A Divorce is Needed

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Scarlett worked at the local hospital uploading and filing patient records. She has been married to a wonderful man that is ten years older than she is. Tony is a salesman for the local brewery that has been working a lot of late nights in the last few months trying to get ready for a merger that was about to happen. Do to their different work schedules, they haven’t seen much of each other. Just being twenty-five, Scarlett was really starting to feel the loneness that she never thought that marriage or life would bring.

Standing at 5′ 8″, being alone was never an issue with men always wanting to take her out. Most men would consider her a very attractive woman with her shoulder length brown hair, baby blue eyes, and D cup breast that looks even bigger with her thin waist. Every time she would go out for her morning run, she would notice when the next-door neighbor’s son is home for college that he would always try to get a look at her and her bouncing breast. Scarlett enjoyed the attention from other men but is loyal to her husband and would do nothing to jeopardize their marriage.

It was a busy week at the hospital so when her boss gave her the choice to go home early, she rushed to leave before his mind was changed. Trying to take advantage of this rear moment, she rushed home trying to take advantage of this moment to spend some quality time with her husband. Every inch that she got closure to her house, her excitement built getting her very wet. Making the last turn to her house, there was no notice of the car that was parked across the street next to an open field. Struggling to get her key in the door, dropping it twice, A moment to pause and relax was needed before she was able to unlock the door and open it.

Finally getting the door unlock, tossing her purse onto the kitchen table, Scarlett rushes too the spare room altyazı porno that she knew her husband used as his office. Placing her hand on the door to open it when the sounds of moaning could be heard. Her heart stopped for what felt like forever. Placing her ear closure to the door, more sounds from a female could be heard.

The sounds of skin smacking skin could be barely heard over the female. “Yes babe, Yes. Faster, Faster.”

Jumping back away from the door with the feeling of a heart shattering, Scarlett couldn’t believe what she is hearing. Not knowing what to do, she rushes out to her car placing her head into her hands and starts crying. With hands full of tears, the sounds of explosion going off from the next-door neighbors grabbed her attention. Seeing both of her neighbors’ cars gone, she knew that it must be their son who is home from college playing video games. Wiping her eyes, the best that she could, she decided to walk over to the house and ring the doorbell.

Sounds of the game stops as it is paused, the door opens to a nineteen-year-old wearing a red basket ball jersey with blue jeans. He had a headset with mic around his neck. Short brown hair, brown eyes with a short hair goatee. “Hello Mrs. Winter, neither of my parents are going to be home for a while. Is there anything that I can do for you?”

Looking at Kevin’s body and the muscles that wasn’t there when he was in high school, silence was all that could be heard. Her eyes moved up his body stopping at his. No longer in control of her urges, Scarlett steps forward giving Kevin a deep kiss with her tongue joining his.

Not knowing what was going on, Kevin had a confused look onto his face as he took a step back. “Mrs. Winter, what are you doing?”

“Now Kevin, do you really want me to stop and explain what amatör porno is going on?” Scarlett said while unbuttoning her blouse.

His speechlessness was all that she needed before pushing him back onto the couch. She finished removing her blouse dropping it onto the floor. Climbing on top, she startled his legs setting on his lap. Getting more comfortable with what was going on, Kevin moves his hands to grab both of her breast and giving them a squeeze. To give him better access, her hands move up and release the clasp that is in the front of her bra throwing it to the side. Getting a full few of the D cup breast with quarter size areola’s and nipples hard enough to cut glass.

With his eyes wide open looking at the beautiful sight, a slight pressure could be felt on the back of his head with him being guided to her left nipple. “They taste better than the look.” She told him.

At first, he used his tongue with a little sucking on her nipple to give her aroused, but it wasn’t until he started to lightly bite them and pulled on them that really started to get Scarlett really excited. She pulled off his shirt throwing him backwards into the couch. The kissing started on his neck were a mark was left from sucking to hard. She slowly continued the kissing down his body only spending time at his nipples getting them as hard as hers. Sounds of his zipper being unzipped could be heard before he lifted his hips allowing for his underwear and pants to be pulled off in one pull freeing his erection. Being almost seven inches and thick, she admired it for just a quick moment before started messaging with her hand sucking on his ball sack. For extra arousal, she took both in her mouth.

Leaning his head back agents the couch, Kevin enjoys the pleasure that he was receiving. His moaning got louder animasyon porno when Scarlett placed her mouth over the tip of his cock before placing it all into her mouth. She tried to keep the motion slow but was unable to with the excitement and wetness that were building inside of her. She keeps the fast pace going until she was able to see that he was getting close to releasing his seed when she decided to stand up. Giving him time to calm down a little, she decides to put on a little show while taking the rest of her clothes off. Scarlett could not wait any longer.

With more natural lubrication than what she needed, Scarlett straddled Kevin once again guiding his cock towards her vagina. Placing his cock all the in, she paused for a quick moment for the adjust of his thickness within her before moving up and down. Moving his hips to match her rhythm causing each thrust to become more powerful and faster. Both hearts started to race as they struggled to catch their breath. Neither one wanted this to continue but both were to far along to slow down. Kevin tried to warn that he was about to cum, but it was to late with him exploding deep into her with each thrust. She felt the warmth hit her but continued her motion for just a little bit longer until her body shake with an orgasm that she has been missing for a long time. They haled each other for a few minutes until she rolled off him allowing the sperm in her to start dripping out. Scarlett got up getting dressed when Kevin finally got the energy to speak.

“Are you on the pill?” Kevin asked.

“Nope” Scarlett said leaning down to give him a kiss. “Stop by tonight and we can continue this.”

Without another word, Scarlett leaves the house leaving Kevin setting there naked with a smile on his face. Watching from a distance, Scarlett watched her husband give a woman with short black hair, blue eyes, S cub breast wearing a sweat outfit, a hug with a kiss on her cheek. When he was standing all alone, his wife approaches him.

“You are going to give me everything in our divorce and you will be moving out today.” Scarlett went into her house locking the door behind him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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