A Biological Imperative

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So, there I was — a straight, 21-year-old college senior — bent over the kitchen counter in the home of a 37-year-old married neighbor, getting my ass plowed for the very first time.

Interested in learning how I managed to find myself in that position? Then READ ON!

My name’s Jim — ‘Swimming Jim’ to my buddies — and, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, I’m an avid swimmer. I took to the water at a young age and have been competing on school swim teams with a fair amount of success ever since. Naturally, I’ve developed the typical swimmer’s build — long, smooth body with a v-shaped torso and tight, lean muscles. I have blue eyes and blonde hair (yep, even my pubes) and I tan pretty easily — about the only place I’m not tan is where I’m covered by a swimsuit, so I generally have a distinct, pale stripe of skin across my groin, hips and butt.

It was the summer before my senior year of college and I was up at my parents’ house on the Cape for vacation. Our next-door neighbor, Gary (who, incidentally, is hung like a fucking horse), was renovating his house while his wife and kids were away and my mom had decided to offer him some assistance — me. I’d only known Gary casually up to this point, since there wasn’t much for a kid and thirty-something father of two to talk about at family barbecues, but I’d always liked him — he seemed pretty cool — so I didn’t mind giving him a hand. And a fuck-hole, as it came to pass.

Gary’s a big, hairy guy — about my height, 6’3″ — and is in really great shape. Despite being pretty laid-back, he has the appearance of someone who could, with minimal effort, beat the fucking hell out of you. He’s an ex-marine, so I guess that has something to do with it. He came over one afternoon and asked if I would help him out the following day.

And so, we now move on to the series of events that led me into taking his dick up my ass…

I went over to his house early the next morning and was greeted at the door with a knuckle-crunching handshake. “It’s going to get really hot today,” he told me with a smile. I thought he was referring to the weather, but, given what occurred later on, he might’ve meant something else entirely.

It was already pretty warm inside the house. Gary said he didn’t want to run the air while we were working because dust and debris might get into the vents and clog the filters or something. I shrugged and said it was fine — I actually rather enjoy working up a sweat.

Our first job was to install about five light fixtures around the house. Each time, it was the same thing — I held the fixture while Gary connected the wires. Since I had nothing to do but hold the fixture up beside him on the ladder, my mind began to wander. I initially started thinking about school and what I wanted to do while on vacation, but after a while, I found my thoughts had turned to noticing Gary’s physique. He had on a worn, sleeveless t-shirt, so it was pretty plain to see that the guy is BUILT. A few times, I caught myself staring into his armpit. That might sound a little weird, but the fact is, for most of the morning, it was pretty much right in my face. Maybe it’s just me, but if something’s right in my face then I’m gonna look at it. Each armpit had a thick nest of dark hair that was becoming matted with sweat as the morning progressed. I have to admit that I actually kind of liked the smell of it.

After the lights were up, we moved to the hall bathroom to install a new vanity and sink. That’s when I guessed that Gary wasn’t wearing any underwear. His loose-fitting shorts sat real low on his hips, exposing a tuft of dark pubic hair every time he raised his shirt to wipe the sweat from his forehead. I also noticed, while glancing down at his shorts, that he had an ample bulge there. Little did I know that I would soon find out just how ample that thing is.

After the sink was in and the plumbing was hooked up, we headed to the back porch for a short lunch break. Gary showed me the pool they had recently installed in the backyard and said I could come over whenever I wanted to use it. The sun was almost at its highest point in the sky by this time and the humid heat was becoming mildly oppressive.

Between bites of the sandwiches, I mentioned that I had noticed some of the aquariums he had around the house. He told me that he breeds fish and grows coral as a hobby and that he’d take me around to show me after we were done.

We finished lunch and went on to install new cabinets in the kitchen. Having previously exhausted all familiar topics of conversation — family, school, swimming — we began to make our way into new, personal territory.

“You got a girlfriend?” he asked me, somewhat out of the blue. I told him that I had dated a girl at the beginning of the school year, but with classes and meets and all that, it got to be too much of a hassle. He chuckled. “I know what that’s like,” he said. “Women take a lot of effort.” There was a slight pause and then çankaya escort he asked nonchalantly, “So, you been getting any since?”

I laughed and told him that I hadn’t.

“You must be pretty pent-up, then.”

I was kind of surprised by his inquisitiveness, but decided to go along with it. “Nothing I can’t take care of by myself,” I said.

He smiled at that. “I hear ya.”

I was glad for the unexpected opportunity to speak frankly with him. He struck me as someone who probably knew more about sex than I did, to be honest, so I figured I could probably learn a few things from him. “What about you?” I asked. “You gettin’ any?”

He smiled and shook his head. “Not in a long while,” he said with a sigh. “It’s tough when you have kids. Not a lot of free time. Plus, my wife’s been in a perpetual state of exhaustion for about a year now and seems to have lost interest in sex. But that happens sometimes. I guess, for women, their sex drive kind of ebbs and flows more than it does for men. Me, I’m always up for it.” He laughed. “So, yeah, I often have to take matters into my own hand, as well. But that only helps so much.”

Growing up, I’d always kind of looked up to him and that feeling returned now, except — there seemed to be a little more to it than just that. It sounds odd, but, for the first time, I was now looking at Gary as a sexual being. Sometimes, if you’ve known a person for a long time or if you’ve only known them casually, you don’t really see them as such. But Gary has an obvious air of sexuality about him — something I never realized before. I suppose that’s why I’d always been drawn to him — I think all men are drawn to that kind of virility, whether conscious of it or not. It’s validating to your own.

And, believe it or not, thinking all this, I suddenly started to get HARD. I can’t explain why, really — I just did.

I developed an apparent bulge in my shorts that I think he might have noticed because he then commented on my body — that I had good musculature and such and that I fill out my clothes really well. (Was that in reference to my shorts?) He went on to say that I was good-looking and that I shouldn’t have any trouble getting some whenever I wanted. I was gratified by the comment, particularly since it came from him — the guy’s in amazing shape himself. ‘Enviable’ was the word I think I used when I returned the compliment.

We continued to talk a bit more about other stuff until the cabinets were installed. After we were all done, Gary shook my hand, saying he was “much obliged” to me for all my help. The handshake lasted a couple seconds longer than what I thought was normal, but I didn’t mind — it seemed to more poignantly express his gratitude.

By now, we were both literally soaked with sweat and I was going to head back home for a shower when he asked if I was still interested in seeing the aquariums. I said that I was, so he took me around the house and pointed out all the different types of fish and coral in each of the aquariums and explained a little about them. The last aquarium he showed me was in the dining room — a smaller one that contained only two fish. I followed him as he took it into the kitchen and set it on the counter.

“I don’t know if you knew this, but many species of fish are hermaphroditic,” he said.

“Really? Weird. I didn’t know that,” I replied.

“Yeah, like this species here. They’re what is called ‘sequential hermaphrodites’, meaning they possess the genetic programming to be either male or female, but are only one or the other at any given time.” His voice had suddenly taken on a low, almost instructive tone as he spoke, which gave me the impression that I should pay close attention — there was something here I was going to learn. “These two are both males,” he continued, not looking at the fish but at me. “Since there’s no female around, one of them will make the switch in order for them to procreate.” He paused again and held my gaze for a moment. I didn’t look away. “Of course, generally speaking, that kind of ability only exists in fish, but it’s not too far from bisexuality, which is readily prevalent in animals and humans.” I glanced at the fish for a second, then back at him. “It makes sense when you think about it,” he said somewhat casually, leaning on the countertop, “it’s every male’s biological imperative to release sperm as often as he can … so, it’s easy to understand why two men, in the absence of a female, will engage in sexual stimulation solely for that purpose.”

And there you have it. Something happened in that one moment that I’m still trying to put my finger on — some kind of implicit understanding? All I knew was that there was a sudden sexual charge between us, more palpable than the heat. I looked at him and only realized afterward that I had nodded in agreement.

Gary leaned toward me, leveling me with his eyes. “Take off your clothes,” he keçiören escort stated in a clear, authoritative voice.

I did. As if in a trance, I kicked off my shoes, lifted my shirt over my head and let my shorts drop to the floor. I then pulled my underwear down and stepped out of them, completely aroused. Gary lowered his eyes to my hard-on and smiled, before pulling off his shirt and unzipping his shorts. He reached in and pulled out his dick, which was already beginning to swell. I watched in awe as it grew to its full size — HUGE would be an understatement. I’d always been proud of my own endowment, but this one had me beat by an inch or so in length AND in girth. I was momentarily mesmerized — I’d never been near an erect cock before that wasn’t my own.

Gary ran his hand over his thick meat and instructed me to bend over. I realized then what was about to happen and it put butterflies in my stomach. I was somewhat apprehensive, sure, not ever having done this before — and yet, in spite of that, I found myself complying. I turned around and leaned slightly forward onto the countertop. My hands began to shake slightly as I waited for a few seconds in that position. Gary told me to put one leg up on the counter and lean over a bit more, so I brought my right leg up and placed my inner thigh on the counter as I rested on my elbows, feeling the stretch in my glutes as I spread my legs apart.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he told me calmly as he stepped up to the plate. “My wife isn’t here, so your ass is going to please my dick for me.”

I nodded. I wasn’t really freaked out or anything by the prospect of it — in fact, quite the opposite, apparently, as my rock-hard boner clearly evidenced. I decided not to think about it — how I managed to get myself in this position or why I was going along with it — just to allow it to happen. My only concern was that it might hurt.

Gary stepped forward and pressed his engorged dickhead against my hole. Here we go, I thought, bracing myself. It felt a little odd having something at my back door, but, at the same time, it was also a little provocative. What’s more — it felt rather good being touched there. Gary then rubbed his head around the outside of my hole, tracing my anal ring with his tip, which, again, felt really good. At least, it was getting off to a good start. Next, Gary placed his hands on my hips and pushed against me, sliding the full length of his warm, slick shaft up along the ridge of my ass. I closed my eyes and exhaled audibly.

“Feel good?” he inquired knowingly.

I bowed my head. “Yeah,” I admitted, feeling no need to deny the pleasurable sensation. I shifted my position slightly, moving back a little more towards him, as he continued to slowly hump my sweat-slicked butt. I was quickly warming up to the idea.

His fingers fanned out across my cheeks and gripped them firmly, spreading them apart and kneading them like dough. The heavy, humid heat and his gentle massaging of my ass with his hands and dick were beginning to lull me into a fully relaxed, receptive state.

“Open yourself up more,” he directed. I spread my legs a bit farther, rubbing my ass along his dick. He pulled away and firmly pressed his head against my hole again, eliciting a moan I couldn’t contain. “You want my dick, don’t you, boy,” he stated rather than asked. “You want to take my big dick up your ass, isn’t that right?”

It actually was. My desire surprised me a little, but I was starting to really get into the idea of it. “Yeah,” I responded half-consciously.

He slapped his dick against my cheeks a few times before sticking it back between them. He pushed his cockhead against my hole and began jerking it against me, sending vibrations of pleasure all the way through to my gut. He did this for quite some time, causing me to unintentionally give voice to my enjoyment. Man, I really started to want it — I couldn’t help myself.

He placed his thumbs on either side of my opening and stretched it wide, preparing it for the impending conquest. At the same time, he poked his dick repeatedly against it, causing my own dick to twitch in syncopation with his thrusts. It seemed he was slowly getting closer toward penetrating me with each poke, which made me crave it even more.

Gary abruptly stopped his manipulations and got on his knees behind me. He spat directly onto my hole and smeared the saliva around with his thick fingers. Then he gently pushed the pad of his thumb through my outer ring and pressed against my inner one, rubbing it lightly until that one opened up for him as well. By this point, I was sweating profusely — the blood coursing through my body with the constant, newfound pleasure I was experiencing. Beads of perspiration freely flowed down my back to the crack of my ass, further slicking up my already wet backside.

Gary got back on his feet and slid his shaft up and down between my cheeks etimesgut escort some more. I rested my head on the cool marble countertop, relishing the feel of it. Then his dick was pressing furtively against my hole again, humming almost imperceptively. I could no longer hold back — I told him to stick it in.

Gary paused. “What was that?” he asked pointedly. “What do you want me to do?”

I glanced back over my shoulder at him. “I want you to stick your dick in my ass and fuck me with it,” I said to him, believing the words as they came out. All of this was unfamiliar territory — I really had no idea what I was getting myself into — but the pleasure he was giving my ass made the thought of his dick inside it a thrilling curiosity.

Gary leaned down to me, bringing his lips to my ear. “You really want that?” he asked in a low whisper. “You want me to stick my dick inside you?”

“Yeah,” I panted in response. “I want your dick in me. I want you to FUCK me.”

He chuckled smugly and gave my wet ass one last hump before lubing his dick with spit and positioning it at its target. I barely felt the pressure of his cockhead before my hole expanded and he was in. What a feeling. It happened so easily. I moaned aloud at the moment of penetration.

Once his head was in, my anus flinched repeatedly, accustoming itself to having a guest. “You like that?” Gary murmured behind me. “You like having my dick in your ass?”

I did. For some reason, it felt completely natural. “Yeah,” I responded. “It feels really good.” Gary started rotating his hips, circling his head around inside me. I focused on the incredible feel of it, marveling at the fact that I now had the head of his dick in my ass. And guess what? I wanted MORE. I began rotating my hips in the opposite direction, corkscrewing myself onto his dick and felt a little more of it slide inside. “Oh, yeah!” I moaned aloud.

“You want more of my dick, don’t you?” Gary discerned, pulsing his head inside me.

“Fuck, yeah,” I said, grinding my ass on his cock. He obliged, slowly rotating about an inch more up inside me. It burned a little, but there was also a distinct pleasure behind it.

Gary paused for a moment, allowing me time to adjust to his girth. My breaths were now coming out in shallow huffs. “My dick feels really good in your ass, doesn’t it?”

“Oh, fuck, it feels so good,” I gasped. “I want more.”

“I know you do,” Gary replied and slowly began to ease himself out. “But we’ll need a little more for that to happen.” My ass clenched as he left me. I lowered my leg off the counter and looked behind me as Gary strode over to the fridge. He opened it and pulled out a bucket of Crisco, which made me chuckle out loud. He smiled and wiped the sweat from his brow, then peeled off the lid and scooped up a generous amount from the inside with his thick fingers. He returned and gave me a nod. “Bend over.”

I resumed my position, alternating legs. With one hand, Gary lathered his dick and then thoroughly lubed my hole — which felt nice and cool and eased the burning a little. He got behind me again and pushed the head of his dick back inside. It went in easier and farther than before. “Oh, fuck, yeah,” I sighed. I was glad to have it back.

Gary grabbed me firmly by the hips and pulled me onto him. More of his slippery dick slid pleasurably inside. He halted the progression momentarily, moving gently inside me as I gripped the edge of the counter. “Yeah,” I groaned. After a while, he pressed forward again, inserting about another inch or so, before pausing the invasion and grinding into me some more. My hole was beginning to feel stretched to the limit and I wasn’t sure we’d be able to get his fat dick all the way in without tearing me a wider one. He intuitively pulled back a little, allowing my ass time to adjust and gradually relax again, until I was ready for more.

Eventually, every inch of his hefty cock made its way home. Not since taking to the water had I taken to something else so easily.

“You almost got it, boy,” Gary commended as his hips brushed my cheeks. “My dick is almost all the way up inside you.” I arched my back, pushing against him while he pressed forward and eagerly took the remaining inch.

We paused and stood there for a moment, my ass impaled on the full length of his throbbing cock, both of us dripping with sweat. I looked down and saw a bead of pre-cum dangling from the tip of my erect dick. There was no hiding the fact that I was turned on by this.

“I’m going to fuck your ass now,” he informed me.

My throat felt tight. “Sounds good,” I said.

Gary began pumping his dick gently inside me, moving only about an inch or so of his length slowly in and out. My head went dizzy with the pleasure and the knowledge that I was getting BUTT-FUCKED for the very first time … I never would have guessed it.

After a short time, his thrusts slowed in momentum as they increased in depth. Before long, he was smoothly delving into me a generous portion of his huge dick.

“How does that feel?” Gary asked.

“It’s feeling really good,” I groaned in admission.

Gary brought his hands up to my shoulders and squeezed them. “Tell me to fuck your ass, boy,” he commanded, rocking his dick back and forth inside me. “Beg for it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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