A Birthday Surprise

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“I have a surprise for you!”

I sent the message to Sophia while sitting in the cafe a short walk from the apartment. It was her birthday and I wanted to make it extra special. Besides the presents I had already bought her, and despite the plans I’d made for a special meal out together, I had now come across an opportunity far too good to pass up.

“Ooh, what is it?”

“You know that’s not how surprises work. I have some instructions for you, Doll:”

We had started using codewords a few years ago to signal that one of us wanted to initiate a “special” interaction; I would call her Doll, and she would call me Sir. We’d been doing it so often, for so long, that it now had an almost instant effect on both of us, triggering a change from our typical husband that would have been a bit of a problem.

“Are you sure Sophia’s ok with this?” She asked. “She won’t be mad with you?”

“She won’t have the chance to be; trust me,” I promised, with a wink and a sly grin. “What do you say we get moving?” I stood up and pulled my jacket on before taking hers off the back of her chair and helping her to slip her arms in. She flicked her long, wavy black hair out so that it draped down, almost to the waistline of her jeans.

I held the door open for her as we left the cafe and I could see her gently nibbling on her lip as glanced up at me. I hadn’t noticed her perfume until she slipped past me in the doorway but now all I could think about was the subtle, chocolatey scent of the beauty who had, by some miracle, agreed to come home with me to surprise my unsuspecting wife.

Elise was excited; her hands were constantly fidgeting as we took a slow walk towards home. Her nerves must be just as on edge as mine; my heart felt like it would explode in my chest and it was a gargantuan effort just to keep my breathing level. Not to mention my cock was already getting hard just from the idea of what was about to happen.

I took Elise’s hand and we walked in silence all the way to the entrance of my apartment building. I opened the door and ushered her inside, taking the opportunity to sneak a glance at her perky bum as she slid past me. We stepped into the elevator and I took the opportunity to let her know a bit about what she would expect.

“Sophia and I have a bit of a Sub-Dom relationship. Not all the time, only when one of us really needs it. I’m the Dom, she’s the Sub. When we have one of these little events we try to take on different personas, with different names and things like that.” Elise’s eyes were fixed on my reflection in the mirrored doors, listening intently and taking in every word. “Assuming she’s managed to get everything ready in time when we go into the flat she’ll be blindfolded and waiting; she won’t know it’s you and I’d like to keep it that way, as part of the fantasy.”

The lift jerked to a halt and after just a moment the doors slid open on our floor. We stepped out and I led the way to our front door, continuing with the briefing.

“Sophia goes by Doll, like a plaything or a fuckdoll if you want. Knowing her she’ll slip pretty heavily into sub-space and will do whatever I tell her to. I’m going to tell her to obey you too; she’ll do anything you want as long as you give her an order. However, there can only be one Dom. That means that from the moment you walk through the door, you do whatever I say. If things get too intense for you we have safe words: ‘yellow’ means dial it back but keep going, and ‘red’ means everything stops immediately.” She nodded her understanding and agreement.

I drew a collar out of my bag, one I planned to give to Sophia tonight. I made a mental note to retrieve it from Elise when the night’s festivities were over. I placed it around her neck from behind, just tight enough for her to feel it but not so tight that it would be uncomfortable.

“I want you to understand what this means: when you wear this collar you are mine! You will obey my orders immediately and without question. You will refer to me as Sir. If I give you a command you will respond “Yes Sir” and carry out the order immediately. Do you understand?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Then say it out loud. What does it mean when you wear this collar?”

“It means I’m yours. If you give me an order I will obey it without question and I will always call you Sir.”

“Very good. I have another gift for you.”

I drew out from my bag a masquerade mask, styled like a navy blue butterfly with copper filigree. I placed it over her face and tied the ribbon at the back of her head.

“The collar might make you mine, and I want you to remember that always, but when you wear this mask you will become someone else, someone strong and confident. Someone escort vip unashamedly sexy and sexual. When you become that person what name do you think will fit you?”

“Ariana,” she said after just a moment’s pause.

“That was quick. After Ariana Grande?”

“She’s hot and, like you said, unashamedly sexy.”

“Good choice. Say it out loud; who are you when you wear the mask?”

“I’m Ariana…”

“Mistress Ariana” I interrupted.

“I’m Mistress Ariana. I’m confident and I’m sexy. I’m in control!”

“But?” I prompted, tapping the collar around her neck.

“But I belong to you, Sir. I’m in control of everyone else, but I will obey you.”


We were still standing in the hallway outside the door to the apartment. On the wall was a mirror and Elise was staring into it, familiarising herself with “Mistress Ariana”, while I stood behind her with my hands on her shoulders.

The transformation into her new alter ego was visible as she pulled her shoulders back and stood taller than before, exuding confidence in place of her usual, slightly meek nature. Her long, wavy dark hair was pulled back by the mask’s ribbon so it no longer framed her pale, square jaw as it did when it was left to hang naturally.

I checked the time, it had been just over thirty minutes since I had sent Sophia that message. I ran my hands down Elise’s – actually, Ariana’s – arms and let them rest on her slender hips, tapping her on the bum with one hand as I said:

“Follow me!”

I moved to the apartment’s front door and unlocked it, ushering Ariana in behind me and locking the door again. I led the way through to the living room where, exactly as instructed, Sophia was kneeling in the centre of the room, on a very thick luxurious rug we had bought for just this purpose.

I turned to Ariana and put my finger to my lips, encouraging her to stand quietly where she was for now. I walked over to where Sophia, my “Doll”, was kneeling, blindfolded and bound. I cupped her chin in my hand, turning her face up to mine and kissed her deeply. Without saying a word I checked all of her restraints, tightening those that had been left loose since she’d tried to restrain herself with just one hand before then tying that free hand to the harness buckle on her thigh. She gasped slightly as I adjusted the strap connecting her collar to the end of the silver hook embedded in her ass, forcing her to arch her back and hold herself up straight.

I glanced back at Ariana; her excitement was visible as her breasts rose and fell with her faster breathing. She was staring at Doll, taking in the view she had, until now, never dreamed that she would ever see.

Crouching down beside Doll I whispered in her ear:

“Well done Doll, you’ve done a good job of getting yourself ready for tonight. I told you I had a surprise for you.”

I ushered Ariana over to stand in front of Doll. It was clear that Doll heard her footsteps as her breathing suddenly accelerated and she began to fidget slightly in place.

“We have a guest. This is Mistress Ariana, she’s going to be joining us tonight. Say hello to Doll, Ariana.”

“Hello Doll; I’ve been eager to meet you.” Her voice had suddenly turned quite husky, she must be excited.

“Why don’t you two get familiar? I’m going to get a drink.” I stood up and made my way to the kitchen, attached to the living room. I collected a bottle of wine with a couple of glasses and returned to the living room to find Ariana standing behind Doll, running her sharp nails over her bare shoulders. With every touch and scrape of her fingertips, Doll would gasp and moan, so shocked by the feeling of having some unknown, unseen woman touching her body while she was restrained.

This would prove to be an exciting event for both Ariana and Doll, neither having ever slept with a woman before tonight.

I sat back with my glass of wine to enjoy the spectacle, struggling to find a comfortable position since my cock, which was already hard in the hard cafe when I first started discussing my plan with Elise, was now trying its best to tear its way out of my jeans.

Ariana moved her fingers down Doll’s chest, tracing the tips around the curve of her breasts, exploring every inch of the soft flesh and working her way inwards towards the nipples. Those nipples were already standing proud with excitement and Ariana had to chase them as they moved so much with every heavy breath Doll took.

When she finally caught a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand there was a soft whimper from Doll as Ariana pinched, squeezed and twisted the already rock-hard nub of pink flesh. That whimper was cut short as Ariana bent down, grabbed a fistful of hair escort rus and tilted her face up so that she could engage her in a deep and passionate kiss, plunging her tongue into Doll’s mouth. Doll gave in to the kiss, her first with another woman, and I could see their tongues dancing over one another, glistening with saliva.

Ariana kneeled down in front of Doll so that she could focus on kissing her as her hands began searching over her skin, digging in her fingertips and nails, scratching at her back and running her palms down to cup her butt cheeks, kneading, squeezing and spreading them.

Doll twitched and gasped when Ariana started to play with the hook buried deep in her arse, pulling on the rope and twisting the hook in her hole. She pulled her face away from Doll’s so that she could watch what she was doing, biting and nibbling her shoulder as she focused intently on manipulating the toy. Doll’s back arched, her face pointing upwards as the rope pulled back on her collar. Seeing my chance I stepped forwards, cupped Doll’s chin and seized a kiss of my own, relishing the soft warmth of her tongue on mine and enjoying the taste of her saliva mixed with Ariana’s.

“Take your clothes off!” I ordered Ariana. She obliged, standing up to lift her t-shirt over her head revealing a midnight blue lace bralette over a pair of small but impressively perky breasts. She reached behind her back to remove the bra.

“Not yet,” I said, stepping forwards and placing one hand on the small of her back to draw her forwards and leaning in to kiss her deeply, our first kiss. We held the kiss, savouring each other’s taste and being sure to make enough noise to make sure Doll could hear us while my hands moved down over Ariana’s waste to the front of her jeans. I broke away from her lips and dropped to my knee, kissing my way down her stomach before undoing the buttons on her jeans and slowly peeling them down over her thighs to reveal a seamless black thong.

The smell of her was intoxicating and as she lifted her leg up to allow me to slip her jeans off her foot the dark patch where her natural wetness had begun to soak through her thong was revealed, already shiny and slick. I finished dragging her jeans off and stood up, moving around behind her so that pull her tightly into my body, pressing her arse hard against my raging cock. Grabbing her chin I tilted her mouth up to meet mine for another kiss while my hands rose up to squeeze her breasts, pinching her nipples hard through the thin material of her bra.

“Step forward, towards her,” I commanded, pushing her towards Doll with my hand on her bum.

“Yes Sir,” she did as she was told, stopping just centimetres from Doll’s face.

“Can you smell that, Doll? It smells perfect, doesn’t it? You want to taste it, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Tell her you want to taste it! Tell her how badly.”

“I really want to taste it!”

“Beg me! Beg me to let you taste me,” insisted Ariana. I glanced at her, impressed and glad that she was getting into this as much as I was.

“Please mistress, please let me taste you!”

“You’ll have to take her pants off; use your teeth.”

Doll obliged instantly, leaning forwards with her mouth open, searching for the hem of Ariana’s thong so that she could grip it with her teeth and drag it down. I relished the view of the string of thick, clear fluid which stuck to the material and stretched ever thinner as the thong was dragged away before finally breaking and sticking Ariana’s thigh, glistening as it caught the light.

Doll’s eagerness to do as she was told and taste Ariana’s pussy won against the discomfort from the hook in her arse as she bent low with the thong in her mouth, pulling it all the way down to her knees. When she released her grip the knickers dropped the rest of the way to Ariana’s ankles and she stepped out of them; I picked them up and held them to my nose, inhaling the intense, musky scent as I watched the scene unfold.

Ariana bent down and seized Doll’s face, pulling her in and forcing her mouth onto her pussy. Doll didn’t take much convincing and there was a gasp from Ariana as her tongue lashed out and discovered her already swollen clit almost immediately. So horny was Ariana that within seconds of Doll’s tongue plunging into her cunt she was already panting hard and squealing, on the verge of orgasm.

With one hand holding a fistful of Doll’s hair and pressing her face hard into her crotch she reached back with her other hand to seize a good grip of the rope linking Doll’s collar with her anal hook. As the orgasm took hold and her whole body tensed and convulsed she twisted her hand, forcing the rope to tighten, choking Doll and pulling hard on the hook, as escort elit she screamed and whipped her hips and her now over-sensitive clit away from Doll’s desperate tongue.

Doll’s chin glistened, smothered in a coating of mixed cum and saliva as she panted, gasping for breath after being choked by Ariana tightening her collar as she orgasmed. Ariana kept hold of her hair as she stood there, eyes shut, trying to catch her breath and basking in post-orgasmic bliss. I kneeled down beside Doll, holding my face close to hers.

“It looked like you enjoyed that,” I said to her. “Does she taste as good as I imagine?” Doll could only nod her agreement, so overstimulated that she could barely speak. I ran my fingertips down her back, tracing the path of the rope until I found her hole, spread open around the shaft of the hard metal hook. Gently I pushed one finger in alongside the hook, sliding my finger around the shaft and watching as her head tilted back and her mouth fell open.

I slipped my other hand up her thigh so that my fingers could dance over her pussy. I pulled my hand away to find my fingers drenched in a thick, clear fluid. I looked down to see a small puddle had formed on the carpet between her thighs, a thin strand of cum still connecting the pool with her lips which were glistening and soaked; more cum than I’d seen her pussy produce in a very long time.

“It looks like you’re enjoying yourself.” I lifted my fingers up to my mouth and sucked them clean, relishing the slightly sweet, slightly salty taste, before returning them to the slippery slit between her legs. There was a deep moan as I pushed two of them deep inside her; there was already so much natural lubricant that it took almost no effort to slide them in. I thrust my fingers in and out, with every stroke dragging a moan or gasp from Doll.

Her moans turned to a whimper when I abruptly pulled my fingers out. “You didn’t think I’d let you cum so soon did you,” I teased. “You get yours when we’ve both had ours.” I turned to Ariana, “How was that? You certainly looked like you enjoyed it”

“Enjoyed it?! I don’t think I’ve ever cum that quickly before. It was amazing!” Her breathing was still a bit ragged.

“Glad to hear it. Don’t go thinking that you can have a break though, this Doll won’t fuck itself… unless I tell it to. Come here.” I called her over to kneel on the other side of Doll and took hold of both her hands, guiding one to Doll’s thigh and the other to her arse cheek.

“I want you to spend a little time getting to know your way around; play however you want, wherever you want. There are a couple of rules, though. Rule 1: she can’t orgasm, hold her as close as you can but she can’t cum. Rule 2: you can only take something out of her arse if you’re going to replace it with something else. We’ll keep it simple with just those two for tonight. Do you understand those rules?”

“Yes Sir; she can’t cum and I have to keep putting new things in her butt!” She said it with a devious grin; poor Doll was about to be pretty thoroughly used.

“Good girl; take your time, we have all night.” I stepped away to drain my wine glass, pushing my fingers, still coated in Doll’s cum, into Ariana’s mouth as I walked past. She sucked the cream off eagerly, holding my gaze as she did. I could see her own hands massaging Doll’s leg and butt cheeks, inching closer and closer to her desperate holes.

I sat back again to enjoy more of the show, watching closely as Ariana’s fingers started to dance and slide over Doll’s lips, being careful to avoid getting too close to her clit. Doll, for her part, was clinging on by a thread; even with Ariana deliberately avoiding her most sensitive areas I could see how close she was to the brink of orgasm. Her breathing was heavy and ragged, I could see her chest rise and fall with every breath and her hands were straining against their bonds.

“She can’t take much more of that, focus on her butt for a while; that should keep her horny but it’s unlikely to push her over the edge. Doll, you know you need to ask for permission to cum; the punishment will be severe if you orgasm before I tell you to.”

“Sorry Sir,” she could barely get the words out.

Ariana shifted around to kneel directly behind her and started massaging her butt cheeks with both hands. She whispered into her ear, just loud enough for me to hear “I’ve only ever played with my own butt before, I’m looking forward to exploring yours!”

I stood up to get a better view, peeling off my shirt as I walked over. I was dying to take off my trousers, my cock was so hard it was straining uncomfortably against the material. Standing directly in front of Doll I stripped off my belt, undid the zip on my trousers and slipped them off over my feet. My tight boxers followed soon after, they weren’t doing much anymore anyway as my cock was trying its best to force its way out, a dark wet spot prominent where my precum had soaked into the cloth.

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