Surreptitious Love Ch. 73

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Big Dick

Chapter 73 — Linh’s Mother is so Beautiful

“My mother LOVES your dick!” was the first message I received from Linh after our rousing afternoon at their house. Last week, Linh’s mother had coaxed me into massaging her daughter, before she left the house under some pretext. While she was gone, Linh and I had renewed our sexual relationship, before her mother had returned somewhat surprisingly and joined us. Needless to say, I ended up inside Linh’s mother, too, who was now growing keener every minute to watch me fuck her daughter. At least, that was what Linh told me.

In the next message, Linh shared that, at their house, things had changed dramatically since our epic afternoon together: Yen, Linh’s mother, took more time to give her daughter the daily massages, which she needed because of her slight handicap—Linh had suffered a stroke when she was ten and limped a little as a result. Now, however, Yen didn’t spare her daughter’s pussy anymore; the masturbation that used to happen after the massage— when Linh was alone—had now become an integral part of it. And one morning, Yen had even joined Linh in bed after she had driven the younger daughter to school.

Linh’s mother was an exceptionally lovely and fine-looking woman, who, five days ago, had mustered the courage to engage in her first threesome together with her daughter. She had—literally—opened up, and caressing her daughter’s most intimate areas had quickly become a routine, which they both had dreamed of for months, if not years. That I had kinda fallen in love with Yen was no surprise, since she combined her youthful freshness, which she had miraculously preserved, with the gravity of a respected middle-aged woman. Her soul seemed wonderfully balanced, and she exuded modesty and kindness. I liked her so much that I was afraid that Linh might feel neglected and then would blame her disability for coming in second, which I would have hated. But, perhaps, I was worrying too much: Linh loved her mom and was probably even proud that she was more beautiful than herself.

Originally, we had agreed to meet after lunch this Thursday, but on Wednesday, they suggested that I come round at 10 in the morning, so ‘we would have more time.’ They really seemed to be eager to do it again. Deliberately, I didn’t shave, as my whiskers might play their part in tickling the ladies’ thighs. I cut my fingernails extra carefully, however, since I wanted to massage Yen’s anus a little if I got the chance. I was quite anxious as, the last time, I hadn’t been able to admire Yen’s lovely butt nor pussy sufficiently.

On the way to their house, I asked myself how we could sequence the different deeds we were all keen on doing: Should we start with the massage? But who would massage whom? Well, no, perhaps we should save that for after lunch. Maybe we should go to Linh’s room first and roll around in bed a little to release some pressure?! Otherwise, lunch might be too tense. Yes, we should do something before lunch, during which then my sexual prowess could recover. Or we could begin with an early lunch, during which we could start our love play? In any case, even though neither Linh nor her mother were lewd or unrestrained in the truest sense, they both seemed open and keen enough to discover new frontiers.

When I arrived at their home, the gate was open again, so that I just rolled in. Linh stepped out of the house and urged me to come in quickly, perhaps because of the neighbors. Or the weather, as it was grey, a little nippy, and windy. Linh’s mother didn’t seem to be there, as neither she nor her Honda were in sight. I went through the living room close to the entrance to the back, where the kitchen was. There was a colander with freshly chopped greens on the table, and I could hear music playing, but then Linh switched off the radio, before she asked me to sit down and told me that her mom was going to be back in ten minutes.

Linh was wearing a red-and-white cotton house dress, in which she may even have slept. She was probably still wearing the fragrance of the night on her skin, as drowsy as she looked. Sleeping-in was unusual in Vietnam, but Linh was an excellent student who deserved to let her hair down for a few days. And as pleasing and exciting as sex was, it was also exhausting, as we all knew. After I had sat down, she pressed the fabric of her dress between her strapping legs and smiled at me.

“So, you and your mother have discovered sensuality anew?” I joked.

“Ben, you have no idea what has been going on here at the house the last few days …”

“Well, to be honest, I think I have a pretty good idea, after last Friday …”

“Yeah, I know … but you know what I mean: my mother is so horny and keen to touch me everywhere … it’s amazing. There don’t seem to be any taboos anymore … insane …” Linh was shaking her head. “But I love it … yesterday morning, like I told you, she even lay down next to me in bed.”

After a pause, Linh added quietly, blushing: “She took her panties off and then bayan escort sat on my face …”

“Great. I love it. And as long as you both want it … I mean you’re both adults … and you gotta go back to Hanoi on Monday, don’t you?’

She nodded: “Yeah, I don’t know what we’re going to do then …”

“What do you want to do?! You take a break, which is probably for the better anyway. I mean, you are mother and daughter, you know …”

Linh poured me some more warm tea. My dick was twitching slightly in my pants after Linh’s brief salacious story, and I imagined the two of them in bed together. The way Linh was sitting here, with her firm thighs, of which only the upper quarter was covered, I immediately thought of whipping my cock out and let her suck it. Or fuck her. Upstairs or right there in the kitchen. But the thing was: I knew that Linh’s mother wanted to watch us, and as I had fallen in love with Yen, her wishes were my command. The only problem was that I actually wanted to fuck Yen more than Linh.

“So, your mom said she wants to watch us have sex?”

“Well, she hasn’t said it directly, but I think she does. She keeps talking about your penis, anyway” Linh giggled. “I think she’s still puzzled or even impressed that I just took it like that …” she snapped her fingers next to her face.

“Well, as far as I know, you got some practice, probably more than your mom,” I teased her. “And my cock isn’t that big … c’mon,” I said with mock-modesty.

Linh blushed again: “Well, it’s an inch-and-a-half longer than most and also thicker. It’s not huge, sure, but it has a nice size. For Asian women,” Linh giggled again. “Believe me, I see one or two new cocks every month … yours is the biggest I’ve seen and had.”

Well, I didn’t want to argue the point and was happy that I could be of service to the two ladies.

“Speaking of seeing small cocks: You wanted to tell me a few more details about your adventures in Hanoi …”

I invited her to share some of her dorm stories, even though I didn’t want to sit here in their kitchen with a painful hard-on. On the other hand, I loved those little stories about young people’s sexual explorations.

“Well, last month, I was sitting with one of my fellow students, eating a banana, in his room. He asked me to lick and suck it like a dick, which I did for a few minutes, before I just ate it. But when he got his thing out and asked me to suck it, I felt that was too clumsy, and so I only laughed, got up and went downstairs to the little stationary shop in the building.

“Well, what do you expect after he’s been watching you giving the banana a blowjob?!” I interjected.

“I know, but it was … I don’t know … kinda ungainly. But as I was waiting in line at the shop, I thought to myself ‘Why not?!’ and went back up to his room, where I caught him jerking off. I felt sorry for him, so I just asked him if he had a condom and let him fuck me.”

Right on cue, I heard Linh’s mother roll into the yard behind my back, like the word ‘fuck’ had triggered her return. Now, she was closing the squeaky gate, and a few seconds later I turned around to say ‘hi’ to her. I was astounded how beautiful she looked again in her mango-colored, tailored dress, which reached her knees, and her short, dark-green tweed jacket, which only came down to her waist. She had her hair in a ponytail and looked lovely and stunning at the same time. She had taken off her shoes already and now put two plastic bags with groceries on the table.

We looked deeply into each other’s eyes and nodded both, before she poured herself a glass of tea. Then she turned away again and rummaged through the drawers behind me. And so I commented on Linh’s story briefly:

“That’s all? That was rather prosaic.”

“Well, what did you expect?! I told you last Friday that my sex-life at uni is rather mundane. I still like it,” she defended herself.

“Perhaps for this very reason?” I suggested.

Yen took off her jacket now and quietly said something to her daughter in Vietnamese, which I didn’t understand, of course. Unlike virtually every other time, Linh didn’t translate, though. Anyway, I moved away from Linh, so that her mother could sit between us, but she remained standing and started to peel mangoes, instead. Yes, her dress and the fruits were of the same color. When I looked at her a little more closely, I realized how muscular her arms were, probably from giving massages daily for ten years. Or maybe she played tennis in her spare time? Slightly dizzy from the stirring stories Linh had told me—of which one involved the lady standing next to me—I realized I was already heaving, just like Yen, who still hadn’t said a word, apart from the one quiet remark two minutes ago.

My dick was hurting in my pants, stiff as it was, but Linh only took a slice of mango and encouraged me to eat some myself. When her mother was done peeling and cutting, she went over to the sink to wash her hands, and I bayan escort gaziantep admired her firm, perfect butt, which was moving tantalizingly as she was rubbing her hands. I couldn’t wait to see and touch her thighs—and to lose myself between them. Before Yen finally sat down, however, she looked at me somewhat gravely again. She glanced at my crotch, where, I was afraid, there wasn’t much to see on this grey, dark day, in the shade of the table. The tension was difficult to bear, but I didn’t feel like I ought to be the one inviting them upstairs, as it was their house.

Yen crossed her legs, which brought to bear her perfect calves. Her dress ended six inches above her knees now, since she was sitting. I marveled at this gorgeous, cultivated, fetching woman and now discovered her feet, which looked like chiseled. Her blood vessels were titillating, and the arch underneath was sublime. She took another slice of mango, just like her daughter, and handed me one as well. We ate in silence, and I thought about charming Linh into telling me another story, but then her mother got up, saying she was going upstairs to change.

Of course, we all could have gotten up and joined her but, as she was already standing, I held her wrist to make her stay.

“Yen, you look so beautiful in your dress!” I told her.

I looked at Linh, hoping she would aid and stand by me. With her wrist still in my hand, Yen turned and smiled somewhat despondingly. She didn’t reveal her desire but seemed to want to wait for me to make the next step. I pointed at her chair, and she sat back down again slowly.

“Ben,” Linh said quietly, “my mother said she can’t wait much longer. She was hoping we would follow her upstairs. She wants to … to fuck a little before lunch. And then, after we have eaten, we’ll go to the bathroom together for a massage.”

I nodded, as this sounded reasonable but felt my dick pumping hard. I didn’t know, however, how we could elegantly solve this deadlock. Yen could wear this dress once again, sure, but I just did not want her to leave the room. Still.

“Yen, the way you’re sitting here in your dress is divine: you’re simply perfect,” I admitted.

Linh translated, and her mother blushed, before she smiled fairly relaxed. But then she put her fist against her mouth and nose, like she needed to sneeze or cough, looked at Linh and then back at me and said something quietly to her daughter, of which I only understood ‘Ben’ and the Vietnamese word for ‘penis’.

Linh swallowed before she relayed to me what her mother wanted, blushing:

“My mother wants to see your dick, Ben. Get it out. She can’t wait any longer.”

Well, since that was what I had come here for, and because my cock was hurting in my pants anyway, I got up and removed them together with my underpants. I moved my chair closer to Yen and draped my shirttails next to my erect rod, so that she could see it better. Linh also moved closer to be able to see the treasure past the edge of the oval table.

My dick was pretty much horizontal, only pointing upwards slightly, perhaps ten or 20 degrees, and was twitching. Sitting close to Yen, I folded her dress back to admire and caress her heavenly thighs. I didn’t stroke my dick, but as soon as I touched Yen’s skin, I felt a warm rush of blood flowing through my whole body. I had rarely experienced stronger lust and desire than in that moment. Yen opened her legs, so that I could reach inside and fondle the soft yet firm insides of her legs. Her skin was incredibly tender.

The next step was inevitable: She slid two inches towards me, and I folded her skirt all the way back to take a look at her panties. And here they were: youthfully lime green, with white lace at the top and the bottom. As the material was relatively thin, I could sense her slim fur triangle and the sensitive pearl below it. Fueled by the view of my stiff, erect cock, her body was already producing some nectar, which had caused a large and two small stains on her underwear.

“Linh, have you ever seen anything more beautiful?” I asked and moved my chair yet closer.

“No, never,” she whispered and reached under her dress to remove her panties, which she then put on the table.

After that, Linh pulled her flimsy dress back, so that we could see her pitch-black fur and pussy. I touched Yen’s snatch with my fingertips through the material of her panties, which she was only able to take for thirty seconds, though; she now hastily ripped her underwear off her legs. She put her panties next to her daughter’s, who had already started masturbating, and then leaned backward. When Yen spread her legs, I took her panties and took a long indirect drag of her savory aroma, before I reached heartily between her legs. Sticky as her lips were, we all were now listening intently to the smacking that my fingertips caused.

The ambience here in the kitchen felt like a church service. It was very quiet, apart from the slurping of Yen’s gaziantep escort lips and Linh’s panting. My cock had reached its capacity and was now pointing at the ceiling. I took off my shirt, as it occasionally wiped my glans dry. I began to massage Yen’s breasts through the thick fabric of her dress, but then she got up and asked her daughter to open the zipper in the back. Then, Yen placed herself directly in front of me and pulled her dress and bra down over her shoulders. Her breasts snapped out one after the other, and her perky nipples were pointing at me. Finally, she sat down on my left thigh and took my rod, while I—with one hand still between her legs—got lost in her shapely bosom.

After two or three minutes of moaning, panting, and groaning, I asked Linh to tell her mom to kneel on the chair. In that way, both, Linh and I could finally admire the glory of her butt crack and everything in between. Linh had slid down towards the edge of her chair but was already past the point of no return. She relayed quickly what I had asked for, though, and Yen did as I had requested without hesitation. She let her butt protrude deep into the kitchen, but Linh just shook her head, declining the invitation to interrupt her diddling to admire her mother’s stunning aromatic crevice.

Which was fine with me, as watching Linh diddling herself to my right was cute and hot at the same time. While I listened to the slurping sound of Linh’s fingers in her own snatch, I kneeled onto the floor and pried Yen’s butt cheeks apart. Perhaps these were the most beautiful ass and pussy I had ever seen: fully developed, slim and tender, sufficiently hairy, with a mind-blowing, tantalizing aroma that floored me. Literally. I thought that she might have skipped her morning shower today since we were going to end up in the massage room anyway as I became enwrapped in the most beguiling fragrance of all time. I licked the whole fissure a few times up and down, before I pushed my tongue in her anus while caressing the whole area.

Stimulated in such an arousing fashion, Yen turned her head at some point, though, and I believed I detected minor disappointment. She seemed to be saying: ‘Whatcha waiting for?!’ So, I ended my sucking, kissing, and licking, got up, and placed my glans at her sticky entrance. Now that what she desired was within reach, she gently pushed back and snapped my cock with her moist lips. Effortlessly, my shaft slid inside her wet sheath.

After the relatively quiet chamber music of our panting, pecking, licking, and wailing, Yen’s pussy added slurping and smacking, while I threw in some guttural moaning. When the ladies began to shriek in cascades from time to time, the room was filled with steam, joy, and solemnity at the same time. Yen and I understood each other blindly: while I was standing still, she kept polishing my shaft with the whole length of her splendid wet sheath. My shaft was now covered in some whitish veneer, and the chamber music had turned into a symphony. Linh seemed to have already climaxed, as she now moved her chair closer to watch the steaming, moist yet somewhat mechanical science of lustful intercourse.

“Fucking often seems banal, but this is art,” Linh remarked, still panting, after a minute.

I smiled inwardly and was exceedingly happy that, apparently, her mother and I had already raised Linh’s standards. Linh’s earlier ‘I then let him fuck me’ had, frankly, hurt my feelings. Obviously, sex doesn’t always turn out great, but a bunch of small dicks wrapped in plastic couldn’t be really all that great, could they?

Since Yen was still thrusting backwards, I had my hands free to caress her thighs, hips, lower back, and butt cheeks with my fingertips, which resulted in goosebumps galore on her skin. Moaning and groaning, I now remembered Yen’s splendid tits and reached around her upper body to squeeze those perfect dangling fruits. When I pressed her nipples between the upper digits of my index and middle fingers, another cannonade of shrieks and moans came out of Yen’s mouth and more oily whitish nectar ran past my dick.

Perhaps Linh hadn’t climaxed earlier, as she had at least two, if not three fingers in her roomy snatch again. Or maybe she was just going at it once more. Watching my dick disappear and then turn up again, I admired Linh’s meticulous masturbation efforts. Yen asked or said something to her now but she wasn’t listening. As we were nearing the finale, I pushed up Yen’s dress and held her hips firmly. I remembered that Yen had wanted me to fuck her daughter but it was too late now: what Yen and I had begun, we had to finish. Yen’s shrieks gushed higher and higher, and I couldn’t help it: I exploded inside Linh’s alluring mom and splashed all I could give towards her beautiful cervix.

Linh had, of course, noticed that we both had come and was now watching my twitching ass and dick, the latter of which was still plugging her mother’s snatch. Linh took a bit of the white juice that was oozing out at the bottom and licked it off her fingertips. Her mother was moaning and panting like she had just run a marathon, but apparently now she wanted to get off the chair on which she was still kneeling. So, I pulled out, and a lukewarm wave of light broth came running onto the chair and floor. Linh seemed fascinated but then started to laugh quietly, smacking her mouth with one hand:

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Sunny Day

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It was a sunny and hot day here in the South and I was out in the garage working on my old truck while all the kids and wife were gone for the weekend to her parents except for Karen my 18-year-old stepdaughter. I have raised her since she was 5 years old when her mother and I married. I had gone in the house to get a drink of cold water and I couldn’t help to notice her as she did her high school pom pom squad routine. When I got my water I watched her out the kitchen window as her tight sexy body jumped and kicked to the music coming from her CD player.

She had developed very nicely for just being 18 years old. She is about 5’7″ tall with long blond hair and blue eyes that would make an ice cube melt at 32 degrees. Her 36C tits (I looked at her bra size in the washroom) were held in place by the white sports bra that came to just below her tits. She had those tight skin sucking black jump suit type pants on and I didn’t see a panty line either. I couldn’t help but notice her taut tan skin of her belly and back as she kept dancing seductively to the music. All I could think of was they didn’t make girls back in my high school days like that and the growing bulge in my shorts.

I turned to put my glass in the sink when I heard Karen calling out for me. I ran out the back door and she was lying on the ground holding her ankle.

“Daddy I landed wrong and twisted my ankle and it hurts real bad!” she said.

“Here put your arm around my neck and lets get you into the house to sit down so I can look at it,” I said.

As she and I hobbled into the house I could feel the side of her tits against me as I had my arm around her waist. Her skin was so hot either from the routine or I was hoping it was because if me. She had her other hand on my chest to support her because she could only walk on one foot. I told her I would call her Mom and see what I needed to do for her ankle. As I hung up the phone she asked what my wife had said to do.

“She said we had to get you to the tub so you could soak it in some hot Epsom salt water.”

“Daddy you will need to help me to the bathroom.” Karen said.

I went over to where she was sitting and helped her up as she put her arm around my neck and my arm around her waist just like before except that I noticed that she pressed her tits against me harder this time. Or was it just my imagination? I walked her to the bathroom to sit her down on the toilet while I ran her hot bath water to soak the hurt ankle. I poured the Epson salts under the running water and told her to get in when she got undressed as I left the bathroom. She then yelled that she was in the tub and asked me to come and see if she was putting her ankle under the water as her Mom had explained. I went into the bathroom and the shower doors were closed so I just sat on the toilet and pulled the one back so I could see just her foot raised up under the water. I told her that she was doing exactly what her Mom had told me to tell her how to relieve the gaziantep ateşli escort pain and swelling.

“Oh! Daddy it feels so much better,” she said as she slid the shower door all the way back. This caught me off guard because now I could see here naked body just submerged under the clear water. She noticed that I was looking at her tits and as my eyes worked their way down to her trimmed pussy she spoke.

“Daddy do you think that I’m pretty?”

“Yes Karen your very pretty and I should be going so you can get out of the tub. Just call me and I will help you to your bedroom so you can lay down as your Mom said to stay off the ankle.” I went into the hall to wait for her to call to me and tried to cool off from the sight that I had just seen. She was so sexy lying there in that water and I had a huge hard on to prove it but I had to calm down now and put it behind me because she was my stepdaughter. I jumped when I heard her call me to help take her to her room.

I walked into the bathroom and she was just standing there with her white terrycloth robe on. It was loosely tied around her small waist. I moved next to her she put her arm around my neck as I held her hand and put my arm around her waist so she could walk to her bedroom. As we walked the front of her robe was open just enough for me to see the top of her taut creamy tits which set off my male reaction again in my shorts. We got to her bed, she sat on the edge and lay back on the pillows and swung her legs up on the bed not caring that I could see her hot little pussy as she did. I turned to leave her room when she said,” Daddy would you please rub my ankle a little, think it will make it feel better if you did.”

I sat on the edge her bed, putting her ankle in my lap as I began to massage it softly trying not to look at her sexy body lying before me. As I was massaging her heal of her foot it kept touching my manhood as my hands moved up and down her ankle. I tried to move it away so that it wouldn’t be coming in contact with my hard cock but when I did she pulled it up and away from me. I knew then that she had noticed that her foot was rubbing against my cock and now I was in real trouble. She put her leg behind me and rose up and looked me straight in the eye.

“Daddy did I cause this? Now it is my turn to make you feel better” as she placed her hand around my cock through my shorts.

“Karen we can’t be doing this!”

“Why not I love you and you love me right.”

“Yes I do but this is wrong and we shoooo.” She stopped me from talking by putting her hand behind my head pulling me to her, kissing me with her tender sweet lips on mine. She parted her lips and her tongue began to explore my mouth and found mine to dance the sexual dance of lovers. She pulled away smiling at me as she told me to stand up for a second. She stood up in front of me putting her arms around my neck as she spoke, “I have been wanting to kiss bakımlı gaziantep escort you like that for quite sometime now since I have found out what it is like to have had sex with a boy”.

“Just how long have you been having sex young lady?”

“For about a year and a half now and it all started when Mom had the doctor put me on the pill to regulate my periods and we had our little talk about guys trying to get into my pants as she put it. I also know that she doesn’t treat you right in bed because why else would you watch those XXX rated tapes.”

“You know about them.”

“Yes and when you and her went out I watched them wishing it was you and me having sex like that”, she said as she began to kneel in front of me. I just watched as she looked up at me and pulled my shorts down as my hard cock sprang free just in front of her face. She raised her hand up grasping my shaft as she pulled it down and licked the drop of precum that had formed on the tip. I just watched in amazement as she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. She proceeds in giving me one of the best blowjobs of my life. I don’t know if it was her skill or the taboo of it being my stepdaughter that was sucking my cock.

“Oh my Karen that feels so good and where did you learn how to do that?”

Taking my cock from her mouth she said, “Don’t worry how I learned just enjoy what I am going to do to you and you can what ever you want to me, Daddy.”

“Ok sweetheart, just keep sucking my cock.”

I reached down and cupped her warn firm left tit and rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She was moaning as she still had my cock stuffed deep in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head and flicking my pee hole with the tip of her tongue. This must have really turned her on because she took the hand that was holding the base of my cock and was now fingering her young pussy as was driving me to the point of no return. She was getting close too because she was moaning deeply around my cock.

“Karen, now it is my turn to eat your pussy to make you feel real good like you have done to me because if you don’t stop I am going to cum soon.”

I said as I pulled her mouth off my throbbing cock. I laid her on the bed so her ass was just at the edge as knelt on my knees between her spread legs. I put her legs up over my shoulders as I kissed and licked my way down the insides of her thighs to her hot wet glisten pussy. I licked from her asshole upwards to her clit in one long slow stroke that made her tremble with excitement. I did little circles slowly with the tip of my tongue around her engorged clit several times before I sucked on it harder into my mouth.

“Oh yes, Daddy lick my hard clit just like that.”

“Do you like the way Daddy is eating your pussy?”

“God yes just don’t stop till I can cum in your mouth. Yes stick that hot rough tongue inside me and fuck me with it. escort gaziantep I need to cum so bad Daddy.”

I continue licking and sucking her clit and pussy, moving up and down till she was on the edge of orgasm. I then wet my little finger in her pussy and brought it in contact with her asshole. As I did that I positioned two fingers at the entrance of her pussy. I inserted the two fingers deep in her pussy and at the same time slid my little finger in her asshole too. This really sent her off as she was bucking wildly against my face trying to get me deeper inside of her.

“OH! Daddy I am going to cum right now!”

I pulled my mouth from between her legs also withdrawing my fingers from her pussy and asshole but as I did so I grabbed her legs that were still over my shoulders to straighten her out on the bed. I positioned the head of my hard throbbing cock at the entrance of her young pussy.

Looking her in the eye I asked, “Is this what you want Daddy to do for you?”

“Yes fuck me please, I have wanted your cock for so long now. Just do it! Make me yours now!”

I pushed into her pussy slowly at first as not to hurt her until I was balls deep. I withdrew until the just the head was pulling against her G-spot about to come out of her. I had to keep it slow because I was about to blow my wad if I went too fast. I started fucking her a little faster each time as I stroked it in and out of her tight pussy. I was so close but I was trying to make it last till she screamed.

“Now Daddy fuck me hard and fast! I am almost there. OH! Yes Daddy faster and harder please!”

I picked up the pace now till I was pounding my hard cock in and out of her sweet young pussy like I was never going to fuck again. She was meeting my down strokes as she was pushing up with her hips and her hands on my ass pulling me deeper insider her. I was now on the blink of unloading my load of cum into her tight pussy.

“Oh Daddy I am going to cum!”

“Me too and soon.”

“Daddy faster and harder I want us to cum together! Oh!! God it feels so good. I love your big cock in me. Now Daddy now I am cumming!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I am going to cum too. I am almost there.”

I kept up the hard and fast pace till I just plunged the whole length of my cock deep in her pussy as my cum boiled from my balls. Then I let loose the first squirt of cum and I couldn’t stop it as I flooded her pussy. She was bucking up hard against me as she screamed so loud that I thought the whole world knew that she was having an orgasm.

“Yes OH! Yes Daddy fill my pussy with your hot cum! I love the feeling of your hot cum inside me.”

I collapsed on top of her as we were coming down off our mutual orgasm tic high and I rolled off of her so I could lay beside her to hold her in my arms.

“I love you Daddy!”

“I love you too baby girl so very much and you know that don’t you.”

“Yes Daddy I know you do”, she said as she reached down and placed her little hand around my shrinking cock, rubbing it up and down so softly. Then she looked into my eyes and kissed me deeply on the lips.

“Daddy, Can we do this again please?”

“Yes anytime you want to as long as we are alone and no one can know about this.”

“You mean I can’t tell Michelle because I think she would like to fuck you too.”

“I guess so but no one else.”

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Student and Teacher Ch. 15

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Nan, padding sleepily down the stairs, found her mother in the kitchen, getting ready to prepare a big breakfast for everyone. She must have come up to her silently, for when she placed a hand on Vera’s shoulder and said, “Hey, Mom, howya doin’?” Vera spun around in alarm.

“Christ, Nan!” she cried. “You scared the bejesus out of me!”

“Mom, calm down, it’s only me,” Nan said with something of a smirk (she had learned that from Sylvia). Then she added: “So how was it?”

Vera feigned ignorance. “How was what?”

Nan rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on, Mom, you know what I mean. How was it with Damon?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Vera said primly.

“Mom, I have ears, you know. You guys weren’t exactly quiet.”

Nan saw a blush proceed from her mother’s neck all the way to the top of her forehead, and Vera’s mouth gaped open in speechless horror. Nan almost thought her mom was having a heart attack.

“I sent him there,” Nan went on softly, “so that you’d, um, feel better. Damon likes to make women feel better.”

“I feel fine,” Vera said tightly.

“Well, that’s good. But you know we’re going to have to talk about this.”

“What is there to talk about?”

Nan looked at her mother as if she were a dolt. “Are you kidding me? We have to have some kind of—arrangement. You must see that.”

“I can’t imagine what kind of arrangement that could possibly be.”

“Yeah, well, I have some ideas about that. I—”

But at this point Damon stumbled into the room, looking pretty worn out. Nan directed a smirk at him, but he didn’t dignify it with a response. And Vera took advantage of her new lover’s arrival to say, “Okay, I gotta make breakfast now,” and obtrusively brought out pans and skillets to whip up eggs, sausages, and other things for the three of them.

There was actually little talk of any kind over that breakfast. Nan did notice that her mother winced as she sat down at the dining table; she cast a quick and disapproving glance at Damon, and he made an infinitesimal shrug and had a sheepish grin on his face. The meal was at last over, and Damon retreated up the stairs, claiming he needed a shower. Nan pulled her mother away from the safety of her kitchen and led her into the living room, where they sat on the couch.

“Okay, Mom, so what do we do now?” Nan said.

“I don’t know,” Vera said into her hands.

“You—you like Damon?”

“Certainly I like him. I did so even before . . .”

“Yeah, okay. You like what he did to you?”

Vera blushed again. “Well, why wouldn’t I? He’s quite—skilled.”

“That’s for sure. But I can tell that what he did was more than just fun for him. I’m hoping it was for you too.”

Vera looked at her daughter in amazement. “How can you—?” How can you allow your boyfriend—the guy you claim to love, and who says he loves you—to fuck your mom over and over again?

Nan understood at once what Vera was trying to say. “Really, Mom, I don’t mind. You may not believe that, but I don’t.”

Vera just shook her head in disbelief.

“So we get back to the question: What do we do now?”

“I don’t know why we need to do anything.”

“Mom, are you crazy? You’re telling me that after what’s happened, we can just go back to pretending we’re all just the same as before?”

“I don’t—”

“Look, I have a pretty good idea of what Damon is feeling. I don’t know what you’re feeling. Are you really saying that you just want this to be a one-night stand?”

Vera’s eyes widened, and she stared intently at her daughter. All manner of emotions—fear, desire, apprehension, confusion, regret—flitted over her face like a kaleidoscope. She remained silent for a long time, but finally said in a whisper: “No.”

“I had a feeling you’d say that,” Nan said matter-of-factly. Then her tone softened: “I know this is all new to you, Mom. It was all new to me too, until a few months ago.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Nan sighed wearily. She had not told her mother anything about her current living situation, and realized that the time had come to lay her cards on the table. So she did so, recounting the whole business of Iris and Brad and Sylvia and how they all interacted in that big house in Charlottesville.

As the tale unfolded, Vera’s jaw dropped and her eyes boggled. When Nan finished, there was a deafening silence that threatened to extend till the end of time.

“You—you’re not serious,” Vera breathed.

“I am,” Nan said firmly. “Maybe it’s not how most people live, but it’s how we live—and we like it. It works for us. There’s no jealousy, there’s no fighting; there’s just a lot of love.”

Vera’s breathing seemed to be getting agitated, and her chest rose and fell irregularly. “And—and you expect me to—?”

“Yes, Mom, I think it would be best if you joined us. Of course, that’s Iris’s decision—it’s gaziantep escort her house, after all. And the others will have to have their say. But it seems to be the best thing for everyone. You can easily commute to your bank from Iris’s place—it’s not that far.”

Vera just shook her head. “I don’t know if I can live like that.”

“I get that. But I suggest that you try it for a while and see how it works. And you don’t have to decide right away. Damon and I still have five more days here, and you can have him for another three nights. I hope you don’t mind if I have him for the other two nights.”

“Of course not!” Vera said with a nervous laugh. “Don’t be silly.”

“Fine,” Nan said. “That’s how it’ll be.”

The trio did all manner of other fun things during the next several days, and they all became closer and closer. Damon, realizing he had Nan’s “permission” to cuddle up to her mother, made Vera feel like a queen being fêted by her favorite courtier, kissing her openly on the mouth, even in public, and (in private) squeezing her bottom and nuzzling her neck, shoulders, and breasts when the opportunity presented itself. Vera was entranced by the attentions of this appealing man, and at times it seemed as if Nan were the mother and Vera the daughter whose new boyfriend was making no secret of his attraction.

Damon did his best not to make Nan feel neglected, but that first night with Vera had tired him out more than he cared to admit, and he had to beg off sex with Nan the next night. The night after that, Nan became aware that her boyfriend and her mother were at it even more enthusiastically than before, and when she came downstairs the next morning, Vera was sitting drinking coffee at the kitchen table, waiting for the others to get up.

“Well,” Nan said, “you’re up bright and early this morning.” I’m always a mess after Damon works me over the way he must have worked you over last night.

“It’s not that early,” Vera said.

Nan gave a close scrutiny to her mom. “You’re looking really good, you know. A lot better than I’ve seen you in a long time. In fact, you’re positively radiant.”

Vera colored prettily. “Oh, come on, dear, I’m just the same as usual.”

“You’re not. You—”

At this point, Damon dragged in. Man, did he look worn out! He trudged over to the coffeemaker, poured himself some black coffee, and brought it back to the kitchen table.

“So,” Nan said in a tone of scientific inquiry, “how many times did you do my mom?”

“Nan!” Vera cried indignantly. “You have no right—”

“I can’t remember,” Damon muttered, sipping the coffee as if it were the elixir of life.

“Can’t remember?” Nan said with immense skepticism. “Really?”

“I just—” he began.

“It was five times,” Vera blurted out. “Okay? Are you satisfied?”

“I don’t know about that,” Nan said with wonderment in her eyes, “but you must be.” Turning to Damon: “Five times, eh? I don’t know that you’ve ever done me that many times.”

“Sure I have!” Damon said, not wanting Nan to feel as if she was second fiddle. “At least once or twice.”

“How did he do it, Mom?” Nan pursued.

“There’s no need to go into that,” Vera said.

“Oh, come on! You gotta give me something. I’m not getting much from this lug.” Nan directed a mildly venomous glance at Damon.

“Well, if you must know,” Vera said with some reluctance, “it was, um, twice in my pussy, twice in my butt, and once in my mouth.”

“Not a bad distribution,” Nan said judiciously. “So you like butt sex now?”

Vera flushed and said, “I guess it’s growing on me.”

“Yeah, same here. It took me a while to get used to it.”

“Can we talk about something else?” Damon said pointedly.

That gave Vera the excuse to leap up from her chair. “Of course! What a bad hostess I am. It’s time for breakfast.” And she got right to it.

“She’s a pretty good hostess, wouldn’t you agree, Damon?” Nan said. But Damon had nothing to say.

Because of Damon’s unusual exertions, he again did nothing but cuddle with Nan the next night. The night after that was Saturday, and they would be going back to Iris’s house the next day. It was obvious that Vera was looking forward to one last tussle with Damon, given that, in spite of Nan’s offer for her mother to move in with her and her companions, there wasn’t any guarantee that such a move would actually happen in anything like the near future. So, promptly at 10 p.m., after the three of them had watched a romantic comedy, Vera made it clear that Damon was to make his way to her bed.

Nan watched them go. She was, to be frank, a little peeved at being left out of the festivities night after night, for all that she was gratified that Damon was providing such profound satisfaction to a woman who hadn’t received any for a long time. Nan had gotten to know very well the benefits of adıyaman escort regular sex and didn’t begrudge her mother the time she spent with her own lover. But still, it rankled a bit.

So, after about fifteen minutes, she pensively headed in the direction of the guest bedroom. As expected, she heard Damon and Vera engaged in some kind of energetic action, although they had discreetly closed the door to the master bedroom. Sauntering into her room, she slowly undressed. Was it time to read a book? The book on her nightstand suddenly struck her as singularly unappealing. She slipped on a nightgown and sat up on the bed, her head resting against the headboard. She felt frustrated and out of sorts.

Abruptly, she got up and started walking in the direction of where those incoherent noises were coming from. Unwittingly following Damon’s actions of several days ago, she shimmied out of her nightgown, letting it fall to the floor in the hallway, and boldly opened the door of her mom’s bedroom.

She saw Damon lying flat on his back, with Vera riding him lustily. She had put her arms behind her head, which had the effect of making her ample breasts rise up high on her chest. Nan gasped as she gazed at the incredible sight, taking in every contour of her mother’s luscious body, especially how Damon’s member had been engulfed in her pussy, emerging hard and slick as Vera bounced happily on it. She couldn’t ever recall seeing her mother naked, and the sight all but took her breath away.

“Omigod, Mom,” Nan breathed, “you’re so beautiful.”

Vera, always striving to keep control of the situation, didn’t freak out at her daughter’s interruption of this intimate act. Instead, she became fixated on Nan’s own slender, graceful, but curvy figure. She herself hadn’t seen her daughter naked since Nan was a little girl, and the transformation rendered her speechless for a moment.

“So are you, dear,” she said softly.

There was a strange pause in the action, as if time had stopped. Damon was peering in the direction of Nan while at the same time he was glorying in the sensation of Vera’s enfolding of his cock into herself. The presence of the young woman he loved and the older woman he was very close to loving was almost too much for him to endure, and he could only let out a little whimper of ecstasy.

Vera articulated what everyone in the room was feeling. “Come and join us, dear.”

Stiffly, Nan walked over to the bed, uncertain exactly what to do. She had become familiar with taking two men at the same time, but this new scenario momentarily baffled her. Then, as if enlightenment had suddenly dawned, she knew what to do.

She climbed up onto the bed and sat on Damon’s face.

At once he seized Nan’s bottom with both hands as he pasted his lips against her nether lips, which were already getting coated with her wetness. Nan wriggled a little on Damon’s face, slathering his cheeks and chin with her juices, while she stared at her mother, who had resumed her jouncing on Damon’s cock. Tentatively, Nan reached out with her hands and seized her mother’s breasts, finding their rondure, contours, and firmness a striking contrast to her own—not that she felt her own were in any way inferior. Vera made that clear by extending her own hands and taking hold of her daughter’s breasts. The last time she had seen Nan topless, those breasts were just starting to blossom, and Vera silently approved of how her daughter had become a full-fledged, desirable young woman.

After a time, the two women bent forward and sealed this new development in their relationship with a kiss.

It was a kiss that lasted a long, long time, and involved a lot of variations and modifications: sometimes Nan stuck her tongue into her mother’s mouth, and Vera eagerly flicked her own tongue against it; at other times, Nan allowed Vera to paint a wet track with lips and tongue along her cheeks, nose, eyes, and even her earlobe; later, Nan bent down and kissed Vera’s breasts, sucking on her nipples alternately and at times pressing those breasts against her face.

Meanwhile, Damon wasn’t in any way passive. He probed Nan’s pussy thoroughly with his mouth, delighting in the usual copious flow of her juices. He switched from squeezing her bottom to squeezing Vera’s bottom; he had to work by feel, since Nan’s thighs and bottom entirely obscured his line of sight. Vera, for her part, was riding him hard, and he felt his culmination approaching. At that point he slid his hand toward Vera’s clitoris, stroking it in a way that he hoped would result in an unprecedented simultaneous triple climax.

And so it happened. As he shot his seed deep into Vera, he heard both her and her daughter moan and squeal with shuddering orgasms of their own as they clung to each other, wrapping their arms around each other’s necks while their sweat-coated breasts rubbed together. Damon akkent escort managed to prolong both Nan’s climax with his mouth and Vera’s with his fingers, until finally both women fell off of him and collapsed onto each other, Nan’s head falling on Vera’s breasts as they lay sprawled in a heap next to Damon.

“Jesus Christ!” Vera cried. “I can’t believe we did that!”

But she had an instinctive sense that this was only the beginning of this most unorthodox triple union. Sure enough, after a bit of rest, Nan began paying even more attention to her mother’s breasts, which seemed to fascinate her; whether she could actually remember suckling at them as an infant was highly open to doubt, but she liked to pretend that she could. Then she slid down her mother’s sweaty body and focused on Vera’s pussy, rubbing her face against the delicate black hairs before parting her labia with delicate fingers and fastening her lips onto her clitoris. This, she noted poignantly, was the channel out of which she had emerged into life twenty years ago. Vera, for her part, shrieked with surprise and pleasure at the sensation.

It was Damon who now took action. Taking hold of Nan’s legs, he gently encouraged her to get into a sixty-nine position with her mother. Nan readily complied, and Vera was now faced with the sight, smell, and taste of her daughter’s pussy in her face. She didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the situation, grabbing hold of Nan’s bottom with both hands as she pasted her own lips on Nan’s labia, sometimes inserting a tongue deep into her daughter’s crevice.

Damon was content to watch mother and daughter enjoy each other for a time, but he knew that he would soon want to take a more active role in the proceedings. Seeking not to distract the women in their pleasant work, he drew out the familiar blue jar—which had now been placed in the top drawer of Vera’s nightstand, just as it was in the various bedrooms of Iris’s house—and coated their anuses with the cold white stuff. Then, finding himself engorged by the exquisite sight before his eyes, he stationed himself behind the younger woman’s bottom—Nan was on top of her mother—and entered it.

Both women gasped—Nan from the sensation, and Vera from the incredible sight of a man’s cock entering her daughter’s posterior inches from her face. She continued to lick her daughter’s pussy with gusto while watching Damon’s cock disappear inch by inch into Nan’s anus until it was finally lodged almost to the hilt. She could, if she wished, stick out her tongue and lick Damon’s balls, and she did that—while making sure not to neglect her daughter’s sex. There was something about watching Damon’s organ thrust in and out of that normally forbidden orifice that excited her beyond comprehension, and she was convinced that she had another orgasm just from the sight of it. Nan, delighting in the sensation of being filled, began nuzzling her mother’s pussy frenetically, also taking hold of her bottom with both hands and finding the firmness and texture of those hemispheres subtly but fascinatingly different from both Damon’s and her own.

Damon knew that his climax couldn’t be held off much longer. As both women were crying out from what he suspected were ongoing orgasms of their own, he suddenly drew out of Nan’s anus and spattered his emission alternately on Nan’s nether crevice and on Vera’s face. The feel of that hot come made Vera let out a shriek, and Damon’s discharge was soon trickling down from Nan’s bottom into her mouth and down her throat.

Damon flopped away from the women, utterly spent. Nan, reluctantly giving up the succulent taste of her mother’s pussy, spun around and gazed down at Vera’s moistened face. Then she systematically licked up as much of Damon’s come as hadn’t entered her mouth.

All three were now in a kind of coma of exhaustion, physical and emotional. The acts they had just performed were inexpressible in their novelty and boldness, but none of them had any sense that they were in any sense obscene or immoral. Damon put the matter best by whispering some words alternately into the ear of mother (“I love you, Vera”) and daughter (“I love you, Nan”).

The next morning found Vera at her customary position at the kitchen table, sipping coffee contemplatively. When Nan wandered in, the two women exchanged brief glances and even briefer smiles while Nan got her own cup of coffee. She sat down quietly across the table from Vera.

“That was . . . pretty crazy last night,” Vera managed to say.

“Yeah, pretty crazy,” Nan agreed. “But fun.”

She stopped short, then shook her head. “No—more than fun. It was . . . wonderful. Wasn’t it, Mom?”

“Yes,” Vera whispered.

“I—I never felt closer to you, Mom, than I did then.”

“Me neither.”

“We’ve had our problems over the years, no doubt about it. But I love you so much, Mom. You must know that.”

Vera reached out to stroke her daughter’s face. “Yes, of course I know that. I’ve always known it.”

“And what we did,” Nan went on earnestly, “we did out of love. Didn’t we?”


“Good. I’m glad we agree.”

Then Nan giggled girlishly. “But it was fun, too, wasn’t it, Mom?”

Vera couldn’t deny it.

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Summer School

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Big Cock

A stand alone story, but a follow on to “Lesson Time”


Alex was sitting at the breakfast bar dressed in shorts and a tshirt, drinking coffee, when his sister Liza came into the kitchen. He’d been for a run and a shower, an early morning routine that he’d kept up while home from college for the summer.

She was wearing a floral skirt and colored blouse, with just a hint of cleavage showing. And makeup, which was unusual for her.

“I’m going to the mall after breakfast,” she said. “Want to come?”

“Sure,” he replied.

Liza poured a cup of coffee and sat down on the bar stool beside him.

“You ok…about the other night?” she asked putting her hand on his thigh. “We haven’t talked about…what happened….about what we did.”

He didn’t reply, unsure of what to say, as images of his sister, naked and writhing underneath him flashed into his mind.

“You’ve been avoiding me, little brother,” she continued, removing her hand and putting her arm around his shoulder, pulling him close.

“Yes,” Alex replied. “You’re right. I have.”

“I feel… so confused,” he added. “About…what happened…about…what we did…it’s supposed to be … wrong but it felt so natural.”

“And the worst thing,” he continued impulsively, “is that I want you even more. For two days now I haven’t been able to think of anything else except how much…”

“You want to fuck me again?” she supplied, removing her arm from his shoulder and placing her hand back on his thigh, perilously close to his cock which was hardening as they spoke, pushing against the confines of his shorts.

“That’s ok,” Liza said. “I’ve been thinking about you a lot, too.”

“I’ve been imagining us having sex. Fucking. Your cock in me, hard, thrusting, making me come. And you coming inside me, filling me up.”

“But here’s the thing,” she added. “Mum and dad will be home in a couple of days…and…we need to be…so very careful,” she stated.

“No one must ever know. No one. Ever.”

Alex shifted uncomfortably on the kitchen stool. Liza moved her hand slightly, placing it further up his thigh. “Oh,” she said, feeling his tumescent cock through his shorts, “You’re turned on.” She began stroking his cock through the material, and he arched his back and gasped, hardening more in response to her actions.

Liza stood up and with a swift motion unzipped her skirt, which fell to the floor. She slowly undid the buttons of her blouse. Transfixed, he watched as the curves of her creamy flesh came into view. She was wearing a low cut lace purple bra that matched her panties but barely contained her breasts. He could see her smooth flesh tanned flesh through the lacework.

“Take it off,” Alex said. “Please take it off.”

“You want to see my tits, little brother?” Liza asked. Without waiting for a reply she reached behind with one hand to unclasp the bra. It fell away to the floor and he stared at her breasts, his gaze mesmerized by the luscious curves of her flesh, the nipples hard and standing out from the freckled areolas. There were no tan marks, he noted, realizing the implications.

“Oh,” he moaned, his cock fully hard now, as she reached down with one hand to grasp him. Lifting himself slightly off the stool to stand on the floor, he slid his shorts down, dropping them to the floor and stepping out of them to reveal black boxers. She reached down again, running her fingers gently over the distended fabric. She felt him tense and swell, his length pushing against her fingers.

“Hmm,” she said, “My favorite part of your anatomy. Is that for me?” she said, reaching down with her hand to pull his briefs down. His rigid cock sprang free, and Liza bent down to take his cock in her mouth. He leant back against the counter, held captive by the sensations and the sight of his cock disappearing into his sister’s mouth.

Holding the bottom of his penis, Liza slid her mouth down her brother’s shaft, taking him as far as she could into her throat. As her lips came close to her thumb and fingers around the base of his cock, Alex moaned, “Oh baby,” and tensed, reflexively trying to push his engorged cock upwards, deeper into her mouth.

Moving her lips back up his shaft, she swirled her tongue around the head of his penis, around the glans, licking and sucking for a moment before his hand pushed her head back down his shaft again. Slowly, rhythmically she moved her mouth down then back up… down and up…down and up. She could hear his gasping, could sense his involuntary squirming, the heavy breathing he made as she sucked his swollen cock, savoring the taste and feel of him in her mouth. She wanted him to come in her mouth, to swallow his seed.

“Wait,” Alex said, pulling her head up, away from his cock, making her look up at him. Leaning forward he kissed her lips, slipping his tongue deep in her mouth. They kissed for a few more seconds, until he broke away.

He reached up with both hands to cup her heavy breasts, which were hanging free. “Oh Alex,” she said as he caressed them, rubbing his escort gaziantep thumbs over her large nipples. “That’s nice. Very nice.” He reached one hand down to touch her sex, but she took his hand away.

“Later, Alex, later. This is all for you now.”

She knelt down on the floor in front of him, her mouth on his cock again. She slid a hand under his balls, cupping them, feeling their size and weight respond as she sucked him.

She lifted her mouth from his cock and licked all the way down his shaft, all the way to his balls, gently licking and sucking these into her mouth Glancing up, she saw that he was watching her, seemingly paralyzed by pleasure, so she tried to keep her eyes on his as she licked her way back up his cock before taking him deeply in her mouth again. He shuddered and tensed, pushing forward, trying to fuck her mouth.

“Keep going,” he said, “Don’t stop. Please….don’t stop.”

Her lips slid down his length again, feeling the head of his cock in her throat, large, threatening to choke her as her lips reached the base of his shaft. She resumed her steady bobbing, swirling, licking, sucking, stroking him with her hand as her mouth serviced him.

“You’re so big,” she said, “So hard.”

“Hard for me.”

Alex was moaning and whimpering as his hips moved back and forth, thrusting into her mouth. She knew her brother was close, he was babbling loudly, thrusting, his penis hard and twitching in anticipation of imminent release. She moved her fingers lower, to caress his balls, which were tight and drawn up, ready for release…as his orgasm approached, he tried to pull out of her mouth, but she held him there. She could see the veins standing out on his rigid shaft, and she felt the pulsing in his cock as he started to come in her mouth.

“Oh …yes,” he cried out,” I’m coming,” as his cock swelled, erupted, his seed jetting down her throat. She gasped at the force of his ejaculation and her eyes widened, but she continued to suck her brother’s cock as he moaned with each pulse, pushing forward with each spurt into her eager mouth.

As his orgasm ended, he could see his semen drooling out of the corners of her mouth and down his shaft. His cum was on her lips and on her fingers and on his shaft. She kept his now softening, but still large, cock in her mouth, to lick his cum off the tip, to taste it again.

His heart was pounding as if he’d just run 100 yards. Repeatedly.

“That was good for you, baby?” she asked, letting his limp cock fall from her mouth. Wordlessly he nodded, his heart rate slowing.


The mall was crowded with school holiday escapees. “I’ve got some shoes to look at,” Liza said. “Do you want to come with me? “

“No,” he replied. “I’ll hang out in the bookstore until you are ready. The only thing I need to do is pick up something at Apple.”

He was looking through the new novels on display when he heard someone calling his name.

“Alex? Is that you?”

He looked up to see Jill, his one-time almost girlfriend. She was dressed in black yoga pants and a sleeveless blue top, her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, and no makeup. She walked over to him.

“My god, she’s attractive,” he thought, taking in the curve of her ass in the pants, the slim waist and her full breasts pushing forward, capturing his gaze.

“Jill…”, he replied, unsure of what to say after their last communication, when she had dumped him. Which had led him to…his sister’s bed.

“Alex…I’m very sorry about what I said the other day…when I texted you to break it off…that was very rude of me,” she said.

Alex just looked at her.

“I’m sorry…about that text. I didn’t really mean…what I said. It was…thoughtless.”

Alex remained silent, so Jill turned to leave.

“Are you going to introduce me to your friend?” Suddenly Liza was there. “Fuck,” he thought. “I should have stayed home.”

Seconds, seeming like minutes, passed before he spoke. “Jill….this is Liza….Liza….Jill”

The two woman stood looking at each other, sizing each other up, unsure of what to say next.

“Liza’s your new girl friend?” stated Jill, somewhat cattily.

“No,” replied Liza. “I’m his older sister. Can’t you see the resemblance?”

“Sure… you’re his sister,” was the response.

Feeling increasingly uncomfortable, Alex said to Liza, “Sis…I’m going to the Apple Store. See you at the car in 15 minutes?”

He turned to face Jill. “Jill…nice to see you again. See you around,” and Alex headed out of the bookstore into the mall.

Jill turned to Liza, “Well…bye then,” and she turned to leave.

“Wait,” Liza said, “I want to talk to you.”

Jill turned, silent.

“Not…that it’s any of your business…but…I really am his sister. And…although it’s none of my business…Alex really likes you. He was very upset when you dumped him. Especially why…the reason you gave. He was so upset that he showed me your text. “

“What? Jill exploded, “Alex showed araban escort you my message? That was private. Oh…. I’m so embarrassed.”

She turned her gaze away, unwilling to look directly at Liza.

Liza put her hand out to Jill’s arm. “Look…this is just between us. I will never tell Alex we talked. But you should know….the concern you expressed…Alex is not that big.”

“I’ve seen him,” Liza continued. “Undressed, I mean. And I’m a bit older than you…I’ve probably seen more cocks. Alex is bit larger than most boys, but not that much.”

“I know this is none of my business,” she added, “but if you like Alex…if you want to date him…I mean sleep with him…you’d be able to fit him inside you.”

“You’ve seen Alex’s cock? Your brother’s cock?” Jill asked, incredulously. “How?”

“It was by accident,” Liza replied. “I brought him coffee one morning when he was still in bed, asleep. The sheets were off…he sleeps naked…he had a morning hard on… he does have a nice looking cock.”

Alex had been in bed, true, and she’d brought coffee for Alex, and he’d been naked, his cock visible. But that was where fact became fiction. Liza had also been naked and there were two cups of coffee in her hands.

And his cock had been a lot larger a few minutes earlier when it was inside her pussy, stretching her wide open, as she twisted in ecstasy underneath her brother. But that’s not something she could share with Jill.

“Anyway, I’m pretty sure he’d like to see you again…if you are interested. You could drop by tomorrow evening…Friday…I’ll be out. And he said he’d be home.”


Alex answered the door. It was about 7pm, Liza was out, and he wasn’t expecting anyone, so he was surprised to see Jill standing there. She was wearing a tight fitting, somewhat short, little black dress. His eyes were immediately drawn to the necklace she was wearing, which was swinging free, pushed forward by the jut of her breasts. He could smell perfume. She looked good. And so very sexy. Her blonde hair was hanging free, down to her shoulders. And she had makeup on.

“Jill…this is a surprise. What brings you here?”

“Can I come in?”

“Yes…yes, of course.”

Alex stood back and she brushed past him and walked into the lounge. He watched her as she went, the contours of her ass outlined by the tightness of the skirt. The dress had a low back; he could see her bra strap and her tanned skin. He wondered if she sunbathed topless like Liza as he followed her into the room.

“Please…sit down. Would you like anything to drink?”

Jill sat on the couch. “Do you have any wine?”

“Yes…. red ok?” he replied.

“That’d be nice.”

He went to the kitchen, opened a bottle of Old Vine zinfandel and poured two glasses. Returning to the lounge, he handed her a glass and sat on the couch by her, close but not too close.

Jlll was looking down into the glass when she spoke.

“This is awkward….but I wanted you to know….I meant what I said the other day. In the mall I mean, not what was in my text. I’m very sorry about that.”

Alex waited, unsure of what to say, so Jill continued, “And…I’d like to start seeing you again.”

She looked up at him this time. “But I understand if…you say no.”

Alex took a sip of wine, his thoughts and emotions in turmoil.

“But what about…what you said in your text?” he replied, perplexed by her offer, but at the same time excited by the prospect. He’d always found Jill attractive, and her choice of outfit today was positively distracting. His eye was constantly drawn to the swinging necklace oscillating between her breasts.

“You said that…you didn’t want to…have sex with me …because…well you know what you said. And what happened….when we tried.”

They’d been in her bedroom, and he’d tried to enter her from behind. Jill had said it hurt, so he’d stopped, but he was so excited that he’d come anyway all over her ass and pussy and the bedspread.

Jill sipped her wine before speaking.

“Liza…your sister…we talked in the mall after you left…she said…I was being silly…about my concern… I’m so embarrassed saying this….she said that I’d…that women adjust with enough preparation….to a man’s size…”

Jill gulped more wine, dropping her gaze again. “I haven’t slept with many boys you know. Liza encouraged me to come here tonight…to talk to you.”

As Jill spoke, Alex was trying not to think of his sister lying beneath him, moaning, her legs wrapped around him as he thrust his shaft deeply into her pussy. But that was taboo territory, never to be revealed. And he was aroused by what Jill was saying.

Alex leant forwarded and kissed Jill chastely on the lips, saying, “I haven’t been with a lot of girls either and I do find you…very sexy. So…maybe we can see what happens.”

Jill put her glass down on the table and moved closer on the couch. Reaching out she took Alex’ glass and put that down as well. Leaning arap escort forward she put a hand behind his head, pulling him to her, and kissed him hard. Taking one of his hands she placed it on her breast. Through the material of the dress he could feel her erect nipple. “Touch me,” she said. “I want you to touch my breasts.”

Tentatively, Alex reached his hands around Jill, across the middle of her back, and unclasped her bra. He found the zipper for the dress and slid it down a few inches, stopping just above the curve of her buttocks. Feeling her tremble, he pulled the dress off her shoulders to her waist, leaving her breasts half enclosed by the unloosened bra.

Alex had that usual male fascination with breasts, somewhere between amazement and worship. And male ignorance of what to do…until Jill reached down again, took both his hands and placed them on her breasts.

“Touch me,” she said,” please kiss my breasts. Suck my nipples. You can…bite me if you’re careful. I really like that.”

Alex moved his hands slowly forward, very slowly, along the sides of her breasts. His fingertips trailed up and down across the curves and contours of her body. Jill exhaled deeply and reached up to slip her bra off her shoulders, giving Alex a vision of her taut, full breasts, before she moved forward to kiss him passionately. He slid his hands down to her waist and gripped her body as they kissed; as she lifted her chest up, he slid his palms back to the sides of her breasts and then underneath, feeling her nipples contract against the soft skin of his palms and she gasped deeply as she felt his hands cup her breasts. She broke their kiss and buried her face against his neck as he gently squeezed her soft flesh, sliding her nipples between his thumbs and palms, lightly pinching them, earning another gasp from her against his neck.

Jill pushed herself forward again, and he eagerly pressed his mouth to her right breast, wrapping his lips around her erect nipple. She groaned and stretched back as he tenderly swirled the tip of his tongue across the nipple and lifted his other hand to caress her other breast.

His lips tugged at her tender skin as he licked his tongue all over her breast, finally taking the nipple into his mouth again. Her fingers dug deeply into Alex’ hair and she moaned above him as he sucked and gently bit down. “Oh god,” she said, “oh my god.”

Again she gasped sharply and held Alex’ head tight against her, cradling his face in the valley between her breasts. Her chest was warm, moist with sweat and her breasts moved against his cheeks as she breathed deeply to calm herself. Reaching down, she touched the outside of his pants. His cock was like a rigid steel bar. “Show me,” she said. “Show me…your cock. I want to see your cock.”


They were in his bedroom now. Jill was sitting on the edge of the bed. They’d gradually removed their clothes, leaving just her panties. Alex was naked, his cock hard, fully erect, standing in front of her. She’d been stroking him, licking and sucking the shaft, tasting the precum oozing from his slit. She’d never been quite so brazen with other boys, but it seemed so natural to take his cock into her mouth, to lick and suck until Alex was delirious with sensation.

“I know another place this big cock would look good”, she said. “Come closer.”

Cupping her breasts, she wrapped them around his cock, imprisoning him in her cleavage. Slowly she moved her breasts up and down his cock, opening her mouth to let a line of saliva fall onto his penis. Squeezing her breasts together she started moving faster and he groaned at the sensation her wet breasts provided around the length of his cock.

And then she stopped, holding her breasts together, and said, “Fuck my tits.”

Moving his hips, he thrust his cock through the tunnel formed by her breasts, back and forth, the head of his cock pushing free at the culmination of each stroke. She added to his excitement by lowering her head and flicking her tongue out, catching the tip of his cock each time it thrust up at her. “I saw this in a porno. I thought it was faked”, she said, leaning forward, opening her mouth for his cock.

“Oh, my god,” he groaned as she sucked the reddish purple head of his cock, “this is like those movies.”

Letting her breasts go, she grabbed his cock and with no hesitation, took him into her mouth again. “Slowly,” she said, “I haven’t… tried this before.” “But I think you like this?”

“Oh god Jill,” was all he could say.

Reaching forward, gently touching her hair, he thrust his hips forward, plunging his cock into her wet, warm, open mouth. She took his cock inside, making obscene noises as she began sucking even faster. Her tongue explored the tip of his cock, so wet with salty pre-cum. Eagerly she wiggled her tongue around the head of his cock to savor the taste of the sticky liquid.

Looking up she mouthed some words around his cock. He had no idea what she was saying as he pushed forward, his hard cock sliding further into the warmth of her waiting mouth. But he didn’t care what she was saying as long as she kept doing what she was doing. “Oh god,” he gasped as Jill began moving her head up and down, her lips still wrapped round his shaft. His hips rose and fell in a rhythmic motion, repeatedly driving his cock into her waiting mouth.

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Summer Fun

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Big Tits

I must have really been into the task at hand because I had not heard the car in the drive, the front door or the knock on my door. It was not until I heard her voice gasp, “Oh my God!” that I was snapped back to reality and I jerked my head towards the door to see her standing there. We were both too shocked to move or say anything for a few seconds; there I was with my cock in my hand as my sister stood in the doorway with her mouth open just staring at me. Before I could yell at her to get out she stuttered, “I..I’m sorry.” and spun out of the room closing the door behind her. With my mood suddenly spoiled I laid there for a couple of minutes cursing what had just happened as my once erect cock slowly deflated back to it’s normal flaccid self.

“Why didn’t I lock the door?” I thought. It had been a while since I had seen Julie. She was in college and had not been home since winter break. The fact was she was not supposed to be home for the summer till next week. I had thrown on some shorts and a t-shirt and left my room to find her. Once my anger and embarrassment had subsided I had become concerned that she would tell our parents what she had seen and that was a conversation I did not want to have. As I came down the stairs and rounded the corner I saw Julie sitting at the breakfast bar in the kitchen. This was the first time I really got a good look at her.

Julie was about 5’6″ and had a nice body with long shapely legs and perky 34C tits. Her figure was shown off nicely by her outfit of a peach pleated skirt that stopped just above mid thigh and was topped with a form fitting white baby doll tee. When I saw her sitting there my cock suddenly started to swell again. I could not believe my sister could be having this effect on me. Sure she could be classified as a hot piece of ass, but she was still my sister and here I was wondering what she would look like without those clothes on. Wanting to take my mind from those thoughts I spoke up and grumbled, “Hey” as I walked up behind her.

She spun her head around and said, “Oh hey big guy,” as she smiled. She had never called me that before but I figured it was just something she picked up this past year at college.

“What are you doing home so soon?” I demanded making sure my displeasure was apparent.

“One of my professors had to leave town for a meeting so he gave the exam early. I finished up everything yesterday and just decided to come home.” She shrugged as she said this. From the tone in my voice she must have inferred what I was upset about because she continued, “I knocked on your door. I wanted to see if you could help with my stuff but from the looks of things you had your hands full.” She laughed at her own cleverness. I did not laugh.

“Look, you are not going to tell mom and dad are you?” I blurted out because I just had to know the answer.

She looked at me in disbelief, “Hell no! What mom and dad don’t know won’t hurt them.” She smiled and then she winked at me in a kind of teasing way. I smiled as I sat down next to her, relieved to know our parents would not find out and relaxed that Julie did not seem freaked out.

“So is that your car in the drive?” she said after a couple minutes of silence.

Thankful for the subject change I smiled and said,” Yeah, mom and dad got it for me for my birthday. It’s a POS as they say, but it is mine and I do not have to bum rides from friends anymore.”

Julie sighed and looked at me suddenly serious. “I am sorry I missed your birthday Justin. I go so caught up in school and what I was doing I just did not even think about it.”

‘It’s no big deal, I missed yours too anyway.” Even though Julie was two years older than me we shared the same birth month so it was not like we could really forget each other’s birthday.

“Yes, but turning 18 is a much bigger deal than turning 20 and as your big sis I should have done something to help you celebrate. I will make it up to you this summer. I promise.” My cock jumped a little as she put here hand on my thigh.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable I jumped up and said,” Well I am going to go for gaziantep escort bayan a swim.”

“Oh that is a great idea! Let me go change and I will join you.” With that Julie got up and bounced out of the room.

I had changed and made it out to the pool several minutes before Julie so I was just laying back in the pool with my eyes closed enjoying the coolness of the water as the early afternoon sun beat down. My thoughts were drifting back to how good Julie had looked in that skirt and imagining what she would look like in a swimsuit. My cock was just starting to stir at these thoughts when I felt a splash and heard, “Wake up big boy.”

I lifted my head and looked over to see Julie bobbing in the water a few feet away. Her dark brown hair was laid back from the water. Through the ripples and tiny waves I could tell she was wearing a blue bikini. She looked so sexy my cock was almost at full attention. “Why do you keep calling me big boy?” I asked trying to clear my head.

“Well from what I saw earlier it seems appropriate.” She giggled and then splashed me again.

I shook the water from my face and said, “You will pay for that.” And I lunged after her. As I moved toward her she darted to her right and I reached out and grabbed her by the ankle. She screamed as I reached up to grab her leg with my other hand to pull her in. “Payback’s a bitch ain’t it.” She just giggled and splashed me again. This time she was within reach so I put my hand on her shoulders to dunk her when she dipped below the surface. Determined to not let her escape I grasped for anything under the water, but all I got was some thin string that pulled tight and then slipped through my hand as she swam away underwater.

As she resurfaced on the other side of the pool she pushed the water from her hair and looked over at me and said, “You undid my top.” as she held up strings in both hands. It was obvious now that she was wearing a tie string bikini. “Oh well.” she laughed and in one motion pulled the top over her head and threw it on the deck next to the lawn chairs. If I was not hard before I was now!

We swam for a few more minutes and I made sure to keep my distance when she finally said, “Well I am going to get out and sun myself.” With that she swam to the shallow end and climbed the stairs out of the pool. I could not believe my sister was being so casual about being topless in front of me. What is more is I could not believe the effect it was having on me. As she got out I noticed that the bottom of the bikini was also the tie style. I also noticed what a nice ass she had.

My cock was throbbing as I watched her walk over to the lounge chair, her firm ass swaying from side to side. As she turned I got my first real look at her tits and they were perfect, perky with no sag at all. Her tits were completely tan so I knew this was not the first time she had sunned topless. She hard dark, quarter sized areolas with nipples the size of pencil erasers. From where I was it was difficult to tell for certain but they looked hard and erect.

She dried herself as she sat on one of the lounges and called to me, “Hey Justin, how about coming over her and putting some lotion on my back so I do not get burned.” I got out of the pool hoping that she would not notice my cock tenting my trunks. I walked over and sat on the lounge next to her and looked her body over as she lay there; I could not believe how sexy she looked. “Here.” She said as she handed me a bottle of lotion. I squeezed some into my hand and began rubbing it into her upper back between her shoulders. Her skin was so soft and smooth to the touch I kept imagining licking and kissing her body all over. By the time I reached her shoulders I was giving her a massage as much as rubbing the lotion in. “Mmmm, you are good with those hands.” she moaned. I just smiled and continued to massage her and rub the lotion in. I moved my hands down her shoulders and slid them to her sides just below her raised arms. She moaned slightly as my fingers grazed the side of her breasts. I continued down her sides to her anal yapan gaziantep escort waist and slowly moved my hands up and over the small of her back. The entire time I was rubbing in the lotion and applying just enough pressure to give a slight massage.

“Don’t forget my legs.” Julie cooed over her shoulder, “Wouldn’t want them to burn either.” Obligingly I got some more lotion and started rubbing it into her legs starting at her left ankle and moving up her calf. Just as I reached the back of her knee I moved to her right calf continuing to massage her while rubbing in the lotion. I continued to move up her legs enjoying the erotic sensation of her smooth soft skin under my hand, working first on one leg and then the other. As I moved up her thigh she shifted a little on the lounge, by the time I reached mid-thigh she had spread her legs slightly. I took this as a sign that she was enjoying the attention as much as I enjoyed giving it.

I continued up her leg until I was lowly rubbing the lotion into her bare ass exposed by the bikini. By this time Julie’s breathing had become heavy and deep. As I let my thumbs slip beneath the legs of her bikini bottom I was expecting her to end my little fantasy session, but instead she actually spread her legs a little wider so I could now see the outline of her swollen lips through the material. Not wanting to pass an opportunity like this I dropped my hands between her legs and continued to rub her smooth skin. As I rubbed her inner thighs I let my fingers brush lightly over her lips through the bikini. As I did this I heard a little gasp and then a soft whisper, “Yes.” I figured I could not ask for a better invitation and decided to go for broke so I shifted my focus from her thighs directly to her pussy. I cupped my hand over her lips so my fingers were right were her clit would be and I began to apply gentle pressure massaging her. As I moved my hand between her legs I could feel her pushing back against it. With my other hand I was massaging her firm ass. No longer being quiet Julie was clearly moaning and enjoying herself, saying, “Yes, don’t stop. That feels so good.” As she began grinding harder into my hand her warmth and wetness were seeping through her suit.

Suddenly Julie spun around on the lounge so she was facing me with her legs spread. She was staring at me with desire in her eyes and said, “I need your tongue on me now.” With that she grabbed my head and pulled me into her crotch and said, “finish what you started little brother.” Her scent over powered the lingering chlorine and did she smell good. Needing no further motivation I quickly reached up and pulled the strings on her bikini bottom so it fell away. There I was with my sister’s pussy right in front of my face and it was beautiful. Her outer lips were swollen and rounding forming a perfect valley politely hiding everything beneath. Right at the top of her slit her clit was swollen so it was peaking out. I lowered my face and with the tip of my tongue I began to gently trace the outside of her lips. After a couple of times around I slowly ran my tongue up her slit and circled her clit. I repeated this a couple of times pushing just a little further between her lips each time when she finally pushed my head down and said, “Stop teasing and eat me!”

Not wanting to disappoint my big sis my tongue dove into her pussy and I began to lap up her sweet juices. I now had my face buried in her and my tongue was working in and out as I moved my head from side to side. Then I brought my tongue up to her clit to lick it and then suck it while my tongue twirled circles around it. Then I plunged my tongue back into her sweetness to repeat the licking I was giving her pushing harder and deeper into her. This time as I pulled my tongue out to lick her clit I replaced my tongue in her with two fingers. As I did this I reached up with my other hand and began to massage her bare breast gently pinching her hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I was sucking her clit into my mouth curling my fingers inside antep escort her looking for her g-spot. Once I found her spot I pushed my hand hard into her and stroked it faster while sucking her clit. It did not take long of this treatment before she arched her back and moaned, “Oh God, I’m cumming.” I felt her muscles tighten as I felt several spasms pump through her body before she collapsed back into the lounge. She lay there breathing heavily as I gently slid my tongue back into her licking as much of her sweet nectar as I could get. As I continued to lick her pussy her hands began to stroke my hair. My face was covered in her juices as she slowly lifted my head and leaned forward. She looked me in the eyes and said, “Thank you little bro.” then she leaned in and gave me a deep kiss. As she pulled back she smiled and said, “Now let’s see what I can do to help you.” and she looked down at the bulge in my trunks.

She slid her thumbs inside the waist of my shorts and in one motion dropped them to the ground. My cock sprang out in front of me throbbing from everything it had been through today. Julie just stared at it in admiration then she looked up at me and said, “I have been thinking about this ever since I saw you this morning.” Then she leaned in to me and kissed the tip of my cock very gently. As she pulled away a string of precum stretched from her lips back to my cock. With her hand she gently lifted me so my cock was almost touching my stomach and she leaned in and slowly let her tongue trace the underside. Starting at the base and moving toward the head she let my cock lower back to its normal place. As she reached the head she circled it with her tongue and then she looked me in the eyes as she sucked the head of my cock into her mouth.

I could feel her tongue moving around my shaft as she moved her mouth further down my cock. Julie had obvious experience making guys cum with her mouth and I did not know how long I would last. Just as I was thinking this Julie released my cock from her mouth giving me a reprieve. She gently stroked me with her hand a couple of times as she leaned back in and let her tongue tease my balls before sucking one into her mouth while cupping the other with her hand. After a little bit of sucking she released that one and sucked the other into her mouth. I had never experienced this before and the sensation of the air cooling the wetness she left behind was amazing.

Determining that my cock had been left alone long enough she sucked it right back into her mouth. She worked her way down a little further this time before pulling back. She did not release me this time; instead she stopped with just the head in her mouth before moving back down my shaft taking a little more into her mouth. Each time she would tease my cock with her tongue as she moved down my shaft and then flatten he tongue against the underside of my cock as she pulled back sucking on me.

My shaft was slick now with a mixture of her saliva and my precum when she went down on me the fifth time and I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her throat. I was sure she would stop there so I was shocked when the kept going me taking me deeper into her throat so she had me all the way in her mouth. Instinctively I grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth, Julie never stopped licking or sucking. It did not take long before I could not stand it any longer. “Julie, I am going to cum,” I moaned and started to pull out. Julie only let me withdraw from her throat before she held me in her mouth. She wanted me to cum in her mouth and that knowledge pushed me over the edge as I shot several loads of cum into my older sister’s mouth. As I finished she slowly pulled off of me, stroking my shaft and sucking every last drop from me. As she released my cock from her mouth I collapsed back onto the lounge next to her totally spent.

Julie looked at me laying there and said, “Well does that make up for me missing your birthday?”

I looked over at her and said,”Well, It’s a start,” and smiled.

She raised one eyebrow at me and responded, “Well, I guess I will just have to keep trying.” Then she stood and grabbed her bikini and started to walk to the house. As she walked away she called over her shoulder, “Come on, we better get cleaned up before mom and dad get home. Last one to the shower is the last one to cum.”

Not wanting to miss another opportunity I grabbed my trunks off the ground and ran into the house after her.

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Naughty Lingerie Show

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I had been working for more than 25 years for a big Swedish company. I have since long been an executive VP and member of the board and thus earned the right to an early retirement.

Now at the age of sixty the time had come. The policy of our company says that a senior officer shall debrief all personnel who leave. In my case Ylva, senior VP and head of Human Resource, was appointed. A date and time had been set up a few days before my last working day. Her secretary had also phoned and said that there was going to be an informal office party to my honor afterwards.

The meeting took place in the HQ’s suite of meeting rooms. We had a small pleasant room with comfortable chairs.

We met at four o’clock. Ylva had ordered a bottle of fine burgundy and some exquisite dark chocolate. She served the wine; we tasted and approved it. We started the debriefing.

I had known Ylva for many years. She was about ten years my junior and had been appointed to her present position five years earlier. But she had been with the company much longer. We had always got along well and I had had good reasons to compliment her several times for excellent work.

She was good looking with a nice figure, which she kept in shape. She worked out regularly, she jogged and was careful with her food. She was proud of being in good shape and secretly she was especially proud of her great breasts. I had seen her a few times in swimwear, both bikinis and elastic suits. Her breasts were full and round but firm and kept themselves up with just a natural sag. Of course time had taken its toll but her breasts were still remarkable.

She always dressed to make the best of her boobs but always with good taste and without being too obvious. But I was aware of that she knew how to use her charms when dealing with males.

Not only had I complimented Ylva for her work. Now and then I also gave her compliments for her looks, new hairstyle and so on. She seemed to appreciate it. At a few occasions I had also complimented her for her great breasts. It had been at dinner parties when we all were dressed up and had had a drink or three. She had worn low cut dresses that really showed off her ample bosom. I was careful though not to offend her. But she had liked it. She had blushed and said thank you. Every time during these evenings when we bumped into each other she smiled and made her breasts bounce.

Today she wore a nice suit costume in thin Thai silk. The jacket was loose-fitting with several buttons. A few at the top were undone and she showed a deep interesting cleavage.

We went on leisurely with the debriefing with much side talks about old memories. We enjoyed the wine and the chocolate. After an hour she excused herself to go to the bathroom. But it was no problem to continue when she came back.

She started to talk about an incident a couple of years ago. She got agitated and leaned forward in her chair to stress her point. I got aware of that I could see down her jacket where her great breasts were on display. More buttons had come undone. Suddenly I realized that her deep cleavage was gone and instead her breasts bounced freely.

She saw that I had difficulties to keep me eyes on her face. They wandered down her suit all the time. She kept talking but a faint, sly smile spread over her face. Her eyes shone.

When she finished her story she sat straight up again. She sipped her wine and so did I. We had by now nearly emptied the bottle.

I started to tell her a story. She listened intently to me. Now and then she smoothed out her dress and fiddled with the hidden buttons. We were in fact since long through with the formal debriefing and now only enjoyed sitting together talking.

When she answered she again leaned forward. Her jacket opened up again, even more than before. I couldn’t stop my eyes from dropping and to stare down her jacket at her lovely breasts. I heard a throaty laugh and looked up. I must have looked very guilty indeed.

“You like them, don’t you?” She stated and laughed again. “I know you always have. Well, take a good look. It’s a once in a lifetime offer and only because you are retiring.” She teased me.

I just sat there for a while staring at this lovely scene.

“Your breasts are very beautiful,” I said “Yes, you are right, I have always admired them. You look so nice. They fit you so well. You must be proud of them.”

She blushed slightly then wriggled her shoulders to make the breasts bounce. It was lovely.

“Yes, I must admit that I am proud of my breasts. It’s not many women my age and with breasts this size that can go braless and still catch men’s attention. I have even gone braless at the office now and then. Have you noticed?”

“Well, yes of course I have. Last week you had that red blouse. Your breasts swung so nicely. And your nipples showed. A couple of weeks ago you had a blue dress with a very deep and interesting cleavage. And there have been other occasions when I have noticed and admired. bayan escort I guess you like to catch men’s attention.”

“Well, I must say, you are most observant. And yes, I like to tease men. But that blue dress has built-in support. Without that not even I can show such a cleavage,” she giggled.

“I also remember that party about a year ago. You were wearing a deep red strapless dress that was cut deep in the back. Your whole upper body was nearly naked. You looked so wonderful and I kept wondering all evening how the dress stayed in place,” I said adding to this line of talk.

“Oh yes,” Ylva sighed of pleasure at the memory. “You should know that it took all my guts to wear that dress. But when I saw it in the shop I just knew that I had to dare wearing it. And you gave me such lovely compliments that evening. A bit rude perhaps but I knew that it came from your heart or maybe from some other place,” she giggled. “I knew that you weren’t half as drunk as you pretended to be. It made me feels so womanly, so sexy, just what I had longed for with that dress. I flew high the entire evening. I just loved the stares of the men.”

Slowly she opened her jacket that suddenly wasn’t buttoned at all. Her dark brown nipples were erect.

Ylva sat quiet letting me admire her breasts.

“I wouldn’t scream if you touched them,” she suddenly said very softly.

I looked up at her. Had she really said what I heard or was it only in my imagination. But her eyes told me that it was true and she smiled at me.

I reached out and cupped her breasts. I fondled them and felt their heaviness in my hands. I could not control myself. I leaned forward and kissed the round swell of her breast. I kissed a nipple and took it in my mouth and felt it harden. I kissed the other breast and nipple.

Ylva grabbed my neck and pulled my nose down into her cleavage. She pushed her breasts together from the sides. I was allowed to kiss and feel her breast all over my face.

“I have wondered,” she murmured. “I have been so curious. I have felt it when we have danced but I wasn’t sure.” I felt her hand brush over my crotch.

I looked up at her. A smile spread over her face. Her hand was back at my crotch outlining my stiff cock.

“Yes, I thought so. Yes, a nice big fat cock,” she murmured for herself. Her hand had gripped my cock through my pants and jacked lightly.

I cupped her breasts and kissed them. It was lovely to feel her warm, soft, heavy and yet firm breasts.

“My, my, I think we have had enough,” I heard Ylva say. “I think we have better stop now. The office party is about to begin.”

She lifted my head off her breasts and I looked into her smiling eyes. I was still allowed to touch her though. But then she gently pushed me away. She rose to leave and gave me a peck on the cheek.

The office party was fun. A lot of people wanted to say good-bye and wish me luck. Or they wanted free drinks and snacks. Anyhow, I had a good time. Many women hugged me with full body contact. Their breasts were pressed to my chest. That felt good.

Towards the end of the party I felt that something was put in my jacket pocket. It was a folded note. On the outside it said: “Read in private.”

I went to the bathroom and read. It said: “Sneak into the attic meeting room when the party breaks up. A few of us want to take farewell more intimate and in private.”

Of course I wondered what was up. I knew a few persons who liked to arrange surprise parties. Was this party to continue somewhere else? And who was behind it. Well, I would find out soon enough. After another half an hour the party died and I did as I was asked.

The meeting room in the attic was built under the clock tower and was roomy with a high ceiling. It was very comfortable. There was no conference table, just easy chairs in groups. It was more meant for relaxed discussions than formal meetings. It had an expensive hi-fi system and a small kitchen behind a wall.

Someone had been there and made preparations. An easy chair stood alone. Several candles were lit in the corners. On a table I found bottles of chilled champagne in buckets and an envelope addressed to me.

“We are a group of women who have put together a show that we perform at parties. You know all of us more or less. We want to perform for you as our farewell gift. For reasons that you will understand we have to hide our identities. We cannot even talk. Take the seat, enjoy the wine and shortly our lingerie show will begin.”

I was breathless. What was this? Was it a joke? If it was for real I was up for an experience. Well, I could only wait and see.

I opened a bottle and sat down sipping the champagne. I tried but couldn’t figure out who the women might be. The letter indicated that the show was somehow daring and the thought made my cock to twitch in anticipation. It had been on alert all afternoon first with Ylva and then from all the women that escort bayan had hugged me.

I had waited for nearly half an hour when there was a tap on the door and it opened slightly. An arm came in and with a remote control put out the light. The candles gave the room a soft light. The arm operated the remote again and the stereo started to play music.

The door opened in full. Outside it was dark. Shadows floated into the room and lined up in the middle. The door closed behind them.

There were five in all. They were swept in mid-thigh length Spanish cloaks in different, deep colors. Caps covered the heads and hairs and veils the faces. Only the eyes were free like on Arabic women. A tail was attached to the caps.

Suddenly a number of spotlights were lit giving pools of light spots. The music changed into a very rhythmic tune.

The shadows started to move to the music. The thin material allowed the cloaks to float out very easily. The cloaks were only buttoned at the neck. When the shadows whirled around the cloaks floated out and revealed that the shadows indeed were women. Under the cloaks they had nothing but a rich variety of erotic lingerie and high heels and stay-ups.

A light brown or beige cloak danced slowly in front of me in a pool of light and held her cloak open with outstretched arms. Her skin was pale, nearly white. Her black lingerie set was a simple, low cut bra where the nipples were above the rim. The panties were thong type with the hem high up on her hips. She must have had a Brazilian waxing because no pussy hair was visible at the sides. She also had a garter strap around her left leg in soft nappa leather. The tail was in the same material.

She turned around and wriggled her ass. Her cheeks bounced nicely. She moved around my chair and let the cloak cover my head for a brief moment. The material was silk and felt soft and cool.

A white cloak danced forward. Her skin was creamy white. She had small breasts and needed no bra but had a bandana. She had small black panties and a garter belt of white fox fur. The tail on her cap was also the tail from a white fox. She was slender, almost skinny. She turned to dance away and showed a nicely framed ass that was taut and firm.

The red cloak came up. When her cloak opened I began to understand the colors. Her skin was pale with freckles. She must be a redhead. Her lingerie was red lace and see through but with modest cutting. She was well built and not skinny at all. On the contrary, she had a full figure without being fat. Her ass cheeks moved very nicely when she turned. Of course she had a tail and a garter strap from the red fox

The brown cloak danced before me. The tail was a full skin of brown mink. Her lingerie was green. Her skin was yellowish and looked soft. A mesh bra let her full breasts bounce around. Her stiff brown nipples poked out through holes in the bra. She too had a very nice full ass that moved on its own.

Finally the black cloak with a tail of the blue fox. Her skin was olive. Her full figure was hour glass-shaped with wide hips, narrow waist and full bosom. She looked fantastic in a leather harness outfit that took well care of and emphasized her full breasts.

The five women lined up again. On a silent command they all pushed the cloaks away and let them hung on their backs. They moved freely around and helped themselves to champagne.

I became suddenly aware of that they indeed were women and not girls. Mature women in fact. I would say that they were in the range between 30 and 40 and very well kept and exercised. They looked marvelous and all had chosen lingerie to match their bodies.

A sudden tap on the door made us all stir. But the women relaxed when the door opened and two more women entered, dressed like the rest. Well, made an entrance better describes how they did it. One by one they took a few steps inside, swirled around and stopped in a pose with the cloaks wide open on outstretched arms. One cloak shimmering gray and the other black with silvery streaks. One tail of Persian lamb and one of a skin of black mink with white streaks. One in modest but exquisite cut lingerie in silver. One in daringly cut black lingerie that showed big breasts at its best and a thong that emphasized a protruding mons veneris.

The two newly arrived women were definitely older than the rest. It was also obvious that they were the leaders. The body language of the rest was very clear.

The women relaxed and lingered around sipping, well no, drinking champagne. I was handed a glass and frequently offered refills. Bottles emptied rapidly and the women giggled more and more. But not a word was said. They carefully kept the cloaks out of the way to show off to me when they moved around. I sat in my chair and watched the lovely sight.

Someone took care of the stereo and new tunes came on. They again danced to the music and the cloaks swayed around them. Sometimes they were bayan escort gaziantep spread all over the room, at other times they were together in a tight group.

As on command they lined up again, cloaks closed. The music changed to a pleasant ballad type tune.

On a silent command they started dancing again. The coats floated out and they pushed them back over the shoulders. All the bras were gone and a rich variety of breasts swayed around me. They circled around my chair shifting positions. Now and then one of them stopped in front of me and let her breasts bounce. They cupped the breasts and pinched the stiff nipples until they stood out.

The tune ended and they lined up. They all looked at me expecting something. I got to my senses and applauded and cheered. They bowed and made deep curtseys like artists in a theatre.

They spread and moved around again. I kept on cheering and clapping my hands until they lined up again bowing and curtsying.

I stopped cheering and tried to compliment them in words. But the veils made it hard to understand how they reacted.

Suddenly I saw the white fur approach the black mink and talked to her eagerly for a little while. The mink then gathered the rest around them in a tight circle. The white fur spoke in a low voice but I couldn’t hear what she said. She argued determined for a while until one by one the women seemed to agree. The red fox went to the stereo and selected a new tune.

The women moved around freely again drinking more champagne. My glass was filled by the blue fox.

When the tune changed they lined up. The new tune was slow and seductive. They danced graciously around spreading out and gathering in groups.

Suddenly the light brown cloak danced in front of me. She raised her arms to hold the cloak open and revealed that she had taken also her panties off. With the cloak open she danced forward and stopped only when she was as close as she could come. My face was at her pussy level. Her pubic mons was completely bald and her pussy lips slightly open and glistening from wetness.

She dropped her arms and closed her cloak behind my head. I was in darkness and felt the lovely scent from an aroused woman. She sank down and let her breasts touch my face. Then she was gone as suddenly as she had come.

The red fox quickly replaced her. She let her cloak be a little open behind my head letting in some light. I clearly saw her rich pussy bush. It was dark red. She was well built, and her ample breasts swung above me. She sank down and pushed her breasts into my face. Suddenly a taut nipple was in my mouth for me to suck on. If it was on purpose I don’t know but she had no objections when I started to suck.

Something flashed through my mind. I knew this woman. I saw for my inner eye a full-bodied woman with big flaming red hair. She always got my attention when we met.

“Thank you, Margareta,” I said under her cloak when she at last withdrew her breasts. “You are marvelous. I have always admired you.”

She froze for a moment and then laughed throatily. She bent down and whispered:

“Oh, you are not supposed to know who we are. But thank you for the compliments. I appreciate it. That’s why I am doing this, to show off.”

She left me and joined the others, dancing. But there was new energy and spring in her step.

I thought that I understood the fur tail code by now. And it was confirmed when the brown mink came close. Her silky pussy bush was very close in color to her mink tail and garter strap. She let my nose brush through her rich bush that was neatly trimmed. She turned around and swept her cloak aside. Suddenly her great ass bounced close in front of me. Her hips gyrated and her ass wriggled. She parted her feet and her crack opened to reveal her pussy. It glistened from wetness and her scent was strong.

On an impulse I lifted my hands to her ass cheeks and fondled them. She swayed away in surprise but then swayed back again and pressed her cheeks into my hands for a short while. I heard her laugh deeply when she withdrew.

I couldn’t tell her name but had an idea of who she might be. The suspicion got stronger when I watched her move around. It definitely was something familiar in the way she moved and wriggled her hips.

My thoughts were interrupted by the white fox. It was no doubt that she was a true blonde. Her bush was curly with light thin hair. Her slit showed through the hair. She was slender and her breasts small and perky. Her very long nipples were taut and stood out. She let her nipples brush all over my head and face. She rasped them hard against my stubble. I thought it should hurt but she enjoyed it. She moaned a few times before she withdrew.

I got no clue to who she might be. But the company was big with lots of personnel.

The women circled around to the music. They seemed to enjoy themselves as much as I enjoyed them. It gave me a breather.

The group of women tightened dancing close together until the blue fox broke free and turned towards me. She held the cloak open with outstretched arms, let her hips gyrate and wriggled her shoulders. Her whole body vibrated when she performed a very sexy version of belly dance. Her breasts bounced and she pushed her pussy forward in a number of short rapid thrusts.

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Not on the Menu

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Pure fiction. Many thanks to my editor, Wicked Inside.


As I entered, the familiar noise and smells hit me. This sports bar in Bend, Oregon, was my place, my one indulgence. I looked around with a feeling of nostalgia. The place was packed. It was Monday evening, after dinner, and Monday Night Football had at least an hour to go. A roar of approval rose from the left-rear quadrant of the floor, though I had no idea yet which side the cheer was for. I could guess.

I looked around for Gisele. I spotted her, but it took a few moments before I caught her eye. She came over and gave me a quick, platonic, hug. “None of my tables are open at the moment. Do you want to wait, or there is a table over there in Carol’s area.”

“I’ll wait.” I often did, but tonight it was important to do so.

After I spent ten minutes of standing around and figuring out which groups were cheering for which side, Gisele caught my arm and pointed to a small table against the rear wall. She escorted me to the table and went through all the specials, and then took my regular order. The place was busier than I expected. I should have known better — the Seattle Seahawks were playing tonight.

Gisele came back with my beer. She leaned down and asked “Tab or cash?”

I turned to reply. “Tab. When you get the chance, I’d like to chat.”

She rolled her eyes and shrugged. I was willing to wait, if I had to.

An hour later, with the game tied in the last few minutes, the place was even noisier. Gisele had passed by several times, sometimes with eye contact and a quick wave. I caught her eye and signaled for a refill. She nodded.

When she brought it, she leaned in and apologized. “I’m jammed. We’re one short. Sorry.”

“I’ll wait. It’s my last night here.”

She did a double take as she walked away, her face showing concern.

An hour later, the game over, things were starting to quiet down. However, the Seahawks won in spectacular fashion right at the end, so the bulk of the crowd was still celebrating. Even though there were now some empty tables, Gisele was still rushing around. At best, I got a wan smile as she dashed by.

I watched her. I guessed she was in her mid-twenties. Her hair was natural dirty blond, currently in a pony-tail sticking through the back of a baseball cap. Her breasts were small, her waist and hips narrow but in nice proportion. Her legs were long, and her ass was to die for. She was currently wearing a tight T-shirt and cutoff jeans. The T-shirt revealed she was wearing a bra, which seemed unnecessary, and the cutoffs disguised the perfect rounded shape of her ass. Sometimes she wore elastic jeans that might as well have been sprayed on, and I would have heart palpitations watching her then. Damn! My heart rate went up just thinking about it.

Me? Late seventies, heart patient, otherwise in good shape, except for certain parts of my body that regularly protest that I am not yet dead. My age gives me a small license to flirt in an outrageous manner, and it had become a game between Gisele and me. Much of the game revolved around my not being able to find what I wanted from her on the menu. I also leave a note of thanks along with a generous tip every time I come in, a habit my late wife had taught me. This had led to a tentative connection, and a lot of tolerance, between Gisele and I. She, like most servers my wife had written notes to, kept them all. Try it some time, if you think servers are people that deserve a life.

Twenty minutes to closing, Gisele plopped herself down in the chair next to me. “What a night! I am closing tonight, so if you can stay after closing, we will have time to talk.” She appeared to be looking forward to talking.

“Just the two of us?” I leered at her. “Sure you trust me?”

She laughed. “I can either trust you, or I can beat the tar out of you!” She started to get up again. I stuck my tongue out at her. She snapped her teeth at me like she was going to bite my tongue off, and then turned to her work. Yea, it was juvenile, but at my age, I get away with it.

She had left behind a small plastic envelope on the table in front of me. Inside was a small piece of paper with “Take now!” printed on it. I flipped the envelope over and my brain froze. It contained a blue, diamond-shaped pill. I stared at it. I had trouble comprehending, or at least accepting, the obvious meaning. My head was spinning. I couldn’t think. I mentally clamped down and stilled the sudden panic in my skull. I took a deep breath. Even if I accepted what she was offering, I knew I could not be everything a woman wanted any more. I didn’t even know any more what I could be. It had been years for me. My breathing continued deep and fast, and the fight-or-flight response was strong.

After about five minutes, I took the pill out of the envelope. After another five minutes, I washed it down with the last of my beer. I worked on bringing my breathing back to normal, and working to still all the possibilities still racing through my brain.

Twenty minutes after closing, the customers were finally escort gaziantep bayan all gone and the last of the tables were being cleaned and the chairs stacked. Gisele let the kitchen staff out. A few minutes later, she let the last of the front staff out and finished locking the doors. She took one last lap around the place and, satisfied, turned out the interior lights except for a couple behind the bar — they and the patio lights stayed on all night. Finally, she came over to me with two beers.

She plopped into a chair, kicked off her Nikes, and propped her tired feet on the chair next to me. I started giving her a foot rub, ignoring the protests of my arthritic thumbs. She made appreciative sounds while nursing her beer. She pulled the baseball cap off and shook out her hair.

After several minutes, she took her feet back and sat up. “So, what the hell is this about you abandoning me?”

I shrugged. “It’s just my time. They won’t renew my driver’s license. Of necessity, I’ve sold my house. I close tomorrow afternoon and have sold or tossed most of my stuff. I am moving to an ‘assisted living community’ in Sisters. It has beautiful views of the Cascades, is an active place, and when the time comes, offers in-room hospice. But no ride into Bend for bar-hopping.”

“Damn! I’ll miss you!” She glared at me. “You know, I turned down a couple other jobs because of you? Oh well, it will be time to move on soon, anyway. I graduate this January.” She was studying graphic design at the local community college, COCC. She had shown me some of her projects, but being an electrical engineer without any demonstrated artistic talent, I was often at a loss as to what she was so proud of. I hoped there was a job for her.

“I’ll miss you too. Because of you, I have really enjoyed coming here. I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye in person.”

She stared at me for a while. “Shit! OK, no promises, but give me your phone number. Maybe I’ll get up to Sisters for lunch, or something. Not that I’ve been that great at keeping in touch…” She took out her order pad and flipped it to a blank page. I filled in name and number. She tucked it away.

She continued glaring at me. I picked up the envelope. “Really? This seems a bit over-the-top for a simple goodbye.”

“You’re into looking gift horses in the mouth, now?” She leaned back looking at the ceiling for a moment. “You really don’t know, do you? Not surprising, since I guess I never told you.” She sat forward again.

“OK, short version: When you first showed up here, I was at the bottom, ready to settle for this …” she gestured around the bar “… as my future and career, and to settle for some jerk because that’s all I was meeting. But you reminded me of my pa-pa, my maternal step-grandfather, and all he had tried to teach me. He was the only really good man I have ever had in my life. He took me under his wing when I was in High School, made me believe that I could be somebody, that I deserved better. So I went to college. He died at the end of the first semester.

“All the men left in my life were jerks, including my father and real grandfather, my boyfriends, and one particular prof of the most critical class I was taking. Then you came along, another good man, though it took a while to realize it. So I recovered some of my belief in myself, starting with confronting that prof, got that misunderstanding straightened out so things started making sense again. I threw my boyfriend out, got another one, threw him out too. So I owe you. I believe in myself again, I know I’m going to make it. So, a goodbye fuck seems very appropriate to me.”

I nodded slowly. A lopsided smile spread across her face very slowly. She shook her head. In her cheery server voice, she asked if there was anything else she could do for me. This was the game we played. I picked up the drink list, for lack of an actual menu, looked it over and gave the standard reply. “Uh, yea, but I can’t seem to find what I want on the menu!”

She broke into giggles. She leaned across the table. “So tell me exactly what you want! The kitchen is w-i-d-e open tonight.”

I leaned back and looked at her. I was scared. All I could recognize on her face was anticipation. “For a start, how about some hot pussy on the half-shell?”

“Do you want the appetizer version, or the main course?”

“Probably appetizer.” Well, she was serious. “For the main course, hot pussy Shish-Kebab style. I’ll provide the sword.” Or so I hoped.

She leaned back laughing and clapped her hands together. When she leaned forward again she declared: “I should probably clean the sword, first!” She giggled some more, and I leered. I studied her chest. She took the hint and asked “Any other appetizers I can start you with?”

“Now that you mention it, lose the bra.” I commanded. She crossed her arms across her front, grabbing the hem of her T-shirt. “No! Just the bra, leave the shirt on.” She looked at me strangely, then shrugged with her eyebrows. She went through the contortions that gaziantep escort cim cif bayan all women seem to know that allow them to remove a bra without taking off their shirt. She dropped the bra on a chair, then pulled the shirt down smooth, and looked at me quizzically.

I’ve mentioned that her breasts were small, but she had never worn a tight shirt with no bra. I was curious. She followed my eyes down to her chest where her nipples were standing out about a half-inch above her breasts, lifting the knit material in small, dramatic tents. “Oh.” She said. She looked back at me and wiggled her eyebrows. “Want me to get a spray bottle?”

“Naw, I was just curious why you never wore a tight shirt without a bra. The effect is magnificent!”

“I know.” She thought for a minute. “Just after I started here, one of the girls was accosted in the parking lot by an over-excited customer. We were told to cut back on dressing to please the guys after that. Too bad, because tips did go down.”

I shook my head to clear it. I also needed to clear the air. “Before we get started, I am a bit afraid. I have … limits. I don’t want to disappoint you.”

She smiled. “Send me home now and I will be disappointed! I just want to give you a gift, a send off, and we’ll figure out the details as we go. OK? But maybe a couple questions first.” She raised an eyebrow, and I motioned for her to continue. “You’re not spoken for, right?”

“My wife died five years ago, and I have not gotten involved with anyone since. In fact, for several years before she died, we had not been able to be intimate. I am not sure whether…” She cut me off.

“We’ll manage.”

“I thought you had a boyfriend. He won’t object?”

“We broke up a month ago, and I wouldn’t have given a damn about any objection he might have to anything, anyway. How about you? Any reservations, out of loyalty to your wife, or whatever?”

I smiled. “If Peggy’s spirit was here now, whispering in my ear, she’d be telling me to take you to a nice hotel instead of screwing around in this bar!” I gave her a quizzical look.

She sat back. “No, we met here, this is our place. I want to finish the circle here.” She laughed softly. “I cannot tell you how often, when you made that stupid joke about the menu, I was tempted to just go down on you on the spot. It would have been so worth getting fired for!” I laughed with her, relaxing a little.

She looked at me and shrugged. I nodded. It felt like an agreement had been reached. She leaned forward again, and said: “What next?”

I smiled. “The shirt, please.” She again crossed her arms, and the T-shirt was off over her head in seconds. Her breasts were mounds barely an inch deep on her ribs, but the nipples stood tall and proud. I also leaned across the table, but could barely reach her. She smiled, stood, swung around the table, and dropped into my lap sideways. I caught her back with one arm to support her, and the other went to her thigh. My mouth headed for the closest nipple.

I froze. High school type feelings swarmed over me, and my brain raced. ‘You don’t know what you’re doing, what does her generation want, she could be your grand-daughter, you can’t finish this in any case,…’ I mentally clamped down and stopped my racing mind.

A panic attack? About sex? Really?

I glanced over at her. She was just watching me, with her head tilted to one side. I gave her a quick, sheepish smile. She grabbed the hem of my polo shirt, and started trying to work it up. I sucked in my gut and pulled the shirt off over my head. The distraction gave me a chance to get my mind back under control.

I ran the tip of my tongue around her nipple, noting the rough texture. I spiraled out on the breast, alternately pressing the tip into her soft flesh and wetting the surface with the flat of my tongue. When enough had been covered, I sealed my open mouth to her breast and sucked in as much as I could. I barely got enough to press and roll her nipple against the roof of my mouth. I moved my face in small circles. I felt her hand stroking the back of my head.

While I continued to suckle her breast, I became aware of my other hand again, just resting at the bottom of her cut-offs. I started moving it up and down the inside of her thighs. She hummed happily. I moved above her cut-offs and started scratching and stroking her belly and sides. I tried to memorize each spot that caused her a sharp intake of air.

Her hand started pulling on my head, so I released her breast, my hand resting on her belly just under the edge of her cut-offs. She leaned to kiss me, but the angle of our bodies was wrong. She leaned back, and struggled with her arm pinned against my chest until she had it under my arm and around my back. Now she could twist toward me and our lips met.

She gave me a couple quick kisses, then gently bit my lower lip and pulled it. Her tongue lashed out and slashed across my lips. Her mouth opened, and pressed against me, engulfing my mouth. I slashed back with cinsel bilgiler my tongue, and a small duel ensued. We broke, wet lips sliding against each other, and continued kissing, nipping, sucking on each others lips and tongue.

I had not realized how hungry my body was – I was responding much more strongly than I had expected.

She again broke the kiss, leaning her head back. I kissed and licked under her exposed chin and slowly down her throat. I was rewarded with small shudders. I continued down to between her breasts, and then gave her far breast the same treatment I had given her near one. I pressed my hand against her belly, and she sucked it in to give me enough room to just slide under her cutoffs. I luxuriated in the sensations of her breast and the soft warmth of her skin. My little finger could just reach the start of some pubic hair.

When she started making small protest noises, I released her breast, gave her a quick, hard kiss, then looked down at her cut-offs. My hand started undoing the thin belt, and then the button at the top of the zipper. She watched with me. When I started working the zipper down, she leaned over and started nibbling on my ear. That got to be too much for me, and I pulled back, shoulder pressed against my ear.

“Wimp!” she said, but she was grinning. She shifted her hips a bit away from me, and wiggled. I am sure she could feel my growing erection, which was not quite usable yet. “Let me up.” I boosted her with my arm behind her back. She indicated I should move my chair back a bit. She slipped between me and the table, facing me. She whispered “I’m all yours.”

I reached up, taking the top of her cut-offs in one hand and the zipper tab in the other. The zipper came down slowly. I could hear the teeth separating one at a time. I think we were both holding our breath, it was so quiet otherwise. I tried pushing down the top of the cut-offs at each hip, but that wasn’t going to work. I grabbed the hem on either side and started rocking them down. She smiled, and rocked her hips in various directions to help. The cut-offs were suddenly loose and I could pull them down as far as I could reach. She bent one leg, then the other, to help me. I tossed them onto the chair with the rest of her clothes, the key-ring clipped to a belt-loop clattering loudly as it hit.

She was wearing simple low-cut panties. I grabbed a buttock in each hand and pressed my face into the panties, breathing in her strong musk and the sweat from her long, active, shift. It was the sweetest smell I could imagine. I rubbed my face back and forth while massaging her ass. I tipped my head back, chin pressed into her, and looked up into her eyes. She was still smiling, but there was a new fire in her eyes.

I gave her ass cheeks one last squeeze, leaned back and tucked the first joint of each index finger into the elastic band. I pulled my fingers around, pushing the elastic down her about an inch, and then back moving the elastic down another inch. The panties were soon inverted, the crotch still sticking slightly to her sex. I stopped briefly, memorizing the moment. She thrust her hips toward me. I pulled the panties the rest of the way down.

After the panties were deposited with her clothes, I leaned back. Her natural bush was very light with thin smooth hair. The hairs swept to the center and then down to a final tuft just over the start of her outer lips. I reached out and ran the backs of my fingers down the hair. With each stroke, I traced her flesh further down. She thrust her hips out to make my exploration easier. I could now feel the heat and wetness that awaited me and invited me to explore further.

I stood and pulled her into a hard kiss, while my hand worked my middle two fingers between her nether lips. My fingertips circled her honey hole, lubricating the opening. I slipped the two fingers into her and gripped my hand around her pubic bone, and squeezed.

She broke the kiss. “Easy!”

“Sorry, I got carried away.” I growled back. I set my fingers to playing patty-cake with her G-spot while moving in and out of her just enough to massage the area around her clit. She was breathing heavily now. I recaptured her lips for another kiss, penetrating her deeply with my tongue. Her hands were exploring my torso. My hand behind her gravitated to her ass and massaged it. We were not taking our time or stretching the moment.

After a moment, she slowly moved back, pulling me with her. Hands on the table edge, she lifted herself so she was sitting on the edge and leaned back, rotating her hips to open herself better to me. I slipped to one side as she leaned further back. I could now take a nipple into my mouth as I continued to play with her pussy. She moaned quietly. Her eyes were closed.

After a couple more moments, a shudder went through her body. She caught my head with one hand and pushed me down toward her sex. I shifted around and pulled up a chair. I had to lift her, an arm around each upper thigh, and pull her closer to the table edge. Then I buried my face in her sex. Tongue and lips both played a role in exploring the folds and secrets of her sex. I worked out to the tops of her inner thighs, and back. I nibbled and pulled at her labia with lips and teeth. I stroked my tongue up the fold where thigh met torso, tasting the salt of her sweat. I lathed all the inner folds, her sweat and tang mixing deliciously. I plunged the depths of her love canal, tasting the pure tang of her lubrication.

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My Son’s Girlfriend

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All characters are over 18 years old.


Chapter One: Watching is fun.

The chubby brunette was going down on the skinny kid with a whole lot of enthusiasm, that much was for sure. Her mouth was going up and down the lad’s modest-sized cock hard and fast, and I was so close to the action that I could see the saliva glistening on his shaft.

For his part, the boy was gripping the arm of the couch with one hand while running his other hand through the girl’s hair, encouraging her to keep sucking him off. When he came, he let out a loud moan while his whole body spasmed. No need to be quiet, because there was nobody else in the house to hear him. His father wasn’t due home for another hour.

That was what Chad had thought, but he was wrong. I had left home early and had peeked in the window to watch his pudgy little girlfriend gobbling his dick in the living room. I suppose that I could have turned around and went away for a while, or made a lot of noise to alert them, but I did neither.

Instead I watched. What’s more, for better or worse, I liked watching them. A lot.


Chapter Two: Let me take you home.

Kelly was a real cutie. Chad had chosen well this time. Some of the girls he went with weren’t all that great looking; for some reason he seemed to be attracted to these emaciated types that were androgynous and unappealing to me, but this Kelly was more my type.

Kelly was only about 5’2″ or so, and by contemporary standards was probably about 15 to 20 pounds overweight, but there was no doubt she was a woman because she had the weight in the right place.

Not so much in the butt, which was nice and round but not overly large, or in the legs, which were shapely, but she sure had a lot up top, even if she didn’t show it off much. Not nearly enough for my liking at least, as she seemed to wear tops that didn’t show off what she had, but when I got glimpses, I could see she was one busty little babe.

Friendly too, in a shy way, and very polite and respectful to me when we were together. With Chad’s mother out of the picture, there was only me around the house, so I got to see Kelly quite a bit. The more I saw her, the more I wanted her.

“I have to go to Kinko’s to get some stuff copied and collated,” I announced to the two of them, who were cuddling while watching TV. “If you want, I can take Kelly home.”

Chad usually took Kelly home around this time, but his piece of crap car had been breaking down a lot lately, so I used that logic on them after he brushed me off initially.

“Look, I’ll be ready to leave in about five minutes, so if you want me to take Kelly home for you, say your goodbyes now while I’m getting my stuff together.”

“I could go with you two,” my son Chad said.

“That’s fine,” I said with a smile. “You can help me at Kinko’s, so instead of me being there for a couple of hours or so, it might only take me a little more than an hour.”

I knew that would discourage Chad from joining us, and the look on his face confirmed my suspicions. They went out to the car while I pretended to get stuff ready to take with me. Peeking outside from my bedroom, I watched Chad and Kelly giving each other a lot of affection out in the driveway.

“That’s it,” I said to myself as I strained to see Chad’s hands under Kelly’s sweatshirt while they kissed. “Get her all hot for me, my boy.”

I wondered what those tits would feel like. Was she wearing a bra? Probably, because she always seemed to be. Were they as big as I imagined them to be? She had to be at least a D cup. I pictured them to be full and a little spongy, and while I let my fantasies run wild, I re-positioned my stiffening cock inside my boxers before going outside.

“Ready?” I asked cheerfully, jingling my keys as I went to the car.

Chapter Three: Car troubles.

“This is real nice of you, Mr. Sheller,” Kelly chirped as we pulled out of the driveway. escort antep

“No problem at all,” I replied, feeling a little guilty about what I was about to do, but I was a lot more horny than guilty, and even the smell of the mint she was chewing on was getting me hot. “Oh-oh!”

As I said that, I turned off the headlights, tapped my foot on the brakes a few times, and swung off the road and into the parking area of the little pocket park at the end of the road.

“Oh no, not your car too!” Kelly said.

“What rotten luck,” I said, looking over at my passenger, who looked cute even with the limited illumination of the street lights.

Hopping out of the car, I went out and popped the hood and looked inside. Kelly came out and joined me, peering into the darkness with me.

“Can’t see much,” Kelly offered, and as she leaned forward I came behind her and held her shoulders, inhaling the scent of her.

“I can see just fine,” I whispered into her ear while moving up against her. “I could see the other day too when you were sucking my boy’s cock.”

Kelly’s body jumped as I ground myself into her, and my hands left her shoulders and came around her, finding her harnessed breasts through the shirt with no problem.

“What are…?”

“You’re quite the cocksucker,” I hissed gutturally. “You looked like you knew what you were doing.”

“I did,” Kelly said in a quivering voice, and then shocking me by arching backwards toward me. “Sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry for,” I assured her, reaching under her sweatshirt and working my hands under her bra cups, forcing it up off of her tits, which were even bigger than I had imagined. “I was the sorry one – sorry it wasn’t me in your mouth. Damn, your tits are incredible.”

Her breasts were very natural – soft and pliant in my hands, which were overflowing with Kelly’s sweet flesh. Her nipples were stiff pegs in my palms as I kneaded her jugs roughly.

“You like this, don’t you?” I asked, surprised and excited at the lack of resistance Kelly was offering to my mauling her. “You really like me roughing up these jugs of yours, don’t you Kelly?”

Kelly’s body was shaking, but she didn’t try to pull my hands off of her breasts, and instead just let me squeeze them while grinding her backside into the bulge in my trousers.

“You fucking my kid?” I asked, grabbing her nipples and twisting them a little.

“Couple times,” Kelly gasped. “He comes – too fast.”

“I want to fuck you too, but I won’t come too fast,” I promised her, although I was so horny at this point that was not a certainty.

Turning her around to face me, I was shocked when my attempt to kiss her was met with a response that was downright feral. Her lips enveloped mine; lush and full lips that were wet and warm. Her tongue found mine, and suddenly she was trying to sit on my lap while I was standing up.

“I want to do you, but not here – please,” Kelly said, and when her searching hand found my cock through the fabric of the pants, I enjoyed the shocked expression on her face.

“Where?” I asked.

“If the car hadn’t broke down we could…”


Chapter Four: Where?

We got back into the car after dropping the hood of my perfectly fine car, and if Kelly was mad about my deception she had a funny way of showing it.

“Damn, you’ve got a big cock, Mr. Sheller!” Kelly exclaimed after reaching over and getting my dick out of the cramped quarters it had been in.

“Dave,” I told her, not wanting anybody calling me Mr. while they were about to go down on my cock.

I tried to concentrate on driving, but after Kelly’s lips slid halfway down my erection it got tougher. I tried to remember where a cheap motel was, while fighting the urge to pop my load down Kelly’s eager throat.

The Skylane, I remembered suddenly, and made a sharp right turn that sent more of my escort araban cock down Kelly’s throat than she was ready for, causing her to choke and pull up. Another sharp turn and we were in front of the fleabag motel – a dump that would have to do.

“Be right out,” I told Kelly, prying her hand off of my cock.

Thirty eight dollars later, we were in front of room 18 of the Skylane. I fumbled with the key for a second, even though the door was so flimsy I could have pushed it down, and then we were inside.

The room wasn’t much, but I didn’t care, and neither did Kelly, who had her sweatshirt off before the door clicked behind us, and quickly yanked the twisted bra off as well.

Her tits hung down to her waist – they were so big they had nowhere else to go – and her nipples were dark crimson. She wasn’t expecting anything like this, I assumed, because her armpits were thick with stubble from not having shaved in a few days. That didn’t bother me, although she seemed embarrassed when my fingers stroked their coarseness.

“Nice,” I said, and being a child of the 70’s it wouldn’t even have bothered me if she hadn’t ever shaved at all.

One thing I was hoping for was a furry pussy, since I’ve not been able to get used to that juvenile look of the bald crotch so many girls seemed to favor these days. Thankfully, Kelly had a thick and dense bush between her legs, and it was wet with excitement as I eased her down onto the bed.

“Now,” Kelly grunted, repelling my attempted foreplay and instead just grabbed my cock and slid it into her.

She was really tight, but she was the one that was pulling me close to her and forcing me into her, so her cry when my tool forced itself into her moist pussy only sent a chill down my spine.

I humped her just like a guy who hadn’t been laid in a long time, hard and fast. I came within a minute, basting her insides with a load of my seed, but I kept thrusting myself into her, using the size of my dick to stay inside of her until I got hard again.

Not having sex for about a year makes a man a bit crazy, and no doubt was a factor in my cock getting a little hard again rather quickly. A greater factor was Kelly, who was clawing at me, shredding my back and shoulders with her nails while she bit and sucked on my neck. Her animal-like behavior really turned me on, as did the vulgarities she spewed out at me while we fucked.

I rolled her around so that she was on top of me, and the sight of her big jugs swinging around wildly above me made my cock as hard as blue steel once again. Reaching up, I grabbed the dangling tits and kneaded them roughly. Kelly liked this, given her response to the mauling, and while my hands were over-matched by the size of them, my enthusiasm made up for it.

“You like these jugs of yours played with, don’t you?” I asked her while pulling at the thick pegs of her nipples.

“Fuck!” Kelly spat out, her body convulsing a little as she appeared to have a little orgasm. “Harder!”

I thrust myself upwards into her as best I could, and then watched as Kelly came big time – her face contorting wildly while she screamed loud enough to let the rest of the dump know about it.

“Damn!” Kelly groaned, her contortions finally subsiding as she settled into a slow and sensuous grind above me, her tits swaying from side to side. “I needed that, man.”

“Mm-mm… you’re still hard too,” Kelly sighed.

“I already came once,” I admitted.

“I know,” Kelly grunted, continuing to writhe on my cock, and the sweat that dropped off of her was refreshing in an erotic way. “Thought you might be all talk then, but you came back fast.”

“Not bad for an old man, huh?”

“This cock I could get used to,” Kelly said. “I like a hard-on that I can feel, and yours is like a baton. You’re getting so deep into my pussy with that thing.”

“Looking at these tits of yours gaziantep arap escort bayan does it for me,” I said. “Why do you hide these babies from the world?”

“I’m a shy girl,” she said, giggling at the idea.

“You’re shy and naughty,” I told her.

“I can be as naughty as you want,” Kelly said.


“You’d be surprised,” Kelly said, leaning back to rub her ass into the area between my nuts and the base of my cock, making me groan.

“Surprise me,” I challenged her.

“I’d like you and Chad to do me – both of you – at the same time.”

“Good grief,” I said, and the thought of being with my son and Kelly repulsed me at first, but then as I thought about it, I wondered if she was just testing me.

“I’d have to get Chad loosened up a bit,” Kelly noted. “He’s still a little conservative, but that would be so cool having both of you inside me. He could do my ass, ’cause he’s not as big as you, and you could be doing me like this.”

Kelly leaned forward for a moment, smothering me with her tits, as she imagined that Chad was sliding into her ass while she was impaled on me.

“Maybe you’d like my ass instead,” Kelly whispered into my ear while she nibbled on my lobe. “Never had one as big as yours in my ass before.”

“I know where I want to cum,” I told Kelly, rolling out from under her and putting her on her back.

Straddling her chubby frame, I put my cock between Kelly’s big jugs, sliding smoothly into the cavenous and sweaty crevice. Kelly smiled and squeezed her breasts together for me, creating an even deeper valley for me to thrust myself into.

“Like my tits, don’t you Mr. Sheller?” Kelly cooed.

“Dave,” I corrected her. “And yes, I do. I love big tits. Always figured that you had a real pair on you hidden under those sweatshirts.”

“I like calling you Mr. Sheller. Makes me feel like a nasty slut. Not disappointed in my boobs? They aren’t too big for you?”

“Hell no,” I assured her. “No such thing as that. Biggest and sweetest tits I’ve ever fucked.”

“You’re gonna cum soon, aren’t you Mr. Sheller?” Kelly asked, correctly judging that the increased speed I was sliding my cock between her tits meant that I was almost there.

“Cum in my mouth if you can,” Kelly said, moving her face down toward the top of her cleavage where the tip of my cock was peeking out each time I came forward.

The sight of that cute face, and Kelly’s mouth opened wide, did me in. I stopped thrusting and let out a loud, tortured groan, and then watched as cum blasted out from my cock. One spurt went right into her mouth, while much of the rest landed on her chin and cheeks.

A trickle of my seed drooled down her collarbone and under her arm, and when I reached down and wiped it off, it caused Kelly to giggle.

“Next time you’re going to take me to a motel and fuck me, let me know so I can make sure I shave first,” Kelly said.

“I don’t care if you shave or not. Matter-of-fact, I like you like this,” I said, sliding off of her and cuddling up next to her as the sweat started to cool on our bodies. “Rough and nasty. Save the shy and innocent Kelly for the rest of the world. I like this one.”

“You like the nasty me, Mr. Sheller?”

“What do you think?” I said.

“Because I can get even nastier,” Kelly said, reaching down and pulling on my gooey flaccid member. “I can get as nasty as your wildest fantasy.”

“I don’t know about that,” I chuckled.

“Would you like to cuff me to the bedposts next time?” Kelly mused, seemingly looking around the room for inspiration. “Spank me? Whip me a little? Do me with another girl? Or with Chad? Have me do you with a strap-on?”

“You are bad,” I told her, trying to figure out whether she was serious about Chad as well as trying to determine if I could somehow manage to get it up again so soon, wishing just for a night I was a few decades younger.

“Ever have a girl toss your salad?”

“You mean, like playing with food?” I asked, remembering a few adventures from the past with whipped cream and the like.

“No, nothing like that,” Kelly cackled, laughing at my lack of understanding. “I think maybe I can teach this old dog a few tricks though.”


thanks for reading

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My New Found Lover

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Big Dick

My name is Alex Williams, I live in an block of retirement flats you’d think life would be pretty uneventful but not so!

We have a good community spirit at Landside and just so I don’t get to be a recluse I like to go to the various functions held for, and by the local over sixty committee – and I looked forward to the weekly events like Bingo and a monthly fish and chip night and the like. We also have our own dramatic society, amateur of course and it is always great fun. That is how I became acquainted with Helen.

She like me is round about sixty five and I was not expecting at our age anything more than just a friendly companionship when she invited me around to her flat to look at her family photographs.

She lost her husband about five years back and said he was sorely missed, that I reminded her of him.

After one or two visits – and she visiting me in my flat also, the games we played like chess and the like became statutory, but after a while she smiled at me so warmly one evening and openly asked if I would like to ‘partake in anything else?’

Not quite knowing what she had in mind I asked her – and her smile was so very sweet and daunting, the slight brush of her cheek against mine so warm and the feel of her small hand resting on my thigh sort of gave me the impression that she had something quite different in mind and much more intimate.

But who would have thought Helen would want that. But those eyes told me she did; “it has really been so long since David and I … well you know, and as I said before; you do so very much remind me of him. Alex”

Sitting there and feeling her warmth as she closed to me, the gentle touch of her kisses brushing all over my cheeks and then my lips made me feel quite different towards her.

Only a while ago she was simply a friend, okay female but me thinking she would never in a month come Sundays be interested in anything more than just company.

For an older woman her kisses were just as fiery as I remember the last woman I was with called Cynthia., who was ten years my junior who had decided to leave me for another her escort bayan adıyaman age, well that was fair enough, she had her life to lead and we both came to a mutual agreement, and from that time on I assumed my sex life was over and decided to settle for the sweet and sometimes erotic memories of how it was with sweet Cynthia.

But then it was as if a miracle had struck my being and as I felt Helen’s hands begin to explore I wanted t do the same, she was sweet and charming, spoke with a very enduring voice which presently were whispers as I realised just how much she was enjoying me presence.

“I shall get some cake and tea” she announced quite suddenly and it really felt like she was really tantalizing me, she must have known I was getting fired up in my kisses, which were a little on the ‘French’ side and she was enjoying them as much as I – and there was something else too which was surprising me staring to grow in my corduroys – had she noticed? Is that why she said she would get refreshment, that she really didn’t want anything more than just the comfort of an innocent hug or two?

But I needn’t have been concerned because almost straightaway she continued that her David always insisted on refreshment before!

So I contented myself in just relaxing in anticipation of how it would be after refreshment, looking at Helen in a completely different way now and then realizing how stupid I had been before in not notifying just how attractive she was for someone her age, her slip curvy figure and legs like a thirty year old and a carriage to die for, everything was happening then and I crossed my legs to control a budding girth which was trying to get out like it had been inactive for so very long.

But all the time I was thinking; be gentle Alex, you don’t really know this woman that much, she may not like it bold and to the point, lots of women wanted the gentler wooing first.

And I thought I knew women! Helen proved to me that I didn’t and when they had something in their mind woe-betide if you left them in the lurch. And there escort baya nakkent was me thinking it was just me who was aroused.

After our well enjoyed refreshment of homemade buns and coffee she said she’d was up later and cleared the coffee table and there she was snuggled duo to me, her fingers teasing around the contours of my mouth and her whispers asking if I would like her to go further.

It was so beautiful to have a woman doing that to you after what had seemed a century ago, I’d lost my voice in the absolute thrill of it all -but I gave her the positive nod – then having the courage to relax and just let her see her my bulge, she undoing the buttons of my shirt slow and teasingly, opening it up and then feeling her finger tips begin to run over my chest in small circles as she really went to town with those French kisses we’d started before the break.

I was so in my element, feeling so right and good to be enjoying a wonderful fruitful woman again.

She continued t explore me, her fingers teasing underneath my trouser belt, undoing the buckle and her asking very provocatively if I would like for her to?

She didn’t need to finish. We both knew what she meant and when it happened, to feel a woman touching you there like only a woman could do, to feel the utter passion in her sweet body and those moans of sheer pleasure as she run her fingers up and down along my now well grown girth was heaven itself. I wanted not to be selfish, feeling that I should be doing likewise but she whispered there was plenty of time and just to lay back and enjoy, that I was so wonderfully warm and gorgeous in every way and then I felt the warmth of her mouth inside as she quite

Instinctively took all into her mouth and gave me the most wonderful slow and deep spoiling I had ever encountered.

It seemed to continue for an age, she touching me beneath, cupping and gently squeezing as she continued to move and twist her head as she took my length in various ways, so very much enjoying and hardly pausing for breath, when she did she looked up escort gaziantep anal yapan bayan at me whispering just how good I tasted and how much she looked forward to having me completely – if that was alright with me!

You just can’t imagine what that did for me, it made me feel so good that I could still deliver what it takes to please a woman and I Knew I would have no trouble binding with her, not now after what she was doing and me just feeling the strong urge to fuck her

But then and in her so matter of fact way she said that if I wanted I could enjoy her now before we fucked – yes she said that word, and the very fact that she said it made me want to do everything with her, it was soon skirt rolled back up to her waist, and those gorgeous black laced panties she wore, a little smothering there was for starters, prompting her – and with no difficulty at all, to open wide for me, then just relaxing and going for something I always enjoyed in foreplay, simply pressing my face between those gorgeous white thighs and smothering her with kisses and lots of very slow and appetizing sucks, first through her panties and then, shifting them aside, finding that so wonderful sculpture of pure womanhood to touch, to tease, to taste and enjoy until we were both simultaneously sucking and licking, and tasting each other. We spent a good hour just doing all the things we had fantasies for after telling each other those fantasies, she then said she was ready for my fuck, squeezing my girth in such a way that I knew she was hungry for it, seeing her like that, the wonderful warm and sexy smile on her face, how she opened as wide as she could for me displaying her all for my pleasure, was absolutely electric, I felt I was throbbing so very much that nothing could stop me now from entering her immediately, slipping inside and giving her a real good hard rough seeing too.

Wow! It was so good releasing the energy force in my being, feeling her squeeze me inside her as she contributed as much as I to the fuck. It is always so good to find that certain rhythm that spurs you on, the grunting and moaning that came from our lungs like there was no tomorrow, that we would both burst and explode and I would have her fuck for always.

How wonderful it was for both of us, it opened a new beginning and made life so much more meaningful, the meetings became more intensive and we would continue until we were happy and contented.

In fact Helen was my new found lover complete.

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My Girlfriend’s Mom

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Big Tits

My name is Will, everyone calls me Weezer, a nickname my Grandpa gave me when I was six years old and stuck with me. I’m 24, I don’t have the body of a body builder nor am I hung like a horse in fact, I’m on the thin side. 6’2″ at 185 pounds, a hard wind could blow me over, and I would say I am average in the lower region. But I do have a very nice looking girlfriend, and she has a beautiful mother. Not the ones you always hear about, the ones that look like they could be sisters, but, both are extremely good looking.

Linda, my girlfriend, is 22, 5’8″, about 120 pounds, Light Brown hair, nice ass, firm tits and a killer smile. Her eyes are the sexiest I have ever seen, next to her mothers. Annette, is Linda’s mother, is an inch or so shorter, with a larger butt, larger boobs which you could tell were not as firm as they once had been, but nice still the same. She also has light brown, but slightly graying hair.

I have dated Linda for the last 2 ½ years pretty seriously, but not quite ready for marriage, since we both want to be more established with our jobs before that huge step. Annette or Annie as she prefers to be called, has no problem with me sleeping over at times, I don’t over do it, but have been known to stay over Friday’s or Saturday night’s.

Linda has to work Saturday’s, and I usually sleep late on those mornings, this particular morning was one of them. I awoke around 9:30 A.M. and naturally had a morning woody and a bladder full. I stumbled to the bathroom, still rubbing the sleep from my eyes, forgetting for the moment where I was I walked right into the bathroom. Low and behold, Annie was in there putting her makeup on in her nightgown. I got an eye full, before excusing myself, backing out of the door quickly.

“Oh! Weezer come on in, I can finish this when your done hon!” She said, as I was trying to hide my morning hard on from her, I don’t think I made it before she saw it though. She stepped out into the hallway and I squeezed in past her, in a hurry to pee. “Thanks a lot Annie, I really have to go.” I blushed as I shut the door behind me. Wondering how I could have been so stupid as not to have knocked on the door before rushing in like I did. But I could not get the sight of Annie out of my mind as I peed, her standing with her legs strained as she leaned over the sink to apply her makeup, her ass straining against the silky material of her colorful gown, half on her breast exposed in the loosely tied gown, a glimpse of dark nipple showing for a brief second.

Oh well, too late now. I leaned against the cabinet as I peed and held that vision of her in my mind as I relieved myself, Shaking it off, I stuffed my now semi-hard pecker back in my briefs, flushed and almost ran into Annie as I left the bathroom. “Oh Jeez Annie, I’m so sorry!” I told her as shifted to one side to let her have some room to get back to the bathroom, “I can’t belief this, I burst in on you then almost run you down. I’m so sorry.”

She smiled that smile she and her daughter both shared, “That’s OK hon, You just need some coffee to open your eyes. There is a fresh pot in the kitchen hon.” Her white teeth showed as she laughed at my embarrassment. “I guess your right Annie, You want some too?” “Sure, that would be great, I’ll be in there in a few minutes, 2 sugars 1 creamer, OK?”

I went to Linda’s bedroom and threw my pants on and went to the kitchen and poured 2 cups then doctored hers the way she requested and sat down to sip on mine. A few minutes later Annie came in looking fresh and good for the day ahead of her then sat next to me, still in her gown, no bra, her thick nipples poking out of the thin silky material, drawing my gaze to them every time I looked at her. I couldn’t help but watch as her full lips actually caressed the cup as she drank her coffee, I could only hope Linda would be so damn sexy drinking coffee in 15 years.

We had some small talk, then she asked if I wanted some breakfast, I wasn’t really hungry, but I didn’t want her to leave just yet, so I said “Sure, that would be great Annie, thanks.” She stood and started gathering the makings for a breakfast meal as I sat and watched. She moved so smoothly her body pressing against her gown as she quickly had it ready, making me a plate of eggs, bacon and toast, then making herself one we ate and chatted, my eyes continually straying towards the slit of her gown, and the nice breasts under it. It was hard not to, gravity had not been hard on her, but it had visited the breasts some, just enough to really have a sexy droop. And with half of it showing, girlfriends mom or not, I had to look.

After a few minutes into our mornings meal, she asked me, “Well, tell me Weezer, do you like what you see?” a smirk on her pretty face, knowing she had just busted me big gaziantep ateşli escort bayan time staring at her tits.

I could only blush then stutter, “I’m sorry Annie, I really didn’t mean to stare, but, Damn , that gown doesn’t leave much to the imagination you know!”

She laughed and I felt a little more relaxed knowing she wasn’t going to get angry and slap me or something. “That’s alright Weezer and Thank You, at least I know I still have some of what it takes to make a man look.”

“Well you don’t have anything to worry about there Annie, even a blind man could find you more than attractive.” I tried to dig my way out of what could be a very embarrassing situation for me, “I’m surprised your not remarried by now anyway, It’s been 4 years since you got divorced.”

“Shit Weezer, that’s all I need in my life, another man. Sorry bastard’s just want one thing, A Mother!!!!” She and I both cracked up, I watched as her head raised and her neck stretched back, her hair flowing over her shoulders. My first thought as I saw that was how nice it would be to nibble up to her ears. Jeez, this is my girlfriends mother I was having these thoughts about.

Be that as it may, I had to shift in the chair as I was hard again from my own perverted thoughts. She must have seen the look in my eyes and on my face because suddenly she had a serious look on her own face. “Weezer, do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been with a man?”

I know my face showed the shock as I tried to swallow a gulp of coffee, then tried to answer the shocking question. “Uh, No I wouldn’t have any idea Annie, I never really thought about it.” I looked in her eyes, seeing something I had never seen before, something strange was in them. A dreamy far away look as she took in my response.

Then I felt her hand on my knee, “It’s been too long Weezer, way too long.” her hand moved towards my crotch as she spoke. As she moved towards my crotch, her gown opened more, showing her whole breast, my eyes not missing one centimeter of it. Every little bump on her areola showed, I could see her nipple was erect, as erect as I was.

“Annie, you uh, we, uh, I don’t think this is wise.” I stammered as her fingernail traced the head of my hard on, “I mean, it wouldn’t be right to do something, not with Linda being your daughter and my girlfriend. I never cheated on her, I’ve never even thought about it Annie.” I gulped hard.

“Well, I won’t tell if you won’t.” She smiled as she leaned over and kissed me, her tongue slipping into my mouth unexpectedly, and mine attacking hers just as suddenly. We fell into each others arms at the breakfast table as she moved onto my lap, face first, her legs spread open around my hips. Her gown opened more and as I grabbed her ass, pulling her closer to me, I felt the short gown pull up and found her to be nude under it.

My hands roamed her entire ass as she ground her crotch on mine, my hard on hidden under my briefs lay at an angle on her thigh as we dry humped each other, our kiss as desperate as two virgins ready to yield to the forbidden lusts for the first time. Her fingers ran through my hair as she pulled my face to hers, our kiss not having been broken yet. I ran my fingers under her ass cheeks, feeling the hair of her pussy reaching to her ass, so warm and soft. Annie smelled so good and her skin was so soft, it was hard to think that she was so much older than me, and I didn’t waste any more time thinking about that.

She must have been excited because I slipped a finger into the dark recesses of her crotch and was surprised at just how wet she was already. I felt her lips open on her wet pussy as my finger slid in her. I felt her weaken as I slid my finger deeper in her, she put her face in my neck, sucking on it lightly. Her tongue warm, wet and so soft as she began to lick up to my ear. Her hot breath driving me wild as I sucked on her earlobe, running my tongue inside her ear. Her hips ground on mine as her head fell back, giving me access to her sexy, sweet smelling neck.

“I have wanted to have you for so long Weezer, I just never knew how much until I saw you this morning, your hard on pressing against your underwear. It was then that I knew I had to have you!” those dark bedroom eyes of hers staring into mine.

I attacked her as I kissed, licked and nibbled from ear to ear on Annie, her breath coming in quick gasps as I bit lightly on it between sucking and kissing it. Her hands never letting go of my hair as she held my face to her neck. I kissed lower on her chest, removing my finger from her and pulling the front of her gown open with both of my hands, looking at her breasts for a moment before literally engulfing them with my mouth bakımlı escort gaziantep and hands. Her nipples hard with her sexual excitement, the feeling was exquisite, the difference between her and her daughter measurable by not only weight, but the way her nipple’s hardened as I sucked on them. The thick nipples stuck out like erasers as my tongue circled each one in it’s on time.

Her hands ran down my back, fingernails raking down as she was lost in her lust. My briefs, wet as she continued grinding her pussy on my crotch, my dick throbbing with my own lust for her, 20 years older or not, it didn’t matter, Annie was one hot mother fucker, and I was soon to be a motherfucker myself.

I stood up, her in my arms and laid her on the table, I stared at her body for a moment before I kissed her soft thick lips. Slowly moving down her chest to her breasts once more before continuing on to her honey pot. The thick curly hair, only slightly lighter in color than the hair on her head was waiting for my tongue to spread it for my reward. I was on my knees as I got my first sight of it, the pubic hairs moist, her outer lips thick with blood as I licked her, bottom to top, the lips spreading like magic with the slight pressure of my tongue. The slight smell exuding from her sex only led me her pussy faster.

Annie’s fingers grabbed my hair, forcing my face between her thighs, gasping she cried out, “Oh Yes Weezer, lick my pussy baby. Lick me good, Oh shit, it’s been so fucking long baby. Fuck yes, eat me good Weezer.”

I moved my hands to her outer pussy lips, the inner portion of her a beautiful dark pink and shiny with her dew, gently spreading them I kissed them then began to eat her out in earnest. Her hard little clit was throbbing as I licked it, I heard her gasp when my hot tongue hit the hard nub, her fingers digging into my head pulling me to her, her legs spread wider and her breath came faster. I stuck my face as deep between her thighs as I possibly could without actually pushing it inside her, tonguing her pussy like a wild man who had not had sex in years, when in fact I had just had sex with Linda just last night.

Annie was crying out as her orgasm hit her hard and fast. She trembled from the depths of her belly, her body shook as she cried out my name, “Oh Fuck Yes Weezzzzzeeerrrrrrr! I’m fucking cummingggg…. Eat me baby, Oh yes, there, right there, don’t stop Weezer, please don’t fucking stop yet!”

I couldn’t have stopped if I had wanted to, she had a death grip on my head, my face was flooded with her juices as she came over and over again with smaller orgasm’s. Her legs fell from my shoulders as she began to relax her death grip on my head. I raised up and saw the look on her face, It was one of pure sexual satisfaction. Her eyes closed, a small smile on her face, I eased up off my knees and stood, my dick throbbing, my on needs fixing to be taken care of now.

I dropped my briefs, stepped out of them then closed the gap between us. My dick was aimed right at her slick gash, the lips red and thick, waiting for me to penetrate them. I ran the head of my dick along the slit, her eyes opened, a look of lust like I have never seen before on a woman and may never see again, teasing her with the head of my cock as I refused to enter her yet. Smearing her juices and my saliva the length of her slit then slapping her clit with it before lowering it down the slit again.

“Fuck me Weezer, give it to me now, Give it to me good baby. It’s been so fucking long, don’t tease me anymore” Her voice husky with her sexual desire clearly evident. “I want it, I want it now Weezer!”

She grabbed my dick from my hand and held it to the entrance of her wet pussy, sliding it up and down once more before pulling me to her, I had to follow or lose my dick. The heat coming from her could have baked biscuits, I followed through and slid in her with one easy push. When I was in as deep as I could get, I stopped, once again gazing over her body. She was fucking beautiful, the slight gleam of sweat covering her sparkled from the mornings sunlight through the kitchen window. Her breasts heaving in from anticipation of her finally getting fucked, something she had wanted for longer than she cared to remember.

I pulled back slowly until the head of my dick was almost out of her, then I eased back into her, feeling how tight and smooth she was as my cock refilled her. Every nerve on my cock felt her heat as I was watching her face, her eyes closed and her lips parted. Her tongue ran around the edges of her lips as I made slow love to her, on her kitchen table. Thankfully, she had great taste in furniture, because a cheaper table wouldn’t be able to take what I was fixing to gaziantep bayan escort give her.

I gained speed with every stroke of my cock, her hands went to her breasts, tweaking her hardened nipples, pulling on them as she fucked me back. Her legs wrapped around my hips, our thrusts meeting halfway as her hips raised off the table. She grabbed my shoulders pulling me to her face, her tongue attacked mine our faces mashed together as tightly as our hips. Annie was so wet you could hear her juices sloshing as we fucked, my balls were covered in mere seconds, the smell of our sexual activity permeated the entire kitchen, a total aphrodisiac for me.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I would be fucking my girlfriends mother, and surely not on her kitchen table. I felt my balls tighten, the mere thought of Annie spread out beneath me, crying out as she came, was enough to make me want to cum, but I didn’t want this to end so soon. My mouth beside her ear I told her I felt like I was fixing to come, “Fuck yes, come for me Weezer, come for me. Fuck that, come on me. Shoot that beautiful spunk all over me. Cum on me now you mother fucker!”

As much as I wanted to delay it, I couldn’t hold back any more, not that I had been trying very hard, I pulled out of her at the last second, grabbed my cock and jerked off on her. The first shot went on her neck, the second hit between her tits. Annie didn’t hesitate as she felt the warm goo hit her, she ran her hands over it and smeared it on her sweating body. A deep growl coming from the depths of her as she felt spurt after spurt hit her body. Down her belly, some of it hit in her belly button, then down her pubic hair, my eyes closed, my hand jerking furiously on my cock,her hand furiously rubbing her hot clit and I made sure every last bit of my spunk escaped the confines of my balls.

As the last spasm left my balls I lay down on her, not caring that I was smearing my spunk on us, our bodies hot, sweaty and happy. I lay there a few minutes until we both had caught our breath, raising my head I turned and gave her a kiss, this time a slow tender kiss, one of lovers, not one of total need for personal gratification. She returned the kiss as gently as I had given it, our tongues not in a battle this time but a slow lazy kiss. One of two people that had no energy left but for the most minimal movements possible.

I pushed off her after a few moments, once again thankful for the quality of the table then put my hand out to take hers. I pulled her up then kissed her once more, bending down I got my briefs, getting a slap on the ass as I did. I was too exhausted to jump, Annie grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to the bathroom, where we had a leisure shower together.

While showering I washed her beautiful body Clean of my sperm and our sweat, taking our time I bathed her front and back. When I saw her back I was in awe, the strong back muscles leading down to her fine, tight ass cheeks and on to the endless legs she had was one for the books. Annie then got to me and gave me the first bathing I had received since I was a child, and I loved it. She was so sensual in her way about it, no hurried movements, a slow and exacting bathing.

One only a woman knows how to give, not a girl, but a woman. Her hands tantalized my cock and balls and down between my legs as she washed the sex from me. Her hand wrapped around my now hardening cock, gently teasing it as she pulled the loose skin towards her as it hardened. Annie leaned forward until I could feel the heat from her breath on me, I looked down as she looked up into my eyes before her thick lips surrounded the girth of my now ready dick. Her tongue worked magic every where it touched, her lips never yielding the grip they had on me as her face began the piston like motion, her neck muscles straining at the angle she was in since I was a bit taller than was comfortable for her, but it never slowed her down as she gave me one of the best blow jobs I have ever had.

Annie could do things with her mouth that could be patented. She seemed to know just when I was going to have my orgasm, because as I looked down I saw a gleam in her eyes as she worked her hand on my shaft faster and faster until I shot off in her hot little horny mouth. Never missing a drop, I watched as she swallowed it then smiled at me before kissing my balls. We got out of the shower and dressed, went back into the kitchen and had our second cup of coffee for the morning.

“I wish I could wake up to that every morning Weezer, I don’t know a better way to start the day.” Her eyes sparkled as she smiled at me.

I smiled back at her wondering how I could arrange that.


Author’s Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened. It was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only!

I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR Sexual Abuse, consenting or not!

If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about.

Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! 😉 Thanks, mustanger7up

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