A Dedication

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This is a thank you/dedication to everyone that has commented on my work so far. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself and will continue to do so. Sorry for not continuing either of my current stories as of yet. I plan on doing so in the future some time. Now, on with the story.

NOTES: All events and characters are mine and 100% fictional. Do not copy or even attempt to steal them. Thank you in advance. Also, if you wish to post this story on your site, you may as long as you inform me of the site name and give me proper credit for my work. Thanks again.

The hallway was silent. Everyone stopped dead in their tracks, guys and girls alike, to gawk at the guy walking down the hall. He had black hair in short spikes, bright blue eyes, neon-blue dyed hair, 5’10”, and around 180lbs. His good, athletic looks weren’t the only things drawing attention to him. His choice of clothing was what shocked everyone. His shirt was several sizes too small. It showed every muscle of his six pack and his nipples. He had a white dress shirt on, that was unbuttoned and didn’t hide anything, on over his tight blue tank top. Around his neck he had a choker with steel tips painted blue. His pants were the main attraction. He was wearing a pair of biker shorts that were too small like his shirt. They were black with blue strips down the side. They showed his bubble butt’s contour perfectly, along with outlining his cock in the front.

He was 19, a college sophomore going on 20. He was well-known for wearing outrageous clothing, but this was the most outrageous he had ever worn. When he walked out of the building’s front doors, everyone slowly returned to what they had been doing before the local hottie had passed by.


The air outside was on the chilly side, making his nipples hard the moment he stepped out of the building. He had slept in yet again, missing his only class on Friday. He hurried his pace. Hopefully, the professor was still in his office so that he could find out what he missed. You’d think being as hot as he was he would’ve become acquainted with someone in the class, but he hadn’t.

He walked into the next building and a short way down the hall. He reached the door to the classroom and walked in. The room was set up like an auditorium, so he had to walk down stairs to reach the door to the professor’s office door. He knocked on it, waiting for a response. Luckily, the professor’s assistant was there. His assistant was the classic brown noser. He was only a freshmen, 18, and he was a lab assistant. He had also become stuck up because of it.

He was decent looking. Red-tinted brown hair adorned his head and framed in his light brown eyes. He had the body of a swimmer, cut and lean. He was about 165lbs and 5’9″. He wasn’t ugly. He was really cute, büyükesat escort especially when he wore his tight jean pants with his green boxers showing above the top and his green tank top. He was wearing them right now too.

“What do you want, Alex?”

“I was wondering if the professor was around. I need to find out what I missed today.”

“He already left.”

“Well, could you give me the info then?”

“No, that would be nice of me.”

“Come on, Charles! You’re supposed to help the class not hinder it.”

“I guess I could give you a quick review, but you’ll owe me one, got it?”

“Yeah yeah, just tell me already.”

“Have a seat and close the door behind you.”

Alex walked in and sat in a leather chair in front of the professor’s desk. Charles closed the door, pulled the curtain down and locked the door. He then went behind the professor’s desk, mumbling something about no being seen with the likes of Alex.

“Did you bring paper and a pencil or pen?”

Alex faintly blushed in embarrassment, “No, I didn’t think about it.”

“You owe me two for providing you with paper, “Charles said as he tossed pen and paper to Alex.

“Okay, whatever. Now, what did I miss?”

Charles repeated the professor’s lesson word for word. He even expanded in some parts that the professor had been unclear on in his lecture. Alex frantically scribbled down notes. He normally had a tape recorder so that he could write notes down later. When he was done uttering the lesson forth like a machine, Charles walked over and looked an Alex’s notes.

“You call those notes? If you agree to owe me three favors, you can have a copy of my notes.”

“Why didn’t you just say that in the beginning and we wouldn’t have needed to waste all of this time?”

“Honestly, I did it because I enjoy wasting other student’s time and I wanted you to owe me three favors. Actually, I need them all paid back in full today.”

“Of course you do. What are they?”

“A favor of any kind right?”

“Yeah, whatever.”

Charles smilled and nervously swallowed some spit. He stood up from the professor’s chair and walked in front of the desk. He sat down on the edge, only two feet from Alex.

Charles nervously said, “The first favor I want is I want you to let me give you a blow job.”

Alex was visibly shocked. His jaw dropped and his cock began to get hard. “Okay,” he stammard.

Charles kneeled in front of Alex and lowered his head to Alex’s crotch. He stuck out his tounge and licked the outline of Alex’s cock. He opened his mouth wide and engulfed the semi-hard form, sucking and lightly biting into it.

Alex groaned and pushed Charles down making cebeci escort him apply more pressure. Charles lifted his head up and moved his hands around Alex’s short’s top. He pulled down hard, trying to get the tight shorts off. They slowly came off, revealing Alex’s hard, cut, medium thickness, and 6.4″ dick.

“No under, Alex?”

“Nope, I like going in the nude around my room, and I only put on shorts when I go out.”

Charles, with greed in his eyes, lowered his head down, rubbing his chin along Alex’s dick’s length. Reaching one hand under Alex’s shirt, Charles began to binch his nipples. First the left, then the right, and back again. His other hand went to Alex’s testes, rubbing and squeezing each one. His mouth and tounge went to work on his cock. His tongue worked its way up and down the entire length, then around the base of his cock. Charles then put the tip into his mouth, sucking while licking the tip and the precum on it.

Alex was wriggling in the seat, pleasure pulsing through his entire body. He hadn’t had sex in over a month. His girlfriend had slept around, and he found out. They weren’t together after that.

Charles moved both of his hands to Alex’s ass, both playing with Alex’s whole. Tickling it relentlessly, sending shocks of pleasure up Alex’s spine.

“Uhhh….that feels so good!”

Charles answered by taking Alex’s entire length in, deep-throating him good. He sucked hard, while playing with Alex’s hole still.

“UhHHHH…CHARLES!! I’m going to CUM!!”

Alex grabbed Charles’ head and began to face fuck him hard. He jerked in and out, while Charles increased his playing with Alex’s hole, even occasionally sticking a finger in part way. Alex rammed in hard one last time and screamed. His cum exploded out of his cock, creaming the inside of Charles’ throat. Charles swallowed it and sucked Alex dry.

Alex was panting as Charles stood up and smiled. “Charles, that was the best BJ I’ve ever had.”

Charles smile widened, “We aren’t done yet either. You still owe me two favors. Now it’s your turn to give me a blow job.”

Alex almost argued, but he knew that it was only fair. After all, Charles had given him the notes and he had agreed to give Charles three favors. Now he had to hold up to his end of the bargain. Alex dropped to his knees in front of Charles, who sat up against the edge of the professor’s desk.

Charles unzipped his pants and pulled them off. His green boxers barely contained his bulging hard cock. Alex reached forward and rubbed it, making sure it was fully aroused. He leaned forward and pulled the head of Charles’ cock out of one pant leg. Experimentally, Alex licked the head. It surprisingly tasted good, including kolej escort the precum there. He bodly took the entire head into his mouth, sucking hard. While sucking, he pulled the bowers down a ways. He leaned back and took Charles’ boxers off all the way.

Charles spread his legs and pulled Alex’s head back to his cock, “Deep-throat me.” Alex gulped nervoulsy, then stuck Charles’ 7″ cock into his mouth. The problem was he didn’t have any practice with this sort of thing. Charles didn’t care though. He forced his cock deep down Alex’s throat. He was gentle enough to not choke him, but it was very hard for Alex to keep his breath for a while. Charles was done with being gentle though, he began to violently fuck Alex’s face. Alex tried to take it, but he couldn’t. He pulled away and gasped violently.

“Can’t take it, can you? Well, I guess since you can’t do that, you’ll have to take option 2 for your second favor.”

“What’s option 2?”

“You, Alex, have to get on all fours, completely naked, and let me fuck you up the ass.”

Alex paled, but he obeyed anyway. He flung his loose dress shirt off and pulled his tight blue tank top off. He got on all fours and braced himself. Surprisingly, Charles applied gel to his cock and Alex’s hole, while stretching it with a few fingers. Charles positioned himself then he rammed his cock deep into Alex’s ass. Alex grimaced, barely forced down a scream, and clenched his fists into the carpet. Charles didn’t wait. He started to pull in and out. When he re-entered Alex’s ass, he rammed as hard as possible, aiming for his prostate. Each time he did, Alex broke out with a LOUD moan.

Before long, Charles was about to come. He pulled out, and started to jerk himself off.

“Uhh, ahh….turn over and lay on your back, Alex!”

Alex did as he was told, and laid down on his back. While still jerking his cock, Charles rubbed it against Alex’s chest. He then pushed it back into Alex’s mouth with just a second to spare, for he then started to cum, sending cum down Alex’s throat. Before his orgasm was over, Charles pulled out, sending cum over Alex’s face and into his hair. Charles laid down next to the spent Alex, who had cummed on his stomach when Charles had stuck his cock back down his throat.

“Charles, what’s the third favor?”

“The third, that’s easy. You have to do this with me again sometime when, where, and how I say.”

“Okay, that sounds good. Do you have a rag I can wipe my face off with?”

“No, just use your green tank top and go back with just your dress shirt on, but have it unbuttoned though.”

“Haha, you really know how to mess with other students. You do know some people might faint? I’ve never shown my chest in publice before, not even while simming.”

“Good for them. You’re mine until we do this at least one more time.”

“I wouldn’t want to be anyone else’s.”


NOTE: I was really tired while writing this. If its quality doesn’t match those of my previous works, it is due to self-inflicted sleep depravation. Also, I left this one open for at LEAST one more sequel.

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