It’s a Date

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I never thought it would happen like this. I might have wished for it, maybe without even knowing. But life sometimes has a way of granting us desires we never even knew we had, and things sometimes have a tendency to work out for the best.

Things certainly didn’t look too good that afternoon. I had walked into my flat finding all of Gemma’s things gone, and a good-bye note on the table. She said she was sorry, but she just couldn’t handle me being bisexual. She thought she was more open-minded than that, but just thinking that she could lose me to a guy as well as a girl made it too much for her.

Well I never tried to hide it from her, that was for sure. I immediately knew that I could trust her with it, and I was right. She even liked it a bit; she found it delightfully… sexy and mysterious. But it wasn’t long before she realised that I was actually attracted to men as well as women, and it seemed that made her think she ran a double risk of being cheated on.

That was too bad as well. She hadn’t bothered to know me better, to realise that when I was in a relationship, I was in it all the way. And that meant no cheating on my partner, male or female. And also, that I was actually trying to find my better half, a person I could be with for real, a serious relationship this time. And that she was what I considered a prime candidate for that. But she probably couldn’t be arsed to look deeper into me.

Besides, it wasn’t as though my experiences with blokes had been that numerous, or that I was that much of a male slag to just sleep with the first bloke that caught my fancy. A few flings at Uni, and a couple of shags afterward, was the extent of my homosexual adventures.

Oh well. Too bad.

I did feel a little resentment about the whole thing. A bit of regret as well. I said so to Siobhan when she came to visit. Siobhan was one of the first people I’d met when I moved to Glasgow, and she and her girlfriend, Janet had quickly become part best friends, part confidantes of mine. Young, funny, bubbly, exciting and considerate the both of them, they were always there for me.

“I just can’t help wondering if I shouldn’t have told her. I mean, maybe if I had kept mum about me being bi, we’d still be together. Maybe she was it, you know?” I told her over a glass of Chardonnay.

“Well, maybe,” she retorted, “but think about it: would you really like to be in a serious relationship with someone that you couldn’t be yourself around?”

That was a good point. And Siobhan was the living proof by being with Janet despite a disapproving family and a disapproving ex-husband.

To tell the truth, when I looked into myself I could almost feel relieved this had happened. Like I could be more myself than what I’d been during the last three months. Over the next two weeks I found myself actively checking out blokes in the street, something I hadn’t done since Uni. I’d even stolen a couple of snogs during a few nights out in the town. But what I couldn’t shake off was a feeling of being incomplete, unsatisfied. Not from the kind of satisfaction a night of good sex gives you, either. I felt that something was really missing from my life. And I knew it wasn’t being with Gemma.

So when my boss told me the news that Monday morning, that distinct click echoed in my mind.

“Alex, I’d like you to meet Brian Alder. He’ll be working with us at PR from now on.”

Brian Alder was a man in his late twenties, probably my age exactly. He was a bit taller than me, and he had dark, short hair and blue eyes. He also was breathtaking. I tried to keep my composure and appear polite and friendly as we shook hands. He had a firm hand, and I could see that his figure was quite athletic under his dark blue suit. I hope he hadn’t noticed that I was practically staring by now, but the truth was that I was dumbstruck. I hadn’t been that impressed by a guy since Uni when I’d met my first boyfriend at the gym.

Fortunately, the boss broke the silence. “Well, Brian, Alex will fill you in on everything around here. I’ll leave you lads to work things out, I’m sure you have a lot to talk about.”

Well that was an understatement. I sincerely hoped we had a lot to talk about. I managed to steady myself and spend the rest of the day briefing Brian about the office and our department, hoping none of my fascination showed through. After all, as fit as he was, I had no guarantee where his preferences were, plus I couldn’t risk being outed in the office, since I was mostly in the closet. And of course, there was that little thing about not shagging the office…

Almost a month had passed without incident, and me and Brian had barely exchanged words that did not pertain to business. That did not stop Siobhan from constantly teasing me about him, of course. Thank God she never did it during one of her visits to the office.

Then, during coffee break of a particularly boring day, Brian came up to me. “Hey, Alex. You know, we’ve been working together for a month Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort now, but we’ve never really spoken or anything. I think that’s a shame, don’t you?”

Now that was a chat-up line if I’d ever heard one, but that might only be me and my wishful thinking.

“No, I guess not,” I replied. “Last few weeks have been pretty hectic too,” I added, rather weakly.

“Yeah,” he said. “Well anyway, I was thinking maybe you could show me round a couple of pubs on Friday night? It’s been a while since I enjoyed a pint.”

My heart fluttered in my chest, and I was convinced it was the most obvious thing in the world at that moment.

“Um, sure,” I said hastily, “there are loads of good places around town. I’m sure we can find a couple of decent spots.”

“It’s a date then,” he said, and laughed. I added some nervous laughter of my own. Thankfully, there hadn’t been anyone else in the room.

Siobhan and Janet were thrilled when they heard I had a date with Brian.

“It’s not a date,” I told them a bit flustered. “I don’t even know if he fancies blokes. We’re just going out for a pint.”

“Yeah, right,” laughed Janet. “This time tomorrow night, you’ll be rolling on the bed sheets with the hunk of the office! Lucky you!”

They both laughed and I tried to look apprehending. I guess I didn’t do a very good job of concealing the fact that I absolutely hoped they were right.

Come Friday night, I was nervous as hell. But I did look pretty good, if I didn’t say so myself. My short dark hair was always neat without me having to spend too much time on them, and I always went around clean-shaven anyway. I’d chosen a pair of tight boot-cut jeans from my favourites, which Siobhan always said highlighted my cute bum, and a cyan T-shirt that flattered my toned form and showed off my arms. As far as looks went, all my boyfriends and girlfriends placed me in the “extra cute” category anyway, so that was one worry less.

Brian looked even more stunning than that first day in the office, if that was possible. He wore a pair of khaki slacks that accentuated his slim figure, and his navy blue T-shirt showed off his chiselled pecks and wide shoulders. I ached to tell him he looked hot, but I suppressed it with some difficulty as we hit town.

The night for the most part went pretty smoothly. We hit a couple of pubs, downing pints and talking about ourselves. He told me he was from Manchester, and he had stayed there all his life; felt it was time for a change, so he headed north to start anew. Unsurprisingly, he had been in the water-polo team of his University, and he also cycled a lot. His bum and legs certainly were a testament to that, but I didn’t say that out loud. He liked going to the movies, he read a lot, and he liked to have good night out as well. He was very happy to learn we had a lot in common that way. As for me, I ached to touch him, to unzip his pants and show him my appreciation for him in a different way. As I thought that, my cock started hardening, and I tried to divert attention from that by ordering another round of beers.

We exited the last pub laughing, and we walked towards his car.

“Come on, I’ll give you a ride home,” he said.

“Oh, you don’t have to, really,” I said. I thought briefly of how much I actually wanted to get in his car with him, and my cock stirred again. “I’ll just walk, it’s not that far.”

“Come on, I insist,” he replied, smiling. “Why walk when you can choose the lazy way?”

I didn’t really need any more convincing, so I got in. Ten minutes of steady driving and soft blues music, we were in front of my door.

“I had a great time tonight,” he said.

I started at that. Had the tone of his voice changed a little? “Me too,” I replied. “We should do it again soon.”

“Mind if I walk you to the door?” he asked, looking at me. I was sure he hadn’t looked at me that way all night, and my heart jumped.

“Not at all,” I smiled back, hoping I didn’t sound too out of breath.

Once outside my door, I offered my hand and started saying good night. As he took my hand, he came in close. Too close. He looked down on me for a moment, and then wrapping his arms around my waist, leaned in and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. My heart was beating frantically in my chest, and I could hardly breathe. Getting a grip, I made sure to kiss him back, wrapping one arm around his neck, the other softly stroking his chest muscles.

We broke off slowly, and he looked into my eyes. I was losing myself in those blue eyes of his, and my head was swimming.

“Oh my God, that was wonderful,” I breathed.

“I could tell you were a good kisser,” he smiled at me. “I could tell from your eyes.”

I smiled back, not letting go. “Do you want to come upstairs? I can show at what other things I’m good, as well.”

He kissed me again, this time more gently, but firmly. “Not tonight,” he said, smiling the sweetest smile I had ever seen. My cock was throbbing in my pants, and I could feel his own hardness through his pants. “We have an early morning tomorrow, remember?”

Then he kissed me one last time, holding me tight, and I was going crazy, I wanted to drag him with me all the way to the bed, that’s how hot he had got me. Then he turned away and walked to his car. He said “good night”, smiling that beautiful smile of his, before driving away.

I leaned on the door as I exhaled loudly, after he had gone. What had happened? Was it true, or was the whole thing a fantasy of mine? No, it was true all right. I could still taste him, still smell his after shave. My cock was still rock hard and aching to be set free. I went upstairs, thinking.

This had never happened to me before. At least, never with a guy. Every bloke I had met and fancied, we’d gone to bed that same night. I’d had hot, steamy sex with every one of them, but none of them had been this sweet, or this… gentlemanly. My head was swimming, and I couldn’t get that smile out of my mind. I was so hot, I couldn’t handle it. I stripped immediately and went to bed, where I wanked myself to sleep, thinking of that smile, and that bulge in his crotch, and the taste of his kiss.

Over the next few days, it was as if nothing had happened… with the exception of one morning when Brian met me in the break room and we snogged for almost ten minutes. Outside the office, however, we were officially dating. We went everywhere: pubs, concerts, movies, the works. Brian spoiled me like there was no tomorrow, and he was sweet, gentle and caring. But we still hadn’t shagged.

“Why is nothing happening?” I asked, exasperated, one evening. Siobhan and Janet were just looking at me. “We even spent two hours on my sofa making out yesterday. But he won’t let me get anywhere near his zipper. It’s driving me crazy!”

Siobhan shushed me with a swift move of her hand. “Listen to you, you big slapper! Here is someone so sweet, caring, and dreamy, the type we all dream of all the bloody time, and here you are, wondering why he hasn’t shagged you yet! Isn’t it obvious, Alex? He likes you, he really and genuinely likes you.”

I guess I can’t say I was shocked by that. But it was only now sinking in. Brian really liked me. Enough not to want to shag my brains out on the first night. He wanted more. He wanted a future. Could that be it? Could Brian be what I dreamed of all my life?

“And trust me,” Janet added, “when you two do get together, it’s probably going to be nothing like you’ve experienced before.” Siobhan smiled at that, and planted a soft kiss on her girlfriend’s lips.

That Saturday the girls suggested we all go clubbing together. After a few early drinks, we checked a pretty fashionable place in the city centre, not a gay club, but with so many people packed in there, it didn’t really matter anyway.

The night was amazing. We all danced till our feet couldn’t hold us anymore. Brian suddenly took my hand and yanked me to a nearby couch. I landed almost on top of him as we found ourselves next to a giggling company of girls. Almost immediately, me and Brian started making out, and I could hear the girls’ surprised comments. Most of them just joked about how all the fit blokes were just doing each other (and I took great pride to hear my new boyfriend being described as a fit bloke by those girls), and one of them commented that that was the hottest thing she had ever seen. We kept on making out till Siobhan and Janet came over to pick us up.

The girls drove us to my place and dropped us off. Throughout the trip we were sitting in the back seat, Brian holding me in his arms. I was softly stroking his chest, and for a moment, I thought it didn’t get better than this. Brian would prove me wrong that night, though.

As soon as we were inside the apartment, Brian grabbed me by my waist and drew me close. We just looked into each other’s eyes for a moment before he gave me the longest, wettest, most passionate kiss he had ever given me. His hands softly caressed my lower back, and slowly worked their way to my ass. I felt his tremendous erection grind against mine as we became lost to our kiss.

Brian broke off for a moment and looked into my eyes again. “I want you Alex,” he whispered. “I want your body, right now, right here!”

“You could’ve had it from the start, you dummy,” I whispered back. “I’m crazy about you… you know that!”

“I wanted to make sure you really wanted me, baby… not just for sex!”

“Well, you can be sure I want you around for much more than just a shag, lover!” I smiled at him, and kissing him, drew him into my bedroom.

I couldn’t even wait to unbutton his shirt. He had already stripped me of my T-shirt, and he gently picked me up and laid me on the bed. There, he went on to kiss my neck, my pecks, my chest, lingering on my hard nipples, sucking them, and biting them lightly. I clasped my hands on his head, running my fingers through his hair, moaning that I wanted him so much. He stopped briefly to remove my pants, and I relieved him of his own, and his shirt. It was the first time I saw Brian wearing so little. His body was as breathtaking as his face. He was smooth and well-toned, his abs and pecks perfectly chiselled, while his tight black boxers weren’t doing a good job of hiding his massive bulge. I knew I desperately wanted to taste him, and I told him so. He lay down and I started kissing and running my tongue over his chest, taking particular care of his dark pink, hard nipples, playing them with my fingers, then kissing and sucking each one. Brian was moaning and writhing beneath me, which made me even hornier, even hotter for him. Reaching his crotch, my fingers started caressing his hard bulge, feeling his erect cock over the cloth, outlining it with my hands, before planting a series of kisses on it. I looked at Brian with mischievous eyes and he smiled down at me.

“It’s all for you, baby,” he breathed. “Every inch for you, my sweet lover boy.”

I didn’t need any more convincing. I lowered his boxers and threw them away, and paused to marvel at my new toy: It was beautiful, as beautiful as its owner. About 8″ long, thick, and straight, resting on a pair of smooth balls, with just a strip of dark fluff above its shaft. I licked my lips, and plunged, planting soft kisses along the shaft, feeling the veins, smelling the skin. Reaching the pink head, I gave it some well-timed licks that seemed to send him to heaven. I smiled. Even though I was a pretty good shag by most of my partners’ standards, blowjobs were where I excelled. After all, you tend to be pretty good at things you enjoy doing immensely. And I adored eating cock.

“I’ll give you the blowjob of your life, baby,” I whispered to him, taking care to aim my hot breath on his hard shaft. I looked at him for a moment, rubbing my face against his pole, loving the effect of what was doing on his face.

Without any further ado, I wrapped my lips around his hot pink head, and licked it all over. Then I proceeded to bury his length between my lips, managing most of it before I felt I could get no more in. Then I started bobbing my head up and down, slowly and softly at first, licking away as I went. Then harder, as I wrapped my hand around the base and started wanking him off as I sucked. His moans of approval and pleasure only made me suck faster and harder. Then I felt his hand gripping my hair and his waist buck harder as he began to fuck my face like mad.

“Oh yeah, baby,” he moaned. “Suck that cock, yeah. You’re so good, my little cocksucker. My little cocksucking bitch.”

I enjoyed his words almost as much as the blowjob itself, so much that I almost came myself. I sucked away like there was no tomorrow, bent over him on the bed like a cheap hooker in a hotel room. The analogy had just come to me, but I loved it. After a while, I felt him rock harder, and as I pumped and sucked harder, I felt him tense and then the first spurt of his hot cum hit the back of my throat. I gulped it down and sucked on the rest of his massive spurts greedily as he moaned in ecstasy.

After he had finished, I climbed on top of him, planting kisses all over his body, until I reached his lips. I let him taste his cum from my mouth as caressed my body with his strong hands. After a while, he worked his way to my own hard cock, still waiting to be satisfied. He wanked me gently for a while, looking into my eyes. I was in heaven.

I reversed my position on top of him, and we came face to face with each other’s cock. He sucked mine greedily and passionately, as I licked and sucked his own back to life. We 69ed like this for a while, and then I felt him massaging my ass cheeks, kneading them before slowly parting them to reveal my tight hole. Nobody had seen or played with my hole since the last time Steve had fucked me in the university gym. So when I felt him explore my nether region I moaned with pleasure, and begged him to go on.

He reached out and run a finger over my sensitive skin, circling my asshole till he centered and pushed. A finger penetrated my little hole, sending charges throughout my body. I kept on sucking on his cock, fully erect again, its tip gleaming with pre-cum.

He finger-fucked me for a while, before feeling my hole had relaxed enough to slide a second finger in. I was in ecstasy; I had even forgotten about his cock and was wanking it absently. I loved this new feeling, my lover exploring my most intimate area for the first time. Brian withdrew his fingers, and started licking around my hole, then plunging his tongue in me, fucking me like that for a few moments. I couldn’t take any more of this.

“Fuck me please, baby, fuck your little bitch. I want to feel your hard cock in my pussy, please, baby, fuck me,” I cried, not even conscious of what I was saying any more.

He climbed out from under me, and made me lift my ass in the air, lying on all fours. I felt wonderful, so exposed like that, I felt I belonged to him, and he had the sole right to do what he liked with me. I adored that feeling.

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How To Be a Good Mentor

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For those who’ve read my other stories, Shannon’s back; this is a prequel of sorts. And if you’re new to my work, welcome! Hope you enjoy.

* * *

I was hesitant about whether I should talk to her about this. I mean, the school has a mentorship program for a reason: you’re supposed to be able to talk to your mentor about anything, anything at all, and they’re not supposed to blab about it. But this?

Granted, it was probably the kind of thing that happened to many, if not most first-year teachers. And there was no doubt my mentor and I had a great relationship, almost a friendship already; weird when I thought about it, because the truth was she’d been one of my own classroom teachers when I’d been a senior.

But still. This topic? With this mentor?

So I was uncharacteristically subdued as I came up behind her at the faculty lunch table. She was alone; none of her other friends shared this lunch period. As always, she was munching on some sort of quinoa/tofu/kale/broccoli thing. I felt guilty about the Italian sub I’d be unveiling soon.

I was surprised she didn’t hear me as I came in; it’s not like I’m a ninja, and I wasn’t trying to be particularly quiet. But her slender neck underneath her dark wavy hair, piled like a bird’s nest atop her head, didn’t tense at my approach. She had firm, hard shoulders; I knew she worked out, but right now she sat slack and easy in the awkward institutional chair, her jawline visible from behind as she worked at the quinoa. Or couscous? I let my feet make an obvious shuffling noise, and she finally turned.

“Oh. Hey! How’s it going, Dave?” She smiled up at me, a wad of some orangey sauce trailing from her lips; she’d always been pretty clumsy, truth be told. I reached up and scratched vaguely at my face where the sauce was, and she took the hint with an embarrassed giggle. “Thanks,” she muttered into her napkin. “What’s on your mind?”

I suppressed a sigh as I plopped into the chair across from her, still feeling a little residual awkwardness at being in here. I’m sure there are some people who can take a job at their alma mater and work with their old teachers as if they’d been hanging out together for years, drinking beers and singing karaoke, but I’m not that guy. “Hi, Shannon.” She’d needed to correct me three separate times on the first day of school, my addled brain thinking of her only as “Ms Boyle.” I reached slowly into my bag for my sandwich. “Can’t I come share a happy, quiet lunch with my mentor? Do I have to have something on my mind?”

Shannon smiled again, knowingly this time. “You’re a nice kid, Dave, but a little too expressive. You’ve got a readable face.” She wiggled her eyebrows. “I can tell you’re working on something.”

“I am.” I unrolled the sandwich, glancing up past my glasses to see if she was watching all that processed meat come gooily into view. “You know Lucy Marsh?”

“Know her?” She chortled, a small spray of parsley flying back toward her Tupperware. “I had her twice, but only because she was too fucking dumb to pass the first time. Why? Is she one of yours?”

“I’ve got her in that skills class, the one with like eleven kids.” Special ed teachers like me weren’t supposed to have skills blocks of more than ten kids without an extra aide, but the school played fast and loose with that kind of thing all the time.

“Shit.” Shannon put her plastic fork down and reflected, staring off into space. “I haven’t really seen her since she was a sophomore. Still have massive tits?”

I nearly choked on my first bite of prosciutto. Shannon Boyle had a notably dirty mouth, something I hadn’t really expected when she’d been my teacher. From what I’d seen, the new math teacher Gina was even worse. “Yes, uh, Shannon,” I replied as evenly as I could. “She does, indeed, have massive tits.”

She giggled again. “Christ, Dave, calm down. You don’t have to pretend you don’t notice them; after all, it’s why so many of them dress like they do.” She shoved in another clump of whatever she was eating. “Some girls like being noticed.” I gulped instinctively. Shannon was not overly large in the chest, to say the least. I wanted desperately to change the topic, but given what I had to talk to her about, that wasn’t much of an option.

“That’s kind of the problem with her,” I said slowly. We chewed together, her with a lot less self-consciousness than I. “She’s… well, she’s kind of…”

“She’s hitting on you for a higher grade.”

“Yes!” Shannon had stated it calmly and deliberately. Just that morning, young Lucy had come sauntering in with a saucy little grin and a bit too much eye makeup. “I swear to God, Shannon, her skirt might as well have been nonexistent. It was like one of those field hockey skirts.”

“Ouch.” Shannon ruminated. “She’s got nice legs.”

“No shit. So she comes over to me, like while I was sitting in my chair, and she perches on the edge of the desk. She looks at me and bites her lip.”

“Dude.” She shook her head. “What a slut.”

“She goes, ‘Can Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort I ask you a personal question, Mr Dole?’ I could hardly say no. So she leans in, and her top… well, it was pretty low-cut.”

“Shit.” Shannon’s eyes lit up. “She’s a smooth operator.”

I didn’t answer at once, remembering: I’m as male as the next guy, and even though I’ve got no interest in a teacher-student sex scandal and don’t particularly like Lucy, there’s a reason men get hard when they see massive breasts. Her cleavage had beckoned like a goddamn treasure cave, complete with a dragon waiting inside to devour me. “Right. Well, so then she kind of whispers to me, and says she’s not sure if her skirt meets the dress code. ‘My mom threatened to keep me home, Mr Dole,’ she said. ‘But I told her I’d miss my skills class, and I love going to my skills class.’ I didn’t know what to say.”

“You say that her skirt is too short, and that her mom was right.”

“Well, it’s harder for a guy to say something like that than for a woman.”

“True.” She scraped some orange-sauced green things to the corner of her Tupperware. “What did you say?”

I shrugged. “What could I say? I told her it wasn’t an appropriate question, and that if she wanted to come in early, she should have some kind of academic question for me to answer. She kind of got all huffy at first, but then she just smiled and got up and stretched, like, right in front of me.” I paused as I remembered the sight, glorious and firm, as Lucy Marsh jiggled fitfully right in front of me. Her top had ridden up to reveal the glint of her pierced navel. Her belly had been smooth and tanned. “I said she should leave.”

“Killjoy.” Shannon swallowed, then looked seriously at me. “Dave,” she pointed out, “you should think long and hard about asking her out.” She shrugged. “The word is she gives excellent head.”

“Jesus! Shannon!”

“I’m just kidding,” she giggled, primly snapping the lid back onto her container of nutrition and gazing at me thoughtfully. “I’ll bet she’ll just go away if you ignore her, Dave.” She swept a thing of dental floss from her purse and went at it, as if I wasn’t even there. “Pretend she’s not getting to you. I mean, treat her like any other student. She’ll get the message.” She stared thoughtfully into space. “Want to hear a story, Dave?”

“Sure.” I had work to do on my sandwich; we only had another ten minutes for lunch. Shannon settled back and began with the kind of relish that implied she’d told this story often.

“So I was in my second year here, teaching three sections of modern US history and two of Early World. I think this was…” she frowned. “Five years ago, maybe? I think it was when you were here, or maybe just after you left; I don’t know.” My ears pricked up in mid-soppressata. “Anyway, it was around then. So the Student Body Council used to do that thing, the Valentine’s Day fundraiser, where they sold carnations during the lunches?”

I remembered. I’d been the SBC Treasurer, after all. We’d made money hand over fist. You’d let kids write out a message, seal it in an envelope, and then write their crush’s name on the outside. They’d drop it off with five dollars, and on Valentine’s the SBC brought the envelopes around to the recipients, with a red or white carnation. It was all in good fun; it was the same thing we’d always done around the holidays, with candy canes. I nodded.

“So I’d gotten a couple the year before, just innocuous little notes from nerds and kissups. But I’d been a first-year teacher, and I was only like your age, so I probably looked like a student.”

“I can relate.” I’d recently grown a scruffy little beard in order to avoid being mistaken for a kid. That, and I wore ties every day. Alas, though, my pitiful beard was such a sorry-ass thing that the effect was, I knew, pathetic; there were fifteen-year-old sophomores in the building with better facial hair.

“Right? So I didn’t think anything of it. Then one of those SBC kids came by with another flower for me, and I big white envelope, and it had my name and room number on the outside. I opened it right there in class and damn near lost it. Like, my head just about exploded.”

“Really? What was in there?”

“Well,” she said slowly, “there were a couple of things. A poem, for one, very nicely done in silver ink on some cardstock. It was very complimentary toward me.” She took on a distant look, smiling faintly as she remembered. “Very complimentary. I loved it. I looked it up later on a plagiarism website, but it seemed to be original. It was signed ‘Secret Admirer.’ Then there was a note, saying about how much the sender loved me, and wanted me to be happy, and how beautiful I was; stuff like that.”

“The usual.” I was watching her closely, and she surprised me with a frown.

“No, actually. Not the usual. I’d have expected being told I was hot, or sexy, or something like that. But this one said beautiful.” She sighed. “Maybe it’s nothing, but it really made me happy at the time. Jesus, I was young.”

I forced myself to take another bite. “Was there anything else in there?”

She looked up, her dark eyes meeting mine. “Oh yes.” She took a precise sip of her water. “Two small envelopes, numbered 1 and 2. The note said to open them in order, so I did.” She suddenly looked suspicious. “Did you hear about this at the time? It made major waves; if you were here, you’d have heard about it.”

I shook my head. “Doesn’t sound familiar.”

“Huh.” She shrugged. “Well, whatever. Envelope number 1 had a photo of a bed, just a normal bed in a normal bedroom, normal sheets. But it was nighttime, and there was a candle on the windowsill, and there were — get this — rose petals on the bed.” She chuckled. “Like, a teenage boy’s bedroom, with all the clutter you’d expect on the bedside table, and then this romantic setup… it was too much. But very flattering. The note with that picture said something about how he wanted to relax with me, make out with me, et cetera.”

My mouth had gone dry, despite the oil and vinegar on my sub. “And the second envelope?”

She arched an eyebrow. “Well, see, that’s why I almost lost it. It was a picture of a penis.”

I’d expected it, but it still made me gasp. “No way.”

“Oh yes.” She took some more water; her face was pinkish. “A real, live, honest-to-God dick. Like, all hard and shit.”

“No way.”

“You said that already,” Shannon went on calmly. “It was a pretty good shot, actually, framed well and in focus, with plenty of detail. All I could see was the penis andthe balls, then the pubes and a little of the abs, like, up to his belly button.” She shivered. “It really was quite hard, Dave.”

“Huh.” I swallowed. There wasn’t much more to say.

“Exactly.” She sighed. “The note with that picture was a little more explicit. Weird, though: it was still… well, I don’t know how to put it. Polite? Gentlemanly? As polite as it could be, anyway, telling me how much he wanted to fuck me.” She looked away. “Really hard.”

I had to know. “How did it make you feel?”

“Me? After I got over my shock?” She looked at me long and evenly. “I shouldn’t really tell you what I did when I went home that night, Dave. Wouldn’t be appropriate.” She chuckled. “Bad mentorship.”

“No doubt,” I replied immediately, concentrating on my sandwich. Two bites left. “So what’d you do?”

She shrugged. “Some of the kids had seen the photo, so I didn’t have a choice. I told Mr Oliver, he told the assistant principal to do something about it, and then presto. No more Valentine’s Day flowergrams for the SBC.”

“Ah.” I swallowed. One more bite. “So that’s why they stopped it.”

“Yup.” Shannon paused again, staring into her water, then sighed. “But more to the point, I always figured it was Craig Metcalfe’s dick. So things were… well, awkward between he and I after that.” She shrugged, then started putting her things away. “I ignored him. It went away. End of story.”

“Huh.” I was obscurely disappointed. “Why Craig Metcalfe?” Craig was a roofer now, though in high school he’d been captain of the water polo team. Shannon blinked.

“I — I don’t know,” she admitted. “He was always flirting with me, and all the gossip said his dick was huge. I didn’t give it much thought; the, uh, the coloring seemed to match.” She hesitated then, looking at me sideways, then decided to speak. “Thing is, well… it worked.”

“What’s that?”

She shrugged. “It worked. As a valentine. It was precisely the right approach for me.” She got to her feet, her compact muscular body quick and decisive in its movements. I tried not to stare. “I’m off. I need to pee before class. Gonna be okay with Lucy?”

“Lucy? Oh, uh, sure.” I shook my head. “I know what I need to do. I just needed to vent.” I smiled up at her, always tentative. “Thanks, Shannon.” She grinned back.

“Don’t mention it.” She nodded, then she was gone, that symmetrical ass of hers wagging impudently in its tight skirt, and I realized I was annoyed. Annoyed at Craig Metcalfe, as unfair as that was. The truth was, I’d spent hours over that shot, getting my cock just right in the camera frame, fiddling with the timer, even setting up the lighting.

But I felt a thrill, too. Because she’d told me it had worked. My valentine to my teacher had worked.

* * *

Shannon Boyle was an absolutely smoking woman now, but when she’d had me in class six years ago she’d been… different. No less hot, really, but there’d been a little more weight, softer curves, a gentleness to her that had driven a certain kind of nerdy, soulful male student into fits of distraction. I think she’d been in her second year of teaching when I had her in modern US, and her occasional fumbles with classroom management (rougher kids ran all over her) and classwork (she’d had a habit of forgetting to collect assignments) had seemed, to me, endearing.

Many an adolescent night had been spent wondering what she looked like naked. Of course, she wasn’t alone: I was an average, horny boy, so I used to picture nearly every woman I knew naked. There was Mrs Grant, the Spanish teacher, who jiggled and shook so powerfully in her white sweaters. Ms Temple, down in Guidance, who called everybody “honey” and who you could never be quite sure wasn’t flirting with you; she still worked here, still as hot and flirty as ever. And Ms Linnea, the PE teacher; my God, but she’d been fine. A tall, lean woman in sweats and a tanktop, she’d been fodder for many locker-room conversations among all of us guys.

But, to me, Ms Boyle had always been different. Special. She’d been young and fresh-faced, with an air of naivete that made me want to protect her. Of course, she’d also been busty and worn skirts, which made me want to fuck her. Hence that valentine photo, so out of character for me.

I’d perched my camera, a clunky digital in those days before everyone had smartphones, on my dresser, then taped a flashlight to my desk for sidelighting; a trip to the internet had told me to soften and reflect the harsh light with a piece of white cloth, so I’d sacrificed a pillowcase and then not told my mom about it. I’d lined everything up carefully, taken a series of test shots in my tighty-whities, and then it had been time to go: I’d thought about Ms Boyle, looked at her picture in last year’s yearbook, and with the steadiness and reliability of any 18-year-old penis, I’d gotten hard in about nine seconds.

The camera had a timer, but I’d had to go back and forth to take subsequent shots until I was sure I’d gotten everything perfect. Once I had, I’d stared at the result with a mixture of pride, fascination, and embarrassment. It’s not every day a guy studies his own dick, and I didn’t really have a sense about how it should look. But the lighting made it look like a goddamn tower, like a great big fleshy chimney, the brown birthmark on the right side now looking a little like a pumpkin; it only did that when I was hard.

And, apparently, she’d liked it.

The poem, too, seemed to have been a hit, but then I’d figured it would be. I was a good writer even then. I’d had my aunt do the calligraphy, telling her it was a homework assignment and claiming Shakespeare had written it. All in all, a solid Valentine’s success. Until the foolish little muppet had opened the dick picture in class, in front of her students.

I’d been lying to Shannon when I’d told her I hadn’t remembered the incident. It had been the major scandal of the year at East Seaborne, and the principal Mr Oliver had gone on the warpath. He’d called the cops, a detective had frowned and called the superintendent, and a letter had been sent home to parents. There was a minor story in the news a couple days later, but in the end the administration had decided there wasn’t much they could do. Short of compulsory cock and/or bedroom inspections of the entire male student body, with Ms Boyle checking out each one, there would have been no way to figure out whose penis was in the photo. Unless someone blabbed.

I hadn’t. Not to anyone. And, geeky as I was, there was nobody in the school who could vouch for what my dick looked like, other than the cross country team in whose locker room I’d spent a few years changing. There had been a girlfriend of unimpressive blowjob technique, but she’d moved away the year before and now went to school somewhere in Nowheresville, Kansas.

So I knew I’d get away with it. It had given me a secret thrill, at the time, to know that the lovely Ms Boyle knew what I looked like erect. I’d wondered whether she’d pondered my dick, plus the flowery bed, and lain awake at night thinking about what they meant. Today’s lunchroom had given me at least a partial answer to that: she had.

I assumed she’d given Oliver the pictures, now moldering shredded in some landfill or buried in a file somewhere in the disciplinary office, East Seaborne’s version of a cold case.

Feeling strangely lightheaded, I packed up my stuff and got ready to move on to my next class. Lucy’s class. The school had a rotating schedule, so I saw her at different times each day. I wondered what she’d do after our morning encounter; certainly she’d make sure her jacket was off, her boobs on full display for me and the other guys in the room. Of eleven kids, nine were boys; the other girl, Elizabeth, was a mousy freakshow who lived a life of total silence in the corner. That left a river of testosterone, all of which Lucy Marsh lapped up with smooth, easy self-assurance; the girl knew exactly what she had, that was for sure. I was confident I wasn’t the first male teacher she’d tried to vamp for a better grade.

My room was the worst in the building, bar none, buried deep in the back corner of the lunchroom; I’d attended school there for four years, and never had I known the room even existed. The furniture was hardly inspiring, but I’d made an effort with some paint and plenty of projects hung on the walls. My desk was a massive thing, a hand-me-down from a bank or post office, and as I walked in I saw Lucy lounging behind it, her feet high on the desk. “Hi, Mr Dole!” she chirped as she caught sight of me.

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Northside Awakening

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When I think about Kristen, I remember stunning blonde-white hair, her continuous sex drive and sexual confidence, and the way she approached exams like the Olympics. Kristen was a serious student, an attractive and attentive lover, and a good– if dull– person. Our college relationship was my first and her fourth. Even though I was a year older, she appeared to be my senior in all respects.

Kristen picked me out of a crowd at a party and seduced me before I could talk myself out of deserving her. After inviting me to her room on a pretense, her shirt was off within half an hour. I had gotten this far a few times, but not in the first couple of hours of acquaintance. Nor had I experienced stroking and sucking tits that were as beautifully shaped and pleasing. Her nipples soared upward from her medium size breasts, and Kristen moaned in response to every touch—light, rough, squeezing…whatever. Although I didn’t know it at the time, she would be the easiest lover I have ever had. No matter how you tried to please her, it worked. Her sexual zone was generous and her needs obvious.

I returned to my room three hours later in a happy, anticipatory state. Perhaps my virginity and I would soon be parted. Within the week I received and gave my first oral sex. She led me to the joy of tonguing my partner to orgasm in a forest of light yellow and exceptionally fine pubic hair. I think back on licking Kristen with delight whenever I see a woman with that sort of unusually blonde mane.

Within two weeks my virginity was blessedly gone. I suspect she knew it was my first time. We never talked about it—that wasn’t our type of relationship. It was about as good as I can imagine given the awkwardness of the situation. She put on the condom and softly told me how much she needed my hardness inside her. She made me feel competent, as if I had done her the favor of my sexual gift. I’ll always love her for that afternoon. We made dinner together afterward, then fucked again. The second time was even better—more animal-like and intense. Our bodies were getting to knew each other by then, and intercourse was the big frontier I was crossing with her.

Despite our beginning at her direction and charge, it was me who broke it off six months later, just before graduation. Kristen was a conservative Christian and a controlled person in every way except in bed. It amazed me how she compartmentalized her right-wing religious views and her guilt-free sexual pursuit. But when we ventured into politics, life after college, careers or anything else, it was clear that we were careening in opposite directions. We were from the same type of family of origin, but by the end of college I was well on the way to becoming what I became: an urban, left-leaning, agnostic bicycle rider. Kristen never stopped being what we were raised. And she probably has one happy and sexually fulfilled CPA of a husband by now. I hope so anyway.


I went to medical school after college. The third year routine was in place when I heard someone behind me in the Saturday morning line at the Daily Grind Cafe, “Jake? You probably don’t remember me, but I’m Anna, a friend of Kristen’s from Ann Arbor.”

“Anna Fuller,” I replied. “You had this cool hand-knit red and purple sweater you always wore, you sat three rows behind me in World Music, and you use to date that creep with the big biceps, Chester something…Or, at least I hope it is a used-to date situation,” I bit my lip in mock anticipation of being wrong, although I thought that highly unlikely.

“Creep doesn’t get half-way to that bad choice. And, hey, I guess you do remember me,” Anna said with more than a hint of being flattered. “What brings you to Chicago, other than the giant magnet that draws in about half of us leaving Ann Arbor.”

“Medical school. Someone told me that I had messy handwriting and would be a natural at this. I’m in my third…” Just then two of Anna’s friends came into the shop, obviously in a pre-arranged meeting of their group.

“Mila and Alyson, this is Jake Lindman. He was the boyfriend of a friend of mine at Ann Arbor.” Anna finished introducing us and graciously transitioned to small talk that had all of us feeling comfortable. When things started to wind down, she asked if I wanted to join their group discussion at Alyson’s house. “We have a bible study and religion discussion group on Saturday mornings. I know that doesn’t sound like much fun, but we talk about lots of stuff. We include strays all the time.”

As unexciting as that sounded, I rarely turn down the opportunity to spend time with three pretty, young women. Alyson was stunning—perfect breasts with just visible nipples, narrow waist and flawless, delicate features. She had hints of freckles around her nose. Her legs seemed to start about an inch south of those ideal breasts and slope down forever to her carefully selected and stylish shoes. She could have any straight guy on the north side of Chicago, or any other city.

Anna was pretty in the way that most 23 year old women are pretty. A touch chubby, glowing skin and a winning smile. Gaziantep Escort İlanları Anna’s looks were all the better paired with her inclusive and warm manner.

But it was for Mila that I said yes to bible study. Alyson was out of my league and I sensed out of my comfort zone, as well. Anna didn’t excite me enough to get over that mountainous cross between her huge breasts. And her friendship with Kristen was a cut wire I would rather not reconnect.

Mila, however, was strangely and intensely attractive to me. She was medium height, on the thin side of average and had tiny lumps on her chest; breasts so small that a bra was almost irrelevant. She had wiry arms with a hint of shop-guy muscles. Her ass looked to be about perfect. She had on shorts that showed off her nice legs. Mila’s long, brunette hair was pulled back in a no-nonsense pony-tail.

Mila dressed in an eclectic style, with yellow Chucks, jean shorts and a red top with a small graphic in yellow– a tear drop over an abstract shape. Her glasses were small, East Village sophisticated. Mila had a slightly shy way with an obviously quick wit. Hard to describe, but just an out-there style mixed with rather nerd mannerisms. I really like smart. She seemed bright and curious, on first impression. And how this all fit with post-college bible study I couldn’t quite manage yet.

I trailed back and conversed with Anna while Mila’s perfect butt preceded us by a few steps. “So, what’s the subject of bible study today?,” I asked out of curiosity about the proselytizing hell I had agreed to join.

“We just open the bible randomly and read a bit and talk,” Anna replied to my delight. That seemed like something Kristen (or my aunts or anyone else back home) would never have had the spontaneity or initiative to experience.

“Sounds like a good program. I have to admit that I have strayed a bit since the time I was dating Kristen,” I said, trying to soften the way for at least a marginal amount of my truth to come out during the next hour or so.

“Since Kristen described you as her lovable heathen, I can’t imagine you’ve strayed more in the last couple of years,” Anna offered in a teasing and accepting way. “It doesn’t matter. We are not quite as devout as Kristen, although- like her- we all have pledged to stay virgins until marriage.”

I was speechless– stunned how much and how well Kristen had hidden herself from her friends. Kristen was about as virginal as the average 35 year old bar waitress. We crossed Clark Street, and we headed up Rousseau to Alyson’s apartment. Compared to my dump, we were up five rungs on the income ladder. This beautiful woman had serious money, too.

After settling into meeting mode, Alyson took leadership and opened the bible to a part that included a familiar quote: “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things. [Philippians 4:8].” I mostly sat silent while these young women shared parts of their lives. They seemed a bit tense with me there, but eventually got more real. Mila was amazing. She was more than just smart, and really introspective. Alyson, predictably, was the least reflective, but well-intentioned. Her remarks basically can be summarized as a Dale Carnegie hymnal. Anna was honest and had an open heart. As the only male, a closet (then) agnostic and the newcomer, I tried to be unobtrusive. Mila called me out.

“Jake, I understand this may not be the easiest setting for you, but what is true, honorable and pure and lovely that you want to dwell on?”

My first instinct was to say, “your nice-looking butt, Mila.” I thought of being glib—not appropriate. How about ducking it with banality—no, I wanted Mila to think me not shallow. Maybe I even wanted to be not shallow. So I tried for the best part of the truth that occurred to me at the moment. “I guess I don’t believe in being right and pure. I believe in being kind and gentle and respectful to other people and the earth. I mostly believe in being alive and focusing on now. I don’t think there is a heaven for believers or a hell for the wicked, so I don’t care if I am abstractly good by some standard that makes no sense for the life I can sense.”

I thought that would pretty much end the morning for me, but it did the opposite. All three came alive in different ways. Alyson wanted to do battle with my ideas. Anna just wanted to drop off the burden of being good that she had been carrying around like rocks in her pack. Mila wanted to fuck me. I saw it in her eyes as soon as I looked up from talking. And I wanted her to know I wanted her.

We talked for half an hour or so, then Mila steered the conversation toward the direction of sex. “What about nudity? What’s wrong with that? Some days I feel so oppressed by this God who has been drilled into me my whole life. I’m 23 and I’ve never seen a guy naked. I’m not sure that’s so good and pure.”

Alyson was shocked, but Anna jumped on the theme. “Me, too. I’ve never even done more than kiss a guy. I used to wear that as some badge of honor, but now I just feel lonely and…” She was searching for words. Mila went for the guts: “horny?” “Yeah, horny,” Anna said with blush rushing over her face. Then some giggles by both of them.

I found this conversation both a little sad and a lot erotic. These women were pretty old to have so little experience with men (let’s just assume they were more honest than Kristen—I think that was the case, but maybe not so with Alyson). The atmosphere of intimacy was building the sexual tension. I was trying to hide my growing erection when Alyson even joined the crowd, “I know people think I turn away date offers all the time, but actually everyone considers me just too uptight to ask out. My only relationships have been with a guy on his way out of the closet, some guy who tried to jump me on the second date and Walter.” They all nodded in a tsk-tsk at the mention of Walter, and I just let that be.

I had an idea (or was this Mila’s idea I was channeling?) and I decided to go for broke. I figured the worst thing that could happen was avoiding The Daily Grind for the next few Saturdays. “Since I broke up with Kristen I’ve had a couple of relationships. I’m not a virgin anymore.” This, of course, was a literal, but highly misleading, truth in protection of Kristen. “I know it may be different for a guy, but I like having sex. No apologies.”

Silence. Why not go on as long as you’ve tanked anyway, I thought. “If you want, I will get naked for you so you can see what a guy looks like.” I was rushing the words and looking at my feet as I continued, “but I’ll warn you that being around three women as attractive as you means I’m probably going to have an erection with you staring at me.” I looked up at Mila as I finished. I knew immediately we were thinking along the same line.

Mila let Anna talk first. “Jake, I would appreciate seeing you and anything you will show us. It’s a lot safer here with the three of us and you than some of the alternatives.” “Me, too,” quickly joined Mila. Alyson held back. “Jake, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll go in the other room while you show,” she slowly announced. “Of course, whatever you are comfortable with,” Mila said.

Alyson got up and started to the kitchen, then turned around and sat back down. “Oh, why not. I should have done this awhile ago,” she declared, throwing out her caution. Everyone laughed and much of the tension was gone. My erection had wilted in the process of negotiating this and I figured now was the time to go for it. I’m no beauty, but I’m proud enough of my body. Given the lighter mood, I went for a somewhat striptease effect. The three women started hooting…all of us enjoying the campiness of it, and all of us aware that I wasn’t a Chippendale and they weren’t middle aged housewives.

When I took off the last of it, I was starting to get hard again. Mila, Anna and Alyson grew silent watching my dick extend out to a full erection. I was aware of every breadth as I saw three attractive women staring at my hard-on. They were in a semi-circle in front of me, and I walked nearby so they could look closely at me. I kneeled in front of them. It was intoxicating for all of us.

“You can touch it, if you want,” I suggested. Mila reached out to stroke me a few times. It was electric. Alyson did the same. I maybe was her first hard-on, and she will likely remember that forever. Anna was the boldest. She reached underneath and lightly touched my balls. “Is this OK?,” she wanted to know.

“It’s more than OK. It’s wonderful. All of your touches feel wonderful,” I said looking at Mila. Mila moved over and kneeled in front of me. The other two followed. All three started stroking my balls and dick and passing their hands over my dick’s engorged, red-purple head. Between deep breaths and genuine pleasure, I explained pre-cum, that I was circumcised and the rest of the basics.

“Can I teach you to masturbate a guy?,” I asked hopefully. I didn’t need to wait for the yes responses. I started to stroke myself. Then I grabbed Mila’s hand and taught her to run her grip down the length of my penis, adjusting the tightness when needed. Each had a turn.

After a few minutes I started to feel the urgent building of a climax. I got Mila to take over because I was connected to her and wanted her to be the one who got me off. I asked everyone to move away from my front as I was getting ready to cum. Mila was pulling on me in nice rhythm by now. I could feel the orgasm grab me and I ejaculated across the room. Three good loads and some dribbling of cum. I was spent. When I looked up, three pretty women were staring in amazement at the trail of white in front of them across the hardwood floor. I looked at the faces of heightened senses and felt an ego boost that I was still riding at New Year’s.

A cleaning-up, getting dressed and such later, it was about five minutes before we really started talking again. I was trying to make sure everyone felt OK. Alyson was slipping in and out of fundamentalist guilt, but Anna was pumped, while Mila and I were trying to figure out how to be alone together.

“That felt incredible. Thanks to each of you. I’ve never done anything like that,” I said. “I doubt I’ll ever have three gorgeous women touching me at the some time like that ever again.” All three said they were really happy to have learned so much about sex.

We had some food Alyson put out and talked about subjects other than sexual frustration and nudity. Alyson started to look at me with some real attention, but that wasn’t going to happen. Even up, I wanted Mila. Bright, intriguing and flat-chested Mila. I gave everyone a hug and started to walk toward the door. Both Mila and Anna said they were leaving, as well. We all headed for the L stop at Belmont. I grabbed a hand of each as we walked.

The three of us probably looked a bit of the ménage-a-trois we sort of had been as we stood on the old wooden platform. Anna was heading back toward the Loop, which is where I needed to go to accomplish some work. But I lied and said I was heading north on the Ravenswood line—Mila’s direction. I hugged Anna as her train came rattling in and she was whisked away toward Lincoln Park and downtown. I was a bundle of positive nerve endings as Mila and I embraced in our first kiss, oblivious to the fellow El riders and bound for a bright Saturday afternoon journey to the farther reaches of the north side.


I don’t remember much about that train ride other than Mila’s tongue and mine exploring in the empty seats we scored in the back of the train car. Her bare legs were intertwined with my chinos. Each time she rubbed against me, a jolt went through to the erection straining my pants.

Her tiny one-room apartment was two blocks off the Western stop, just behind one of my favorite restaurants, Mella Sera. She had the attic. It was hot up there, so she broke away long enough to open some windows and turn on some fans. That gave me a chance to take in a pleasing living space. An unframed poster of the Lakes District in Britain or such; original artwork of high quality I later learned she had painted and placed all over; a vase with one stalk of asters (picked off an alley stray) on some hand-built pine shelving that contained her clothes; and maroon painted walls. The one thing you would not call it was uptight Christian.

When she came back to me I pinned her into the bed with my erection pressing in the middle of her shorts. We were kissing, but hesitation had infiltrated our pleasure.

“Mila, do we need to slow down a bit?,” I offered.

“No. I’m just so excited being with you, and this is all so quick, and I’m scared I’ll do something I regret—too soon anyway.” She finished with a mostly anxious look at the floor.

“I totally understand. Are you really a virgin?,” I gently asked.

“Yes. I wouldn’t lie to you,” she said with more sincerity than offense. I’ve never gone beyond kissing with a guy until I held your penis today. I’m so ready for sex I’m going to explode, but even though I’m 23, almost 24, I’m still all mixed up about it.” Her pain and confusion were palpable. Her honesty endearing.

“I have an idea. I’m your sex waiter. Here’s your menu of erotic ventures du jour. For an appetizer, we have holding hands and talking. For a first course, we have lots of kissing and groping each other. For a main course, you have four choices: extra helpings of kissing and talking, a dish of hand motions designed as payback for that delightful mini-orgy this afternoon, or tongue braising, which is served with my head between your legs. We also have rock-in hen today, an intercourse served however you want it. The dessert tray comes later. And your order, ma’am?”

Mila started giggling half way through and had her head on my chest laughing by the end. It was pretty corny but it seemed to do the trick and bring her back to us.

“Skip the appetizer, please, I’ve had lots of nibbling today. Let’s go back to the first course. Then, can I have…I’m not really sure, but the last dish sounds a little heavy for right now. Can you describe the other two?,” she asked, pretending to appraise the specials.

“Of course. The hand entree starts with me slowly taking off your shorts and slipping my fingers in your underwear, where I gently touch the outside of your pussy and work my way up through your pubic hair, ultimately ending in a nice rhythm circling your clitoris. The oral is my personal favorite. We begin with some of the former and then I start to kiss my way all around your stomach and taut, gorgeous thighs. I spend as long as you will let me on that perfect ass, licking and kissing everywhere while I run my hand under your front side and begin stroking your clit. Then I lick up and down your cunt, moving into whole mouth adventures up and down each side. Ultimately, after other such events, I will suck your upper pussy while I roll my tongue around your clit. If you want it, the cook can push a finger in your cunt and put on some gentle, upward pressure. The oral sex dish focuses on your movements until I feel you cum while I’m sucking you. I think all of our customers would love this dish, but as you are the only one in the restaurant now and hopefully for awhile, I guess that’s just speculation.”

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Nice New Neighbor

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(DISCLAIMER: This story is an original work done by me, its author. It was originally written as a gift for a very dear friend of mine, and has since been submitted here for the sake of its artistic value. Do not claim this story as your own work, or reproduce it as yours. The people and events depicted in this story are all fictitious; any similarity to actual persons or events is entirely coincidental.)

(FURTHER NOTES: The events depicted in this story take place in the country of Jamaica. Therefore, some of the dialogue written here will be depicted in the Jamaican patois, which is a blend of English and other languages that is unique to the island. This story is especially recommended for those of you who have visited Jamaica before and were impressed with its people and its beauty, or for those of you who have never been to Jamaica but would like to visit there someday.)


“Good, that’s the last of it all!” Kadija Hopeton said triumphantly as she stacked the last box into an empty space in her new closet. “Honestly, I didn’t think making this move would be such a hassle…”

She closed the closet door and studied her new bedroom. The walls were painted a deep yellow—not the color she would’ve chosen, personally, but she could deal with it now and change it at a later date. The floor had white marble tiles set out in an intricate pattern. There was a chest-of-drawers in one corner of the room, equipped with a mirror, and the obligatory bed was there as well. “Looking good, looking good,” she chuckled.

She went outside to the living room and appraised the place. All the furniture and appliances she’d brought were in their proper places: the dining table and its accompanying chairs at center-stage, the television at one corner, the couch in between the TV and the dining set, and a few feet away there was the kitchen, with the fridge, blender, and other necessary things set up and ready for use. A small smile crossed the 30-year-old’s face as she surveyed it all. “Okay…everything’s good to go!” she grinned.

Suddenly something caught the corner of Kadija’s eye. “Hmm?”

Looking toward the couch, she beheld in front of it, on the floor, a small cardboard box. “What’s this now? There was one more box to empty out?” she wondered as she crossed over to the couch and picked the box up. “What’s in here…?”

Opening the box, she looked inside…then reached in and picked out a small framed photograph. As she looked at it for a long moment, her face contorted into a look of utter sadness. The picture depicted her being hugged by a smiling, baby-faced man with a mustache.

“Nathan…” she whispered.

Like a tidal wave, the rush of memories came back over her: that horrible night last July…that phone call from the hospital…the solemn voice on the line informing her that her beloved husband had been in an accident and was battling for his life…her rush to the hospital and the refusal by the nurses to let her see him…

Shaking herself out of her stupor, Kadija hastily put the picture back into the box. “Well, there’s enough time to figure out where I should put you,” she sighed. “Right now, though…I said I needed to get some onions and seasoning, didn’t I?”

Kadija was originally from Ocho Rios, a tourist resort town and the capitol city of St. Ann, a parish on the north coast of the island of Jamaica. There she had lived for several years, including the six she’d been married to her husband Nathan. During that time Kadija had been pursuing her degree at the University of the West Indies, majoring in Music with a minor in Child Education; Nathan, meanwhile, was able to support both of them through his job as the manager of a popular hotel in the town. Unfortunately, one year ago, Nathan’s car had been struck by an extremely careless driver, and he had been seriously injured; and though he put up a valiant effort for life in his hospital room over the next week, he’d eventually succumbed.

Naturally, Kadija was devastated at her loss. She had not anticipated that she could have ever become a widow at so young an age, and the thought of having lost her husband in such a manner left her feeling bitter and emotionally scarred. Unable to stay in the same place where Nathan’s life had ended, she’d made arrangements to move elsewhere, to someplace where she could get away from the constant reminders of what had happened. And so, over the course of the next year following Nathan’s funeral, Kadija had sought out good places where she could live and, perhaps, use her teaching and music skills to make a living for herself. Although they didn’t quite agree with her leaving them behind, her family and in-laws understood her grief and did what they could to help.

It was her sister-in-law who had suggested the place where she now resided: a quiet little district in the cool hills of St. James. This particular area was only thirty minutes’ drive from the main city, Montego Bay, and also, the sister-in-law had asserted, it was where one of her old high school teachers now lived as well. If Gaziantep Escort Reklamları Kadija intended to go into teaching with her degree, the sister-in-law had assured her, then this teacher would be one of the best persons to give her recommendations.

So now Kadija briefly reflected on all of this as she strolled down the street. She glanced around at the neighborhood, smiling as she observed the children playing in nearby yards. A few of the adults standing nearby called to her in greeting, and she waved back as a courtesy.

“Good afternoon, ma’am!” one woman called to her from the verandah of a house, cloth tied around her head and broom in hand. “Yu jus’ move here to live, yes? Ah saw di truck goin’ up to yu house dis mornin’!”

Kadija chuckled as she heard the woman’s generous use of the familiar Jamaican patois. “Yes, I just moved in today,” she replied, mixing in a little of the patois with her usually proper English so as not to ostracize the woman.

“Well, ah hope yu will be stayin’ here a long time, ma’am,” the woman grinned good-naturedly. “Dis is a very quiet area, yu know, ma’am, an’ everybody will ‘elp u get settled in. If yu eva need anyt’ing, jus’ mek one a wi know, ’cause we is neighbor, yu know?”

“True, true,” Kadija agreed. “Anyhow, I need to buy a few things from the shop…you think you could show me where it is?”

“Yeah, man,” the woman nodded, and she pointed up the road. “See dat green house up dere so? Di shop is di blue house next to it—is really one place, yu know, ma’am, di shopkeeper have ‘im house dere so too.”

“Okay, thanks a lot,” Kadija nodded, and hurried on.

A short moment later, she arrived at the shop—a small establishment with a grilled window separating where she stood from the goods inside. There was nobody in sight. “Hello?” she called.

“Comin’!” a loud voice yelled from a back room, followed a moment later by heavy footsteps. Then the shopkeeper appeared, a large, fat man with a graying beard.

“Hello,” said Kadija politely. “Do you have any onions?”

“Yeah,” the man answered gruffly. “‘Ow much yu want?”

“I’d like three, please, and a half-pound of meat seasoning,” Kadija replied.

Nodding, the shopkeeper turned and began to search the lower shelves. Kadija decided to make some small talk. “I just moved into this district today, you know,” she said.

“Dat so?” the shopkeeper answered. “Well, welcome, den. Wat u name?”

“Kadija Hopeton,” she told him. “And yours, sir?”

“Me name Cyrus, but everybody call me Stallion,” the shopkeeper answered. He then stood up a moment later, three onions in hand, and placed them on the counter. “All right, mi a go measure di seasoning now. Jus’ gimme a minute.”

Just then, Kadija heard a car pulling up outside the shop. Turning, she beheld a beautiful white Tesla Roadster. “Oh, who is this?” she wondered aloud.

“Eh?” Stallion turned to look at the car as well—and suddenly he grinned. “Oh! Dat a Miz Atkins’ car!”

“Miss Atkins…?” Kadija repeated.

The car door presently swung open, and its owner stepped out, clad in a light-green dress suit and sunglasses. Pausing to lock the car, she stepped quickly but firmly toward the shop, nodding to its occupants as she entered. “Good afternoon, Stallion,” she addressed the shopkeeper.

“Afternoon, Miz Atkins!” Stallion replied, still grinning and nodding his head eagerly. “Jus’ wait a bit, please, ah servin’ dis lady here right now.” Then he turned and went back to measuring out the seasoning Kadija had ordered.

“Hmm?” The newcomer tipped her sunglasses down slightly to look at Kadija out of piercing black eyes. “You’re a new face around here.”

“Yes, I just moved here today,” Kadija explained, and held out her hand. “Kadija Hopeton. Pleased to meet you, Miss Atkins.”

The other woman smiled a little as she reached out and shook Kadija’s hand. “That’s Mrs. Atkins, mind you,” she corrected.

Kadija immediately remembered—in some parts of Jamaican society, women were often addressed with the title “Miz,” a sort of in-between for “Miss” and “Missus.” And she had to admit, on closer inspection Mrs. Atkins certainly fit the bill for a “Missus”: though she was roughly about 5’5”, two inches shorter than Kadija’s own 5’7” frame, she had the look of a married woman. That impression was further aided by Mrs. Atkins’s mature face, bearing the beginnings of age-wrinkles under her eyes and around her mouth, and by her hair that was showing the first signs of graying, set back in a neat bun held in place by a hairpin. But in spite of those wrinkles and the gray in her hair, Mrs. Atkins still had a certain attractiveness about her, one enforced by the chocolate-colored glow of her skin tone, the sharp but not unfriendly look in her eyes and the smirk that was set on her lips.

“So, Ms. Hopeton,” Mrs. Atkins now asked, “what do you think of this district so far?”

“Please, just Kadija is fine,” Kadija politely informed her. “And I haven’t seen very much of the district yet, but I like what I’ve seen so far. It’s a beautiful place, and everyone here seems so friendly and willing to help.”

“Yes, ma’am, dat’s ‘ow we all stay ‘roun’ ‘ere,” Stallion remarked, presently holding up the seasoning and weighing it on his scale. “All right, half-pound. So, t’ree onion and half-pound meat seasoning…dat a $145.”

“Thank you,” said Kadija, opening her purse and pulling out two $100 bills.

“Hmm…Kadija, you said?” Mrs. Atkins remarked while Kadija collected her change. “If I may just say, your spoken English is impeccable…I hear it from very few young people nowadays.”

“Oh, thank you, Mrs. Atkins,” Kadija smiled at her. “I guess you can thank my mother for that—when I was growing up, she always used to insist that my spoken English should be as flawless as possible. ‘The Queen’s English is the tongue of English-speaking professionals in the world of work,’ she used to say.”

Mrs. Atkins chuckled. “I think I’d like to meet your mother and shake her hand. So, have you been putting her advice to good use?”

“Well, I try to stick to it, but…I guess there are times when I just go right into the patois out of habit from my primary-school days,” Kadija admitted. “But I did my best to follow that advice during university.”

“Oh, a university graduate?” Mrs. Atkins inquired.

“That’s right,” Kadija nodded. “I did a four-year Music programme, and minored in Child Education. I want to become a music teacher.”

“A music teacher, eh? Well, you’ll have quite a lot of work on your hands. Oh, just a minute.” Mrs. Atkins turned to Stallion. “Stallion, could you let me have everything on this list, please?” she asked, handing him a slip of paper.

“Right away, Miz Atkins!” Stallion nodded, and he went back to searching the shelves for the desired items on the list.

“Mrs. Atkins, excuse me, but when I heard your name just now, I was wondering,” said Kadija. “You used to teach at St. Patrick High School for Girls in Montego Bay, didn’t you?”

“Actually, I still teach there—English Language and English Literature,” Mrs. Atkins replied proudly. “I’ve been there for 25 years now. But why do you ask?”

Kadija nodded. “Do you remember ever having a student there several years ago—one Naomi Singh?”

“Naomi Singh…Naomi Singh…oh yes, now I remember!” Mrs. Atkins replied eagerly. “She was one of my best students—graduated with two distinctions, one in Language and one in Literature! How do you know her, if I may?”

“She’s my sister-in-law,” Kadija explained. “When I was moving here, she suggested that I look you up, for help getting recommendations for a school I could teach music at.”

“How very interesting,” Mrs. Atkins rubbed her chin thoughtfully and grinned. “Well, Kadija, I just may be able to assist you there. Tell me, have you finished getting settled into your new house?”

“Um…well, I finished packing everything out not too long ago,” Kadija answered.

“In that case,” said Mrs. Atkins, “would you like to come over to my house a little later and have tea with me? We can discuss where you can go to apply for that teaching position you want, and I can give you a proper welcome to this neighborhood. And I would like to know how Naomi has been doing—it’s been so many years since I last heard from her.”

“Well…I wouldn’t want to impose…and anyway, I’m a stranger to these parts…” Kadija began.

“Nonsense!” Mrs. Atkins shook her head. “It would be no trouble at all—I haven’t had a guest over in many weeks, anyway. So I’m insisting that you come over. Please do. I’d be really happy to have you.”

“Hmm…” Kadija smiled a little bit, though she cast her eyes downward. “All right, if you insist…but I’ll have to go and freshen up first…I’ve been getting the place organized all day.”

“That’s fine,” said Mrs. Atkins. “You can come over, say, 6:30—that should give me enough time to get everything ready for you. My house is a big blue house with a star-apple tree in the front yard.”

“A star-apple tree in the front yard?” Kadija asked. “That’s right next door to where I’m living now!”

“Oh? You mean your house is the house with the picket fence that had a ‘For Sale’ sign in the front yard? Then this is just perfect!” Mrs. Atkins smiled broadly. “We’ll be next-door neighbors! How about that?”

“Here’s everyt’ing, Miz Atkins,” Stallion informed her at that moment, presenting a black plastic bag full of food items to her. “Dat’s $835.”

Mrs. Atkins swiftly reached for her own purse and took out some money, counting out the exact change. “Thank you, Stallion,” she said to him, collecting the bag. “Well, Kadija dear, I’m going on ahead to get things ready for when you come over, all right? I’ll see you then.”

“Wait—would you like some help with that bag? It looks pretty heavy,” Kadija observed.

“How generous of you,” Mrs. Atkins praised her. “All right, let’s lift it together then.”

Nonetheless, the bag wasn’t so heavy that the two of them together could lift it out to Mrs. Atkins’ car with ease. “Thank you, dear; I should be able to manage it when I get home,” Mrs. Atkins nodded to Kadija as they loaded the bag into the back seat. “All right, remember—6:30, okay?”

“All right, Mrs. Atkins,” said Kadija, going back inside the shop to collect her onions and seasoning. “I’ll be there soon!”

Waving farewell, Mrs. Atkins stepped into the car, driving off a moment later. “An interesting woman,” said Kadija.

“Miz Atkins is a nice lady, yu know,” Stallion commented. “She been livin’ around ‘ere for all di 25 years dat she been teachin’ at dat high school downtown. She have two children, bot’ a dem grow up an’ gone America, but her husband dead ’bout six years now.”

“She’s a widow? Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that,” Kadija said sympathetically.

“Uh-huh,” Stallion grunted and nodded. “Ever since den, she hardly ever have any visitors to her yard, even though we all see her out and about di place all di while. Yu probably di first one she havin’ over to visit in about two or t’ree months.”

“That long? I see…” Kadija looked out at the road where Mrs. Atkins’s car had been parked moments earlier. “Guess she must really need the company, then…”

As she turned the car into her driveway, Mrs. Atkins couldn’t help but smile. To think that that Kadija Hopeton was the sister-in-law of Naomi Singh, Mrs. Atkins’s favorite student from all those years ago…and that she had such a polite and respectful demeanor…and that she was going to be Mrs. Atkins’s next-door neighbor now…it made the 55-year-old want to dance and sing, the way she felt so happy.

She couldn’t tell how long it had honestly been since she’d last felt so invigorated. Here, she felt, was someone to whom she could confide in deeply and personally, just as she’d been able to confide in Naomi six years ago, although that contact had lessened bit by bit with time and had ended with Naomi’s marriage two years ago. Mrs. Atkins’s own husband, to whom she’d been married for 25 happy years, was now dead and gone these last six, and everything they’d shared together she now held onto by herself. Her two children from that union, a son and a daughter, were both grown now with little ones of their own, and were raising them off in the land of the Red, White and Blue, though they periodically phoned her and brought their budding families to visit each Christmas.

Still, Mrs. Atkins had felt quite alone save for the intermittent times she’d gotten to spend with Naomi and a few of her other past students. In fact, this type of confidence hadn’t begun to be shared until roughly four months after her husband’s burial, when one of her own longtime high school friends—herself a divorcee—had approached her with what she now called her “hobby.”

Aside from Naomi, Mrs. Atkins had managed to include quite a few younger women into her “hobby” over the next four years. Some were single women who’d been interested in trying something different; a few had been married women who’d been initially hesitant; but none of them ever left each encounter complaining. Then, starting two years ago, one by one they all stopped indulging in the “hobby” for one reason or another: some of the single ones, like Naomi, eventually got married themselves and didn’t wish to endanger their happiness with their new spouses; some, including the majority of the married ones, migrated for parts unknown; at least one that she knew of had died of cancer. As a result, Mrs. Atkins had had to curtail her “hobby” activities, since by now there were few of her associates still around who could continue to meet with her and to whom she could “confide” in—indeed, the last time had been three months ago, with the same divorcee who’d introduced her to the “hobby” in the first place, and that had been meant as a farewell present since the woman was leaving for England to join her son and his family.

If there was one thing Mrs. Atkins hated, it was the feeling of loneliness that had always pervaded her being. And these last three months, since she’d stopped actively pursuing her “hobby,” she’d felt quite alone. In spite of her age, she was still attractive enough for men of varying ages—even those as young as her son, who was in his late 20’s by now—to express interest; but always she’d politely turned them down. For her, no other man could ever take the place of her husband, to whom she’d surrendered her innocence and whose children she’d borne. That contributed much to her loneliness, even if she wouldn’t admit it to anyone else.

But now…here, right next door to her at that, an opportunity to relieve herself of that solitude, and perhaps to begin her “hobby” again, had arrived. Kadija Hopeton…the sister-in-law of Naomi, one of Mrs. Atkins’s former “hobby” partners…she would do just fine. From Mrs. Atkins’s visual but discreet examination of her back at the shop, the younger woman appeared to be early 30’s, a little shy in spite of her politeness, and she certainly was an attractive woman physically. Skin the color of honey…beautiful hazel eyes…dark shoulder-length hair…full, pouting lips…and a set of very impressive curves set on a well-posed body, even though these had been muted somewhat by the well-fitting blouse and skirt she’d been wearing.

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Icing On The Cake

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Author’s Note: This story, while could be tagged for numerous attractions, primarily focuses on gang-bang, lesbian, and bukkake. If this is not your cup of tea, please skip this story. I welcome any and all comments, and hope you enjoy most of all, but just want to make sure you know what you’re getting into first 😉


Jocelyn’s sets on Suicide Girls were always the hottest and most anticipated when they main the site’s main page. She was a spritely little thing, skinny as a twig with pale, creamy skin. Her hair was dyed the same color as a fire engine, her puppy dog eyes milk chocolate. Her septum piercing matched the snakebite gauges in her lips. Her flat tummy and bubble butt were two of her favorite features about her body. She dressed primarily in black and denim, a little punker who adored being photographed in the nude. Though, after her fourth set went viral and the positive feedback began pouring in, Jocelyn began to feel somewhat bored with the routine.

But Jocelyn’s longtime girlfriend Heather, a stunning blonde with bronze skin and shimmering pink lips never complained. She simply loved Jocelyn too much, and got off on the notion of millions of members staring at her lover naked as the day she was born. On several occasions, Heather rubbed herself to orgasm to Jocelyn’s sets while on vacation (or lying right in front of Jocelyn). A lot of times, she dipped into her own private collection of Jocelyn. The sets on SG were sexy and all, but they left too much to the imagination sometimes. The photos Heather always took of Jocelyn captured her at her most exposed. She didn’t just make her girlfriend spread her legs for these photo sets, but made her spread her lips wide in addition.

The memory of making Jocelyn pull her pussy lips apart, revealing her pink flower and her most intimate hole caused Heather’s pussy to flood with excitement while she wrestled around her bed with her. Heather finally pinned her flame-headed girlfriend to the bed, the redhead clad only in a studded denim vest littered with faded patches representing her favorite heavy metal bands. The rest of her creamy, smooth body was on display. Her vulva was smooth and barren, her slit dripping with nectar that flooded through her body. Her heart raced, eyes locked on Heather’s. Heather was naked also, her heart beating at the sight of Jocelyn’s very exposed body beneath her, just waiting to be handled and tasted. Their lips met and Jocelyn’s tongue slipped up into Heather’s mouth, found her tongue and teased it. Jocelyn pulled Heather’s body onto hers, their breasts mashing together.

When Heather finally made her way between Jocelyn’s legs, she found herself unable to contain her excitement. Heather’s tongue darted in and out of her dripping pussy. Jocelyn moaned and groaned as she ran her hands through Heather’s long, blonde locks. Finally, she decided to inform her partner about the new set she had been asked to participate in on Suicide Girls by her long time photographer and good friend Tyler. She wanted her to know while she was horny.

“Tyler asked if I would be interested in starring in the site’s first bukkake set,” Jocelyn blurted out, stopping Heather dead in her tracks.

It wasn’t so shocking to hear the words come out of Jocelyn’s mouth to Heather, but it was shocking that she would bring it up so suddenly. Heather knew Jocelyn was bisexual, and as much as she loved girls, would always crave cock. On one occasion, Heather allowed Jocelyn to seduce one of her closest male friends and give him what she imagined was one of the most unforgettable blowjobs of his life. Heather had been excited to watch her girlfriend indulge in one of her most carnal desires. The very act of watching Jocelyn suck on one of her friends’ penis was strangely arousing to Heather, though she never would have guessed it would be.

Jocelyn would make love to her friend’s whole penis, worshipping the whole organ with her mouth and tongue. After she was finished, Jocelyn had begged her friend to cum on her face, which he did happily. Heather witnessed, in that moment, her friend willingly submitting to her friend who painted her face with thick ropes of pearly white semen that clung to her face. Heather had never seen a girl with cum on her face before that moment, and didn’t know how she felt about facials specifically, but seeing Jocelyn on her knees with cum on her face while her friend stood over her had been strangely arousing to her. Still, she couldn’t get over her own reservations about the nature of the act itself. But Jocelyn assured her in that moment that she never felt degraded, just dominated and maybe a little embarrassed (though there were times she didn’t mind feeling a little degraded).

“So you really like cum, don’t you?” Heather asked, astounded at her girlfriend’s cum-coated face. Thick, creamy cum was running down Jocelyn’s forehead, covering every inch of her nose, and congealed on her cheeks. A thick helping of semen had been shot all over her upper lip. Heather thought Jocelyn Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort looked like she was wearing a cum mustache that oozed down over her luscious lips and dripped in long, thick strands off her chin and splattered down over her breasts.

“I absolutely love it,” Jocelyn replied that day, flashing a casual smile to her girlfriend before she began scooping the sperm off her face in thick helpings into her wanting mouth, swallowing mouthful after mouthful of her friends’ seed.

Ever since that night, Heather had been privy to her girlfriend’s secret desire.

“I don’t know, isn’t there anyone else they can get for this set?” Heather asked.

“I want it to be me, sweetie,” Jocelyn replied.

“I don’t know… I’m just not a fan of the symbolism I guess. All those guys jerking off over you, my girlfriend, and then shooting their stuff on your face.”

“The symbolism is very beautiful, and Tyler is going to capture that essence on camera,” she replied with a simple smile. “When a guy chooses to ejaculate his semen on my face, he’s choosing to deposit his sperm over the most personal part of me… my face. If accepting that cum on my face makes me his, then so be it.”

“And what if that guy wants to degrade you?” Heather inquired.

“Then I guess I just turned into his whore.”

“And that doesn’t bother you?”

“On special occasions, no… I don’t mind letting a guy use a facial to degrade me.”

“You don’t!” Heather exclaimed.

“No. You know Mr. and Mrs. Cameron who I babysit for, right?” Jocelyn asked.

“Yeah…” Heather replied.

“You know I suck Mr. Cameron’s cock for most of the wages he pays, right?”

Heather shrugged uneasily. “Yeah…”

“He degrades me with every facial he gives me. Sometimes he ejaculates all over the floor and makes me lick it up while I’m on all fours. Other times, he’s made me wear his cum all over the house, even when some of his friends stop by. One time, his friend came right out and asked if he could shoot his load in my face also, while Mr. Cameron’s seed was already dripping down it. Mr. Cameron said ‘sure’ without asking me, and before I knew it, this guy put me on my knees and jerked off right in front of my cum-ruined face until he started shooting his own load all over me. Mr. Cameron tipped me pretty well that day of course,” Jocelyn recalled, smiling.

Heather just sighed heavily, the image of Mr. Cameron’s raging cock stuffed deep inside her girlfriend’s mouth impossible to shake. She knew what it looked like because Mr. Cameron would, on occasion, send pictures of it to Jocelyn on her cell phone while she told him how badly she wanted to put it in her mouth. Their dirty-talking sessions always ended with Jocelyn naked and sweaty while thrashing about the bed, both of her hands between her legs while her heart beat rapid-fire. Heather knew exactly what Mr. Cameron’s penis looked like too, as she had gone through her girlfriend’s phone on numerous occasions to see just what kind of pictures she was getting sent. Even she had to admit that it was pretty impressive.

“So, you really want this then… don’t you?” Heather finally asked.

Jocelyn smiled devilishly and snuggled up to her lover. She began planting kisses on her neck, down over her naked breasts while Heather giggled in protest.

“Will you at least watch a movie with me?’ She breathed into Heather’s ear just before slipping a single finger over her clit and then deep into her soaking hole.

“Yes…” Heather breathed into Jocelyn’s ear.

A few minutes later, both girls lay on the bed, Jocelyn’s laptop open on display between them. Jocelyn and Heather’s hands were interlocked with each other, each girl’s hand gently massaging their partner’s vulva. The video started out innocent enough, a young teenage girl on screen slowly stripping for the camera and showing off the rock solid body puberty had just finished sculpting for her. She kept herself nearly clean-shaven, but for a small, neatly trimmed patch of hair guarding her clit no bigger than a penny. She looked to be Latin in decent, with dark features and golden skin. When she was finished undressing, the young girl fell to her knees as a naked man stepped into frame and offered her his erection.

Heather and Jocelyn continued to massage each other as more men appeared on screen, each waiting their perspective turn to have the young girl fellate them. One after the other, the girl took each raging cock deep into her mouth and pleased her male masters on screen. As time went on, the girl lost more and more control of the situation until the men she was pleasing were practically throat-fucking her one after the other, each member ramming his cock in and out of her mouth while saliva and pre-cum spilled out the corners of her mouth and her make-up ran wild.

Jocelyn was by now moaning at the images on screen, Heather finding it a little bit harder to stimulate herself. Heather then watched one of the men on screen approach the innocent nubile with his throbbing cock in hand and cry out, just before sending thick ropes of white cum splashing onto her expecting, virgin face. Heather turned back and looked down at her girlfriend’s vulva. Heather’s hand, and Jocelyn’s free hand were both attacking it now while it continued to flood with forbidden nectar. Jocelyn’s fingertips glided over her wet clit and rubbed it around in circles as she started bucking against Heather’s hand, the sight of the young girl’s face being painted with more semen obviously arousing her. Heather forced her fingers inside of Jocelyn as the girl’s face became a target for sperm, and even she couldn’t fight the motions Jocelyn was bringing her through. Heather looked down, Jocelyn’s fingers fumbling awkwardly with her opening, occasionally penetrating her and dragging her fingers across her inner walls. Heather started to moan like Jocelyn, both girls covered in sweat and out of breath. She looked back to the girl on screen, copious amounts of semen plastered to her face that rolled down her features and dripped off her chin in thick clumps onto her nude breasts.

“You want this to happen to you?” Heather groaned.

Jocelyn got up and straddled Heather’s face without warning, her wet vulva mashing into her face. Bittersweet nectar began dripping all over Heather’s face, the smell of Jocelyn’s intoxicating sex reminding her of fermented passion fruit. Jocelyn then began to buck against Heather’s head, grinding her clit and pussy all over her face while Heather awkwardly fumbled to lick any part of her girlfriend’s privates that she could. But it was Jocelyn in control here, not her lover. Still, having her lover’s pussy dragged all over her face threw Heather into overdrive.

“I want to give you a facial,” Jocelyn moaned, looking down at her girlfriend.

“What?” she breathed into her hole, her face soaked and shimmering in pre-cum.

“I want to cum on your face, right now…” she moaned, bucking even harder.

Heather was lost at the sight of Jocelyn’s smooth vulva being rubbed furiously over her face, those tight lips and thin labia literally dripping with excitement that spilled down over her features. Jocelyn started to moan, and then scream as her orgasm began to build just beneath her clit. Finally, Heather stuck her tongue deep inside of Jocelyn and slipped a single finger up into her lover’s tight sphincter. Jocelyn screamed, grabbing a fistful of her girlfriend’s blonde hair as an extraordinary amount of pressure rocketed beneath her g-spot from inside her ass, causing her orgasm to burst deep within her. A surge of euphoria literally exploded inside of her pussy and ass. Then, Jocelyn finally burst, sending a thick stream of her nectar erupting out of her pussy and splashing right into Heather’s forehead.

She began to squirt all over Heather’s forehead, nose, cheeks, and lips. Her ejaculate splashed all over the pillow and soaked through it. Finally, when it was finished, Jocelyn collapsed on the bed beside Heather’s cum-soaked face just as she brought herself to orgasm so hard that she began to squirt all over their sheets while thrashing about and screaming her girlfriend’s name in ecstasy. When they were both finished, their mini after-shocks still plagued their limp, orgasm-drained bodies. They lied there, caressing each other, Jocelyn admiring her mess all over Heather. Her hair was soaked and matted to her forehead, her features accentuated by glistening nectar dripping over it. Heather could feel Jocelyn drinking the image of her in, never having seen this look of desire in her eyes before. The smell of sex bit into her nostrils, the pungent aroma of cum hanging low in the air and wrapped all around them. Both girls continued to be plagued by their aftershock, mini tremors that erupted through their pussies and caused lightning bursts of euphoria to rush through their privates. Heather looked back at the screen, the nubile’s face unrecognizably covered in a thick blanket of hot cum.

“I feel just as marked as that girl,” Heather said.

“You are,” Heather breathed, taking her girlfriend’s soaked face into her hand.

Heather just smiled.

“So what do you say, will you let me give Tyler a call?” Jocelyn asked.

She looked back at the cum-coated girl on screen and then considered.

“Only if you let me come…” Heather stated.

Jocelyn just smiled.

How it happened was this: Jocelyn’s time photographer, and one of her current lovers on the side, had been hired by one of the site’s administrators to oversee the production of several new, for the first time hardcore sets staring popular Suicide Girls as never seen before. His name was Tyler, a good-looking boy with messy dark hair and sapphire blue eyes. He was one of the site’s more prominent photographers and had, on more than one occasion enjoyed the pleasures of Jocelyn’s mouth and pussy. Jocelyn loved a good fucking after being photographed in the nude, and Tyler loved giving it to her. When Jocelyn finally called him back about his proposition to star in the first Suicide Girls bukkake set, he was ecstatic and immediately began setting everything up. His studio quickly transformed into an erotic set littered with white sheets, candlelight, and throw pillows and rugs.

When Jocelyn arrived with Heather, Jocelyn could sense Heather’s nervousness. But she eased up when she met Tyler, whose assistant was checking the film in his camera while a couple of his friends set up large lighting rigs all around the room.

“I’m Tyler,” Tyler said, shaking hands with Heather and flashing a charming smile.

“Heather,” Heather replied bashfully.

“There’s refreshments on the table over there, and cold drinks too.”

“Thank you, wow… it looks like this is going to be quite a special set,” Jocelyn admitted.

“It will be, we’re already seeing an overload of comments on both our profiles. This is going to be one of the most popular sets I’ve probably ever shot before,” Tyler admitted.

“So how will this work… I mean, exactly?” Heather asked, trying not to give away her trepidation.

“Well, male talent isn’t on call for another half hour, so you have some time to relax. But once they get here, we’ll have Jocelyn stand in the center of this set-up over here while I photograph all of the action. I figure that we’ll start with her clothes on and kind of take it from there. Once things really get heated up, we’re going to capture each cumshot individually and then end things with you in a circle of guys who all cum on you at the same time,” Tyler explained casually.

“Are you going to suck all of their cocks?” Heather blurted out.

“That’s the idea, sweetie,” Jocelyn consoled.

“If at any point you become uncomfortable, please let me know,” Tyler reminded.

“Of course,” Jocelyn stated.

Soon, the room filled up with cute boys who mingled around the snack bar awkwardly, some of them nervously stealing glances at her from across the room. Each and every one of them was trying damn hard to hide their raging erections, but Jocelyn could tell each and every one of them was aroused. When finally, everyone had arrived, Heather guessed there was somewhere around twenty-five guys hanging around, all staring at them like high school boys with a crush. Then, Tyler let everyone know that he wanted to begin and Jocelyn turned to Heather.

“This is it,” Jocelyn said. “You still sure you’re okay with this?”

Heather forced a smile. “I’ll be right here if you need me,” she said.

Jocelyn rolled her eyes and the two kissed passionately. Then, Jocelyn stepped onto the makeshift set and instantly became the center of attention. Tyler approached the group of guys standing at the snack table and sent a few toward Jocelyn. Jocelyn smiled as the guys dwarfed her in stature, one stepping up behind her while two more stood in front of her. They all exchanged nervous smiles and introduced themselves.

“I’m Matt,” the one with sandy blonde hair and stubble said to her.


“Pete,” the one with messy dark hair standing beside Matt said.


“Danny,” the one behind her said, planting a single kiss on the back of her neck and causing the hairs on it to stand at attention. A nervous quiver ran through her.

“Jocelyn,” she replied again.

Tyler lifted up his camera and pointed it at Jocelyn. She looked back at him, being photographed while Heather and a number of assistants and horny talent watched on. She swallowed nervously and instantly realized how much courage it must take the many girls she saw in all those fetish videos to step up to bat in a bukkake film.

“And… action!” Tyler yelled.

Danny came up behind Jocelyn and placed his hands right over her breasts on top of her shirt and started to plant gentle kisses down the back of her neck, causing goose bumps to form on her skin and a shiver to run through her body. When he pressed up against her, she could feel his excitement pressing into her from behind. Matt approached her, his gaze capturing her. She could see the desire burned in his eyes and let him pull her into a deep, wet kiss while Pete wasted no time in slipping his hand inside Jocelyn’s pants and feeling her velveteen smooth vulva. Matt’s tongue danced with hers inside her mouth while Pete unbuckled her belt. Danny pulled up her arm and began kissing the inside of her forearm, down and back toward her wrist. Jocelyn closed her eyes and lost herself in the feeling of being the object of so many men’s affection right then. Hands travelled up and under the material of her shirt and inside her bra, over her naked breasts and across her erect nipples. Danny began to massage her breasts inside of her bra, rubbing and kneading them like dough, tracing his fingers around her nipples and gently pulling them between his fingers. Pete finally untied Jocelyn’s constricting leather pants, bending down past the hands inside her shirt toward her exposed naval. He grabbed Jocelyn’s pants on both sides of her hips and slowly tugged them off her body, exposing her lacy black thong beneath.

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Band Games Ch. 02

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I sat in bed, thinking about what I had done to Aiden. The poor boy must be pissed at me for teasing him the way I had. It had been fun though. I’m pretty sure we could have died through a terrible car accident, but that was half the fun.

I could hear him downstairs in the common room watching t.v. His laugh echoed throughout the silent house. It was strange for our little rented apartment to be so quiet at eight o’clock on a Friday night. Normally, Perry was ranting and raving about how we should be practicing more. Too bad he was out on a date with his soon to be boyfriend to liven up my Friday. Saiya and Jared had both gone out to see some new slasher flick. Eww. It was just Aiden and myself alone in the big house. Not a pleasant thing since Aiden had stopped talking to me.

I sucked in a slow breath through my teeth. I felt tired and out of place in the small room I shared with Saiya. I needed to get out, I just didn’t know where to go. I looked over at myself in my mirror, cocking my head to the side. I wonder if I should go out to some random club, pick up some guy and bring him home. It would be fun to watch Aiden’s face as I stumbled through the door an hour after I’d left with someone who’s name I wouldn’t remember the next day, but that wasn’t very responsible.

Aiden’s laugh echoed through the house again. His laugh sounded strange, almost strained. I found it amusing and concerning, since he usually had a sarcastic self-assured snarky laugh. This was no normal laugh.

Without a second thought, I drug myself out of bed and downstairs. As I got closer to the common room, I heard Aiden give off another weird laugh.

“What in the hell is going on Aiden?” I asked as I stepped into the room. Big mistake. On Aiden’s lap, say a girl who looked as though she couldn’t be older than my younger sister, Courtney. She was straddling him at a very inappropriate angle for someone her age. Aiden caught site of me and his eyes widened with shock and pleading. I looked at him questioningly.

The girl threw a look over her shoulder before letting out a small sigh.

“What, is that your Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort girlfriend or something? I’m not opposed to sharing.” Her eyes glued to me and bore holes threw my body. Ouch.

“Biannca, now. Stop. This isn’t going to happen. I am way to old for you and your sister will be back to pick you up soon.” Aiden looked at me again, pleadingly. I stifled a laugh.

“Heya Biannca. I’m Danika. You want to tell me why you are straddling my boyfriend?” I asked, giving off a small pissed off edge to my voice. The girl’s eyes widened.

“Umm, hey, Danika. I was, umm….well-” The younger girl’s eyes cut to the floor apologetically. I almost cracked right there.

“Nah, it’s cool. Just don’t do it again. I’m sure it was Aiden’s fault in the first place, taking some teasing to far.” I gave her a small smile and tried to make her feel better. It worked, she smiled and nodded her head. Just then, the doorbell rang. Biannca said that was probably her sister, and thanked Aiden for letting her stay for a little while. She then called out a final goodbye as she shut the door and greeted her sister.

Aiden looked at me again. “Please, don’t. Say. Anything.” I smiled at him.

“Well, well, well. You couldn’t get any from me, so you try to seduce a child?” I asked him with a scolding tone. Wow, that is new, me scolding.

“She is eighteen, thank you very much.” At that I harroomphed. He seemed to catch the rest of what I said.

“And, you offered something, I just didn’t take you up on your offer. What, feeling rejected?” His voice was teasing. I really wasn’t in the mood.

“No, Aiden. Not rejected, kind of relieved really. Now, I won’t have to fake an orgasm just to make you feel better.” I moved and sat next to him on the couch, tired out of my mind.

“Dani, it isn’t you that would have to fake pleasure. If anyone, it would be me. If sex with you is anything like speaking to you, I’d be bored out of my mind.” His voice was snide and I wanted to punch him. I held back, thankfully.

“Oh, so are you saying, dear Aiden, that you don’t enjoy talking to me. And that you didn’t enjoy the other night.” I leaned in close to him and whispered in his ear. “As I recall, it was you who came all over yourself because of me and what I did to you.”

I felt Aiden’s hand on my side, pulling me to straddle him. I obliged, not even thinking. I then brought my lips to his, letting them connect softly. His hands moved slowly up and down my body, kneading my muscles in some places and feather touching others. Each touch sent me somewhere different. I didn’t know what had happend within that span of thirty seconds just now, but I really didn’t care. Aiden was making me feel electric and that was all that mattered.

I felt his hand brush under my top and slowly lift it up. I helped him out a little by putting my arms up while he lifted the t-shirt over my head. It dropped to the floor without a sound. I was bra less, and I hadn’t even realized this until just now. Aiden took my breasts in his hands, cupping them gently. He pinched the nipples which were already at attention because of my sudden state of arousal. Each time he touched or squeezed I felt a familiar heat between my legs.

I focused on that sensation, that heat. I reveled in it. It was the most amazing sensation I had ever felt. I had almost forgotten about Aiden when he took my nipple into his mouth. He suckled and nibbled with a fierceness I didn’t think was possible. I had never had it rough before, but what Aiden was doing was making me want him to use and abuse me. I shivered as his mouth left my nipple and he blew on it. He chuckled to himself.

As much as I loved the attention, I could feel his growing hard on from where I was sitting. I wanted to touch it, to feel his pulsing member filling me. I put my hand down, resting it on his pants. Right before I undid his pants button, he stopped me.

“Nope. First I am going to move your fine ass to my room, and then I am going to ravish every inch of you and you are not going to move, understand?” I looked into his eyes as he said this, saw the dominance there.

I removed my hand in conceit. Surprising me, he threw me over his shoulder. I let out a small squeal. He slapped my ass and told me to be quiet. Again, I did as I was told. I felt my pussy growing wetter, much faster than it normally did. Maybe I was going to like this male dominance thing.

Aiden threw me down on his bed ruffly. I looked up at him and saw a controlled hunger in his eyes, it turned me on even more. He removed my sweatpants, leaving only my lacy black thong. That he didn’t touch. Slowly he crawled on top of me, trailing kisses up my body. His lips explored my thighs, my stomach, my breasts, and my throat. Finally, he made his way to my lips. He kissed me possessively as he played with my nipples.

“Touch yourself for me.” He ordered. I obeyed. He watched as my hands moved across the familiar territory that was my body.

I let my right hand play with my nipples as my left stroked down to my pussy. I pushed my hand into my thong and slowly massaged my clit with my fingers. I had my thong and some of the bedspread soaked with my juices in a matter of minutes. Aiden watched me intently as I slid my panties off. I kicked them off at him, smiling. I closed my eyes as I rubbed my breasts.

I felt something touch my pussy lips and rub gently. I opened my eyes to see Aiden standing over me, completely naked. His cock about ready to sink into my sex. I grabbed his arm and pulled him forward, on top of me. In doing this, I caused his eight inch cock to lodge itself in my soaking pussy. It felt extraordinary as my tight pussy walls stretched around his cock.

I kissed him as he started to rock in a gentle motion. Slowly at first, but with my encouragement, faster and harder. He had me filled completely and he was banging me so hard I though I would break in half. I could feel my orgasm build. It was going to be intense. I used the hand I wasn’t using to play with Aiden’s nipple to reach down and massage his balls. He moaned as my hand scratched and toyed with his balls as he fucked me.

I felt the familiar sensation and screamed as I came. I bucked wildly and soon had Aiden orgasming with me. He fell on top of me, limp. My eyes rolled back slightly and I laughed to myself.

Looks like I have one player for my game all set. I just hope the others will want to play.

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Naughty at School

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Big Tits

This is a true story. The girls in this story are 36 (Me) and a 24 years old (the girl I was with).


This morning was kinda special for me. I woke up early and logged into my adult online game to see if my wife Candy, a Transgender Female, was on and she was.

We talked for a bit about some things and then I dragged her to one of the virtual beds and gave her a nice blow job before I let her fuck me. I didn’t have much time to really get any relief and it left me really horny so I told her that I was going to go to school (I’m taking some college courses) flash people and get naughty. She asked me if I would play with myself when I was there and I told her of course. I told my Candy that there were chairs at the front of the entrances when you enter the school and that I would sit there and flash people as they came in.

It was cold out but I wore a short skirt, stockings, heels and a button down blouse. I put my makeup on and got the rest of my things together and headed off to school.

When I arrived at school I found a chair that was facing the doors and got ready to have some fun. I took my coat off and turned around bending over draping the coat over the chair. I wanted to give anyone sitting near by a chance to notice that I wasn’t wearing any panties. I put my other things down then turned to sit looking around to see if anyone noticed what I was doing. I noticed two guys across the entry way watching me and talking to each other. It made me horny knowing I had an audience Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort although my nipples were already hard from the cold and the guys could see them poking through my blouse.

I sat down and pulled out one of my notebooks and laid it on my lap as if I were working on something. This helped hide the fact that I pulled my skirt up higher to make it easier to see between my legs when I spread them for people. The two guys were watching every move I was making and it was just getting me wetter not to mention the people that were walking in that caught a glance between my legs. It wasn’t long before I slipped my hand under the book and started rubbing my clit. I thought the guys watching me were going to die when I slipped a finger inside me. One pulled out his phone to take a picture but I closed my legs and nodded my head “No” at him. He stopped and I went back to rubbing myself.

I was really getting into playing with myself when a girl I knew from class startled me. She was standing beside me smiling and told me that it was time to get to class. I quickly fixed myself grabbed my things and headed to class with her.

We sat next to each other in class (Math boring) and she kept smiling and giggling at me. She had black hair, slim build and was in her mid twenties. I asked her what was wrong and

She said “Looks like someone woke up horny this morning.”

I laughed and told her yes, she just smiled.

When it was getting near time for class to be over she whispered to

Girl “Are you still horny?”

I told her “The feeling kinda went away, math can do that to a person.”

She laughed then dropped her pencil. As she leaned down to get it she put her hand on my leg and moved it up under my skirt. I held back a gasp but opened my legs for her. She rubbed my clit and it brought that horny feeling back right away.

She sat back up and asked me “Did that helped get you horny again.”

I smiled at her and said “Yes, now what are you going to do about it?”

She just smiled at me. I told her “I know a place where no one would bother us and you can finish what she started.”

She agreed and we headed out of class. I led her downstairs towards the receiving docks, there was a storage area there where they had extra chairs and desks that they weren’t using and it was out of the way of the main areas. I knew about this from one of the maintenance guys but that’s a different story.

When we got there and I told her about the area and she felt that it was safe. She knelled down, lifted my skirt and she started sucking on my clit. I sat down on one of the chairs spreading my legs and let her have at it.

She continued sucking and pulling my clit and slipped 2 fingers up in me and started finger fucking me. I was in heaven, I held her head to my pussy and my hips started rocking grinding my pussy on her mouth as her tongue slid inside me.

I kept biting my lip and holding back moans of pleasure as her tongue worked it’s magic. I could feel my juices flowing and her moaning as she licked up my juices. It wasn’t long before my body started shaking and she made me cum. I grabbed her face and kissed her hard tasting myself on her lips.

As she stood up I grabbed her belt and opened her pants pulling them down, she tried to stop me at first but I was not going to let her get away. I pulled down her panties which were already had a wet spot in them and started sucking on her clit and slid 2 fingers into her pussy.

She let out a gasp which echoed in the room but I didn’t care I was going to eat this girl no matter what. I pushed my tongue deep inside her tasting her sweet cream and moaned in delight. She grabbed my shoulders for support as I my tongue swirled around her clit and into her sweet tight pussy.

I held her ass and pulled her onto my mouth as I tongue fucked her. She kept grabbing at me and moaning till I felt her starting to shake. I knew she was about to cum and I kept tongue fucking her and licking her till she squirted in my mouth. She tasted great, I pulled her to me and kissed her letting her taste herself.

We sat there talking for a few minutes and fixed our cloths. Then we walked to the bathroom together and got cleaned up. The both of us kept giggling and poking each other like 2 little girls.

After we got cleaned up I told her I’d see her next time in class. She smiled, agreed and added that we would have to take some more breaks from class like that sometime. I smiled at her and gave her a kiss then told her I’d love to do it again sometime. (Which I definitely intend on doing.)

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It Happened So Fast!!!

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Fall 2018

After being burned by my last girlfriend I considered switching teams. I find some men attractive and recently fantasized about sucking a nice big juicy cock. I’ve tasted my cum before, who hasn’t. I wanted to feel hot cum shooting into my mouth and all over my lips and tongue. God it got me hot thinking about it.

I was a little out of shape and figured I’d have better luck scoring a hot guy, if I was in top form. I’m 35 and still look good, I just began to drink a lot of beer as my relationship crumbled and acquired a beer belly. I began to bike and workout several times a week. I quit the beers and dieted hard. Within 6 weeks I was looking a lot better, and feeling good about myself again. I began to dress in tight stretchy shirts to show off my pec’s and acted more laid back in public. I began to notice eyes checking me out more. It was working…

Last week, I was bike riding in my new tight bike shorts and got a flat tire. I was far from home and had no luck with my bike pump. It was going to be a long walk home. Then as I was bent over messing around with my tire a fellow bike rider stopped to offer assistance.

“Hey do you need a hand?” The handsome guy said.

“Sure, you good at fixing flats?” I asked, as I turned around to see who it was.

The guy got off his bike and approached me. He was a little shorter than me and very good looking. He seemed a few years younger and looked pretty solid.

“Yes, pretty good. Hi I’m Don.” The man said as we shook hands.

“Hey Don, I’m Steve. Thanks for stopping.” I said with a reassuring smile.

“No problem. Let me take a look here.” He said.

As he bent over I couldn’t help but notice his tight little bubble butt, squeezed nicely into his bike shorts. His butt looked perfectly shaped, much hotter than any guys I’d seen recently. I was instantly attracted to his looks, body and charm. I got directly behind him and scoped out his ass as he studied my tire for a moment. Suddenly he stood back up and stepped back into me. His cute butt made contact with my growing bulge. I don’t think he felt it but I sure did. His buns felt nice and firm. Dam, he had me suddenly a little horny.

“Sorry.” He said.

“No, sorry it was my fault. I wasn’t paying attention.” I stated.

“This thing is toast. You’re going to need a new tube and tire.” He said, feeling bad for me.

“Ok, that’s what I thought.” I said sounding bummed out.

“If you can wait about 10 or 15 minutes I could ride back to my truck and give you a ride somewhere.” He said kindly.

“Don that would be terrific, If you could drop me off at my place I’d really appreciate it.”

I think he noticed my semi bulge in my bike shorts. I didn’t try to hide it, I tried to flaunt it. I put my hands on my hips and looked down shaking my head for a few seconds. Giving him the opportunity to check out my rod if he wanted to. I was hoping he was looking at my 7″ leaning to the right. When I quickly glanced up, he was looking toward my crotch, then quickly made eye contact with me.

“Ok, I’ll get back as soon as possible.” He said, with a lump in his throat.

“Thank you so much Don. I will owe you big time.”

“No problem Steve, I’ll be back soon.” He said as he composed himself and his attraction to my bulge.

Don hoped on his bike and took off. His butt was to die for, it was tight and shaped nice and round. He must ride bikes a lot, I thought to myself. He didn’t seem gay but I’m sure I have him interested somewhat. I was eagerly waiting for his return. As I sat there on the side of the road, my mind kept thinking about his cute sexy butt. I wanted to feel his smooth sexy buns and check out his rock hard cock. I was daydreaming about him as he pulled up in his truck and caught me off guard.

“Hey Don, you made it!” I said surprised.

“Yeah, I bolted back to my truck. I didn’t want you to have to wait too long.” He said with a nice smile.

“Well thank you very much buddy.” I said.

“Sure, what are friends for.” He said smiling.

Maybe Gaziantep Anal Escort he was very interested, I was eager to find out. I grabbed my bike and carefully placed it in the back of his nice new truck. He seemed to be checking me out again as I did this, I was getting butterflies of excitement. I was definitely feeling attracted to this handsome guy. We hopped in his truck and took off for my place.

“Where should I drop you off Steven?” He asked.

“At my condo off Sherman Way.”

As we made our way to my place we got better acquainted. He was a counselor at CSUN and was recently divorced. I told him my situation and let him know I was recently single as well. He seemed to perk up a bit as we talked and confided in each other. His X wife treated him like dirt and cheated on him. I felt bad for the guy, he was so nice and friendly. I explained my last girlfriend turned out to be a total disaster too and I was frustrated with woman in general. Just to see what he would say. He agreed woman can be wicked when they turn on you.

When we arrived at my condo, I asked him to please come in for a coffee. He said a coffee sounded great. As I removed my bike from the back of his truck I did my best to show off my ass to him. He definitely was checking me out now, he was making it more obvious. I carried my bike up the steps and he followed me in. I set my bike down and welcomed him in.

“Have a seat Don, I just need a second.” I fired up the coffee maker and went to use the bathroom.

When I returned, I poured Don a cup of coffee and got another one started for me. Don sat at the kitchen bar as I tried my best to turn him on. It was working…

“Thanks for the coffee Steve. It’s just what I needed.”

“Sure Don, my pleasure.”

Then I began to test the waters, more and more.

“Do you bike a lot? You look great in those shorts my man!” I kidded, breaking the ice a little.

“Thank you Steve, yes I bike a few times a week. How about you?”

“I just started riding again regularly to get back in shape. I had a little beer belly going there for a while.” I said, lifting up my shirt and slapping my tight abs.

“I know the feeling. We should go for a bike ride together sometime, you up for that?” He asked nicely.

“Sure, I’d love to have a new bike riding partner.” I said with enthusiasm.

“Me too, I don’t have any regular buddies to ride with anymore.”

This is where I really pushed the envelope, I said this with butterflies in my stomach.

“Well Don, if you keep wearing bike shorts like those, I’ll ride with you everyday!” I said with a slight crack in my voice.

Don laughed and blushed a bit.

“Really?’ He said with a slight giggle.

I began to get bolder…

“Yeah, I’d ride behind you all day. You have a sexy butt!” I stated nervously.

“Thank you, I guess.” He said shyly.

My coffee was ready so I poured a cup for myself and took a sip.

“Steve are you hitting on me?” He asked with a cute smile.

“Maybe, I guess so. Yeah, I am.” I said, a little scared he might bolt out of there in a hurry.

“Are you bi?” He asked nicely.

“Not until I met you. I think I’m bi-curious now, thanks to you.” I said, in a joking manner, keeping it playful.

“So you’ve never been with a man before?” He asked with a cute sexy grin.

“No, never… I’m sorry, I don’t want to freak you out.” I said.

“No it’s Ok. I just didn’t expect that from you. You seem totally straight.”

“Well, I have been straight all my life. I just have been having new desires lately. Have you ever been with a guy?”

“No I haven’t.” He said seriously.

“Is it something you ever thought about?” I asked hoping for a yes.

“Yes, sure I have. I think all men do once in a while.”

I was so relieved he said yes. I’m sure my smile was obvious at this point.

“Are you interested in me?” I asked more confidently.

“Well, YES! You are making me hot all of a sudden. No guy has ever done that to me before.” He said with grin.

“That is nice to hear Don. I would love to have a few drinks with you sometime and see where it goes.”

“Wow, what would you like to do with me?” He asked perking up as he took a sip of coffee.

“I’d love to feel your sexy buns and grind on your ass with them still on you. Then I’d like to pull them down and slap your cock all over my face and suck it, for starters.

“Wow, that sounds very hot!”

I could tell Don was getting horny, as he reached down and adjusted his shorts.

“When is the last time you got laid?” I asked.

“Been so long I forget. Maybe 6 months or more. It wasn’t very good either.”

“That sounds just like me. Now you can see why were attracted to each other.” I stated.

“We should do something about it.” He said boldly, to my complete surprise.

“Like when?” I asked feeling my heart begin to race faster and faster.

“How about right now?” He said with a big sexy smile.

“Ok” I said almost falling over.

Don got up and came around the other side of the bar into the kitchen.

“I’d love to feel your hands on my buns.” He said to my surprise.


“Sure, why not.” He said, with a handsome grin.

Don turned his hot bubble butt to me and leaned forward on the counter. His ass looked really nice, then he hiked up his tight bike shorts. I didn’t need to be asked twice and got up behind him.

I placed my hands on his cute smooth sexy buns and began to massage them. They felt so nice and firm and smooth. My cock began to grow very fast. I began to slide my finger up and down his tight ass crack. Don started making loud breathing noises of approval, which encouraged me on.

I began to get really turned on by Don’s sexy smooth ass. Then I began to grind his ass with my growing erection. The smooth friction was sensational and Don seemed to be getting very turned on. Then we got into a mock fucking rhythm, and went at it for about 4 or 5 minutes of bliss. As he pushed back against me I reached around and felt his big hard cock. It felt so full and long. I slid my hand firmly back and forth across it, to his groaning approval.

Don turned around to face me with a sexy grin and we held each other by the hips and grinded our cocks together back and forth. I began to kiss Don’s neck and he gently pushed me back. I was worried he might be chickening out, he wasn’t.

“He Steve, can we take this into the shower?” He asked.

“Sure, let’s go.” I agreed with a huge smile.

Don followed me into the bathroom and I fired up the hot water. When I turned around Don grabbed me and kissed my neck and then slid down my body. Making sure to touch my cock as much as possible. Then he pulled my shorts off and rubbed my cock all over his face and lips and stood up. He pushed his shorts down and his cock sprang free. It looked even bigger than mine and he was trimmed nicely. I wanted it badly.

We jumped in the shower and soaped each other up. It was fun, playful and sexy washing his hot body. As the soap washed off our clean bodies, we kissed for the first time. It was hot and Don began to play with my ass and it felt amazing. Our hard cocks were crushed together as we kissed then I broke the kiss and turned around. I bent down giving Don myself to him. He got into position and slid his cock up and down my ass crack. It felt so great and sexy, my ass was made for his cock. I was so horny, I wanted him badly.

“You ready for this?” He said as he pushed his thumb in my back entrance.

“Go for it Don, I need to get laid.” I said as the hot water washed over us.

Don soaped up his cock and pushed it in. Oh man it felt amazing, the best feeling in the world! I loved it more than anything. Don was making loud sexy breathing noises, which turned me on even more as he worked his way inside me. It was blissful and naughty as anything I’d ever done. I held myself firmly in place as Don pumped me more and more. Soon we were getting into a nice rhythm, there was no pain at all. It felt so good back there, OMG!

Don was now taking me all the way, I was so glad I could take Don, all of Don. He really began to give it to me faster and faster, which added more and pleasure for us both. He was grunting and fighting off his building orgasm. Soon I was leaking precum, Don had to be as well. I wanted it inside me and I told him.

“Don, fill me with your hot cum!”

“Oh god, Oh god, Oh Steve… You feel so good, ah.” He said, as he began to unload inside me.

That set me off and I began to jack off and orgasm at the same time. I came in a long lasting, hard rolling orgasm. The best of my life. I must have emptied every last drop of cum from my entire body as I felt his warm seed filling me up. The combination was, is incredible. It was over too fast for me. I wanted to keep going but we had to take a break and exit the shower.

We rinsed off our bodies one last time and got out. As we dried off our wet bodies, we kept stealing glances at each other and each other’s cocks. It was fun and I felt very sexy and naughty. It was fun being around Don after our hot shower sex.

Don put his bike outfit back on and I slipped on some nice tight underwear. Don had to get going, he was going to be late for work. I hugged Don as he was about to step out of my place. He hugged me back and we briefly kissed.

“Hey Don, we have some unfinished business. Would you like to come back over tonight so we can continue this?” I asked.

“That sounds wonderful, what time would you like me to swing by?”

“Anytime after 6:30 is fine.”

“I should be able to make it between, 6:45 and 7:00.” He replied with a hot sexy smile.

The rest of the day was a blur. All I could think of was Don and his tight sexy warm body.

Don showed up on time and I welcomed this handsome, sexy man in my house. Immediately he grabbed me and we started kissing and grinding. My cock came alive in a flash. I started tugging his tight stretchy shirt off and he did mine.

Then I unbuttoned his pants and exposed his nice big hard cock. I grabbed it and sucked the head and licked the tip Don was moaning his approval and put his hand on my head for balance. I began to blow him with all my desire and wild attraction to his beautiful sexy cock. I sucked and bobbed and stroked him like I wish someone would do for me.

Soon I could taste pre cum and Don got louder. His legs began to tremble and soon I felt warm jets of his nectar filling my hungry lustful mouth. I devoured it all and pulled him into the bedroom.

Don removed my pants and before he could blow me, I playfully shoved him on my bed. I bent him over and got behind him. His ass smelled nice and clean which made me even hornier. I licked his ass crack and got it moist with my saliva. Then I began to slide my aching hard on up and down his sexy butt crack. This was unbelievable. I knew I could cum just by doing this.

I refocused my thoughts and grabbed the sex cream on my night stand. I got him ready in no time and went for it. I shoved in my cock head in sexy butt and he screamed with joy.

“Oh my god, don’t stop. That feels so fucking awesome.”

I couldn’t believe how tight and perfect he felt. His ass was made for my cock. I worked myself deeper and deeper, faster and faster. It was the sexiest feeling I ever felt in my life. I wanted to pound him till the sun came up. It felt too good and my cock was soon about to explode.

Don was soon spraying jets of cum, which sent me over the edge. I exploded in Don, over and over and over again. My mind was fuzzy with a mind bending orgasm. It was unbelievable, I had to hold on for a few seconds to his sexy buns for balance. I hadn’t even had a drink.

When we finally came down form our wild sexual encounter, Don turned around and fell back and I fell on him. Our cum was tickling my cock as we slid around together in bliss. Our sweat was sexy and hot. It was new and it was amazing.

Since then, Don comes over a lot. We go at it as soon as the door closes, we often take long bike rides together. I can’t wait to get him home and show him how hot he made me.

Our time together has been so fun and special. Don is a perfect man for any bi curious guy, I’m just lucky I was bold enough to show him how I felt. Now it’s like we are made for each other.


Love each other!

Happy Holidays!

Bogey4U 😉

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Naughty Navy Wives Ch. 3

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The next day Juanita was all smiles as she moved around the house making beds and cleaning. I caught her looking at my body several times; finally she couldn’t stand it any longer. I was sitting alone on the verandah overlooking the ocean. She came up with a very mischievous grin on her face. “Last night I saw you making love to Sonora Libby in the garden. I did not mean to spy, but Senora Libby was making quite a bit of noises as you made love to her. You three were very beautiful in the moonlight.”

“I know, I saw you and your lady friend watching. Earlier we were walking in the garden and saw you and your lovely friend in the swing kissing and caressing. We did not mean to spy on you two either. You two were also very beautiful without your clothes. I guess this will be a secret between we ladies.” I said with a wink.

She beamed. “It is so very nice to have such lovely senoras here, who are also so very nice. You three are so very kind and friendly to Juanita. Some of the guests are not nice. Some come and bring their putas and drink, and are very mean. Once I had to call the policia to keep one from raping me. I am always, how you say, discrete?” She smiled coquettishly. I squeezed her arm and kissed her on her cheek. She turned and went back in the house, a grin from ear to ear.

Juanita made a wonderful lunch for us and we invited her to eat with us. She asked if we would like to take the boat and water ski. She would have to go with us, as the local law was strict about tourists taking powerboats out. She would pilot the boat and we could ski behind it. We all agreed. She said that she would also take us to the town where she grew up and if we wanted to shop, she knew all the merchants and would make sure that we got the best goods, and prices. We thought that it was a wonderful idea.

We set off in the boat and had a wonderful time. We took turns behind the boat and Juanita was very skilled at the wheel. We had our bikinis on and she had told us to bring dresses to cover us when we went shopping. We cruised down the coast and pulled into a beautiful small cove with a dock. We slipped into dress length cover-ups over our bikinis. It was only a short walk into the lovely village.

It was not one of the typical ‘tourist traps’, and Juanita seemed to know everyone, and everyone knew her. We went into many shops that sold local made goods and Juanita made sure we got only the best goods at the lowest price. She seemed to be kin to everyone and good-naturedly got the best prices for us. We had seen some of the same items in the stores in town earlier and knew we were really getting true bargains. We bought colorful skirts, blouses, native made shoes and I bought many colorful and rare shells at prices I could hardly believe. She took us to the market place and we bought local delicacies, tree ripened fruits that were the sweetest we’d ever eaten.

We insisted on buying Juanita a couple of lovely dresses and blouses, bringing tears to her eyes. We had dinner in a very clean and cozy Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort restaurant that was owned by an uncle. He insisted on preparing our dinner himself, and it consisted of local special seafood dishes. The dinner was superb, set off by wonderful drinks made from local rum.

By the time we finished dinner and returned to the boat, the sun had set, and we motored back to the hacienda by moonlight.It had been a wonderful day. Juanita thanked each of us profusely for the gifts we had given her.

The three of us wound up later in bed making love. We brought out our sex toys and took turns where two of us used them on the third. For the first time I had a strap-on dildo in my pussy, and a smaller one in my ass. Lying between two loving, soft women being fucked front and rear was really a new experience. I loved it!

Both dildos were as large as I could comfortably accommodate, and I was royally filled. They skillfully brought me to several intense climaxes. None of us had ever tried two men at once, and speculated if it would be better, as good, or not as good. We ended up with each of us being on the receiving end of the double stimulation, and all agreed it was a wonderful experience, particularly being made love to by two women who were skilled and accomplished lovers.

Later we all wound up in the huge sunken tub for a long soaking bath before we turned in to sleep. We slept all in one huge bed. We turned off the air conditioning, opened the screened windows and were lulled to sleep by the soft lapping of the waves on the beach just below, and the cool gentle ocean breeze blowing through the hacienda.

I awoke first, slipped out of bed, and was going to my room to slip on my bikini before going snorkeling. I planned on a little time in the water before the others got up. I moved down the hall and Juanita was already in the kitchen preparing food for us when we got up. She saw me standing nude in the hall and motioned me in. She handed me a large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Her eyes took in my naked body as I unashamedly stood at the counter talking to her.

“I passed by the bedroom earlier. You three ladies were asleep. You are all so very beautiful.” She said, her eyes moving over and over my body.

I really would have liked to have made love to her, but with the AIDS/HIV scare, and not knowing her better, decided I should pass. I gave her a quick hug and kiss on the cheek and left.

The water was delightful, the visibility superb. I had brought some cheese with me, and shrimp that I had shredded in a small plastic bag. I swam out over the reef and soon was surrounded by a cloud of hungry fish. The fish ate out of my hand, some greedy ones nipping my fingers in their haste to eat.

The water around me became a rainbow of beautiful fish. After the food ran out, they swam away, loosing interest. I swam down and collected several shells from around and under the living coral. I spotted large grouper, a long lean silver barracuda, and even an octopus shyly moving slowly on the corral. As I moved close, he moved off a little, and I watched fascinated as he seemed to shimmer all over, then change colors to blend exactly with the background.

I swam back to shore and made my way back to the hacienda. I took the shells to the kitchen to put in the freezer to kill the ‘critters’ inside them. Later I could remove the contents. Juanita was almost finished preparing breakfast. Jan and Libby were up and I took a quick shower and joined them for a wonderful breakfast.

We asked Juanita if she would be our guide around the island. She was delighted. We packed a picnic lunch and with Juanita driving, took off for a tour of the island. The day went wonderfully. We visited the historical sights, forts, old plantations, and having Juanita along made it all the more interesting, as she wasn’t selling anything except her own island’s history. We had lunch on a deserted beach where she assured us we could go nude if we wished – we did. We swam gloriously nude in the warm water. We all enjoyed seeing Juanita’s beautiful nude body. Juanita, who swims like a fish, joined us. We had a delicious lunch and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

For the next few days we explored the island, swam, made love and lived the life of princesses, or queens. We took in a local festival where we all had a wonderful time thanks to Juanita. Four attractive women might have caused trouble from uninvited suitors, but Juanita knew the places we could safely go as well as the owners, and a quiet word from her turned more than one insistent unwanted suitor away.

We had one last evening of unbridled lovemaking before Mike arrived. The three of us pulled out all the stops, and got out all our ‘love toys’ and used them on each other till we were all completely satiated. In the huge tub we took a bottle of champagne and all got really wasted. It was a good thing his plane didn’t arrive till mid afternoon, it took us that long to return to feeling normal.

Jan and I let Libby meet Mike at the airport. We decided that Libby wouldn’t be able to join us for at least a day or two. Jan and I wore our sundresses so as not to stress out Mike too much. There was enough time to let him see us in our skimpy bikinis. The night before we’d decided how to get Mike to loosen up. Libby had told us he was pretty straight.

Mike turned out to be a very handsome, well built man, tall and muscular with a very good sense of humor, but a little shy. It took a little while, and a few drinks before he opened up. Juanita had made a very good dinner for us and by the end of the meal we were all good friends. We told Mike what we had been doing the week, of course leaving out all the deliciously naughty things we had done. He apologized over and over for not being able to come the first week. We accepted his apologies with grace, and winks aside when he wasn’t looking. Even Juanita had to turn her face to hide her smiles.

We sat on the verandah, drinks in hand overlooking the ocean and talked until Mike and Libby excused themselves.

“Well, to bed for those two.” Jan giggled.

“You bet, but not to sleep for a long time. I guess it’s been a dry spell for Mike, but not for Libby. God, after last night, we all could lay off sex for a week.” I laughed remembering the torrid lovemaking we’d had the night before.

“Speak for yourself, I still want to make love to you again.” Jan said leaning over and kissing me.

“Shameless Hussy! Don’t you ever get enough?” I asked in mock horror.

“Of you – never. Think of all the years of lovemaking we’ve missed.”

We finished our drinks and went down the hall. When we came even with the master bedroom, we couldn’t resist the urge to listen outside the door. We could clearly hear the slap of flesh on flesh and familiar cries of passion coming from Libby. We had to smother our giggles as Mike added his moans of pleasure to hers. We tiptoed away and went into Jan’s bedroom that was farthest from the master bedroom.

We undressed and slipped into bed. We made long slow love, taking our time. It was the first time since we’d been there that we’d had alone. We both loved having Libby with us, but we really liked to make love together. We brought each other to several climaxes before we drifted off to sleep.

The next day Libby was radiant and Mike was very relaxed around us. We all went around the island showing Mike all the places that Juanita had shown us. He loved it. He couldn’t keep his hands off of Libby, and we grinned at the lovebirds.

Back at the hacienda Jan and I had a talk. We decided that we should leave the lovebirds to themselves and we’d go back home by way of several of the islands. Libby didn’t want us to, but when we told her that we wanted her and Mike to have a second honeymoon she finally agreed. We three had made love together so many times that is seemed to make up for lost time between she and Jan.

We said our goodbyes to Juanita, and I saw a small tear in her eye when we finally hugged her and told her goodbye. At the airport Libby gave me a tight hug and kissed me lightly on the lips. She told me that she had really enjoyed meeting me and we would have to get together again, soon. I agreed. I wished I could have kissed her passionately, but her husband stood nearby. She and Jan hugged and kissed lightly, tears in their eyes. The plane lifted off smoothly and we headed for another of the lovely Caribbean islands.

We explored several of the islands, enjoying the sights and sounds. We made passionate love every day and night, and had a wonderful time together. Jan and I stayed for another week before we finally headed home.

We are still lovers, and are looking forward to our husbands return from overseas. From the indications we have had from them, they are really looking forward to having a foursome with both Jan and I together. I can hardly wait till they come back. Jan and I have been having a lot of fun practicing on each other. We have all those sexy toys, dildos, and other sexy things. Those two sailors are going to get a homecoming they will never forget. Never!

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It was a Warm Fall Day

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It was a nice warm day in September, and I wanted to take advantage of some time off and enjoy the sun, so I decided to head out to Strathcona Science Park, an area I tan regularly in my thongs. When I arrived in the usual area of the park that I often tan at, a gentleman was at a picnic table with a drone. He seemed nice and not too creepy, but I don’t really want my naked butt or any activities to appear on the news, so I decided to drive back to a different area of the park, closer to the old abandoned buildings. After parking in the lot, I grabbed my large blanket, my bottle of Hawaiian Tropic Oil, and a couple suits to decide which one to slip into, and locked up the car. I walked to a clearing that was still well within view of the parking lot loop, and laid down my towel.

I decided that I would not expose everything at once, and start with a skimpy bikini suit, a bright orange Rainbow bikini brief from Pistol Pete that I had bought earlier this summer. The suit is about a 3/4″ waistband with a Rio back. Under my shorts, I had been wearing a pair of bright pink boy short underwear, which often can be worn as a swimsuit, but I wanted more of a tan today. I discretely slipped off the pink shorts and into this orange suit while sitting on the blanket, then laid out on my stomach to enjoy what I was hoping would not be the last day of summer. I relaxed the entire time as a gentleman watched me from his car. I rubbed some sunscreen on my back and enjoyed the rays, watching him eventually get out of his car and go for a walk around the path, until he got closer to me. He left the path and started to walk towards me. I stayed on my front, until he came over to me.

“I couldn’t help seeing you out here enjoying the sunshine. I was getting jealous of you,” he said to me.

“It is beautiful, and probably not many of these left,” I replied.

“I’m not disturbing your quiet time, am I?” he asked. “Do you mind if I just stand here a couple of minutes and enjoy the temperatures?”

“Of course not,” I said, as I rolled over onto my side to expose most of my front, “my blanket is big enough that you could even join me on the ground, and catch some sunshine yourself.”

He sat down on the blanket, as I rolled over completely onto my back, giving him a great view of the front of my suit.

We talked for a while about the sun, and about sun tanning in the park here. He commented about my suit, and how much he liked the colour and the brief cut of it. By this time, he had removed his shirt, and was lying on his back beside me, wearing his cargo shorts down to his knees.

“I like it, as I can wear it most places and not offend too many people since it still has most of a backside on it. If I can find a quieter place in the park here, I usually tan in less. But today, there is a guy up there with a drone, and I think a camera.”

“How can you get much less than that suit?” he quipped.

I reached into the pocket of my shorts that I originally had on, and pulled out a red Gregg Homme Charged thong. I held it up by each side of the waistband, first showing the small front pouch, and then the thong back. “Do you want to see how much smaller?” I joked as I was feeling very flirty.

“Would I ever,” he replied. I stood up, dropped the thong to the ground, and checked around to make sure that no one else was watching us. While standing up, I slipped my fingers under the waistband of my bikini, and slowly pulled it down over my package and then down my thighs, leaving myself standing in the middle of a park, completely nude. I let him look at my smooth package for a moment, and then reached down and grabbed my thong, stepped into it, and slid it up my legs, adjusting my package into the small pouch as I completely pulled it up into place. “So how’s that for smaller?” as I twirled before lying down on my back.

After lying down, I sprayed some more suntan oil on the newly exposed areas.

“That is tiny,” he said. “It doesn’t Gaziantep Oral Escort cover a lot.”

“I’m not huge, but that was mean to say about my size,” I joked. “At least compliment me on having the balls to show off my balls.”

“I didn’t mean that,” he stammered. “You look great. I think you are a perfect size.”

We laid out for a few minutes, with him enjoying the view. Finally I said, “You just look over dressed beside me in those long shorts. You should slip into my orange swimsuit and really start on getting your tan.”

“I couldn’t do that. It’s way too skimpy for me. I wouldn’t feel comfortable.”

“Come on, it’s probably only a little bit smaller than the tighty whities that you probably have on under those shorts. Anyways, with me lying beside you in this little number, I would get in trouble first.”

“I’m not sure if I could. It’s so small. Not as small as the one you are wearing now, but much smaller than I am used to.”

“Didn’t you ever wear Speedos when you were a kid?” I asked. “You seem just a little older than me, and I had to wear those in gym class when I was little.”

With some urging, I finally got him to agree. He sat down and quickly pulled down his shorts and underwear, and I passed him my orange swimsuit. He quickly pulled it up over his large package, which must have been 7 or 8 inches soft. I grabbed his shorts and laid them on the other side of the blanket, so he could not quickly grab them to cover up. He laid on his stomach on the blanket, and I adjusted the back of his suit, in order to cover half of his butt, just like they are supposed to cover.

“Now that looks wonderful on you. I am surprised it fits over a big piece of equipment like you have. Can I put some sunscreen on you before you burn?” I rubbed suntan oil over his back, and then we laid out with him on his stomach and me on my back for almost 15 minutes. I reached over every once in a while, just to play with the strap on his leg. “We should turn over now, before we get uneven tans,” I said.

“I’m not sure if I am ready to show off my front yet,” he replied.

“Why would you be embarrassed to show off your stuff? It would make most guys jealous.”

“I’m just used to being in something so small,” he replied. “Sun tanning with a guy is just very new to me.”

“Is it making you excited, and you just didn’t think you could be turned on by a guy? Don’t be nervous. Nothing wrong with being bi curious. Come on, and show the sky your wonderful front. Don’t worry. You can flip back over quickly if someone comes.”

After he rolled over onto his back, I grabbed the suntan oil and started with his legs, and then did his arms. When I was at his crotch, I made sure that I occasionally brushed against his suit. When I got to his torso, I sprayed some on, and then climbed up onto him. I placed my ass right onto his package, and slowly rubbed with my ass crack as I slowly rubbed the oil onto his chest and nipples. We both moaned as we enjoyed my teasing. I could feel the large head of his mushroom shaped cock rubbing up against the thin fabric of the orange suit and the thin strip of fabric of my thong between my ass cheeks, covering my pucker hole. As I continued my rocking on his cock, I tried to nibble on his neck and then down his chest to his nipples. I could just feel his cock continue to grow near my back entrance and I was getting so horny that I wanted to be entered. His ever growing mushroom head was just millimetres from my horny ass, trapped by two thin pieces of material. Just then I saw two ladies walking along the path getting closer to us. I rolled off him and onto my back, and he flipped over onto his stomach. He saw that I was not going to let him grab his shorts. My erection was evident in my tiny thong, but I was too horny to hide it, so I didn’t want to roll over.

We didn’t scare off the ladies, instead, they walked over towards us.

“See, I told you at least one of them was a guy,” one said to the other.

“With all of the skin you guys have showing, I had just figured it was two girls sun tanning in skimpy bikinis,” commented the other.

“What a wonderful day to get a tan, boys,” one of them said. “And you two are definitely dressed to get a tan.”

“I hope these suits are not too small for here. If we are offending you, we could cover up,” I said.

“NO, NO. They are wonderful. You gay guys have great fashion sense. I wish I could get my husband to even wear a regular Speedo when we go to Mexico. My husband always expects me to wear a bikini when we go on trips, but he always wears shorts to his knees. Double standards, I say.”

“Is that a thong?” the other woman asked. “Can I see your other side?”

I got up and did a little twirl for the two ladies, now knowing that I was not offending them.

“If my husband even had the courage to wear something like your orange bikini, I would let him choose a super skimpy bikini for me.”

“Can we see some of your tan lines, as I just love smooth guys.”

“Yeah, my husband wouldn’t even think of man-scaping.”

I hooked my thumb in the waistband, and pulled the thin red strip of fabric out from between my ass checks, to reveal a thin white band of tan line.

“How about a little show of the front?” the eldest of the ladies asked.

I pulled the red thong down at the front, slowly at first just revealing the smooth skin above my shaft, and then pulling it right down to show off my completely smooth crotch area.

“Wow. Now that is man-scaping.”

“I found out that I like the smooth look better, and it is a definite turn on during sex,” I said.

“I could see how flushed your boyfriend was as we approached. You flipped over just as I saw the size of you. You also look great in that skimpy swimsuit,” she said to the other guy, “even though you don’t look as though you wear one often, by those tanlines.”

“Gay guys always seem to be so well hung, and your friend seemed to be enjoying himself sitting on top of you. Mind you, I would have a smile on my face while rubbing in that sunscreen the way you were doing, too.”

“We should let you two get back to what you were doing before we rudely interrupted you though.”

“Or should we say ‘whoever’ who were doing,” the second lady joked.

“Enjoy the rest of your afternoon, boys. Don’t get anything burned.”

They left us alone, and I quickly put my hand back onto the ass of my new friend.

“I’m not gay, or at least I don’t think I am,” he said. “But seeing you out here in these skimpy suits, and then you letting me tan with you has made me feel something a little weird. I was starting to get horny with you rubbing and touching me. “

“I hope I wasn’t being too forward,” I replied to him.

“I just haven’t ever touched a guy, or been touched by a guy. But you were making me feel a way that I have never felt with my wife or any other girl before.”

I gently rolled him back over to his front and grabbed the suntan oil bottle one more time. I started by spraying some on my back, and gave an extra squirt onto my ass checks. The sun had warmed the oil in the bottle, so the feel of the oil running down between my checks was a huge turn on. I started back again on his chest, and climbed back onto his lap. As I nibbled on his neck, I could feel his monster starting to grow again in the skimpy orange swimsuit. It started to push itself back up against the swimsuits separating my glory hole from him. I reached back behind me, pulled the strap out of my crack and gave myself one last big spray of oil to lube up my back entrance. I started to rock more with my naked hole up against the tip of his cock that was stretching the orange swimsuit to its maximum.

“Why don’t I just pull down the front of that bikini and you can slide inside of me?” I whispered in his ear.

“I’ve never done this with a guy before. I’m nervous. I have never even had anal sex with my wife.”

“Don’t worry. Just think of it as a tight pussy. I will do most of the work.” I was so horny, I just needed to have him up inside me. The size of his dick, the warmth of the sun, the exhibitionism of the whole situation was just driving me wild.

I reached down and pulled the front of my orange swimsuit down off of him, freeing his huge monster from the fabric. It instantly sprang up into the air, showing off his enormousness. I aimed my rosebud at the tip, and lowered down until his tip was lined up and touching my hole.

“Enjoy your first guy’s ass. I will try to be gentle with your first fuck,” I said, as I started to push down and let him enter me. I slowly pushed until his tip was inside, pushing against my sphincter. I could see his smile emerge, as he felt my initial tightness on his penis. “Ready for some more?” I pushed down further until he was completely inside of me, and the backs of my legs came to rest on his thighs. I was in heaven due to his length and girth. “See, just like a tight pussy, right?”

“Wow, it feels so good,” he moaned.

I raised up, almost pulling my ass off his rock hard rod, and then dropped down slowly again. We both moaned as I went back down. I started to quicken up my rising and falling. I don’t normally do strangers bareback, but this did feel amazing. I could feel every ridge and vein in his penis, giving me a wonderful feel as we humped like animals in the warm sunshine in the park. Once all the way back down again, I could feel my scrotum brushing against his penis, making me rock hard under my thong that was still on in the front. I started to rock back and forth, giving him a new feeling of my ass. I was not sure who was enjoying it more, so we rocked for about 5 more minutes, until he started to get a satisfied look on his face. He was actually doing fairly well for any virgin that I had taken before.

“I’m sorry, but I think I am about to cum. Should I pull out of you?”

“No, just keep on going, and shoot your load into my ass. I want to feel your warmness up there.” I quickened my rocking and felt him suddenly cum in me. The warm cum felt so good, farther up my insides than I think I have ever had. I kept rocking to milk him dry. When he was done and his cock had started to soften, I raised myself off of him, and laid out on the towel, pulling the back of my thong back over my rosebud.

“How was that? So would you consider yourself bi at least now?” I asked him.

“That was so amazing,” he said. He seemed awkward, as though he didn’t know what to do. “But I hate to run, but I’m afraid that I need to get going home and shower before my wife gets home. She might wonder why I am all sweaty and smell like sex.”

He was about to slip off the orange bikini, when I told him to keep it as a memory of his first time, but that if I saw him again here, that I would be expecting him to wear it again, and this time not have any tan lines showing other than from the suit.

I laid out for a little while longer, feeling the warm cum still up my cavern. When it was time to go, I got up, pulled off the thong, and slipped up the pink boyshorts. I grabbed my shorts and t-shirt, but didn’t put them on, and then rolled up my towel with my thong and suntan oil, and then started to make my way across the grass park to my car. I probably short of got more dressed, but I was still hot from the pounding I had been given. As I walked, I could feel some of his cum starting to leak out of my ass, and start to come down my leg. When I got to the parking lot, I saw that I had to walk past a van to get to my car, and in the van were the two women.

“I can see by your smile that you two had a great time sun tanning,” one of the women said out of the window.

“We had a good time,” I said and winked back at them as I turned to get in.

“I can tell by the leaking out the back,” the other lady said.

I laid down my towel on the seat, pulled on my shirt, and drove back to my place, hoping for another day like this nice day in the sun.

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