3 Evil Sisters-Part 6

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“I’ll see you later Tiffany,” I awkwardly waved, climbing out of the car. She returned my wave with a weak smile and drove off without another glimpse towards me. I tried to play it cool as I walked into my house. Riley and Izzy were sitting in the living room, there eyes looking at me blankly. “What’d you guys eat for dinner?”

“We ordered a pizza,” Izzy answered looking back towards the TV. “There’s some leftover if your still hungry.”

“No thanks,” I mumbled heading down the hall towards my room. When I shut the door, I jumped into bed without hesitation and fell right too sleep. It’d been so long since I went to bed happy, and it felt great. The next morning nothing could bring me down, and as the day went on it just proved how right I really was. I actually passed my math test with an A, and when it came time to sketch Gene, I was finally able to draw at the level I was used too.

“Wow,” Mr. Edwards clapped his hand, “Some of your best work man. That’s really good.”

“Thanks,” I glared at my picture, seeing if I could make any more touch ups.

“Was it because my mom helped you?” Gene asked coming around the table to look at it, “She said that you fought her for awhile before finally telling her.”

The moment she said that, the moment I heard her cheerful voice, the moment I heard the oblivious innocence out loud, my good day vanished like an alcoholic’s beer. I slept her mother…and I’m just now realizing that. A newfound feeling began to well up in the center of my chest immediately and I couldn’t explain it, all I know is that I didn’t like it one bit.

“Y-yeah,” I focused on my sketch like my life depended on it. “Tell her I said thanks.”

“Will do!”

She was torturing me with her innocence. Beating my conscious with it like a punching bag until I couldn’t take it anymore, and the feeling I got from it made everything ten times worse. Standing up abruptly, I grabbed my bag and made a beeline for the door.

“I just forgot that I’m late for something sorry!” I explained, flinging open the door and running like my life depended on it. Sure I looked suspicious, but I knew that the longer I stood next to her the more this feeling of remorse would grow. How Ashley dealt with this feeling for three weeks, I will never know. In fact, I don’t want to know. I want to avoid this feeling like the kid with terrible B.O. that’s always in gym class.

When I reached my house, I was sweating profusely and dragged my feet into my room, slamming the door shut and taking a seat on my desk. Burying my face in my hands, I took one long breath to try and calm down.

“I’m going to hell aren’t I?” I mumbled to myself. “What the fuck was I thinking? Holy shit I must be an idiot!” I slammed my fists onto my desk and groaned loudly. My door opened a moment later and I whirled around to find Izzy standing in the doorway, an awkward silence began blanketing the room. “What are you doing?”

“The dishes,” she replied looking around, “You told me to do them remember? I’m making sure you don’t have any in your room before I start it up.”

I didn’t answer as she finished her scan of the room. The look on her face was bored, and almost annoyed. But it wasn’t the normal annoyed look she wore, this one felt almost forced, like she was trying her hardest not to say what was on her mind. When I realized that, the same feeling that I had when I heard Gene’s voice crept back up inside my heart. I think I know what this feeling is now. It’s one that I haven’t really felt because I haven’t done many things to bring up a feeling such as this.


I was feeling guilty about sleeping with Gene’s mom and about making my sisters miserable. It was only when she turned to leave that a terrible impulse washed over me, “Hey Izzy.”

“What?” she turned around to look at me.

“Do you…hate me?”

Her expression switched from annoyed to shocked in record time, “E-excuse me?”

“Do you hate me?” I timidly asked again. The worst part about asking the question, was her answer. She had none. We stared at each other in silence for what felt like forever, until I was forced to say, “Forget I asked.”

Defeated, demoralized, and definitely going to hell now, I got up and went over to my bed and got under the covers. This was all some terrible nightmare that seemed forced upon me because I decided to take a little control of my life. It reduced me to a kid hiding under the covers from the omnipotent boogie man and I figured out why. I never really wronged anyone to the point where I’d feel guilty, but now that I discovered what it felt like, I could say with all honestly that I loathed it with every bone in my body.

And asking my sister outright if she hated me or not was the icing on the cake of my bad ideas. I knew she hated me after all. The proof was all over my body, and embedded into my head forever. I’ve accepted that fact, so why do I feel guilty about making someone who hates me miserable? Am I just incapable of getting even? Is that the kind of person I am, because if it is then I’m destined to let people walk all over me for the rest of my life.

In the midst of my pessimistic thoughts, I failed to notice that Izzy climbed into the bed with me, sitting up against the headboard while slipping her legs underneath the covers.

“Go away,” I whined with my face buried into a pillow. Of course she didn’t listen, rubbing my shoulder for a little while longer as I continued to try and ignore her existence.

“Look at me,” she tried to gently turn around but I brushed her hand off me. “Now Max.” her calm tone disappeared. I decided that it didn’t matter whether or not I fought her because she’d eventually just force me to turn around whenever she got annoyed. Admitting defeat, I turned around and looked up at her fidgety face as she wrapped her arm around me and pulled me in until my head was using her stomach as a pillow. She was stroking my hair as if she was petting a dog while I rested on her stomach, moving up and down to the beat of her breathing. I could tell that this wasn’t something that she was completely comfortable with just by show shaky she was, “Tell me what’s wrong.”


“Now Max.”

“Just because you say now doesn’t mean I’ll do what you say,” I tilted my head to look up at her, but only to come face to face with her boobs. “Besides, you hate me, so why should I tell you anything. In fact, why are you even still here?”

“Because I know you feel better whenever you’re cuddled up with me.”

Strangely, she was right. I did feel a little calmer now that I was pressed up against her. “Why is that?”

“Probably because you never got to do this when you were young. Mom was always gone and dad was dead, so you never really experienced what it was like to just lay cuddled up against someone.”

“Still doesn’t explain why your letting me do this when you hate me.”

“Max,” she sighed, “I don’t hate you. None of us do.”

“Bullshit. You guys are only happy when you’re fucking with me, or fucking me in some cases. I’m not an idiot Izzy I know you guys are miserable now that you can’t screw with me constantly.”

“You don’t understand. If we pissed you off and you decide to walk out that door, who knows if you’ll come back this time. Do you have any idea how worried we were the last time you left? Shit, I almost called the cops and reported you missing. And what if Mom came home during that time? How would we explain to her that her only son, and the youngest member of the family ran away? Could you imagine mom’s face?” I felt Izzy’s body shudder slightly.

“Not really,” I admitted, “She’s never home so it’s hard for me to even remember those kinds of faces.”

“She’s got shit to do as usual. Plus she’s supporting four kids on her own, it’s gotta be tough. I’m sure she’ll be back for Riley’s birthday though, it’s in two weeks after all.”

“And then she’ll leave again for another three months.”

“Is that what’s bothering you? The fact that mom’s never around.”


“Then what is?”

“Shit I don’t want to talk about.”

“Max, please?” she asked sincerely.

I groaned and buried my face into her stomach, slightly regretting getting into this situation. “I did something stupid.”

“Well that’s a start. How stupid are we talking? Like on a scale of one to ten?”

“Thirteen thousand four hundred and sixty one.”

“That bad huh?”

“Worse then the time I ditched school to have sex with you.”

There was a long pause before she asked, “Did you have sex with someone else?” All I could do was close my eyes and nod, “Who?”

“That’s as much as you’re getting.”

“Oh hell no,” Izzy snapped angrily as the mood switched from a nice talk to a violent outburst. “Max if you are having sex with someone outside of our family then you better tell me who it is so I can beat their fucking ass.”

“What?” I shot up from her stomach and looked at those murderous eyes.

“Who is this cunt? Is it Gene? I swear to fucking god if it’s her she’s going to need a fucking army to stop me from kicking her ass until she’s in the hospital.”

“Calm down Izzy!” not that me saying it would actually do anything but I could tell Izzy was serious about it. I had to ask, “Why do you care who it is?”

“You’re my little brother and I’m going to make sure that some cunt isn’t using you for sex.”

“What kind of logic is that? You used me for sex too, remember?”

“It’s completely different.”


“I’m your sister, not some whore who likes targeting underage teens.”

“That still doesn’t make sense,” I threw my hands up, “Your basically saying that because we’re family, you’re allowed to use and abuse me for sex. But if someone else even thinks about doing it then they’re instantly a whore and needs to have there ass beaten.”

“That’s exactly what I’m fucking saying. Now you’re going to tell me who this bitch is or else I’m just going to beat up that little friend of yours ‘cause I’m pretty sure it was her anyway,” she started to throw the covers off of her.

“It wasn’t Gene it was her mom!” I blurted out desperately. The moment I did that, I slapped a hand over my mouth and froze. Oh fuck! Izzy’s eyes widened as she brushed her hair aside to look at me with her jaw dropped as far as it could. Seeing both of her eyes was like the sign of a ticking time bomb, and I knew that the clock was winding down.

A bullet to the back of my head would be nice right about now.

“Max,” she began slowly, “Did you have sex with Gene’s mom?” I didn’t say anything, praying that that bullet would come and kill me right about now so I wouldn’t have to answer. Her tone was soft and shaky. She was hiding her anger well, “Answer the question Max. Did you, or did you not, have sex with Gene’s mother.”

“I…uh, well…it’s uh…y’know,” I stammered.

“No Max,” she shook her head, “I don’t know.”


“You better find a way to make it simple then Max,” her eyes narrowed, “Or else.”

That final or else, sent shivers through my body. With a shaky voice I took a deep breath and explained what happened last night. Every detail of what happened at the park spewed out of my mouth like a broken faucet, and Izzy remained emotionless throughout the whole thing.

When it was all over, she didn’t say anything. She just kinda sat there with a blank look on her face. The only bright side I could think of was that her anger for Gene had finally subsided. However the downside was that now she knew that I had fucked her mom, and that I’m sex deprived. Two things I should’ve taken to my grave.

“Don’t tell Riley and Ashley please,” I pleaded.

“I won’t,” she said as a devious smile started to cross her face. “I won’t say a word Max. But I think I should tell you a little something as well now.”

“Um, sure. What is it?”

She leaned forward seductively, making sure to smile the entire time as her arm wrapped slowly around my shoulders. “We’re going to fuck tonight.”


“You heard me,” she winked, “Tonight at midnight I want you to come up to my room for a little midnight pussy. Understand?”

“No! I said no more sex didn’t I?”

“I don’t think you really understand then,” her voice was a cool as a cucumber now. “You see, now that I know your little secret, I can do whatever I want with you. You can’t run away to your friend’s house again because then I’ll tell her all about your little sex session with her mom. And if you try to make a break for it I’ll call the cops and tell them that you were molested by her mother or some bullshit like Porno hikayeleri that so not only will they find you, but her mother will pay a hefty price for seducing a minor.”

“This is insane! I trust you and you stick a knife in my back already? What the fuck?”

“You should’ve learned Max. I always get what I want, and if I want to fuck you then I’m going to find a way.”

“Are you serious right now?”

She leaned forward and kissed my forehead, “Can’t wait for tonight.”

Without another word she got up and left my room, leaving me speechless and confused on my bed. Did that really just happen? How stupid could I have been to admit that to Izzy, the most abusive sister I had! Was I getting dumber by the minute or something?

Sitting in my room like a statue, I refused to move until Riley came in and asked when I was making dinner. My body now on autopilot, I cooked and ate dinner in complete silence, my mind too occupied with that conversation to pay attention to anything else. It was only when I laid down in my bed did I finally snap back into reality.

“Fuck. My. Life,” I mumbled. The sweet escape of slumber couldn’t even rescue me this time because I had to meet Izzy tonight at midnight and if I missed that then I’d be in even deeper shit then I already was. So I shut the lights off and stared at the clock as it slowly ticked away until my hour of reckoning arrived.

Once my clock read midnight I rolled out of bed and crept out of my room, up the stairs, and into Izzy’s dimly lit room. She was lying on her bed completely naked, flipping through a magazine to pass the time until I arrived, and when I did, she tossed the magazine aside and beckoned me to her bed with a single finger. I drudged over and sat down on the bed, keeping my back to her.

She grabbed onto my shoulders and violently pulled me onto her, wrapping her arms around me as she pinned me to her body. That strength she had over me was definitely being abused right now.

“Max,” she sighed, hugging me tightly. “Max, Max, Max. I made the mistake of thinking that you’d grow a pair and want to fuck me every chance you got last time. Hell, I even let you be a little rough hoping that it’d turn you on more. But in the end you went back to Ashley and now I know why.” She caressed my hair again, “It’s because I gave you a choice, and Ashley didn’t. So now, you’re going to fuck me whenever I want, and however I want it. Got it?”

“What am I? Your slave?” I whispered.

She heard regardless, “That sounds pretty nice actually. You’re my own personal sex slave,” she sat up and grabbed my chin, making our eyes meet. “And I’m going to be as rough as I want with you. Now take off your clothes.”

She released me and I stripped completely, sitting back down on the bed. She grabbed my hair and yanked me backwards by it. It hurt like hell but I tried to keep quiet. Silence would be my only saving grace right now. With a devious laugh, she grabbed me and violently attacked my lips. Her kisses were sloppy but and forceful, and if she didn’t bring a hand to the back of my head I would’ve pulled back right away. But with her hand pressing me against her lips, I let her claim my mouth with her tongue until she pulled away and slapped me.

“Put some effort into it,” she demanded lunging forward to start again. I did what she said and put a little bit more effort into kissing her, but it was clear that I was humoring her more then anything.

Once she had enough of kissing she pushed me backwards and immediately jumped on top of me. After licking her lips hungrily, she positioned herself over my dick (which was shamefully hard as a rock), lowering herself down onto and letting out a gasp of approval.

“Fuck yes,” she muttered. Her pussy was like a slip-n-slide, making it a breeze for my dick to slide right in. She rocked her hips back and forth, moaning louder and louder as she slowly rode my dick. It felt great, and that was the worst part. Using all my might I tried not to look like I was enjoying myself, just so I couldn’t give her anymore satisfaction then she already had.

Judging by the blissful look on her face she didn’t care, riding up and down my dick and moaning her delight with each rise and fall that she did. She grabbed onto my hands and pressed them against her boobs, and I couldn’t resist giving them a nice hard squeeze.

“Oooooh shit!” she gasped, “Squeeze harder Max!”

I did so and she let out a loud moan, arching her back forward while slamming into my dick. She must be getting close, and although I hated to admit it I was too. It was sick and fucked up but I was so turned on by this whole thing that I was getting close to cumming too.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” I said.

“Oh yes! I want you to cum inside me Max,” she demanded angrily, “Fill me up with your cum!” Just hearing that put me on the verge of cumming and soon enough I couldn’t hold it in any longer and disgracefully shot my load into her. She moaned loudly, climbing off my dick and falling backwards onto her pillows, covered in sweat and with her pussy soaking wet.

I got up, slightly out of breath myself as I hopped off the bed, but I didn’t even take a step forward before grabbed onto my arm.

“Where…do you think…you’re going?” she asked in between breathes.

“Back to my room.”

She shook her head and patted her boobs, “Unless you get down on your knees and beg me, you’ll be sleeping right here.”

The only thing stopping me from begging was knowing that she’d get more satisfaction out of the situation if I did. With sealed lips and a spiteful look, I crawled back into bed with her, resting my head on boobs and closing my eyes. I didn’t want to be awake any longer then I had too.

But the worst thing about this was that a part of me was enjoying it. Enjoying the fact that I could cuddle up against my sister and fall asleep. Enjoying the fact that we were probably going to have a lot of sex from now. Enjoying…the situation.

At the same time however, I hated every second I spent near her.

Luckily, I passed out soon after, wondering whether or not I was in hell or heaven. When I woke up the next morning I groggily lifted my head up, recalling last nights events slowly.

“Afternoon sleepy head,” Izzy smiled wickedly.

“Afternoon?” I scanned her room for a clock, “What time is it?”

“Around two.”

That information woke me up in an instant, and I shot up from the bed immediately. “What?! I have school Izzy why didn’t you wake me up?”

“You were just so cute laying there that I couldn’t bring myself to do it.”

“This isn’t funny! I’m already in trouble at school for arriving late so many times. If I keep skipping school then I’ll get suspended.”

“Uh, I know,” she scoffed, “They told me that at the meeting I had to go to last time you were tardy.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you trying to get me suspended?”

“Yep. Then I can have access to you whenever I want.”

“This is my education we’re talking about Izzy!”

“So what? You’re not exactly scholarship material Max. You have two D’s, don’t play sports, and the only talent you have is drawing, and even that’s not going to get you far.”

“Fuck you! You sit on your ass all day because you dropped out of college and you’re trying to tell me that I’m hopeless? Look in a mirror and tell me who’s more hopeless.”

Her answer? A solid right hook to my face. I flew back, tripping over her clothes and tumbling to the ground with my hand pressed over the left side of my face. Mumbling swear words under my breath, I slammed my free hand onto the ground to try and dull the pain as she no doubt just gave me yet another black eye.

The part of me that enjoyed what happened last night was no where to be found now, replaced by a strong desire to pay Izzy back with a right hook of my own. No. No, I wasn’t going to stoop to that level. Last time I hit her it was in a fit of lust more then anger, and she at least feigned approval, but this time if I swung it would be for real, and I don’t know if I could live with the consequences.

My face was still stinging when I sat up, trying to keep as blank a face as possible although Izzy didn’t bother to hide her emotions. Her face was livid. She looked like she was on the brink of beating me to a pulp.

“Get the fuck out of my room!” she roared, pointing towards the door. I was more then happy to listen to her now, grabbing my clothes and leaving the room with her eyes burning holes throughout my body. Slamming her door shut, I threw on my clothes and headed downstairs to examine the hit in my bathroom mirror.

To my great surprise, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the last time she hit me and I knew that I probably was going to get a little shiner, but it would go away within the week as long as I kept ice on it for awhile. I walked out into the kitchen and grabbed a zip lock bag, dumping some ice into it before tenderly placing it onto my eye.

The front door opened as Riley walked inside, kicking her shoes off before noticing me.

“Max what happened?” Riley asked walking into the kitchen and moving the bag of ice out of the way so she could take a look at it. The question itself was stupid because she knew the answer already. I didn’t go around looking for fights after all so if there was ever a bruise or cut on me the source of it could always be traced back to one person. She must’ve realized it too because she looked away shortly after.

I walked over to the house phone, and looked at the list of important numbers written next to it. Once I found the right one I dialed it in and waited for an answer.

“Almont Unified School District, this is Peggy,” the secretary at my school’s main office answered. I handed the phone over to Riley who looked at me funnily.

“Tell them that I’m sick and can’t make it to school the rest of the week,” I explained, “This way I won’t get suspended for absences.”

She nodded and did as I asked, hanging up the phone once it was over. I could take solace in knowing that Riley wasn’t a bitch to me anymore after I stole her virginity. As to why the hell that was, I don’t know, or care for that matter, she was helping me out and that’s all that mattered.

“I’m going to my room,” I told her. She didn’t reply back as I spent the next three hours with a bag of ice on my head, grabbing a new one once the previous one melted while I laid silently on my bed. Unfortunately I had to cook dinner soon so I hopped out of bed and went to work, although I decided to just throw corn dogs in the oven heat up some leftovers.

No one said a single thing the entire time we ate dinner. Ashley noticed my eye the second we sat down and she made sure to keep her head down. I found it funny how whenever Izzy hit me Riley and Ashley would laugh, but the moment she left a visible mark, or drew a little blood they’d shut the hell up and try to act like it didn’t happen. A great system, I know.

Izzy and I were the last to finish, and as I cleaned my plate off she dropped her plate into the sink, nearly breaking it in the process.

“Midnight again. Don’t be late,” she ordered walking away. I turned slowly and watched her strut away. That bitch had a lot of nerve, but I had knew that she was loving all the pain she was causing me, so I needed to try my best and not give her an ounce of emotion. The sex was going to be good whether I wanted it or not, but once it was all over she was going to get a single thing out of me.

That night was almost an exact replay of what happened the previous night, only this time I didn’t take the risk of arguing with her, I just kept my mouth shut and let her ride my dick. Once it was over I fell asleep cuddled up with her again. This became the routine for the next three days. I would show up in her room at midnight, she would ride me until I cummed inside her, then we’d fall asleep together.

Sunday on the other hand, definitely took me by surprise. As normal, I showed up exactly at midnight to find her laying on her bed seductively as usual and she jumped right into kissing once I stripped out of my clothes. She was moaning in my mouth loudly for some reason, and I couldn’t figure out why. We were just kissing normally, I didn’t even have my hands on her.

“Oh Max,” she gasped out, “Oh Max it feels so good.” I pulled away from the kisses and just looked at her with a what the hell face. The smile on her face told me that there was something that I was missing, and she held up a finger to her lips and winked. “Right there Max! Yes, yes, yes, oh god yes!”

If that was the best acting she could do then Erotik hikaye at least I knew that each orgasm was real. Guess that’s a hollow victory huh? Regardless, I sat there quietly until she flew out of bed and darted for her door leaving me speechless. However I found out why as she flung her door open and reached around the corner to grab something…or someone.

“Ha!” Izzy triumphantly looked back at me, “I caught her.”

“What?” I looked at her funnily as she motioned me to the door. When I leaned outside I found out exactly what she meant. “Riley?”

Riley was sitting right outside the door with only black panties on, her head shamefully looking at the ground. She looked like she was going to die of embarrassment, but Izzy drank it all up.

“I knew I heard someone else’s moaning yesterday,” Izzy giggled, “My baby sister was just a little curious huh? She just wanted to get a little closer and hear what it’s like when Max had sex with someone else. After all, she’s wanted to fuck him again ever since he popped her cherry at school huh?”

“Izzy!” Riley looked at her horrified. “Why would you tell him that?”

“Wait its true?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” Izzy cooed, “You’re the only guy that Riley’s ever been able to touch without feeling weird so of course when you fucked her it drove her wild. I’ve caught her masturbating to a picture of you three times since you came back, but I had no idea she was going to get this turned on by the thought of us fucking. She’s so wet she ruined her favorite panties.”

“Fuck you Izzy!” Riley spat out.

“Ah-ah-ah,” Izzy leaned down next to her, “Are you sure you want to say that before you hear what I was going to offer?”


“I thought that you’d rather see your little brother in action instead of hearing it.”

“Y-you’ll let me…watch?”

“Maybe,” she let go of Riley’s hand and wrapped her arm around me, pulling me in for quick kiss as her hand traced its way down my body. “Only if you get down on all fours and beg to watch me get fucked by Max.”

“What are you doing?” I whispered, “Are you really comfortable with letting Riley watch?”

“She’s seen me masturbate before, so I’ve got nothing to hide,” Izzy whispered back. “Besides, I thought it’d get you a little excited.” She moved her hand towards my fully erect dick and gave it a quick tug. “And it looks like I’m right.”

“Sh-she’s not going to do it,” I mumbled, trying to stay focused.

“Please,” Riley began as she got on all four knees, proving me wrong on the spot. “I want to watch you get fucked by Max, Izzy.”

“What the fuck,” I muttered under my breath, but Izzy just smiled and patted Riley’s head.

“Good girl,” she grabbed onto my hand and took me back into her room. “Come on in Riley, and shut the door please.” With only a lamp lighting the room, Izzy jumped onto the bed still dragging me along as I fell on top of her. She was giggling as we came face to face. She made a funny face and tapped my nose, “C’mon Max. I know you’ve been pissy about what happened but I know that you’re turned on right now. Why don’t you fuck me doggy style like a good boy? I’m getting tired of riding your dick.”

She was talking to as if I was a little puppy, which really annoyed the shit out of me. And she was right too, which only made things worse. But I couldn’t give in! I had to fight her somehow.

“Not going to happen.”

She groaned, “Look I’m sorry for hitting you Max.” I could tell by her tone that she wasn’t really sorry, at least that’s what I thought. “What do I have to do in order for you to fuck me doggy style?”

That was even stranger. She could’ve just threatened to tell Riley about what happened in order to get what she wanted, but instead she gave me the choice. With that in mind I tried to think of something crazy that she probably wouldn’t agree too.

I looked over at Riley who was sitting on the ground awkwardly before looking back at Izzy who was patiently waiting for my answer, “I want to fuck you in the ass and be as rough as I want. And when I’m done you’re going to suck my dick clean.”

Izzy raised an eyebrow, “A little kinky huh?”

“That’s the only way I’ll fuck you in that position. If not you can climb on top and get it over with.”

She reached out towards her nightstand immediately and pulled out a small bottle of lube with a smile, “Deal.”

I couldn’t tell whether to be mad or excited. Who the fuck was I kidding? I was excited. This was as close to payback as I was going to get, and it would feel great too! We both sat up immediately as she poured some lube into her hand and lathered up my dick, kissing me the whole time, and for the first time since we started this it was passionate as hell!

“Should I…even ask you…to be gentle,” she muttered in between kisses.

“Nope,” I shot her a smile and gave her a quick slap across the face. She licked her lips and went back to kissing me until I pushed her back, “Let’s go bitch.”

She laughed and got on all fours, a hand pulling on her right ass cheek to spread her asshole a little. I slapped her ass hard and she bucked forward while my eyes wandered over to Riley who had tossed her panties aside and was slowly rubbing her pussy with one hand and grabbing her boob with the other. She was being turned on and we hadn’t even started yet, and it flat out turned me on to the point where I needed to stick my dick into something.

With Izzy’s ass held high, I lined up right behind her and slid my dick in nice and slow. Izzy grunted in pain as my hands grabbed onto her hips and helped me shove my dick all the inside of her.

“Shit! Oh shit Max! I can feel you filling me up! Please don’t stop,” she growled.

Her hips now rocking up and down on my dick as I sped up my tempo until her ass was bounding against my hips. She was almost howling in delight now, and I heard soft whimpering to my right reminding me that Riley was watching the whole thing, and from the sound of it she was enjoying herself a little too much, but it didn’t bother me one bit.

“I’m…I’m going to cum soon!” Izzy murmured, “Fuck you’re going to make me cum already Max.” With one hard slap of her ass she let out a cry of pain and turned around to look at me, a sick thought bubbling inside my brain.

“You can cum when Riley does,” I smiled.

Her eyes widened immediately and she turned to look at Riley who was almost lost in her own bliss. “Riley p-please tell me your close! I don’t know how much longer I can last.” To torture her more, I leaned and grabbed one of her boobs as her back arched immediately, “Riley!”

“I’m almost there Izzy,” she panted out with two fingers lodged into her pussy.

“Imagine Max’s dick filling your wet pussy up!” Izzy almost screamed, “God I can’t hold it any longer! I have to cum I’m sorry Max!” Her ass clamped onto my dick that instant as Izzy shakily blurted out, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Her arms buckled but she kept her ass in the air. I felt my balls tingling and I knew that I was going to cum soon, and Izzy did agree to clean my dick of so I pulled out and pushed her ass to the side. Crawling towards the front of the bed, I grabbed onto Izzy’s hair and yanked her head up by it as her mouth opened up and she wrapped it around my filthy dick. She looked completely beat but she still found the energy to take my entire shaft inside her mouth as I relaxed my body and let her continue bobbing back and forth. I didn’t even bother letting her know that I was going to cum because the look on her face was priceless as ropes of cum shot into the back of her throat. She still managed to swallow it all, coughing a bit once it was all done, but ultimately fine.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuuuuuuuuuuck!” Riley shouted. She was furiously pumping her fingers inside her pussy until she froze on the spot with both Izzy and I know watching her. Seconds later, her body crumbled down to the ground lifelessly. She brought her pussy soaked fingers up to her mouth and started sucking on them like on them while curling up into a little ball. It was cute and unbelievable sexy at the same time.

I hadn’t felt this drained in a long time, and I didn’t even care about my pride anymore as I joined Izzy underneath the covers. We were both watching Riley now as she clumsily got to her feet and searched for her panties.

“Where are you going?” Izzy asked. I could hear the exhaustion in her voice as she waved Riley over, “I know you want to cuddle up with your favorite brother after a good finger fucking like that, don’t ‘cha?”

Riley’s eyes fell on me, and as if hypnotized, she stumbled over to the bed and got under the covers with us. Luckily Izzy had a king sized bed so we weren’t all crammed into a small bed. Izzy leaned back hummed softly as I rested my head onto her shoulder, while Riley wrapped her naked body around mine and cuddled up tightly with me. It wasn’t extremely comfy, but it wasn’t uncomfortable either so I didn’t have a problem with it. Neither did everyone else by the looks of it because Riley passed out within moments and clinging to me, and Izzy’s humming stopped shortly after as well, leaving me to slowly but surely join them in a deep and deserving slumber.

My eyes slowly opened to the sight of Izzy boobs as I stared at them lifelessly, my mind still in shutdown mode until I felt her hand grab my chin and rotate my head towards her. She looked wide awake, examining the quarter sized bruise on my face before sighing and resting her head back down on the pillow.

“Sorry about that,” she said.

“I’d be lying if I said I forgave you.”

“You must think that I enjoy hitting you then, don’t ‘cha?”

“You do.”

She looked at me and closed her eyes, “Do you think I’m some using-and-abusing sex crazed maniac too?”

“That’s Ashley. You’re a psychotic sex craving bitch,” I explained.

She got a little chuckle out of it, “Yeah I can see why you think that. Guess I owe you an explanation.”

“You hate me, what’s left to explain?”

“I was serious when I told you I didn’t hate you. I guess I was just seeking a bit of retribution.”

“Retribution?” I tilted my head, “What have I ever done to you?”

“You were born,” her tone was soft and serious, and it took me by surprise. She said it with a straight face too, which only confused me. “I know it sounds mean and coldhearted but that’s the only answer I have for you Max. Everything got worse after you were born. My entire life was flipped around when you born. Dad got sick and died. Mom had to take a job that requires her to travel ten months a year, leaving Ashley, Riley, and I to take care of the person that was the cause of it all. You. Because of you, I never got to enjoy my high school years like Ashley or Riley, because I always had to look out for you. I had to make sure you were home on time, took a bath, wore clean clothes, all of that. You basically forced me to be a mother and I hated it. I wanted to go out and party, meet guys, drink until I pass, all that, but I couldn’t because I had to watch you.”

“Are you even listening to yourself,” I asked, almost as a joke judging by the sound of my voice. “Seriously, think about what you just said. You’re blaming me for being born. It’s not like I can control that shit and yeah, dad died, but at least you got to know him. Me? I don’t have a single memory, hell, the family picture of when I was born is the only thing that even let’s me know what he looked like. Your right about mom never being home, but who do you think that effects more? The little kid who’s just learning how to walk and talk or the eldest sister who’s almost in high school. For fucks sake, you convinced her to put me into kindergarten a year early. I’m the youngest in my class, even some eighth graders are older then me so of course I’m having a hard time learning things. And on top of that, you all made my life miserable everyday. Riley belittled my intelligence, Ashley made fun of my appearance, and I came to school with a new bruise almost everyday because of you.” I shook my head just thinking about what she said, “I’m thirteen, have no friends but my art teacher and a girl that’s nice enough to model for me, on the brink of suspension and soon expulsion in school, can cook and clean better then forty-year old soccer moms, I have no self-esteem, no self respect, had sex with my friend’s mom, and am now being blackmailed by my own family member in order to sate her sex life that I apparently ruined. Now honestly…look at me and tell who’s had it worse.”

Silence. Some say its golden, others think that it makes the situation more awkward. Me? It let me know that Sikiş hikayeleri my sister was at least thinking about what I said so I didn’t have a problem with it at the moment.

“Guess I really do owe you an apology,” she murmured.

“Wouldn’t hurt if it was sincere,” I admitted.

She looked me in the eye, and took a deep breath before saying things I’d never thought I’d hear come out of her mouth with true sincerity, “I’m sorry Max, for everything I’ve done to you. No bullshit, no hidden motive, nothing of the sort. I think I’m going to try and be…a better sister.”

“Do me a favor then,” I held up my arm, “Pinch me.”

She pinched me and I winced, “Not a dream Max. I’m being serious this time. Although I am gonna miss the sex.”

“I’m not saying that we have to stop,” I casually stated, “But if we were to continue I’d prefer it if we’d both agree to have sex instead of one person making the decision y’know? Sounds a little more reasonable then our past ordeals.”

“I think I can deal with that,” Riley moaned loudly as she buried her face into my chest. I thought she was going to wake up but she continued in her deep sleep state. “That girl,” Izzy shook her head, “I’ll never understand her. When you were little she used to sneak into your room and sleep with you whenever she couldn’t fall asleep.”

“Why is that?”

“Beats me. She’s just always felt comfortable whenever she’s touching you. Remember when you were in elementary school and she’d pin you down on the couch and just lay on top of you for awhile.”

“I remember my body going completely numb yeah. Still doesn’t explain why she feels that way with me.”

“That’s something you’re going to have to ask her, but right now I think she’s in heaven. She had a nice orgasm then got to cuddle with her favorite person, what more could she want? Y’know you taking popping her cherry probably was the best thing that could’ve happened to her. Only problem is now she masturbates, like, all the time. I swear if we didn’t eat dinner at the table she’d take the food into her room and masturbate while eating it because it’d remind her of you.”

“That’s a little creepy.”

“The women of this family are pretty slutty Max,” Izzy stated in almost proud-like fashion, “You should’ve realized that by now. Plus, it’s not like she’s openly doing it, I’m just good at catching her because she’s using all the tricks I taught her.”

“You taught her tricks about masturbating?”

“I taught her how not to get caught. After all I didn’t want some sick incest porno scene where you walk in on her and it explodes into a giant sex fest.”

I could’ve poked a lot of holes in that statement, but I decided not to, “Wait! You stopped letting me come upstairs when she learned how to masturbate didn’t you?”

“Yep,” I rolled my eyes, “Hey I don’t want to hear it mister, I watch porn at two in the morning.” My jaw practically dislodged from my mouth. “You didn’t think I knew did you? You thought you were sneaky, setting your alarm at two A.M. in order to watch porn on the TV.”

“Do you have eyes all around the house or something?”

“Maybe,” she winked which only made me more suspicious. “It’s like one-ish by the way. Sorry I let you both sleep in.”

“Well, call the school and tell them that my sickness got worse and Riley caught it too. I’m sure they’ll buy it.”

“You lying little bastard,” we both laughed as Riley gave off a groan of awakening. “Morning Riley,” Izzy sang.

“Morning,” she mumbled. “Is it time for school yet?”

“Four hours ago yeah.” Slowly sitting up, she looked at Izzy and I with half opened eyes, “You’re welcome to get dressed and go back to school if you want.”

Her eyes fell onto me and my naked chest, and she shrugged before resting up against my chest and getting comfy, “Maybe later.”

“What if Ashley walked in right now?” I asked looking towards Izzy.

“Fuck her,” Riley hissed.

“Riley’s a little unhappy with Ashley after finding out what she did,” Izzy explained, “Isn’t that right Riley.”

“She’s got a boyfriend, she can fuck him not Max. Manipulative bitch.”

I was about to ask something but Izzy read my mind, “She’s been like that ever since your storybook encounter in the classroom. Ashley and her are secretly fighting over you, and frankly, I think it’s funny.”

“I see,” I didn’t really see why I just said that because I knew that it was a dangerous road. “So should we not say anything to her?”

“Nope! She’s off whoring with her boyfriend anyway so.”

“Speaking of whoring, it’s your birthday this Friday Riley,” Izzy said. How she went from whoring, to Riley’s birthday…I will never understand. “What do you want for your birthday?”

“Surprise me.”

“I can do that,” Izzy smiled evilly, “But now that we’re all awake I’m kind of hungry. Let’s go out and get something to eat.”

That was all the reason we needed to get up and redress ourselves. Before we left Izzy called the school and told them that Riley and I were sick so we had the rest of the week off. This was only going to hurt me in the end but I really didn’t care right now. We all piled into the car and headed for some deserted restaurant. It was a nice cozy restaurant that we always went to whenever our mom came into town, but it was still a good treat nonetheless. Grabbing a booth, Riley sat next to me while Izzy took the seat across from us.

We ordered some burgers and fries and just talked about whatever came to mind. I was still a little wary of Izzy stabbing me in the back again, but after awhile it didn’t even cross my mind. When our food came Riley pitched the idea to have a movie night since we basically got a free pass from school this week, and I didn’t have any objections nor did Izzy so it was decided. We swung by some cheap movie rental place and all picked out a movie to watch before heading back home. To think we spent almost three hours on that simple trip was mind bottling, but I chose not to worry about it.

After discovering a note left by Ashley saying that she wouldn’t be home for dinner it was decided that we’d just order pizza which was good news for me because I didn’t want to cook. I took a shower during this time as Izzy and Riley did the same, after all we all still reeked of sex and I could tell that the waitress at the diner noticed that. When I got out of the shower, the pizza had just arrived and Izzy already had a plate full of it, taking a seat on the couch as Riley walked down the stairs with a large fluffy blanket in her hand.

“Don’t judge me, its cold,” she told me.

“Maybe it’s because you’re wearing short shorts and a tank top,” I teased as she stuck her tongue out at me. With a plate of pizza in my hand, I took my seat on the couch next to Izzy.

“Jeez, can’t get enough of me huh?” she snickered.

“Stop bitching you like it,” I shot back.

“No comment.”

“Didn’t think so,” as I said that Riley had set her plate on the table and took a seat dangerously close to me. I looked at her and she gave me a childish smile. I think that the blanket was for more the just keeping her warm so I was a little curious to see what she’d make of it.

Izzy played the first movie, some romantic comedy that bored me to tears, but I suffered through it by focusing more on my pizza. When the second movie started we were all out of pizza and took our positions for the rest of the night, Izzy at one end of the couch with me leaning up against her and Riley laying down on the rest of the couch while using my leg as a pillow. It was a little hard to focus on the R-rated movie in front of me because I found out the true purpose behind Riley’s blanket. She grabbed my right hand in the middle of the movie when Izzy wasn’t paying attention and movie it onto her boobs, letting me feel them up as she whispered moans constantly. Unfortunately a loud gasp from her tipped of Izzy as she flicked my ear.


“We’re supposed to be watching a movie and you’ve been playing with Riley’s boobs for the past twenty minutes.”

“How the hell did you know that?”

“Eyes everywhere remember,” Izzy winked. “Now hands where I can see them.”

“Fine,” I moved my hand out of the blanket and Riley whined softly. It was pretty cute and Izzy even laughed at her for it, but we tried our best to all focus on the third and final movie. An action flick that I had never seen, although I was immediately enthralled by how crappy it was. It got to the point where I couldn’t look away because I was too amazed at why I would think a movie like this was worth renting.

The door rattled open and we all leaned forward to see Ashley walk inside. She looked pissed off and when an explosion went off in the movie she jumped at the sound. That’s when she finally noticed all three of us in the living room.

“What the hell?” Ashley said aloud, “What’s going on here?”

“We decided to have a movie night.”

“I can see that,” Ashley looked at the TV, “But um…”

“But you’re wondering why Max is leaning up against me and Riley’s using his leg as a pillow?” she nodded. “I buried the hatchet,” Izzy announced with a sigh. She looked at me and shook her head playfully, “We had an eye opening discussion and I realized what I did was wrong. Luckily Max is a softy and can’t hold a grudge to save his life.”

“Fuck you,” I poked her stomach while my eyes remained focused on the shitty movie. Besides, I’d hardly call a two minute discussion eye opening, but if that’s what it took for her to stop being a bitch to me then I was fine with it.

“So you want to watch with us?” Izzy offered.

“No she’s too busy dealing with her boyfriend,” Riley answered snootily, “Isn’t that right Ashley? After all you’re so faithful to him that he has your full attention right?”

“You are so lucky-” Ashley began.

“That what?” Riley interrupted sitting up. “That Max is here? That Izzy’s here? Please tell me what makes me so lucky?”

“Alright you snobby little bitch you want to fight?” Ashley dropped her purse and rolled up her sleeve.

Riley didn’t waste anytime hopping to her feet and raising her fists, “Fuck off you cheating cunt!”

They were growling like animals and it finally snapped me out of my trance. I looked over at Izzy, who was already standing up to stop them, but something caught my eye. A constant light shined in the small window next to the door and I tilted my head in curiosity. The fight was probably raging on in front of me but I was too focused on the light to even hear anything else. Like a moth, I stood up and made an entranced beeline for the door, slithering my way around Ashley who was too distracted with Riley to notice.

I opened the front door and flicked on the porch light as a car door slammed shut immediately followed by two quick honks. A woman with an hourglass figure that was nothing short of perfect even from where I stood. Her large breasts were pressed tightly against a white blouse, and even with a navy blue skirt I could still see her sculpted hips sway seductively while her high heels clicked against the pathway towards the door. Long, silky black hair fell over her chest as she removed her glasses and slipped them onto her collar as she got closer and closer to the door.

“Hey,” I looked over at my feuding sisters. After they didn’t answer I shouted, “Hey!” They all turned to look at me, “She’s home.”

“What? Who?” Ashley asked.

“Mom,” I pointed out the door, “She’s back.”

Author’s Note.
Late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes i try to get a part out in two weeks and i’m failing so i apologize for that.
Quick thing i want to address is the emails i’ve gotten about people wanting to edit my work. I’m flattered but i just don’t think it’s really…worth it? i guess. Like, i’ve gotten a lot of people who have asked and <3 you all but unless i could finish the stories in a consistent time frame i just don't feel that it'll work out. Maybe on my next story i will but i'm just kind of learning how to do things now. (I can't find a reason other then this...i'm stupid shut up! lol)
As grammer goes, my biggest problem that people point out is too-to and there, lol all i can say is that i’m impressed you guys are spotting them out and when you comment about it i just feel even worse. I already royally screwed up and put part 4 twice!!!!!!!!! I was face palming for like a week.
Anyway, hope you guys like it, and i’m sure there are mistakes in this but bear with me please. I will try to work on it in the future and on my next story I’ll find an editor that’ll make me look less like a grammerless prick 😛
Thx for your support! I’ve decided that i won’t write another story until i’ve finished this one because it’s what i got from most people’s comments and emails so REJOICE and all that lol.

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