Tucker’s Studio Ch. 20

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All people and places are fictional. All characters are over eighteen.


Race Relations

Tucker’s old college roommate was in town. Charles came back to visit at least once a year. He grew up in the city, and went to the University on a partial scholarship, the only way his family could afford such an expensive school. His business degree served him well, taking him to London, New York City, and finally Miami, where he lived an upscale bachelor’s life. Whenever he visited his family he always made time for dinner and drinks with Tucker.

Charles’ sister Rhonda joined them at the restaurant, and Marsha did too. Marsha and Tucker where fast becoming an item. Her husband had already moved out of their house and moved in with the woman he had been having the long affair with, so Marsha had decided to give things a try with Tucker. It was casual, but fun. Neither of them wanted to rush anything.

Tucker had some history with Rhonda too. During the summer between sophomore and senior year at the University, Tucker and Rhonda had a fling. She was fresh out of high school and neither family liked the idea. Back in those days, the fact that Tucker was white and Rhonda was black was a big deal. Well, maybe not a big deal, but a bigger deal than it would be today, and neither family was terribly thrilled about what was happening. Charles was cool with it. He and Tucker had become fast friends, rooming together for three years. He even fixed up the first date. Rhonda often joined Tucker and Charles for their reunion dinners, whenever she could make it.

After introductions and pleasantries, the four of them settled into a booth at a boisterous barbecue joint for some good food and conversation.

“Why you gettin’ into all this Big Black Cock shit?” Charles asked, his voice bristling with good-natured annoyment.

“Oh here we go!” Rhonda said with amusement.

“Charles man! Nothin’ like gettin’ right to the point!” Tucker laughed.

“Come on man,” Charles said. “You gotta know it’s just a stereotype, and one that’s not helpful to anybody.”

“Those guys are popular man. I’m just tryin’ to make a living. And before you ask, no, I did not come up with those names for those guys. They named themselves, before they ever got to me.”

“Hey, I think they’re sexy, if my vote counts,” Rhonda said. “Dante and Afreeka? Yeah baby! It’s porn isn’t it?” she asked her brother.

“I know that. But it’s not healthy when every white woman thinks a black man has a big cock. It’s bad for society. It bothers me, and I’ve been wanting to say somethin’ for a while.

“Hey man, I’ve seen you in the shower, so I know where you’re comin’ from,” Tucker said, teasing his old friend.

“Hoo Hooo!” Rhonda whooped. “Did you just say that? Score one for Tucker!”

“Hey man,” Charles said to Tucker. “That’s not cool.”

“You kinda brought it up,” Rhonda said, smiling at her big brother.

“Yeah, well I’d just like to see a little balance. Show some black women with your white guys. Show some black men off the street, guys who aren’t born to be porn stars. Show some black folks together for goodness sake.”

“All right, yeah, I can see your point,” Tucker said. “So whaddya think Marsha? You see any attractive women of color here tonight we could give our card to?”

“I see one,” Marsha said, smiling at Rhonda.

“Fuck you Tucker!” Charles said, with a big, friendly smile. “You remember that time we got in a fight and I backed off so I didn’t hurt you?”

“I remember,” Tucker smiled.

“You remember how much it would have hurt if I hadn’t done that?”

“Hey, we’re all adults here,” Tucker smiled. “Rhonda doesn’t get a say in this?”

“Aren’t you glad you brought up big cocks, sweet brother?” Rhonda smiled. “Speakin’ of that, I see that delicious cameraman of yours is still with you.”

“Oh, Jamar?” Tucker said. “Yeah, I hope he’s with me forever.”

“Honey, you coulda knocked me over with a feather when I saw him on the website,” Rhonda said, clearly affected by seeing Jamar’s performance. “How’d you talk him into comin’ out from behind those cameras?”

“You know, that was all Molly,” Tucker said. “Did you see that first scene he did last year?”

“You mean the older woman?” Rhonda said. “What’s her name…Donna somethin’? Oh honey, I saw it. And I saw it and I saw it!” she laughed. “Too hot. Just too hot. I love it when girls her age get after it like that.”

“How about you Charles?” Tucker asked. “Any of my ladies catch your eye lately?”

“You mean other than that fiery little award winner of yours? I’ll tell you what — her gettin’ that trophy didn’t surprise me one bit. She is somethin’ else!”

“Yeah,” Tucker said. “She’s kinda…”

…magic,” Marsha said, finishing Tucker’s sentence with a faraway twinkle in her eye.

“Sounds like we’ve got the makings of exactly what you want right here at our table, my friend,” Tucker said to Charles. “An average black man off the street — I’ll pair canlı bahis you up with any of my girls, and Rhonda sounds like she wouldn’t mind some big black cock. We can balance the racial scales, at least a little.”

“Not exactly what I was gettin’ at you asshole,” Charles said. He shook his head and smiled. “I’m gonna have to give you that beatin, when we get done eatin’. Are the ribs as good as they used to be here?”

“The best,” Tucker smiled.

He pulled out his phone while everyone looked at their menus, and texted Jamar and Kelsey…

— Private party at the studio at 10PM. Hope you can make it.

“You said you weren’t gonna work tonight,” Marsha said when she saw him texting.

“Just a couple loose ends,” he said as he slipped the phone back in his pocket. “Hey Charles, I picked up some sweet bottles of Single Malt a few days ago. Let’s stop by the studio after dinner and have a glass.”

“Ooo! You don’t have to twist my arm for that!” Charles said.


The four of them walked through the dark studio toward the soundstage. Marsha wondered why Tucker was leading them to the big couch on the hotel room set instead of the couch in his office, but she didn’t say anything. He stopped on the way and cranked the heat up.

“You know, I was thinking about Zuri the other day,” he said as he poured a splash of Scotch in each person’s glass. “Do you ever hear from her?”

Zuri was one of Charles’ college girlfriends. A beautiful, exotic, brown skinned girl from Mozambique, working on her degree in sports communications.

“She was so nice,” Rhonda said. “You shoulda married that girl.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Charles said. “Last I heard she was in France working for a soccer team. Damn she was fun, wasn’t she?”

“She got us all started on drugs,” Tucker said to Marsha.

“Drugs! Oh my God!” Marsha said, her eyes big with surprise.

“It wasn’t bad or anything,” Tucker said. “It was just college, you know? It was the summer Rhonda and I were together. We all had some free time, so we rented a cabin for a week, up in the Adirondacks. We couldn’t afford one on the water, so we got one out in the woods, near Indian Lake. You want me to tell this?” he asked Charles and Rhonda.

“You’re doin’ fine,” Rhonda smiled.

“So we all pile in my car — it was a big Lincoln Town Car that was a hand-me-down from my father, gettin’ pretty rusty and ragged like they used to back then. Remember that maroon velour interior?”

“I remember,” Charles said, sipping on his Scotch, clearly enjoying the trip down memory lane.

“So we drive to Indian Lake, ask around and get directions, rattle our way down a long dirt road and pull up in front of this tiny little cabin. The owner was there to take our money and show us around. So here’s the thing,” Tucker said to Marsha. “When I talked to the guy on the phone he said it slept four. I naturally assumed that meant in separate rooms…”

“Naturally,” Charles said sarcastically.

“…but it was a tiny little one-room cabin,” Tucker continued, “with two couches that opened up into double beds. They were on two walls of a corner, and when they were made up they were about two feet away from each other.”

“Sounds cozy,” Marsha smiled.

“We all assumed the week was gonna be romantic and sexy,” Rhonda said, “but doing it all in front of each other was not what we had in mind!”

“I take it the drugs part of the story loosened your inhibitions?” Marsha said.

“Oh boy, did it ever!” Rhonda said.

“So we settled in…” Tucker said.

“Tell about the owner. When he saw us,” Charles said.

“Oh yeah,” Tucker laughed. “So we pull up in this huge Lincoln. It’s like a pimp car. And out of it piles Charles and two gorgeous black girls in their skimpy summer clothes, and me, the white guy driving. The guy gave us a look that’s still to this day the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“Oh my god!” Marsha laughed. “I wish I could have seen that!”

“Hilarious!” Charles laughed.

“So we settled in, feeling uncomfortable about the night’s sleeping arrangements,” Tucker said. “With Charles and Rhonda being brother and sister, we all kind of figured sex was off the table. He and I were already quietly discussing taking turns going for hikes during the day, so we could all have some private time in the cabin. And then there was Zuri.”

“And then there was Zuri…” Charles said wistfully.

“I don’t remember exactly how it happened,” Tucker said. “We all had our back to her for a few minutes…”

“The three of us were makin’ margaritas at the little counter by the sink,” Rhonda said.

“That right, yeah,” Tucker remembered. “Anyway, we turned around, and she’s slouched on the couch, reading a paperback book, naked as the day she was born. We were speechless!”

“Charles wasn’t,” Rhonda chuckled. What did you say? Jesus baby! or somethin’ like that.”

“She was like that when we were alone — never liked kaçak iddaa clothes much — but I never expected it in front of friends,” Charles said. “It was one of those moments that hits you upside the head like a big ol’ hammer.”

“I guess I can say this now,” Tucker said, “because enough time’s gone past. Damn she was smokin’ hot!

“If I didn’t agree with you I’d be pissed that you said that,” Rhonda said. “but you’re right. I wonder if she knows what you’re up to here Tucker. She’d fit right in with your girls.”

“Yeah, she would, wouldn’t she?” Tucker chuckled. “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an ass like that to this day.”

“It was fine!” Charles said, losing himself in a daydream for a moment.

“So Charles talks to her quietly and she puts on her bra and panties,” Tucker said, picking up the story, “but it didn’t change the sexiness quotient much, I gotta say.”

“Girl was smokin’,” Rhonda said.

“Speakin’ of smokin’,” Tucker said, “a little while later she pulls a bag of weed and a pipe out of her purse, and then she tosses a baggie full of pills on the table. Ecstasy. I think Charles was just as surprised as we were.”

“I’d smoked pot with her quite a bit, but yeah, the pills were new,” he said.

“I can’t speak for you guys,” Tucker said, “but I know I said to myself, No way. I’m never gonna do that!”

Rhonda and Charles nodded in agreement, but the hint of a smirk on both their faces gave away the truth.

“I’ve heard that called the love drug,” Marsha said.

“Oh baby!” Rhonda said, nodding her head strongly in the affirmative.

“So we had some drinks and smoked some pot, which all of us had done before,” Tucker said. “Zuri takes four pills out of the bag — colorful little things — and sets them on the table. I remember sitting there with a nice little buzz, the four of us on the two couches, with some music going on a portable player we brought. We were feelin’ no pain, just mellow and…really nice. Zuri swallows one of the pills and sits back. She closes her eyes and just sort of lays there, slouched back in her sexy underwear. Then Charles reaches for a pill and swallows it. Nobody’s saying anything, it’s just music. Talking Heads I think, wasn’t it?”

“Yup,” Charles said. “Remain in Light. I still play it once in a while.”

“So he slouches back next to Zuri and closes his eyes too,” Tucker said. “I look at Rhonda. ‘You want to?’ she asks. I pick up the two pills and we each swallow one. She had this look of, Oh my God! Did we just do that? Neither one of us knew what to expect, so we followed Zuri’s lead and leaned back with our eyes closed. I remember the music taking on a beautiful intensity, in a way I’d never experienced before. Time seemed to be a meaningless concept. I have no idea how long we had our eyes closed, do you?” he asked Rhonda.

“Nope. No clue,” she said. “It was the closest I’ve ever been to being awake during a dream, that’s all I know.”

“So when I opened my eyes, Zuri was on top of Charles, sort of straddling him on her knees, kissing him. It was my first good look at that ass of hers, even though she still had her panties on. Maybe it was the drugs, but man oh man! She’ll always have the ass of all asses in my mind.”

“I watched her kiss Charles for a minute or two,” Rhonda said. “It was super sexy, like off the charts, and I got so horny! I mean ridiculous horny! I rolled onto Tucker and kissed him, and we were off to the races baby!”

“Wow!” Marsha said, sensing there was more to the story. “Did you guys all…?”

Rhonda looked sheepishly at Charles. She couldn’t hold back a shy but beautiful smile.

“Wow!” Marsha said quietly. “That’s hot!”

“It was a one-time thing,” Rhonda said, still looking at her brother lovingly. “It made us a lot closer though. Before that we weren’t the closest of siblings. But after that, even though we didn’t…go there again…we just care so much more deeply for each other. It’s almost like we’re twins or something.”

“It’s a secret we haven’t told anyone Marsha,” Charles said. “But I can tell you’re special to Tucker, so…”

“Thank you you Charles, and Rhonda. Your secret’s safe. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be a part of your close friendship with Tucker. He loves you guys. Talks about you all the time. That’s the first I’ve heard about the Adirondack cabin though. My God, what a story! You were there for a week?”

“It was pretty close to heaven on earth,” Tucker said. “And believe it or not, it’s what gave me the inspiration to make porn. It was the first time I’d ever watched sex, up close and personal. Watching Charles with Rhonda and Zuri…this place grew out of that,” he said, looking around at the big studio.

“Best week of my life I think,” Rhonda said. “I still dream about it.” She glanced at her brother and looked away with another shy smile.

Tucker poured the remains of the Scotch into everyone’s glasses. They’d killed the bottle telling the story.

“This is kaçak bahis a special occasion,” he said. “I’ve got a 18 year-old Glenlivet in the liquor cabinet. Whaddaya say we crack it open?”

“Sounds dirty!” Rhonda said, her eyes flaring seductively. “Do us girls get to put him in our mouth?”

Tucker smiled, remembering how much he’d enjoyed her blowjobs all those years ago, the first he’d ever received. He went to his office for the bottle, and ran into Jamar and Kelsey as they were arriving.

“Hi boss! Party tonight? What’s up?” Jamar asked, his big smile beaming. “I saw Kelsey outside, and she didn’t know what’s up either.”

“Some old friends of mine are visiting, and Marsha’s here,” Tucker said quietly. “I’m hoping to get everybody out of their clothes. I’m not sure it’s gonna happen, but if you guys are game…”

“Sure boss!” Jamar said. “Beats watchin’ TV at home!”

“You and Marsha and Jamar? You know I’m in,” Kelsey said. “What can we do to make it happen?”

“My old college roommate Charles thinks your hot, and his sister thinks you’re hot Jamar.”

“Oh, I’ve met them!” Jamar said. “She’s cute. What’s her name?”


“Yes. Rhonda! I like her! Didn’t she used to be your girlfriend?”

“Yeah, back in college. So I didn’t tell them I invited you guys. I’m just gonna surprise them with you, okay?”

“Lets’ do it!” Jamar smiled.

“Looky here!” Tucker said, walking back to the gang with his arm around Kelsey and a bottle of Scotch in his hand. “I found two eighteen year olds! And Jamar!”

Charles and Rhonda were both slack jawed and speechless.

“Well! It’s our little award winner herself!” Marsha said. “Tucker? Would you care to explain? I guess I know who you were texting at the restaurant.”

“Their names were both mentioned, and, well, it is a party, right?” Tucker said.

“Hi you two, I’m Kelsey,” the little redhead said with a smile. “I hope you don’t mind us crashing your party.”

“How can you be even cuter in person?” Rhonda said, amazed at the stunning young creature in their midst.

“Oh, thanks!” Kelsey said, reaching for her hand. “You must be Rhonda. And you,” she said, turning to Charles, “you must be Charles. It’s so fun to meet Tucker’s roommate!”

“It’s nice to meet you too Kelsey,” Charles said. “I’ve…admired your…uh…work.”

“Smooth!” Rhonda said, making fun of her brother.

“Miss Rhonda! So nice to see you again!” Jamar said. She was a goner as soon as she heard that Caribbean accent and he beamed that bright smile at her.

“Yes,” she fumbled as Jamar kissed her on the cheek. “Me too.”

“Smooth!” Charles said to his little sister.

“Mr. Charles! Good to see you too!” Jamar said.

“How are you Jamar?” Charles said, shaking his hand firmly. “Tucker’s often saying what a valuable guy you are around here.”

“He’s the best boss I ever had, that’s for sure.”

“So, we’re about to crack open some Scotch. You guys in?” Tucker asked.

“Yeah! Let’s do it!” Kelsey said, her bubbly personality on full display.

“Oh how I miss having youthful enthusiasm,” Rhonda said.

“Kelsey keeps us all young,” Tucker said, smiling at his petite shooting star. “So Kelsey, we were just talking about Charles’ old college girlfriend Zuri. She used to looove being naked, just like you.”

“Zuri? What a cool name! So was she a naturist?”

“No. Just unofficial,” Tucker said as he poured from the new bottle.

“An unofficial naturist,” Kelsey laughed. “That’s funny.”

“Kelsey’s an official one,” Tucker said.

“Really!” Rhonda said. “Did you grow up…are your parents…?”

“Yup. They’re swingers too,” she said proudly.

“So you just got all this…like in your bones,” Rhonda said. “No wonder you look so natural at it all.”

“Yeah I guess,” she said, shrugging her shoulders. “It seems funny to me when people think it’s a big deal.”

“The porn you mean?” Rhonda asked.

“No. Just sex, you know? Do you guys think it’s a big deal?”

“Not as much as I used to I guess,” Rhonda said. “When you get older you kinda want it to happen. You feel like your time’s runnin’ out maybe, and you loosen up a little, let things happen a little easier maybe.”

“Yeah, I can agree with that,” Charles said.

“So you’re an easy lay now Charles?” Kelsey asked. “You didn’t used to be?”

“Ha!” he laughed. “In certain circumstances I guess I am.”

“In certain circumstances I think we all are!” Jamar smiled.

“So how come we’re on the hotel room set?” Kelsey asked. “We gonna shoot a scene?”

“Ha!” Marsha laughed. “Tucker’s got some sort of devious plan tonight I think.”

“Maybe this is certain circumstances!” Jamar said.

“Jamar my man, you win the prize!” Tucker smiled.

An awkward silence fell over the group, all of them feeling they were barreling headlong into something exciting.

“See, this is what I mean,” Kelsey said. “It’s no big deal you guys! I’ll start.” She set her glass down and whisked her little t-shirt off. “Help me Marsh. I love the way your hands feel on my tits.”

“Ooo! A little history between you two?” Rhonda asked, looking intrigued. “Marsha, you’ve never been on the website, have you?”

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Lube Job

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Growing up in the Southwest, where land is cheap and roads abound, you need a car. Some missteps out of high school that delayed my entry into college had left me with a rather poor cash-flow situation. For other kids I knew, as 18 wore on into 19, 19 into 20, the compact but late-model Honda was part of the territory, probably financed in part through parental generosity or judicious allocation of student loan funds. Me, it was all I could do to get a first car that was as old as I was: an old 4-cylinder BMW 2002 sedan.

For those reading this who may be unfamiliar with this long defunct model, don’t let the number fool you: 2002 was the model number, not the year. (I don’t even know the exact year of the car but it was in the 70s.) And don’t let the make fool you either—BMW would eventually come to be best known in the United States for its sport and luxury models, but this squat, boxy, vaguely Eastern-bloc looking sedan was (or had been when brand new) no more than a German grocery-getter.

When I finally took possession of it, seeming destined to be its last owner, this rusty, dented, tired looking old nag of car had the dubious virtue of being, in the words of Mike, a co-worker at the gas station where I worked, a “hipster Eurotrashmobile”—strangely admired by a certain skinny-jeans-and-bowling-shirt set, who perhaps enjoyed the irony of a status-symbol label on such a piece of crap. (Honestly I’m not sure what they saw in it. I would much rather have had a later model that had a warranty and started reliably.)

So I had a love-hate relationship with the car. It was hard to start cold, smoked like a train, stalled out at idle, and had sticky vinyl seats that were sagging and distended, with springs and foam and horsehair protruding errantly through various tears and gashes in the upholstery. Almost nothing on the instrument panel worked—AC, heat, cigarette lighter, dome light, radio. And yet I couldn’t help but enjoy the persistent compliments from strangers, sometimes averaging one a week, even if they were mostly from hipsters whose aesthetic sensibility generally bewildered me. It wasn’t just a car; it was a conversation piece.

“The dyke from next door likes your car,” Mike told me one day after I came back in from changing the price signs. The “dyke” he was referring to was a tall, heavyset, tomboyish blonde named Sam who worked at the oil change shop whose lot adjoined ours. She was dour, apparently humorless, and would grace our shop at least once a day with her grease-spattered coveralls and whatever hair she had up tucked into her ball cap, to buy Marlboro Lights and fountain Dr. Pepper. She was not unfriendly—not rude the way many customers can be. In fact, I always thought there was something good natured and trustworthy in her deliberate southern drawl, her steady, confident, no-nonsense gaze. She just wasn’t one for chit-chat, that was all; not one who recognized any value in the social lubricant of please and thank-you, greeting and leave-taking. She would come in, place her order, pay, and leave. That was that.

And she was, very probably, a lesbian, or so I thought. But I privately disliked Mike’s insistence on referring to her as “the dyke.” She may not have been the most pleasant person, but she wasn’t exactly unpleasant either; she had never given me any reason to disparage her behind her back. In a business like ours where so many people are rude, it seemed wrong somehow to trash-talk one of the better customers, even if she would never find out.

But there was more to my private mental defense of her than that. What I could never admit to Mike: I actually found her quite attractive.

She was fat, which I don’t mean pejoratively—just descriptively. I’ve always liked bigger women. She had a belly and love handles and big boobs and a great big round behind. But even so, fatness was not her most salient feature; the impression she gave was of someone strong and sturdy, a tall, square, durable frame hung with capable muscles. Her womanly traits were dampened by her boxy coveralls, her strong, businesslike carriage, and the fact that she never wore makeup. But her womanly traits were there nonetheless, available in plain view to the observant and the imaginative. You could tell she had the boobs even if she wasn’t doing anything to help you notice them, and the fact that she looked as good as she did without makeup, with her deep blue eyes and smooth pink-freckled cheeks, should have been a clue as to how nicely she would clean up.

It was so unusual to think of Sam actually chatting with one of the cashiers that I wasn’t even sure I believed Mike at first. “When did she say this?” I asked, probably betraying a note of challenge in my voice.

“Just came in a minute ago when you were out changing the pump sings. Said ‘who’s car?’, and I told her it was yours and she said ‘nice car’, and that was it.”

“Really?” I asked, and looked futilely across the lot to the lube shop as though I could gain bahis siteleri some information by studying the open garage bay doors.

“Yep. Dyke digs your car bro’.”

I know. I really should have protested, should not have been tacitly complicit in his disrespect. But on some level I was part of the same stupid conspiracy he was furthering, to deny what I liked, to consent—if only by my silence—to the ridiculous truism that a 5’11”, 180 pound Amazon woman with boobs and biceps can’t be gorgeous, as Sam so obviously was. Or that a big strong woman who worked on cars had to be a lesbian (which, alas, seemed a slightly safer generalization).

I was intrigued, though; my curiosity was piqued. “So,” I thought to myself with a smile, “the dyke likes my car.”

* * *

I was scheduled to open the following Sunday. Sunday-open is both the best and worst shift to work at a suburban convenience store. What makes it the worst the fact that it’s, well, Sunday morning; opening up at six means waking up in the five o’clock hour on a day when the rest of the world is sleeping off a hangover. But, paradoxically, this is precisely what was nice about actual workload of the shift itself. Weekday-open you’re always slammed, and everyone’s irritable and in a hurry to get to work, and you have to juggle the endless line at the register with the near-constant need to brew fresh coffee. Sundays it was not unusual to have the first coffee-and-newspaper customers saunter in at a leisurely pace, happy and well-rested, well into the nine o’clock hour. Once I made it all the way to ten—literally half-way through my shift(!)—before seeing my very first customer of the day. Unlike weekdays and afternoons, they only schedule one cashier for Sunday open, and there’s a certain peace in the solitude.

The sun was still low in the east, the sky its morning pink-orange-blue, and, sitting on my stool and sipping my coffee, I looked up from my newspaper to gaze out the window and take in the serene view. The spell was broken by the tinny clatter of the bell-string tied to the door to announce the entry of a customer. I spun around in my stool and there, in fresh blue coveralls with embroidered patches—an ovular one over the breast pocket that ringed a cursive “Sam,” another high on the sleeve advertising “ASE” certification, whatever that meant—was “the dyke” herself, padding over to the soda fountain to fill a quart-sized plastic cup with Dr. Pepper. “Morning,” I hailed, not expecting and not receiving a reply. I plucked a pack of cigarettes down from the overhead rack and set them on the counter.

She came up to the register. I looked at my watch. “You’re here early. Thought you guys didn’t open up until ten on Sunday.”

“I’ve got inventory today before my crew gets in. Marlboro Lights soft-pack.” The pack was already on the counter so I slid it forward to draw her attention to it, and to the fact that I had helpfully anticipated her order. If she was impressed by this example of great customer service she did nothing to so indicate.

I watched as her clean strong hands retrieved bills from her Harley-Davidson chain wallet and noted how spotlessly clean her closely cropped fingernails were, which they never were at night. An image flashed into my mind of her with pumice and brush, scrubbing assiduously until every trace of grime was dispatched, knowing full well she would repeat the ritual the next day, and every day after that. She had meticulous streak in her, I decided. Suddenly, I had an urge to make small talk, to try to keep her in the store if only for a moment longer.

“It’s beautiful eh?” I tried, gesturing with a cock of my head to the east-facing window behind me.

“What?” she asked, looking up from her wallet, as though annoyed by the interruption.

“Rosy-fingered dawn,” I said wistfully.

Her eyes narrowed and a deep furrow cut into her brow and, with a surprising note of hostility she snapped: “What?! What are you talking about?”

I was so surprised by her apparent anger that I had no idea what to say. After a few glottal stops I managed: “Just trying to make conversation.”

“Well look, I don’t know who the fuck this Rosie and Dawn are or why you think it’s okay to tell me this—”

“N-n-n-no!” I interrupted hastily, palms forward, “it’s-it’s-it’s Homeric epithet! From the Odyssey. You know, mythology? Eos the dawn has rosy—rose-colored—fingers like, like, like the uh, you know, like those pink streaks of clouds,” I pointed out the window.

She studied me with arched eyebrow, the skeptical air of someone trying to determine whether she’s being had, and eventually broke my gaze to look out the window behind me. She looked at the sky for a moment, her face betraying no particular appreciation of the view, and then her eyes brightened noticeably as they lit on something in the nearer distance. She looked at my name tag and then at me and said, with as cheerful a tone as I had ever heard canlı bahis siteleri from her: “You’re Bart!”

I was puzzled by the sudden change in tone. “Yeah,” I confirmed warily.

“I had you confused with another dude in here works nights. That’s your car,” she pointed.

“Oh. Yeah. Yes it is.”

“That is a great car, sir.”

I was still a bit back on my heels, reeling from her rapid change of mood, which is probably why I flubbed my first and probably only opportunity to find common ground with this woman. Perhaps all that was needed was for me to agree with her enthusiastically, and we might have proceeded to have a pleasant conversation. But instead, unthinkingly, I damned my car with faint praise, saying, “yeah, it’s okay I guess.”

Immediately her face fell, any trace of brightness or felicity extinguished. “It’s a great car,” she affirmed, with the tone of someone who doesn’t suffer philistinism well.

“Yeah, no, I didn’t, I mean—uh” I hastened to save it, blurting out: “I’ve always liked BBWs.”

Now her brow sank again into an expression of withering disdain. Then I heard it too, the Freudian slip, and clumsily tried to fix it: “BM!” I nearly shouted, and then, miserably, realized that that too demanded correction—I couldn’t seem to open my mouth without digging a deeper hole. “W!” I added. Finally: “BMW! Was… what I meant to say. Instead of, you know…. Look, can we start this whole conversation over? Like maybe you could go out and come back in.” I flashed what must have seemed a simpering grin.

“How much oil are you losing?”

“God, it’s ridiculous—like a quart every time I get gas, feels like. Is that typical for those cars?”


“Well, then, how did you—”

“Because you’re getting blue-black smoke. I saw you pulling out onto the road the other day.”

“Is that bad?”

“You think it’s good? Means rings eventually. But in the mean time at least you can try heavier viscosities, maybe an additive. When’s the last time you had the oil changed?”

I averted my eyes and, in a conspicuous poker tell, looked anxiously at the floor before saying: “Um, it was—”

“Don’t lie ’cause I’ll know. Soon as I get a look at that dipstick I’m gonna know.”

Absurdly, all I could think to say to this was: “I’m sorry.” To this day I’m not sure if I was apologizing for thinking of bullshitting her or for not being a better custodian of my car.

“Sir, a high-mileage vehicle like that—the oil is the single most important thing.”

“Guess I figured as often as I was adding quarts the oil was kind of—” I shrugged and let out a nervous chuckle “—changing itself.”

At this she let out a heavy, exasperated sigh. “Listen, sir—”

“Wh-why don’t you call me Bart?” (Honestly, what was this “Sir” business anyway? She had to be at least five years older than I was. And she was talking to me like I was an oil-change customer—but she was in my store, I wasn’t in hers.)

“Bart. Why don’t bring her in and let me get under that hood. You can pull her round right now if you want. We’re starting a special on oil and lube tomorrow but I’ll give you the discount today.”

“Well, that’s awfully kind of you to offer but, didn’t you say you had inventory?”

“I can work around my crew this afternoon if I have to. I consider this like a medical emergency.”

* * *

It was not even eight o’clock when she phoned the store to summon me to her work bay, where I stood feeling a bit like a kid at the principal’s office. She had the hood propped and the dipstick lay out on an improbably clean looking shop towel. “I just figured I’d leave this out for you, let you see it.” She presented the stick for my inspection. “See how black that is. Now touch it.” I hesitated. “Go on. Wipes right off. Just see how watery it is.”

I touched it. “Pretty watery,” I agreed.

“That’s what you’re doing when you just add instead of changing. Viscosity breaks down over time. You end up with a crankcase full of black water and sludge. She wiped the stick, slid it into its housing, and retrieved it once more. The stick was now coated (to within a millimeter of the correct quart mark) with a transparent yellowish oil. “That’s how it’s supposed to look, sir.”



But my dressing down continued as, point by point, she walked me through all of the evidence of neglected basic maintenance: Sooty spark plugs; underinflated tires; corroded battery terminal posts. If my car had been a dog she would have called the SPCA.

Oddly, as all this was taking place, I didn’t feel nearly as miserable as one might expect. In fact, it was actually turning me on. Maybe it was just because I’d been attracted to her all along, and so welcomed the opportunity to follow the sway over her big blue-clad hips as she circled back and forth around my car to point out the various evidences of neglect. Or maybe it was deeper than that—that güvenilir bahis I felt somehow cared for through all this attention to my car, as though I had finally broken a thick layer of ice with this mysterious “dyke next door,” even if her attitude was like that of a drill sergeant inspecting a particularly sloppy platoon. Or maybe I was discovering a submissive streak in me that I didn’t even know I had—maybe I actually liked the drill-sergeant treatment a little.

Whatever it was, it was getting worse and worse: The longer she talked the less I could seem to concentrate on what she was saying, and the more brazen I became in my attempts to steal glances at her, here at her wide hips and big butt as she bent into the engine compartment on the leeward side of the car, there as she betrayed a rare glimpse of cleavage when she bent over windward. As the lecture wore on I started to get an aching boner. It was mercifully soft, as boners go—not the kind to press noticeably against my pants. But even at half-strength it was throbbing ravenously and siphoning off all my attention.

To make matters worse, she was so stern and serious that I found myself strangely tempted to make inappropriate jokes at about every other sentence she uttered. I managed to restrain myself (for a while), but the urge was uncanny. I was like the kids in that old cartoon show, Beavis and Butt-head, hearing sexual innuendo in every little thing she said: “…getting some blow-by here…”; “…need to get that good and lubed up so it slides right in…”; “…getting some pulsation on the rear-end…”; “…and it slides in and out over and over at very high speeds…” It was dizzying. I could barely contain myself. Everything she said sounded like it had a double meaning!

“One more thing,” she said, with a welcome note of finality. “On these terminal posts, after you do the baking soda thing we talked about…” she walked over to a work bench where there sat—I hadn’t noticed it before—and institutional-use, gallon-sized jar of Vaseline. I felt my pulse quicken a little at the sight of that jar here, in this setting, incongruously placed amidst all the various parts and tools. I may have even blushed. The reason is a little embarrassing.

I grew up in a religious (you might say fundamentalist) household, where I spent much of my pubescence shamefully convinced that I was among a tiny, insignificant percentage of the human population that was actually depraved enough to masturbate. My weapon of choice had been the family’s community stock of Vaseline, tucked away under the sink in my parents’ bathroom, and I was probably kidding myself in hoping no one in the family noticed its frequent, too-rapid depletion, nor even just the oily smell of it on me. I have long-since discontinued the use of Vaseline for this purpose, but I still get a giddy little twinge when I see a jar of it—afraid to look at it lest someone decode my facial expression and instantly know my history with it.

Accordingly, as she popped the lid off the giant jar (the old familiar smell wafted up to my nostrils and—talk about conditioned response!—I felt my stiffening cock actually jump in my pants), I quickly averted my eyes. She scooped out a thick handful of the yellow-gray goop and walked over to the far side where the battery sat; I stood motionless, feet fixed to the floor.

“If you’ll just smear a little like so, it will protect against corrosion.” Finally I gathered the courage to look up and, directly in front of me, across the expanse of engine, there was the single best cleavage view I’d ever gotten of Sam. Ordinarily she kept the coveralls zipped pretty high up on her chest and wore a crewneck t-shirt beneath. Today, perhaps owing to the fact that it was Sunday, she had some type of tank-shirt on underneath the uniform and, at the same time, the zipper was unzipped nearly to the bottom of her bosom.

My eye moved back and forth from where her strong hand was spreading translucent goo onto my freshly cleaned battery, up to her enormous freckled boobs that were now jiggling in time with the mildly circular motion of her hand. I couldn’t help but juxtapose the two images in my mind, a sort of gestalt, as I imagined her spreading lubricant on my shaft and then enveloping me between those large tits until I erupted in orgasm onto her chin, neck and sternum. I was staring now in a mute trance and I’m pretty sure my mouth hung slightly agape.

Then she froze. I looked up, about two-beats too late, and found myself looking directly into her now-narrowed eyes. Busted. “Getting all this?” she asked, with a note of angry sarcasm.

At this worst of all possible moments, as though from some kind of neurological misfire, I did perhaps the worst thing I could have done. I did not apologize; I did not try to play it off or protest my innocence. What did I do? I finally succumbed to the idiotic urge to make a double-entendre and, before I could even think what I was doing, blurted out (smarmily): “Now that’s what I call a lube job.”

She immediately stood up and zipped her coveralls up to her neck. “I’ll go get your invoice,” she said huffily, and started to walk away.

“No! Wait! Sam!” I cried, “I’m sorry—please!”

“I’ll get your invoice.”

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Sweater Girls

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This is fiction. All characters portrayed are past the age of 18. The story came to be after I met a guy who totally enjoyed the sweater outfit I was wearing. I love a cozy sweater and I have a few sweater dresses I love to wear during cold weather. I now find this is a true fetish and I can understand why.

Themes here include incest (bro-sis), cross-dressing, maybe transsexualism, a sweater fetish and a loving approach to all of the above. I hope you enjoy!


“Stevie, what are you doing in my room?”

I was about to panic. I’d been busted fair and square and doing something my older sis might not like. Mom and Dad kicked me out of their house for smoking weed and my sister, Laura, took pity on me and let me move in with her. I always loved Laura best. She was five years older than me and she always seemed to stand up for me when I was into things I should have left alone. Like smoking marijuana. It’s legal in our state, but nobody in our family uses it, except for me, of course. Laura made it clear that she didn’t want it in her apartment. I’ve been really good about that, too. I only smoke in my car or at friends’ places, never in my sister’s apartment.

“Stephan, what are you doing? Is that my new sweater skirt suit? Why are you wearing that?”

I was so busted and I sure as hell didn’t want to turn over. She’d see the big bulge in her skirt that I was wearing.

I stammered and blushed and she came over to her bed where I was lying on my tummy. I tried to hide the pair of panties I’d had in my hand under the pillow, but I think she saw it.

“Shit, sis, I’m so sorry. I thought you were going to be out for awhile and I was going to put everything back where it belongs.”

I looked her in her eyes for a second, but I saw she’d seen everything and I was just so busted. She put her hand on my hip and rolled me toward her and she could see the shape of her clothes. I’d been so close to busting a nut in her suit and smelling her panties was making me so damn horny, it was going to be a good one.

She looked at me and looked really thoughtful for a moment. Her hand moved to the bulge I was sporting under her skirt and she gently touched it. That almost sent me over the edge and I moaned a little.

“Stevie, you little pervert, don’t you dare cum in my things.”

Her touch on my extra hard cock had just the effect she wanted to avoid, though. I tried to hold it back but I started shooting and it was a big load. Wearing girls’ things always gets me extra horny and this time was no exception. Just the thought that my older sis got me off, even if she didn’t really want to, seemed to be the trigger of an amazing orgasm.

Seeing it was a lost cause, she kept her hand on my cock as I spasmed, even rubbing it a little bit. I rode out the aftershocks and then I could relax a little bit.

“You asshole, that stuff can be hard to get out of any fabric. You’re paying for a new suit for me.”

I tried to hide my face behind my hands, but she wasn’t letting me get away with any part of it. “What the hell were you thinking? How often do you wear my things?”

I tried to get a word in edgewise, but she was really more pissed about the mess I made in her clothes than the idea of me trying them on. I just stayed there, on my back, red as a beet and listening to my sister rant.


“You don’t even have the common courtesy to ask me if you can wear my things, do you? Did you think I’d just let you make messes and have to clean them up myself?”


She stepped back and started pacing back and forth. “I was going to change into that suit for a meeting I have to go to. I’m sure as hell not going with a load of your cum in it, making my panties all yucky.”

I kept trying to interrupt, but she was on a roll. I did the only thing I could think of to make things better. I pulled up her skirt to show her what was underneath.

“What the fuck?”

She looked closer and then really took a good look. She had an incredulous look on her face. “A condom? Why are you wearing a rubber?”

I still had something of a stiffie, so I just pulled it away from my body to show her what I hadn’t left in her clothes. She was speechless. I had a pair of her panties on, pulled to the side to let my hard cock out and a pair of her thigh high stockings on.

She stared at me for a second and then she began to giggle. I began to hope she wasn’t about to kill me. She laughed out loud and then pointed at me. “You! Get out of my things now! I have to change and you better not have warped my stuff out of shape. This meeting’s important.”

I got up and managed to get her skirt off and then the sweater top without spilling a drop of baby batter anywhere. She inspected each piece really carefully before she laid them down on her chair and began to strip off her jeans and shirt.

It really wasn’t a big deal for us to see each other in our underwear. My sis sprayed some of her favorite perfume on before pulling the skirt and sweater top on bahis siteleri and then she sat down to pull on a pair of stockings she took out of a drawer. She looked at me in her bra and panties and stockings and just shook her head.

“We’re going to talk about his later. Put my things into the laundry, please.”

I took her bra off easily enough. She noticed that and frowned as I dropped it into her laundry basket and then her panties. I was really careful with her stockings. I didn’t want to piss her off any more by running her hosiery.

She was in a rush to get out the door, so I couldn’t ask her any questions. I just went to the bathroom and took the condom and it’s contents off, wrapping it in some TP to flush down the toilet and then I went back to my room to get dressed in my usual things.

I was so sure I’d totally screwed things up, I began to look on the website for another rental and I thought about moving my meager possessions. I’d have to get some boxes, but I could start that tomorrow. I wouldn’t be able to see any places before then and I’d have to put out ads at the school and on the ‘net for a new roomie to share rent with me.


I was just listening to some tunes on my computer when she got home. I didn’t leave my room, but she came to get me after a while and told me supper was ready. I got up to join her in the kitchen and she totally surprised me with a hug. My sister is a great hugger and this was a good hug. She held me for a few moments and then led me to the kitchen where she had laid out some Chinese take-out from a restaurant we liked to go to.

I noticed she was wearing the skirt suit I’d been wearing earlier. I was dead sure she looked better in it than I ever would, but I didn’t say anything other than thanking her for feeding me. I was pretty sure it was my Last Supper.

When we were done, I helped her clean up and put the leftovers in the fridge. She crooked her finger at me and pointed to the place on the couch next to her. She was smiling shyly at me and I guess I was afraid of the worst. I had butterflies in my tummy and I think my heart must have been going 120 mph.

She looked down at her hands in her lap and then up at me. “I’m sorry I was so hard on you earlier, Stevie. I was just surprised and I really wanted to wear this outfit for work today and I was in a stinking hurry. Besides, I think you look cute in a dress.”

That last sentence was the shocker. “Huh?” Yeah, I’m a real brilliant conversationalist sometimes.

She had a little smirk on her face and looked me in the eyes again. “I’ve seen you in girls’ things before. I didn’t think you knew I’d seen you, but I know you’ve been borrowing my things and mom’s, too, since you were at least twelve years old. Not just our clothes, but our makeup, too. I’ve seen you go out a few times dressed totally like a girl and you were pretty convincing, too. Do you date boys or something?”

I was gobsmacked. I read that word in an English novel somewhere and I adopted it. I was really shocked. I’d thought I was pretty good at hiding my activities.

“Are you gay? Or bi?”

I thought about this for a moment. “No, not really. I guess I just think girls’ clothes are wonderful. I don’t date guys if that’s what you mean. You already kinda figured out that I feel really good in girls’ stuff.”

She giggled and looked at me. “Do you think about being a girl?”

I guess I got really red at that. “Ummm, yeah, I think it would be amazing to be a girl. I think about it a lot.”

“When was the last time you had a date with a girl?”

I hung my head. “It was Senior Prom. With Julia.”

“I remember her. She’s really cute and I thought she was into you.”

“Yeah, she’s amazing. Prom just totally sucked though. It was a disaster from start to finish.”

Laura gave me a sympathetic look and just took my hand. “Not quite the usual Prom, huh? No outrageous sex in a hotel room with the other couples getting it on next to you?”

I started to laugh with her and we were howling in a minute. She knew damn well what prom was like for me and Julia. “Oh, shit, no. She ended up drunk as a skunk, on her knees and sucking my ex best friend’s cock. They left together and I got plastered and woke up in my own vomit. I had to pay extra to get my tux cleaned and word got around. I never got another date as long as I was in high school. Graduation was a relief.”

Laura had heard it all before and she wasn’t laughing now. She leaned over and kissed my cheek and gave me a hug. “I was so sorry, Stevie. I really wanted you to get laid that night. You’re still a virgin, aren’t you?”

I mumbled something. She hugged me and she didn’t wait for an answer. She knew the score. After a minute she looked up at me.

“Mom and I’ve known all about you playing dress-up for years. I always knew you were messing around in my things and it didn’t take long for mom to figure out you were the one borrowing hers, too. We talked about it with Dr. Bronson. She was really nice and canlı bahis siteleri she reassured us you weren’t some kind of criminal or something. It’s just something boys do sometimes, to try on girls’ things. It’s usually a temporary thing, but sometimes it sticks and the guys who start it just like it so much they keep on doing it. She said it’s usually a sexual fetish thing and as soon as a guy starts having sex with a girl it kind of fades away. That’s why I was so hoping Julia would let you fuck her. I thought it might help you be less interested in wearing my things.”

She pulled me in for a second to tighten our hug and then she kissed my cheek again. She gave me a kind half smile. “I guess it didn’t quite work out that way. You really look girly when you want to. I think it’s way cute, by the way. I’ve thought it would have been nice to have a little sister to do stuff with, like shopping, and mani/pedis and that kind of thing.”

We sat together quietly for awhile. I love my sister more than anybody. “I’m so sorry I made you mad. I wouldn’t hurt you for anything.”

She gave me another kiss and that little half smile. “It’s okay, really. I got to my meeting and it went well and I might get a nice promotion out of it. I’ve been thinking. You really really like being girly, right?”

I tried to mumble and evade the question, but she was insistent. “Come on, if you can’t trust me, who can you trust ever with this? It’s big and important to you, right? You do it a lot, too. I always know when you’ve been in my lingerie drawer or wearing my things.”

I started to panic again. “How can you know? I try to be really careful.”

She smiled at me again. “It’s small things like how I fold my panties and how I put them away. How I roll up my socks, how I put things in my drawers, in the closet. I always know when you’ve been in my room. Hey, how many brothers do you think do their sisters’ laundry? You do a good job, by the way. You seem to like my dirty panties a lot, hon.”

Now I was blushing very warmly. She was holding the pair of panties I’d tried to hide under her pillow when she busted me. “You do like the way a girl smells, don’t you?”

She dropped her underwear onto my lap and then hugged and kissed me again. I was a gibbering idiot and I couldn’t say anything.

She held me closer and kissed my cheek again. “I’ll tell you a secret. I like girls, too. I haven’t dated a guy in years and that doesn’t much interest me right now. I haven’t brought any girlfriends home for a night since you moved in with me. I guess I was hiding things, too, but I’m going to be honest with you. I’m not sure I’m completely lesbian, but I’m at least bi and I find I like girls better. I just miss a hard cock now and then.

“One night at a club, I met a really cute girl and danced with her for awhile and then we went to her place for some more fun. I was really horny for her and I was looking forward to a good night.

“We got to making out and it was amazing. I loved how she smelled and tasted and I couldn’t wait to get into her panties. It’s just that when I got her jeans off, there was this big bulge and I’m sure you know what I mean. Her tits felt totally natural and I loved playing with them, sucking her nips and everything. By the time I went downtown, I found a nice package, not a pretty cunt. By then, I was so horny I would have fucked anything, so I decided to just go with the flow and I sucked on her ‘big clit’ for a while and then I climbed on top, fucking her cowgirl and having a really good time.”

By this point in her story, I was getting hot and horny as well. After she busted me, I didn’t feel like finishing what I’d started, but now my ‘big clit’ was stirring in my shorts.

“I guess you can figure out the rest. I spent the night in her apartment and it was really nice. She’s a pretty girl and she’s totally girly in every way. Anybody walking into her place would know a woman lived there. She wore a cute babydoll nightie and panties through the night and I just had the lovely feeling of being with a girlfriend who just had something extra between her legs. She worked in an office and was, in every way, a typical office girl, except she was different in one way. She told me she used the ladies’ rooms at work and when going out and that was just more comfortable for her. She was very careful not to do anything stupid and I think I started to fall in love with her. I realized she was the kind of girl I wanted to be with.”

I thought about this for a moment as we cuddled. “Do you still see her?”

She smiled at my using the female pronoun. “Yes, sometimes, but she has a busy social life and doesn’t want to get married or anything. She still dates guys, too, and I think she dates other trans girls. She might like to meet you, Stephan. Is Stephanie your girl name?”

That one rocked me for a second. “Yeah, that’s how I think of myself when I’m in ‘girl mode’.”

She kissed me again. “May I call you Stephanie or just Steph when we’re alone? Would that be güvenilir bahis okay with you?”

I was pretty bemused by this time. “Uh, sure. I’d like that, really.”

She gave me another wonderful hug and we held each other for a bit. She pulled away for a second. “Stay here. I have something for you.”

She got up and started away and then looked at me. With a broad smile, she beckoned toward me. “I have a better idea. Come with me.”

I followed her to her bedroom and stood as she pulled some things out of her dresser. Handing them to me, she told me to undress and get into the bra and panties she handed me. She grinned as she watched my discomfort. I just took off my shorts and tee and my boxers and I pulled on her panties and then clipped her bra on, turning it forwards and sliding my arms through the straps.

She clearly saw my semi-hard cock and just smiled as she handed me a pair of her stockings and told me to put them on. They were the thigh high kind, so no garter belt was needed.

I absolutely love the feeling of stockings on my legs.

“How often do you shave?”

She noticed that, for sure. “Maybe once a week.”

She smiled again. “Good, keep it up. You have really sexy legs.”

She had me sit at her vanity and took a good look at my face. She clipped my hair back and began to put on some makeup, starting with foundation, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, and lip gloss.

“How do you like to wear your hair, Stephanie?”

“I usually just pull it back into a pony tail.”

She cocked her head judiciously. “That will do for now, but we’re going to have some fun with your hair, darling Sister. Would you go for some blonde highlights? Maybe try being a blonde?”

“I…I don’t know. I never thought….”

She brushed that away with the wave of her hand. “I know, Steph. You can now, dear. We can do some really cute things with it and it’ll be totally cool and very femme and you’ll love it and so will I.”

I was so confused. “But what will they think at work?”

She scoffed. “Who the hell cares? You deliver pizzas. If the pie is delivered by a cute girl the tips might be better than for a boy. It could really work in your favor, Steph.”

I thought about a girl who worked for the same place. She said her tips were pretty good, especially when she wore a short skirt. This had some possibilities. I let my sister finish up my makeover and then I looked at her as she began to take off the skirt set that started all of this in motion.

She handed me the top and then the skirt, leaving her in just her bra and panties and stockings. “Put these on again. I want to see how you look.”

I stood up and put her things back on.

“You need shoes. Try these on.”

She handed me a pair of nice flats. Her feet are about a size smaller than mine, so I couldn’t wear most of hers, but these were shoes she bought on sale and found they were too big. They seemed to fit me pretty well. At her gesture, I walked back and forth a couple of times.

“We have to work on how you walk, Steph. Shorter steps and keep your feet in line, so your hips move more.”

I tried that and she nodded judiciously. “We’ll work on it. We have lots of time, love.”

I love wearing that skirt to this day. The only thing that bothered me was the fabric wasn’t lined. It kept tugging my stockings. “May I put on a slip?”

She smiled again. “Good idea. If I hadn’t been in such a rush, I’d have worn one, too.”

She pulled out a nice little white half slip with a pretty lace hem from her drawer and handed it to me. I’d worn it more than a few times before. I turned it so the label was on my left side and carefully pulled it up adjusting my skirt and walking again. That felt a lot better.

“That looks much better, Steph. Wait a second while I get dressed, too.”

She pulled on a lovely pink half slip and smiled as I admired it. I’m sure she knows I’ve worn it many times. She pulled a cute sweater dress from her closet and pulled it on. It’s a dark maroon in color, fitted like a sheath dress and trimmed with black edging. It fell to just above her knees and she pulled a pair of black low-heeled pumps from her closet to try on.

She did a little pirouette and smiled. “You like?”

“I love you, Laurie, more than anything in the world.”

She smiled and came into my arms and we hugged. I have to say I just love the feeling of a girl in a sweater and the feeling of my older sister in her sweater dress while I was in a similarly soft outfit was magical.

I tried to kiss her, but she avoided my lips. “Not yet, lover girl. We’re going out. Get what you need and put it into a purse. We’re going out for a coffee and to see who’s out and about.”

With some trepidation, I followed her out to her little Toyota and got into the passenger seat, fastened my safety belt and smoothed my skirt down as much as I could. She smiled and drove to a little cafe I’d never visited before.

Opening the door caused some bells to tinkle and she led me to a small table off to the side. There were a few other couples there, all women, I noticed. The waitress brought menus and asked what we wanted to drink. “I’d love Jasmine tea and the same for my cousin, Stephanie. She’s new in town and I’m showing her the best places first.”

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Made in the Heavens

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Life is full of ironies. It’s something that almost everyone in this world can attest to. Often the last thing we want to do in our life is what exactly what we end up doing at one point or the other. Some people attribute it to destiny, some to Karma, some just say that’s life and live with it! However, it’s always encouraging to think that even ironies can have a silver lining hidden in them if we look hard enough.

Akaash Verma was a recipient of one of such ironies of life. Akaash was a brilliant researcher and was currently pursuing his PhD in nanotechnology from an Ivy League university in USA. At 25 he was already well published and well respected not only by this peers, but also by this professors. His expertise in nanotechnology caused him to receive various invitations from conferences worldwide to talk about his research. His professors always encouraged him to attend in order to help him further his career. However, this is where Akaash’s irony begins. As much as he enjoyed his work, his field, attending conferences, sharing his knowledge and expanding his network, he equally hated the primary means to reach the conferences. Akaash Verma hated to fly!

Being a man of science, Akaash knew that statistically flying was the safest mode of travel. He flew when he had to, and usually did not have a problem. But any flight with turbulence usually caused severe panic attacks. He hated the moving, the shaking, the bouncing, and the rumbling of the plane, anything that had anything to do with turbulence. He hated it with a passion, but always bit the bullet along with a few sleeping pills every time he got on a plane. Another irony of the situation was that his name in Hindi meant Sky.

Well as luck would have it, Akaash’s latest research publication was very well received by the industry and he was invited to be the key note speaker at an upcoming conference. However, the conference was in New Delhi, India, so would have to fly. Upon talking to his advisors, Akaash decided to fly to straight to New Delhi since it would be the shortest possible route. Since he was the key note speaker at the conference, he was upgraded to the Business Executive class.

On D-day or D-evening (as it was a post sunset flight), Akaash decided to dress up in a suit since he was flying the elite class, and checked in at the counter. He went through security, and waited for boarding. He was getting anxious by the minute and as the boarding was announced he realized that he had forgotten his sleeping pills. In his panic he ran to the convenient stores in the boarding lounge but none of them carried any sleeping pills. In his frustration, he picked us some very strong cold medicine hoping that might do the trick just as well.

When Akaash return to his flight gate, he one of was the last few people to board. He gave his boarding pass and was escorted to his window seat. The business executive class was one level below First class and had wide seats with lots of leg room. His seat also had an electrical outlet for his laptop as well as his own entertainment TV screen with comfortable headphones, a cushion footrest and he was able to recline his seat almost in a flat position. This was going to be a very comfortable flight. Akaash, stored his laptop under his seat and got comfortable readying a book. The flight was reasonably full and he hoped that the seat next to him would remain empty. No such luck.

A few moments after Akaash had gotten comfortable; the flight attendant escorted someone to the aisle seat next to him. Wanting to be polite, Akaash looked up and saw a very professionally dressed young woman being seated next to him. She was dressed in a business suit with a knee length black skirt, black jacket over a white silk blouse. In one glimpse Akaash saw that while she was good looking, she was also very serious and decided to keep out of her way as much as possible. But politeness first…

“Hi,” he said smiling a little.

“Hello,” She replied but did not return the smile.

Despite being very intelligent, Akaash was also quite handsome, but he had never learnt how to be comfortable around women. He had dated on occasions, and been around the block once or twice but nothing long term. Looking at her demeanor Akaash did not want to push his luck, so he returned back to his book.

The flight took off on time, and everything was going smoothly. Akaash decided not to take the cold pills so he could concentrate on reviewing his research papers. An hour or so into the flight, the flight attendant came to them with menus for appetizers, dinners and dessert. Akaash was simply loving this. Both he and the woman next to him made the same choices, but still there was no conversation before or during dinner which was served on restaurant quality dinnerware. Akaash finished his dinner in silence and returned to his research papers and an hour or so later decided to take a nap. The flight was been very smooth and the captain said he anticipated a smooth flight. He looked at his watch and he still had over ten hours to his destination. türkçe bahis Yes, he thought, a nap would do him good.

Akaash woke up with a jolt! The plane was bouncing up and down, and Akaash panicked. He grabbed both his arm rests with all his might and pushed back on his seat. He always kept his seatbelt tied, so he just closed his eyes and started taking very short shallow breathes trying hard not to have an anxiety attack. The plane continued to move side to side, and up down for several minutes. The metallic sounds of the plane were causing Akaash to sweat but he didn’t dare relax his grip or open his eyes.

Fortunately a few minutes later, the turbulence subsided and the Captain’s voice came in from the speakers. Akaash listened to every word without opening his eyes or relaxing

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we apologize for the unexpected turbulence. However there seems to be a storm developing ahead and while we will try to keep this flight smooth as possible, we suggest you keep your seatbelts securely fastened for your own safety. Thank you.”

“That’s a pretty firm grip.” Said a voice next to him. Akaash opened his eyes and turned to the voice to see the woman next to him looking at him. Then he looked down at the armrest and saw that he had actually been holding her hand on the armrest separating their two seats.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like my hand back.” She continued.

Akaash looked back up at her, and for the first time she was smiling. The smile completely lightened her face.

“I’m sorry,” he said as he let go of her arm, “but I really don’t like turbulence.”

“I guessed that,” she said, “though I must admit you don’t seem to be the type that’s afraid of flying.”

“Oh flying I can handle,” Akaash said, “It’s the turbulence, and the potential of a crash that bothers me.”

“Ok,” She said quizzically “I think.”

“By the way, thanks for not yelling and calling the flight attendant,” Akaash said sheepishly. “That would have been really embarrassing.”

“Don’t worry about it” she said. “I was very surprised when you grabbed my arm suddenly, but when I saw you freaking out, I realized you weren’t trying to make a pass at me.”

“Believe me, making a pass at you was the LAST thing on my mind,” He said. “I was just trying not to have an anxiety attack!”

She just laughed at that.

“Well my name is Akaash. Akaash Verma.” He said and extended his hand.

“Sejal Patel,” She met his hand with hers and smiled. “Much better grip this time.”

“Yea, this is my professional shake not the panicky one.”

“Well, don’t take this the wrong way, but when you were having your anxiety attack, you actually looked quiet adorable. It’s not everyday I get to see a grown man panicking.” She added teasingly.

“Thank you for taking my ego and tearing it to shreds, but I guess I deserved that one.” Akaash said. “Though you could have been a bit nicer before. You looked like you were about lash out at the next person who said anything to you.”

Sejal just looked at him for a moment and smiled broadly. “Yea I know, it’s just that if I smile at people and come across as friendly most guys just immediately start flirting with me. Especially Indians. Oh, don’t give me that look, you know what I’m taking about.” She continued.

“Yea, I do,” Akaash admitted. “Actually been guilty of that a few times myself.”

“Just a few times?” Sejal raised her eyebrows. “Well anyway, when I saw that I was sitting next to you, I just thought it would be better if I didn’t get friendly with you since this was long flight and I didn’t want to get uncomfortable.”

“I guess I can understand that,” Said Akaash, “Though I doubt you expected this to happena” and started laughing.

Sejal couldn’t help herself but had to laugh too.

“Ok, I’ll make a deal with you,” said Akaash, “I won’t flirt with you for the rest of the flight, but you have to agree that you won’t be so serious. Deal?”

“I can do that. Deal” Sejal smiled. “So what do you do?”

“I’m a graduate student, and I’m going to New Delhi for a conference.” Akaash Replied. “What about you?”

“Well I’m a project manager my firm and am going to meet some business consultants.” Sejal Replied. “What’s the conference about? Are you presenting or just attending?”

“The conference is on Nanotachnology and I have been invited to be a Keynote speaker.”

“Well, well, I’m honored to be sitting next to a brainic!” she smiled. “Nothing more appealing than an intellectual man,” she added with a twinkle.

“Thanks for the compliments,” said Akaash and felt him self blush a little.

Now that the ice was broken, Sejal and Akaash spent the next hour talking. Apparently Sejal was the same age as Akaash and had already done well for herself in the corporate world. She was one of the leading project managers in her company and was well on her way to the executive level.

“Beauty as well as brains.” Akaash had remarked sincerely to which Sejal said genuine heartfelt thanks.

It iddaa siteleri was obvious that the two were starting to share more than a conversation though neither was saying or doing anything about it. Half way through the flight, the cabin lights were dimmed to allow the passengers to sleep, but neither Sejal nor Akaash were feeling that desire.

When the flight hit turbulence again, Akaash immediately went into his panic mode, but this time Sejal held his hand in hers and for the first time in his life, Akaash could feel his anxiety going down. Sejal gently rubbed his hand with her fingers and his breathing slowed.

“It’s ok,” she whispered gently and Akaash opened his eyes and saw Sejal looking at him. She was not judging him as a coward, she was not making fun of him, and she was not belittling him. He realized that she was looking at him though the eyes of comfort, and caring. Her eyes were kind and nurturing, and while the plane was being rocked from side to side, Akaash felt nothing but peace flow through him.

Without turning his eyes away from hers, he gently lifted her hand still holding his own, and placed a soft kiss on her fingers.

“Thank you.” Akaash said.

“You’re welcome,” Sejal replied kindly.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t making a pass at you,” Akaash suddenly stammered, “it’s just that I’ve never been this comfortable in turbulence before.”

“I understand, so please don’t apologize,” Sejal replied. She noticed that Akaash was still holding her hand and was now gently caressing it. She didn’t mind at all, and was surprised that she was actually welcoming his touch. Akaash hands were strong yet they had a softness that made her shiver. Sejal was really attracted to his man and it was an unexpected experience for her.

Akaash was also feeling mixed emotions. He was touched and impressed by Sejal. He wanted to continue to behave like a gentleman but he also wanted to give into his desire to express his undeniable attracted to his woman. He turned his head and saw her looking at him. Her _expression was one that he was feeling. He leaned forward a little. She followed suite.

Looking into each other eyes resting on the edges of their seats in a dimly lit cabin, Akaash could smell her perfume. Sejal smelled as sensuous as she looked. The turbulence was forgotten, the other passengers were invisible, and there was no one else around but them.

Akaash took all the courage he had and leaned forward closing his eyes. He felt his lips touch hers. They were soft and moist and welcoming. Time froze for Akaash not knowing what would happen next. He dared not moved, not breathe, not think. Then he felt Sejal’s lips gently pressing on to his, giving into his kiss with equal trepidation and vigor.

Akaash kissed her again and pressed his lips harder giving into his held back desires. Sejal responds in kind by gently parting her lips and welcoming him. His tongue touched hers and she felt a surge of electricity flow through hers.

Akaash and Sejal were locked in their passionate kiss for a long while when finally they parted. They continued to look at each other then both of them took their blankets and covered themselves up. They looked around to confirm that the passengers in the cabin were indeed sleeping, and then locked in their passionate kiss again. This time the urgency was definitely evident in both of them.

Akaash reach under the blanket and slowly ran his hand over Sejals thighs. Sejal pushed back on his lips approvingly and gently ran her hand on his hair. Akaash slowly stared inching his hand up, gently caressing her inner thighs. He slipped his hand between her legs and moved his hand under her skirt. Sejal slowly eased her self off her seat and puller her skirt up allowing him free reign.

Akaash moved his fingers higher and higher up her thigh and could feel the heat on his finger tips. Sejal parted her legs some more and moved her hand down under the blanket and rested it on Akaash’s crotch and felt him get hand in his pants. She pressed her hand on his cock and he responded and rubbing his fingertips on her panties covered pussy. Sejal was getting very hot and her pussy was showing it. This was so unlike her, but she didn’t care. She started pushing her hips into his fingers wanted him to feel her.

Akaash slid his fingers inside her panties and felt a very wet slit greet his fingertips. As he ran his fingers up and down her welcoming slit, Sejal unzipped his hands and slipped her hand in to find a very hard cock straining to come out of his boxers. Akaash’s teasing fingers were arousing her to no end. She could feel her pussy respond by flooding is fingers with her juices. She was trying to push her pussy onto his fingers but Akaash was having none of that. He was a tease and she liked that.

Trying not to moan was one the hardest things either of them had had to do this instant. Akaash was loving teasing Sejal with his light touches and he could see her lust burning in her. Sejal’s hand of Akaash cock felt incredible. When deneme bonusu veren siteler Sejal took his cock out of this boxers and pulled it out of his pants, Akaash felt he could come right there, but did not want to point the moment and savor this Goddess as much as he could. Sejal started to slowly stroke his cock with her hand and Akaash’s cock responded by oozing out pre-cum down his shaft. Sejal simply rubbed it over his cock making is easier for her to pump his cock.

giving into Sejals vigor, Akaash slid one finger slowly into Sejals pussy and felt his finger almost burn from the heat.

“Oh, yea,” She sighed.

Encouraged, Akaash slid his finger deeper and felt the finger being sucked in. Sejal’s juices were seeping out of her pussy and Akaash slid another finger in and Sejals tensed momentarily as a shiver went through her. She closeed her legs over his fingers and squeezed her thighs drinding her pussy in her hand. She started to pump her ahnd up and down his bow very wet cock and was loosing her self in ecstasy.

“You have magical fingers,” she whispered.

“Your hand is doing wonders on me!” Akaash replied.

Sejal smiled lustfully and then surprised Akaash but slowly pully his finger out of her pussy with her other hand, and sliding down her seat. She crouched down completely and covered herself with the blanket. Akaash just looked at her in surprise when he felt her hot mouth on his very hard and very wet cock, he almost groaned like the lustful animal he was feeling.

He couldn’t believe that Sejal just bent over and pulled the blanket over her head and started giving a blow-job right there in the seat. The postion may not have been comfortable but Sejal was doing her best. He moved her head up and down sucking his cock as must as she could all the while pumping his shaft with her hand. He could feel the heat under there and realized that Sejal must be burning up.

Akaash was so aroused that She did not have to work very hard, sucking and masturbating before he exploded his load into her. He felt his balls contract and without warning blew his load right into Sejal’s mouth. Sejals seemed to be ready as she swallowed almost all of it. She continued to suck him till she had milked all his cum out and he had become soft. She got out of the blanked and Akaash noticed that a few drops of his cum had landed on her blouse.

Akaash was still in a daze when Sejal leaned close to his ear and said, “follow me to the Lavratory in one minute,” and got up to go to the lavatory.

A minute later, after check that the coast was clear, when Akaash opened the door on the left Sejal was ready for him. She had already unbuttoned her blouse and opened the front of her bra. He breasts were perfect and aroused. Her nipples were lighter than he imagined and bigger than he could have imagined. They stuck out almost an inch and the mere sight of them made Akaash’s mouth water.

His heart was racing faster then ever. He locked the door and grabbed her toward himself, kissing her with all his might. Sejal gracefully unbuckled his belt, loosened his pants and expertly reached inside his pants and began stroking his recently spent cock again. It started to harden to her now familiar touch again.

He lifted her skirt to her waist and pulled her soaking panties off. Sejal then put one leg on the side of the toilet and the other up by the sink. Akaash was so hard and Sejal was so wet that he was able to bury myself deep inside her in an instant.

“Oh God,” was all he could manage saying. “you feel incredible.” .

“Yea baby, fuck my pussy. See how wet you’ve made me” Sejal whispered back. Talking dirty had always been her weak point and she loved doing it.

Akaash was rocking back and forth and with each stroke both had to keep from yelling. He could see her juices tricking down his cock, more and more of which was coming out of her pussy with every hump. Sejal then backed away, sat on the toilet and began to kiss and suck his cock, occasionally sitting up and placing in her cleavage. Akaash could see his cock glistening with Sejal’s pussy juices and watching Sejal suck their combined juices off his cock make him swell even more so.

“We taste so good!” She said with a lust look.

Sejal then got up, put her ass on the edge of the sink, spread her legs and with just a little difficulty, slid Akaash’s cock deep in her extremely wet pussy. This woman loved her sex and Akaash loved her even more for it. He felt her pussy sucking his manhood from his cock with every stroke. Having cum just a little while ago, Akaash was in no fear of disappointing Sejal. She was working herself into a frenzy and Akaash was more than happy to please.

As Sejal balanced her self on the edge of the sink, Akaash fucked her pussy with a rage that made him forget all his fears. He reached forward and took her breast into his mouth. Her hard puffy nipples were getting darker in shades and Sejal was getting more and more aroused. He rolled his tongue around her nipple and gently bit on it. Sejal gasped, bit into her own hand to stop from screaming as her orgasm ripped through her! He pulled Akaash into her breast as her pussy milked Akaash’s buried cock through her orgasm. Sejal’s whole body shivered and trembled as the intensity of the waves of pleasure surprised even her.

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Lydia and Andrew Ch. 02

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When Lydia awoke the next morning, rays of sunlight penetrated the thin curtains of the window which was nearest her side of the bed. There was a strong tang of sex remaining; a pungent mix of body odour and stale cum, after the passionate lovemaking between her and Andrew the previous evening. Her mouth felt dry and she could still taste him on her tongue; the fruit of a blowjob which, she remembered fondly, had given Andrew particular pleasure. She could feel a large damp patch on the sheets between her legs. Evidence of the satisfaction Andrew had given her some hours earlier. She glanced at the radio alarm clock on the bedside dresser. It read 06:11AM. She didn’t normally waken until 8 o’clock. She turned her body so that she was facing him. He was fast asleep.

His thin chest heaved up and down . She reached her arm over and lay it gently across, pressing herself against him. She looked up and could see every feature of his face. His stubbled chin, his thinning brown hair which was fast receding, leaving his broad forehead exposed. She stretched a leg across his thigh and started to knead the fleshiness of his nuts with her knee, while still looking at his face. She saw a smile appear and moved her leg upwards slightly, so that her knee pinned his cock against his belly. She continued bedava bahis to rub against him until she felt his stickiness on her knee and upper thigh. She was wet. Soaking wet. She placed one arm on the other side of him and lifted herself over, so that she straddled his lower body.

Andrew stirred from his sleep as Lydia took hold of his hard on and lifted her body several inches before lowering herself gently, sighing as she felt his firm shaft pressing the lips of her cunt apart and slipping inside her.

“W-What you doing?”

“Sssshh….I couldn’t help myself. I want your cock so much,” replied Lydia as she rolled her hips, mashing her clit against his ball sack.

Andrew smiled, wrapping his hands round her buttocks and then her hips, pulling her towards him. Her upper body fell forward and she gripped the bedrails tightly as she leaned over him. She rolled her hips backwards and forwards, clenching his shaft tightly with her muscles.

“Oh…Oh fuck….,” Lydia gasped through clenched teeth, as she felt him stiffen inside her.

Andrew gripped her arse tightly and started shoving his hips upwards and driving his hard on fully into her drenched and sticky cunt.

The bed was starting to shake as they fucked ardently. Lydia looked casino siteleri down at Andrew’s face and could see that his mouth was open, his eyes screwed tightly shut. He was approaching climax. Then, like an express train, it hit her. She felt her eyes roll to the back of her head, her vision lost focus and she lost control over the movements of her hips. She lifted herself into an upright position, supporting herself with her hands on his belly, pounding herself up and down furiously on his cock and causing the mattress springs to creak so loudly that there was little doubt that Robert would be able to hear them having sex from his bedroom next door. She was gasping for breath, staccato intakes of air all she could manage as the initial waves of climax built into the full on surge of a mindblowing orgasm. As she squealed and moaned like a stuck pig, she could already hear Andrew grunting. They both came at the same time, her drenching his balls with her wetness at the same instant as she felt a succession of warm, sticky squirts of creamy spunk spurt up her cunt as he orgasmed inside her.

She slumped onto her back next to him. She could still feel a tingling itch between her thighs, as his cum oozed from her.

“I’d better go and have a shower,” said Lydia bahis siteleri softly, the after effects of a good shag, causing her to smile with pleasure.

“Yeah I’ll be in right after you,” responded Andrew.

Once they had both showered and dressed, Lydia walked through to Robert’s bedroom and wakened him. “Time for school!” she announced loudly.

Half an hour later, Andrew dropped Robert off at school before driving off to the school where Lydia worked several miles away.

“I really appreciate the lift,” she said as he stopped outside the gates.

Andrew smiled.

“I really appreciate last night. You’re a special woman.”

She smiled back coyly.

“Well thanks for saying so. I…well I just don’t want you to think that I sleep around that’s all. I don’t normally take a guy to bed on the first date”

“Please don’t think that. Like I say, I think more of you than that. I’d like to see you again. I’ll ring you. OK?”

“Yeah, OK,” Lydia replied, her smile widening slightly.

“You’d better get into work. Here – give me a kiss.”

She leaned towards him and felt the softness of his lips against hers, as he stroked her neck. A thousand shivers of pleasure rippled from her neck, where his fingers caressed her, down her chest, her abdomen and between her thighs. She let out a soft moan as she felt her heart pounding. Then their lips parted.

“I can’t wait to see you again,” she whispered in his ear.

Then she got out the car and strode towards the gates of the school, and into work.

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The Bad Girl Ch. 2

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This story is in a number of chapters. To help the reader, I will put the list of main characters before each chapter. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I would appreciate any comments you care to direct to me. But be fore warned, this story contains some watersports and incest. If these subjects are taboo with you, stop reading now. I have non-incest stories on another site.


Shirley-Spanked Pet
Teahshow-John’s Sister
Sylvia-Abused Girl
Janice-John’s Daughter
Master Lawrence
Mario-Teahshow’s son
Barbara-John’s wife, Janice’s mom
Martha-Janice’s friend
Mark & Jeff-college students

* * * * *

When Janice walked into her father’s bedroom he was just coming out of the shower wrapped in a bathrobe. On the bed, Janice saw a variety of instruments that she knew her father had used to punish her mother. There was a belt, hairbrush, and short whip with many strands, a paddle and a long stick with a leather patch on the end. Janice didn’t know what that one was for.

“Sometimes you will call me DADDY and sometimes you will call me John. I will tell you when to call me John. Right now young lady, you have some explaining to do. I told you that you would tell me everything in detail, that you did today.” Janice stood as her father sat in his padded straight-backed chair. He picked up his drink and took a sip.

Looking into the wall mirror she saw what she looked like. She was dressed in a black nighty top. Holes were placed to allow her tits to stick out and be exposed. She wore no panties but did wear a garter belt and black stockings. Her hairy bush was totally exposed to view. “Daddy I feel so nasty in this outfit. Can’t I put on something else?” John smiled a cool smile. “Considering what you did and have been doing, I think that you look appropriate. You act like a slut; I dress you like one and punish you for being one. Now begin!” Janice’s mind was racing. How much of what took place today should she tell him? Thinking back on what she did, she was afraid to tell the whole truth. “I see you trying to make up your mind as to what to tell me. If you lie, this will be the only time I ever touch you.”

Taking a deep breath, Janice began her tale of sordid sexual antics. “I got to Martha’s house at 8:oclock. Her parents had left to go south and see a sick relative. Being 18, they left her home alone to go to school. We had a drink and talked about the two boys that were coming over. Jeff and Mark are University students she met at a party. We have been seeing them and having sex with them for about two months. They came over about 9 and we had some more drinks. Jeff suggested that Martha and I make out to warm them up. Martha and I began to kiss and undress each other.

By the time we got down to bra and panties we were both hot. Martha’s fingers were friggin me and I wanted to cum! My fingers were up her twat and she was gushing juice down my hand. Jeff and Mark were calling us nasty names and jerking their dicks. They told us to suck the juice off our fingers. Then they made us suck each other until we came. After that they made us suck their cocks. Martha was sucking Jeff and I had Mark’s dick in my mouth. Then they had us switch. They made us stop saying they didn’t want to cum just yet. We had some more to drink. I was pretty high by then and Martha was more drunk then me. Jeff pulled Martha on his lap and stuck his dick up her twat. I sucked Mark as he fingered Martha’s butt. Then he got up and got behind Martha. Holding her hips he shoved his dick up her ass. Martha was crying out as they fucked her but when they asked her if she wanted them to stop, she said she didn’t want them to. Mark pulled out and tried to make me suck him but I made him go into the bathroom and wash off his dick.

By the time he came back, Martha was cumming and so was Jeff. Jeff pushed Martha off him and made me suck his dick first, them lick and suck his cum from Martha’s cunt.” John was watching his daughter as she talked. He could tell she was getting excited as she told her story. He could see how she flexed her thigh muscles to squeeze her cunt as she stood before him. He felt his dick throb and had to control his desire to tear into her soft flesh right then. “How long have you and Martha been having sex with each other?” The question caught Janice off guard. Blinking her eyes she gulped. “About two years”, Janice answered meekly. “You’ll tell me about that another time. Now come here.” When Janice got close, John pushed his hand between her thighs and rubbed her swollen pussy lips. Her excitement was noticeable from the amount of juice that coated his fingers. John’s hand was covered with her juice. Janice moaned as her father’s fingers found and stroked her enlarged clit. John was surprised at the size of her clit. “I guess Martha’s sucking on your clit has it so big. I’ll find out later how big your sucking has her clit. Now continue with this tale of your being illegal bahis such an easy slut.”

“Mark pushed me to the floor and pushed my legs open wide. He began to fuck me slow. He kept pushing in all the way making me cry out as he hit bottom. After he did that for a long time he pulled out. Martha came over and got down on her knees. She pushed my legs open and licked and sucked my pussy. She loves to lick and suck me. Mark put me on my hands and knees with my head on the couch. He got behind me and entered my pussy from the back. He fucked me hard then pulled out. I felt him pulling my butt cheeks apart and I know I screamed as he shoved his fat dick up my ass. He fucked me so hard. I cried and begged him to stop, but he wouldn’t stop.

He came in my butt then pulled out. He grabbed Martha by the hair and held her head as he made her lick my butt hole. Martha’s tongue was licking in and out, pushing into my butt and it felt so good I didn’t want it to stop. The guys stayed until about 2 and during that time they made Martha and me do all kinds of things to them and to each other.” John looked at his daughter. Up till now he had always viewed her as so innocent, this new knowledge that she not only made love to her girlfriend regularly but that she let herself be treated like some cheap whore and loved it made him angry. But is also had him so excited that nothing was going to stop him from fucking her now.

“Well young lady, you have shown yourself to be a cheap easy fuck. I will let my punishment fit your crime. I will also punish Martha for her actions. As for Jeff and Mark, you are forbidden to ever see them again. You will invite them over here tomorrow on the pretext that you and Martha have the house to yourselves. You will invite Martha and tell her she must come. Now, get ready for your punishment.” John picked up the brush.

He motioned for Janice to come and lay over his lap. Janice did as she was told and her father raised the nighty so that her bare butt was exposed. John spent a few seconds just rubbing her round globes. Just when Janice started to relax, SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Her father’s hand crashed down on her butt. “Oh daddy please!” she cried. . SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The brush landed first on one cheek then the other. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

“I’m sorry! Please no more!” Janice cried. John stopped and began to rub her butt. He could feel the heat from his spanking and this excited him more. He allowed his hand to rub between her legs. Janice was wet, very wet. “You beg for me to stop, but just like your mother, your cunt is soaking wet from my spanking your butt. Well my nasty child, I’m just getting started. If you want me to do to you what I did to your mother and what I do to those other women, you had better learn to take much more than this.”

John didn’t stop rubbing her slit and she was now moving her hips to the rhythm of his probing fingers. “Oh yes daddy. I’ll take more. I want you to beat me. I was a very bad girl. Oh daddy! Your gonna make me cum if you don’t stop.” John worked faster. “I’ll make you cum all night. I’m gonna spank you till my arm gets tired. Then I’m going to push my dick up that tight butt of yours. You’ll see how I used to give it to your mother first hand.” Juice was coating John’s fingers. Janice was humping her butt, trying to push his fingers in deeper. “Yes daddy! Oh daddy! Fuck me daddy! Harder! Oh harder daddy! Faster! I’m cumming daddy. I’m cumming for you. Oh! Oh! IEEE” John felt the gush of her climax as she came over his fingers and hand. It was so much it spilled down his leg.

Grabbing his daughter, he pushed her to the bed. Throwing her onto her back he pushed her legs open and shoved his face between them. He licked and sucked, making the most obscene slurping noises as he did. Janice came again under the onslaught of his probing tongue. Pushing her onto her stomach, he began to rub her butt. “Such a fine sweet ass you have. I’m going to enjoy teaching you how to take all of my fat cock up into it. How often do you and Martha make love to each other? What do you do to each other?” His hands rubbing her sore butt took some of the sting away. As his fingers touched her pussy lips, Janice began to feel that special heat between her legs. She spread open even wider to give him easier access to her tender slit. “Oh daddy that feels good. Most of the time when we get together we will do something. Martha can’t seem to get enough. Sometimes we will just frig each other. She sometimes tries to use a rubber dick on me. I let her do it once but she was too rough and I was sore for a week. Most of the time she makes me use it on her. She takes it in both holes. Oh daddy I’m gonna cum again.”

” Do you fuck any other girls?” Janice was working herself up good. John pulled his hand from her cunt. “No daddy not yet. Let me cum, please.”

” Answer me and maybe I’ll let you cum. Have you done it casino siteleri with any other girls?” Janice was breathing fast and heavy. “Oh daddy”, she whined. “Only one other girl. A Chinese girl Martha knows. She was over Martha’s house. We tied her up on her back on the bed and she had to lick both of us till we came. Then we used dildos in both her holes until she came. Martha kept her tied and kept fucking her until she pissed all over the bed. Daddy make me cum now. Make me cum now, please.”

John got up and picked up his drink. “Make yourself cum. Go ahead and do it while I watch.” Janice rolled over and shoved her hands between her legs. Fast and hard she rubbed herself. “Slow! Do it very slow. Pull your lips open so I can see how wet you get.” Janice smiled at her dad. “I’m soaking wet already.” She parted her lips and John was able to see her gaping hole. The juice was running out of her slit and rolling down between her thighs. Slowly Janice worked her fingers.

She was no stranger to masturbation. Many nights this was how she put herself to sleep. She watched as her father began to slowly stroke his huge cock. “Watch daddy, see how my fingers tease my clit. Martha taught me just how to do it. Oh daddy I can’t stop it. Oh fuck! Oh shit. YEA! YEA! OH YES! YES! YES! IEEE!” Janice shuddered to a real strong orgasm. She lay there trying to catch her breath as her father mesmerized by his daughter’s wanton display slowly stroked his dick. John ran into the bathroom and Janice heard the shower run. Her father’s loud cry startled her. He came out dripping wet. “You almost made me cum. I had to get under the cold water to stop myself.” He gave her his glass and she took a sip. The harsh taste burned her mouth. “How can you drink that stuff. It taste like gasoline.”

” What do you and Martha drink”, he asked? “Martha makes this rum punch. It has a good sweet taste and before you know it you’re wasted. That’s what we drank whenever the guys would meet us.” Janice looked up at her father after her statement.

John just nodded his head. “OK, up on your hands and knees. It’s time for the second part of your punishment.” Janice sighed and got up onto her hands and knees. “Daddy! My behind is really sore. Can’t we just let the spanking with the brush be it? I really want you to make love to me like I was your wife now.” John rubbed Janice’s butt. His hands molded and massaged and squeezed her soft flesh. “I will rarely make love to you the usual way. I will however make love to your butt. I’m afraid of getting you pregnant so most of our fucking will be with me shoving my dick up your ass.” John picked up the paddle. He rubbed it against Janice’s butt then let fly a hard SMACK! “IEEE! Daddy that hurts!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Oh daddy please, not so hard.”

“Will” SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “You”. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Let other”. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Boys fuck you again” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! . SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “No daddy I promise! The only one who will fuck me from now on is you. Oh daddy please stop.” John stopped. Janice was lying on the bed, tears rolling down her face. Her sobs caused her body to shake. John rubbed her butt. Roughly he pushed her legs open. He began to finger her twat. Her sobs turned to moans. When Janice lifted her butt up to give him freer access, he pushed his middle finger which was wet from her juice into her tight puckered hole.

“Oh daddy”, she moaned. “You’re pushing your finger up my ass. Yes daddy. Frig it. Fuck me with your finger. Oh deeper daddy.” Hearing his little girl ask for more anal penetration, pushed John’s passion to the limit. He stopped and pulled a condom from the drawer. Janice, seeing him roll it on, grew scared. “Oh daddy I won’t be able to take you up my butt. You’re huge. You’ll split me in two.” John’s hand snapped out too quick for Janice to react. The sharp sting of his palm hitting her butt quieted her protest.

John scooped up a glob of Vaseline and began to coat his condom covered, throbbing dick. “At first your mother protested. Then she gave in, but only endured my style of sex. Then she began to like it.” As he spoke John was slowly working his fingers up into Janice’s butt hole. What Janice didn’t realize was that he was really greasing her up good with the Vaseline. “Oh daddy that feels good. Yes go slow just like that”, Janice moaned, as she rotated her butt in the air. “Soon after”, John continued, “she began to love it and even ask me to punish her. Then she couldn’t get enough and wanted it all the time. I couldn’t satisfy her enough so she began going out and letting other men and women satisfy her.” John’s fingering was getting more aggressive. Janice’s excitement was also building.

“Ugh! Ugh!” Janice grunted as her father’s fingers hammered her hole. John looked down and marveled at the way his daughter’s asshole clung to his pumping fingers. Janice, to her credit, was humping her ass poker siteleri back as he pushed his fingers deeper. “Yes! Yes! Work those fingers deep in my ass. Oh daddy yes! Give it to me!” John pulled his fingers out and spread her cheeks wide. He gazed down at her glistening hole. All round and tightly closed and the idea of him pushing his massive cock into such a tight hole made his dick throb even more. Using his fingers to guide his cockhead to her hole he pushed it against the opening. Then once again spreading her cheeks wide, he watched as he pushed it in. Meeting resistance from Janice’s fear of his size and her failure to relax he pushed harder.

As the head of John’s cock pushed past her muscles and slid in Janice cried out. “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Easy! Easy! Easy! Oh it’s too big daddy. I can’t take it.” Knowing that he had to go exceptionally slow, John stopped and gave her a chance to catch her breath and get used to his size. “Did you cry like that this afternoon when Mark and Jeff fucked you up the ass?” Janice was breathing through her mouth and moaning. “Daddy they were not half as big as you. Please stop and take it out. Spank me all you want, but I can’t take that up my ass. Put it in my pussy instead.” John felt his dick throb and each time it did Janice would twitch and moan. “OK! I guess I will have to continue going to my prostitutes. At least they know how to satisfy me. They give me what I need.”

” NO!” Janice shouted. “Your mine and I won’t share you with no slimy prostitute. I’ll take it daddy. Just please go real slow.” John smiled. Spreading her cheeks so he could watch the progress of his cock’s entry into his daughter’s ass, he began to rock ever so slowly. Inch by agonizing inch he worked it slow up her butt. He wanted to shove all eight inches into her but knew that at this point she would never take it and he could damage her badly. After about four fat inches were lodged into her he began to rock slowly. “Oh baby! You look just like your mother did when I would pump this cock up her ass. You should see how tightly your hole clings to my meat as I pull back.” Janice was moaning and groaning as her father fucked her butt slowly. “Will you, will you tell me about it?”

“Tell you about what”, he answered. “Tell me how you used to fuck mom. Tell me the entire nasty thing you would do to her. Tell me how she acted. Tell me what she used to say. And tell me about what you do to the prostitutes. Oh daddy, it’s starting to feel better. I think I can take just a little more.” John rocked his dick in a little more. “Oh shit! Daddy that dick is tearing my asshole open. How far are you going to fuck that monster into me.” John smacked her ass. “I don’t like your mouth young lady.”

Janice started to laugh. Her laughter grew until she was laughing uncontrollably. Not until her father lunged and pushed more dick into her already stuffed ass, making her scream did she stop. “What the hell is so funny?”

“If I tell you, you have to promise not to get mad.” Her father was silent but agreed after a few breaths. “Think about this daddy. I’m your daughter. I’m 18, and you have me on my hands and knees. You’re pushing a cock as big as a tree trunk up my ass and you smack me for using dirty words.” John saw the humor and began to laugh too. Then he began to slowly fuck his daughter. “That’s the way daddy, easy! What are you going to do to Martha? Will you fuck her too? I bet she could take this dick in any of her holes. I’ve used dildos as fat as you on her already. Yes daddy, a little faster. Oh daddy just a bit harder. I feel it. I’m taking more of you up my ass.”

John didn’t want to tell her that he was just working his dick faster and that he hadn’t pushed any more of his dick up her ass. He was holding onto her waist. “I’m going to spank Martha but I won’t fuck her. I will let you watch and when she leaves I’ll spank you again. I’m also going to make sure that those two boys never try to fuck the two of you again.” John fucked his baby a little faster and a little harder. “Oh fuck! Work that cock deeper in my ass daddy. Yes daddy! I’ll be good. I’ll be so good for you that you won’t want anyone else. Fuck me! Oh daddy you big dick fucker, cram all of the fantastic cock up my ass. Oh! I’m cumming daddy. I’m going to squirt my cum all over the place. Fuck! Oh Fuck! IEEE!” Hearing his daughter cumming started his own release. Grabbing her hard and making sure he still didn’t give her all of himself, he fucked her hard.

“Ugh! Ugh! Take it! Take it all!” John felt his cock explode harder than it had for any prostitute. Harder even than with his wife Barbara. Spent they both collapsed on the bed. After washing up John had Janice call Martha and tell her she had to come over tomorrow at 9am. That it was a matter of extreme importance. Martha agreed. Then she called the two boys and told them her father would be out of town and to come by at 9:45. That her and Martha would be waiting for them. John massaged cold cream into Janice’s butt and after making her cum with his fingers up her cunt she sucked him till he came. They fell asleep in each other’s arms. Both had big smiles on their faces. Janice, the smile of sexual fulfillment, John the thoughts of what tomorrow would bring.

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The Antisocial One

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Tires squealed as a pale white sedan flew into the parking lot of the church the Miller family worshiped at. Amanda threw open her car door, snatching her son by the arm yanking him out from the back. She needed him gone. She had been longing for this week to fuck every single man on the cruise she had paid for, and she wasn’t about to allow her eighteen-year-old son to stay in her home all by himself.

“Mom?! I don’t want to go!” Tate moaned as his mother shoved his duffle bag into his arms, roughly placing his sleeping bag on top of it.

“I don’t care if you do or don’t! You live in my house you will do as I say!” Amanda growled turning him around pushing him towards to the church bus as the youth group gathered to board it.

“But I’m not Christian,” Tate pleaded. He had no wish to be trapped in that metal tube, nor around so many people.

“I don’t give a damn! It would be good for you, and you can keep an eye on your sisters while you are away. A boy your age shouldn’t be alone so much, it’s not natural,” Amanda said seeing her daughters mingling around their group of friends. “Either participate or don’t but you are not staying in my house alone.”

“Whatever. You just want to screw everyone…,” Tate’s head rocked to the side, his dark hued sunglasses hung off of one ear from the slap across his face. His mother spouted off constantly about God and the bible and yet he knew of all the men she slept with. It wasn’t that hard to notice the odd cologne in his home every time he came home from school.

“Mom? Tate? What are the two of you doing here?” Becky asked with her younger sister in tow. She had asked her brother to join them given this would be her first year as a counselor at the camp, yet Tate was adamant that he wanted nothing to do with it. Ever since they were younger she noticed how he always shied away from people, always alone never really growing close to anyone except for them and two very rare people in her brother’s life.

“Tate will be joining you, I’m going out of town I won’t be back until next Sunday. So you will have to drive your siblings home once you all get back. I don’t care if he does anything I just want him out of the house,” Amanda said as she opened the driver side door.

“Tate!” Cindy cried joyfully as she threw her arms around her brother as Tate fixed his glasses hiding those deep cobalt eyes of his.

“Tate you might as well come on, the bus is about to leave,” Becky said tugging on his shirt sleeve. Wondering why there was a small padlock on his bookbag that held the zippers closed. “Did you bring your medication?” she asked not wishing to be that far removed from the nearest town if he was off his medication. The one time and only time she had saw him off of his meds was when he had two boys moaning in pain on the ground and another who was about to have his arm broken when they tried something with Cindy whatever that was. Cindy would never tell her even to this day.

“Yes sis,” Tate groaned.

“Good. We wouldn’t want a repeat like the last time, and you don’t want Mom to put you in that ward again,” Becky said motherly rubbing his back. She knew how hypocritical her mother was, and how poor of a mother she was to them, so she took it upon herself to fill that void for her brother and sister.

“Let her try,” Tate huffed. None of them knew of the plans he had, if his mother hadn’t rushed him off this morning he be looking for a new place to live. None of them knew what he has been doing when he was alone in his room which he had to admit was every day. Then again, that is how he had put out a series of books in such a short time. He loved it. It gave him away to escape from his life and go live in the worlds he had created if even for a short time.

“Tate you are going to love it!” Cindy said tossing her arms into the air.

“Not likely to many people,” Tate said eyeing the heads that filled the windows.

“Tate not everyone is bad, why don’t you give them a chance?” Becky asked as they stepped onto the bus. She could feel that eye roll of his. That always happened when she brought up the subject. “Just think about it okay,” she said before her brother moved off to the rear of the bus. Noticing how the other youth group members scurried out of the seats near the one Tate had taken. Then to her younger sister as she plopped down next to her friends chatting away. Becky wanted to bring her brother into her world, yet it appeared her youth group wasn’t giving Tate a chance. Not that she could blame them he had earned quite the reputation. It was one of the reasons he never came to church any more.

The sound of keys tapped away as Tate listened to the sound files of the audiobooks he currently had in production while he worked on the final book in his fantasy series. Nodding along enjoying how the male narrator was telling his tale. However, that came to a stop as his phone rang, pulling out his earbud as he saw the number for his agent. Wondering why Jacob would be calling him?

“Hello?” Tate answered ignoring how all their heads turned towards him. “Yeah, I can illegal bahis talk, what’s going on? What! No way!” he yelled joyously he had been waiting for this call once his agent told him about it.

“Dude?! No phones!” Jack – the hot shot jock and all-around good boy – said as he rose from his seat.

“Give me one second Jacob,” Tate said muting the microphone before turning his attention to Jack. “Then you have to take away everyone else’s since obviously you ignore all the pings and dings from the text messages they are sending; or is it just me that’s actually using what a phone is made for, or it’s me – personally – you have a problem with? Now if you excuse me I’m on an important business call,” he said shooing Jack off.

“No wonder you don’t have any friends,” Jack sneered.

“All my friends are dead,” Tate said darkly. Which was true, having lost their lives when their father drove drunk one night flipping the dune buggy he was driving, killing his two only friends while the man himself walked away without a scratch. That night once he had learned of the crash that was when he had lost his faith. “You still there Jacob?” he asked unmuting the mic. Noticing how his older sister pinched her nose and shook her head at the same time. “Yeah, sorry about that, you were saying? Next Wednesday? Yeah sure, that shouldn’t be a problem, oh you got that covered? Sweet thanks! Wouldn’t know where to find a good hotel in Los Angeles. So want me to fly out Tuesday or early Wednesday?” Tate asked quickly opening up Edge on his Surface searching for flights to LA next week. “Yeah, I don’t have a problem with flying in Tuesday,” he nodded as he compared prices on a first-class round-trip ticket. “I’ll see you then Jacob,” Tate said hanging up his phone once he had bought his ticket.

“Tate?” Becky said as she walked down the aisle feeling her sister at her back as she neared his seat. Watching how he looked up with his earbud in hand about to reinsert it into his ear. Arching an eyebrow when she saw his Surface Pro 4. She had been wanting one when the first Surface came out. She knew it would be perfect for her to take to her college classes, yet the price tag for them were too steep for her to afford. Yet the question remanded, how could her brother afford one when she could not? Watching how he quickly powered off the device hiding whatever was on the screen.

“What is it sis?” Tate asked wishing for this week to fly by.

“What’s this about you going to LA?” Becky asked standing in the aisle blocking his escape.

“Cool laptop,” Cindy said peering over the back of the seat that she knelt on. “Where did you get it? You didn’t steal it did you?”

“No,” Tate said glancing at her, “I bought it at that small electronic store in town a few months ago.”

“Answer the question Tate,” Becky said sternly.

“Why? I thought it was self-explanatory,” Tate said looking up at his older sister.

“Tate just tell me why LA?” Becky asked sitting down on the seat across from him.

“I thought I take a summer long vacation from Mom, and a couple thousand miles away from one another sounds nice, don’t ya think? Plus, never been to the west coast I thought I’d check it out.”

“Tate don’t lie to me,” Becky said crossing her arms, “you don’t speak that kindly to anyone.”

“What?! I do too, when I feel like it.”

“No you don’t, well except for us, the rest of the time you are an ass to everyone,” Cindy said, she too was curious as to why the trip to LA.

“Whatever,” Tate said rolling his eyes.

“Fine, if you won’t tell me,” Becky said snatching the earbuds from his ear. A gasp resounded as she listened to that deep male voice. She knew that passage, she knew it by heart. She had no idea it had been transcribed to audio. She wasn’t ashamed to say she stalked the author’s Facebook author page, nor was she ashamed to say she ran the largest fan-based page for that series. She even dressed up as Gwendolyn whenever she went larping.

“I want to listen too!” Cindy said beating her hands against the seat. “What’s this?” she asked confused her mind racing trying to remember where she heard those words before. Given how they didn’t have much she had borrowed some of her sister’s books from time to time to keep the boredom at bay.

“It’s chapter three from Xin: The Rise of Darkness,” Becky said matter-of-fact. “There has to be more!” she hissed with the audio file stopped. Snatching her brother’s phone off from atop of his bag, she figured out long ago the password he used to unlock his phone. She only broke into it to check on him since he never talked about how he was feeling. Once she found nothing she would quickly powered off his phone. That was the only time she would ever invade his privacy like that, until now.

“Guess I’m going to have to change that,” Tate said taking back his phone.

“Please Tate, can I listen to the whole thing?!” Becky pleaded with her brother.

“Yes, you got to let us,” Cindy said nodding in support.

“But can we put it on its own playlist, so we can listen casino siteleri uninterrupted?” Becky asked laying her hands on his forearm. She knew she and Cindy were the only ones that could actually touch Tate without getting that ugly scowl that marred his face when someone he didn’t know touched him in such a manner.

“You know I only have the first three chapters, right?”

“So! I love this book! Plus how did you get it anyway?” Becky asked watching as Tate made a playlist for her.

“Umm…,” Tate stuttered quickly pushing the play button hoping it would distract his sister only to watch as she paused it.

“Tate answer the question,” Becky said in the same motherly voice she used whenever he got out of line. Smiling when she saw his shoulders sagging knowing she had won.

“Keep this a secret from everyone, I don’t want anyone to know – namely Mom. You know what she would do if she knew especially when I have money,” Tate said wishing to keep his mother’s money-grubbing fingers off of his coin. “I won’t tell you until you do.”

“Tate you know we won’t,” Becky said slipping her hand into his. Watching as he pulled the keyboard off, tilting the device to the side as he typed in his password. Laying the Surface on her lap “Xin” staring up at her in bold face letters. Her finger moving the page up her left hand flying to her mouth.

“Becky isn’t that…?”

“Yes, it is, Tate how can you have this? How can you have an unedited word document for the fifth book?”

“Think about it sis,” Tate sighed.

“Then you are…?”

“The author,” Tate whispered.

“That’s so cool!” Cindy squealed.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Becky asked throwing her arms around his neck.

“I thought I already said as to why,” Tate said blowing his sister’s brunette hair out of his face.

“But you could have told us,” Cindy whispered.

“Umm, I’m antisocial I’m not in the habit of divulging such things unless I’m asked sis,” Tate said wondering why Becky’s hug was lasting longer than usual.

“Yet I asked why are you going to LA? So spilt it brother,” Becky said pushing away from him. Praying that he never saw that rather skimpy Gwendolyn photo she had submitted to his page.

“I’m going to finalize the deal to make the first one into a movie,” Tate said in a hushed whisper.

“No way!” Cindy whispered in awe.

“Yeah,” Tate said blushing hard.

“You do realize, we are going to have to go with you now,” Becky said taking hold of his hands. “You perfectly well can’t go to LA alone. Your beloved sisters need to be there with you,” she said nodding.

“Yes, yes, we so need to go with you,” Cindy said nodding in support.

“But I already bought my ticket,” Tate groaned in annoyance.

“Then you will buy two more for your loving, caring sisters,” Becky said narrowing her eyes. She wanted to be there at the ground floor of this grand adventure of his.

“Mmmhmm,” Cindy said nodding her head.

“Fine,” Tate sighed he might dislike people and mankind in general, yet he did love his sisters. “There happy, first class all the way,” he said rolling his eyes at his sisters vehement nods and broad smiles.

“So how long will you be in LA?” Becky asked hiding the pride she felt for her brother.

“Don’t really know,” Tate said scratching his chin, “however, long to it takes to negotiate the contract, I know a tour of the studio is in the mix.”

“You so got to take us with you!” Cindy said trying to keep her voice to a whisper.

“Oh yes, you must,” Becky nodded causing her hair to become a skewed. Quickly looking down at her watch knowing she had to get back to the other counselors. “When we get to camp, and after I get the girls settled you will indulge your sisters in allowing us unrestricted access to all the audiobooks you had made and,” she said leaning into her brother, “you will let us read the newest book,” her lips brushing against Tate’s ear as she whispered.

“You can listen all you want, but you aren’t reading it,” Tate said, he allowed no one to read one of his stories when it hasn’t been finished yet.

“Tate?” Cindy said bending over the back of the seat allowing her breasts to dangle over it. Knowing how her shirt was hanging open which she didn’t mind this was her brother. He was the only one worthy she felt to see them. “Will you please let us read it? You know we would never spill the beans on what’s in it,” Cindy said ever since they were kids the three of them had a unique connection. She and Becky knew how sweet Tate could be, even if he didn’t like crowds, parties, or anything that dealt with large groups. Tate would whine, huff and yet he would go all because they had asked him. It might not be what normal siblings might do, yet their childhoods weren’t normal. They had to lean on each other when their mother was bed hopping; and what happened when those boys tried to assault her, while she saw a side of her brother she never wanted to see again, yet it made her love him all the more for it.

“Fine. All right,” poker siteleri Tate groaned hating how they could so easily erode his resolve. “Sis, you know I’m moving out right?” he said peering over the rim of his glasses as Becky started to move back to her seat.

Becky kept her shock from showing. Could she learn to live without his daily presence in her life? To know that when she had a terrible day Tate wouldn’t be there to listen to her complain. To hear those odd, cold, logical words of his when she let her emotions cloud her judgement. He was the one that kept her from quitting a well-paying job. Without that job she knew she wouldn’t be able to attend these summer camps any longer, and she loved her company for it. What if her brother stopped taking his medication? She knew only she and Cindy could get through to him when he was in such a state. She didn’t know what she would do if Tate was locked away for good. Retaking her seat lost in thought unaware that Jack was talking to her.

“Hey!” Jack said tugging on Becky’s sleeve. He’s been trying to get her into his bed for the past five summers and yet she always blew him off. However, that wouldn’t stop him that only made him want Becky even more. “Didn’t you hear me?”

“What? No, sorry,” Becky said not looking at him.

“I asked that brother of yours isn’t going to make any friends if he doesn’t lose that attitude of his,” Jack said leaning over the aisle.

“He had friends they died, kind of hard for him to make new ones,” Becky said glancing over at him, “and what is it to you if he does or doesn’t make friends?”

“Hey, I’m just saying,” Jack said raising his hands in defense.

“Well, maybe he likes quality over quantity, and has yet to find those he wants to associate with?” Becky asked with a pointed look. She was tired of Jack constantly nipping at her heels. She knew his reputation at these camps. She wasn’t about to be another notch on his belt. She left that to those kinds of women that wanted to be used and not be loved like she yearned for.

“Hey, you stay out of what my brother does. You just worry about trying to score when most of us knows about what you are really like,” Cindy said cutting in. Jack bit down on his tongue as a round giggles filled the front of the bus.

“Maybe if you spread those legs you wouldn’t be such a bitch,” Jack said underneath his breath.

“You say something?” Becky asked with a pointed look arching an eyebrow.

“Not a word,” Jack muttered.

“Good. See that your tongue doesn’t get you into trouble,” Becky said before returning her mind back to her brother’s words. Pulling out her cell phone she needed to know where he was thinking of living. “Tate? Where were you thinking of moving to?” she asked sending her brother a text.

“The mountains. Less people around.” Biting her lip knowing it was four long hours away from their hometown and their mother.

“Does it have to be so far away?” Becky sent another text.

“Yeah, to keep Mom from trying to run my live and suck up every penny I have.”

“But Tate, if you are so far away then you won’t be able to see us,” Becky sent feeling her heart racing not wishing to let her brother go.

“You can come if you want, I’m not stopping you.”

“But our schools are here, me and Cindy simply can’t move four hours away. Can’t you please rethink this?” Becky pleaded hoping she could change his mind.

“*Sigh* Sis, that is why the phone was invented for.”

“But it’s not the same,” Becky sent with the sad face emoji. “It’s only for two more years can you wait until then? We can get an apartment if you really want to move out then we can move to the mountains.”


“Because I’m your sister, silly. *giggles* Shouldn’t older sisters always take care of their younger brother?” Becky couldn’t keep her smile from showing when Tate’s groan reached her.

“Fine,” Tate sent back with a grumpy emoji. “Once the two of you are done I’m gone, just so you are aware.”

“And that’s fine Tate I’d be more than happy to come with you.” Becky sent before pocketing her phone.

Tate shoved his Surface into his bag as the bus rambled down the gravel road that led to the camp proper. Scowling when all he could see was trees, grass, and the bellowing cloud of dust, yet no road that he could hitchhike from if he grew too tired of the nonsense they spouted. The lock clicking in place as a bouncing, cheerful, perky woman came bonding up the steps of the bus as the doors opened.

“Howdy campers! Who’s ready for wonderful week of summer camp?!” Tate rolled his eyes as the bus erupted into joyous cheers. He could already feel the headache forming. “For those that are new please follow your counselors to your cabins. Once you’re all squared away we have such lovely actives that each of you can enjoy. Now the big brass bell will ring once announcing the five-minute mark before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then it will ring twice when the meal is on. We do have a pool, but we also have a gentle lake if you want to swim. Be warn there will be no lifeguard in the more remote areas around the lake. So please, use the main beach if you want to swim there. That way we can ensure no one has an unpleasant experience here at Camp Wormwood.” Tate chuckled at the odd choice of name for a Christian summer camp.

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Late Bloomer Gets Lucky Ch. 07

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The next day Shera was hanging with my sister and a couple of other friends out in the yard. It was a very nice sunny day and everyone was enjoying the fresh air but I was in my room with the blind pulled down. My mother was in the kitchen as she always seemed to be, working away at whatever. I was the only one upstairs and heard someone come up the stairs and go into the washroom. When I heard the toilet flush and the sounds of the person leaving the washroom, I got up and looked to see that it was Shera. I opened my door wider and when she saw me, I put my finger to my lips and made a ‘shhhh’ and waved her into my room.

She was wearing a different pair of sweatpants than last night and a snug top with a light buttoned-down sweater over it. As she entered my room I swung the door closed behind her but didn’t close it fully.

I pulled Shera close and kissed her mouth. She kissed me back hungrily as I let my arms fall down to her ass. It felt so good just kneading and gently squeezing her ass as we kissed. My cock stuck right out in an obvious bulge as I was just wearing sweatshorts and a t shirt. I moved her hand to my bulge and she rubbed it as we kissed. My erection grew to full length and hardness in seconds as she stroked it while I groped at her tits and ass. I was plunging my tongue into her mouth as she panted into mine and I pulled my shorts and underwear down to free my boner. Shera’s hand clutched it and her breathing got much more intense as she began pulling it.

I pulled my mouth away from Shera’s and pushed her toward the floor. She shrunk down to get on her knees and just looked up at me then toward my full erection while she still maintained a grip on it. The head was fully engorged and clear fluid was slowly streaming from it, a couple of inches down the shaft already. I moved it toward her mouth and put a hand on her head. She opened her lips and took it into her warm mouth. God it was amazing! Her tongue slid around it and she sucked at it consuming every bit of the fluid that was running out of bonus veren siteler it. Shera let go of my rod and her arm just fell to her side.

Her eyes seemed glazed over almost like she was in some sort of trance but her mouth kept sucking and her tongue kept swirling and licking. I just kept pushing my cock in and out of her mouth and she panted and gasped around it. The stimulation was at maximum but accentuated by the fact that there were people very close by so I tried to stay tuned to hear if my mother or anyone else came upstairs. I wanted to have Shera but I didn’t want us to ‘get caught’.

I was pulling out of Shera’s mouth completely and as I would move to put my cock into her mouth again, I would move a little off target to bump her lips with the head. She always responded with a gasp that was a little more intense and would often swallow, especially when I would move off target enough so that the head of my rod slipped against her cheek or her chin or nose. She would mumble a syllable and swallow just as my cock head bumped her lips again and entered her accepting mouth. The longer this went on, the more chance there was of us getting discovered and I was vibrating, my adrenaline surging.

I pulled my rod from Shera’s mouth and lifted her from her knees. She wasn’t dead weight – she wouldn’t move on her own but when guided, would move in whatever direction she was being pushed or pulled. So, she stood as I pulled her up to her feet with little smacking sounds coming from her mouth. I led her toward the bed and positioned her facing it, brashly rubbing and squeezing her tits. I got behind her and pushed her torso gently down toward the bed while holding her hip with the other hand, slightly pulling up. I pushed her feet apart a little with my foot and there she was, bent at her waist, legs straight and face down on the bed.

I pulled her sweats and underwear down to her knees and there before me was a glorious sight. Her taught ass cheeks and little pink ass hole right bahis above her shaved clean pussy. She must have shaved it today! She didn’t have a lot of hair before but she didn’t have it shaved. Now it was completely bare. Her pussy lips were puffy and shiny. I wanted to fuck her so badly but I needed to appreciate this a little. I got right down and put my tongue on her pussy. It was wet and hot as I pushed my tongue right inside her vagina. I rubbed my mouth over her smooth flesh so perfectly shaven. With my tongue licking at her wet cunt and my nose right against her ass hole, I was about to explode with adrenaline as Shera panted and gasped.

I put my tongue flat against her ass hole and dragged across it slowly twice before I stood up and got situated behind her. I steadied my waving rod and pointed it at her pussy, then leaned in and placed it right at her opening. As I leaned in and entered her tight cunt I laid my chest againt her back and worked my hands under her. One to grope her tits and one to finger her clit. I pushed into her slowly but steadily, all of the way in with no pulling back. Shera’s pussy was tight but so wet that I didn’t have to pull back at all.

Shera breathed heavily as I tried to stroke her as hard as I could without the bed squeaking or banging against the wall. Her warmth and tightness were amazing on my throbbing cock and the feeling of her super smooth mound as I manipulated her clit was fantastic. I kept trying to fuck her hard but quietly and after only about 5 minutes of stabbing my cock into her I felt her spasm and her breathing got a little erratic. I kept my hand on her bare cunt moving my fingers side to side over her slippery clit but I lifted up and put my other hand down between her ass cheeks.

I rubbed Shera’s ass hole in little circular movements with my finger as I felt her contractions start pulsing on my hard cock and she gasped “Oh!” with every thrust. I stroked in and out of her as her orgasm finished, a wet kiss sound every time I pulled my deneme bonusu meat from her and another wet kiss sound as I plowed back into her.

Just as her contractions stopped I hissed in Shera’s ear “Ok. I need you on your knees again.” and I withdrew my wet rod from her and pulled her up off of the bed. I pushed her to her knees as she panted and I steered my jerking cock to her mouth. I held her face as my load started streaming into her mouth. She swallowed and sucked and panted as she managed all of the sperm that pulsed into her mouth in wet streams. Her tongue swirled as she swallowed and I felt her hot exhales on the base of my cock from her breathing out of her nose. “Yes Shera.” I whispered “Just like that.” as I felt the smaller squirts of my load getting thrown from my convulsing rod. She kept sucking until I was completely finished and continued to suck until I pulled my cock from her mouth. I would have loved to fuck her again but the chances of getting away with it in the situation were too risky.

After pulling my shorts back on I pulled Shera to her feet. I gently fondled her breasts before dropping down to get her sweatpants and dress her. I stopped at her bare, shaved pussy and licked her wet lips which she accompanied with a gasp. I kissed her on her bare mound and pulled her sweatpants up, straightening them. “My God Shera, you are amazing!” I whispered in her ear. I continued “I like that you shaved yourself. It’s beautiful.” I said before opening my door carefully and looking around. Not seeing anyone, I popped back inside and kissed Shera’s mouth.

“You might want to tidy up a little before you go back down, I messed you up a bit.” I kissed her mouth as I slid a hand down the back of her sweatpants and in between her ass cheeks. I wet my finger in her pussy before moving it to her little ass hole and pushing it inside. Her tight little hole held my finger as I kissed her. “Ok, let’s go.” I said and I led her to the bathroom with my finger still in her ass. I kissed her again in the bathroom as I pulled my finger from her hot hole and left her to freshen up to be with other people again. My cock was still hard so I wanted her to stay with me longer but the prospect of having someone find us out was just too much. I would have to wait before I could have more of her.

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Monica 53: DAMMIT DUTCH!

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(NOTE – I’m writing Lesbian interaction in this episode. Of course being a male I’m only giving this my best shot! I was in communication a few months back with someone to help guide me along concerning how to write lesbian actions and reactions properly without being offensive. They know who they are but I somehow misplaced their e-mail to continue our talks. Forgive my not remembering your names but please do get in touch with me again if I failed you in my approach. Hope I handled things properly.)


6:01 PM…late by one minute!

Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!


Coach Marion Murray answered the front door of her extravagant home already aggravated by who was on the other side. Shocked at seeing sweet young hottie Monica Gift outside on the welcome mat wearing only a red bow tied around her perfect body the lesbian jumped back smirking. So much for temperament!

“Special delivery!” Monica giggles then turns to kneel down and bend over, “Gotta sign for it on the big dark line. Might have to turn sideways when you do it though. Here, I can solve that.” Stretching out further on her side she hiked her ass in the air to emphasize her butt crack as the line mentioned. “Hope you have a pen. I know you don’t have an Is.” Now Marion was back to scowling, it didn’t last long. She knew Monica liked to rib her about being a lesbian even though in all reality Monica Gift could care less.

“Fucking A Gift! I hope my neighbors didn’t see you…uhhh?” Marion realized something important. “Where are your clothes by the way?” There were no bags or folded clothing on the sidewalk.

“Over at your next door neighbors. Bill’s a nice guy. He’s holding on to them until you’re done unraping me.” Not unwrapping!

“Who the fuck is Bill?”

“Bill Collector! I stuffed my clothes in your mailbox.” She laughed, “I even put the flag up. Almost said fag…you get the drift.”

“None of that!” Karla steps in behind her lover with a glass of red wine, Karla Hamilton was wearing a short robe and a studded pink collar around her neck that accented her shoulder length blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Marion in all black from slacks to button down silk shirt complimented only herself, she was not the dressy in fashion type. That was what Karla loved about her mate, she being a home interior decorator as an occupation confined her normal decorating endeavors in the home, not on her partner in crime. “It’s good to see you again Monica.”

“Hi Fluffy. Love the spiked collar. Cherry blossom robe is sexy too.”

“You told her my…pet name? So evil!” She kissed Marion on the cheek. “Come on in.”

“Kind of hard using a strap on to do that isn’t it?” Monica was testing her waters on what they could tolerate. She herself really didn’t have any desire to be bi-sexual but she was a woman of her word. Fort Lauderdale was not escaping her grasp.

“Say that when I sit on your fuckin’ face Gift.”

“Yikes! Don’t be asinine Marion.”

“Oh I’ll be givin’ that sweet ass of yours Baby’s full nine, ten even.”

“Don’t scare her.” Karla worried at her lovers aggressive overtone.

“Not even!” Monica rolled her eyes and wiggled on into their home exploring. “I have her by the ball gag.”

“Like hell you do. Come on Gift you’re just acting out to get your way with Janson. If he wasn’t so spineless in the long run you’d never get away with half your crap.”

“MARION!” Karla came to Monica’s defense. “Don’t…” A dark glare out of Marion and her pet fell silent. A glance at Monica let her know how sorry she was for her Mistress and her ruthless attitude.

“Don’t sweat it Fluff.” Monica twirled in step and marched over to Karla and reached her hand up under the micro robe, rubbing Karla’s bottom. “By 9:00 I’ll own you too.” Karla bulged her eyes at the confidence Monica possessed, if she were older it might feel genuine, but with their age gap being 13 years, Monica 18, Karla 31 the possibility of that was slim. Marion was right it was just an act, but one she was getting good at making real. “Dang! Now I know why the Coach calls you Fluffy.” Lifting the robe to check out Karla’s ass, one that had a nice meaty twerking shape with plenty of jiggle room. “Touch your toes.”

Marion scowled but found Karla’s reaction amusing enough to give her blessing. “You heard the mini Mistress…touch those bright red toenails.” An instant response from her true owner by choice and decision Karla held her wine glass in one hand and touched her left foot with the other. In her lurching over her crack expanded to reveal her butt pucker which looked well abused and a thick juicy labia.

“Wag that ass Fluff!” Doing so her cheeks danced as well as that flagging labia. “Damn Dutch!” Monica puckered at Marion, “With friends like yours who needs enemas.” Karla giggled at the girl’s assessment.

“We played around when she got home from work. I think you and your friends got my Mistress fired up.”

“Oh yeah? Tapping ole’ Janson’s bahis siteleri butthole rev your engines Marion?” The Coach winced at Monica with gnashed teeth. Murray had not revealed her actions at school to her pet lover.

“Don’t remind me Gift!” She frowned at Karla, “I…cut a deal. Trust me it wasn’t Lloyd to get me worked up.”

“Blame me! I suckered Dutch there into putting her baby thumb in the dam, not dame.”

“If you call me a dike I’m gonna feed you all that ribbon. Where did you get all that ribbon anyway, you raid your Momma’s Christmas supplies?”

“I did actually. My Mom is a holidayholic…alcoholic too. She’s huge on Christmas and Halloween.”

“I love decorating on the holidays too.” Karla remained touching her toes, neither Marion nor Monica had told her to stand up straight.

“I love the holidays even more. Especially when I make Fluffy here shovel snow wearing only her boots and Santa hat. Candy cane sticking out of her sexy ass.” Marion chuckled, Monica knew differently, it rarely snowed in central Florida. “Get up, you can bend over again later.” Sighing Karla stood erect and sipped her wine. Turning in step she embraced Monica with her free arm draping it over the girls shoulder.

“We’ve…fantasized about you since the car show. You should have brought your friend…the blond.”

“Lisa? I haven’t spoken to her since…” She decided it better not to tell them that she and her Father Aaron Gift had become swingers with Lisa and her man Michael. “…I do need to call her, not tonight though. Another time maybe? Let’s just get through this and see if I survive.”

“It’s really not that bad Monica. Women…know how to treat women.”

“That right Fluffy?” Monica chuckled. “Before we go any further I need Karla here to confirm that Fort Lauderdale trade off for Spring Break.”

“I have a key here at home should Marion and I ever want to take a weekend road trip.”

“We do?” Marion cocked a brow, “How come that’s the first I’ve heard about it? You sneaking off with another Bitch?”

“Nooooo! Well, if Monica’s free next weekend maybe.” Karla giggled and hugged Monica from the side. “Would you like some wine?”

“Uhhh? Underage drinker Fluff.” Marion grumbled.

“Does it matter? You and Big Baby are my designated drivers.”

“I guess that’s true. I’ll grab her a glass…only half full.” Why someone breaking laws would have a conscience over a glass of wine was beyond everyone. While Marion stepped away Karla escorted Monica into their living room. Taking a seat on the sofa to hug the left arm, Karla chose to put space between them and rest near the right arm of the couch. Sitting sideways Karla relaxed with her right leg up on the sofa cushion, exposing her cunt just to see Monica’s reaction. With a sip of her wine Karla then untied her robe and revealed her full frontal beauty.

“About time you came out of the closet.” Monica giggled sitting sideways just like Karla with her own pussy primed for a pleasurable study. Using her ribbon carefully she tugged it up between her labia as if hiding it. “I meant your robe.”

“You are so adorable. I love your sense of humor.”

“I just have fun busting Marion’s balls…I know they’re hiding somewhere.”

“Ben Wa Balls! She loves it when I put them in her. Just between you and me.”

“Cool! I have a hunch in the next three hours there’s going to be a lot to come between us.”

“If we don’t scare you off I’m certain. You do know we’re all friends here right?”

“I’m not stressed Fluffy. This is a learning experience. The only girl I’ve really been with is Lisa. Small things with my friends but never all the way like her. I’m into big dicks and handsome guys who…secret?”

“Of course!”

“I love being tossed around and held against my will. Turns me crazy horny.”

“That’s what I like about Marion, her aggressive side. She can be very loving too but I agree…make me beg.” She giggled, her foot extended across the sofa to caress Monica’s leg.


“Just…getting to know you better.”

“Oh! In that case.” Monica retreats her legs to move up on to her knees and crawl across the couch into Karla’s body. Kissing her dead on the lips Karla found herself curling her legs under Monica to draw her closer. Chest on chest they made out like bandits. Returning with two glasses of wine Marion noticed their head start. Hovering behind the sofa back she watched them and ended up drinking both glasses of wine during their steamy get to know one another moment…ten minute moments…Marion went to refill all three glasses having taken Karla’s before she lost her grip on it. Hand freed it was on!

Fingers went into play, Monica locating Karla’s pussy as they swirled tongues in French, Karla discovering Monica’s butt pucker and dipping delicately. Her response was to tense up and roll their breasts around one another with zest. The intensity of their fingering brought Karla to a quick and greedy climax, Monica was rather proud of that outcome. Karla was very beautiful canlı bahis siteleri even being older. Monica of course was cute and youthful in every way. It was no wonder guys were chasing her like rabid dogs. Fingertips removed Monica fed Karla her juices discovering just how fond she was of her own taste. Returning the favor Karla brought her once embedded finger around to offer it to Monica. Knowing it was in her asshole she winced.

“I’ll pass.”

“More for me.” Karla licked her finger and rolled her eyes back at Monica’s sweet but flavorful taste. “Mmmm! Love it!”

“I haven’t quite got that into myself.” She laughed as Marion returned once again.

“You bitches done already?”

“Just getting started.” Monica winked. “Oooo! Wine!” Monica sat up on her knees and accepted her glass, Karla joining her. Once claimed Marion ventures to toast to an eventful evening. Glasses tapping to, “To taking Gift’s ass.”

“To taking Marion’s ass. Ever notice Man is inside MArioN?”

“Oh my god! She’s going to blister your bottom.” Karla snorts.

“Damn straight! I’m tired of all of your put downs over our sexual beliefs.”

“Oh chill out Dutch…at least I didn’t say Butch.”

“She does have a point.” Karla snickered.

“I have a point for you Bitch.”


“BITCH! Dammit Gift!” Growling Marion guzzled her wine and set her glass aside on a coffee table. With nothing in her hands she marched around the sofa and picked Monica up, Karla swiftly taking her glass to avoid a spill. Tossing her over her shoulder Monica laughed at Marion’s abrupt show of strength.

“HE and HER in HERcules…HercuLEZ!” Monica busted up. The antagonizing made Marion slap Monica’s ass enticing a yelp.

“I warned you.” Karla sat up and finished her wine in a single swallow.

“You’re no better. Hands and knees Fluffy.” Marion barked, “Lose that fucking flower garden.”

“She loves you, she loves you not!” Monica chuckled.

“Not helping Monica.” Karla couldn’t resist giggling even as she removed her robe abandoning it on the sofa. Easing to her hands and knees Karla found a shoe tapping her ass to get her moving.


“TO THE BEDROOM!” Monica blurted pointing at all directions having fun with her situation. Another harsh slap to her cheek sent Monica’s legs kicking in the air wildly. Following Karla’s wiggle all the way toward the bedroom Marion gripped Monica’s thigh and located fingertips toward her pussy. “That’s not the bedroom.” Two fingers deep digging around her ribbons Marion knuckled her cunt up between her cheeks, thumb probing her asshole at the same time. “SHIT! TO THE BOWLING ALLEY!” Even Marion had to chuckle.

“You know I’m gonna score Gift.”

“Wrong alley! Head out of my gutter.” Monica rambled laughing, “Pinnies for my thoughts!”

“Hold up Fluff.” Marion advised her pet to halt in the bedroom doorway. Dragging Monica from her shoulder Marion womanhandled Monica and literally made her sit on Karla’s back like a horse, her legs to both sides of her fancy ride. “Take our guest here to bed.”

“Giddy…YUP!” Monica grabbed Karla by her hair and drew her head back as if holding reins, her kneecaps gently pressing into the woman’s dirty blond frosted locks. Marion took the time away from keeping Monica prisoner to kick her shoes off and begin undressing. At home there was no need for any bra so her 38C’s were bouncy in transit. Shirt flung aside like discarding trash the Coach began to take her slacks off but only got as far as her top button, zipper withheld. As Karla reached their king size bed Marion whistled.

“Far enough Fluffy.” Retrieving Monica from her girls back Marion hurled Monica to the center of the bed, she bouncing on the black comforter. “Those red ribbons go with the blankets Fluff. I wonder if she has enough ribbon there to tie her to our bedposts.”

“If not I have plenty in my wardrobe.” Karla giggled.

“Please don’t hurt little ole’ me.” Monica pouted playfully, “I’m a virgin.”

“Whatever!” Marion chuckled as she snapped her fingers at Karla then pointed at her zipper. Rearing to her knees she put her hands behind her back and leaned in toward the inseam of her Mistress. Teeth locating the zipper tab Karla drug the zipper down as far as the track would go. Nuzzling into Marion’s pubes she smiled with adoration, also happy that she had groomed her Mistress the night before. If not Monica and her girls at school would have seen the forest for the tease, they already had. Petting Karla’s hair as her slacks were tugged down Marion was now as naked as the others. “Down to the tube socks.”

“You can wear one of those on your schlong!” Monica laughed.

“Oh no! I’m taking your holes baby back.” Marion smirked. “Fluff? Fetch!” In reaction Karla crawled away to a small box in the corner of her room, one designed with cute kittens on it. Face only Karla retrieved another strap on, the big thick dildo clenched between her lips, belts dangling with a jingle of metal buckles. Shuffling toward güvenilir bahis her Mistress Marion took it and patted the top of her head. “Good girl! You’re allowed on the furniture.” A point toward the bed Karla softly mewed and crawled on top of the mattress to curl up with Monica.

“Uhhh? I might just do that to Knave. The toy box thing that is. Cool beans Fluffy.”

“Meow!” Nails teased Monica’s belly.

“That’s bigger than Big Baby.”

“One in every room. Never know when I might wanna Jill Off.” Marion laughs. Instead of putting it on she sat it on the bed for later. Joining the ladies in bed Marion moved to Monica’s right side opposite Karla on the left. Untying Monica’s ribbons Marion pulled them away examining just how much length she had to work with. “Might be enough to tie your wrists. Fluff grab some scissors.” A swift roll out of bed Karla went to their bathroom linen closet for a sewing kit and brought back a small pair of material snips. Awaiting her with a length of ribbon between both knuckles Marion let Karla splice the ribbon into two pieces. Once done Karla placed her scissors on the end table next to their bed.

“I liked my ribbon outfit.”

“So did we Gift but the wrapping had to come off eventually. We like presents.”

Karla remained laying next to Monica while Marion bound Monica’s right wrist to one of the headboard ribs between larger posts, there was no reaching the post with what lengths she had to work with. Once snug Monica’s arm was outstretched over her head but outward atop pillows. Crawling over her waist Marion lay over Karla and cinched up Monica’s left wrist before having to stretch across Fluffy. In doing so Karla kissed Marion’s chest and wagged her tongue along her areola. It took awhile to tie Monica up, leaving Monica to roll her eyes.

“Let’s get this over with before I hurl.” Monica spoke in her mind. Observing the lovers enjoying themselves she decided to antagonize Marion by lifting her foot up and dig her toes up inside Marion’s butt crack as best she could with her waist twisting to compensate angles. Feeling a big toe in her wet snatch Marion grinned.

“That’s getting in the mood Gift. Just don’t cut my twat with a nail.”

“Hey! I’m letting you two nail me…only fair I nail you back.”

“I think Gift here is jealous Fluff.” Kissing her girl before departing Marion rolled back across Monica, her foot going with her until it slipped free of her crevice. Settling next to Monica with Karla on the flipside Marion just went for it sucking on Monica’s right nipple. Karla enjoyed the left one. Warm hands caressing Monica’s body made her arch her back and close her eyes. Picturing her friend Ryan on top of her saved her from torture. She missed her next door neighbor, friend, and ofttimes Master when he was in the mood. She needed to remind him of his…

“Shit! Why am I wanting Ryan when he and April are trying to sort out the pregnancy thing? Ugh! Kyle…yeah I’ll envision Ryan’s brother fucking me. Darn it! I keep forgetting to get in touch with him about that guy Dillon from the park. They go to the same college so maybe I can hang with Kyle if I can get a ride over there. Trouble is Mom won’t let me just disappear for a weekend. Great! Now I wonder if I’ll be able to go to Lauderdale even by doing this. Chance I take I guess.”

Leaving her moral dilemma Monica began moaning, as if that were impossible when they had her hormones worked up. “Brock Quinones it is. Keeping it in the family.” She whimpered as Marion moved down between Monica’s legs and began eating her out. “Speaking of family…I wonder if my dad is going to try and seduce me again?” Anything to get her mind off the Coach putting herself in. Truthfully Monica hated sports!

Karla continued kissing on Monica moving from her breasts down across her tummy with soft sensual pecks. Discovering goosebumps rising along with Monica’s hips Karla smiled and winked at Marion who peered over Monica’s bikini area at her girlfriend. A wiggle of brows let Karla know her Mistress was loving this young beauties cunt immensely. Gnawing at Monica’s clit brought a yelp from little Miss Gift.

Gripping Monica’s ankles Marion lifted her legs up over her torso and Karla’s head. Lowering her feasting angle Marion dug her tongue deep inside Monica’s vulva as far as she could go, “Wag that tongue Fluff.” Marion came up from air for a brief instant, Monica actually missing that tormenting tongue. Returning her face into Monica’s drenched cunt Marion left enough room for Karla to crawl across Monica in a 69 position, her pussy molding right across Monica’s yelping lips. “Picturing Lisa! Picturing Lisa!” Monica whined and just started licking Karla.

Karla expressing just how good Monica’s tongue was held off on lowering her chin toward Monica’s clitoris. With Marion giving her just enough room to share her dessert it took a moment to realize her dream. Once coping Karla sampled the girls clit, kissing it, tugging it, licking it, as her forehead touched her lovers. Basking in their unified efforts Marion prompted Karla to place her arms over Monica’s legs to hold her down across them. Abandoning Monica for the moment gave Karla more room to finger Monica’s pussy to keep her active. Monica wished her own hands were free, she might be finding some vacation spots herself. Fart Lauderdale?

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Three Ps

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I have been wearing panties for several years now. It started with my youngest sister’s panties years ago. Well, truth be told, my mother’s panties were the first pair that I ever had the pleasure of. But after that I had no choice but to enjoy my sister’s panties. To get her reaction, and let her know I was wearing her panties, I purposely staged a scene that would allow her to see me wearing her panties. My sister was cool with my panty wearing right from the beginning and did not object to me wearing her panties. We did little talk about it back then, but now we are both in our mid forties. I was visiting her home in Chicago this past weekend. We’ve never had any problems with seeing each other in just our panties or even partially nude. My sister only has one bathroom in her place and sometimes she’d be in there doing her make up or combing her hair when I turned the shower off. We had many casual conversations as I dried off in plain view of her. Another thing that I thoroughly enjoyed and didn’t think my sister was aware of was listening to and watching her when she peed. Whenever we were the only two at home we never closed doors, and that included the bathroom door when we took a leak. If I could not find an excuse to go in the bathroom and watch, I’d make sure I was within earshot. I loved the sound just as much as I enjoyed watching her do something so intimate.

For this past weekend’s visit, I arrived kind of late on Friday night. My sister, knowing it was me, opened the door wearing just her panties and high heel slippers. After exchanging hugs and me complimenting her red lace, high cut bikini panty, we both headed for our beds. Saturday morning I followed my nose, lead by the smell of breakfast being prepared, right into the kitchen. I entered the kitchen to find my sister standing over the stove. Her back was turned to me. She was wearing a short, very pretty nylon robe and those same sexy slippers from the previous night. The robe was not completely sheer, but sheer enough to allow me to see that my sister was again wearing a very sexy panty under the robe that covered her 40+ ass just enough to make a man want to see the rest of it. My sister’s 40+ ass has the kind of shape that make a man’s heart stop. Her ass has the shape like the perfect upside down heart, and narrows drastically at her 24-inch waistline. From the side view, her ass bubbles out, filling her jeans and skirt as if the clothes were custom fit to her ass.

I made my way to the table and was just about to pull a chair out when my sister turned to get some more ingredients from the table. Facing me, I could see my sister’s 34DD, full, firm, and nicely rounded boobs, very clearly. The robe, though it had a belt to tie it closed, my sister did not have the belt tied so the robe was wide open. Her dark brown, full boobs, with the smooth as silk skin, were clearly visible and making my mouth water. My sister’s areolas are much more chocolate than her nipples, but they are not very big, in fact, her almost 3/4 length nipples are much longer then the roundness of her areolas. Her long, almost dime size nipples, looked to be almost as hard as my dick, that was doing it’s best to rip the seams of my sister’s lace panties that I found in her room and put on before I headed to the kitchen. As I enjoyed the view of my sister’s barely covered, sexy body she also looked me over. Pointing, she told me, “those panties are fairly new, if that thing trying to break out, rips them or stretches them out of shape you will buy me a new pair”.

Sis went about preparing breakfast. After putting everything on the table and saying grace, we got into some casual conversation. Talk about multi-tasking, I struggled to eat my food, look my sister in her face when she was talking to me, and staring at her gorgeous tits. One time I found myself staring really hard at my sister’s tits, and then unconsciously rubbing my dick through the pair of my sister’s lace panties that I had on. To get my attention, my sister cleared her throat.

Once my sister figured she had steered my attention from her tits and to her face, she locked eyes with me then asked if I still wear panties every day.


She asked me if I remembered the time she went panty shopping with me. It was actually shopping for me. We bought maybe 20 or thirty pair of panties that day from a store that was named Ventures. Ventures’ was a discount store like Kmart.

I told her that I would never forget that day.

I reminded her that even though we had gotten me my own panties I still wore her panties, my other sister’s and my mother’s panties as well.

I asked her if she remembered a time after we had finished high school. We were both up and getting ready for work. Our parents had left already, waking my sister and me before they left the house. I heard my sister’s footsteps as she headed for bahis siteleri the bathroom. I timed it perfectly so that I, in the nude, could make into her room as soon as she closed the bathroom door. Although she knew I was wearing her panties I seldom let her see me take them from her room.

On this morning I walked into her room, and no sooner got my sister’s panty drawer open when I heard the bathroom door open. I could not get out her room without her seeing me, so I hid behind her door. A lot of good that did me, my sister’s dresser faced her door and with the mirror on top she could easily see me hiding behind the door, nude. She grabbed a pair of pink panties that my mother had recently bought for her then left the room as if she had not seen me.

I asked my sister if she remembered walking into her room nude, going straight to her panty drawer, selecting a pink, satin high cut bikini then walking right out.?

She said she remembered that morning well.

I asked if she had seen me there?

“Yes I saw you behind my door.” “When I got into the bathroom I realized you’d be in my room getting a pair of panties to wear and I wanted to wear that pink panty.”

I knew she had to have seen me, but didn’t know she had came back to beat me to a pair of her panties.

We continued to talk.

My sister was full of questions this morning one after another.

The next question my sister asked was how many pair of panties I now have.

Over 700 panties, not including this panty. I pointed down to her sexy red lace panty that she was wearing when I arrived last night that was now covering my dick.

My sister looked down at my panty covered dick, then back up at me.

Before she could speak I told my sister that I was hoping to keep the panties I have on and also the sexy hi cut panty she is wearing. I was sure that the panty my sister was wearing came from Victoria’s Secret. I recalled seeing it in the most current catalog; I was looking at it on the plane.

My sister looked down at my dick again then commented that the front of the panty she is wearing would never be able to contain the erection that was bulging out her panties that I had on as I stared at her tits.

She asked, “is it the sight of my tits or my sexy panties that keeps your dick so hard?


I guess my answer was a bit too flat, my sister somewhat changed the subject.

She did most of the talking as I continued to struggle with that multi-tasking thing. Each time that my sister noticed that she did not have my full attention, because of my constant staring at her gorgeous, 34 DD, chocolate tits with the hard, even more chocolate nipples, she’d clear her throat and have me look her in the eye again.

When she had my attention again this time, she asked the question, the one question that she has never before asked. As she asked the question, it seemed like the words came off her lips, luscious lips I might add, one letter at a time. For many years I struggled with how I would answer the question whenever my sister got around to asking me.

Today it finally happened.

Why do you wear panties? She asked.

I sat and thought about my answer. Even though there was plenty of nudity between us and I know that she was the first to know that I wear panties, I don’t think she ever knew the reason why I wear panties. How could she. I mean, other than the drooling and staring, we had never had intercourse nor oral sex with each other and I have done my best not to make any sexual advances toward her.

Mustering up all my courage I came out and told her that I wear her panties because they are the next best thing to being inside her pussy.

The look on her face was priceless.

Then it was my turned to be shocked.

My sister, remaining in her seated position, opened her robe much wider than it already was, then hooked her thumbs into the pretty, lacy, panties that she was wearing and began to pull the panties off.

The shocker for me wasn’t just that she took the panties off but it was how she took them off. With her thumbs hooked into the panties she raised her 40+ ass just high enough to pull the panties past her ass onto her thighs. Never taking her eyes off of mine, my sister slowly pulled the panties down her thighs to her knees. Instead of bending over to pull the panties down, the biggest shock came when she pulled her knees up to her chest. With her legs bent at the knee, she just as slowly pulled the panties down her legs. Maintaining the eye contact, my sister pulled one of her pretty feet, covered in high heel sandals, out of the panties, then stopped to hook the panty on the tip of her other high heeled foot. Keeping one knee to her chest, she extended the leg with panty on her foot. As she did this she ran her hands up her canlı bahis siteleri thighs as she slowly spread them, exposing her completely bald and beautiful pussy to me. Her pussy lips were not exposed, but her entire area was nice and puffy, with some juice running down to her tightly puckered asshole.

My sister stopped her foot when it was pressing on the bulge trying to rip it’s way out of her panties that I was wearing. Using her foot and the panties she had just taken off to rub my rock hard, panty covered dick, she continued to rub her thighs with both her hands, keeping our eye contact.

She gave me time to adjust to the whole scene before eventually asking me to put on the panties she had just taken off.

I grabbed my sister’s foot, ran my hands up her legs as I raised her panty covered foot to my face and began to sniff the crotch of her panties. With her sexy panties that close to my face I could now feel the heat from her pussy and enjoy her sexy, wanton, aroma as I rubbed her leg. Using my tongue to explore the crotch of her sexy panties I was able to taste my sister’s sweet juices from her sexy panties.

Continuing to use my tongue, I pulled the panties closer to my mouth then used my lips and teeth to pull them into my mouth.

I scooted closer to my sister then and rested her foot on my chest as I rose up slightly off the chair to remove the panties I was wearing. My thick, extremely hard, dick practically jumped out of the panties and bounced like a diving board. I pulled the panties down low enough that I could slip them off. With my sister’s high heeled foot still resting on my chest, I raised my knees before taking her panties out of my mouth. I stayed in that position as I took the panties from my mouth to put them on. My sister and I never lost eye contact, and her high heel covered foot never left my chest, in fact, I leaned forward some more in order to increase the pressure of her heel into my chest.

I pulled on the panties my sister had taken off, stuffed my dick inside the panties, then resumed caressing my sister’s leg as far up as I could reach.

As I did this my sister spoke again. Now that you have my panties on, is that where you want to stop?

I was again shocked, but not too shocked that I was not able to notice the significant jolt of my dick that pushed out my sister’s panties far enough that my bulbous dickhead stuck out of the top of the panties.

My sister also noticed the reaction of my dick and the glistening of the string of precum that was now hanging from the tip of my dick.

Removing her foot from my chest, before I could respond to her question, my sister, leaned forward in her chair far enough to use her finger to catch the precum. She put that finger in her mouth and sucked on it like she was receiving the juice of life.. Without saying another word, while maintain eye contact, my sister slid off her chair, kneeled between my legs, opened her mouth, and in one slow motion took my entire dick into her mouth. She did not stop pulling my dick into her mouth until her nose was pushing against my hairless pubic area.

The next shock came when I felt her tongue, as she licked my balls, before she pulled back, releasing only half my dick before going forward again to repeat her previous action.

My sister did this once more, and then came back until only the head of my dick was in her mouth. She released my dick with a gentle pop, then licked her lips, before she started licking around my entire dick head.

I was still speechless and stayed that way as my sister stood up, straddled me as I sat in the chair, took my dick in one of her hands, pointed it at her pussy, then slowly, slowly, slowly, slid her wet, bald, hot, tight as a glove, pussy down on my now harder than steel dick.

After getting my dick all the way inside her pussy, my sister kissed me full on the lips, looked deeper into my eyes, and then asked if I prefer her pussy or her panties?

She didn’t give me a chance to answer the question, she answered it for me. Her answer was more of an ultimatum. You want to continue to wear my panties, the pussy and the rest of my body comes with them. Then she began to slowly ride my dick up and down, side to side, and any other way she could share her wonderful pussy with me.

As my sister was providing me one of the best pussy dick treatments I had ever experienced, I put one of her tits in my mouth and the other in both of my hands. I sucked and licked on my sister’s tit and fat nipple as if my life depended on it.

My sister whispered into my ear that she was cumming. With her mouth close to my ear I could feel her erotically warm breath on my ear as my sister moaned her orgasm. When her orgasm was completed my sister pushed her pussy all the way down on my dick and leaned forward, güvenilir bahis pressing her DD tits to my chest and hugging me.

We sat there silently, neither of us moving.

I could feel the warmth of my sister’s breath on my neck. I also got the pleasure of feeling the warmth of her hot pussy juice running down my hairless balls and soaking my sister’s panties that had been pushed down under my balls. .

I had not cum so my dick remained fully erect, wrapped in my sister’s hot pussy.

Reaching behind her, my sister touched my hands that were wrapped around her back, and then guided them down until my hands were on her ass cheeks. I took the hint that she wanted me to rub the firm, smooth, cheeks of her 40+ ass.

It was my pleasure.

Putting her arms around me, my sister started caressing my back moving up and down, mostly in a downward motion. When she reached the waist band of the panties she slipped a finger from each hand inside the waist and rubbed my bare ass. She pulled her fingers out of the panties then ran her hands down to my ass and rubbed and squeezed my ass through her panties.

With our hands on each others asses my sister started moving her pussy around on my dick again. It was more of a grinding motion. As she ground her pussy down on my dick I could hear and feel more of her hot juices squishing, and feel the hot juice soaking my balls and her panties. My sister could feel them too. The more my sister moved around the more of her juice came out of her pussy to soak my balls and her panties.

My sister did not speak until after she started moving her pussy up and down on my dick. She asked me if I enjoy her pussy and her pussy juices. I responded by pushing my dick back into the depths of her hot pussy. This pushed more juice out, onto my balls

With her warm breath on my neck, my sister reminded me of her ultimatum; if I were to continue to wear her panties her pussy as well as the rest of her comes with them.

I told her that I gladly accept and will be wearing her panties everyday and even changing panties a few times a day. She then told me that for the remainder of my visit and future visits I could only wear the panties that I take off of her body.

I agreed and her pussy motion increased in range. She was now raising up until only my dick head remained in her pussy, then my sister would slowly slide all the way back down until she was grinding her groin with mine, burying my dick completely in her pussy.

She continued this motion while my hands continued to caress and squeeze her smooth and creamy ass cheeks.

As my sister continued to ride me, she again reminded me of the ultimatum, then told me that she has more fluids to share with me when I am ready. I was not sure exactly what other fluid my sister was referring to, but I was more than willing to find out and I let her know by pushing and pulling my dick in and out of her juicy pussy a couple of times. This brought out more of her pussy juice to soak my balls and her panties.

After kissing my neck my sister started slowly licking my neck as she continued to ride my hard dick. Between her licks she whispered, “I take it you are ready for my other fluids”. I pushed my dick in her again.

As I pulled my dick out I felt pressure and hotter fluid, moving faster and quite a bit more than her hot pussy juice. Each time that my sister would ride up to the tip of my dick I could feel and hear the fluid splashing against my pubic area. The splash was such a turn on. Combined with the feeling of the heat from the fluid that was splashing on my groin, soaking my lower body in unbelievable warmth and the heat of her hot pussy juice, I did not last much longer.

As my sister continued to pee on me and ride my dick as if her life depended on it, I began to shoot a load that mixed in with her hot flowing pussy juices and the sensual warmth from her hot piss. My cum shot out in one steady stream, a big load, that my sister’s already over stuffed, tight pussy could not contain.

As my orgasm continued, my sister whispered in my ear that she was having another orgasm, and she moaned the orgasms entirety into my neck. Even as my sister was having her orgasm she continued to give me multiple sensations all at the same time; her warm breath on my neck as she moaned out her orgasm, the feel of her tits pressed tightly against my chest, with her hard enough to cut glass nipples, her hands rubbing my panty covered ass, my sister’s pussy riding my hard dick, my sister’s hot pee flowing from her hot pussy, mixed with her hot pussy juice and now my cum, the world was a much better place.

Our orgasms subsided and my sister again settled down on my lap with my semi-hard dick remaining inside her tight pussy. She kissed my neck and nibbled my ear lobe before she set back and looked me in the eye. My sister reminded me of the ultimatum as her hand guided my eyes from her neck, down through the valley of her tits that looked even bigger now, down past her flat stomach to the top of her pussy where she stopped, pointed a finger then squeezed out the last drop of her warm pee.

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