A Birthday Epistle Ch. 4

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Lady Suzy watches and enjoys her little scene as John’s predicament takes a new turn, and he learns to witness the world from the dogs eye view!

* * * * *

With no time to neither think nor stretch, he responded immediately and felt the clipping of a leash to his collar. Placing her crop into his mouth she warned,

“Don’t you dare to drop it slave. Now be a good little doggy and follow Me. Keep your head high!”

Her gloved hand swatted him on his reddened ass to get him moving. Leading him to the kitchen, she retrieved a doggy bowl from the cupboard and filled it with water. Placing it on the floor, she cuffed his hands behind him and instructed,

“You may place the crop beside you and lap some water. When you have finished you clean your mess from the floor too. I want to see no drops on the floor. Understand me, slave? When you are done, you may rest on that blanket. You many not touch yourself nor relieve yourself. That will be taken care of soon. Oh, and you must drink all of the water.’

Clipping the other end of the leash to a post between the blanket and bowl, she patted him humiliatingly on the head saying,

“Enjoy. We will be going elsewhere in a while so do take a brief rest my pet. I always enjoy taking my pets to the park to run around. Maybe we will take the silver convertible Mercedes Sports? Would you like that? You can always take your favourite blanket in case its chilly on the way home . . . .”

Thus, those words ringing in his head, and the thought that never he had mentioned this in his Epistle, John knelt and tried to lap the water like a dog at his bowl. God! But it was difficult! His cheeks flushed with embarrassment and shame as he heard her stifled chuckles coming from the doorway. Had he really included this in his darkest fantasy? Right! Yes, he had! “John,” he told himself as his wrists struggled with the metal cuffs, “next year, be careful what you wish for . . . .”

So thinking, lapping, splashing, and licking the floor to clean it John pondered damply but thirstily on his captivity. How long would she leave him? When would she let him touch her, worship her? When could he stretch out? When could he eat? How many hours of the seventeen had passed already…what if….? And so his mind rambled and shambled as his tummy rumbled and grumbled in indignation, edirne escort and his ass stung from the cropping that had so recently warmed him. The most intriguing thought though was that She, for now he so thought of Her, as his superior and Dominatrix, She had understood his needs so perfectly, and had proceeded with incredible understanding to perform this arousing and oh so erotic task.

Thus was John left. A deep and heavy abandonment seeping throughout his very being, as his Lady tip tapped on her high-heeled boots out of the kitchen. He was both thirsty and yet damp from his endeavours at lapping the water from a bowl. This was outside his experience, as previously he had only daydreamed about it; but the reality far surpassed his expectations. She had left him no time to draw back. No time to hedge and no time to think or rest. He was surprised at how fast she had paced everything, and was flattered that she had obviously gone to a lot of trouble to get it all just as she had wanted. As he thought about all of this, his resolve to see it through was strengthened. This train of thought left him even more excited and he marvelled that even without the heady smell of Susannah’s obvious arousal he was harder and thicker than ever he had been. How he wished he had confessed this to her long ago. . . .

Susannah hid behind the door and steadied her breathing. If her response and authority staggered John, it had even more of an effect on her. She would not have been able to describe how excited and erotically aroused she had become. The dampness between her thighs was spreading and her nipples ached they were so hard. All that she knew was that she would enjoy the next few hours just as much as she hoped John would, if he had told her the whole truth in that Epistle of his! God! But this was a heady experience! She stifled a giggle so that he would not know she was still there and watched him intently.

There he knelt, no doubt thinking of his thirst as his Lady watched her new pet to witness how he would handle his latest predicament. Again, she stifled a giggle as she watched John bending down as he tentatively stuck his tongue in the water and slurped it. Again and again, but he got very little. His ass was so pretty and red. He was blissfully unaware that he his Mistresses ever-watchful eye was fixed upon cansoc.org him. She smiled as he bent down even more to see if he could sip the water, but the dish was too narrow, and he wobbled painfully on his knees. However, it made his face very wet! He continued concentrating: unfettered save for the leash and the cuffs.

The water dripped annoyingly down his chin and fell on his chest, cooling the burning slightly. He wished he could use his hands to drink. He wished he could stand. But, what did his Lady want him to do?

Susannah was no sadist and seeing his confusion, she stepped into the kitchen again to focus his foggy brain and reminded him that he had his instructions. Self consciously now he continued drinking the water until it had gone. He carefully made sure there was no drip, and then he knee hobbled painfully over to the blanket finding it hard to remain upright on his knees without his hands and arms to balance him. He splayed out his legs from the knee down but that was far too painful. Gingerly and slightly flopping over he lay down as carefully as was possible, for a cuffed man, on his side, finding it to be the least painful way to do so. Dutifully, and thankfully he closed his eyes and concentrated on hearing his Mistress.

Mistress was satisfied that pet had tried his best and was now resting to prepare for his next ordeal. She quietly tip toed away and took up her sentinel position behind the kitchen door. Stifling a moan as she licked her index finger and circled her now throbbing clit, sliding her middle finger into her velvet recess. She lifted the finger to her nose and inhaled deeply.

“Mmmmmm, sooo nice” she thought to herself and slowly, sensuously sucked her fingers as the wish formed that she could use her pet right now! However there would be time enough later. She had read and memorised every word of his Epistle and was certain she would add to its enticements. He would learn that he did not always receive what he thought he deserved and that when she was his Domme then he would most certainly be her slave! “My darling slave,” she mused as her mind replayed some of their earlier games together, “payback can be such a bitch!”

John was aware that time was getting precious, as he lay on the blanket anxiously awaiting his Mistress. The entire time John was aware of her stare. He tried hard to relax but found it almost impossible trussed up as she had left him. He tried hard to relax but the humiliation at his predicament crept forward, then receded, and then crept in again. What must she be thinking of him, knowing how aroused he was and that he was desperate for more of her special punishments? Her heady, sexual perfume permeated the air . . . what could a poor trussed slave do?

His Mistress watched silently. Silently she noted the rise and fall of his chest, the slowing of his breathing and the gradual relaxation of his cuffed hands. Susannah waited to see that his breathing was steady before she crept away for a few minutes to continue her preparations. John was exhausted but aroused and subconsciously rolled onto his stomach and rubbed, wondering at how cruel Mistress could be, the floor was hard and it hurt his tortured body but dutifully he waited and waited . . . .

Susannah returned to check on her pet, and she watched and considered returning to make him sleep for a while. She grinned appreciatively as she witnessed him trying to rub himself as he lay there on his stomach. A mental note was made to punish him later for that transgression. It was after all blatantly against instructions! As the initial thrill rippled through them both she watched as he began to settle and was satisfied that it was safe to depart briefly. Lady Susannah put her head around the door and told her pet,

“I saw all of that slave. You are such a bad boy! You will be punished later. Now lay still and try to rest my pet. I will be back for you very soon pet”

John heard her words and worry began to cloud his mind. He tried to say something in his defence, but she was gone, He lay down again trembling slightly – but still engorged.

Susannah was excited – very excited. She knew her plan was working. She had noted with gloating satisfaction that his penis was huge and engorged, and she desperately wanted to use it for her pleasure. Resolutely she decided to make herself wait to help to build on his excitement. Soon my pet, very soon, she whispered to herself, as once more her licked her index finger and circled that precious sensitive nub between her soft thighs; first one then two fingers slid inside her velvet glove to be rewarded by a gentle shudder rippling through her body . . . .

To be continued soon if the reader so desires…

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