7th Period Tease Ch. 03

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He closed the door and flipped the lock on the knob. He turned around and quickly headed right back across the room to where she was.

Still sitting at her desk she was now undoing the clips holding the overall top up as he approached.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!” he asked in a frustrated whisper. “We’re at school in a classroom!”

She smiled up at him as she undid the last button and lowered the front bib. “I know exactly where we are, and I know just what I’m doing.” She said. “Don’t you find this exciting?”

Again, he reached down and adjusted his hard cock in his pants, moving it to where it could expand more. As he was doing this, she crossed her arms in front of her waist, grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, tossing it to the floor.

Her breasts rose with the shirt, and then bounced back down. They were a pale white against the tan skin of her upper chest. Pink nipples, stiff and erect. She pinched and pulled on them with her fingers.

Then she reached down, bending a bit, to once again slide her index finger inside of her pussy. When she stood up, she held it up for him to see that it was glistening with her moisture. “Taste?” she asked him with a smile, but before he could lean forward, she took her finger and slid it all over her right nipple.

He looked at her face with wonder in his eyes. She reached out and grabbed the back of his head and pulled him to her breast. He sunk to his knees, his mouth automatically opening and sucking in her nipple, tasting both the sweet, yet salty taste of her skin and the liquid sin that was from her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned as he worked her nipple in his mouth. “That’s just what I needed. Now do the other one.”

He kıbrıs escort slowly sucked harder on her nipple as he pulled away until the suction popped it out of his mouth. It was wet from his mouth but firm and erect. He moved his mouth to her other breast, but paused before licking it. He let his hot breath blow across her nipple, but then he pulled back and gave her a questioning look; his eyebrows lifting high.

“Oh! Sorry, I forgot,” she told him. She reached down and put a finger back inside of her pussy and worked it around until it was wet. Then she coated her nipple for him. Small strings of her juices stretched from her finger tip until they broke, sliding back onto her hard nipple. He leaned forward and hungrily sucked it all in, working his lips, tongue and teeth on it.

He did this for a few minutes, his fingers giving equal attention to her other breast as she moaned. Then, he slowly worked his other hand to her pussy and worked his fingers up and down her slit, slowly separating the lips and letting the juices coat his hand. It was like sliding his fingers through hot syrup as he worked his fingers on her pussy lips, finally reaching her clit and beginning to stroke it.

“Oh, damn it, not yet!” he heard her moan, and then, “Just do it! Faster, faster, mmmmmmmm!” After he heard that, it was only seconds later that he felt her body jerking up against him. As her orgasm hit, she quickly reached down and pressed her hand against his, pushing it hard against her throbbing clit.

She rode the waves for a full minute and then told him hoarsely, “Take it out. Take your cock out and stick it inside me. Hurry!”

He slowly and awkwardly rose from his knees to a standing position. He looked down on her. She konya escort was sitting there, half dressed, face and neck flushed red, legs spread and pussy lips full and open. “Hurry!” she urged him again.

He undid the belt of his khakis and pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles. The precum on the tip of his bouncing cock glistened as he quickly went back to his knees. He inched forward until the purplish red head of his cock nudged against her pussy lips. They both pushed against each other until he was sliding deep inside of her.

“Ohhhhh, yes!” she softly moaned as her feet came up and she wrapped her legs around him. Shudders went through her body as she continued the spasms from her earlier orgasm. He slowly began a back and forth sliding motion, the slickness feeling so damn good around his cock.

Then he pulled up and stood up, his cock glistening with her juices, and growled to her deeply, “Suck it. Stick it in your mouth and suck my cock.”

She jumped up from the chair and slid down to her knees and looked up at him. She reached up with her right hand and grasped his throbbing meat and then looked up at him. Keeping her eyes in contact with his, she slid his cock deep into her mouth. She worked him over good, sliding her tongue all round the sensitive areas, and working her hand wherever her lips and tongue were not.

She could taste his precum and her juices mixed together. Call it something tribal in instinctual but it made her pussy throb for more of his cock.

He was ready for more too, because he reached down and pulled her up. He spun her around and pushed her over the desk, her bare ass arched up in the air. As he moved into position behind her, she stood up on her tiptoes, increasing the kuşadası escort arch of her back and allowing him better access to her waiting pussy.

He took his cock in his hand and slid it around her hole, getting it soaked again and then inserted just the head inside of her pussy. His thick head popped past her ring of muscle and then he violently slammed it into her, knocking the breath out of her. He put his hands on her hips and started slamming into her.

“You wanted this. You teased me to get this. Now, take it!” he growled. He reached his right hand up and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. He leaned forward and kissed her neck, alternating with sucking hard and practically biting her. It was animal. It was violent.

Her ass was rippling with each forward thrust as he slid his hard cock in and out.

“Fuck. Me.” she said between thrusts as her air left her. “Fuck. Me. Fuck. Me!”

She reached down between her legs and as her fingers touched his cock where it was sliding back and forth, she also found her aching clit and stroked it once, then twice and then she felt her pussy squeeze and clamp on his cock as she had another orgasm.

He felt her tighten around him and with just a few more powerful thrusts, he was shooting hot jets of his cum inside of her.

He froze, then moved again, then froze again as his cock spurted his juice deep into her. Then he collapsed onto her sweaty back.

A few minutes later, as they stood and rearranged their clothing, he told her, “Miss Fisher, you’re lucky I won’t be putting this little display on your permanent record.”

“Oh Mr. Davis,” she said with a knowing laugh. “This little incident will never see the light of day.”

“Are you sure about that?” he asked her as he rearranged his softening cock inside his pants.

“Positive!” she told him. “Besides if they replace me with another teacher to help you with this class, it’ll be old Mr. Williams, and I don’t think you’d want that at all, now would you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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