A Babysitter’s Seduction Ch. 02

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After Angie left that morning, I was shaking my head in disbelief that I had sex with her twice the night before. It was such a relief to have my balls drained like that after my sex life with my wife started going down the drain. Even though I was pretty sure she was cheating on me, I still felt somewhat guilty for cheating on her. I guess I didn’t want to add to the stress on our relationship that already existed and all it could do was complicate my life further. Karen and I were now cheating on each other. Maybe I should have tried having a heart-to-heart conversation with her before I jumped off the deep end with Angie. Despite the guilty feelings, part of me still wanted to call her over to “babysit” that night as she offered.

The logical, accountant part of my brain told me, “Don’t do it again. What are you crazy or something? Nothing good can come out of having an affair with your eighteen-year-old babysitter. You did it once, you had your fun, now don’t ever do it again. You’re an adult, show some fucking self-control.”

My dick brain was telling me otherwise.

“Call her. When are you ever going to have a chance to fuck a young girl ever again in your life? Your wife is probably fucking her co-worker right now so what’s so hard about this decision? You know it was some of the best pussy you’ve ever had or probably will have for a long, long time, if ever. Fuck her. Call her now.”

I always tend to overthink things and I debated with myself most of the day. My logical side was in a constant battle with my dick brain. I kept picturing Angie in my wife’s lingerie and how I lost control of myself. However, it felt good to let loose for once. Sometimes, I’m too logical and it prevents me from having fun.

However, I am almost, not quite, twice her age. There’s no future with Angie. Should I risk making things worse in my marriage by having an affair with a young lady? But why am I so worried about my marriage when Karen is out having sex with another man? The logical thing to do was to sit down with Karen when she came home in a few days and see where we both stand with our relationship. I didn’t know if I could forgive her for having an affair but I also gave up the high ground by having one of my own.

The deciding factor was I couldn’t get the sight of seeing Angie in sensual lingerie out of my mind. She looked so darn good in that gartered chemise, thong, stockings, and heels. I got hard just recalling how surprised and turned on I was when I first caught her in my bedroom. I thought about how her naked body looked, so firm and taut. I closed my eyes and thought about how her pussy tasted, and how her lips felt around my cock. I hadn’t fucked a pussy that tight since before Karen had Max. Angie loved the way I ate her pussy too. It had been a long, long time since I had such passionate sex.

Despite my reservations, I sent Angie a text around 4:30 PM that said, “Hey, I was wondering if you could babysit for a little while tonight.”

I waited anxiously for her response and when my phone finally buzzed, this was her response, “I wish I could but I have a date. Sorry.”

“No, that’s okay. Have fun.”

“I didn’t hear from you so I didn’t think you needed me.”

“That’s fine. It’s all my fault for waiting so long. I’ll see you next week.”

“OK, sorry.”

Part of me was relieved. I took it as a sign of fate that I wasn’t supposed to get together with Angie. It served as a wake-up call to me that maybe I should keep things more business-like with my babysitter, and keep it professional.

That’s what I told myself anyway. That didn’t stop me from thinking about the great sex I had with Angie the night before. My plan was to take Max out to dinner at his favorite fast food joint, give him a bath, and have a few drinks after he went to bed. I knew I’d probably end up jerking off but that’s what my life had become since Karen started working all these extra hours. At least I had some new, real-life experiences to jerk off to.

It was about 9:30 and I was on my second beer while looking at some porn about older men with younger women on my laptop. I was regretting not contacting Angie earlier than I did when my phone buzzed. It was a text from Angie. My hand was shaking as I tried to tap on the icon to open the message.

“Whatcha doing?”

“Nothing, just watching some TV. Having a beer.”

“Can I come over?”


Holy fuck, I couldn’t believe this was happening. My logical brain went into a panic because I was resolved to the fact that I wasn’t going to do anything with Angie again but she was on her way over. My dick brain was thinking of all the nasty things I wanted to do with her.

I changed out of my pajamas and into a tee shirt and shorts and nervously waited for Angie to arrive. A jolt of excitement charged through my body when I heard a soft knock on the door. When I opened the door, Angie was standing there in a flirty print summer dress that came to just above her knees and showed just a hint escort gaziantep bayan numaraları of cleavage. It wasn’t a sexy dress but she looked adorable in it. Her hair was curled and she had on some makeup. I wasn’t used to seeing her this way. She looked older and stunning in a girl-next-door kind of way. I looked her up and down from her sandals, nail-polished toes, trim legs, hourglass waist, gold necklace, and lovely face. She was carrying a backpack too. I stood there staring at her.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“Oh, uh, yeah. Come on in.”

She explained the backpack by telling me, “I told my parents I was spending the night at a friend’s house. I hope that is okay.”

My logical brain was telling me, “Don’t be a fucking idiot, Tell her to leave. You know how this is going to end up.”

My dick brain was saying, “Don’t be a fucking idiot. You know how this is going to end. Fuck her.”

We all know which brain won out so I told her, “Yeah, sure, that’s fine.”

“You look great, Angie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you all dressed up before.

“Thank you, Mitch. At least someone appreciates me dressing nicely. My date never said a word.”

“These younger guys don’t have a fucking clue.”

“No shit. That’s why I’m here.”

I offered Angie a drink and she said she’d take one too. While we were in the kitchen, we talked further.

“I take it things didn’t go well on your date..”

“He’s a jerk. I thought we were going to dinner and hang out but it turns out all he wanted was to go park and have sex. He’s not that good at it anyway. I don’t know why I even sucked him off.”

“You gave him a blow job? Why?” I asked, feeling a twinge of jealousy.

“I don’t know. He kept telling me how horny he was and I got tired of him talking about it so I sucked his dick just to shut him up. It’s no big deal. When I was done, I told him I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to go home. I figured if I wanted to have a good time, I’d call you. I had fun last night so why not do it again?”

“Yeah, me too,” I replied proudly as my ego got a great boost.

When your spouse is cheating on you, it makes you wonder if you’re doing something wrong or if you are still attractive to women. At least I had some reassurance that I still had it

“You should teach some of these young guys how to eat pussy. That was nice.”

“If I did that, you probably wouldn’t be here.”

Angie laughed and replied, “You’re right about that. The guys I’ve been with either don’t do it at all or they just lick me for a little while before they stick it in.”

I was thinking, “It looks like I found a friend with benefits,” before I asked, “So they don’t do it until you cum?”

“No, not usually. Most of the time I take care of it later if you know what I mean.”

“Oh, I know what you mean. That’s a shame though. They don’t know what they’re missing.”

It was then that Angie surprised me by commenting, “Yeah, I should stick with girls. At least they know their way around a pussy.”

“So, you’ve, uh, been with girls before.”

“Oh yeah, it’s no big deal anymore. I still prefer being with a guy but sometimes girls like being with girls.”

I was thinking, “Holy shit, she is a horny young woman.”

We went into the living room and sat on the sofa while we sipped our beers and chatted some more. Angie’s date was someone she’s dated in the past. They had fun together but the sparks just weren’t there anymore. I told her I knew the feeling.

The entire time we were talking, I was scanning her beautiful face and body. Her dress didn’t reveal too much but she had her bare feet up on the edge of the coffee table and the bottom of her dress fell. I got a partial glimpse of her thighs and couldn’t wait to see more.

I felt awkward that night. I didn’t quite know how to get things going again so I decided to go with what used to work with my wife. I told our sound device to play some soft music and I asked Angie to dance. I stood up, held out my hand, and guided her to the middle of the room where I took her in my arms. I held her close to me as we swayed to the music. I could feel my cock beginning to grow to the point that it pressed against her thigh. Angie made sure her body brushed up against my growing erection as we danced. In return, I made sure my chest brushed up against her nipples.

It was nice to have a bit of romance in my life again. I don’t know what perfume she was wearing but Angie smelled as good as she looked. I could feel the energy passing between our bodies as the song came to an end. I never let go of her as the next song began. I started to kiss and nibble on her tender neck which made her purr like a kitten. Angie pulled me tighter against her young, teen body. My hands drifted down to gently caress her plentiful ass.

When the song ended, Angie and I parted just a bit and stared into one another’s eyes. It just seemed natural escort bayan gaziantep reklamları to lean in for a soft kiss, then another until the kisses became longer and more passionate. While the next song played, we were in a passionate makeout session. Angie lifted her left knee while I grabbed her ass cheek.

We were dry-humping each other and when that song ended, I recommended, “Let’s take this into the bedroom.”

I led Angie to the bedroom and closed the door behind us. We locked in an embrace again as our hands fondled each other through our clothes. I fumbled with the zipper on the back of Angie’s dress so she turned around so I could see what I was doing. I saw the bare skin of her back and shoulders and bra come into view as I unzipped the dress. I instinctively began to kiss her neck as I pushed the dress off her shoulders until it rested on her hips. I could feel this young temptress melting in my arms. It felt good to know that I still had this effect on a responsive woman.

She turned around with a look of lust in her eyes. Angie was wearing a white half bra and the mounds of her breasts poured out from underneath. She gave her dress a little tug, letting fall to the floor to reveal a matching thong. I found it difficult to believe this young nymphette was standing in my bedroom giving herself to me again. She helped me strip out of my clothing before I helped remove her bra and thong. We kissed some more before laying down on the bed.

We toyed with one another’s bodies for almost an hour. I sucked on her tender titties as I finger fucked her. Angie squirmed to my touch. Damn, she was a hot little sex kitten. She grabbed my ass and gently played with my balls. We ended up in another sixty-nine. I feasted on her slick, hairy pussy while she licked and sucked on my balls and shaft. As I was munching on her sizzling hot pussy, I would tongue fuck her for a little while, then give her clit a few butterfly flicks. Angie would quiver every time my tongue flicked her clit. I kept teasing her, bringing her to the edge of an orgasm before backing off and deeply tonguing her again. She was so distracted by the pleasure she was receiving that it was difficult for her to continue sucking me.

Angie knew what I was doing and let me edge her until she stopped sucking my dick to tell me, “Let me cum. Please, I need to cum now. Oh fuck, I’m so hot.”

I decided she had enough teasing and began to suck and lick on her clit until she squirted her juices over my lips and tongue when she came. I started to tongue fuck her again until she stopped breathing as heavily and focused on her clit again until she came one more time.

After she climbed off me, Angie proclaimed, “Oh shit MItch, you’re damn good at that. You can eat my pussy anytime you want.”

I jokingly told her, “Hey, tell all your friends too.”

“No fucking way. I’m keeping that tongue all to myself.”

Angie crouched over my dick to return the favor. She held my dick straight up and began to suck me again. I gently kneaded and squeezed her soft, creamy breasts as she blew me. Angie would take me out of her mouth and lick my balls and shaft before surrounding my dick with her lips. I couldn’t help thinking about her telling me she already sucked one dick that evening, that of her date. Angie was certainly exploring her sexuality at such a tender age and I was lucky enough that circumstances allowed me to help her.

My young lover was getting better at taking my cock deeper into her throat without gagging and her tongue was swirling around the head and shaft like a pro. Just like the night before, Angie decided she needed to feel me inside of her and got on top of me. That young girl certainly liked to fuck. It felt great to lay back and watch Angie fuck me just the way she liked by controlling the rhythm and hitting her most sensitive spots with how she rolled her hips. It allowed me to see the look of pure pleasure on her pretty face too. My hands found their way to her chest where I could play with those budding breasts and nipples. When she began to tire, I bent her over on the edge of the bed and stood behind her, and hammered that hot cunt of hers.

As I was fucking her hard, Angie cried out, “Oh, I’m such a naughty girl. I love having a hard dick in me. Fuck me, Mitch. Oh, fuck me.”

“Do you like being a naughty girl, huh, do you?”

“Oh yes. I love fucking a married man. I’m so bad.”

After hearing that, I began to spank Angie’s generous ass and I watched her flesh ripple with each thrust into her pussy.

“Oh yes, spank me, Mitch. I’m such a bad girl.”

I began to spank her harder and tug on her hair, telling her, “You’re such a bad girl. This is what happens to bad girls, Angie.”

“Yeah, we get fucked.”

“That’s right, Angie, you get fucked.”

I drilled that pussy as she begged for more. Angie is one hot piece of ass.

When I was about to cum, I told Angie, gaziantep escort kız telefonları “I want to cum in your mouth.”

She didn’t even hesitate. Angie turned around and stuffed my cock in her mouth. She sucked me for a few moments before I began to shoot my cum into her mouth and she lapped up every drop as I grunted loudly. I had to be careful that I didn’t wake up my son but it felt so good to fuck a hot young woman with an unsatiable libido, a nice tight pussy, and a magic mouth. Karen didn’t like the taste of cum and rarely let me cum in her mouth. Damn, that felt good. There’s something special about a woman that will swallow. I could tell she enjoyed it which made it even better.

Fucking Angie made me feel young again. Having that hot, sweaty, passionate sex restored my faith that I was still a desirable man. I was able to satisfy a hot, young woman who came back to my house for a second night for more sex. We weren’t making love, it was pure fucking and made me feel alive again under trying circumstances. I was also no better than Karen as she was fucking someone else too. It still bothered me that she had a lover but fucking Angie lessened the sting.

After we caught our breath, Angie and I went downstairs to get another drink. I wore my underwear and a tee shirt while she put on one of my tee shirts too. Something so simple can be quite sexy too. It hung loosely on her body except for her breasts that pushed against the cotton fabric. It was mesmerizing to watch her move about the kitchen with her braless breasts bouncing and see a hint of her areola through the white fabric. I couldn’t help myself from grabbing her ass when she bent over to get a couple of beers from the fridge when her ass was exposed to me. It startled her but she playfully slapped my hand away. When she stood up with her hands full, I reached around to cup her tits and kiss her neck before retreating to the living room.

At first, I wondered why she sat across from me rather than join me on the sofa but I soon realized she wanted to tease me by letting me get a glimpse of her legs and pussy. She knew she had my attention and seemed proud that she had control over an older man.

When we finished our beers, Angie told me, “Why don’t you get us another one? I have a surprise for you.”

“Ohh, I like surprises, especially from a hot, sexy young lady.”

She smiled and replied, “Well, you’re going to like this one then.”

Angie picked up her backpack and went upstairs to change. In only a few minutes, Angie appeared in the living room wearing a short black satin robe, blue sheer stockings, and black high heels. I was naturally curious to know what she was wearing under the robe but she was going to make me wait. Angie seductively walked around the room as I attentively watched every step she took. My eyes were fixed on her alluring legs encased in nylon and the bare skin of her thighs above the lace band on top. I could see a hint of her ass cheeks as she strutted past me. Her cheeks appeared to be winking at me with each step. I could see the thin string of her thong between her buttocks when Angie she bent over to get her beer.

Angie looked down at the growing lump in my boxer briefs and said, “If you like what you see now, wait until you see what I’m wearing underneath my robe.”

“I can’t wait, baby.”

Angie turned her back and untied her robe as she prepared for the big reveal. She turned around clutching the robe so it didn’t open and then suddenly opened it like she was flashing someone but that someone was me.

She was wearing a dark blue lace baby doll with spaghetti straps and a matching thong. Angie let the robe fall to the floor and began to pace around in front of me so I could drink in all of her beauty and sexiness with my eyes. I stared at her as she walked around in front of me. Her lingerie didn’t cover very much but there is something about a woman wearing it that is so much sexier than a naked body. Maybe it’s because you have to look closely to see their nipples or pussy or maybe it’s because they are advertising that they are enticing you into having sex with them.

It’s like the lingerie is screaming, “I want to have sex.”

I had a full erection that I wouldn’t have been able to hide if I wanted to.

I told Angie, “Come here and let me see how soft your babydoll is.”

“Nope, not until I say you can.”

“Oh, so you’re going to be a little cock tease, eh?

Angie pointed to my erection, and said, “You’ve got that right and it looks like it’s working,” and started to giggle.

I smiled back at her and figured I had no choice but to let my young seductress play her little games, not that I minded at all. Sex is much better with a little foreplay anyway. Angie walked over to her backpack which she stashed in the hallway and took something out. When she returned, she was holding a vibrator. When she got right in front of me she turned it on and I heard the soft buzzing sounds of vibration as she began to trace it all over her body. Angie seemed to especially like the feel of the vibrator on her nipples. She teased herself by using her sex toy on her inner thighs but being careful not to use it on her pussy.

Angie pulled the coffee table further away from the sofa and sat down in front of me with her legs spread. I got a nice view of her sweet pussy lips through the lace of her thong. It wasn’t surprising that I had the urge to lick her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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