A Welcome Surprise

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“Hi,” he said.

“Hi,” she said. Looking up, she saw it was him, and she smiled: just as she had planned. They were in the study room together, they were alone, and they would be alone for the next eighty minutes. This was it, she decided. This was her opportunity.

She had been feeling somewhat peculiar for the past few weeks. She could feel her heart beating; ordinarily she couldn’t feel it beating, it would just beat away without making itself felt, but for the past few weeks she could feel it pumping in her chest, could hear the thump-thump in her ears, could feel the blood pulsing through her veins. Sometimes, she noticed her hands trembling, ever so slightly. She felt on-edge, perky and alert, aware and awake; she was having trouble getting to sleep at night, her mind was racing with all manners of strange and alluring thoughts, ideas and fantasies. Confiding in her friends, they came instantly to the same conclusion: she was horny. She was very horny. She was in a seemingly constant state of physical, mental, emotional and sexual arousal.

She had to agree.

“So what can I do?” she asked them. There was the obvious answer, which, in the words of her best friend, “begins with an ‘m’ and ends with an ‘oh, oh, OH, OHHH!!!'” They were all pretty sure that, correctly spelled, the word ended with an ‘e’, but they laughed because it was funny. She had already tried that, of course, more than once, but to no avail. It had made matters worse, in fact; though she did come to the ‘oh’, it left her feeling even more aroused and awake. It was as though she was stirring herself up even more instead of releasing whatever it was that had her this way, so she decided to give it a rest before she made herself explode.

Recently it was becoming stronger; her friends told her that her nostrils were flaring, that she looked like she was prowling around, as though she was on the hunt. “Baby,” her best friend told her, “you need a man’s touch.”

That posed a dilemma. She wasn’t too fussed with boys; she wasn’t a lesbian, not in any measure or fashion, but the boys that she knew were all, well, boys. They were immature, leery, coarse, loud, and pretty well unlikeable. But she didn’t have to like them, her friends told her, she just had to fuck one of them before steam started whistling from her ears. “Okay,” she relented; “so who should I do?”

It didn’t take them long to settle upon him. Yes, he could be as immature and irritating as the rest of them, but at least he was a sure thing. He had what could be called a very strong heterosexual streak; he was a clear and known appreciator of the female form, and he often made as much quite obvious with winks, nods, comments, observations, and lewd suggestions from time to time. Here was a lad in the throws of sexual frustration; despite his appreciation of the female form, he seemed lacking in that certain something that allows a guy to actually land a lady. He was cute, no question, and he had a nice body and quite a shapely rump to boot, but for one reason or another none of them would really consider making a romantic liaison with him, and so far as they knew he was thus far unlucky in love. But his luck was about to change; she needed it, and he was a dead certainty to give it. So she had waited for a decent opportunity to get him alone and in private, and now it was upon her. ‘So…’ she thought, ‘…what do I do now?’

She looked him up and down. He seemed preoccupied; he had dumped his backpack and sat down straight away, and appeared to be working on a piece of homework that must have been due soon, for he did not look up from it or make any chit-chat or comment. That was a bit of a set-back for her; she had imagined that, were they to find themselves alone, he would make his customary flattering remarks, and she could use the opportunity to play along demurely yet flirtatiously, to eventually lead to a steamy and satisfying sexual encounter, like it was done in the movies. But for once, perhaps one of the few times she could remember, sex seemed to be far from his mind. It wasn’t very far from her mind though; her breathing, heartbeat, and arousal had never been so high. She had to get the ball rolling, and she could think of no quicker way to do so than to be as direct as possible.

“You know something?” she said.

“What’s that?” he said, not looking up from whatever it was he was writing.

“I,” she said, “am extremely sexually frustrated.”

He stopped what he was doing, and looked up. He was seated at a table in the study room; she was perched up on the wide windowsill, sprawled out somewhat languorously. He found her looking him right in the eye, seemingly expectant, waiting for his next move.

He was stunned.

There she was, one of the nicest-looking girls he knew; she was a bit snooty, sure, but very easy on the eye and good for a conversation and a laugh once in a while, so she could be forgiven for her somewhat uppity ways. He had been trying forever, in his own particular way, to get the ball rolling with her; he had argued strongly and at length with her over the joys of getting kuşadası escort one’s tits out, or posing for a raunchy bout of tasteful photography, or just plain-old-fashioned getting down for a quick and spontaneous shag. But of course, she’d have none of it, just like all the rest of them. But now… she was ‘extremely sexually frustrated’? Why would she be telling him that, him of all people? Stunned as he was, he saw that there was only one obvious answer, so in a flash he decided upon a course of action. He was gunna go for it.

“Sexually frustrated, you say?” he answered.

She nodded, unblinkingly. Breathing hard.

He nodded too, wisely and knowingly. “Yep, I’m familiar with that,” he said. “I know all about it.”

“Do you now?” she smiled, not sounding all that surprised.

“Mmm hmm,” he said, smiling too. “And I know just the cure for it.” He dropped his pen, and stood, moving to the centre of the small study room. “Come on down from there, I’ll show you.”

She did so, hopping down from the window sill, and moving to stand in front of him.

“Turn around,” he suggested, gently.

She smiled, and turned her back on him, slowly, trustingly, expectantly.

“Okeydoke,” he said, and wet his lips nervously. “Just relax…” he added, both for his benefit and hers, and he placed his hands upon her sides, just on her hips “…and I’ll see what I can do for you.”

Relaxing, she knew, was more or less physically impossible. She couldn’t help but breathe in a great big trembling breath, as his hands moved slowly down her sides, down her hips and on to the side of her thighs, and then back upwards again, ever so slowly, ever so gently. His hands felt incredibly good, surprisingly good; her skin tingled at his contact, as though he had an electric touch. She was definitely enjoying this. So was he.

He let his hands move upwards and downwards along that track, down her thighs, and back up to her hips and sides; then he let his fingers spread a little, and cupped his hands a bit wider about her sides, so that his fingers moved over more of her hips and the front of her thighs, while his thumbs and the palms of his hands gently caressed her back and the sides of her buttocks. He definitely liked the feel of her arse, very nice indeed, but he held himself back from grabbing a couple of handfuls; he wanted to take this slowly. He wanted this to last for as long as it could, because he had a feeling that it wasn’t going to happen again.

She marvelled at how extremely good such a simple and light touch could feel. His hands swept slowly and oh-so-gently up and down her sides, and gradually they started to move around to her front, up across her stomach, down across the sides of her hips, the front of her thighs, and back up again. She approved of his self-restraint; his hands were skirting very close to what he’d doubtlessly call her “goodies”, and though his hands moved close to her breasts and her crotch, they did not make themselves rudely known. Not yet, anyways.

This was good, he decided. He was doing well. Her eyes were closed, her face a picture of sensual pleasure; her head tipped back slightly, to rest on his shoulder, as he held her close and continued with this fairly platonic body massage. He could feel her skin through her clothes: soft in some ways, yet firm; nice and warm, almost hot; not too bony, but not at all flabby. Just right. He was starting to wonder how, or even if he should make things a little less platonic, when she moved backwards, closer to him, and came into contact with his lap.

He froze. She froze too, but just for a split second; she knew instantly what it was that she could feel, protruding somewhat from down there, and he knew she knew. There was no mistaking it for anything else. But to his immense relief, and disbelief, she did not leap away or start yelling or throwing things at him. Instead, she leaned further back into him, further into his arms, and leaned her head back just a little bit further. And she exhaled in a pleasured, contented kind of sigh, which told him that she was very much enjoying herself, and that the state of the contents of his pants caused her no trouble.

Having reassured him and got his hands moving again, she smiled. Now this was a happy turn of events; he had a hard-on. Quite a hard-on; even contained and restrained in his pants, it felt nice and hard, and sizeable too. She was surprised to find that she felt flattered by having aroused him so in such a short period of time, and she hadn’t really even done anything. This should prove to be interesting, she decided.

With the reassurance of her not fleeing from his bulging pants, he allowed his hands to become more adventurous. They stopped moving so far down her legs, and started moving ever so slightly a little further up her chest; first brushing lightly against the undersides of her breasts, then a little bit stronger, then a little further up the breasts, until she surprised him again by grabbing his hands and putting them right on her tits, cupping his hands firmly against them.

‘Now THAT’S what I’m talking about,’ he thought. He let his hands just sit there, relishing the moment: so soft, so warm, so good. Shortly, he gave them a squeeze, and noticed that the action provoked an amused smile from her; he smiled too. He’d been waiting forever to be able to give those breasts a bit of a toot, and they both knew it well.

As he began stroking and caressing her breasts, he noticed her neck: with her head resting back on his shoulder, her neck looked very long and slender, the skin so fair. It all looked rather open and inviting, so he went and kissed her right underneath the corner of her jaw.

That caught her slightly by surprise, but it was a pleasant surprise: his lips were soft, moist and warm, and the contact sent a shiver along her skin right up to the top of her scalp and down to her toes. She had never been kissed there before, and she found herself marvelling yet again at how incredibly good the things he was doing felt; it was as though he had gone straight for the part of the neck that felt the best. What was this guy’s story? Were her friends wrong about him? Did he have more experience in these things than they gave him credit for? She decided she didn’t care, and she took one of her hands off of his, and reached back to run her fingers through his hair, partly to lend reassurance that he was doing exactly the right things, and partly to press his lips harder against her neck.

He received both messages, loud and clear, and kissed her neck again, a firmer kiss yet no less tender and passionate. And with one of his hands released by hers, he let it drift down her body again, stroking along her side quicker and, again, a bit more firmly. He left his other hand on her breast though, and he busied himself with tracing a finger around and over her nipple, which was firmly erect and standing proudly through both her shirt and bra.

She was feeling incredibly good. Her nipple was tingling with his ministrations; his kisses, moving up and down her neck now, were setting the skin of her neck ablaze with pleasure; and the wanderings of his other hand also felt wonderful as they followed the rises, dips and hollows of her body. She sighed again, and was a little surprised and embarrassed as a very small moan of pleasure escaped with the sigh. They had both been utterly silent through the encounter so far, and she hadn’t been meaning to break the silence. But he didn’t stop or slow down, he just held her a little closer, and she reciprocated by leaning harder against him, and against the mound in his pants which was, to her delight, still growing.

He was really starting to warm up now. He could feel her heart beating hard and fast, and his own heartbeat was on the rise too. He loved the feel of her skin: so soft and smooth, so much unlike his own, which was rough and a little furry. He yearned to feel more of her skin, so he diverted his wandering hand and let it venture up and under her untucked shirt, his fingers brushing up and around her lower torso, across the skin of her hips and stomach. His venturings brought no protest from her, so he ventured further, tucking his fingers a little way under the brink of her tight-fitting pants and then moving upwards across her stomach. He wanted more, but given his position and angle he could only reach up so far, so he gave himself a few more seconds and then undid a couple of buttons on her shirt.

She grinned, as he stopped at undoing only a couple of buttons so he could get at more of her skin, but not too much more. She knew he was taking his time, being slow and deliberate about it; on one hand, she was champing at the bit to just get down and at it, but she knew that this slow-and-steady approach was a much better way of going about it. He was building them both up, bit by bit; she hadn’t believed she could become any more aroused than she already was, but he was definitely building her up to even higher levels of yearning and anticipation. And she was enjoying it, too.

He was becoming braver, now. He tried to slip his hand further into her pants, but her beltline was too tight-fitting, he could only get a couple of fingers in just a little way. Deciding to remedy this situation, he used his wandering hand to undo the clasp of her pants; this loosened her beltline, so that he could get his whole hand in, but he left the zipper mostly done up. He just wanted to do a bit of rummaging around for now, though he had plans to let her pants drop a bit later.

She approved of his bolder moves, and let her hands drop to his sides, holding him closer. His left hand, formerly pinned by her hand to her breast, moved now across her chest, up and around to caress her shoulders and neck, and down to the breasts again, tracing a wide and pleasurable arc. He had stopped kissing her neck, for now at least, and had his cheek pressed lightly against hers, both of their eyes closed in sweet and silent bliss. And his right hand, having found its way into her pants, was still showing admirable restraint; at first it stayed fairly high, moving across the skin of her lower abdomen and hips and moving up above the beltline, but gradually it worked a bit lower, still sweeping across her body, but eventually coming into contact with the upper bounds of her underwear. On the next sweep, the tips of his fingers tucked briefly under the elastic, but they quickly moved up and out again: she could tell he was becoming more eager and impatient, but still he held back, not yet allowing himself to breach the bounds of her underwear.

He held himself briefly in check: he wanted to plunge his hand down into the depths of her underwear, he wanted it bad, but still he held back. There was plenty of time, no reason to rush; they always had this study room to themselves, everyone else had classes or was off doing something else. He didn’t stay still for long, though; he let his hand start moving again, sweeping across the upper half of the front of her underwear, appreciating the feel of the material, and sensing the increasing heat of the skin as he gradually, very gradually, swept lower and lower.

She grinned again, savouring every second that passed as he ever-so-slowly swept his way towards the mark. Meanwhile, she noticed his other hand was busying itself with undoing a few more buttons on her shirt; one more, then another one, and she was surprised as it undid yet another one. Her shirt was almost totally open now, just the one button left up towards the top; it was as though he was so preoccupied with making his pants-bound hand behave, that his other hand was quietly and stealthily moving things along while he wasn’t looking. It paused in its naughty button-undoing, to trace its fingers along the centreline of her chest and stomach – down to her partially opened pants, and up again along her stomach, skipping lightly over her belly-button, and then up and over the lower edge of her ribs, and up towards her cleavage. The palm of his hand encountered her breast again, resting upon her bra with the shirt almost completely open; he allowed himself to stop briefly, appreciating the feel of both pieces of her underwear. Without warning, both of his hands acted: the upper one quickly undid the last button, opening her shirt wide and exposing her chest to the cool air of the study room, while his lower hand dipped suddenly and cupped against the front of her crotch.

The sudden, unexpected yet eagerly awaited move caught her off-guard, and she breathed in suddenly; the air hung heavy in the room, as they both held still, the seconds passing incredibly slowly as they just stood and enjoyed this new turn of events. As soon as his hand had pressed against her groin, she became immediately aware of how moist her nether regions had become; she felt like she was swimming in herself, and she knew that he most definitely had noticed it too. There was no turning back now, no denying it, no pretending that what they were doing was maybe something other than it was. She could feel his arousal, and he could now feel her arousal. So she did what she had wanted to do for a while now: she spun in his arms, and kissed him.

The instant she started turning, he knew what was coming, and he was kissing her as soon as she was kissing him. They held each other close and tight, her arms wrapped about his head and neck, his lower hand now in the small of her back and his other hand up in her hair. The kiss began with fire and passion, an initial outpouring and recognition of the lust that was driving them; but he let the passion scale down just a trifle, and kissed her more softly, with more caring and tenderness. She was stunned at how good a kisser he was: she had been kissed before, mostly by guys who wanted only to smoosh her lips into her face and crush her in a bear-like embrace, and that’s only if they weren’t trying to grab all of her goodies at once. But he was doing it differently. He was doing it better. His hands continued their caresses on her back and sides and neck, gentle and tingling and expertly, complementing his kiss: on the lighter side of lip-pressure, and only with the barest hint of tongue, making another welcome change from those who had tried valiantly to have a taste of her tonsils. Though the kiss was light, almost fleeting, it was still sweet, and the burning desire she knew he had for her was transmitted through the restraint he showed in kissing her so, as well as the ever-growing pelvic bulge.

After what may have been a moment or an age – time was becoming difficult to measure – he tore his hands away from their favourite task of caressing, and slipped her shirt back off her shoulders, down her arms, and onto the floor. She took the opportunity to break off the kiss, only momentarily, and quickly undid his shirt; he busied himself by grabbing her breasts with both hands, massaging them and tracing along the line between bra and breast with his fingers. Their eyes met, for the first time since they started; they were both enjoying themselves immensely, and they shared a knowing grin as she slipped his shirt off too. She held back for an extra couple of seconds to appreciate his surprisingly strong upper body, with its squarish shoulders blending very pleasingly into his neck, and his modestly well-developed pectoral region with an acceptable covering of soft hair, which she ran her fingers through.

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A Tale of Two Marital Failures Ch. 01

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Cadey Mercury

“Good bye Dan. Take care.”

“Yeah, see you later Allen.”

Allen was Dan’s good buddy. They had known each other for years and DA Tale of Two Marital Failures Ch. 01an had just been over for a beer and some guy time. Dan’s wife had walked a month earlier and he was still reeling from the unexpected break up. He had been coming over to Allen’s place a lot in the past month, looking for something to take his mind off his empty house. His two sons were with his ex and she was being a real bitch about visitation. His lawyer told him she was just playing hardball, trying to soften him up for a quick and generous separation agreement. A judge had already received a motion to have equal custody but it was going to take time. Until then, Dan just seethed and tried to keep his shattered life from going up in smoke. As he walked to his car, he kicked himself for the hundredth time for not having a pre-nup. Never again, he swore, but that was no help now.

As he drove, he thought about how easy Allen had it. His wife Pat was gorgeous, they were still in love and his job was something he enjoyed. His only child, his daughter Marion, was a model kid. She was just going on thirteen, was a whiz at school, played several sports and never seemed to give her parents any grief. Dan’s own two boys were sometimes hellions and now with the separation, they were really acting up. Twice, he had been called to the school to be talked to about proper parenting. ‘Fuck you’, he mentally said to the councillor who was not much older than the students and knew nothing about raising kids. ‘You try it, you silly bitch. Then I’ll tell you where you can get off.’

It made him feel a little better to think that at least he was making every effort to keep his boys under control, even if his ex was making that difficult. He had a sudden fantasy of being called into the councillor’s office again, bending her over her own desk and giving it to her from behind. ‘Damn,’ he thought. ‘t would be a thrill.’ Not having had sex for the past month, he was getting a bit antsy in that department. Even Marion had looked good when she came into her father’s den, asking for a quick bit of help with her math. He gave his head a shake and tried to forget how he had looked at her in a whole new way, but the image wouldn’t go away.

He had known Marion since her birth. He had watched her growing up and now she was becoming a young lady. Despite being just shy of fourteen, she was filling out. She was a tall girl, had long blonde hair, usually in a pony tail and her hips and breasts were coming along nicely. She was going to be a heart breaker next year at high school. Like her mother, she had a beautiful face, perfect skin and natural Hollywood teeth. Allen had commented on how a few of her grade seven class mates, boys, had been “sniffing around”. He had just chuckled at that and said his daughter wasn’t yet interested in boys.

“And she had better stay that way,” was his final opinion on the matter. Dan had refrained from saying anything about the subject as he was inwardly embarrassed at his own carnal thoughts. He had imagined Marion naked in front of him, and he had liked what his imagination had seen.

‘Damn’, he thought again. ‘If I don’t get laid soon, I’m going to make an ass of myself’.

When he got home to his empty house, he opened another beer and sat in his easy chair. Newly single, he had to think about what it would take to get laid. He was forty-five, a bit paunchy after years of not paying enough attention to his body and while he had always considered himself to be reasonably handsome, his hair was thinning and a bit of grey had appeared this last year. Never having cheated on his ex, he didn’t really remember how to pick up a woman. Money was tight, so going to a hooker was not an option and the thought of paying for sex with someone who might have had sex five times already that night was unappealing. Checking out the bars was an option. And there was always the internet.

He had never signed up for one of those casual sex sites but now it seemed like a good idea. He logged on to the web and entered ‘casual sex’ into his search engine. Back came thousands of hits. Recognizing one site’s name, he clicked on ANightToRemember.com and began the process of getting a membership. Damn, he thought yet again. I’m really doing this. I wonder if this type of a site really works. One way to find out, he thought and made out the online form and gave his credit card number. His ex might find the charge on the monthly statement but so what, he thought. ‘What’s she going to do? Leave me again?’ In only a few seconds he was a paid up member and he paused.

He had to create a profile, and like the site information said, he would do better if he included a picture or two. Feeling silly, he went to the men wanting women section and looked at several male profiles. Names like Stud4U and SexMachine were accompanied by pictures of erect penises and provocative, nude poses. Well, he thought, I have a digital kuşadası escort camera and I can always call myself something like ‘RetiredPornStar’. No, that was too unreal he thought. With a chuckle and entered ‘FreeAtLast’. At least it was an honest nickname, he thought. ‘And I can always change it’.

Now for some pictures, he thought. Getting his camera, he looked around the house for a good spot to take them. His bedroom was a mess and he didn’t feel like tidying it up. In front of the fireplace, he thought. Perfect. He took off his clothes and feeling a bit awkward, he took some pictures with the timer. They all looked ridiculous. He was posing as if for a family portrait but nude. Going back to the computer, he checked some more male profiles. A few of the guys had managed to look good while nude by taking suitable stances.

He copied some poses he thought better than the rest and was rewarded with two images that seemed acceptable. He had waited for the erect penis shot, not really sure he wanted to include one. In for a penny, he mused and started to massage his shaft. He imagined the school councillor, her skirt up and her panties down, with his hand holding her face down over her desk. He visualized her labia and ass, open to his lust. He saw himself thrusting into her vagina, raping her as she screamed for help. Then, without any conscious desire, his fantasy switched to Marion.

She was nude, sitting on him as he was lying down and she was holding open her labia as she lowered herself to his erect and throbbing cock. His masturbation got more forceful as he imagined her slowly settling over his cock and watched it disappear into her young girl vagina. The reason for his masturbation was forgotten and he imagined her, tight and virginal, slowly allowing his adult penis into her thirteen year old vagina, her face a study in pleasure as she gives up her virginity.

He could almost feel his cock, squeezed by her tight, previously untouched love tunnel, and he was almost ready to come. He imagined her, slowly riding up and down, her tiny breasts flushed with the excitement. He almost heard her moans of pleasure as she gave him her very first fuck. His penis, surrounded not by a young tender vagina, but his own hand, was as thick as it had been in years. His cock head was bulging like it used to do in his own youth. He felt the orgasm rising and it seemed to climb higher than he could ever remember. It was like the feeling he used to get with wet dreams, where the rising pressure and heat seemed to go on and on. He was almost in pain when he felt the spurts of cum shooting out onto the floor. It was the best orgasm he could remember in a decade. He gasped in air and rested against the fireplace mantle.

Covered in sweat, he saw cum drops on the floor, almost six feet away. ‘God’, he thought, ‘I haven’t squirted cum that far since high school.’ Then he remembered the object of his fantasy. Marion, his good buddy’s thirteen year old daughter, the girl who had come into the den only hours earlier for math help, the girl who was still in the seventh grade, the girl who was younger than his own two sons. ‘Oh my God’, he thought, ‘Allen would kill me if he knew what I was thinking. And Pat would kill me, but only after she had gone over me with a baseball bat’.

The taking of erect penis shots was over for the night. He put his clothes back on, cleaned up the evidence of his inappropriate lust and poured himself a stiff belt of scotch. He absentmindedly turned on the TV and channel surfed. Nothing on worth watching he decided and turned it off. His mind went back to Marion and his incredible orgasm. He sipped the liquor and tried to put the images in his head aside. It didn’t work. He thought about his rape fantasy with the councillor. He even imagined giving it to her up her ass; raping a young woman in her ass. He paused in his thoughts and wondered why he didn’t feel disgusted with himself. Anal rape, sex with a girl not yet into high school, sex with his good buddy’s daughter. He shook his head side to side. I really need to get laid, he thought. I need it bad. He sipped more scotch and felt himself rubbing his penis through his pants. Then he glanced at his camera.

Might as well get it over with, he thought, and continued to masturbate. So soon after an orgasm, he expected it would take a while to get hard again. Then he imagined Marion’s mouth with his cock head inside. He thickened and lengthened in a minute. ‘What is that girl doing to me?’ he asked himself as he again took off his clothes.

The thought of Marion giving him a blowjob worked magic. His penis was again fuller and harder than it had been for the last decade with his ex. He took a few pictures, holding the camera himself, then a few more using the timer. Examining the results, he thought that he looked reasonably well endowed. Then, thinking of scale, he took a few more with the scotch glass in his hand, close to his manhood. One looked particularly appealing, he thought. Then, letting the alcohol go to his head, he posed with the timer, taking full body shots, his erection proudly displayed as he sipped the scotch and sucked in his stomach.

Now that looks good, he thought as he looked at the pictures. Back at his computer, he uploaded four. What am I he looking for, he thought as he continued to do a profile. Women, couples, two women; there were several choices. Women will do for now. What did he want? Well that was easy. Discreet encounters. He considered ‘A relationship’ but thought it unwise. Maybe later, perhaps.

What age group was he interested in? Pre-teens were not a listed option he noticed as yet again, his mind went to Marion. No sense in being stupid and only wanting the young ones. Ages thirty to forty sounded good. Say something about yourself. ‘Well’, he thought,’ honesty might be a good idea’, so he wrote a few lines about being newly separated, having two children who were with their mother and wanting to get back into the game. When his profile was complete, he entered it. A message said to log off and re-enter if he wanted his profile to be active. Why not, he thought and did it.

At the site he entered his name and password and he was in. He checked his own profile and saw his pictures. FreeAtLast was online now. He went to women looking for men, chose thirty to forty, within thirty miles. A few seconds later, there were dozens of profiles to peruse. Hot damn, he thought, gleefully. FunGirl4U, FillMe, ILikeItHard and many others were online, cruising for sex. The pictures looked like they could have been lifted from porn sites. Sexy lingerie, nude woman displaying their vaginas, several with toys inserted and many women giving some guy a blowjob, while looking at the camera.

One picture showed a woman lying on a guy, face up with his cock deep in her ass. She didn’t look particularly pretty and she could have benefited by losing a few pounds but the picture said it all. If you want to fuck me in my ass, just contact me. Dan was tempted to message her but paused. She might not be a good first choice he thought. Instead he looked for a woman who looked like she had a bit more class. Then he chuckled to himself. He was cruising for sex, not class, but continued going through the profiles.

‘TemptationsFlower’ caught his eye. Her pictures showed a woman who looked like she was trying to impress without having a dildo in her vagina. Her poses were quite demure compared to the usual and she looked rather attractive. She appeared slim, had long dark hair and her breasts were small. Her age was listed as forty and her profile said she was divorced, had no children and was looking for both discreet encounters and possibly a relationship. Taking a deep breathe, he held his mouse pointer over the ‘Send Message’ icon and then clicked.

A message line came up and he wondered what to type. His hands were actually shaking slightly with his sudden nervous tension. Wracking his brains, he came up with ‘Hello TemptationsFlower. I love your long hair. Do you want to get together?’ He had to force his hand to move the mouse pointer over the ‘Send’ icon. He closed his eyes and clicked. Now he was committed. At least if she was.

He was a ball of nerves as he waited for some kind of response. He thought that she was checking his profile and wondering if he was worth replying to. After what seemed like an eternity, a message popped up. ‘TemptationsFlower has sent you a message’. There was an accept icon and an ignore icon. Holy shit, he thought. Maybe she wants me. Or maybe she’s going to tell me to fuck off. He clicked ‘Accept’.

He almost sighed with relief as he read ‘Hi FreeAtLast. I like your picture with the glass beside your very appealing cock. What was in the glass?’

Clicking the ‘Reply’ icon, he typed ‘Scotch, and I just took the picture tonight.’

In under a minute he got back ‘New here?’

He thought it best not to pretend otherwise and typed ‘Brand new as in just signed up. Forgive me if I’m a bit nervous.’

Back came ‘LOL. When I first signed up a month ago I was a wreck. Where are you?”

Wow, he thought, she is interested. Do I give her my address? I might as well, and he did. Back came, ‘You and I are only about twenty minutes away? Do you want me to come over?’

Now Dan was seriously shaking. The woman wanted to come over and it was clear that she wanted sex. Go for it, he decided, and sent, ‘Yes. Please do that.”

n a moment he got back, ‘On my way. Don’t go anywhere.’ Then she logged off.

Dan sat at his computer, staring at the screen. ‘Oh my God’, he thought. ‘This is really happening’. He looked around his house and saw the mess a guy leaves when he doesn’t care to clean up. Damn! He almost ran up to his bedroom and tore off the well used sheets, and made it up with clean ones. Hastily, he tidied up, tossing the scattered clothes into the laundry hamper. The en suite was a mess. He did a quick clean up and put out some fresh towels. Downstairs, he buzzed around, making the living room presentable. The kitchen was a disaster. A week’s worth of dirty dishes was in the dish washer. He stuffed as many more in as he could and turned it on. Strewn garbage was tossed into the trash and put outside. As he frantically wiped weeks of spills off the counters, he paused and started to laugh. He hadn’t been this nervous about an impending encounter since high school.

Judging the kitchen to be adequate, he glanced at the time. She would be arriving in about ten minutes. A mad dash to the bathroom for a fast shower, shave, mouthwash and a touch of after shave and he was at least clean. Finally he put on a reasonably presentable shirt and slacks, his best casual shoes and combed his hair. Back downstairs, he thought about any thing he might have missed. ‘Oh my God!’, he realized, “I don’t have any condoms’. His ex had undergone a tubal ligation. Then the doorbell rang.

He took several deep breathes and opened the door. It was her. “Hello…please come in,” he managed to get out. “I’m…uh…”

She smiled, walked in and gave him a quick hello kiss. “I understand how you feel,” she said in a warm voice. “About a month ago, I felt the same. Umm…I like your after shave.”

She was more attractive in person than in her profile pictures. She was a bit taller than his ex and slimmer as well, with smaller breasts and remarkable eyes. Dan suddenly realized he was staring and he blushed. “It’s all right,” she said and gave his hand a squeeze. “Any of that scotch left?”

Dan led her into the living room and she sat down in an easy chair. She was wearing an attractive blouse and a long skirt. Her legs were bare and she was in sandals. “You look wonderful,” was all he could come up with. “Thank you for coming over. Uh…how do you like your scotch?”

She smiled in a genuine way. “Thank you for having me over. And I like it straight up.”

Feeling very much better after getting through the introduction, he poured two ounces into each of his only crystal whisky glasses. Handing one to her, he asked, “Is it all right if I ask you your name?”

She gave him a seductive smile and replied, “TemptationsFlower not good enough?” Then she gave a slight laugh and said, “It’s actually Eleanor, but everyone calls me Peaches. Seriously. It’s a name from my childhood.”

“Okay, Peaches, I’m Dan and I’m very pleased to meet you. And you really have to forgive me for being nervous because…well…I am.”

“It’s quite all right, Dan. It really is. This is something new for you. I won’t bite…unless you want me to.”

Dan sat down on the couch and took a big sip of his liquid courage. How the hell I proceed from here, he asked himself. Then he remembered his lack of condoms. Damn. Peaches had brought a purse and he prayed that she was better prepared. They chatted for a few minutes and then Peaches took over. She came over to him and sat down on the couch, one foot under her other thigh. She sat facing him. “I know what you’re thinking. We both want the same thing tonight and you aren’t sure how to start.” She raised her eyebrows, as if saying ‘Am I right?’

Dan smiled and nodded yes. “Oh, you’re right on with that one. And as long as we’re on the subject…I totally forgot about condoms. I haven’t needed them for years. I…”

She pointed to her purse on the floor by the chair. “All taken care of. So you can relax.” With that she put down her glass, leaned in, took his head in her hands and gave him a slow, sensuous kiss. Dan fumbled to get his drink onto the side table and wrapping his arms around her, pulled her closer and kissed her back.

As if a floodgate had opened, he felt a rush of passion and his hands were all over her. They went up and down her back, her legs, over her butt and she just kept on kissing him. Her tongue was gently probing and he gave it a slight bite. She sighed and then they were French kissing like impassioned lovers. Dan caressed her breast and she held his hand to it, encouraging him. Fingers were fumbling at buttons. As Dan put his hand to her bra covered breast, she undid the front closure and held his hand to her bare skin. Her breast was small but firm, like a much younger woman’s. As he played with her nipple, it went hard and she softly moaned. Dan then laid her down on the couch and took a nipple in his mouth.

Her hands were at his pants, undoing the snap and pulling down the zipper. Dan gave a groan as her hand went for his thickening penis. He reached under her skirt and she parted her legs in invitation. He went straight for her panty covered vulva and massaged.

She let out a gasp as he fondled her clitoris. She lifted her hips and he slid down her panties and with her help, got them off. He ran a finger down from her clit, feeling warmth and moisture. A finger slipped inside her vagina, and again she moaned. She was very wet and Dan stroked in side of her, and then added a second finger. Her hand was massaging his penis to full erection. With one hand, he started to take off his pants. Peaches finished the removal and then took off his shorts.

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A Walk in the Park

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It was a night like any other I was walking in the park when I saw the most beautiful woman she was sitting on a bench crying. Normally I would keep walking but this woman looked like she needed an ear. I went towards her slowly, her long brown hair entranced me. She peered up to me with the most gorgeous hazel eyes and looked fearful for a seconded. I slowly sat next to her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

She said, “I had the most horrible day you can imagine.

I responded with, “Tell me, I’ve got plenty of time.”

She talked for some time but the jest of it was that her car was stolen she lost her job and her boyfriend of 2 years moved to Spain for the work offer of a life time and they had to go their separate ways. I put my arm around her and she buried her tearful face into my chest. I looked down and saw right down her shirt. This aroused me my cock started to become hard. I think she noticed it. She looked up at me and said, “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but I really don’t want to be alone tonight.” She looked so sexy even with her makeup running down her cheeks. I wanted to kiss her I wanted to comfort her.

I replied, “I would hate to be alone myself. You can trust me.”

We looked deeply into each other’s eyes and I put my hand gently on the back of her neck. Then pulled her up to me and put my lips on hers. She opened her mouth in response. Our tongues touched lightly at first then soon bloomed into an all out explosion of passion.

We continued kissing. What really surprised me next was the fact that she made the next move. Did I mention she was wearing a dress? She moved over on top of my lap and moved my hands around to her ass as we continued to kiss. I was rock hard and loving every minute of it. She moved around on my lap to put my cock against something really wet and warm. She then started moving her hips back and forth on my hard cock as our tongues continued to dance in each other’s mouths.

She said, “I want you right now right here in the park.”

I said “Oh my God yes! I know a semi secluded place just over the hill there is a small clearing in the center of some bushes I helped find some ladies dog once and he was in there.”

“Take me!” Sshe said, obviously meaning two things. I grabbed her hand and ran threw the park to the bushes. Stopping every 20 feet or so, to touch and kiss each other. When we arrived she went to her knees and started to unbutton my pants. I leaned my head back and looked at the stars thanking all that was holy. I looked down at her and saw those eyes I feel in love with the first time I saw her. She had my pants down to my ankles and my hard cock was right in her face she brushed kuşadası escort her cheek against it. Her lips were so full and luscious they could have been implants.

She took just the tip of my cock in her mouth and started sucking it hard. Soon she had the full length of it in her mouth I didn’t move I just bunched up her hair and let her move at her own pace. She sucked like she loved cock unlike so many other women who do it to be nice. She was really getting off on it, what a perfect woman I thought. She was gorging her self with it. I said, “I’m cumming!” I thought that this would make her stop, but she sucked harder like she wanted to swallow all of me.

Any feeling of doubt of the sexiness of this woman, all the passion within me started surging out of my balls, through my cock into this gorgeous woman’s mouth. Not outside of it or deep in her throat, but right in her mouth all over her tongue. My cum started flowing more than I could ever remember having cum before. She tasted and swallowed every drop of it savoring each burst into her mouth like it was the rarest delicacy in the world. The woman of every man’s dreams was on her knees at my feet.

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her away from my cock and said, “You are a cock loving slut aren’t you.” “Yes!” she replied. “Make me yours, teach me a lesson.” With her hair in my hands I pulled her to her feet and turned her around. Then I kneeled down grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it up licking the back of her thighs and ass as I circled around her panties with my tongue biting and suckling in a rough tormenting way. I continued my abuse up her back as I slid her dress up and off. Her body responded with increasing excitement yet slight worry from the pain being inflicted on her.

She whispered lightly, “Oh God please don’t hurt me.” I kissed her on the back of the neck then bit into it fiercely as I ripped her bra from her body. I turned her around to see her beautiful eyes once again see looked at me with lustful eyes and we kissed again. She unbuttoned my shirt as I roughly sucked and licked her neck. My tongue moved to her left nipple and took it into my mouth I suckled it gently then bit down on it as hard as I could without causing damage. I then moved to the other nipple and just sucked it making her think I was going to bite it. I sucked on the bottom of her breast and her nipples some more and moved down her stomach. I took the top of her panties in my teeth and tore them from her body.

Having let my shirt fall off we were now totally Naked in the bushes we were both ready. I thought to myself how to really make her mine. I pushed her to the ground on all fours and grabbed her hair breathing in her ear. I said, “You like it when I hurt you don’t you, you little slut.” She replied, “Yes make me truly yours.” With her still on all fours I bit hard on her ear and neck and bit and sucked all the way down her back. When I got to her Ass I licked it all over. I breathed Hot air over her asshole and her whole body shivered in apparent thrill and delight. “What are you going to do to me?” She said. At the sound of that I went crazy. I licked and sucked all over between her ass cheeks and circled her pussy and asshole with my tongue from behind. She said, “I want to feel you in every part of my body.”

I stuck my fingers in her pussy and gave one big long lick from her clit over her pussy lips up to her asshole and threw her whole crack. Her whole body shivered, “Please fuck me in the ass,” She said. I wasted no more time. Thankful I left with them I went to my wallet to get a condom. I Put the head of my cock against her asshole and pressed slowly but firmly into it. When the head of my cock penetrated her ass she moaned in erotic pain. Oh it hurts. Please hurt me. Slowly with much resistance my cock filled her. I didn’t move my cock at first I just left it deep with in her giving her muscles time to adjust to Its size. I could have just pumped her there and she would have liked it, but for some reason I wanted to make her enjoy this as much as possible.

Thankful for that blowjob before, I realized I could have come without moving inside of her. I bent down over her back and moved her long brown hair aside and bit her neck as I started pumping. I reached around and began to rub her clit. She moaned, “I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Oh please don’t hurt me anymore.” I started to really pump her ass hard now slamming by balls against her pussy biting the back of her neck harder. A scream escaped her lips oblivious to the fact we were in public she started to cum. Her whole body bucked under me shivering and thrashing.

“Ohh Fuck me. Fuck me deeper.” I did slamming my cock as far into her ass as I could. Then I started to cum again I could hold back no longer. “I’m going to pump my cum in your ass, you dirty little butt fucking slut.” Oh no she replied, “I’m cumming again. I’m cumming!” Again her body shivered and bucked under me. I could wait no more, my cock started pumping her full of cum. My cock was draining all I had within her. I rolled off her and pulled her back to my chest. We looked into each other’s eyes and knew there is no way this could be the last time we would be together. We kissed the looked up at the stars

Her kiss brought me back to life. It slowly heated up to a very passionate erotic exchange of pleasure. I grabbed the back of her neck and pushed her to me. I started rubbing her back softly and moved to her ass and petted it lovely. I tossed the shitty condom aside and moved her over me. “That’s the advantage of those things easy clean up,” I said. She moved down over me and replied, “This too you can move from my ass back into my…” She didn’t say it she moved her head over my cock and started sucking again. My god this woman is too much I thought. I looked down at her suckling my cock and looked into her eyes. Eyes that I’ve learned can be totally cute and beatify and display such playful lust at the same time it was amazing.

“You’ve had the lead so far, my turn,” she said licking up my shaft. She moved over top of me and pulled my face into her chest, I licked and sucked her tits ferociously as I placed another condom on. She moved over me and lowered her pussy over, my again throbbing cock. She was squatting down over me a kind of leapfrog squat it the only description I could think of. She put my cock inside her pussy and started moving up and down it. The angle put my cock in heaven I grabbed her breast and played with them. I then moved my hand to her ass and the way she was moving it appeared that I was lifting her up and down over my cock. She bent down toward me and kissed me again. Then she reached down moving faster. Then she grabbed my nipples and pinched them hard.

“I’m cumming.” We both whispered at the same time. She moved her knees down and was over top of me leaning forward to kiss me. Our tongues danced and our body waved together my thrusting up, her moving down over my cock. Our eyes opened with our tongues still together and my cock started its first pump of cum within she sucked hard on my tongue like it was my cock.

She was cumming as well. Wave after wave of pleasure moved over and threw our bodies as my cum went into her and she covered my cock with her juices that were seeping out and over me. Her cumming continued as the last of my cum filled her. She jerked and twitched over me in pleasure. I rolled her off me and held her close. “I know this sounds strange.”

I heard myself saying. “But I feel now that not only tonight do I not want to be alone but for a very long time.” She jumped up startled and looked into my eyes and saw the truth there and kissed me deeply.

She replied, “I love you.” Her eyes got defensive like I was going to reject her statement.

I said, “That what I really wanted to say. I love you my Angel.”

We got dressed. Thanked our luck stars that no one saw us. Later we moved in together. We learned we each had what the other lacked in life and our love gets stronger everyday. I feel the next step is coming in the near future, but for now we just have hot sex every night every where we can…

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A Vacation to Remember

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The Charter was packed. The front seats were taken up mostly by a group of parents without partners. Mostly women but a few men were with the group. Some had brought their children but not many. To my rear was a group of nurses, and then too there were a few male nurses mixed in. Those of us who were singles or couples who had booked on just to fill up the charter were sort of separating the two groups.

I was in a window seat and the guy to my right was attracting a lot of attention from the women in the group in front. I could understand that because he was one of those handsome guys who always end up being gay and untouchable but I somehow hoped he would be straight.

I have been into modeling for about five years now and my next assignment was doing some photo sessions for catalogue firms. Mostly posing in suggestive clothing and posing in positions that would lure buyers from all over. Since my next job was more than a month away, I had decided to but in on an extended vacation package. We were going to spend five weeks in the isles just south of Hawaii. Samoa, Pago Pago and a few other islands in the south pacific.

I guess I’m a loner. Actually in the modeling industry most of us are. You have to work with mostly egotistical gay males, or bi women who actually prefer females to guys. I’m straight so I try to avoid the touchy feely men and women who are constantly making suggestive overtures.

The guy, who they seated next to me in Atlanta, looked like he could be a male model too. He had both the looks and body of an Adonis and yet he didn’t have the actions that were typical of men in that profession. After an hour in the air, I dared to turn and introduce myself. “Hi, I thought that since we’re going to be traveling together we should at least know each others names. I’m Kimberly, but just Kim for short. And you?”

He slowly turned, and in a voice that sent warm flushes of heat running down my spine, smiled and said, “Clint, Just Clint for short.”

At that point we exchanged small talk about our professions, and actually went so far as to tell each other that we were single with no attachments. The seats directly in front of us held an older man and his daughter. She couldn’t have been much more than sixteen or seventeen but she seemed very interested in Clint. But then so were most of the women on board the flight. That included the two stewardesses who cruised up and down the isle.

During a lull in our conversation I leaned back and took stock of my life. I was twenty two, never married and actually as close to being a virgin as is possible today. Men in my circle of life didn’t interest me and the two I did get closed to were losers. By getting close to, I mean involved with to the point of having sex with them.

One was egotistical beyond belief and ended up being a rotten lover. Everything with him was for him. He didn’t like to do anything that I thought I might like to do. On top of that he was a premature ejaculator. With him he never got so far as getting his cock in me before he would cum all over my legs and tummy. Actually the only satisfaction I got out of that affair was sucking him off. I guess that’s a girl thing. I really enjoy having a hard cock in my mouth. Maybe it’s sort of a pacifier or just maybe something most women enjoy doing.

The other one was just as bad. He thought he was god’s gift to the world but again he fell short of being what I thought a good lover should be. I never had an orgasm with either of them and with both; I had to fake it and would end up masturbating. So I had given up. I figured that when it happened it would happen but I wasn’t going to look around.

Now as far as getting myself off, that was another story. I have quiet a collection of toys and I have this thing where I see a good looking guy, and try to remember his face. Then I fantasize making love to him while I fuck myself. Actually I have names for each of my dildos. I suspect that the newest one I have with me will be called “Clint.”

So Ok I have this real hunk sitting next to me and I’m enjoying him trying tactfully to be courteous to the women who are coming on to him. So far three have taken the vacant seat just across the isle from him and tried to start conversations with him. And each has, in her own way, begun suggestive conversations, each of which he has squelched.

When the man in front of me got up and left for the men’s room his daughter unfastened her seat belt and turning, knelt on her chair and stare at Clint.

“Hi I’m Lisa. And your Clint, I heard you tell her. You know my dad is going on this vacation to try and find me a mother. I really don’t need one because I’m getting too old to need one.”

She squirmed in her seat and went on. “I think we’ll all be staying at the same places so I was sort of wondering if you and I could get together. My boyfriend says I’m a good lay and I was wondering if you and I could get together and fuck.”

Blake squirmed in his seat and just shook his head no as he sort of whispered. “That’s kuşadası escort a nice offer, but don’t think so. And here comes your father back.” She quickly turned around and put her seat belt back on.

I watched Clint and leaned over. “Did she just say what I think I heard her say?”

He turned to me and whispered, “I think so. Maybe I misunderstood her but… yeah I think she just offered herself to me.”

I didn’t want to flatter him but this guy was getting more offers than any man I had ever known before and they were coming at him from all directions. I wondered when the stewardesses would come on to him.

I smiled to myself when it did happen a half hour later. One of them dropped a note in his lap and whispered something to him.

He nodded but said nothing. I was enjoying watching him squirm. Now my interest was perking up. I stared at his lap. Sitting there I couldn’t see much and the belt was sort of covering any view I might get anyway. Yes I thought, tonight it would be Clint in my fantasies.

The flight was over eight hours with two layovers and in the hotel room I unwrapped my new toy, Clint, and sat on the floor, my legs apart and the full length mirror in front of me. I like to watch myself when I masturbate. My Clint was fantastic and I wondered if the real Clint was as big.

For some reason my recollections of Clint were much more vivid and detailed than any of my fantasized memories had been in the past. I could hear his sexy voice whispering to me and he was urging me on. Once wasn’t enough, nor were two, I went on until I was exhausted by a third.

Drawing the dildo out I looked in the mirror and stared as it slowly left my pussy. It was coated with a creamy patina of my own cum and again instinct took hold. I lifted it to my lips and tasted my own excitement. I wondered if he would do that if we had really made love.

Sighing I washed my new toy and put it away. Sleep was slow to come because the next leg of our trip would mean I had to be back at the airport at five AM and I couldn’t wait to sit next to him again.

I was ashamed of myself. I have never been anxious to be with a man before. Much less one I had only met once and that was on an airplane. Boarding I was panicky. Would we have the same seats as before……? I breathed a sigh of relief as I walked down the aisle and saw him. But there as another women sitting next to him.

Was it jealousy or anger? I don’t know, but I was furious. I tried to be polite as I approached her and stated, “Miss, your in my assigned seat.”

She looked up and flushed then answered. “The seats aren’t assigned.”

Panic set in and I did something foolish. I lied. “I intend to sit next to my husband,” I shot back….

“Oh,” she muttered as she got up. “I didn’t know.”

I was flushed and embarrassed beyond belief. Clint said nothing but just watched me as I slid into the seat next to him.

Again I lied. “I noticed earlier that you were being pounced on by everyone, and I sort of thought that if I told her that, maybe they’ll leave you alone. Do you mind what I said?”

He smiled before answering. “Noooo not really, but I’m a big boy and probably could have kept her under control.”

The rest of the flight was agony. I wanted to touch him, to hear his voice and learn more about him, but ultimately my stupid remark about being his wife would play out in a strange way.

The word got around, and sure some of the pressure was off, but the guide director of the excursion made some changes. She changed my accommodations at the resort from a single to a double and moved me into a room with Clint. She now believed, as most of the others, that we were husband and wife.

When we checked in at our lodging, was when we first discovered what I had caused. I wanted to die, and yet, I had this feeling of elation. Would he explain the stupid stunt I had pulled to the manager, and have nothing more to do with me or would he go along with it?

When he took my hand and carried one of my bags up to the room I knew he was willing to keep quiet, and yet I felt the need to apologize again.

“God Clint, I really screwed things up didn’t I? Look I’ll sleep on the couch if that’ll make things better. And I’ll stay out of your way, I promise.”

Again that smile and he shook his head as if not believing. “Kimberly you don’t have to do that. It’s a little screwed up sure but lets not make a big thing of it. We’ll work it out, don’t worry.”

I got teary eyed, and thru my arms around him and kissed him on the lips. I was elated and at the same time frightened. Was I forcing him into something he was uncomfortable with?

There was only the one bed and how would we handle that? He was a perfect gentleman and yet because of my stupidity, he was almost forced to sleep in the same suite with me. That thought actually made me wet.

But suddenly I realized I hadn’t brought pajamas. I always sleep in the nude. Oh god, I thought, I’ll have to buy something or just sleep in my bra and panties.

Then there was the issue of privacy. There would be no time spent with my little toy, Clint. I had the real Clint and if I worked it right, maybe, just maybe, I could have my cake and eat it too.

He gave me time to unpack and dress for dinner. Then we traded places and got ready. When he walked out of the bedroom and into the living room I gasped. He was a hunk to beat all hunks. He was a real Adonis and I was going to dinner with him. It was beginning to frighten me.

I don’t even remember what we ate. All I could do was listen to him talking and think about what a screwed up mess I had gotten him into. Five weeks was going to be an awful long time to try and stay out of his way and pretend that he wasn’t driving me crazy.

Sure, I’m impulsive, and sure I made a mess of his vacation, but I still had a few options. I could pretend we had a fight and ask for another room. That would work but then the predatory females would swoop down again. Or I could just hold out as song as possible and try not to go mad.

After dinner we went to the bar. That’s when I realized another thing. A single girl going to a bar without an escort was an invitation to be picked up. And that was the last thing I wanted to contend with.

Two drinks later I had another impulse. I excused myself and told him I had to pick up a few things I had forgotten to pack. Actually I wanted to shop for something to sleep in. I found a lacy teddy in one of the more expensive shops located at the lodge, and as I was about to check out I saw a rack of condoms. On another whim I added them to my purchase and hurried out.

Going back to the bar I saw the stewardess from our flight, sitting next to Clint with her hand on his thigh. Again I acted on impulse. I quickly took the stool on the other side of him and leaned over and gave him a kiss.

“Thanks for waiting darling, I picked up the things we forgot before we left home,” I lied. Than asked: “Would you be a dear and take them to our room?”

He slowly turned to me and put his lips to mine and I felt his tongue move between my lips. I drew a deep breath and damn near fell off my stool before he let me go and whispered.

“Sure darling, I’ll take care of it for you.”

As soon as he left, my competition moved over to his seat and began.

“Hi I’m Monika. I was wondering something. Your last name is different than your husbands. Is there a reason?”

Thinking quickly I answered. “I’m a professional model, and for obvious reasons I have to keep my maiden name. Its strictly a business sort of thing, why?”

She smiled, and went on. “I thought I’d seen you somewhere before. Probably in a magazine or something. You are a beautiful woman, and well, I was wondering something.”

“What,” I queried.

“Look my flight has been cancelled for a week and I’m sort of stuck here. I was kind of wondering something. Er… you two are a very attractive couple and I was sort of thinking maybe,…would you and your husband be up to a threesome? I mean, well you know, a sort of ménage a trios. I have to admit you turned me on as soon as I saw you on the plane, and your husband is one hell of a good looking guy, so what do you think?”

I looked at her aghast. Was it was me she was after. Suddenly she wasn’t a threat, just a young woman who wanted me. Or maybe I was wrong. Oh sure I had been propositioned lots of times before. It comes with the job, but this was different. She wanted both me and Clint but I hadn’t gotten close enough to him to even consider her proposal.

“Look, I began, I’d have to think it over. It sounds inviting but well, I don’t know if my husband would go along with it. But I promise I’ll ask him when the times right. OK?”

She nodded and before getting up to leave, asked one more question. “Is he good? I mean could he last and do the both of us? Is he as big as I think he is?”

Hell I didn’t know but I lied and sort of bragged a bit. “Oh yeah, he’s built and yeah he goes on and on. But I still need to ask him. I’ll let you know the next time we see you.”

Satisfied, she left. Moments later Clint returned. I didn’t say a word.

Three drinks later I was feeling loopy and we went back to our room. At that point all inhibitions had vanished. I was getting forward and I really didn’t give a shit.

Again we did the privacy thing. I went first and showered and got ready for bed. I put on the teddy and pranced out into the bedroom.

He was sitting on the bed waiting and stared at me. Yeah, I had to admit, the thing I had chosen for pajamas was more like something a French whore would go to bed wearing. It didn’t hide a damn thing.

He sort of looked at me as if I was crazy then got up and went into the bathroom. I heard him shower, then several minutes he came out with only his shorts on. He looked uncomfortable and explained, “Er… I sleep in the buff so this is going to have to work until I can go shopping tomorrow. Do you mind?”

I nodded, no, then turned out the lights. I felt him slide in next to me and I laid on my back for long minutes, staring up at the shadows dancing across the ceiling when he slowly turned towards me and began.

“You don’t sleep in anything do you Kim? Why don’t you get out of that ridiculous thing and be comfortable? It must scratchy as hell since it’s new, and your never going to get to sleep wearing it.”

I turned to him and whispered. “I will if you will. I mean I’ll take it off if you’ll get out of those shorts too.”

We both sat up in the dark and undressed, then I slid back under the covers and again I stared up at the ceiling. Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore. I turned to him and began.

“Look Clint, I fucked things up and this isn’t going to work out this way. I mean staying out of each others way and pretending. I’m a big girl and inexperienced in a lot of ways but don’t you think it would be better if I either found another room or we just stop pretending and see what happens?”

“Explain exactly what you mean Kim. I’m not sure what you have in mind.”

I took a deep breath and went on. “It must be pretty obvious that I have a thing for you and I was just suggesting that if you want, we can sort of take it from there if you’re up to it.”

I continued, “I mean if you want to bring someone up sometime and … you know,… just tell me and I’ll vanish for a night or so. There are a lot of good looking women out there just begging to be with you and I don’t want to be in the way.”

He turned to me and answered. “Why would I go for second best when I’m in bed with number one? Sure, I’ve had my share of affairs but I’m not looking around. If you think you can survive five weeks as my room mate, sure, we can see where it goes. That’s a good idea.”

I couldn’t believe what he said. Me number one. Oh my god. But now I wondered about myself. Being nice looking isn’t everything. I don’t know shit about lovemaking. All I ever did right was suck two guys off a couple of times years ago, and now I’m in bed with a man I’m not even sure I know how to excite.

I guess he thought it was settled and I heard him turn over, but I wasn’t finished. “Clint, hold me for a minute will you please? Do you really think I’m better than they are?”

He didn’t say anything but he turned back to me and leaned over, putting his lips to mine.

I guess instinct kicked in, I don’t know, but feeling his chest against my breasts and his groin pressing against my hip, got me going. I just let melted and let it happen.

His kiss was long and deep and his hands began to move over my body, almost as if he were trying to memorize me with his fingers. His mouth left my lips and moved to kiss my eyelids, and cheek. Then slowly his warm tongue traced a pattern across my cheek to my ear lobe.

I was beginning to moan softly as I felt the covers being pulled off. Now he was hovering over me and his hands were doing crazy things to me.

Places that used to be ticklish were points of erotic sensations, and when he kissed the side of my neck where my shoulder meets, I got frantic. As his hand had moved down my side and across my tummy and I took a deep breath.

I heard my own voice, whisper: “Yeah, oh yesssss just like that. Touch me like that Clint.”

He was touching me in places no one had ever touched me before and his mouth was everywhere. When he began to lick my jaw line and kiss on down to the hollow of my throat I was beginning to pant. I tried to control myself by clutching at the sheeting until my knuckles were white.

I began to tense my ass and slowly thrust up, and when the breath of his open mouth wafted over my nipple, I couldn’t stop myself. My hands suddenly flew to the back of his head and forced his open mouth down.

That was the trigger. As his tongue began to circle around and round my areole I felt my pussy begin to quiver and pulse. When he suckled me and drew it into his mouth I squealed. Now he slowly began to drag his teeth gently up and down it’s surface.

Both my breasts were now home to firm erect points of sensation that were begging for attention, and when the fingers of his hand began to gently roll my other nipple between his thumb and forefinger I began gasping aloud.

“Oh god yes baby. Fuck yessssss that feels good. Oh god don’t stop doing that. Oooh you sweet darling, that feels so good. Yes oh yes, just like that. Yeah, Oh my god, I never felt anything like this. Your going to kill me Clint.”

I was so hot that I tried to pay no attention to the slow trickle of wetness that was being pulsed out each time my pussy contracted.

Then he stopped sucking. Suddenly he was kissing a path down across my abdomen and lower. I panicked. Was he going to? Would he do that to me? Was he going to put his mouth over my pussy and taste me? Oh god, I thought. I’m so fucking wet he might not like it.

He continued teasing my nipple with one hand while his other hand followed his mouth down lower. My legs found life and spread wide, and as my back arched up, I suddenly felt the heat of his open mouth puff on my steamy opening.

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A Little Car Ride And A Little Walk

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Jackie called me and asked me to wait in my garage. It was some time after midnight and I had a pretty good idea what she had on her mind.

The horn blew and I hit the button to open the door. She was in her Saab convertible, the lights off and top up.

“Well,” she said, “get it off and get it going.”

I knew exactly what she meant, and quickly had my clothes off, tossing them through the door and, I hoped, on to the washing machine. I hoped. I grabbed the remote out of my car and walked towards hers, hitting the button once I got out of the garage. I hopped in and commented on how nice the car was.

“Yeah, 2008. I’ve had it for a few months. But it’s hard on gas and, since it’s a turbo, it burns 92, which is outrageously expensive,” she replied.

I had to smile. I had a 07 Accord and I think she burned more gas getting to the gas station than I burned getting to work. But I wasn’t going to tell her that. Besides, she could afford it.

“Where are we off to?” I asked.

“We’ll see, honey. We’ll see,” was all she said.

Soon we had driven out of the neighborhood and headed east. No traffic, although I saw a cop going the other way. But a divided highway didn’t give me much worried. And Jackie was driving right at, or maybe just a little above, the speed limit. Which probably made her stand out. Ha!

About 10 minutes after we got on the highway, we were on the Interstate, headed south. It didn’t take long for us to get out in to the less populated areas, but still “in town”. After about another 20 minutes of driving, she turned on her turn signals and got off at one of the newly built rest stops that TxDOT had so thoughtfully dropped a ton of money into.

There weren’t any cars there, but there were three trucks parked in the truck lanes at the far end. Jackie parked at the curb.

“Okay, rookie, let’s trade,” she suddenly announced.

“Wha?” was all I could say, confused and surprised.

Just then she hit the button and the top started to retract.

“Chinese firedril,” she shouted, and hopped out of the car.

“What the fuck,” I yelled.

She stood in front of the car, standing in the headlights. “Come on girl, get in the driver’s seat.”

I started to crawl over the console.

“No way, babe. You come around front.” she barked. kuşadası escort Kind of menacingly, but in a friendly sort of way.

I choked. Well, it looks like she’s forcing my hand. With that, I opened the door and got out. I really thought about running around back, but I knew exactly what she wanted me to do. And so did I. So I ran to the front of the car and she suddenly put two hands up, indicating that I stop.

“You think anybody’s awake up there?” she asked.

“It doesn’t look that way,” I answered. “Besides, they’re what, a hundred yards from here?”

Suddenly she held something up in her hand. Another set of keys. She smiled and pressed one of the buttons. THE PANIC BUTTON! The alarm started to go through all of its gyrations, honking and tooting and whiring and only god knows what noises. I didn’t, because I was suddenly deaf, dumb and blind. Welded to my spot. Just as suddenly, it stopped. The alarm had been sounding for three or four hours. Or seconds, didn’t really matter.

She giggled and ran to the passenger side and hopped in. I suddenly unfroze and ran to the driver’s side and slid behind the wheel.

“Onward, James,” she said, in her best, deep British accent.

All I could do was stick it in to drive and pull out. Did I say it was a turbo? Well, it took a second, but when the turbos spun up (did I say that I was a race fan? We used to go to lots of Champ Car races and the US Gran Prix) the tires lit up with a squeal and little puff of smoke. As I drove by the trucks I looked at them. No lights. No horns honking. Nothing. I don’t know whether I was relieved or disappointed. Relieved, I think. I wasn’t ready to get caught, even from a hundred yards away.

About five minutes later, Jackie told me to take the next exit, which was a farm to market road in the middle of nowhere. Well, actually just a little further out than that. I turned right and we headed along a road that was PFB, except for a glorious full moon.

“I just love that moon,” she shouted over the wind noise. Actually, it wasn’t that windy. When you pay for that kind of car, they engineer the noise away.

Suddenly she said “turn right up here.” It wasn’t much more than a break in the fence line, with a narrow, “paved” road leading into what we in the Hill Country call a forest. She told me to stop just before we got to the trees.

“Okay, here’s the deal,” she said. “I’m going to get out. You press start,” she said, handing me a kitchen timer. “When it goes off in five minutes, you start off as slow as you can. Just a crawl. And turn on only the parking lights. You need to turn off the headlights in case somebody drives by. And get you foot off the brake, you ninny. When you get up to me, start the timer again and drive past. When it goes off again, turn around and slowly come back. I’ll get in then. Got it?”

I nodded. “No you don’t, but you’ll figure it out.” With that, she pulled on a pair of flip flops from under the seat and stepped out of the car.

“Okay, start it.” With that she walked off into the moonlight night. (Wow, that almost sounded poetic, should this be under erotic poetry?)

I sat there, scared shitless. What if? I don’t know “what if”, but I didn’t have the foggiest idea what to do “what if”. So I sat. And waited. And waited. And damn neat jumped out of my skin when the timer went off. Five minutes? I wasn’t sure whether it was “already” or “finally”.

But I put the car in gear, crept forward until I got into the trees and turn the parking lights on. I rolled along, the speedo saying 6 mph. It only took a few minutes before I saw her naked butt in the distance. As I drove by, I waved and she smiled at me.

“Timer,” she said. And I remembered to start it.

I drove on. It was just about half a mile when the timer went off. But there wasn’t a place to turn around and the road was too narrow and had ditches on either side. It wouldn’t be a three point turn, it would be more like a 31 point turn. I drove along just a bit more and saw a little dirt road. I rolled up to it and as I turned in I saw what looked like a house at the end of what was obviously a driveway. But it was dark and it was really late, so I didn’t sweat it.

It took another five minutes to get to Jackie, her breasts jiggling as she walked towards me. When I came along side her, she opened the back passenger’s door and pulled out a couple of towels and sat on one.

“Okay, drive back to the edge of the woods,” she commanded.

I drove on, at more like 25 this time. When we reached the edge, she motioned to my right. “Turn around over there,” she said. I could see a small access road to the field, and did as she said.

“Back to the edge,” she told me. When I stopped, she calmly looked at me and said “Get out, you’re turn,” and handed me the flip flops. “You’ll need these, the road can be more than a little rough.”

Numbly, I grabbed them and stupidly got out of the car. She got out and walked around front and got in on the driver’s side.

“Same rules apply. Five plus five. And don’t worry, I’ll pick you up. And you almost never see anybody on this road this time of night,” she said. “Well, almost. The occasional teenage boys sneaking a six pack,” she smiled.

I started walking. The road started to get darker. It never got real dark, between the wimpy trees and the now lowering full moon. Well, I guess there was another one, too.

I had a little start when lights hit me from behind. It was Jackie. She had driven all the way up to me without the lights.

“Hey there. I could see without the headlights so I figured I’d surprise you.”

“Fuck yeah,” I kind of shouted. A quite sort of shout. I didn’t want to wake anybody up.

“Okay, see you in a few.” And she drove off, lights off, again.

It seemed like another forever, but this time I heard the car just before she hit her lights.

“In you go,” she said. “And you might want this,” handing me a hand towel. I knew exactly what she meant. I was porno gushing wet, but I had gotten a little excited on the way.

We drove out and turned left, taking a different route back to civilization. We finally hit a more significant highway and she stopped.

“Let’s not be quite so noticeable. Nobody but drunks and cops. The first are no problem, the second are major problem.” With that, she hit the button again and the top went up.

We motored along in silence. Suddenly she asked “Well, how was it? How are you?”

“I don’t know. That was exciting. Kind of like the first time, only less scary. I think I enjoyed it.”

“Good for you. Pretty soon we’ll have you walking down the mall at noon.”

I audibly choked.

“Don’t be silly,” she told me. “I wouldn’t do that, never mind have you. But maybe we’ll get you out to Hippy Hollow some time.”

As usual, my little excursion ended with “nothing done”. Except that I had done something that had me turned on every time I thought about it. Good thing work was a few days away. I wouldn’t have survived going in!

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A Creative Challenge Ch. 16

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Anal Sex

Tracey was late for the next session, so Amy and I started work without her. I left my old painting shirt on, just in case she eventually turned up, but that was starting to look very unlikely. We had finally come to the conclusion that Tracey didn’t want to do any more nude modelling, even though it was a golden opportunity for her to get close to Amy with no clothes on, when in she walked.

“Sorry I’m late,” she said. “Do you still want me?”

“Of course”, I replied, “we’re glad you could make it.”

She stood in the doorway, not quite sure what to do next. She didn’t have Amy’s easy confidence about being nude in front of strangers, and Amy sensed this. She had been lying on her back on the dais, but she quickly swung her feet to the floor and walked naked over to the doorway, taking Tracey by the hand and leading her into the studio.

“You can put your bag down, you know. We won’t steal it”, said Amy.

Tracey had been clutching the strap of her shoulder bag very tightly, but she smiled and put the bag down beside the dais. Without asking her permission, Amy undid the buttons of Tracey’s coat, slipped it off her shoulders, and handed it to me. I put it on the coat rack near the door, while Amy undid Tracey’s jeans. Tracey was now helping the undressing process and lifted her top up and over her head, tossing it behind her. When Amy squatted on her haunches to pull Tracey’s jeans down to her ankles, Tracey slipped her hands inside her thong panties and pushed them down, too. Her pussy was now as bald as Amy’s, and Amy whistled when she saw it.

“When did that happen, Trace? Nice looking job”, she said appreciatively.

“That’s why I’m late. It took longer than I thought it would.”

“I would have helped you,” said Amy, sounding a little disappointed. “That was the plan.”

“I know, but I felt more comfortable doing it myself. It’s a very personal thing to do, you know.”

“Oh, I know,” said Amy, “That’s what makes it so much fun when someone else does it for you.”

“Yeah, well. I wanted to do it on my own,” said Tracey. “At least the first time.”

“May I?” said Amy, not waiting for permission, but reaching out immediately and feeling the skin all round Tracey’s pussy. At first it was obvious she was checking the smoothness of the shave, but her fingers lingered as she felt for stray hairs round the opening to Tracey’s vagina, and when her middle finger disappeared and she murmured “Nice”, it was no longer clear whether she was still referring to the quality of the shave, or the feel of what had just been shaved.

I cleared my throat, to get Amy’s attention. “Are you two ready to do some work?”

Tracey had been engrossed in what Amy’s fingers were doing, but jumped at the sound of my voice, like I had caught her with her hand in the cookie jar. Amy shot me a dirty look, to let me know that she didn’t think I needed to be such a killjoy, then, for Tracey’s benefit, tried to sound enthusiastic.

“Sure. What do you want us to do?”

“I think it would be nice to get the two of you lying down, entwined, all tangled up in each other so I can’t see whose arms and legs are which. Can you do that?”

It took a minute or so to get some big cushions onto the dais, and to throw a brightly coloured piece of African fabric over the whole thing. I wanted them to get comfortable, because I thought that what I had asked for would be visually very interesting, and I was prepared to spend a bit of time trying to get a decent result from it.

I had imagined görükle escort them cuddling somehow face to face, with their legs wrapped up and round each other’s body, but when Tracey swung herself onto the dais, Amy walked round to the opposite side and laid herself down in the opposite direction, so her legs would be up and around Tracey’s shoulders, and vice versa. OK, I thought, this could be even better.

Amy lifted Tracey’s leg over her shoulder as she lay down, resting her head on the inner thigh of Tracey’s lower leg, her face only about a foot away from the light pink pussy. She wrapped one of her legs over and around Tracey, whose hand was now resting on Amy’s buttock, her trunk twisted and leaning back. Tracey’s head and shoulders were a little further away from Amy’s pussy, but she was still able to look straight at it, and it was still very accessible to her.

“That looks… interesting,” I said, taking a piece of thick vine charcoal and quickly blocking out the main shapes the two young women made.

“It looks pretty good from here,” said Amy, looking straight at Tracey’s open crotch.

“The view’s not bad from this end either,” said Tracey, obviously starting to relax and lose what was left of her inhibitions.

I had a feeling that neither of them would be able to hold this pose for long, and I was right. It wasn’t that it was awkward, on the contrary, they were both nestled in very comfortable positions over and around the big cushions. But I knew from what Amy had said about her preference for women that Tracey would surely be getting very turned on by the closeness of her naked friend, and I knew that Amy’s bisexual curiosity and her love of exposing herself would be having a similar effect on her. It seemed that every time I made some marks with the charcoal, and then glanced up from the paper at my models, Amy’s head looked like it was just a fraction closer to Tracey’s pussy, and Tracey’s hand looked like it was sliding slowly down Amy’s ass crack towards Amy’s. I quickly realised that it was not my imagination and the two models were not holding themselves as still as I wanted them to be. I tried to draw more rapidly while I still had a chance, but I would have had to be a lightning sketch artist to have captured the pose before it completely disintegrated. Within minutes, Amy’s face was within a tongue’s length from her friend’s pink and glistening pussy, and she was breathing in deeply through her nose, savouring the scent of its slippery wetness.

“Hang on, Amy, I’m not finished drawing yet,” I said.

“Sorry, Sam, your needs aren’t my highest priority at the moment. And I think you should know that this cunt smells sinfully tasty.”

“That’s more than I needed to know, girl, I’m trying to concentrate here.”

“Me too,” said Amy, as she closed her eyes and moved her head the last few millimetres towards the source of the olfactory stimulation. Just before her open mouth locked itself onto Tracey’s pubic mound, I caught a glimpse of Amy’s pointed tongue sliding into the already wet vaginal opening.

Unable to do otherwise, Tracey’s back arched and she pushed her hips towards Amy’s mouth. She looked across at me, not wanting to hold back, but not sure what I would do or say next. She didn’t know that I was expecting something just like this to happen when I put them close together, and although I really did want to draw them, I was more than happy to be an appreciative spectator for a while.

“Don’t let me stop you, Tracey,” I bursa sınırsız escort bayan said, “but if it’s all right with you, I’ll just sit over here and politely wait till you’re both done. Amy likes to have an audience.”

Amy momentarily came up for air. “And you love nothing better than to watch, so don’t you pretend otherwise, you hypocrite.”

“Guilty as charged,” I confessed, as Tracey smiled and shut her eyes, surrendering to the sensation of Amy’s tongue on her clit.

“Omigod,” said Tracey, “that is deep-fried heaven on a stick.” With her mouth full, Amy could only grunt what seemed to be her agreement, and reached for the toy basket that these days was always somewhere on or near the dais.

Watching the two of them was pretty close to my idea of heaven, too. I don’t know any heterosexual male or female who would want to watch two gay men fucking each other, because it just doesn’t work aesthetically. It’s not what men’s bodies are supposed to do. On the other hand, there is something universally erotic about two women making out with each other.

Tracey may have felt very self-conscious in our studio at first, but as her sexual response systems kicked in she quickly seemed to become oblivious to me, and was totally focussed on what Amy was doing to her. Amy, on the other hand, was enjoying the sensation of being watched at least as much as she was enjoying the girl-girl sex, and even when her mouth was clamped over Tracey’s smooth and slippery pubic area, she still kept looking up at me – eyes smiling – to make sure I was paying attention. Paying attention? I couldn’t have prised my eyes away from the two of them with a crowbar.

Both of them were ready for the novelty of no-holds-barred sex with each other, and they came within a few minutes, first one, then the other. They took turns swapping mouth-tongue-finger-dildo orgasms for a while, then both of them came together, very loudly, clamping each other’s head and shoulders in a thigh-vice. I was so engrossed in the new experience of watching Amy make love to someone other than me, pleased to be enjoying it and surprised to find that I was feeling more than a twinge of jealousy, that it took me a while to realize how explosively loud both of them had become. Amy’s normal grunting and heavy breathing had become full-throated shouts, and Tracey was squealing like a very large suckling pig about to be slaughtered. By the time I had the presence of mind to think about shushing them down a bit so the neighbours wouldn’t complain, they had come down the other side of their climaxes and the noises had tailed off to almost nothing.

The damage had been done, however. The doorbell rang about ten minutes after the last joint orgasm, while Tracey was looking for some tissues to mop up with and Amy was getting a couple of cold drinks from the kitchen fridge. I slipped some track pants on and went to find out who was at the door. It must have been a slow day at the precinct, because it was two policemen in uniform, responding to a complaint that someone was being hurt. I assured them that no violence had been occurring in my house, but they politely and firmly advised me that it would be in my own interests to invite them in to see for themselves. I wasn’t about to stop them, and I figured they would have been trained to expect all kinds of unusual situations, so I was curious to see how they dealt with two flushed and sweating naked exhibitionists.

The door to the studio was open bursa otele gelen escort bayan and I waved them in, following close behind. Tracey was leaning back on the dais, with one leg raised, wiping her groin with a tissue. I don’t know who jumped the most, Tracey or the two cops, but the cops stepped back as if someone had punched them both at once, the big man banging back into the wall, the younger one almost treading on my bare toes. Tracey leapt off the bed, looking around her frantically trying to remember where her clothes had gone, while I squeezed past them into the room.

“It would be good if you would tell these officers that I haven’t been beating you up,” I said to Tracey.

“Where’s my shirt, Sam?” she hissed, with her back to the door, trying to shield herself with a tissue.

“You seem to have us at a disadvantage,” I said to the police officers, who were regaining their composure and trying to look officially unfazed, but both were having some difficulty giving any attention to anything but Tracey’s bottom as she pulled on her t-shirt and untangled her pants.

“Sorry to bother you, ma’am, but we need to ask you if you are OK,” said the younger of the two cops, “we have a report that someone was screaming in here.”

Tracey was still trying to get dressed and get some dignity back, so she didn’t reply right away, apart from muttering “Shit, shit, shit” to herself because she had started to put her pants on back to front.

“Can I help you?”

I used to think that the idea of the ‘double-take’ was invented by Warner Brothers for Loony Tunes and it only existed in comics and movie cartoons, but at the sound of Amy’s voice coming from the doorway behind them, the two cops turned around and did another synchronised double-take. This time the older man backed into the dais which caught him behind the knees and made him sit down very suddenly and heavily. Amy was standing in the open door with her weight on one leg and her hands on her hips. Even a celibate priest would realise that her livid and inflamed pussy had been recently been fucked with some enthusiasm.

“Oh goody, are these our new playmates, Sam?” Amy asked me ingenuously.

“These are real police officers, Amy, I think you should be polite.”

“Are they? They don’t look real.”

“They definitely are.”

“Did you ask them to bring the handcuffs like you promised you would?”

“Amy, these are real policemen.”

“Sure they are, Sam. Guys, the changing room’s through here, if you want to go and get ready.”

The older policeman stood up and stuck his thumbs in his belt. For a moment, I thought Amy had gone too far, but then he couldn’t help smiling before he turned towards me trying to look a bit more serious.

“I think you should tell your lady friend that we’re broadminded and we don’t mind a joke, but that she shouldn’t push her luck. OK?”

“Yes, officer,” I said, trying to sound suitably contrite. The two policeman started to move towards the door. The older one nudged the younger one in the ribs to get him to tear his eyes away from Amy’s very accessible body, and they both somewhat reluctantly left the room and headed for the front door. I made what was supposed to be a threatening expression and mouthed the word “Behave!” to Amy, but I could see from her expression that the devil was in her, as I followed the visitors into the hallway.

“I didn’t see any whips, Tracey. Why didn’t they bring the whips?” I heard Amy say loudly enough to be clearly heard in the hall. “No restraints, either.” Tracey was fighting a losing battle with her giggles, when the older cop turned and spoke to me for the last time.

“Try to keep the noise down, sir, if you don’t mind,” he said to me in a quiet and friendly voice. Then even more quietly, he said “You lucky bastard,” and left, shaking his head.

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A Different Point of View

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The warm sun caressed his back as he finished lunch at the picnic table. Trudi was already up and putting things away and he was enjoying watching her as she did it. Her breasts gently bouncing, her sexy hips swayed as she moved, her long hair moving in counterpoint to her hips. He felt a stir in his pants and he considered just exactly what kind of dessert he would like to have as he watched her. He looked around. If that deputy napping in the patrol car would leave he could have exactly the kind of dessert he really wanted.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked as she sat back down at the picnic table.


“Oh, I see. I didn’t pack a dessert for us.”

“I think I could find a dessert that we would both enjoy without leaving this spot.” He smiled at her and reached across the table and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse. “I know those would make a wonderful dessert for me.”

“But what about my dessert?” she asked, smiling coyly.

“I’m sure we can find something for you too.” He slipped his shoes off and slid his feet across the ground until one was on either side of her sandal. With a deft move of his feet he slipped her foot out of her sandal. He brought one foot behind her calf and raised her leg. He slid one hand under the table and gripped her foot in his hand and guided it to the growing bulge in his pants. “I bet you would like this for dessert.”

She smiled and began rubbing her foot up and down his growing bulge. “Mmmm you know you just might be right.” She reached up and undid a few more buttons on her blouse, giving him a tantalizing glimpse of the tops of her breasts. He could see her nipples growing harder, poking against the fabric of her blouse. He slowly slid his foot up her leg until it was lodged firmly between her legs. He felt her shift, spreading her legs a little wider to give him room. All the while pressing and rubbing harder against his covered bulge with her foot.

Her eyes closed and a slight moan escaped from her lips as his foot gently rubbed against her. As her foot pressed harder against his growing cock he saw a red mustang turn into the picnic area. “Damn.” He muttered and gently removed Trudi’s foot from his lap.

“What’s https://bursali.org wrong?”

“Another car just pulled in.” He left his foot where it was underneath Trudi’s skirt and tight against her pussy as he watched the stunning blonde getting out of the red Mustang. He saw her give the napping deputy a once over and then give him a long appraising look. She moved to one of the picnic tables and dropped something on the ground. She bent over to pick it up leaving her legs straight and he could see her near perfect breasts hanging down. He knew that her short skirt was riding high and that from the other side her ass was clearly visible. She licked her lips as she watched him watching her and then slowly sat down at the picnic table. Her legs were spread just enough to give him a very teasing glimpse of her thong that covered her pussy. He also noticed that the deputy wasn’t napping anymore and had taken a very long look at her ass when she bent over.

“What’s going on Ryan?” Trudi hissed at him.

“Oh, I think things are going to get very interesting in a moment, baby.” He kept his foot against Trudi’s pussy beginning to rub again. “A very lovely blonde just sat down at one of those tables and gave me a little show. I don’t think that she knows that the deputy was watching her as she did it though.” He continued to rub his foot across Trudi’s pussy, her eyes were closed and he heard her breathing growing heavy.

He rubbed his still hidden cock with his hand as the blonde watched him, slowly eating her lunch. He smiled when the deputy got out of the patrol car and quietly walked up behind her. Trudi was squirming against his foot now, her nipples hard and pointed, she had unbuttoned more buttons and one hand was inside her blouse fondling one breast.

He saw the blonde jump when the Deputy said something to her. “Baby, I think something exciting is going to happen. The deputy is sitting down next to that blonde now, I think he has one hand on her ass and I can see his other hand sliding under her skirt.”

“Mmmmm, yesss, tell me more, tell me what they are doing,” whispered Trudi her voice husky with desire. His own desire was growing hard and uncomfortable bursa escort kız in his pants. He could feel Trudi thrusting herself against his foot.

“His hand is under her skirt now, I’m sure he is rubbing her pussy the way she is squirming. He’s lifting her skirt too. His other hand must be sliding all over her ass.” He heard Trudi groan, and push harder against his foot, trapping it there with her free hand.

“Babyyyyyy, I want to see” Trudi hissed.

“You would like to see this. He just pulled her arms behind her back and handcuffed her. You should see how she is thrusting her breasts out, how hard her nipples are. He’s pulling her to her feet now.” Ryan pulled his foot away from its sexy birth between her legs. Her eyes flew open wide at the loss of contact. “Grab the blanket baby. I think we are going to get that dessert we wanted.”

Ryan and Trudi stood and as Trudi grabbed the blanket she took a look and saw the deputy leading the blonde over to the red mustang. Ryan grabbed her hand and pulled her into the thicket. Trudi could see the blonde watching them and saw the deputy reach up and start fondling and pinching the blonde’s breasts before she and Ryan plunged into the light brush surrounding the picnic area. He led them quickly to a spot somewhat hidden from the road but where they could watch what was happening at the car beside the road.

The deputy had the blonde leaning against the trunk of her mustang running his hands over her body as if searching for weapons. At the same time Ryan had slipped Trudi’s panties off and had her kneeling in front of him facing the deputy and the blonde. He watched over her shoulder as he touched and caressed Trudi’s body with his hands. Trudi shivered as his fingers brushed across her aching nipples and pushed back hard against him feeling his cock, naked at last pressed up tight against her ass. Ryan let his cock slide between her legs, the shaft rubbing against her pussy.

Trudi’s eyes were locked on the other couple, watching eagerly and trembling in anticipation as the Deputy lifted the blonde’s skirt, revealing her ass to everyone. Ryan felt and heard Trudi moan deep in her chest and he started bursa anal yapan escort lightly tweaking and pinching her hard nipples. He pushed Trudi forward on to her hands, her ass in the air as he watched the Deputy unzip his pants and begin rubbing the blonde’s ass with its hard length. Ryan continued sliding his cock against Trudi’s pussy, feeling it getting slick with her juices.

Slowly Ryan pulled his hips back letting the throbbing head of his cock sit poised at the entrance to Trudi’s hidden depths. Trudi was thrusting herself back trying to take his cock inside her, but he held her hips watching the deputy and the blonde. When he saw the deputy driving deep into the blonde with a single thrust he did the same to Trudi, driving his own cock into her hot, tight sheath. He could feel Trudi squirming and bucking beneath him, meeting his thrusts with ones of her own, arching her back to take him as deep as possible. He could see the blonde watching them and knew her eyes were locked with Trudi’s.

Ryan matched the deputy’s rhythm letting his cock thrust and drive into Trudi’s hot pussy. His eyes were locked on the couple fucking furiously against the back of the Mustang. He could tell that Trudi was watching just as eagerly. He slid one hand down to her pussy and the other played with her breasts, rubbing her, stimulating as much of her body as he could. Trudi responded in a frenzy, her hips driving back, a long continuous moan coming from her month. Ryan could feel her body growing tenser with each stroke back on to his cock. Then without warning Trudi’s body spasmed against him and he felt her pussy squeezing his cock like a vice as her orgasm thundered through her, cumming almost exactly at the same time as the blonde. Trudi’s orgasm was to much for him to take and he felt his balls tighten in response. His hands dropped to Trudi’s hips and he drove his cock into her as far as he could as his orgasm rose within him, shooting his cum deep into Trudi’s pussy.

He collapsed on to Trudi, driving them both to the ground even as the deputy and the blonde came to a stop, spent from their own orgasms. He held Trudi tight as they watched the deputy unlock the handcuffs from the blonde. They straightened their clothes and then the deputy got into the patrol car and drove off. The blonde stared for a moment, watching the patrol car drive off. She turned slowly and faced the spot were they lay on the blanket together. They could both see the smile on her face as she walked slowly towards them.

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A Brave Woman

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Toward the end of a summer job at a science field station, I met “Carol”, another student. We hit it off really well and started spending every night together in one of the dorm rooms that were now mostly empty. One night while in bed we thought we were alone, but then in walked several other summer students, surprising us literally in mid-stroke. Apologies were offered and accepted (we had not been covered), but after the intruders left and we both caught our breath Carol shared her feelings about what had just happened. And that it had really given her a thrill and that she’d like to explore it further. She expressed that she’d felt humiliated, vulnerable, and empowered at the same time, and that apart from the obvious eroticism she just felt more alive than she’d ever felt before, like every nerve ending and every sense in her body was at high pitch. She wanted more of this. She was conflicted by the humiliation and vulnerability, but told me this just heightened the whole experience. She really wanted to explore this further.

So a few days later it was the weekend and we’d heard about a beach a couple of hours’ drive away that was frequented by alternative-lifestyle types. This was at a time when such beaches around had no rules of conduct—not like today when sexual activity is discouraged or even grounds for removal or arrest. So, we headed for this beach!

After hiking down a long narrow trail, we came upon the promised beach, enjoyed by dozens of people, mostly nude. A couple of temporary food and drink vendors, and some sellers of trinkets and other handmade items. No obvious sexual activity, but otherwise a very free-spirited place. Carol chose a spot close to where the trail met the beach, because she wanted newcomers to come upon us without first seeing us from a distance.

We set out the sheet we’d borrowed from the dorms, stripped, and within minutes she had me inside of her. No movement, me just “there”, or “in her”. Every few minutes a new person or couple emerged from the trail and onto the beach, and passed within about six feet of us. Most kept moving, but some stopped to watch—that’s when Carol would start moving a bit, lifting her legs and arching her back. She kept whispering into my ear that she was really enjoying this. But that she did not want guys to start masturbating onto her. She told the few guys that started doing this to please not, but instead to save it for later when they were alone. She explained (all the while fucking), and they could watch all they wanted, bursa escort but not participate. Interestingly, the guys complied, and were content to watch. Likewise several women watched, although one was derisive and called us perverts and her a slut. Carol’s response to that was that she disengaged just for a moment to reposition us, now with her on top so she could look the disapproving woman in the eye, and ask if she’d ever done something just for her own enjoyment. She moved on. The rest stayed a while and encouraged us.

During that first hour, Carol had several orgasms, with no attempt to hide them. She even told some of the watchers to look at her face rather than her body as she came—she wanted to make eye contact with them at this critical moment. I’d already come, but being a guy I couldn’t repeat indefinitely like she could! Most of the time I just stayed limply inside, occasionally regaining my hardness. Even without me being hard, she was able to climax for this extended period just because of the thrill of the situation.

After a while, we got up, stretched, and walked down the beach to one of the food vendors. On the way, she said she would bend over slightly with her elbows on the counter and I was to enter her pussy from the rear. This was to see if we could get away with fucking standing up. Well, this worked, and we attracted a lot of attention. She was able to drink a coke and eat a hamburger while thus coupled, but all I could do was dribble coke on her back. Probably because my heart was just about pounding out of my chest, and I had to fight for each breath, even though we were doing slow strokes. (I guess this just shows a basic difference between men and women—she was able to do all of this in stride, while for me this was a life event that might never be repeated.)

Walking back to our sheet we got lots of looks, mostly approving. Once back, I told Carol that I just wouldn’t be able to perform for a while. No problem, she said. She lay back on her elbows and invited me to use my tongue. Gladly!! I loved this part, because I didn’t have to try holding back, and she loved it because it put her in an even better position to talk with people as they walked by. And the conversations ran all over the place—but mostly “how can you do this?” (answer: Easy, just lie back and enjoy it) or “I wish my boyfriend would do that for me” (answer: why don’t you just ask him?) or “you have a beautiful pussy” (thank you), or “did you enjoy your lunch?” (she: it was great, the bursa üniversiteli escort hamburger man wouldn’t even take our money; me: I’ll let you know when I’m finished eating”.) Carol’s answers came between her orgasms.

A few of the guys who watched tried to proposition her. Carol, although naked and fucking right in front of them, told them not to assume that her being naked and fucking right in front of them meant she was available or looking—told them again she was just naked and fucking, and that’s all. She said she had chosen her partner (lucky me!) and chosen how she wanted to spend her day at the beach, and that they could also do whatever they wanted and with whom, but not with her.

We couldn’t keep fucking constantly the entire day (she’d have gotten sore and chafed, and being a guy I had my physiological limits), so whenever I wasn’t inside her with either my cock or my tongue she used her fingers to gently spread herself open. If we’d just been fucking, it would stay open for a few minutes by itself, then she’d reopen it. If new people walking by commented, she’d explain that she liked the feeling of the air. If she knew they’d seen us fucking she’d tell them she was just “taking a breather”.

Well, after a long while I finally finished my lunch, Carol was totally spent after enjoying several dozen public orgasms, the sun was setting, and the beach was nearly deserted. We took this time and also the ride home to enjoy each other’s shared feelings about what had taken place all day.

For her, this was the riskiest thing she’d ever done, but just the thrill of getting away with something completely outside the bounds of normal behaviour made it worth the risk. She said she did feel humiliated, lying on the ground naked, putting herself lower than anyone around her and doing something that most people associate with shame. She felt vulnerable—she was laying herself open for any negative remark about her looks, her body or her behaviour, and she felt vulnerable that even though we were sixty miles from our usual digs, somebody we knew might see her and word would get out. But on the other hand she felt alive, with a heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity. She also felt beautiful and desirable, and that she’d probably be the object of a lot of people’s dreams the next few nights. She also felt very wild and sexy and primitive, sort of a return to uninhibited tribal or jungle life, a communing with ancient ancestors. karacabey escort She was very puzzled by her feelings of wanting more humiliation and vulnerability. That’s why she opened her lips when we weren’t fucking—she wanted extreme nakedness and exposure. ?She felt that of all the emotions she felt, the vulnerability was probably the most powerful. Part of the vulnerability was the risk we were taking that someone we knew might come upon us. She said a part of her was actually hoping this would happen—but this risk was more than compensated by the feeling of power she had over people watching her (she felt she was in charge, even over me!), and she loved the pure raw sex.

Carol told me that the most personal part of the experience was making eye contact with strangers as she came to orgasm. This was a private part of her she was putting out in the open. She said every woman has breasts and a crotch you can look at, and can fuck, but that her face during an orgasm is hers alone and is a very intimate thing to share.

I asked why she hadn’t masturbated, since in front of our many onlookers this would have been even more humiliating. She said she had actually gotten off a few small ones as she was holding her lips open, but didn’t make a show of it because she wanted to be seen as a girl who can get a guy to take care of her. But now that she thought about it as we were discussing it on the way home, she realized that yes, to openly masturbate for an audience would have added to her quest for humiliation. Then she started wondering if she had limits, and maybe had found it.

She told me she felt all these different and sometimes conflicting feelings, sometimes simultaneously, and that, besides the orgasms, it was this constant crescendo of feelings that kept her going the whole day at the beach. (Note: all this without any alcohol. Apparently there were no inhibitions to overcome!)

Her only bad feelings came from the occasional guys trying to proposition her.

As for me, I don’t think my feelings went nearly as wide or as deep as hers. She had all this stuff going on in her mind at the same time, but all I could think about was to enjoy the moment, knowing that this was a truly unique situation with a truly unique person, and that it might never happen again.

Fast forward: within weeks we each returned to our respective schools, and kept up a friendly correspondence for several years, each starting our own families. Her name is not Carol, of course, but otherwise the story stands as written. There will always be a place in my heart for her, and I’ll always respect her for setting a goal for herself and pursuing it in spite of the risks. And this took place at a time long ago when women were not encouraged to take risks, and certainly not in the explicit way she chose.

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The Dom you Want Pt. 02

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Tea can be so evil

I didn’t own her yet, but she had surrendered herself enough that I felt entitled to enjoy her as I wished. What I wished was to take her deep in the night. My plan was to have her vaginally if she was sleeping on her back and anally if she was on her tummy. I think it would have been delicious and there was no doubt in my mind that she would have opened her body to my pleasure. Naturally Morpheus decided to show his sense of humor and I slept through the night.

When I finally woke, she was in bed beside me fiddling with her phone. I gave a yawn that would have put a grin on a grizzly bear then pulled her close and kissed her and kissed her then really kissed her. She melted up against me and made for a lovely blanket as I snoozed for a few more minutes. When I woke the second time, I asked what she had been doing on her phone. My eyes were still closed but I could hear the blush in her voice as she said “I was telling my roommate what an amazing lover you are. I hope that’s okay Sir.”

I smiled and forced my left eye open, what it found was nice enough to make the right one want to join it, “You aren’t allowed to lie or use coarse language but other than that you may speak to your friends as you wish.”

Her beautiful smile ended any possibility of retaining her virtue but before I could do anything about that she asked, “Are there any other rules I should know Sir?”

At that point only about ten percent of my synapses were firing and none of them cared about that, so I answered, “Probably, but right now I want to enjoy your mouth.”

She kept her body pressed against mine as she slid down to a position between my legs. That was a new one and just damn delicious. She then pulled the light summer blanket over her shoulders and my legs and moved a stray bit of sheet over my chest. I stroked her hair and said, “Well done Slave.” which got me another of those bright smiles. An hour later I realized that I probably shouldn’t have addressed her that way yet. At the time I couldn’t have cared less, literally, I couldn’t have cared any less. I was flaccid when she took me in her mouth, that lasted for about a millisecond then the few synapses that had been working turned off and for a nice long time I just enjoyed the pleasure she was giving me.

Somewhere around the middle of page two on my list of reasons why I love being a Dom is an entry about how oral sex works with a submissive woman. When a vanilla woman does that for you there’s an instinctive desire to help, you move, you exaggerate sounds so she knows what you like, and above all you try to hasten the process so that you finish before she gets tired of doing it. With a submissive woman you know that giving you pleasure is pleasurable to her. That means that there is no incentive to hurry or reason to help. You can simply enjoy her and let her enjoy being her for as long as it happens to take. I have no idea how long it took, somewhere between five minutes and eternity as best I could tell but eventually, I began to near. I would certainly have enjoyed moistening her throat, but I was in a greedy mood, so I reached down and gently lifted her chin. She looked distressed for a moment, probably thinking that she had done something wrong. That changed to a very pleased look when I said, “On your back, legs spread wide.” in a voice that made it clear that dawdling wasn’t an option.

I gave her a third of a second to get comfortable before I lay on top of her and a tenth of a second to prepare to have me inside her. On page one of that list of reasons why I love being a Dom, fairly near the top, is the fact that you get to have a woman like this. She was a bit wet but not wet enough and extra tight from having been taken hard last night. That meant that my rough entry was at least a little painful. I’m not sure which of us enjoyed that more, I suspect that she was a close second. I went slow for a few seconds giving her time to lubricate then began taking her exactly as I wanted to. I escort bursa was close when I began, and she got close quickly which added so much pleasure to ordering, “Remain perfectly silent and do not cum.” Both were just enough of a struggle to let her be proud of her obedience, neither lasted too long. As I spilled inside her I whispered, “You may speak.”

She wrapped her arms around me and squeezed with a strength that I found surprising as she said, “Thank you Sir.”

A woman would understand why she genuinely enjoyed the way I took my pleasure from her without even considering reciprocation, a man probably wouldn’t. The best explanation I can come up with is to suggest that they picture whatever beautiful actress they have a crush on and imagine being offered sex with them but only on the condition that you not have an orgasm. I think most of us would say yes and be damn glad we got the chance. She got to feel beautiful and desired and submissive and proud of her ability to please, any of which meant more to her than a single orgasm.

I stayed on her and in her for a nice long while. That was luxurious, bodies don’t always fit together well enough for that to be comfortable. When I finally decided to move, I went to the t-shirt drawer and reached under the stack to pull out a plain white crew neck. A few weeks ago, I had accidentally dried that one on super high which shrank it way too much to fit me. I handed it to her, and she sat up on the edge of the bed to put it on. It was way too small for her too which looked delicious and made me wonder if I should wet it down. I put on a t-shirt myself then went into the sock drawer and grabbed the smallest pair of white socks that I could find. When I turned around and lifted her feet from the floor to over her head, suddenly laying her on her back, she let out a squeak that was so cute it would have made me decorate the drawers I wasn’t wearing if I hadn’t enjoyed her so recently. She smiled and giggled as I kissed each foot then put a sock on it.

I helped her stand then asked, “Bacon and eggs, waffles, pancakes or an omelet?”

I knew what her answer would be and enjoyed hearing it, “Which ever you would like Sir.”

I patted the edge of the bed and asked her to get on her knees there just like she had last night. She looked a little dubious but my calm and cheerful voice kept it from being too scary. Once she was in position, I grabbed the tube of lube from the nightstand and greased my index finger then put it gently but fully inside her ass. Using my “loving teacher voice” as I moved my finger in gentle circles inside of her I said, “When I ask you a question like that, it’s because I want the answer.”

“Yes Sir. Waffles Sir.” Her normal voice is sexy but my intruding finger changed it to the point where it made Viagra look like baby aspirin.

“While we are at it, I want you to ask permission before you leave my sight or put clothing on.”

I could hear the smile in her voice as she said, “Yes Sir.”

A vanilla person would have found that rude, maybe even abusive. To us along with the words I said out loud I had also said, “You are worth the trouble of teaching, adorable enough to teach the fun way and liked enough to be intimate and jovial with.” She was a happy girl as I removed my finger, kissed her square on the pussy and led her to a chair in my kitchen.

I grabbed three snap clips from the little box on the dresser with my clean hand as we passed. Once she was settled in her chair, I washed my hands very thoroughly (e-coli is no joke!) then went to her. She was still wearing the restraints I had put on her wrists and ankles the night before. I kissed her softly then attached her wrists together. I kissed her softly again then attached each of her ankles to the closest leg of her chair which held her legs slightly parted but didn’t restrain her enough to be uncomfortable.

I wanted bacon so I put half a rasher on the stove then got my waffle iron out of the cabinet. bursa otele gelen escort As I puttered, we visited just like any other couple would except that I stopped and kissed her every few minutes. Once I had the bacon going and the waffle iron heating, I put a kettle on the stove and got my teapot out. The cheapest self-indulgence I know of is good tea. When we were first emailing, she had said that she liked tea, regular tea like Lipton, not flavored or fruity teas. I made a pot of an obscure Chinese black tea called Pur. That’s a tea that grows wild in a sub-tropical part of China and is aged in bricks for twenty years or more before it’s put on the market. Going from a grocery store tea to something like that is like going from a fast food hamburger to a prime cut rib eye. Everything got ready at about the same time, so her wrists were released, and she was served a big mug of slightly over sweetened tea with real cream, a homemade waffle, four strips of crisp bacon and a miniature pitcher filled with heated maple syrup. As we ate, she was very appreciative of how good everything was, but she was truly shocked at how good the tea was. I explained what it was and how the aging process took all the acidity and most of the caffeine out and added so many antioxidants that it often made peoples lips tingle. She looked dubious about that claim then told me that her lips were tingling as she neared the bottom of the cup. I poured her a refill and when we were finished eating, we sat and talked for a nice long while as we both drank our second cup.

She really wanted to do the dishes for me, so I undid the clips and let her. Another of those little pleasures of a submissive woman is that you can not only blatantly stare at her ass, you can walk over and grab it and affectionately fondle her whenever you feel like it. I felt like it a lot, so it took longer than necessary to get the kitchen straight, but it was time very well spent. When everything, with the possible exception of my penis, was in its proper place, she asked permission to leave my sight and use the restroom. I told her, “Not just yet.” then had her stay in the kitchen as I went to the guest bathroom.

If she had been a casual playmate, I would have sent her to the guest bathroom to shower or gone there with her to share a shower. My bathroom is much smaller, far less nice and a very private space for me. She was the first woman I have wanted to share it with in a long time, so I went into the guest bathroom and grabbed the super gentle soap made for a woman’s private parts, shaving cream, a fancy lady’s razor and coconut butter liquid soap. Once I had removed her restraints, t-shirt and socks I led her to my shower and enjoyed playing with her nipples while the water warmed. Once we were in the shower, I had her face away from me and put her hands on the towel bar. She all but purred as I soaped her from neck to ankles then she did purr when I got the soft shower brush off its hook and scrubbed her back. I turned her around without rinsing her off and began soaping her front. I lingered over her breasts but skipped her groin for the moment and soaped her all the way down to the bottoms of her feet and up to the tips of her fingers before I pulled the shower head from it’s holder and began rinsing her. Once all the soap was washed away, I asked her to cross her hands behind her then casually ordered her to empty her bladder. Her eyebrows shot up and she asked, “Seriously Sir?” When I nodded, she asked, “May I ask why Sir?” I told her that she was always allowed to ask questions though sometimes she might not get an answer then explained that she wasn’t going to be allowed any dignity or privacy with me and that this was the first step in taking both of those away.

The look of terror on her face as she tried to get her bladder to cooperate almost earned her a watery ravishing but finally her flow began. She tried to hide her face, but I didn’t allow it, both because I bursa sınırsız escort wanted to lap up her embarrassment and because I wanted her to see the approval on my face. When she was done, she breathed a sigh of relief then felt a gentle hand covered in gentle soap washing her intimately. I washed her carefully but quickly, even gentle soap doesn’t need to linger there, then I caressed her softly as I told her that I was proud of her being able to obey such a difficult order. I’m not sure that she had ever been appreciated the way I appreciated her before. I’m very sure that she liked it and melted into my arms then kissed me with unmistakable giving. When the kiss was over, I ordered her to shave and began soaping my own body as she did. Somehow, she managed to shave both legs and the golden triangle faster than I can shave my face and was done well before I rinsed my hair. Men complain about how long it takes women to get ready to go out. If they ever actually watched the process they would be shocked at how fast and efficient they are at a hundred different skills that we never have to learn.

After I toweled her off and wrapped a dry towel around her, we left the bathroom and I told her, “We are going out, I want simple hair and the least makeup that you can face the world with. You have 30 minutes. You may use the guest bathroom and you may close the door for as much as ten minutes.”

She smiled brightly at the fact that I was going to take her somewhere then said, “I have some laundry in the car Sir, if you tell me where we are going, I can dress appropriately.”

I smiled back then patted the edge of the bed saying, “You know the position.” This time she looked more curious than worried as she removed the towel and got back to being on her knees and elbows with her lovely rump hanging off the edge of my bed.

This time when I lubricated my finger, I also put a good-sized drop on my thumb. Once my finger was all the way inside her ass again, I said, “You don’t just happen to have some laundry in your car. You packed a bag with spare clothes and toiletries in case you spent the night, didn’t you?”

She moaned then said, “Yes Sir. You are right.”

I moved my finger a little more vigorously inside her and said, “That was a perfectly reasonable thing to do and you are not allowed to be embarrassed about things that you should be proud of here, or to give me a deceptive impression about things you have done.”

“Yes, Sir. I will try to remember that.” Her voice and the perfect view of her ass were really making me want to replace my finger with something a bit larger, but the male body does have limits.

I stopped moving my finger but left it in place as I pressed my thumb to her clit and began moving it in slow circles. That elicited a delicious “Oh God” as her body responded. She was ready to come in a matter of seconds, I gave her permission and pushed her over the edge, enjoying the sights and sounds my ministrations were causing. When she had caught her breath she asked, “How do you do that Sir? You give me powerful orgasms as casually as flipping a light switch.”

My accent is southern, but I cranked it up to full hillbilly as I said, “You had another of them organism thangs didn’t ya Girl?”

She smiled appreciating the humor before asking, “Am I not allowed to know Sir?”

I removed my hand and gave her a playful swat on the rump, “I’ll tell you but it’s too simple for you to believe. You trust me.”

That put a thoughtful look on her face, but she didn’t pursue it, “May I ask a few more questions Sir?” Just for the fun of it I slid my finger back into her ass as I said, “of course.”

“I really would like to know where we are going Sir.”

“There’s a cool flea market and antique dealer type thing near here. I thought it would be fun to see with you.”

She smiled and said, “I think you are right.” Then continued, “That thing with the two huge cups of tea and then the shower, you planned it to work that way didn’t you Sir?”

“Yes, I did, did you like it?”

“In a way, yes I did Sir, and the fact that you thought ahead to make it work is very sexy.”

“Anything else?”

“Not at the moment Sir, but I’m impressed that you can make even a cup of tea into something deliciously evil.”

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A Public Outing

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The allure of attending kink socials alone had begun to wane. I was a tidy third who could neatly be tucked in to someone else’s fantasy but it was beginning to come at the cost of my own.

What had begun as a quest for adventure and authenticity had become a stage for performance and pretend. With each couple determined to out do the last with a cacophony of grunting and sighs to the detriment of anything true.

My hopes for something that captured my spirit were quietly dwindling.

I took a step back from the scene and reflected on it a while. The problem wasn’t with them, It was with me. I wanted to feel more from the experience and few could fulfil it. I took my phone out of my pocket and typed a message to my Master.

‘Would you take me to a dungeon social with you Sir…?’ I lingered over the flashing cursor for a few moments before clicking send, sucking air in sharply through my teeth as I watched the double tick appear.

It wasn’t often I would suggest a scene, moreover, take the liberty of circumventing his thoughts on my readiness. I held my breath for his reply.

‘I’m a little apprehensive Pet, I’ll admit. But OK. lets try it.’

I read his words, with terror and delight. I wasn’t sure either.

A year and a half had passed since M had agreed to train me as his Pet and with every day my trust in his handling was becoming more embedded protocol than conscious choice.

It had been a journey to get there and his patience had run some mileage. I was grateful and indebted, hoping to make good on his investment.

With the date set, the evening came around quickly and at 5pm exactly I stepped out from the shower, towelled my smooth pink skin and began the ritual. First brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth, before scraping my hair back into a neat ponytail and running a sink of warm water. I drew a rubber bulb full and flushed myself clean before coating thick tapered steel with lube and penetrating my tightly closed asshole, savouring the now familiar dull, aching reminder of his ownership.

I lifted my collar and fastened it around my neck before unfurling a semi opaque bodystocking from my ankles up the length of my legs, across the narrow of my waist and to a full stretch over the top of my erect nipples. I looked in the mirror. Fully wrapped and visibly naked beneath.

A message tone interrupted my thoughts. It was from Him.

‘Here is some protocol Pet;

Whenever my drink is not full you are to offer to refill it for me.

You will address me as Sir and if describing our relationship you should say that you are my Pet and I am your Owner, Sir, or often frustrated trainer.’

My phone pinged again.

‘In a scene I would prefer ‘Red’ or ‘Yellow’ or if necessary I will place something in your hand for you to throw or drop.

Do your best to stand to my right when not facing me.

Lastly, I will assume that your outfit tonight includes your collar and plug.

See you soon.’

The message tones paused. As usual, I quietly delighted in his instruction.

‘Yes Sir.’ I replied and gathered my things to leave.

On arrival, we joined a quiet and cordial crowd in the basement of an old London townhouse. An exchange of opening pleasantries gave way to a rising feeling of terror within me as I realised that my Master was likely uninterested in abating our scenes to match the somewhat subdued mood.

He looked over and smiled, I excused myself quickly from the inquisitive company that görükle escort had now gathered around me and scuttled over to fill his drink and place myself to his right.

Standing in the warmth of his shadow I listened as he introduced me for the first time as ‘his.’

The words hit me like an explosion of colour. For some reason I hadn’t anticipated the scenario or what the significance of it might feel like.

I was his. His in private and now his in public too. I stood there wordless for a few moments, glowing with the gift of recognition.

Interrupting my thoughts the Dungeon Master called us all to gather in a circle. We stepped away from the group and took a low bench, whereon M motioned for me to sit on his knee.

One by one the 14 or so of us gave a short profile of ourselves and as the openers reached me I looked at him to speak.

‘Go on.’ he said, ‘You can introduce us Kitten.’

I looked up at the group.

‘I am Flick, she/her and this is my Master, M. I have been to group gatherings a few times, but never with my Master. I’m excited to do this together and whilst I am normally watching I guess I will be doing as I am told this evening.’

I looked around the room to a sea of smiling eyes and quiet well wishing. It was cute. Well done me. I beamed at M and tilted my head coquettishly to signal a passing of the baton.

‘Good.’ He said, nodding approvingly. ‘That’s good Kitten.’ stroking my back and holding my gaze, ‘because I will be using a pussy pump on you in front of these nice people and then taking that swollen cunt with a fucksaw later on, if anyone would like to watch.’

My cheeks lept into flames. It was a savage reminder of the nature of our hierarchy.

I squirmed on his lap, eyes cast to the floor while he kept perfectly still. The introductions eventually moved on before finally coming to a close.

I sank to the ground between his knees like some sort of serf reminded of my place in this house and looked up at him. His eyes met with mine, hands simultaneously unzipping his pants.

I wriggled my fingers into the opening of his shorts and he sprung up, customarily hard and thick towards my face.

I closed my lips around his circumcised tip and ran my tongue around the ridge. Maybe I could suck him to orgasm and he would forget about giving the crowd such a visual demonstration of ownership?

I was beginning to envy the neat performances with noisy floggers going on around me.

I was never neat when he finished with me.

He took the back of my head in his grip and slid my mouth down over him until I reached a natural choking point. His dick was smoother than usual. Almost hairless save for a shadow at the base and he slid down me with uncustomary ease. I bobbed my head over him eager to please in this new environment and to show others what a good little fuck toy I had become.

He lifted my chin off him and tucked his cock away.

‘Come Kitten. I’d like to use you now. ‘Go and fetch me some clips from the cross please.’

I took one from each extremity and returned to present him with four.

He motioned toward a spanking bench and I stepped towards it ready to kneel on its low padded rests.

‘Wait.’ he said, pausing to survey the scene,before spinning the bench 180 degrees so that the direction of kneeling would take place with my back to the crowd.

Every muscle in my body tensed. I was certain now that he wouldn’t spare me any modesty, I would bursa merkez escort be on show like a petty criminal receiving punishment for all to gasp and stare.

Methodically, strap by strap he worked his way up from my feet, fastening me in at the calves, thighs, waist and wrists until I became a human appendage to the bench, ready to be displayed in any way my Master should choose.

His footsteps in my peripheral hearing as he came to a stop behind me and in one short motion ripped a side plate sized opening through the body stocking and exposed my holes to the gentle murmur of the drinks party gathering behind.

Like a slutty magician’s assistant, I waited there, presenting my ‘best side’ ready to be sawed in half for the enjoyment of the crowd.

He returned and placed a hard plastic cup across the length of my pussy lips, the pressure of sucking almost immediate. Each pump swelling my sex and magnifying the designated showpiece for curious onlookers.

I winced with pain under the spotlight until the sucking ceased and he walked around to my head, chin propped on leather, my mouth at hip height, unzipped his pants and parted my lips with his cock, holding the sides of the bench and using them to lever his way deeper down my throat.

Revelling in the advantage of my inability to retreat from his thrusts. Every gag a sharp reminder that my cunt was stretched to the limit behind.

He slowed his invasion of my face hole and released the pressure valve from his palm as the cup fell away revealing the transformation of my tidy pink pussy into a primate like rear, ripe for a dominant male fucking.

Adverse to blocking such a view by taking me then he slowly unpacked a fucksaw and brought it to meet my swollen cunt. Savouring the theatre of a hard, black rubber dildo pushing its way through the puffy pink of my folds, and into the depth of my obedient vagina.

I moaned into the bench with the force of intrusion as the rubber drill started to punch with short jabs inside me.

Thump, thump, thump, at two and then three strokes per second, it’s punishment intermittently picking up pace.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh’ I was squirming now with all of the small margin I could muster in the straps. The dull thuds of machinery becoming more and more intolerable, as my knees slipped off the supports and I was suspended in a sling like fashion against the hard metal frame, unable to close my pinned and spread legs enough to make any difference.

‘Ohhhhhhhhh, pleasssssse Sir’ I couldn’t think of the right word. The impact jarring my mind from even the most simple of traffic light codes.

‘Pleeeeeeease Sir I can’t’

He leaned over me and retracted the device.

Replacing it immediately with his fat cock and fucking me with forceful rhythm.

‘ahhhhhhhh ‘ I moaned into the leather padding as my eye caught the gaze of a couple seated in front. A stranger’s foreign fingers buried deep in his muse as he masturbated her to the scene of my undoing.

So this was the kind of the stage I had been looking for.. The thought, passing through my head in the second between being pounded again into the bench, pussy swollen and now bruising around his dildo like dick.

My eyes were wetting.

‘Enough Kitten?’ He asked softly so that only my ears could hear.

I nodded into the leather and creased my face in self consolation. Had I done enough to make him proud? I wasn’t sure.

He unfastened bursa escort bayan me from the straps and lifted me up into him. I shrunk a little into his chest.

‘Come.’ He took my hand and we walked a little way to another room away from the gathering.

He lay me down on my back and put his mouth to my still swollen clit.

‘Uhhhhhhhh’ I sighed as his tongue flicked around the fleshy bulb, with impossibly soothing dexterity.

He slid three fingers into my used pink hole and pushed them against my front wall hard.

‘Uhhhhhhhhh its so fucking good Sir…’ with that he fucked me harder on his hand, while I watched. God, I loved to watch him.

Sucking and tending to my pussy. A rare and irresistible treat. The weight of my tired limbs sinking into the floor beneath.

I was drifting into a state of bliss when my cunt began squirting against his wrist. Like a spitting fountain sending jet after jet onto the floor and showering my thighs. My eyes widened.

‘Its never happened before.’ I said. It was the truth. I was dumbfounded.

‘Good.’ he replied and swung himself around, placing a knee on either side of my head and moving us into a 69.

I opened my mouth instinctively. At this angle he slid himself down my unresistant throat and held his dick there, my nose buried between his silky balls. I brought my hands up to grip his thighs in encouragement. I wanted him to make all my holes leak.

He began to fuck my mouth, each withdrawal making me sloppier and clogging my hair with saliva. He took his dick out, cradling it and his balls with one hand and hovered above me for a moment.

I was a mess.

My sodden mouth opened and I leaned upwards to lick at his asshole.

Such a whore for him. It was going to be an evening of a few firsts.

I lapped at his neat opening like a dog, until he had enough and flipped me on to my front.

‘You didn’t think we’d forget this one did you?’

He put the tip of his cock against my puckered little brown hole.

I waited for him to reach away and find some lube but instead I felt his thick helmet explore the folds of my creamy cunt, slide back to my ass and prise me open instead.

‘Fuckkkkkkkkk.’ I gasped.

Pain shot through my pelvis. I reached down for my clit to try and rub the shock away.

He pushed against me slowly using his body weight to nudge through my resistant anal passage, each inch of him seemingly wider than the last.

‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh’ I squirmed and whimpered into a pillow, still taking it like a good girl.

He finally bottomed out and I breathed a short lived sigh of relief. Before he began gently rocking me on and off the base of his cock, until my ass finally started to acquiesce.

Feeling my ring let go he began to build pace and conquer my final hole. I rubbed my clit harder in circles. Orgasm began to build. My asshole starting to gape around his dick, fingers sliding across my clitoris lubricated by my own squirting juices.

I whined into the ground and he fucked my destroyed little toy ass harder in response and slid a hand around my neck.

I was going to climax, hard. My back passage already spasming with anticipation.

‘I’m going to cum Sir.’ I announced.

‘You may Pet.’ He replied. Waves of ecstasy coursing through my body before he could finish speaking.

It was fucking magic.

Not slowing, his cock pounded pleasure though my rectum and my orgasm rippled back to meet him.

I rolled over like a spoilt pet and panted my words out from underneath him.

‘Thank you Sir. I really needed that.’

The truth was that I really needed him. It was hard to admit that sometimes. But like all testing little fuck toys sometimes it takes one person that knows exactly how to use them.

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