3-Way for Him, 2-Way for Her

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by BrettJ © 2013

I love Las Vegas. It truly is a town that never sleeps and each time I’m there, I get up to an adventure. My wife Jennifer doesn’t mind because every adventure I have fuels her up. She loves hearing about my trips and what I got up to and who I fucked. That’s right – if I get fucked she wants to hear about it. She practically insists that I screw other women when I go away and until recently, it was one facet of Jennifer’s personality I didn’t understand at all. We will get to that later.

To begin, my name is Joel Carter and I work for a restaurant supply chain. I’m one of the higher-ups so I make trips like this on a frequent basis. The last time I was in Las Vegas, I stayed on the strip at the Trump hotel. When you stay in one of his places, you can see how he made his money. He may be a pompous jerk but his hotels are 5-Star all the way. The staff and accommodations are top-rate and you can get to most places easily.

The last time I had been in Las Vegas, I had enjoyed the company of a silk-spun, leggy brunette named Diana. She showed up at my hotel in the shortest blue mini skirt I have ever seen and high heels that made her taller than my 6’2″. I found out some time later that she was 5’11” without them but we didn’t talk much for the first few hours.

When we did talk, I was very smitten with Diana. Had I not been a happily-married man, I could have seen myself becoming involved with someone like her. I loved her voice, the way she cocked her head to one side when she listened to you. I loved the way that she was proud of her body and not at all ashamed to flaunt it and I decided to treat myself. I booked all of her time for the 5 days I was there. We didn’t just fuck – although we did a lot of that – we went to dinner, we had breakfast, we took in some shows and then – okay, you guessed it – we went back to fucking again. I told Jennifer all about her and she told me she wished she could have been there.

I am sure some of you are wondering why I don’t take Jen with me. That question has a very simple answer. My wife is terrified of flying and she won’t do it unless she has to. Her own sister got married and asked Jen to be the Maid of Honor. We had to tranquilize my wife with a few pills and a few drinks to get her on the plane. She barely snapped out of it by dinner time.

Jennifer insisted that I book Diana again. “I loved the way you described her, so tall and leggy and brunette, mmm,” my curvy brunette wife sighed. “I want to hear all about you fucking her again. I bet we’ll fuck like bunnies for days after you come home.”

I called and the minute Diana’s gorgeous voice came over the phone, I got an instant hard-on. She was thrilled to hear from me and told me she would free up her schedule. I told her I’d see her Monday and it was all set.

I don’t think anyone has ever been so glad to see me in all my life as Diana was. She met me at the hotel with a bottle of champagne – the good stuff – and we toasted what both of us hoped would be a sensational week.

Sadly, you know what they say about the best laid plans, don’t you?

We were having dinner when Diana started to turn a very odd shade of greenish-yellow. She wasn’t feeling well and she hurt. I thought perhaps her food hadn’t agreed with her and it turned out I was all wrong on that.

My companion had appendicitis. She’d probably had it for some time and ignored the pain. Not this time. They got her to Sunrise Hospital just in time but our week’s plans were now as dead as Abraham Lincoln.

I called Jennifer and let her know I’d be coming home a day earlier than planned. “Maybe we can go on a trip of our own if we can get Jill to watch the kids,” I said. Jill is a college student who boards with us. She’s a farm-fresh pretty blonde and a great kid. “There’s no point in sticking around here if I can’t have any fun after working hours.”

“Don’t worry about rushing home darling, things are fine here,” Jennifer said to me. I noticed that she sounded out of breath. “I think Jill has plans this porno indir week, I’d have to check. We’ll get away soon enough and you know that I’ll fuck your brains out when we do.”

That is no idle promise. When Jen fucks you, she keeps going until you – or both of you – are exhausted. It’s one of the reasons I married her. You can’t usually beat Jen in bed, although Diana might have given her a run for her money.

I finished my first day at several meetings and came back to my room. I thought I might go and have a really extravagant dinner when there was a knock on my door. I opened the door and saw these two honeys standing on the other side. Now, when I say honeys, I mean 20-something hotties in short skirts and heels. “Jill says surprise,” the blonde one of the pair says as she walks in the room, followed by her companion, a pretty Asian girl I soon found out was Lori. The blonde’s name was Monique.

“We are supposed to spend the next few days with you and give you whatever you want,” Lori smiled at me. I knew exactly what I wanted but I’d never had a threesome before. Luckily, the girls seemed to figure that out. Monique sits on the bed and pats it. Lori comes rushing over to her, sits beside her and envelops her in a hot kiss. The pretty blonde and the Asian hottie tumbled to the bed and soon, their clothes came flying off. Both of them were wearing hot lingerie, so I knew it’s no BS that Jen arranged all of this. My wife knows all my fetishes and sure enough, both girls had on stiletto heels. I just sat there and watched as Lori ate Monique’s gorgeous cunt. These two were not strangers to each other’s bodies, you could tell from watching them. Lori seemed to know just where to probe and lick to get the other girl off. Monique’s words to her friend were teasing and playful, not just something she was saying so their client would get turned on.

I enjoyed the show tremendously and was almost ready to join them when two young women pounced on me and began getting me out of my clothes. “You took too long!” Lori exclaimed. “Ooh, look Monique; he’s got a nice big cock. I wanna see him fuck you with that thing and maybe he can put it in my ass!”

“Anything my baby wants,” Monique said, kissing her friend. It was then that I noticed two matching gold bands on their fingers. Married lesbian (well, bi-sexual) call girls, how about that?! They kept undressing me and kissing each other. Finally, I got Lori resting on my face and her shaved little pussy was delicious. Monique’s gorgeous face was bobbing up and down on my dick and she seemed to be having a grand old time!

Her partner in crime soon removed her pussy from my face and set about helping her accomplice. She and Monique were good and my cock was straining hard not to cum. When I hire a girl, I always make sure she’s willing to “go the extra mile” and when I shot my load, the girls lapped it up. I would have to pay my compliments to Jennifer on being thorough.

“Which of you gorgeous bitches is going to get fucked first?” I asked. I like to act a bit rough and tumble when I’m away from home and the girls sure didn’t seem to mind. “Fuck my baby first,” Monique said to me. “She always eats my pussy better while she’s being fucked and we’re both really horny.”

I could sure as hell see that and so, I did as Monique asked. Just because a lady is a whore, doesn’t mean you can’t treat her with courtesy. My cock went in as asked and I was fucking her girlfriend doggy-style while petite Lori was going to town on Monique’s beautiful cunt. I was as anxious to fuck the blonde as I was her partner, but I paced myself. I had all night and a few more days besides.

I made sure to do the best possible fucking of the gorgeous Lori as I was capable of. While not in Diana’s league, these two beauties certainly weren’t slouches in bed. No sooner had I made gorgeous little Lori cum then Monique was on top of me while Lori was playing with her. I hadn’t even cum yet and the two of them found several ways to prolong my orgasm. rokettube When they finally did let me cum, the second orgasm nearly knocked the wind out of my sails.

I spent a great time with the ladies and they were amenable to any suggestion I had while I was there. I thought that next time I went back to Las Vegas in 4 months time; I’d spend a bit of extra cash and see if I couldn’t swing hiring Lori, Monique and Diana. Diana had told me several times during our liaison that she was bi-sexual and had friends that could play if a threesome was ever desired.

I got home half a day earlier than planned because I had concluded all of my business and caught an earlier flight. I thought I’d take Jennifer out to dinner and after, regale her with all of my sexual exploits while I had been away. I got a cab from the airport and made it home a bit after 1 PM. I saw that Jill’s car was in the driveway, which was odd as she usually had classes at this time of day. I let myself in the house and spotted Jill in the kitchen. For someone going to a college class, she sure was dressed sexy. A very short blue skirt, pullover top and stockings with heels. I wondered if perhaps she had an afternoon date, which would have been okay with Jennifer or me. Our kids were in school and we’ve always told Jill that this is as much her home as it is ours. I envied the lucky guy (or girl – Jill is very open about her bi-sexuality) spending the day with Jill. It was when I saw Jill walking towards MY bedroom with two mugs of coffee that I got a bit perplexed. Why would she use our bedroom when her downstairs apartment has a bedroom nearly as large?

“Thanks babe,” I heard a familiar voice say. “I think we’re both going to need coffee if we go as long as we did yesterday.” Yesterday? What the hell had happened yesterday? I crept down the hall and discreetly looked inside my bedroom. Yep, there was my Jen in a very sexy sheer blouse, stockings and heels and a skirt even shorter than Jill’s. This wasn’t like my gorgeous brunette wife, she usually only dressed that way on special occasions or when intent on seducing me.

“If you make me cum as many times as you did yesterday, I might have to serve dinner in here too,” Jill teased my wife. She’s a first-rate cook and is going to pursue her chef’s papers, so that was no idle boast on her part.

“We can’t do that, babe,” Jennifer sighed as she sipped her coffee. “Joel’s going to be home around 6 or 7 and he’ll want to tell me all about his trip. I know it will be a hot story, I practically guaranteed he’d stay the entire time. There are times I wish I could go with him, if only flying didn’t make me want to scream in terror!”

“I’m sort of glad it does,” Jill told my wife as she stroked her hair. “Or else we wouldn’t have ended up in bed together last year and been enjoying this lovely affair of ours.” She put down her coffee and the two of them kissed passionately. I was stunned. First, it was unlike Jen to keep any secrets from me, I wouldn’t have minded at all if she had told me she wanted to sleep with Jill. I could hardly blame her for that, Jill is a beauty. Second, they had managed to keep this a secret for a year? I was stunned because my darling wife is awful at keeping secrets. I watched in fascination as she sat up and the younger girl took Jennifer in her arms. I’d spent the past few days with two stunning women only to come home and discover two more bi babes living under my own roof! I didn’t know whether or not to be angry or turned on, but at this point, the latter emotion was winning by a long mile.

I watched in complete fascination as the coffee was finished and the fun and games started. I saw my lovely boarder undress my stunning wife and reveal lingerie I had never seen before. It was black with a gold brocade and I assumed she had bought it for Jill or it had been a gift from Jill to her lover. Either way, it was sexy. It was even sexier seeing our pretty tenant working to undress my wife and what happened after was so god-damned hot I get seks filmi turned on just thinking about it.

Jill was on her hands and knees over Jen and her tongue was doing double time on my wife’s cunt and clitoris. Jen had her hands wrapped up in Jill’s long, blonde hair and she was begging her not to stop. I don’t think Jill had any intention of stopping, at least not at that time. I could see her small, but beautiful, tits pressed against Jen’s larger ones and I could easily hear my wife’s low, plaintive moans as she urged our boarder forward. Jen asked Jill to get some of her clothes out of the way so that she could taste her. I had never seen my wife with a woman before. I knew she’d had bi experiences before we met, but I believed them to be all in the past. Evidently, I was mistaken. I watched Jill comply and soon, her gorgeous trimmed, blonde pussy was over Jennifer’s face and my wife was eating her avidly. The smell of sex was heavy in the air and I could even smell it out in the hallway where I was playing Peeping Tom – or Peeping Joel, as the case may be.

“I’m glad you finally told me that you liked girls,” Jill said to my wife as she swung her body around. “I would never had worked up enough courage to make a pass at you if you hadn’t come right out and told me you thought I was cute. Although you were three sheets to the wind at the time, as I recall,” Jill giggled.

“You’re gorgeous and you know it,” Jen laughed. “Even if it did take half a bottle of Merlot to make me admit it.”

Ah, there it was. With some women, it’s Gin that they call “panty remover”. With my Jennifer, it’s Merlot. I could smell an odor of perfume wafting from the room along with the sex aroma. It was Jasmine, so I knew it had to be Jill’s. My Jen is a Chanel girl all the way. When the two of them were side by side, I saw Jill’s hands probing my wife’s pussy. I liked the blonde / brunette contrast and although my wife had more than a few inches on the 5’5″ Jill, Jill wasn’t taking a back seat to anyone. Jennifer was very clearly entranced by everything the gorgeous blonde was doing to her.

“Spread your legs, you gorgeous blonde slut,” I heard Jennifer say as she shifted about. “I’m going to eat that delicious cunt of yours.” I love hearing Jen talk dirty and she does it for me, although she’s never understood why it turns me on so. If she could ever hear herself and how low and guttural her voice gets, maybe then she’d get it. It didn’t take her long to make Jill cum and when I checked my watch, only an hour had passed. I was crouching there trying not to be seen but I was getting a stiff neck. Still, I wouldn’t have moved for all the Ben Gay in the world. It was just too damned sexy to miss, watching Jill and my gorgeous Jen doing all sorts of wild, sexy things to each other. I know Jen’s imaginative in bed but I think Jill must just have outdone her. I watched Jen cum hard and gush her fluids into Jill’s mouth; the pretty blonde didn’t miss a drop. I fell back against the wall and I would have loved to have jerked off, but I knew I’d be overheard. When I heard Jill suggest more coffee, I moved as fast as I could and got the hell out of there. I went to my favorite bar, had a few stiff ones and got home at the hour I was supposed to. The house had been aired out, the bed made and my two beauties looked like perfect angels. I didn’t say anything to either of them about what I had witnessed earlier in the day.

Therein lies my predicament. I adore my wife and other than her indiscretion with Jill, we have a perfect marriage. It doesn’t bother me at all that she’s having a fling with Jill, maybe it’s just something she needs – I honestly don’t know. Still, it DOES bother me that she’s keeping a secret. Add one more thing on top of that – since having a three-way with Lori and Monique, I’ve come to enjoy them. I wouldn’t mind fucking Jill myself and watching her with Jennifer again, only this time, with everything out in the open. I’ve thought of a whole bunch of different ways to broach the subject, like for example, giving the girls enough money for a “sexy” shopping spree or putting a hot lesbian video on our Blu-Ray player. They might work, they might not. Have any of you readers been in a situation anything like this? How did you handle it? Send me your suggestions, please. I’m going crazy over here!

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