and my mouth opened. He tilted my head a little, opened his mouth and his tongue started exploring mine, just as I pulled him closer to me. It was then that I really understood Vladimir Nabokov, for in that moment my teacher was the light of my life and the fire of my loins.

Our kiss spanned several minutes or perhaps an eternity, who knows. All I knew was that I wanted it to last forever. However, it did stop and we did separate. He looked at me; my lips dripping in his nectar; his red from mine. I looked back at him and we both giggled- or at least I giggled and he gave off his radiant smile. He pulled me back in a hug and whispered- let’s go to my bedroom.

There was no one in the house, so we didn’t need to close the doors. It was a first floor house with no other house around, so windows were also open. As we entered his room, he started kissing me again, but this time he pulled out my shirt, put his left hand inside it to caress my back and pulled me closer while he started unbuttoning the shirt with his right. I had my hands on his neck, just below his ears and my thumbs were on his cheek. We continued kissing for a while, and soon enough my shirt and my vest were off my body. I was bare-chested and his hands were exploring my back, my shoulders, my chest, my belly and most particularly my nipples- and all this while he was kissing me. He would suck my lower lips, brush his tongue against them, then push it inside my mouth and wiggle it all around. At times he would lightly nibble on my lips or simply suck on my tongue making me squirm and shiver.

I wanted to do so many things to him, but this being my first time, I was very nervous. I think he realised that I wasn’t going to take initiatives so he took the charge. He started taking off his t-shirt and we had to separate for a while. This cleared my head a little and I started running my hands along the smooth sides of his torso. Once his t-shirt was off, he grabbed my waist again and started kissing along my neck and gradually pushed me down on the bed. I Ümraniye Escort used my hands to break my fall and eventually the two of us landed on the bed. We both had our pants on, but I could feel his hard-on rubbing against mine. Our naked chests also rubbed against each other as he lay on top me and continued kissing me on my cheeks, along my jaw line and moved towards my ears to whisper, “I have been dreaming about this since the day I met you. I am really happy we are doing this. Is this your first time?” My eyes were still closed, afraid that this might be a dream, too good to be true. I merely grunted in response and he buried his nose in the nape of my neck. I could feel his beard prickling against my skin and sending shivers throughout my body.

He moved further down and started playing with my nipples, sometimes licking them, sometimes biting them and other times just flicking his tongue across them. I couldn’t control anymore, I started moaning and held his head tighter against my chest. At that instant, he bit me hard and I almost screamed. He shushed me but smirked at the same time. He came up to my face and with a devilish smile, said that he wants to bite me and eat me but he doesn’t want to leave any marks on my body. After all, I still lived with my family. I didn’t know what to say to this, so I just caressed his back with my hands while he pushed his still clad crotch against mine and began kissing me again, his right hand pushing my head closer to him while his left went down and squeezed my butts.

I drew closer to him as he moved away from my lips and started nibbling my ears. I moved my hands tentatively towards his ass and he whispered again- “I wouldn’t mind if you grabbed my butt you know. You can do anything you want” and kissed me on my cheeks again. He was wearing lower so I could easily push my left hand inside his pants and grab his hairy butt. He let out a loud moan and lightly bit my neck. Encouraged by this, I squeezed his other butt-cheek and pushed my right hand inside his pants as well and tried to reach his hard, throbbing member which was surrounded by a silky bush.

I grabbed his dick along its length and pressed my thumb on its head which was leaking copious amounts of precum now. He hissed in a restless sort of way, clenched his butts and bit my ears again. But in the next moment, he got up, grabbed my right hand from around his dick and rubbed my thumb on his lips. Almost immediately, he bent down and kissed me again, giving me the taste of his pre-cum which I licked off of his lips rather voraciously.

Once again, he started moving down from my lips to my chin down to my chest through my throat and eventually reaching my nipples. My hands were now caressing and sometimes pinching his nipples while his were unfastening my school pants. Every time I would pinch his nipples, he would bite me softly to show his pleasure (or so it appeared to me). By the time he reached my navel, I was completely naked under him and he was moving closer to my pubic area. And suddenly, without any warning, he bit me hard- right near the point where my pubes started and I screamed my heart out while pushing my crotch towards him.

He looked up, again with his devilishly handsome smile, and said, you don’t show this part of your body to anyone do you? Taken by shock, I got a little teary but smiled at the same time. Perhaps he noticed it as well, for he immediately moved up and began kissing me again while his hands caressed my legs and went towards my butts. He said, I can’t not bite you; I know it will be painful, but I will only bite you where people won’t see it. And started kissing me again. I Kartal Escort said, blushing furiously, I like it when you bite me. And in response, he planted several pecks all across my face.

After some time, he coursed his way down again but followed a different route this time. He moved from my lips and started kissing my jawline and moved towards my left shoulder and down to my biceps and to my left nipple. While my right hand was softly caressing his hair, he interlaced the fingers of his right hand with those on my left, started moving it upwards and eventually rested them above my head. He bit my nipple softly and started moving towards my armpits- sending wave after wave of a sensation I cannot describe. His lips were soft on my skin, but his beard was rough. It was ticklish in more than one way which made me thrash and wriggle under him- so much so that he had to grab my waist using his left hand and pin me down using his legs to keep me steady. And while I was just beginning to adjust with this newfound ecstatic agony, he bit me- again- in my armpit.

I moaned loudly but he let it go immediately and began licking the spot where he had bitten me. He went down further along the sides of my torso and bit me again at the hip joint. He continued this for a while- coursing through my body with his lips and tongue and occasionally with his teeth in my other armpit, at the other hip joint and once on the side of my butt as well. Every time he would bite, I would arch my body towards him and moan loudly. And he- he would sometimes squeeze my chest, other times my butt. Every time he would bite, I would fall in a pleasureful sensation marked by a pain emanating from his teeth to my skin and coursing through my nerves.

In a sudden move, he turned me around and began kissing my back. I am not sure when he got rid of his pants, but I could feel his wet hardness along my spine and closer to my butt leaking his love juices. He started kissing my neck while his muscly hands engulfed me in his grip. He moved downwards along my spine kissing all the while and his hands squeezed my chest. He moved further down my back, closer to my ass and his hands grabbed and squeezed my dick. All through this, I couldn’t stop moaning; my body couldn’t stop shivering; my lips couldn’t stop quivering.

He moved further down and bite me again- the hardest bite so far- squarely on my left butt while he squeezed my right butt so hard that I cried out loud. I was teary again but it didn’t stop him this time. He bit me again on the other side and again just below my butt cheek and yet again near my hole- each time harder than the last time and each time accompanied by an equally hard squeeze on my butt cheeks or my dick or my balls. I couldn’t stop my tears- but I couldn’t stop pushing my ass towards him either.

He came up again, all the way to my ears and nibbled them softly while his dick landed between my butt cheeks and he rubbed it against my asshole. He asked me if I was okay and I nodded. He used his left hand to turn my face and kissed me on my lips again while I regained my composure. I could tell that by now he was supremely horny because he couldn’t stop rubbing his dick on my butt-crack.

After a bit, he turned me around and asked me if I wanted to suck his dick. This was a weird question for me- I didn’t have a lot of access to porn films, but I knew that this was something people did. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but I certainly was curious about it. When he asked the question, my eyes widened and he perceived my awkwardness through my expression. He said that it was okay if I didn’t want to do it, but I said I want to try it, although I am not sure if I would like it. His then asked me if I had ever done it before, and to which I replied in negatory and said that I have only ever seen it once in a video. He laughed and said he will teach me how to give a blowjob- I am your teacher after all, he said.

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My Journey Pt. 05 – The Horror

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When I got home I threw Jack’s phone number in the garbage next to my desk. It was fun but I still liked the anonymity of the gloryhole, though I continued to think about the theater for the next few days.

Three guys. Three sets of hands roaming my body. Three cocks. Three loads of cum. The allure was undeniable. Still, I felt it was too…..personal. I mean…they followed me out to my fucking car!!!

The following Wednesday I was free and returned to the gloryhole. It was my comfort zone, my safe place, as they’d call it today.

I got my tokens, went to my booth, and just sat back and enjoyed the bad audio and seedy smells. A few minutes passed before I got a visitor in the next booth. In no time I was on my knees slurping on a nice cock.

Soon followed by another. Then another. And another. It was a busy night.

It was different this time though. After I swallowed I found myself curious about who was on the other side. What did they look like? Were they older or younger? Blue collar or white collar? Slim, fat, or somewhere in between?

I sat on my heels and watched them pull up their pants through the hole. A construction worker. A landscaper. An office worker. Different ages. They were all Anadolu Yakası Escort decent looking. I felt a sense of pride knowing I’d helped them relieve their stress and had brought them some pleasure.

I got a little break and was considering heading home when the door in the booth next to me opened. I smiled. “Ok,” I told myself. “Just one more.”

An interesting thing happens when you’re a regular at a gloryhole. The cocks begin to look familiar. Repeat customers, you could say. And the cock that slid through the hole had definitely been in my mouth several times before.

It was a nice size, good and hard, but it stuck out in my mind because of the birthmark on the side of it. It wasn’t super pronounced, but there was a nickel sized patch of skin on the side of the shaft. It wasn’t raised or hairy or gross or anything. It was just a little darker than the rest of the skin on the shaft.

In fact, the guy actually took pretty good care of himself. Clean shaved cock and balls and he always seemed freshly showered. Honestly, some guys are just gross sticking their stinky, sweaty, unwashed cock through the hole. But this guy was always a pleasure to take into my mouth.

Aside Avrupa Yakası Escort from being enamored by his crotch, he was also a moaner and a gyrator. I absolutely loved hearing him groan in pleasure as I worked his load out of him.

And, of course, this time was no exception. I thoroughly enjoyed the “oooo”s and “aaahhhh”s and “mmnnnnn”s while he slowly ground himself against the wall. So hot!

And when he finally unloaded into my mouth, I rolled his load around with my tongue, enjoying it, savoring it, knowing I wouldn’t taste cum for at least another week.

And just as I had done for the 8 or 9 guys before him, I sat back on my heels and watched him through the hole, grinning, as he got ready to leave.

But then my grin was replaced by a look of horror.

Was he limping? Was that…..was that….Dr. Thompson, my Psych professor from last semester??!!!

Oh fuck!! Oh fuck!! It IS him!!!

Dr. Thompson had been in a car accident some years earlier leaving him with a permanent distinctive limp. The hair, the limp…. definitely him. And as I knelt there in horror, I realized the moaning voice bad been familiar as well.

Oh fuck. I just sucked off one of my professors…..and İstanbul Escort it wasn’t even the first time!!!

“What the fuck is wrong with me,” I asked myself.

I just wanted out of there. I needed to get home. I got myself together and started for the door. No one was in the hallway and I slipped through the store and out into the parking lot.

As I quickly walked through the lot a car passed me and slowed down. It was him. He didn’t stop though, he just kept going.

But he’d clearly seen me. FUCK!

It’s hard to think that back then being labeled a homosexual could close a lot of doors. Unlike today, if you were gay companies may pass you over for jobs or promotions. But that was the reality. Something like that gets slipped into a personal file or sent with transcripts and a career could be over before it began.

And I just blew my professor through a glory hole and he saw me leaving the building. Wonderful.

Funny thing was, I didn’t consider myself gay. I still loved women, I just enjoyed sucking cock and swallowing cum. I figured it was probably just a phase. Nothing to worry about.

On the ride home I started wondering if I’d sucked off anyone else I knew. Classmates? Professors? Neighbors? What if I had and they knew I was on the other side of that wall?

When I got home I showered and brushed my teeth. I tried to wash my perverse behavior away. I needed to straighten myself out. One thing that was for sure though….I couldn’t go back to that ABS.

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Enslaving Doctor Jake Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: All of the characters in this story are 21 or older.

Author Notes: I apologize for the poorly edited version of Chapter 1 of this story. Hopefully, the corrected story will be posted soon. I greatly appreciate the story idea/suggestion from Vinner0071. And finally, trigger warning–this work of fiction contains a homophobic slur.


Dr. Jake Henderson had been enslaved as a harem boy to Sheikh Hassan, thanks to the betrayal of his former med school classmate, Chase Williams. His promising career as a neurosurgeon was obliterated. His dream vacation was violently terminated. His burgeoning love for Chase was wrenched savagely away. Chase was a man, he lamented. He could have loved him forever. How did things go so wrong for Dr. Jake?

Dr. Jake’s passageway to the United Arab Emirates was relatively uneventful. His handlers took decent care of him, keeping him well-fed and hydrated. At all times, he was either naked or allowed only a skimpy pair of briefs on his voyage across the Atlantic. There were frequent times on his journey that he felt cold and vulnerable, something he knew he must grow accustomed to in his new life as a harem boy.

The worst they did to him was chain him on display during parts of the day, encouraging some of the captors to grope his body and leer at him as they were going about their chores and tasks. Jake was trying to reconcile the fact that his body was no longer his to control. None of the men dared physically assault him; Jake assumed this to be on the order of the Sheikh.

He had a lot of free time to contemplate and process his thoughts and the previous events. Jake couldn’t erase the betrayal of Chase Williams. Just as he thought all of his dreams were all coming true, the bastard had literally fucked him over. Jake’s new lover and his new job had been ripped away from him simultaneously. He ruminated in the memories and wondered how Chase could live with himself, knowing the life and hell he created for Jake. Tears and despair overcame him. Jake had worked so hard to become a neurosurgeon. It was all for nothing.

It took weeks to get to the UAE by ship, but from Jake’s understanding, they made good time. He didn’t mind putting off the ultimate meeting with his new owner for as long as possible. Jake was terrified of what lay ahead with his new life with Sheikh Hassan. When they arrived at the destination port, Dr. Jake was anesthetized again with an injection of a powerful sedative.

Jake awoke in a beautiful ornate bedroom with three stylists to greet him. He was sprawled out on the bed, completely naked. It felt as though he had slept for days. He was groggy from the residual effects of the drugs. Jake found himself still collared and cuffed. The men attending him explained that the restraints would be needed indefinitely to ensure his compliance with his new life. The men introduced themselves and said their role was to ready Jake for the Sheikh. Their names were Hamza, Ahsan, and Farhan. Hamza seemed to be the one in charge of Jake’s ‘presentation.’

“You are an exceptional being,” Hamza admired. “Our Royal Highness will be pleased to make your acquaintance. “Please know that the collar and cuffs are programmed to shock you should you become violent or resist in any way,” he reminded Jake.

Jake was already well versed on the security features of his restraints. “I promise I will behave,” he smiled at the men. “I have nothing to gain from resisting you.” He wanted to build up their trust. He had thought long and hard about attempted escape on his voyage. He didn’t think it was possible, that the odds were highly stacked against him. “What is the Master like?” he asked.

Hamza beamed, “He is handsome, smart, kind, and compassionate! You are lucky to be chosen by him! We should all be so fortunate!” It seemed as though Hamza wished he could be in Jake’s shoes.

Jake was dubious. He hoped any of the comments spoken by Hamza could be true. ‘I wasn’t exactly given a choice,’ he thought. “Are there many of us harem boys?” Jake asked.

“You are number 14 of an elite group,” Hamza enthused. “Our Royal Highness is a busy man who has to care for his wife, children, and harem boys. Of course, the harem boys must also care for Sheikh Hassan.” Hamza’s eyes twinkled when he talked about the harem boys.

“Yeah,” Jake responded. He was astonished. “I don’t know how he has the energy to keep up with all of that.” Jake thought the man must have an incredible ego to want to ‘entertain’ such an entourage.

“You will soon find out for yourself,” Hamza answered. “Sheikh Hassan is a fascinating man who is a marvel for all to behold!”

‘We will see about that,’ Jake thought. The one man Jake had been most fascinated by in this world, the one he thought he could love unconditionally, had betrayed him. Chase Williams was now the reason that Jake was in this predicament. Jake wasn’t sure how he would ever forget or forgive Chase. He hoped that Chase was somehow wallowing İstanbul Escort in misery right now.

Hamza interrupted Jake’s thoughts. “We need to begin,” he said. The men trimmed Jake’s thick, wavy brown hair, which often had a way of being unruly, transforming it into a coiffed style. They gave him both a pedicure and a manicure. Although Jake was naturally smooth, they explained the need to wax certain areas of his body, most notably his anus and surrounding tissues. It hurt like hell for Jake, but he had done his fair share of manscaping in his day. Jake liked to keep things neat and tidy. He was a gay man, after all. Jake’s ‘pussy’ had to be most presentable for ‘Our Royal Highness,’ his stylists insisted. “Your pussy has to smooth for the Master,” Hamza insisted.

Jake was relieved they only ‘spruced’ up his axillary and pubic regions. The royal stylists weren’t going to denude him completely. The former doctor would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy the spa-like treatment, though. He could get used to all of this pampering!

Finally, the men said they needed to cleanse his ‘pussy’. It had to be immaculate, ready to eat if needed. Hamza asked Jake, “Have you ever received an enema?”

Jake sheepish admitted, “Yes, I have.” While he was indeed a virgin until surrendering himself to Chase, he had experimented a bit with his own ass play. He also prepared himself for Chase the night of their encounter, ensuring a pristine environment for his former buddy. Additionally, he had experience in the medical arena with enemas on the GI rotation back in his med school days. Nurses loved to make med students administer them.

“Oh good,” Hamza sighed. “This should be less traumatic for you then.” The men mixed a concoction of powdered milk, water, and molasses. They had Jake lay on his side in a fetal position and gently, almost lovingly, inserted the enema tube inside him. The men were careful to use plenty of lubrication. They infused the solution from the enema bag into his rectum, filling him up steadily in a matter of minutes. The solution was warm and engorged his abdomen. Jake focused on deep breathing as the enema distended his colon. “Good, my boy,” Hamza soothed. “Hold it all inside you. The longer you hold it, the better.”

Jake clenched his anus, trying desperately to keep the liquid tight within his GI tract. After 10 minutes, he was allowed to get up to the toilet and release the liquid contents. The process was repeated 4 more times. The final enema was a soap sud enema. The men were ultimately satisfied that his colon was cleansed when the enema was released and saw clear sudsy returns. His colon cleanse lasted at least an hour.

Next, they laid him in a giant mud bath. “This bath will detoxify you and aid in relaxation. You need to be in your best emotional state when you meet Your Highness,” Hamza said. Jake was astonished at the extent of this ‘prep’ work. He was skeptical that his nerves would be quelled by these efforts.

The stylists showered him, dried him, and rubbed him down with light aromatic oils. His skin was glistening from his treatment. Hamza placed Jake in a turquoise thong. He smiled at Jake and declared him “worthy and ready” for Sheikh Hassan. “You will do well! We’ve never had a boy so willing and ready for Our Highness!”

Dr. Jake was led from the ‘prep room’ to another part of the palace, where he was ushered into an expansive suite. It was ornate in detail. There was a large king-sized bed on a platform stage surrounded by a canopy which was the focal point. Hamza said, “This is the designated rendezvous point for Our Royal Highness and all his harem boys. His family knows not to disturb him whenever he is here.”

The men left Jake alone and told him he could make himself comfortable. The doctor didn’t feel any desire to relax. He was collared, cuffed, and thonged. He was tense and nervous. He paced and paced some more. He made his way to an adjacent parlor and sat on a chair, waiting for his Master to arrive.

He felt that he was back in medical school and residency. The culture there was abusive. The attending physicians often took glee in abusing the young students and residents. He knew resident doctors who died by suicide because they couldn’t take the abuse. He was glad to finally escape that environment. Now he was thrust back into abuse with no way out. He vowed that he would survive and make the most of his situation. He was strong and would persevere.

Jake didn’t have long to wait. Within 10 minutes, there was a bustle of men entering the suite. He rose to greet the assembly. It was his new Master and two secret service guards flanking him. Jake wasn’t sure of the protocol, so he smiled at the men shyly but remained quiet. He felt it was best to follow their lead.

The men wore traditional Muslim dress: a white robe (thobe), white headscarf (ghutra) with a black rope band surrounding it (egal). The Sheikh was shorter than Jake at 5 feet 8 inches but still commanding Kadıköy Escort in presence. He weighed 170 lb but was athletic in build. It was difficult completely to discern his physical features in his modest clothing. He was dark in features with a trim beard. Jake was astonished by his handsome looks. He expected an old man but found a 40-year-old distinguished royal man.

“Welcome, my boy,” the Sheikh greeted him. “I was briefed by my servants that you are extremely polite and well-mannered. I was so pleased to hear that. It is not always the case, especially with American boys. Sometimes this first meeting requires brute force.” He smiled at Jake. “Based on the reports provided to me, I expect no need for that. I sincerely hope you and I will not have any unpleasantries.”

Jake was smiling back at him. He remained a bit hesitant. “Yes, Sir,” he managed to reply.

“Excellent,” the Sheikh purred. “I have been looking forward to our meeting since the day I made your purchase. I must say your performance that day with Dr. Williams was astounding. You do not disappoint in person.” Jake looked down at the mention of Chase’s name. He didn’t want his feelings for Chase to show.

The Sheikh was reassured by Jake’s docile demeanor and dismissed his security to stand guard outside. Their protocol was to never stray far from the Sheikh.

“I know you had a promising life in the U.S. as a neurosurgeon. And I realize that your life with me will be much different than what you are accustomed to,” the Sheikh said. “But I promise to take good care of you as long as you behave as my loyal servant. We must have a symbiotic relationship, you and I.” He was studying Jake as he said this, eyeing his muscular physique. He seemed to be marking him as his property even further if that was possible. The man lingered his gaze on Jake’s supreme round buttocks displayed fittingly in the thong, licking his lips in anticipation.

“We will have time for pleasantries later,” he said. “Come with me. Time for you to learn more about your Master.” The man took Jake by his cuffed hand and led him to the bed, where he sat Jake down on the edge of the bed. Sheikh Hassan stood tall before his slave and undressed unabashedly, removing his robe and headdress. Jake observed the scene keenly. The Sheikh’s body was magnificent. He had broad shoulders and well-defined pectoral muscles, displaying confidence and masculinity. His brown skin was glorious in contrast to Jake’s alabaster complexion.

Jake could tell that he was an athlete. He would later discover he was an accomplished equestrian. Jake wished he could ask the Sheikh questions about his life, his family, and his wife. He wanted to know more about this man who now stood domineering and naked before him.

The Sheik’s cock was an impressive site to behold, 8 inches, uncircumcised and ready for attention. The man’s body was adorned with a modest amount of body hair covering his chest. He had a good pelt that was attractive yet not overwhelming, just the sort you want to nestle your head against. As he completed his disrobing, he commanded Jake, “I want you to suck my cock. Make love to it. It is your first time, so please show me how much this means to you.”

Jake replied timidly, “Yes, Sir.” He leaned inward but found it was more natural to get down onto the floor. He lowered himself to his knees, submissive to his Master. He was facing the man’s cock and inhaling the scent. This was going to be the first cock he ever sucked. He never had the chance to suck Chase’s, even though he would have loved to if given that opportunity.

Jake opened his mouth and licked the glans pulling gently on the foreskin to fully expose the glistening meaty head. The pre-cum was oozing from the meatus, and Jake lapped it up eagerly, “Mmmm.” He had longed to suck cock and was finally getting this chance. He continued to suck on the glans. He licked the shaft up and down and made his way to his new Master’s balls, taking one and then the other into his mouth and sucking on them gently. He inhaled deeply, and the aroma of the man was intoxicating to Jake. He looked up at the Sheikh, who eyed him back and rubbed Jake’s head and neck in an approving gesture.

“That’s right, boy. It feels so fucking good!” he praised. “Now, take it all in your mouth. Show me what a good cocksucker you are!” Jake complied and took the glans back inside his mouth, suckling gently. He let the man’s cock slide against his tongue; he relaxed his throat muscles as the cock descended his palate and touched the bed of his tonsils. Jake had prepared for this day long ago, having many thoughts and images of what it would be like with a real man inside his gullet. He controlled his gag reflex like a true pro. The Master was impressed, “Fuck yes, my darling boy!” The Sheikh began to thrust his cock in and out of Jake’s throat while holding onto the boy’s head for leverage.

Jake impulsively placed his hands on his Master’s hips for traction but was extremely cautious not Ataşehir Escort to fight him. He allowed the process to continue as nature intended. He just used the man’s legs to steady himself during the act so that he didn’t lose his balance and topple over. The Sheikh fucked Jake’s throat while Jake gazed up into the man’s eyes. He noted his Master losing himself in lust. Jake was enjoying himself, much to his surprise, as his own cock became rigid, swelling within the confines of his tight thong.

The Sheikh was overcome and shouted, “Oh fuck! Yes, I’m going to cum! Take my load!” He shot his massive effusion deep into the back of Jake’s throat. “Swallow your Master’s seed, boy! Take it all! Make me proud!” he demanded as he held firm pressure on Jake’s head, lodging it forward against the man’s pubic bone. Jake’s nose was wedged tightly against his Master’s pubes as he sucked and swallowed on his new Master’s cock, taking all of his cum.

Jake was effective and swallowed the Sheikh’s load like an ace, letting it meander down his esophagus. He found himself somehow eager to please this new man in his life. Additionally, it was his first taste of cum, other than his own, and he was zealous to experience it. He made guttural noises while working on the Sheikh’s ’emanation.’ The salty and bitter concoction was like nectar he had longed for all his life.

Sheikh Hassan was clearly impressed with Jake. He pulled the boy up by his collar and gently kissed him. “Hmmm, no cum left,” the Sheikh noted. “You are an unparalleled cock-sucker!” he commended. He moved Jake onto the bed, laying him on his back. He continued to kiss and grope the slave’s body lovingly. The Sheikh rolled him over and focused on Jake’s buttocks, prominently displayed in the thong. The Sheikh was also pleased to note Jake’s erection not so subtly hidden in his thong underwear, which he slowly peeled away from the doctor’s body. “Time for this to go. I don’t think you’ll be needing it.” He whispered sweet words to him, “I have a feeling you will become my favorite harem boy in no time.” He continued to worship the new harem boy’s body, giving it proper exploration just as any new owner might do.

The Sheikh leaned in, parted the boy’s buttocks, and viewed his hole up close for the first time. “Mmmm, so tasty and fresh!” He dipped and licked his tongue at the anal rosette giving Jake his first-ever rim job. He buried it and swirled it around, moistening the boy’s cunt, getting it ready. Sheikh Hassan knew that Jake would need to be well-lubricated before any penetration occurred.

Jake was in heaven, “Oh my! Sir! Mmmmmmm!” His body was quivering, and his erection was hardening underneath him as he lay on his belly. The Sheikh’s whiskers were ticklish against his hole but still an incredible sensation. He wanted the moment to last forever. He was almost sad when the man stopped his efforts, and the glorious rimming ended.

When he was sufficiently recharged, and his erection regained, the Sheikh declared, “It’s time for me to stake my claim on your pussy. You are mine. No one but me shall ever fuck you again.” He stared intently into Jake’s eyes, “Do you understand me, my boy?” He had rolled Jake supine onto his back.

“Yes, Master,” Jake replied. The doctor was throbbing hard with eager anticipation. His sexual encounter with Chase flashed briefly in his mind. Chase quickly vanished from Jake’s subconscious as the Sheikh raised the slave’s legs up into the air.

The Sheikh flexed Jake’s meaty thighs and placed the legs over the top of his shoulders. “Your cunt is a vision of beauty,” he marveled. The Sheikh rubbed his glans at the puckered hole. He was massaging Jake’s hard, throbbing cock. “I love seeing how much you desire, want, and need me!” he gushed. “Tell me you want me!” Sheikh Hassan demanded.

“Fuck me, Master!” Jake moaned. “I need you inside me!” And Jake wasn’t lying. He needed this. He needed some sense of new belonging. He needed to forget about Chase and the world that had been taken from him. He needed the void and his emptiness to be filled with something.

The Sheikh slowly eased his glans inside Jake. “Fuck, you are so tight!” He allowed the boy’s pussy to adjust to the welcome intrusion. Jake focused on his breathing and relaxed his muscles which enabled the Sheik’s cock to continue its slow, penetrating entry. His Master bottomed out, pressing his pubic bone against Jake’s perineum. “OH FUCK! I’ve never fucked a more exquisite pussy!” he exclaimed.

Jake was in ecstasy, “Oh yes! You’re fully inside me now. Oh God, yes. You feel so good, Sir!” He was staring up at the man who now staked claim over him, over his life. The man paused and waited for the slave’s body to fully acclimate. Then slowly, he began thrusting in and out of Jake’s cunt.

“Fuck, boy!” the Sheik cried. He was picking up his intensity, driving his cock harder and faster. “Your cunt is mine! You are truly my bitch! By Allah!” He leaned in, kissing Jake, thrusting his pelvis in a wanton intensity. He could feel Jake’s hard cock rubbing against his abdomen, which excited him even more, their bodies grinding furiously. Jake focused his energy on his anus, clamping and relaxing to provide further stimulation for his Master. Jake knew what a good bottom should do.

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The Gigolo Pt. 03

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I smiled at him, sign me up I was all for us sucking each other at the same time. We got in position, his cock right there, I took his cock in my mouth, he on top of me swallowed my own to the base. I swallowed his cock but I made love to it, I savored it, I slurped it, I tried to make it my very own.

He pulled off my own as I worked his beautiful cock with my mouth, I spread his legs and had a perfect view of his button. I had seen many ass holes in my life, this was one that had never had a cock in it I would bet everything I owned.

I guess I thought in his line of work he would have done it all, but he later told me he only sucked cock, or a hand job. No one ever went near his ass, some tried but were told to stop immediately. I repositioned his legs so his hole was right there in front of me.

I poked it with the tip of my tongue, Tim screamed out, I ran my tongue around it, I lapped at it, I slid my tongue along his ass crack. Tim released my cock and sat on my face, he was very vocal in how he was enjoying this. I spread his cheeks further apart so I could get my tongue in deeper

“Oh Bill yes there, harder, deeper, oh please Bill please don’t stop.”

His ass spasmed as his cock shot a massive amount of cum all over my chest, I worked his tight hole till his cock stopped shooting. Tim lay on me he was worn out, his face right beside my cock, he did not have the energy to even take my cock into his mouth.

Tim turned around and sat on my cock, he looked at me his eyes still dazed by the orgasm he had just had.

“Bill you are ruining this for me, I will never find another man who can make me cum by sucking my balls or rimming my ass.”

I smiled a sly smile, I would have him, he would be mine.

“That was my plan all along to get you hooked on me then I could keep you forever.”

Tim leaned in and kissed me, he laid on my cum covered chest, he and I would need a shower. Tim got up and pulled me to my feet, we went into the bathroom he would brush while I peed. I set the shower and we got in, I scrubbed him and he scrubbed me.

I pressed him to the shower wall my lips to his, I stared into those eyes, Bostancı Escort damn I liked him so much. I could tell I was having the same effect on him as well. We dried off and went to the backyard, he and I sipped a coffee while we talked and got to know each other.

Tim was saving money to get himself into university, he wanted to take the courses he needed to get himself a decent paying job. We talked all afternoon, I would pull out something for supper then he and I could relax poolside.

We would have to run to the market to pick up a few items I needed for dinner, Tim wanted to have steaks on the bbq, I wanted a good quality cut of meat and some sides to go with that as well. He was so cute with me in the market. He carried the basket and flirted with me the whole time, we caught the attention of some of the other people but I did not care.

Once back home I would get the food ready and we would get it all cooked for us to eat dinner. I hated the idea that I only had one more night with Tim, I wanted him in my bed each and every night. We had a nice dinner I went all out, like a date candles table cloth the best china I owned.

We sat I pulled his chair for him and poured us some wine, we toasted then ate our dinner, Tim did not say much, he seemed quieter than usual.

“Is everything okay Tim? Is the food okay?”

“Oh my yes Bill it is all perfect, you are perfect, just thinking this will be our last night together.”

“Yeah I was thinking the same thing myself earlier, I really hate to see you have to go.”

We finished dinner then got it all cleaned up, we touched each other then kissed, I would so miss his kisses. We sat and watched a tv show he and I were both into, he snuggled in half on top of me, his head on my chest his arms around my body.

I shut off the tv and he and I went to bed, after a sixty nine we snuggled in close to each other. Having him half on me I was so comfortable, this felt right. We soon were both asleep, like he had said I have never slept so good in a very long time.

I woke up the next day he was snuggled in close, his hair covered my chest, my arm held him close Ümraniye Escort to me, my hand on his back. His rock hard cock on my thigh, I knew I wanted to taste that big beautiful cock of his once more.

He moved and laid on top of me, his cock on my cock his face in front of my own, he leaned in and kissed me. Could there be a better way to wake up, a hot guy on top of you kissing me. We would once again sixty nine, I would rim that hole of his then take his cock inside my mouth and have him unload his cum deep inside my mouth and throat.

Tim rolled off of me and lay there beside me, I was worn out, my cock had not shot so much cum, I had not kissed so much in such a long time. We got up and I went to the kitchen to make breakfast, I would make home made waffles, with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

He and I fed each other, we managed to get more on us than in us, he was so cute with whipped cream all over his mouth and beard. He and I stared at each other, I had feelings for him, and I was sure he had for me as well.

“Bill we better shower, I will have to get going soon, I have a few things to do today before the weekend is done.”

I did not know it but he was feeling what I was feeling and he needed to distance himself from me before he did not want to leave. We showered and kissed a lot, dried off then got dressed, I would drop him off at his place. He lived in a small apartment close to the Hotel he asked me to drop him off at.

I held his hand as we walked to my car, I opened his door and gently shut it, I stood there for a moment, I would not cry, I would keep it all together, I would not cry. I got in the car and he was wiping away a tear himself.

We drove there in silence, he reached over and put his hand on my thigh, I quickly looked at him, dammit I was falling in love with him. I pulled up to his apartment and shut the car off, he leaned in and kissed me.

“Best we do this quick Bill, I really don’t want to cry.”

We kissed and I got out and opened his door, he got out and stared at me, we kissed and I went to my side of the car. I would not say goodbye to him, I couldn’t, this Anadolu Yakası Escort could not be the end of it, we were just starting.

“Goodbye Bill thank you for the magical weekend.”

I smiled then got in my car, started the engine and put it in gear, I hit the gas peddle and rammed the brakes. I shut the car off and got out, I walked up to him and pulled him in close, I kissed him and held him to me. The both of us in tears, I held him as his body shuddered, I pulled away and looked him in the eyes.

“Tim, this is not it, I am not leaving you here and forgetting about you, I care for you deeply and refuse to say what we have here is done. I want to get to know you, I want you to come live with me, cause I am falling for you.”

I got this all out with tear filled eyes, Tim himself was pouring out tears himself. I held him to me, I was not about to let him go. Tim finally pulled himself together.

“Bill I feel the same way, but what about my past, this will haunt me for life, are you okay with having a boyfriend who was a gigolo, a guy who was paid for sex?”

“I don’t care what people think, I am falling in love with you and we can deal with each of them as we figure this all out. So Tim will you come live with me?”

Tim smiled at me, he pushed his face into my chest.

“I was wondering how I would sleep alone now that I have been in your bed with you, now I don’t have to worry about that. Yes of course I will move in with you.”

We packed up Tim’s belongings and got to my house, he put his stuff away and we had a day of just him and I with clothes on. We talked about everything, he still wanted to attend university and I would help him get to his goal.

To say it was a fairy tale ending it was not, Tim and I faced some really negative people, so many that I called my friends. I am happy to say I learnt who my real friends were and who were not. Comments were made about Tim’s past and yes by friends who should not be saying anything about a man I was in love with and they too had shady pasts which I threw in their faces.

Tim and I are still together, he truly is my soul mate, I had kind of given up on finding mine but he showed up at a birthday party as a stripper and a gigolo. My advice is don’t be so quick to judge a person till you talk with them, get to know them. Keeping an open mind and not being judgmental I met the most wonderful man who I love more than life itself.

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Chris Goes Looking for Cock

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Hi. My name is Chris and I was in denial for years until a sexual therapist’s diagnosis and casual encounter gave me a reality check.

Now I decided to satisfy my curiosity. I was here to make up for lost time with whomever if my predator didn’t appear. Looks didn’t matter because all I wanted was to eat cock and be fucked hard in my boypussy.

It was a dingy place but humming with potential punters.

I was standing near the bar surveying the joint and hoping for some attention and caught the eye of an old tall black man over twice my age in the corner by the end of the bar.

He was well dressed and sitting in a cubicle when he saw me looking in his direction a couple of times. He walked over.

“Hi, my name is Errol. There’s an open bottle of rum over there and my friend Neville spotted you walking in. He’s just gone to the toilet if you’d care to join us.”

He was wrinkly and quite ugly looking but quite nimble on his feet. Looks were unimportant as I wasn’t choosy, only looking for cock and a heartbeat so I accepted and followed him. He slid across and beckoned me to sit next to him. I did so and smiling, he immediately grabbed my hand, placing it on his cock, which I thought presumptuous.

It felt hard and considerably bigger than mine, I didn’t object.

Neville joined us a couple of minutes later having done his business. He looked familiar and then it came to me. At school, he was a couple if years older and used Maltepe Escort to brag about fucking girls. He also started a rumour that I was gay because I followed a classmate called Denzil like a sheep.

“Hey, it’s Denzil’s bitch!” I recognised you straight away. I see I was right, you want cock” he said as he noticed my hand on Errol’s lap and winked.

“It was perfectly innocent, Denzil and I were both straight. What are you doing here anyway, you used to boast that girls had given you blow jobs and you fucked them when you were only 15.

“I’m not gay and neither is Errol, we just came in here because the owner is a neighbour of ours and invited us.” he said.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, you have holes and I’ll use whatever is available. I know you like it because you willingly left your hand on my cock” Errol added.

“I dont fancy men but have had thoughts of being degraded and humiliated for a long time. Honestly, I’ve only recently taken things further in fact” I said almost apologetically.

“Do you want to use a private room guys or I can block off this section with a curtain if you prefer to make it more private yet public.” Came the voice from the bar.

“We’ll pull the curtain and see how it goes, thanks Jack”. Errol replied.

At that, Neville stood and pulled the curtain. We were now out of view of anybody else.

“Fish it out and rub it Chris” Errol instructed. Neville then Anadolu Yakası Escort stood next to me and dropped his trousers to reveal a 10 inch ebony masterpiece and brought it close to my face.

I obeyed and took out Errol’s cock and started to stroke it, turning to my right bumped my cheek onto Neville’s rock hard monster cock. My mouth involuntarily parted at the same time. Errol took advantage and moved it closer and I opened my mouth instinctively licking the tip, taking it in further and leaning forward.

“That’s it, blow me.” Neville ordered and grabbed the back of my head to force it further into my mouth.

I didn’t envisage ever seeing Neville again after leaving school but here I was 15 years later with his cock in my mouth.

“What a bitch, you must have envied the girls I bragged about back in the day. Now you can make up for lost time. Enjoy it slag.” He taunted.

It only took 3 minutes for him to explode into my mouth, ejaculating down my throat twice, then pulling out and a further two spurts onto my face, hitting my eyes then running down my nose and mouth.

I didn’t notice before but there was a security camera above us capturing the scene.

“Smile, you’re on candid camera” laughed Jack, poking his head behind the curtain.

Neville and Errol both laughed raucously and I dreaded how many others could hear and watch the show, at the same time feeling excited at the thought.

“Get İstanbul Escort your arse out and bend over so I can fuck you now.” Neville demanded.

I let Errol’s cock go, got up and complied, then noticed Errol had taken his trousers down and pointed it at me. I opened my mouth eagerly accepting his gift as Neville rammed his lubricated cock into my gaping anus, which Ersin and Mustafa had stretched irreversibly.

“Take my cock like a girl, you’re a cock craving cock, aren’t you” Neville said.

“Eat that 67 year old West Indian banana, I’m going to fill your mouth” Errol goaded.

As the assault continued, I heard the swish of the curtain and realised the show was now live as well as being recorded.

“Shoot your loads into him” shouted Jack.

“Breed the little slut with your black cocks and fill his holes with your thick cum”, came another voice.

“What a slut” I heard next.

Then a face I recognised leant close to me and I saw one of the men who’d slipped me the note. “You did want cock, I was right” he whispered into my ear. “Later” he added

Life had turned full circle I thought. I was hoping to see him again and would make up for it later.

Neville picked up speed at that point and smacked my cheeks as his iron cock sawed in and out of my boypussy. Seconds later the eruption began and I felt his seed coat the inside of my anus. Errol simultaneously began to squirt in my mouth and I gladly swallowed.

I dried both cocks cleaning all of the slime off.

They pulled up their trousers. “Thanks slut” they both said before leaving.

“It was a pleasure, any time” came my response.

The evening was far from over and I had plenty of cocks to choose from in the audience.

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Journey From Straight To Gay Slut Ch. 04

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Journey From Slut to Gay Slut Part 4: Cum Slut

This is the fourth instalment of the series and I would recommend reading the first 3 before this one. There are elements of offensive words and humiliation, be warned.

Part 1

Liam begins talking to a lady called Jo on a BDSM chat room, although she is married and Liam is in a relationship they both decide to meet up and have a wild night of fucking. By the end Liam experience his first time of being rimmed and having his arse fingered.

Part 2

Jo begins to become more dominant, getting Liam to finger himself on facetime. When they meet up for a second time to have a threesome with a man named Kal that Jo also met on a BDSM chatroom. During the threesome Liam ends by having his arsehole fingered by Kal whilst he also sucked his dick. Jo takes Liams cum into her mouth and kisses Liam, giving him his first ever taste of cum.

Part 3

Liam starts to enjoy the taste of his own cum, when meeting up with Joanne he licks her pussy to find out another man has recently cum inside of her. Only building his taste for cum more! He eventually goes for one last night of passion, having a threesome with a dominant older man, Liam takes his first ever cock into his mouth.

Part 4

It’s been four days since my threesome with Joanne and Philip, four days since I sucked my very first cock. Since then, I have made no contact with her and have not wanked in fear that I won’t be able to stop myself from eating my own cum.

I don’t know what is happening to me, a few weeks ago I was a fully straight guy, I have a hot girlfriend who I love. But ever since, I can’t stop thinking of having another cock in my mouth or tasting cum again.

I couldn’t talk to anyone about this, I don’t want my friends to know that I have sucked a dick and I couldn’t risk Sam finding out that I have been cheating on her. I was a mess!

But, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I needed to get this off my chest so I text the only person I thought I could talk to. Kal. The first man to suck my dick. He was bi, maybe he could help me.

Pulling up my phone I typed.

“Key Kal, are you free to meet up? Nothing sexual this time I just need to talk.”

It took two hours for him to reply, the entire time I was a nervous wreck!

“Hey Liam. Yeah sure no problem, are you free tomorrow? Is everything okay?” He replied.

No, everything was not okay!

I quickly text him back.

“Not really, is there any chance you are free tonight? I can drive to you?”

He quickly replied this time.

“Okay, meet me here.” He said and then sent me his address.

I rushed to my car, it was night outside now which I was happy so no one I knew would see me, even though I knew I was driving somewhere where no one I knew lived.

I picked up Kal outside of his house, getting into my car he said.

“I know a place we can go, it’s quiet.”

Following his instructions driving, he asked.

“So, what’s wrong?”

He sounded genuinely concerned.

“I…. I don’t know what is wrong with me.” I stuttered out, even though he was practically a stranger I still struggled to tell him what happened.

“Just start from the beginning.” He said.

“Well, I met Joanne again for a threesome with an older man she has been fucking. Well it was all going well until she made me lick his cum out of her pussy after he fucked her!” He told him.

“Oh wow, I mean I knew you ate your own cum but I didn’t know you were there yet!” He said.

“That’s not the worst part! A little while later, I actually sucked his dick!” I confessed.

“And?” He asked.

“And what? I’m not gay! I have a girlfriend! And I sucked a dick!” I argued.

“That doesn’t make you gay! Tell me Liam, did you like it?” He asked.

“I, I don’t know!” I weakly said.

“Well, have you thought about it since?” He asked.

I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I had to get it out!

“Yes I have okay! I can’t stop thinking about it! Thinking of having his cock in my mouth, tasting his cum as he used me like a slut!” I almost shouted.

Kal must have been able to tell I was in a bad state, he calmly just said.

“It’s okay Liam, you are just learning new things about yourself. There is nothing wrong with that.”

“Easy for you to say.” I said back, which I felt guilty for straight away not wanting to be mean to him.

“There is nothing wrong with sucking dick, more guys than you think do it.” He told me.

“I don’t know.” I said.

“We’re here.” He said suddenly.

He had brought me to an empty car park, there were no lights, and it was pitch black. Which I guess was good so no one would see me.

“Let’s have a little walk.” He said.

Getting out of the car, we walked down a dirt path which was dark as well.

“So tell me Liam, how did you feel while you sucked his dick?” Kal asked.

“I felt, amazing. I can’t explain it. It just felt, natural to me.” I told him.

“Oh yeah, I know that feeling. İstanbul Escort And how did you feel after it?” He asked.

“Ashamed, like I had done something wrong.” I told him.

“There is nothing wrong about it Liam. Sucking dick is one of the greatest things in the world. Why do you think I do it so much!” He said.

“Look at me Liam.” Kal said, stopping and putting his hands on my shoulders to face him.

Looking at him, his tall, slim frame. I couldn’t believe I was confessing all of this to him.

“You enjoyed it, do you think you want to do it again?” He asked me.

I didn’t know, my body said yes but my mind said no!

“I’m, not sure.” I told him looking to the ground.

“What about right now?” He asked me.

I looked up shocked by what he was proposing, he was just smiling back at me.

“Kal, I couldn’t!” I weakly protested.

“Why not? If you do it again and don’t like it, at least you will know.” He told me.

“But….but, I shouldn’t.” I argued.

“Liam, you are hot. You have an amazing body and an amazing cock. You deserve to get all the pleasures that you want. Including if you want to suck dick. Don’t you want to know if you really liked it?” He said.

In my mind, his argument made sense. If I did suck his dick and don’t like it, I will know then. But I worried about if I liked it as much as last time.

No. I had to find out, this was my chance to know once and for all.

“Okay.” I whispered.

He smiled back at me again.

“Okay,” He said, “Get on your knees.”

“What here?!” I agued “We could get caught?!”

“Please, it’s the middle of the night. Don’t think, just do it.” He told me.

Fuck it, what have I got to lose?

I slowly lowered myself to the floor, it was dry at least but not the most comfortable.

As I raised my hands to Kal’s belt, I realised what I was about to do. Willingly taking a second man’s cock into my mouth. But I was too far now, I was horny just at the thought and it was clouding my judgment.

Undoing his belt, I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, suddenly he was stood in front of me on this open path with just his boxers on. I could see his cock was rock hard underneath.

Not wanting to waste time and risk getting caught, I pulled his boxers down and his cock sprung free in front of my face. He wasn’t as big as Philips, but still a good size. I looked up at him one last time, he was just smiling down at me.

This is it, I wrapped one hand around his hard cock, closed my eyes and moved my head forward.

As soon as I felt the tip of his cock pass my lips and rest on my tongue, the same feeling with Philip came. The feeling of being in my natural position.

“Mmmmmmmm.” I moaned without meaning to as I wrapped my lips around his big cock.

Gathering spit onto my tongue, I began to roll it around the head of his dick, tasting his precum. It tasted different to Philips, but still amazing.

“God I’ve wanted to see you with my cock in your mouth since we first met.” He moaned out.

I looked up and made eye contact with him, no longer worried about the situation I tried to smile back.

I closed my eyes and began to take more of him into my mouth, wrapping my wet lips around his cock, I could feel every groove on his shaft as I massaged my tongue all over him.

Fuck he tasted amazing.

Slowly and lovingly, I bobbed backwards and forwards on his cock. Forgetting that I was in the middle of a path.

I felt his hands lightly on the back of my head.

“Take more into your mouth.” He whispered out in a moan.

“Mmmmmm.” I moaned back agreeing.

Stretching my mouth wider, I pushed my head forward and took him further into my mouth. He hit the part of my throat that made me gag on Philips dick, but after he harshly fucked my face that didn’t seem to affect me anymore.

“Oh yeah, you nearly have the whole thing.” He moaned, playing with my hair.

I grabbed onto his thighs and used it to pull my head further down, feeling the soft head of his cock hitting my throat. I held back the gag reaction and kept going.

“Fuuuuckk yeess that’s it baby.” He moaned out.

“Mmmmm.” I moaned, vibrating his cock.

“Play with my balls.” He told me.

With one hand, I started running my fingers around his soft, shaved balls and grabbing them both as I know I liked. Moving my head back and forth faster and faster.

There was no denying it anymore, I love this!

Pulling my mouth off his cock, I spat onto the head and used my hand to rub it all over his shaft before taking it back into my mouth. Moaning as I did so.

After a few minutes of me on my knees sucking his dick, Kal warned me.

“I’m going to cum soon baby!”

I wanted it, I wanted to have him cum in my mouth and taste it again.

Going faster and faster, not wanting to wait for it I played with his balls more.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming!” He whispered.

Then I felt it, the first shot of his cum hitting my tongue, then another and another.

“Mmmmm.” I moaned Escort Bayan around his cock as he kept cumming and cumming in my mouth. I eagerly swallowed it all down, enjoying every drop.

After he finished I continued to suck his dick, making sure I got all of his cum.

Once I was done, I took it out and whipped the spit from around my mouth.

Standing up I awkwardly laughed looking at him.

“Well?” He asked.

“I, really liked it.” I admitted.

“Well I guess that settles it then, you’re a cocksucker.” He told me.

I didn’t like him calling me that, but I guess I couldn’t argue.

“Now, do you want me to return the favour?” He asked.

I was desperate to cum, especially after that so I eagerly replied.

“Yes please.”

He laughed and then got onto his knees, the same as I did and pulled out my cock and quickly got to work.

I knew after a few days of not wanking and being horny as fuck I wouldn’t last long! Especially with his perfect blowjob technique!

It must have only been a few minutes before I was moaning out.

“Fuck I’m cumming!!”

And he swallowed every drop the same as I did.

After that we got back into my car and I dropped him back home, before leaving he turned to me and said.

“If you want to meet again, just text me.” and then left.

It wasn’t long later when I was back in my bed, stuck in my own thoughts.

So that settles it, I love sucking dick. But I have a girlfriend. What am I going to do?

The Next Day

I spent all morning at my desk at work thinking about the night before, thinking about sucking dick. I couldn’t get it out of my head, I was obsessed.

On my lunch break I pulled out my phone and text Kal.

“I can’t stop thinking about sucking your dick again. Are you free tonight?”

As soon as I hit send, I reread the message and couldn’t believe that was actually me who typed that!

He quickly replied.

“Sorry babe, I am busy tonight. You will have to find someone else. Here is a website I use to find men.”

I was disappointed, and found it strange him calling me babe. I didn’t want to just go and suck a strangers cock so I didn’t even click on the link he sent across to me.

So, I decided to text Joanne.

“Hey, are you free tonight to meet and talk?”

Before I finished work she text me back.

“Yes of course, meet me here.”

It was a coffee shop, not one I had heard of so I don’t think anyone would recognise me. Although I had no intentions of having sex with her and cheating on my girlfriend again.

A few hours later, I was walking into the coffee shop and saw Joanne sat sipping from a mug. She was in a long, tight black dress and she looked really sexy.

“Hey.” I said sitting down.

“Hey. I was happy to get your text.” She told me.

“So, things last time got a little wild.” I said awkwardly.

“I know right! Who knew you would love sucking dick so much hey!” She said louder than I would’ve liked!

“Oh my god has Kal told you?!” I questioned, annoyed that he would share what happened with her.

“Kal told me what?” She asked confused.

Oh no, he mustn’t have told her anything.

“Erm, nothing.” I quickly said.

“No. Tell me now.” She ordered.

Something about her voice and tone, I was helpless to argue.

“I erm, met up with him last night.” I told her. A huge smile appeared on her face and she asked with a smirk.

“And?” She asked.

“And, I sucked his dick.” I told her, whispering so no one could hear.

“Wow! So you really are a cocksucker now then hey!” She said, again too loudly.

“Please don’t call me that.” I whispered, embarrassed.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You love sucking dick, so do I.” She said.

Suddenly, I felt her foot stroking my leg underneath the table.

“What are you doing?” I whispered.

“What? I just remembered watching you deep throating Philip’s big cock and… I like it.” She told me.

“Really? You liked that?” I ask, worried it could put her off.

“Oh yeah. Seeing you being such a slut turned me on. A lot!” She emphasised. “Come with me, now!” She ordered grabbing my hand.

We walked through the shopping centre holding hands, until we reached a disabled toilet. Having a quick look around, Joanne dragged me in and locked the door behind us.

Within a second, she pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard.

Her tongue easily went into my mouth and I kissed her back. I didn’t intend on cheating on Sam again, but I couldn’t help it.

My hands ran over Joanne’s thick body, grabbing her arse and tits and she grabbed my cock.

“I need you to fuck me!” She moaned, staring into my eyes.

I sat onto the toilet and watched as Joanne lifted her dress and removed her thong. Seductively, she walked over to me and put one leg either side of mine.

Pulling out my cock, she grabbed hold of it and rubbed the head all over her soaking wet pussy and with ease sat on the whole thing.

“Oohhh fuuckk yess I love Eskort your cock!” She moaned loudly and then kissed me again.

For a few minutes she was bouncing up and down my cock, kissing me and moaning into my mouth.

“Tell me about meeting up with Kal. I want to hear about you sucking his cock.” She moaned out.

I was lost in the moment and told her.

“We were down a dark path, he barely even had to ask and I willingly got on my knees to take his cock out.”

“Oh you fucking slut, what next?” She moaned out at me.

“As soon as I saw his cock I knew I needed it. Then when it was in my mouth and I realised I was a cocksucker!” I moaned back.

“Oh yeah, you love sucking fat dick don’t you slut!” She said. Her pussy so tight around my cock.

“I fucking loved it. Feeling his cock sliding down my throat as I rubbed my tongue all over him, tasting my precum.” I moaned back, closing my eyes and now picturing Kal’s dick as Joanne rode me.

“Yes! You’re a dirty little cocksucker now aren’t you slut!” She moaned.

“Yes I am, I fucking love having a big cock fucking my face, cumming into my mouth and swallowing it all down!” I admitted, feeling my balls getting ready to cum inside of her.

“Yes! Fuck!” She kept moaning, “I am going to get you to suck so much cock you fucking whore!”

I was too far gone, I moaned back at her.

“I will suck as many cocks as you can get me. I’ll be the best cocksucker eveeeerrr!!” I moaned filling her pussy with my cum.

I could feel her tensing around me and I knew she was cumming at the same time.

Joanne remained sat on me, my cum inside of her as we both caught out breath.

“That was so hot, I cant believe what a slut you’ve become.” She said.

I looked at her, confused with all the thoughts running around in my head.

“I, can’t believe it either.” I told her.

“Let’s get cleaned up.” She told me.

Using tissue in the bathroom she cleaned her used pussy and we left, saying goodbye I headed home.

When I got back, Myles was in the living room playing a game.

“Hi mate.” I said sitting beside him.

“Hey, where’ve you been?” He asked.

I couldn’t tell him I have just been out cheating on Sam, so I told him.

“Just been my parents.”

Something had changed inside of me, as I looked at him playing the game, my mind wondered what his cock was like?

No! Stop thinking that!

The Weekend

Sam was up at mine. I haven’t sucked another dick since and the desire just grew stronger and stronger.

We were in my apartment having tea, as she was talking all I could think of was a large dick in my mouth! I don’t know what was happening, it was as if I have now had a taste I was addicted!

“Should we go on holiday this year?” She asked me.

We have never been away together, and I was definitely in need of a holiday.

“That sounds great.” I told her.

“We should go to Tenerife! It’s great there!” She said.

After a while we had decided on that and actually booked to go in a few months.

Sunday arrived and at 5pm she was getting into her car to leave.

Kissing her goodbye she said.

“I love you.”

Looking back at her I replied.

“I love you too.”

And she left.

I meant it, I really did love her. I just don’t know what has come over me recently.

But, as soon as she was gone, I pulled out my phone and text Kal.

“Kal! I need to suck a dick right now! Are you free?”

About 5 minutes later he text me back.

“Sorry, I’m not free tonight. If you are desperate, go to that Bellhouse club again. You will definitely find some dick there.”

I was afraid to go myself, knowing it was a gay bar and again not wanting anyone I knew to see me.

So for the next hour I remained at home, arguing in my head about going or not. Was I really that desperate to suck dick that I would go to a gay bar.

At 7pm I had decided, I was that desperate!

Putting on some jeans and a nice shirt, I booked a taxi and headed to the club. Telling the taxi driver where I was going to, he instantly gave me a funny look, probably knowing what the club was.

As soon as I got out of the taxi I panicked over my decision. For a Sunday it was really busy and I forgot how camp some of the people looked in there.

I can’t actually believe that I’ve come to a gay bar by myself to find someone to let me give him a blowjob, but here I was.

Stepping inside, I went straight to the bar and ordered a beer. I was less than halfway through when an older man came up to me and said.

“Aren’t you a pretty young thing. You look a little nervous.”

I looked at him, he must have been at least 50 years old. He had short black hair and looked fairly in shape for an older man. Stuttering I replied.

“Erm thankyou. It is only my second time in here.”

“Don’t be so worried, no one is going to attack you.” He said with a laugh, “How come you are here on a Sunday?” He asked.

I was still really nervous, but I knew why I was here and he might be the man for the job.

“I am looking to find someone that will let me give them a blowjob.” I told him, trying to regain some confidence.

“Wow you are forward aren’t you.” He said, he looked me up and down and smiled “Come with me.”

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The Liar and the Cuckquean Ch. 04

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Big Tits

In Part 3 “Under Her Watch”, Tom fucked his wife’s best friend, Josh, right under her nose. Next, Tom is invited to Josh’s just before his husband returns from a business trip. Look for Myra’s diary entry.

Part 4 – Under His Watch

“Hey,” Josh texted Tom. “Connor’s coming home tonight.”

Tom sat next to his wife. His heart jumped. To Tom’s great benefit, the man he’d fucked right under his wife’s nose hadn’t gotten enough of Tom’s cock. He anticipated what would come next.

“Oh yeah? That sucks. Business trip over?” Tom replied.

“Yeah. And I have no desire to see my husband without someone else’s load in me.”

“I don’t blame you,” Tom smirked. He meant it.

“What’s that?” Tom looked to Myra, her eyebrows raised.

“Oh, Eric is just talking shit about the game today,” Tom lied. It felt good to lie.

“Ask for what you need, cumslut,” Tom texted. Three dots pulsed on the screen.

“Come over for a quick fuck. Connor will be back in an hour or so.”

“Be there in half an hour. Is that enough time?”

“You tell me, stud. Get your married dick over here.”

Tom jumped from the couch, a broad grin on his face. He didn’t care if Myra suspected anything. “Gonna shower and go to Eric’s for a bit.”

“Oh, okay. I was gonna make something special tonight for dinner,” Myra said. She smiled, but her eyes were sad.

“Don’t worry about it. Another night,” Tom, whose cock was growing at the sight of his wife’s disappointment, kissed Myra on the forehead and headed for the shower.

“Sorry, it took longer than I thought,” Tom apologized as Josh opened the door to his minimalist brownstone. Josh was proud of his place. Once Connor paid off the house, he reluctantly transferred the title to Josh. Josh told Connor that he needed security if Connor were to divorce him. Although Connor was suspicious, he hadn’t caught onto Josh’s rampant infidelity. Josh knew there was a risk he’d get found out; thus, divorce was likely. He didn’t care now that he had a multi-million dollar home.

“No worries,” Josh said, kneeling. He rubbed Tom’s cock through thin athletic shorts. Tom had gone commando, and it drove Josh wild. “We’ve got about 20 minutes.”

Tom took off his shirt. His thin, muscular frame towered over Josh. Tom’s hair, tied up in a bun, and beard were still wet from showering. He looked nothing like Josh’s husband. Tom was 6’1″, so well-toned that he had bulging veins from his crotch up to his waist. He was tattooed, sporting a Karl Marx on the side of his lean torso; a large rose on his shoulder; a portrait of someone woman on his other forearm, among others.

Connor, however, was clean-cut–smooth- and fair-skinned, with bright blonde hair, blue eyes, and easily sunburned. He was taller than Tom, more white-collar, and commanded the attention of a conference room. Josh loved cheating on such an imposing man who Josh knew to be a softy through and through. Josh loved cheating more than he loved his husband.

Josh had pulled Tom’s waistband down, already deepthroating Tom’s dick. Tom pumped his cock into and out of Josh’s throat. He pulled his phone out of his pocket–Myra texted–and scoffed, knowing that he wouldn’t be responding until he came in someone other than her. He set the phone aside.

“I wanna fuck your pussy,” Tom growled.

“Let’s go. I need your cum inside me.” Josh stood, caught his breath, and wiped tears from his cheeks. He led Tom by the dick to the main bedroom, mirroring the other day when the two fucked in Tom and Myra’s marriage bed. Would they do the same? Embarrass Connor by cheating in their shared bed?

The bedroom continued the minimalist aesthetic. One large window, lightly dressed with sheer curtains, overlooked the short driveway off Josh and Connor’s quiet, tree-lined city street. Josh shut the bedroom door. He sat on the edge of the bed–Connor’s side–pulling Tom along by the cock, and resumed deepthroating.

Tom moaned, his heart beating a million times a minute. The thought that Connor could come home at any moment sent chills through his body as his cock was being adored–treated to the most eager sensations of Josh’s warm mouth.

For Josh, Tom’s cock filled his mouth and throat perfectly. Eric was too big–and Connor was nothing. As Josh let the saliva coat Tom’s smooth cock and balls, Josh remembered meeting Connor–hooking up with his future husband for the first time. His cock hung low between long legs, but he turned out to be a shower. Josh, ever the size queen, tried not to yawn as Connor’s Kartal Escort six inches eased in and out of Josh’s ass. Josh knew someone without a massive dick could be a great fuck, but after years of huge pricks pummeling his hole, by the time he’d met Connor, an enormous member was all Josh could feel. Connor filled many voids–especially Josh’s bank account–but he couldn’t fill the one that would fully lock Josh down. Josh pulled off of Tom’s dick.

“The window,” Josh said, slapping himself with the married man’s prick.

“What?” Tom watched Josh, mesmerized by the self-inflicted beating.

“Fuck me at the window. We can see if Connor comes home.”

Genius, Tom thought. Josh positioned himself in front of the window, his hands gripping the ledge, ass on show for his cheating partner.

Tom took his free cock in hand, pointing it like a missile to its target–a caramel-toned ass hole that he shouldn’t be fucking, but would anyway. He took position behind his wife’s best friend, rubbing the cock-tip on Josh’s puckered man-pussy. It felt warm and inviting as Josh knowingly contracted the entrance.

“Shove it in,” Josh said, knowing Tom’s cock was slathered in his saliva.

And Tom did. Josh winced at the stinging pain–a pain he loved–and felt used. What would Connor think if he knew his husband was just a hole for any man who would take it?

Tom dove to the hilt, his smooth balls pressed against Josh’s taint, the pressure of which added to Tom’s pleasure. The men closed their eyes and moaned in sync while both realized they needed sight of the driveway, each excitedly opening their eyes again.

“Fuck me before my husband gets home, stud,” Josh commanded.

Tom began to thrust, slowly for a moment. But Tom couldn’t take it–he needed to hump this faggot’s ass. He plowed Josh. His balls clapped against Josh’s skin, a sound each of them loved–it signaled an animalistic desire to spread seed. Tom growled–something he’d never done before. He felt the power of taking someone else’s man surge through him. He gripped Josh’s sides with a strength of ownership; he piledrove this man’s ass, claiming it as his own; his hips slammed as if they knew their purpose was to fuck anyone but the woman who had claimed them.

“Oh my fucking god. I love cheating with you,” Josh panted.

“I love cheating with you too,” Tom said, half-aware of his surroundings. “Fuck Myra.”

“Fuck Connor,” Josh bellowed. “Fuck me!”

Josh’s whole body shook with each rhythmic pounding. His hard cock bobbed up and down, side-to-side. His reddened face, inches from the window pane, vibrated with the motions of fucking. Tom’s rabbit-fucking hit Josh’s prostate each second, sending a deep, ancient pleasure through his lower half.

The two men lost track of time. Had they been fucking long enough to risk getting caught? Of course, Josh watched Connor pull into the driveway in mere seconds.

“He’s here, he’s here,” Josh yelped.

“I see him. Fuck.” Tom continued plowing, rougher and louder.

“Fuck,” Josh drew out the vowel. “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum.”

“He’s not even looking up here.” Tom grew weak in the knees. They were visible to anyone curious enough to look at the window, but ever-trusting Connor didn’t think twice about it. “I’m gonna fucking blow.”

“Me too. Oh my god. Breed me!”

“I’m breeding you,” Tom growled through clenched teeth. Tom gave one final thrust. His cock expanded with each pulse. Josh blew his load, which shot so far it hit the wall. His hole expanded and contracted around Tom’s girth, giving Tom the best orgasm to date. Myra couldn’t accomplish what Josh’s married pussy had.

Josh strained to keep his eyes open as his cock dripped cum onto the floor. Who cares if Connor noticed? The orgasm was worth it—Josh rarely came from anal stimulation, but Tom’s love for Connor’s naïveté was thrilling.

Josh and Tom shuddered as they watched Connor remove his luggage from the car and enter the house, oblivious to the use of his bedroom. The door shut, and Connor yelled for Josh. The cheaters thought Connor sounded panicked.

“Oh shit.” Josh slapped his palm on his forehead, shaking and jiggling with each pump. “I had a roast in the oven.”

Tom smelled the burning but didn’t pull out. His cock was softening, but Josh’s pussy still clung tight.

“You should pull out,” Josh said calmly. Time was of the essence, but he knew the day Connor learned about his infidelity would come sooner or later. Today might be the day.

“Hang Tuzla Escort on,” Tom sighed. “You feel so good.”

“He’s gonna come looking for me, stud,” Josh protested weakly. He smiled and closed his eyes, tightening his anus’s grip on Tom’s hardening cock. All Josh wanted was to get fucked again, husband be damned.

A knock on the door. “Josh?” Connor bellowed with a hint of worry. “Josh, are you home?”

Tom bent over in exasperation. He wrapped his arms around Josh’s torso, his cock still in a man-pussy chokehold. “Fuck,” he whispered, savoring the feeling of his toned chest on Josh’s silky back.

“Fuck,” Josh agreed. He hollered, “Yeah, babe, one second.”

Connor, of course, didn’t open the door. Josh had laid down the law years prior—privacy was essential. It made Connor feel shut out, but he always obeyed.

Josh said in the quietest of voices, “Go into the bathroom.” Tom did, and cum leaked down Josh’s leg.

Josh hobbled to the bedroom door, his ass blissfully sore and used. He cracked open the door wide enough to frame his head, hiding his nakedness from his husband.

“Hey, honey. Food was burning. Did you forget?” Connor looked concerned.

“Oh shit, I did,” Josh feigned remorse. “I decided to work out…and get ready for you.” Josh winked.

Connor’s face lit up. He would get to fuck his husband tonight—he’d been gone for two weeks, and, although his eyes wandered from time to time, he would never cheat on Josh. “That’s great, babe.”

Josh smiled. “Sorry about dinner, hon.”

“No worries. I thought I’d take a shower and make us a not-burnt dinner.”

Josh giggled and said, “Awe, babe, I was gonna make you something special.” Deep down, Josh panicked. He knew Connor would want to use the main suite bathroom—where Tom was hiding.

“I’m just gonna grab my luggage and hop in quick.”

“Great.” Josh faked a smile and shut the door on Connor’s face.

He ran to the bathroom where Tom was texting Myra about the game he was supposedly watching with Eric. “He’s gonna take a shower. Get in the closet.” Josh pulled on Tom’s arm, leading him to his next hiding place.

Before Josh shut the closet doors on him, Tom asked for a towel to clean his cock of cum and man-pussy juices. Josh grinned like the devil, kneeled, and sucked Tom’s soft cock, savoring the clean and cummy flavors. Tom moaned, and they heard a knock.

Josh licked the cum plastering Tom’s balls while Connor waited unknowingly at the door.

“Babe?” Connor’s muffled voice sounded from behind the door.

Josh shoved Yom in the closet, shut the doors, and lunged to let Connor in.

“Hi,” Josh smiled softly. Connor greeted Josh’s beautiful slim nudity with a deep and passionate kiss. Something about Josh’s mouth tasted different, though Connor couldn’t place it. All he knew was that his cock grew at the mesmerizing flavor. He wrapped his arms around Josh.

“You’re sweaty,” Connor said, breaking their kiss. “Maybe you should take a shower with me.”

“You don’t like your man sweaty and ready for a good fucking?” Josh knew Connor liked dirty talk. He hoped he could entice him into enjoying a musky fuck session.

Connor moaned, bringing Josh closer to him. “Maybe I do.” They kissed, and Connor set his luggage on the bed. He unzipped the bags as Josh watched him remove clothes.

“Let me unpack for you, babe. You’re making dinner, and you’ve traveled all day. I can do it later. Go shower.” Josh kneeled and removed Connor’s pants and boxer briefs, then his shirt. He threw them on top of Tom’s clothes, grateful that Connor hadn’t yet noticed.

Connor’s cock grew. He pulled Josh in close and slapped his ass—not knowing another man’s DNA filled it to the brim.

Tom could see through the closet door slats that Connor was not a grower. Here was this lean Scandinavian god, whose soft cock looked like it would grow to an immense specimen. But Tom smiled, seeing that he was not as impressively stiff as soft. No wonder Josh needed to cheat, he thought. He watched the two embrace before Josh shoved Connor to the bathroom.

“I’ll make us some drinks,” said Josh.

Josh heard the shower turn on and the rustling of the shower curtain drawn. He opened the closet doors. “Get your clothes. You gotta get out,” he instructed, running his hands over Tom’s irresistible chest and torso.

Tom threw on his clothes, then followed Josh, who was still naked, downstairs. They began to say their goodbyes before Josh realized: “Fuck, your Anadolu Yakası Escort load is still inside me. Connor might notice.”

Josh had let Connor fuck him with a load already in him countless times, but Josh had something else in mind.

Tom didn’t hesitate. “Sit on my face. I’ll eat it.” Tom wondered when he’d become such a pig—pretty sure that’s the term for it—because the idea of eating cum out of a man’s ass wasn’t an option until last week when he’d discovered the naughty act of felching Eric’s load from Josh’s hole.

Tom laid on the ground, his cock hardening underneath the thin shorts he’d put back on. Josh squatted over Tom and placed his hole squarely on Tom’s tongue. Tom probed the anus that smelled sweetly of saliva and his sperm. Already loose, It wasn’t long before Tom’s tongue found its way inside a gaping hole–so much better than pussy, he thought.

He felt a warm, salty liquid drip down his tongue. He sucked and kissed Josh’s anal lips, letting the back of his throat gather his spunk from Josh’s insides. Why was it so delicious?

Josh heard the water stop flowing through the pipes stop. Tom moaned, but Josh stood and watched Tom swallow and sigh as if a cold beer had quenched his thirst.

“Okay, you gotta go.”

And Tom did. Josh rushed to the kitchen window and watched Tom walk down the block to his car. Tom was still hard, and his athletic shorts left nothing to the imagination. Josh’s heart longed for him, watching this confident man’s cock sway underneath the fabric. He didn’t let on if he was embarrassed to have his erection on full display in public. Josh thought Tom was superior in every way.

“Still naked?” Josh hadn’t heard Connor’s entrance. He smelled like smooth, musky soap as he wrapped his arms around Josh from behind and looked out the kitchen window. “What you lookin’ at?”

To Josh’s relief, Tom had just strutted out of sight when Connor arrived. Josh would be lying if he said there wasn’t a tiny part of him that wanted to be caught.

“Nothing. Just daydreaming.”


Dear Diary,

After I got out of my shower, I looked in the mirror. I’d like to say I didn’t recognize who I saw in my reflection, but I did: a stereotypical housewife.

The kind of housewife who cooks cleans, shops, book clubs with friends, gets mani/pedis with her gay best friend–and gets cheated on. At least, I think.

Tom’s been MIA lately. He stays late at the office or hangs out with Eric more often. I know how men run together. Your best bud will always cover for you, and Lisa doesn’t keep tabs on Eric, so she won’t know if Tom is around when he says he is.

He’s hiding his phone more. It’s just a little thing I noticed.

And when I looked in the mirror this morning, I wondered what about my body would he want to replace with another’s. I have small breasts, but Tom always said they were attractive and cute. I go to the gym every day and have the definition to prove it. My hair is beautiful, long, black, and straight. My eyes are dramatic. My tattoos make me look like that badass that Tom and I once were.

I’m not full of myself, but I know what men and women see in me. So why on earth would Tom find some floozy? Is she a big-breasted blonde bimbo? Some mindless slut who loves a wedding ring on the men she fucks?

I haven’t found any clues. No evidence. But something in my gut—women’s intuition—is telling me something is off, and I don’t know what to do. We’re having sex more than ever, even when I don’t want to (I won’t tell him). And he appears to like it. I think.

I asked Joshy what to do. How does he deal with Connor traveling for business and having ample opportunities for an affair? And you know what he said?

“I don’t know if I’d blame him.”

Then Josh told me he’d probably be sad. But that he’s cheated on him before. A couple of times. He felt guilty but didn’t think it was the worst thing he could do to his marriage.

First, I never thought Josh to be the cheating type. Connor? A bit more believable as the suave businessman. Josh always seemed so innocent and fun-loving. His fun is less harmless than I thought.

I’ll admit that he had me thinking about how cheating might not be the worst thing to happen to a marriage. Murder sounds worse. Rape is even more terrible. Tom is never violent; I’d leave in a heartbeat if he were. But cheating? Could we work on that?

I’d be lying if I said I’d divorce him if he cheated. Our life is great together. Not perfect, but there’s plenty worth saving if he were to betray me. But I’d be so heartbroken.

Sorry for the tears on the page. Until next time,


In Part 5, Tom goes to a gay bar with Josh & Connor, and gets to meet their friends.

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Straight Friends – First Gay Experience Pt. 02

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When I left Mike’s house, I had a mix of emotions. I truly enjoyed what we did, but I was also second guessing myself. “Was i gay?”. I never once thought of being with a guy, yet I had just finished off my friend with my mouth.

I thought about Mike all week. I wanted to reach out. I was wondering if he was having the same emotions as I was.

The weekend came and I was spending an evening with my wife. I love my wife, I love her body, we have great sex life. I have also never cheated on her, up until that night.

Our night together went great and at the end of it we started fooling around. Kissing was great, touching was great, and my wife slowly moved her mouth toward my cock. As she took me in her mouth, I put my head back on the pillow. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock, but something was missing.

A blowjob from my wife has always been good. I have never known anything different, but this was boring. I closed my eyes, stared at the ceiling, and started thinking about Mike. The visual of Mike working his mouth over my cock, playing with my balls, and fingering my ass.

I was lost in fantasy when my cock exploded in Mike’s mouth. He took my cum and when he lifted his mouth off my cock, I pulled him towards me and started kissing him. Tasting my cum in his mouth, I opened my eyes and realized Mike was my wife.

I had to get Mike off my mind. We needed to talk about what happened, or maybe I just skip poker and never see him again. Pass this off as a one time thing and bury it deep in my mind so it never happens again.

On Monday, my co-worker Dave stopped by my office. He said “sorry about not reaching out about the poker cancellation, sounds like you and Mike had a good time anyway.”

My immediate reaction was to go on the defense, “why, what do you mean? We didn’t do anything.”

Dave looked puzzled and said “chill dude, he just said you guys watched the game. Anyway, this week’s game is at Mikes again. His wife and kids are still away so he wants to host.”

I laughed it off and said “cool, I’lll be there.” I felt stupid for my reaction, but also relieved the conversation went as far as the game and not beyond. Maybe I could show up early to talk with Mike and put this behind us.

On Wednesday night, I left the house early and drove to Mike’s. When I arrived, there were already a couple cars in the driveway. I was a little disappointed Ataşehir Escort about not being first, so I was hoping it wouldn’t be weird between the two of us.

I greeted everyone with a handshake including Mike, who acted no different then any other time I’ve seen him. The game was fun, drinking and laughing. Occasionally I would glance in Mike’s direction and we would trade smiles with each other.

At the beginning of the night, I wanted to tell Mike this should never happen again. As the night went one, with each drink and each smile, I started looking at Mike differently. I sort of had an attraction to him.

When the game ended, Mike asked if anyone would help him move some furniture. Like an excited school girl I yelped “sure, no problem.” Everyone left and I followed Mike to another room and he said “I need to move this chair to the basement.”

Mike: “How was your week?”

Me: “Good and you?”

Mike: “It was alright, I couldn’t stop thinking about last week.”

Me: “Yeah, me too”

Mike: “Did you enjoy what we did?”

I hesitated with my answer as we started carrying the chair down the stairs. We got to the bottom and put the chair down. Mike looked at me and said “well, did you enjoy it?”

I looked him in the eye and said “yeah, that was probably the best blowjob I’ve ever had.”

Mike laughed, “Dude, I can’t believe I did that. I was so caught up in the moment. Everything felt right, but I’ve been so worried about what you were feeling.”

I smiled, “it felt really good. I thought about calling you this week to talk about it.”

Mike smiled back and started walking towards me “you should have called, my family decided to stay away a few more days.”

I was standing still and said “look, I did enjoy it and don’t want anything to change between us but we should probably keep it as a one time thing.”

Mike was now standing in front of me and said “I respect what your saying and part of me agrees with you. I just don’t think you mean it.”

The right thing to do was back away from Mike. Instead, I stood there. My feet frozen to the floor.

Mike continued, “I know what your thinking. Before last week, I never thought I would get with a guy. I’ve been curious but never would have acted on it.” He reached out and grabbed my hand. “I liked fooling around with you.”

I’m standing eye to eye with Mike. My Acıbadem Escort body is trembling. I can feel my cock swelling. I said “I liked it to, maybe the fact I liked it is what scares me. I’m not gay.”

Mike leans in closer and says “I’m not gay either.” I can smell his breath, then his lips touch mine. Its a soft kiss and I hesitate to kiss back.

Mike: “I wanted to do that since you walked in”

Me: “I’ve never kissed a guy”

Mike: “Same here”

Me: “Did you like it?”

Mike: “I think so, did you?”

Me: “I don’t know”

Still holding my hand, Mike reaches out with his other hand and cups my crotch with my swelling cock and says “it feels like you enjoyed it.”

Mike leans in and our lips touch again. This time we hold the kiss longer, our tongues meet and we explore each others mouth. The kiss is different then what I’m used to. I can feel the stubble of his face, his tongue is more aggressive. Yet, his lips are still soft.

Mike’s hand starts unbuttoning my jeans, but he stops and leans away. “I need you to know something,” he says. “I like my life. This feels right and really good, but we have to keep this silent and between the two of us.”

The words were perfect and any tension I had was just released. I looked at Mike and said “I don’t want anyone to know about this, whatever happens is our secret.”

Mike gave me a big smile and brought his lips back to mine. We continued to explore each others mouth, when Mike pulled away a second time and said, “Follow me.”

He took me to a bedroom in the basement. Mike removed his shirt and pants and was standing completely nude in front me. I did the same and we both stood there admiring our nakedness.

I had never looked at a naked man before. We have similar athletic builds, but Mike had a lot of chest hair. I wanted to touch it, feel it in my fingers. I moved towards him and put my hands on his chest and my tongue in his mouth.

As we kissed, our hard cocks met. Mike reached down and began masturbating them together. It felt incredible.

I wanted to taste his cock. I moved from his lips and started kissing down his neck. Mike let out a pant and said, “lets move to the bed.”

He pulled back the covers and laid down on the bed. “Hang on, I think I have some porn under the bed.” Mike flipped on his stomach and leaned over the other side of the bed. I’m staring between İstanbul Escort his legs. His cock is rested on the bed, pressing his balls against his ass.

I needed to taste. I moved forward and put my hands on the back of his legs. I slid my tongue down the shaft of his cock and flicked his balls. I heard Mike gasp.

I sucked one of his balls in my mouth, then the other, then I licked his shaft, then back to his balls. Mike was panting and I knew he enjoyed it. I got a little more daring and ran my tongue along his perineum until I reached his asshole, swirling my tongue around his hole.

Mike cried out “oh my god, that feels so good.”

My tongue would explore around Mike’s asshole, then I would slide it down his perineum to his balls. Then back to his asshole. Each flick on his ass would send a jolt down his leg. I was having fun toying with Mike’s sexual enjoyment.

Mike slowly lifted his body till he was on his hands and knees in a doggystyle position. I continued my tongue exploration, and now I could reach between his legs to stroke his cock.

“It feels so good, I can’t hold it anymore…I need to cum,” Mike cried out in desperation. I wanted to taste him. I slid my tongue back down his perineum and put my thumb on his asshole, pushing against his wet hole. “AAARRGGGHH”

I pulled his cock back and saw a stream of cum hit the bedsheet. I quickly put my lips around his shaft and another stream hit the side of my inner mouth. I milked the rest of his cum into my mouth.

I removed my mouth and swallowed a large amount of Mike’s cum. It was thick and delicious.

Mike sat up, he was panting and his face was red. “I’ve never cum so hard in all my life,” he said. “You need to cum.” He pushed me back on the bed and dove his mouth on my cock.

I was so turned on from satisfying Mike that I was on the verge of exploding from the pure wetness of his mouth. His mouth moved off my cock and his tongue slid down the shaft until he reached my balls.

Mike’s hand was stroking my cock. His mouth took in one of my balls and he sucked it in. My hand was holding the back of Mike’s head. “Holy shit Mike,” I screamed out.

Streams of cum erupted from the tip of my cock to the top of my chest. My entire body was shaking from the orgasm.

Mike ran his tongue along the shaft of my cock. He continued up my stomach and chest cleaning the cum off my body. He planted his lips to mine, sharing the contents of his mouth.

When we finished kissing, Mike lowered his head and rested it on my chest. I put my arm over his back. We didn’t speak, just laid in bed holding each other.

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White Sucks Black (Employee)

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White Sucks Black, Black Fucks White (Employee)

Straight white boss fucked and enslaved by Black employee.

If stories about dominant black men turning straight white men and their families into cocksucking sex slaves offend you, then try reading some other story. If you are looking for loving relationships between men, try the gay romance section; this story isn’t it. If you don’t like bisexuality, father-son incest, lots of facial cum or the occasional golden shower, this is not the story for you. If degrading sex and over-the-top racial stereotypes offend you, stop reading now. All characters are over 18. This is all pure fantasy, none of this is real; do not attempt this at home. And of course, in real life, always practice safe sex (or better yet, maybe just jerk off to these stories and nobody gets hurt.)

White Sucks Black, Black Fucks White (Employee)

“You may suck my cock now, Mr. Collins.”

My brain cramped up at the unexpected mix of matter-of-fact vulgarity and formality. The black employee I had hired some months ago was standing at the foot of my hotel bed, completely naked, with a monstrous cock jutting up arrogantly. How dare he speak to me, the President of the company, that way? As a retired military officer and business executive, I was certainly not used to such insolence from a subordinate.

“What the hell did you ask?” I finally stammered.

“It wasn’t a question. You’re going to suck my cock,” he said, as he confidently stepped closer.

“I’ll do no such thing. I’ll have your job for this!”

“No, you’ll give me a blow job. You’ve been ogling my black dick ever since we got here. I fact, I know you’ve wanted to suck my dick ever since you hired me.”

“How they hell could you know that?”

“So am I wrong?”

“Of course you’re wrong!”

“No, I’m right. Because the reason is – you’re white.” By this time he was standing next to the hotel nightstand, that big, black, hard cock only a few feet away. Now I was really regretting that I was naked under the covers. My wife and I always slept nude at home, and without really thinking I had stripped everything off before I got under the sheets in the hotel room bed while he was in the shower. Now, damned if my dick wasn’t hard as a rock. I tried to blame that on the porn that he had put into the DVD player, saying he needed it to relax him. Trying to be cool, I had agreed.

Because the atrocious weather had fouled up hundreds of flights, the hotel was over-booked and the two of us had to double up. Even now lightning flashed outside the window. Expecting some typical boy-girl action, I was shocked to see a middle-aged white woman, with her hands tied behind her back, being gang-banged by a bunch of black guys. It actually looked more like a gang rape, which I assumed, or it least hoped, it really wasn’t, because my dick went instantly erect as the black thugs quickly stuffed all her holes with their massive cocks. I noted the woman’s wedding ring was plainly visible, and damned if she didn’t look just like the wife of one of my senior managers. (I would later learn that the DVD was from the Bound Gangbangs series, and in fact the woman was who I thought she was.)

Marcus was already naked when he put the DVD in, and then had gone into the bathroom for some reason, leaving me alone to watch the simulated gang-rape of the poor married white woman. I wondered if her husband knew. It was when Marcus came out of the bathroom that things started to get out of control.

“What’s being white got to do with it?”

“Because all white men secretly want to suck black cock!”

“That’s bullshit.”

“It’s the truth. Every white man I’ve wanted to suck my cock has sucked my cock. 100%. Every last one of you, and you’ll be no different.

“Not a chance!”

“Really? Then why haven’t you moved?”

Because I was naked and I didn’t want him to see my hard on. Before I could react, he straddled my chest, pinning me to the bed, his dripping cock now only inches from my face, aimed right for my mouth.

“You know you want it, Mr. Collins. You know you want to suck it. I bet you thought about sucking it when you interviewed me for the job, didn’t you. Admit it!”

No! Well, wait. Actually the thought had crossed my mind. But it was more like I was reminded of the scene from Blazing Saddles where Lily von Stupf asked Sheriff Bart if it’s true that you people are gifted, and I remembered the next scene with the Schnitzengruben. And, yes, for a moment I thought about what it might be like to get down on my knees and suck him. But I had banished it almost immediately.

You were staring at my dick down in the gym earlier, weren’t you? Trying to hide the fact you were getting hard looking at it.”

I had been trying hard not to look at it, but he was flaunting it, after he came out of the shower, carrying on a conversation with me without bothering to cover up at all. I kept trying not to look, but he kept standing with his hefty dick only a few feet away from my face as I sat on a bench. It was massive soft, and I couldn’t Bayan Eskort help but wonder how big it would be hard. And yes, I couldn’t explain it, but my dick did start to get hard with that big cock staring me in the face. I tried to hide it under my towel, hoping he didn’t see me squirming. I guess he did. Now that cock was right over my face, and I could plainly see how big it got when hard.

“Take a good look, Mr. Collins. You’re going to be seeing a lot more of this dick.” And with that, he slapped my face with his hard cock. Not enough to hurt, but enough for me to know it was no accident. I thought about giving in, of taking that monster meat in my mouth. Pinned as I was, I wasn’t sure I’d have much choice. Why didn’t I resist? Why didn’t I throw him off? I was still in pretty good shape, although with Marcus’ muscular build there was little doubt he could take me. In more ways than one.

“Please, Marcus. This is getting out of hand. Get off me and we’ll just forget this.”

“Oh, no, Mr. Collins. I guarantee you’re never going to forget this,” as he ground his cock into my face.

“I’ve got a wife and kids. I’m a happily married man.”

“That just makes it even better. I’ve fucked so many happily married white men I’ve lost count. You’re all the same, begging not to be fucked. And then begging to be fucked. That’s right, Mr. Collins, you’re not only going to suck my cock, you’re going to take it up your ass too. Tonight. And, for all you know, I’ve already fucked your wife and kids.”

As I felt his cock and balls grinding over my face, I was horrified at the thought he could have fucked my wife or my daughter. Or even my three sons. Embarrassing images of my wife with a black cock in her mouth, or my children being fucked in the ass raced through my mind. My oldest son had just graduated from college and gotten married. My middle son was in his second year at college. My youngest son and his twin sister were still in high school, but had just turned 18 a couple weeks ago.

As I thought about my wife being fucked by Marcus, I realized that she was the one who first told me about the rumors going around the company. Marcus was a really good employee, highly intelligent, a real-go-getter, right out of college, and I was very pleased that I had decided to bring some diversity into my company, which was still pretty old fashioned, mostly a bunch of middle-aged white guys. But it wasn’t long, my wife had said, that word went around that he was screwing the female employees and a number of the wives of the male employees. The bombshell was when my wife told me that he was even screwing some of the husbands. I was somewhat surprised my wife didn’t seem that put off by the idea. But then, I suppose as a highly successful divorce lawyer for women clients she’s probably screwed a few husbands herself. Financially of course. My wife was a beautiful woman, with a 30-year old’s body, even in her 40’s, but I could never imagine her being unfaithful.

The hairy balls smothering my nose brought me back to the present.

“I’ve fucked lots of married white women. Their husbands all think their wives are so faithful, but all white women are sluts for black cock. Every last one of them. They all fantasize about it. Sooner or later they’ll all act on it. Like this cunt in the video. If that looks like Mrs. Carson, that’s because it is Mrs. Carson. She’s living her gang rape fantasy dream, and her husband is clueless. She’s clueless that her husband is sucking my cock regularly at work and taking it up the ass from dozens of black brothers.” Well, that answered my previous question.

Jesus, Bill Carson was as straight and macho as they come — former football star, but a real smart guy too. I wondered if his kids knew their dad sucks black cock? I wondered if he was the guy sucking cock in the restroom. I walked in one time, and I could plainly hear the sounds of sucking coming from one of the stalls. I could see that there was a white man kneeling in the stall, because his feet and legs were bare. I could tell there was someone sitting on the toilet, but they had their shoes and pants on. I don’t know why. As company president I should have done something, but I chose to treat it like a UFO sighting, and I backed out of the men’s room backwards. Then it dawned on me that it couldn’ t have been Carson sucking, because I saw him go in after I left. How many of my male employees were sucking cock? And at the office, no less.

As I felt the weight of Marcus’ pelvis pressing his hard cock down on my face, all of a sudden I felt him jerk away the blankets and sheets, exposing my naked body and my erect dick.

“See, what’d I tell you. Black dick makes white boys hard.”

I guess it was true. Between the black cocks banging Mrs. Carson on the TV and the one grinding on my face, my dick was as hard as it had ever been. I was overcome by shame at the thought. Shame that I wasn’t man enough to resist. God, what would my family think, knowing what I now knew, that I was about to suck cock. Big black cock. My dad would die of Anadolu Yakası Escort shame if he knew his only son was a cocksucker.

As Marcus shifted back to slapping my face with his cock, I was able to blurt out submissively, “Let’s get this over with.”

“Oh, white boy,” Marcus said, the “boy” dripping with derision. “This will never be over for you. I’m going to make you a cocksucker for the rest of your life. We’ll see who the slave is now. In fact I plan to enslave you and your entire family. After I’ve fucked all of you of course.”

Enslave my whole family? What the hell did he mean by that? At least it sounded like he hadn’t fucked my wife and kids yet, but it didn’t sound like an idle threat, knowing that soon I’d have his cock in my mouth.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve already fucked your oldest son. Remember when you came in the rest room that time? I recognized your shoes. It was your son who was sucking my cock. Too bad you didn’t stay, I had your son bent naked over the sink, fucking him in the ass when Carson walked in. I made Carson suck my dick clean after I came in your son’s ass.”

This was too much. I tried to raise my head off the pillow, but in response Marcus slid up and planted his ass right on my mouth.

“I’m sorry white boy, you were about to say something? You’re wife says you give great head, so why don’t you put that tongue to good use and lick out my asshole. Get it in nice and deep.” How could he have known my wife said that? She had in fact told me she thought I was a good pussy-eater.

I had just resigned myself to sucking cock, and now I was being smothered by a black man’s ass. I was so shocked I meekly did as ordered, despite the fact I couldn’t breathe. As my tongue penetrated his asshole I felt utterly degraded. His ass was clean but it still tasted awful.

“That’s it. Eat my black ass you white piece of shit. Get yourself a good helping of soul food.”

As Marcus ground his ass in my face, I was having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that Marcus had fucked my oldest son. Now I wondered how many times my son had been fucked. They knew each other well at Elite University. It was my son (also Mark by the way) who had recommended I hire him. Marcus had even been the best man at my son’s wedding a few months ago. God, did Jessica know her husband had been fucked by a black man?”

As if to answer my question, Marcus continued, “Keep eating. Now where was I. I was fucking your son his whole senior year at college. Well, me and a bunch of other black dudes. In fact I fucked your son on his wedding day, moments before the ceremony. While he was on the altar saying “I do,” my cum was leaking out his ass. Good thing he had dark pants on, otherwise the whole congregation would have seen the cum stain. Of course, his slut bride went black long ago. She had several loads of black cum in her pussy when she promised to “love, honor and cherish, and spend your son’s money. She’s descended from a line of sluts. I even fucked her mother at the reception, right under her husband’s nose. On your son’s wedding night, I made him suck my cock clean after I fucked the beautiful bride and then made him eat my cum out of his new wife’s cunt, while my brother fucked him in the ass.”

Marcus was going on and on, but what I really needed to do was breathe. I was being suffocated by black ass. The taste and smell made me want to retch.

“Oh, and your middle son? I fucked him his first day at university, and now he’s a gang-bang fuckmeat slave for every black guy on campus, when they’re not whoring out his ass to rich white guys for a lot of money.”

Both my oldest sons were cocksucking slaves to black men, and I had no idea? I was devastated.

“The only reason I haven’t fucked your youngest son is that he just turned 18. But my posse and I have a real birthday gang bang party in store for him. You’ll be a guest of honor.

Finally Marcus relented and lifted his ass off my face. “How was it, white boy? I see your dick is still hard, so it couldn’t have been too bad eating my shitter.”

In fact, Marcus got entirely off me, leaving my lying there naked and defeated, my erect dick pointing skyward. “Pretty big for a white guy,” Marcus said about my 7-inch dick. I’d always been pretty proud of it, and my wife always seemed pretty satisfied by it. Now I was just ashamed as it betrayed me. Plus it was no match for Marcus’ even bigger dick.

“Get up,” Marcus ordered. I did so. He pointed to a spot in front of the full-length mirror. “Kneel,” he commanded. I did so. How could I go so fast from dominant company president to kneeling naked for a junior black employee? I could see myself in the mirror, on my knees, dick still pointing skyward. Marcus stepped behind me and before I knew it he grabbed my wrists and pinned them at my back and zip-tied them together.

“Why?” I asked, making no move to get up.

“Because you’ll enjoy it more.”

I didn’t get it.

“Look, lots of white men are overcome by guilt by their desire to suck Pendik Escort black cock, so they compensate by fantasizing that they are being forced to suck. You’d be amazed at how many white guys fantasize about being raped by black men. When you joke about some guy being raped in prison by “Bubba,” in your imagination, Bubba is always big and black and the guy being raped is white. Am I right?”

I had to admit to myself he was right. Although I often imagined the white guy being raped was me.

“Married white men, like you, for some reason, especially fantasize about being raped by blacks. They want to be forced to suck several black cocks at the same time. They want to be gang-raped by powerful black men, maybe even in front of their wife and kids. You’d be amazed how many straight married white men have that fantasy. Maybe a gang of black thugs breaks into your house and threaten to rape your wife and children, and in order to “protect” your family you agree to let them gang-bang you, fucking your mouth and ass, and covering your face in cum, while your family watches. I bet you’ve had that fantasy too. Right?”

In my deepest, darkest perverted mind, I had to admit I had. But there was no way I would admit that to anyone else. Hell, it even conjured up memories of when I was a senior in high school and I’d go out into the woods, strip completely naked, and imagine I’d been captured by African natives. Too many Tarzan movies I guess.

“OK, are you ready to suck cock?” He said, standing in front of me, his massive dick pointed right at my face. And then I notice his camera in his hand pointed at my face, presumably in camera or video mode.

I looked down at the floor and meekly mumbled, “yes.”

Marcus then walked over to the sliding glass door to the balcony, pulling the drapes back and pulling the door wide open. Shit, there were plenty of hotel rooms that had a clear view of where I was kneeling naked. I could only hope that the sound of the wind and occasional thunder would drown out any noise that might draw undue attention from other curious hotel guests, some of which could well be people from my own company.

“Let’s try this again, white boy. Look up at me and say, ‘please let me suck your black cock, sir!’ loud enough for the people in the next room to hear. Damn. With the door open it would be practically impossible for someone not to hear.

I hesitated a moment, knowing this was being preserved on camera, and then said, “Please let me suck your black cock, sir.”

“Louder! Like you want everyone in the whole hotel to know you’re about to suck a black man’s cock and you’re proud of it.

“Please let me suck your black cock sir!”


“Please let me suck your black cock, aaargheg!!” as he unceremoniously shoved his cock in my mouth. Then he held it there.

“Look up, cocksucker!”

I looked up right at the camera with his cock in my mouth. Flash!

“Now look at your self in the mirror. Look right at my cock in your mouth.” Flash! “I want you to remember this moment forever. Your kids and your grandkids and your great-grandkids will someday see this and know you are a cocksucker.”

Marcus began to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth, which I could plainly see in the mirror, while he continued to talk trash. Seeing myself on my knees, naked, with his huge black cock stuffed in my mouth made my dick want to explode without even being touched. I couldn’t explain why it was so hot watching myself suck a black man’s cock. A black man half my age. I black man who had already fucked two of my sons. Or so he said. For some reason I just assumed it to be true.

“Your wife is now married to a cocksucker, and you’ll be a cocksucker for the rest of your life. Even if you never suck another one, you’re a cocksucker for life. But don’t worry, you’ll be sucking a lot of black dicks from here on out, and not just mine.”

God, the thought of my loving wife filled me with yet more shame. I’d never been unfaithful to her, yet here in a matter of only a few minutes I had succumbed to the power of black cock. Yes my wife’s husband is a cocksucker.

“Your kids will definitely be proud of you. See, dear old dad sucks cock too. We used to respect him. Now he’s just another white cocksucker. Our dad’s a fuckmeat slave for black men, just like us. That’s what they’ll say.”

My kids would be right I thought. Dad’s just another cocksucker. Maybe they’d demand I suck their cocks too. Christ where did that come from? Another deep dark secret fantasy slips out. I could suck one son while the other fucks my ass. The cock pounding in and out of my mouth was causing all sorts of bizarre and taboo thoughts. I was even reminded of the thoughts I had when I was younger and some men’s rooms had trough urinals, and I would image laying naked in the trough while men pissed on me.

“I bet you want me to cum on your face, don’t you white boy? Straight guys are obsessed with facial cum. Gay guys don’t care so much where the cum goes, but straight guys have either shot their loads on their girlfriend’s or wife’s face, or wanted to, just like in porn movies, and they wonder what it would be like to take a load of cum in their own face. You’d be surprised how many guys, white guys that is, have masturbated so they cum on their own face. Definitely a white thing though.”

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Glory Services Pt. 01

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Glory services

I have two loves in my life: sex and money. Why not combine the two?

Of course, the thought of being a male escort for the ladies was doomed to fail from the word go. Which is why my attention turned to men. Men will just about have sex with anything that moves. All I need to do is lead them on as long as the cash is right, donkeys with carrots on the end of a long stick, or a piece of meat thrown to hungry dogs.

How to set about a business of this nature is a very risky one. For starters, discretion; if they don’t tell I won’t, just as long as I have something to use as blackmail in the long run, not that it will come to that. I intend to have regular customers in for when the time comes.

The second would be how to get the kind of customers I wanted. Men who had plenty to offer both in meat and in cash. That would be somewhat harder as long as I could find a way of getting what I could out of them. It may involve tedious wading through gay hook-up adds and selecting those who would be very loyal.

Finally, what exactly could I offer? What would be my pitch? Something that would reflect on how attractive my business model looks to my clientele.

Blowjob’s galore! Complete discretion, secure location, no one will ever find out!

Not a bad start, I guess. I’ll just have to play it out and hope somebody will take me up on this offer.

A few days passed and my layout for ‘Glory services’ were virtually all set up. I live in a smallish place by myself. Though it does have a garden measuring ten feet wide by fourteen in length. This means that there is space enough to have a garden shed, which may indeed be a good enough close to set up a private, ‘love cubicle’ for my clients. So, I went out and purchased two shed’s and converted them into one with black out curtains. It may seem to the neighbours that I was preparing for an air raid for all they knew but much did I care. I did however consider having a light fitted on the inside of the shed for my customers so that they would have the chance to see the glorious hole in the wall for, you know what. With the door of the other shed fitted to face my kitchen for easy access in and out would mean that nobody would see me, I even had curtains fitted in the kitchen just in case. I even had this ingenious idea to print customer cards so that people could come back for a discounted rate. Maybe in a couple of months the inside of the shed would be filled with graffiti and colourful art depicting what a hungry, cock sucker I was!

With everything I needed in place,

‘Love cubicle’.
Loyalty card.
Pictures of the arrangement.

Soon as the word would get around then people would come flocking from all directions and by my luck will be coming back to get their dicks nice and sloppy!

By the time the Cubicle was finished, it was a little bit more cumbersome than I had imagined. What I had done in effect was move the entire shed to the side of the house where the front connected to the back garden. The result was that I had to make two new doors and take pains to make sure the two windows were tinted but so that neighbours would not be watching, or maybe they should if they knew what they were missing on. Even so, I simply had slide in partitions so they could block out the light. Finally, I had to install two lights on either side of the wall but In order to make the feeling somewhat more erotic was that both lights were tinted red, which resembled one of those brothels in the red-light district in Amsterdam. But at long last, the cubicle was now finished! I did however had on of those feelings that maybe I should do something else. Maybe some graffiti on the inside with some quotes about giving head etc etc. I decided against this and decided just to let the ‘guests’ see to it if they chose.

I then did the only thing I knew I could when I was satisfied with what I had to show. I took to gay dating apps by the score and set up all of my profiles. All I had to do now was wait and see what happened. I went to bed that night satisfied but very excited for what was coming.

The next day…

I woke up about 7 in the morning, had a shower and a shave, had breakfast and brushed my teeth. It was now half-past 7 and I checked my phone and the first thing I saw made my jaw drop to the floor. I found that I had over 400 notifications and over 100 E-mails. It was a good thing that I work from home and that today was Saturday which meant no work because this was going to take a while. From 8 to 12 I read messages that began with, and for batum I am only giving examples of those that don’t start of with; ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey’ and instead giving you some of the more interesting sounding responses.

“Holy shit that sounds like heaven!”

“Bet you couldn’t take me and my friend if we paid you.”

“Can I bring my dog please?”

(I appreciated his honesty more than anything)

“Can I bring my cousins with me?”

“Could you throw up on my dick?”

“What if I presented to you, my arse? Anadolu Yakası Escort 😉”

“You don’t have Tourette’s, do you?”

(The fact that this was the first thing he had to say was outstanding. Though it occurred to me that maybe this was just someone taking the piss.)

I responded to those that were curious about this and would definitely consider it. I asked for face pics and perhaps a dick pic as well. (Is it not right and just to see what I’m going to get my lips around?) doing this eliminated quite a few chicken shits but as far as I was concerned, they were either pussies or had dicks in so many knots that it would take a team of cousins and a lot of counselling to untie it. What I wanted was men with stiff, long cocks that I could gag on and make them shoot hot cum down my throat all day long, there I said it!

I got into a few conversations on the apps and via E-mails about each other because in mind it made more sense to remember that these were real people on the other side and they needed to know that I was a real person as well. It was an interesting experience because I had a huge revelation about these dating apps after about two hours. That is people will literally block you for no reason whatsoever because some people on these apps, all they want is to get their end away and get so bored, so quickly that they delete the apps before the used Kleenex hits the bin. I say this because a few people did admit to me they were climaxing to the thought and were never heard of again. These people only view gay sex as a fantasy and nothing else. As a Gay man, I’m not too bothered by that, people will make their own minds up and that’s not really my business. It is however a different thing when you lead people on and then waste your time for no reason whatsoever.

But after washing my hands of these ‘timewasters’ came the much more striking clientele, the sort of men I would love to meet. Pleasant, raunchy and talkable. The pleasant guys are always the ones that are slightly reserved and make me feel the most involved in, which separates giving a blowjob to giving a man an unforgettable experience. The raunchier types are somewhat more honest to talk with and will spill their guts out with plenty of hot pictures, always with their cocks out. They are very good to imagine giving head too and seeing again in my mind, since they just found a naughty little part of the country to explore their fantasies. The talkable lot however are quite different again. They are the only type of persons I would consider just having sex with. They were flamboyant in the descriptions of past debaucheries which gave me new ideas to try in the future! Even in cases where I contemplated asking them for sex, I relented because the experience was to offer discretion but spice it up with a twist that would keep a guy’s identity intact but explore a level of kinkiness once they stepped inside. My ideal client would preferably be an early 40’s man with a burning sensation to be honest with himself and let himself go. I would love him to be burly but strong enough to let me know he meant business and for him to be a great person to talk to face to face, even if I was swallowing his very essence.

As luck would have it, I found him. Rick: 40, tall, large belly for a man his height, legs like tree stumps, forearms like RSJ’s, a Lumberjack’s beard, an enormous mouth, a great display of kinky clothing and a gorgeous 8-inch beast with a head like missile ready to explode at a single touch! His profile ran:

Rick ‘with the big dick!’ I love nothing more than embracing guys and showing them why ‘big is beautiful!’ at heart I am a softie but can make myself hard for anyone. There’s a lot to love and a lot of things I want to know about you! So why not hit me up? This Bear is ready for mating season! 😊

The only thing I was kinda in the middle on was him referring to himself as a ‘Bear’ since he was hairless from the neck down, not even having any pubes aside from a strip of hair like a black line down to the base of his shaft. His skin tanned beautifully though, which got me to think that he tanned out in the open. For some reason, this turned me on very much, he was the kind of man who would wear speedos knowing the rode up his mountainous arse!

I knew I wanted him the moment I thought about it for only a few seconds.

Eric: So, I heard that you have yourself a little glory hole?

Me: Oh yes, It’s already to go to anyone who wants to get their end away!

Eric: Haha! I like that! You must have cocks coming at you from all angles!

Me: If only, it just opened today and I’m waiting for my first customer.

Eric: Do I get something special for being your first man?

Me: Hmmm, depends, is there something that you like?

I sent him a picture of me in tight jeans flaunting my arse to him. That would get his attention!

Eric: I think I would love that! I love your body, it’s so smooth from here!

Me: How about you come over here and I’ll show you how smooth my mouth is Kurtköy Escort round that huge cock of yours!

It was a little bold in my end but much did I care! People like Eric have something other people don’t. When you are faced with something that makes your heart flutter, you’re going to get it by letting them get you! The thought of Eric’s shaft banging me till dawn hadn’t quite crossed my mind yet. Not that you could make me any harder than I already was!

Eric: I could cum over right now the way you talk to me! I’ll head down now if you fancy it babe.

I slammed in the address before it even occurred to me to show how much it turned me on that he called me, babe.

Eric: I’ll be there in 5!

5? Was I reading that correctly?! I was already downstairs and in the back garden when I got another message.

Eric: Want me to head in now? I’m, at the place.

Frantically and a little shakily I wrote,

‘One minute, just getting it ready for your huge thing!’

I got into my half of the cubicle and got on my knees. I was wearing a simple shirt and jeans and was just about to think about taking them all off but then,

Eric: So, I just open the door and lock it behind me then?

Me: Yea sure, make sure to lock the door behind you and I pulled the partition so you don’t need to worry about privacy.

What I was worried right now was that this was actually going to happen with a bloke I only spoke to minutes ago! I was so completely at his mercy by his looks, the look of his manhood and how badly my urges truly were. There was no looking back now as I heard a knocking from the door on his side. I messaged him quickly,

Me: Come on in big boy and enjoy the ride! X

The door opened and was shut behind.


Said Eric in a booming tone.

“I love the lighting in here, oh! What have we here?”

He must have saw the wall in front and the single hole cut into it. He bent low to look into it, our eyes met and to say this was not love at first sight would be something of an understatement.

“Wassup cutie?”

Eric said he had calmed his voice and looked more lovable when he smiled at me.

“Your gorgeous!”

Was all I could say, words failing me.

“Did you expect- “

“I need your cock Daddy! I want that huge thing down my throat! It’s what you came for isn’t it?”

It was the first thing that came into my head and continued to tent my pants and probably Eric’s too because he looked almost stunned but his grin became a lusty one who just got told he was going to be slutted over.

“You seem very eager babe! So, I am left with no choice.”

He stood up and he made sure I could see him unzip his jeans to see the object of my desire outlined by his black briefs. I suspected it must have been more than 8 inches but that was just the slut in me thinking in terms of how much I was about to gag on it. I could have reached out and pulled Eric’s undies down but instead I said.

“Come on Daddy it’s not fair to keep that thing from me! Let me have a taste pleassse!!”

Eric however placed his hands on his hips and rocked back and forwards slowly. He was a tease I’ll say that much but he was a mean tease, he knew how much I wanted it and he was going to make me beg for it if he chose. After what seemed like a long time, he hooked his thumbs to the waist band and voila! Down they came and OMG! Their stood the mightiest, meatiest and manliest thing I had ever seen in my life. A man’s manhood is the single defining part of a man’s body. It has impregnated the world and is worshipped for giving us life, it was now ready to receive a very special ceremony for its contributions to the world, courtesy of a cock worshipper in training!

“You want a taste baby? Well open wide and eat up baby!”

Said Eric in what I swear was the huskiest of voices a giant hunk like Eric could say.

He then moved towards the wall and shoved his enormous cock into the hole. I wondered if he was excited as I was. He must have been expecting me to shove my face till my gag reflex was obliterated, actually I had something else in mind. I had gone gaga over Eric for this moment and now it was my turn to make his heart race!

I first got underneath his cock and simply let it lie there on my face just for the heat of Eric’s cock on my face. I let it lay there as it twitched ever so slightly like a sleeping giant. I then exhaled through my nose as a fairly small breath of wind, cool by contrast down the underside of Eric’s cock. I didn’t know for sure if Eric was phased by this so I began to blink and my eyelids did have enough reach to brush themselves between his head and his shaft. His cock pricked (so to speak) which flopped on my face in time with my blinking.

“Jesus Christ baby, I never took you to being this much of a tease!”

Said Eric.

Te-he, I thought. It meant I was working my magic and he was loving it!

However, now was the time to open up my ever so grateful mouth and began to change up my breathing so I Pendik Escort inhaled through my nose and exhaled through my mouth. His twitching became continuous and he pumped his cock in and out in motion, he was dying for me to get his cock in my slutty mouth. What Eric didn’t know was that it was now my cock to worship and there was no way in hell I would rush this magical sequence of events. Like a snake, my tongue slithered out of my now gaping mouth and gave a very gentle flick along his shaft with my tongue. I then gave his shaft another little flick with my tongue. I couldn’t stand this foreplay much longer! All I wanted was a face full of cock! But I crossed my toes in telling myself that I needed to see this through till the very end. I pulled my head away and redistributed myself and was now looking straight at his menacing head twitching in front of my eyes. Unblinking, I pursed my lips and planted very delicate kisses on Eric’s throbbing head. The smell and the feel of his meaty head made me feel like a completely new person. I was no longer a simple, gay man living in the closest in the suburbs. I was a cock worshipping slut, ready to get on my knees for anyone who asked/ordered!

“I love how gentle you are babe. You know how to make a man feel special alright, Haha!”

Ha! He didn’t know the half of it!

Without even thinking about it I simply opened my mouth as wide as I dared and shoved my face onto Eric’s cock. I knew I did something right because it took a while before the tip of my nose touched the wall. Holy shit was it big! I maybe starting to gag somewhat but I was almost content to stay there till I had no choice to back up. It was the longest 3 seconds of my life but it was one of the best for sure! Eric’s cock twitching and pulsing in my throat! Tears of joy beginning to escape my eyes and the gagging sensation in my throat was something all cock worshippers should do! I was gasping for airs with my tongue sticking out as Eric’s cock continued to pulse now covered in gooey saliva.

“Holy shit baby that was, AH!”

I was already deepthroating him again before he had time to finish. I wanted to please him and his cock till he couldn’t take it any longer! This time I stepped up my game and had his cock in my throat for 10 whole seconds. I managed to bob my head even when my nose and chin were pressed hard against the wall and Eric’s grunting was apparent to us both. Before pulling out, a wave of clear saliva shot itself out of my mouth coating the base of Eric’s cock and leaving him in a bigger mess than before, the dirtier the better!

“Babe please! I think your great and everything but this time I just wanna rock that mouth by moving my hips, ok?”

“Sure thing! I’m more than ready!”

I sat there on my knees with my mouth open like a grateful slut that I now was and got roughly one third of his cock in my mouth before I stopped and felt him begin to rock his hips away. He was now the one to control the pace of this blowjob and what a job he did! Saliva came out of the corners of my mouth and either slid down my chin and down his shaft and back through the hole to his balls. It was certainly a much easier time on my throat, that’s for sure. I will however admit that I think Eric though clearly enjoying himself in this, was maybe wanting something that I was doing to him earlier. Not that I cared, if he wanted to tell me then he would! I would also be lying if I said that even though this was getting a little bit tame for my liking, (I say after my performance from earlier)

Eric on the other hand looked to be in a more desperate need at this stage to unload his carnal pleasures into me as his pace seemed to increase, treating my mouth as a pussy and savouring this experience till the very end. Well, maybe we should all find out who gets ready to do it first! I placed my hands on the wall and in time with his own thrusting, began to pump harder again with my lips becoming almost airtight around his swelling cock. I could sense he was getting ready to blow and I would make sure he wouldn’t have any spunk left once I had finished!

“Suck it baby! Ah! Shit! You’re such a tight little! Ah! Shit!!”

Hearing him praise me installed another newfound revelation in the man that I now was. Someone who was not only good at this but able to make a man like Eric almost tremble in delight. Which must have been a testament to his stature and endurance because I was now at full speed once again! His thrusts rose to the point of climax and my bobbing gave my throat a pounding it had never experienced before, along with the saliva and tears, it was paradise!

“Holy shit! I’m gonna cum in your mouth babe! Get ready to open your mouth wide!”

Although I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to just down his cum, having it on my face would be just as hot, so I gave one great, final suck just so I knew he couldn’t hold on and pulled out and got in position just in time for…

Eric moaned and grunted as strings of hot, sticky cum shot out in spurts for a whole six seconds nearly coating my face! I think he wanted to use my mouth to see if he could land his all his cum in me like some perverted fountain statue but his shot must have been greater than I had anticipated. But fuck if I cared! I was now a cum covered, cock, worshipping, whore and I loved it!

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