A Dog Got Me Some Cat

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A Walk In The Park

I live in a 20 story high rise apartment building. I am the nighttime physical therapist Monday , Tuesday and —Wednesday and Thursday I am nighttime lifeguard in our basement pool.

My name is Ralph. I am a light skin Black man. I am 28 years old. I am 6-2 in height and weigh 205 pounds.

This story begins after I had a nice walk in the park behind my apartment complex , when suddenly a dog runs up to me. After looking at him I realize that he is a run away dog. I then picked him up and looked around for the possible owner but did not see anyone.

I then take the dog home and then on the weekend I put up signs around the immediate area. With my phone number. Two days after putting these signs up, I get a phone call. A woman describes the lost dog to me. To my satisfaction she has described the dog. She then asks can she come to pick up her dog today. I said by all means. I gave her my address and she started laughing. I said why are you laughing. She said that she lives in the same building. I then too started laughing. She said she would be right upstairs in 30 minutes.

In 45 minutes the doorbell rings. I look through the peep hole and see a woman standing there. I open the door and to my surprise I see this lovely tall statuette of an Indian woman.

I said hello, she replies and says hello. I then said come in and have a seat. I am saying to myself what a gorgeous looking woman. I told her my name is Ralph, she then says her name is Chandra. I then say I will be right back. I then go to get the dog. I open the door and the dog runs out of the room , down the hall and jumps up on the couch to finally jump onto Chandra’s lap. I then come out of the room too. Chandra is now kissing her dog which she has called him by his name Benji. Chandra says where did you find him. I said I was walking in the park two blocks away from the building when your dog (Benji) runs up to me. I then realized he was a run away so I picked him up and looked for the owner but did not see anyone. I then took him home with me. Chandra then says WOW I don’t know how to begin to thank you. I then say no problem I love dogs. Chandra says I don’t want to be rude , but I must be going now. So Chandra takes Benji and leaves. But before she leaves , Benji runs back to my legs. Then Chandra calls Benji again and he comes to her.

As she is walking away I am totally admiring and salivating over what a nice ass she has. Damn it is moving from side to side, up and down as she is walking down the hall. And those long legs and nice tits. She has hair that flows down to the middle of her back. She has a tanned shade complexion. And to top it off,

A fucking pretty face.

So a whole week goes by and it’s Saturday. I am sitting on a bench in the park behind the apartment building , when a dog runs up to me, jumps onto the bench and has his front paws on my thigh. It’s Benji. I then start rubbing his back and head. Then the owner walks up to me. It’s Chandra. I said hi Chandra how are you today. Chandra says I am ok then she asks me how am I. I said now that your here I am doing much better. Chandra laughs. Then she says wow Benji really likes you. Yep and I like him too. I said Chandra please sit. Chandra says sorry I just had to bring Benji out for his walk as I have a doctor’s appointment, sorry. So Chandra walks away. She has on jeans that are so tight that she might have had to use a crow bar to get into them. No matter, she looked good in those jeans and that sweet ass of hers looked fantastic. Still wondering how she got all of that ass into those jeans. Side to side , up and down, damn that ass was dancing as she walked away.

Then 2 weeks later while riding the train home after work during the Friday rush hour ,Chandra gets on at the next train station. She squeezes onto the crowded train. And She is about 2 passengers away from me. Then at the next stop 3 people get off and about 5 people get on. The new riders basically forced Chandra into me. I then said hi Chandra. Chandra slightly turns her head and says “Oh hi Ralph”. Then the train pulls out of the station. The car is rocking back and forth. Chandra is pressed right up against me. Her nice ass is pressed right into my groin. I could feel her nice ass gliding back and forth across my now hard dick. Chandra has on a nice floral print dress. My dick has settled right in her ass crack and we are now moving as one. The next stop no one gets off, but another person tries to enter. The new rider incredibly squeezes into the train car. Chandra is now crushed into me. She says sorry, I said it’s all right. The train pulls out of the station. My dick has once again found the crack of Chandra’s ass. The train is once again rocking back and forth. But it seems like I can feel Chandra wiggling a little extra. Boy my dick is hard. Then with the next stop 2 people get off. Now only three more stops to go. Chanda manages to turn around to face me. I ask her Chandra how was her day today and I really love that nice dress of yours. Chandra says it was a hectic day at work and then says thank you about the complement on her dress. Then at the next stop 1 person gets off and 2 people get on. Once again Chandra is crushed into me. I adjust my briefcase because of the crowd. Now Chanda is pressed against me. I can feel the heat from her body. I know she can feel my rock hard dick pressed against her. She tries to adjust herself to escape the intrusion of my rock hard dick that is pressed into her lower stomach area. Chandra then looks at me. I then smile. Chandra again tries to escape from the hardness of my dick , but to no avail. Chanda’s face now starts to turn a little red. Now the train is really rocking. My dick is no longer pointed straight out. My dick is now pointed downward. The end length of my dick is now pressed right against Chandra’s love triangle. I could really feel the heat from between her legs as my dick is massaging her love triangle as the train rocks back and forth. Chandra has a lot more red in her face. Once I could see her mouth open as she was thrust into my hard dick. I looked at her and just smiled. I said are you ok. She said yes and sorry. I said it ok this train is really packed. For the last two stops my dick was just pressed directly on Chandra’s love triangle. Then just like that the fun was over.

Chanda was now waiting at the bus stop. I asked Chandra if she was going home she could share a taxi with me and told her to get in. So in the cab I once again said I really love that yellow dress. I also asked how is her dog Benji doing. Chanda said Benji is doing fine , I just spoiled him too much as she laughed. On the way home I told the cab driver to stop here at the liquor store. I gave Chandra 10.00 dollars to pay for the cab. I then told Chandra to have a nice evening.

As the cab pulled off I then went into the liquor store and purchased 4 bottles of White Zinfandel. Then I walked home.

What a nice summer day.

Once home I quickly removed my clothes, I could still smell the scent of Chandra on my clothes. I then took a nice hot shower. Once out of the shower I played some nice jazz and poured myself a glass of Zinfandel. Then I turned on the TV to watch the news. Then I went outside and sat on a bench in the park right behind the apartment building. As I was just about to go back upstairs, who did I see. It was Chandra walking Benji. I called out to her and she came over to where I was sitting. Benji jumped up on the bench and onto my lap. Chandra said he really likes you.

Then I said he has good taste and laughed. Chandra just shook her head. I then said that train was really packed coming home today. Chandra said yes it was. I then told Chandra not to be angry but she was so close to me that I could smell the lovely scent of her. Chandra then started blushing and then smiled. Then Chandra said we’ll it was nice talking to you Ralph and said good night. What a lovely sight as Chandra walked away. She had on tight fitting grey sweat pants and a black tee shirt. Chandra has a nice big round lovely ass. And all of that nice ass was packed into those sweat pants. Wow what a sight and to think just hours ago I was riding that nice ass. I then went up stairs played some more music and then had a nice cold corona beer with lime.

So here it is a nice Saturday morning, I am on my way to the supermarket and who gets on the elevator on the 15th floor, no other than Chandra and mr Benji going for a morning walk. I said good morning and Chandra said good morning Ralph. Chandra says your up early. I then said I am trying to beat the morning crowd at the supermarket. I had enough of crowds for the week. Chandra said me too especially that train ride coming home yesterday. I said it wasn’t really that bad. To be honest I enjoyed the closeness of you so that I could smell that lovely scent of yours.

Chandra says what else did you enjoy. She caught me off guard with that question. I smiled and did not answer the question as we got off the elevator. I then said bye Benji.

So Saturday night I go to the basement swimming pool and swim a couple of laps. Then Chandra and another woman comes into the swimming pool and get in the water. They did not notice me but I sure as hell noticed them. Then after 5 complete laps I then got out of the pool walked toward Chandra and her friend and said hello ladies. Chandra said hello Ralph and introduced her good friend Bala to me. I then went over to a bench and sat for a while before getting back into the pool for another 5 complete laps.

Meanwhile Bala said to Chandra wow how do you know him. Chandra said he found my dog Benji when he ran away.

Bala said did you see that big bulge in his swimsuit. Chandra said no , Bala said stop lying I saw you looking at that bulge too. Chandra then laughed and said yes I saw it too. How could you not see it.

We were sitting down and he was standing up. The bulge was right in our faces. Lol

Chandra then told Bala that on the way home yesterday we were on a crowded rush hour train coming home. I was crushed right up against him. My back was turned to him. I could feel his big dick pressed right in between my ass crack. The train was rocking back and forth. I said to myself damn this guy has a big dick. Bala then smiled. Then as the train ride went from station to station I got moved around where I was now facing Ralph. His big hard on dick was literally pressed right onto my hot box. Moving up and down and side to side as the train rocked back and forth. When I actually got home my panties were wet. Bala said so what are you going to do about it. Chandra said absolutely nothing.

Bala said damn Chandra that is a nice piece and I think I saw him here before. I think he is the lifeguard on women’s night here in the pool.

So now I am finished my second set of 5 complete laps and I get out of the pool and walk pass Chandra and Bala and said good night ladies.

Bala says to Chandra and he has a nice ass too. That is one nice put together black man. Is that why your not going to do anything about it. Chandra said Bala stop.

I am now back in the lobby of the building. Talking to the building maintenance man. He is saying that there is no hot water as the boiler has a problem. I then see Chandra and Bala. I inform them that there is a boiler problem and there will not be any hot water until he boiler gets fixed. We get on the elevator and Bala gets off on the 9th floor. I say good night to Bala as does Chandra. Chandra gets off on the 15th floor. I said good night Chandra. Chandra says good night. I then think of something to say. So I held the elevator door and said anytime you need someone to dog sit Benji just let me know. Chandra says thanks Ralph that is so nice of you. I then said anything for you. Chandra then said good night Ralph.

So I forgot my house keys so I had to go back down to the pool. After finding my keys in the men’s locker room , I am now in the lobby having a lengthy conversation with the maintenance man about the boiler. Then Bala comes in the front door. I said hi Bala I thought you retired for the night. Bala said I had to get something out of my car. We then both got on the elevator. Bala said Ralph do you think I am pretty. Ralph says yes you are pretty. Ralph says why did you ask. Bala says because I was wondering what it would feel like to kiss you. Ralph says I can fix that and moves towards Bala. Bala says not here, can we go back to your place. Ralph says sure.

So we get back to my place , I tell Bala to make herself at home. I then say would you like some wine. Bala says yes. After 2 or 3 sips of wine Bala says can I use your bathroom.

So I am sitting in the living room and Bala comes out of the bathroom totally butt naked. Bala then stands in the middle of the living room naked and looking at me.

She really has nice tits with a large brown areola with darkened nipples. She too has a nice ass. She is about 5-5 and short black hair. I would put her weight at 160 pounds.

I tell her to come here. When she gets to me I tell her to kneel down. I then tell her to unzip my pants. Then I tell her to take my dick out. Once Bala has my dick out , I asked her is this what you really wanted. She just smiles. I asked her again, is this what you wanted. Bala says yes. I said then kiss it. Bala kisses my dick. Then I tell her to suck it. Bala then starts to suck my dick. I tell her she better suck it good if she wants me to fuck her. So Bala starts to use her hands stroking my dick as she is sucking it. Bala has half my dick going in and out of her mouth.

She has really big tits, way bigger than her friend Chandra.

I then tell Bala to suck my balls.

Then I tell her to follow me into the bedroom. I gently push Bala onto my bed. I moved to her legs and she spread them wide for me. I did not even have to ask her. She knew what was coming. So I then start sucking and licking Bala’s big fat pussy. She is squirming all over my bed and after 4 minutes she cums. I asked her how did she like that. Bala says that was good but can you please fuck me now. I told her no. If you want me to fuck you with my big dick you first have to do everything I want. Bala said like what. I said like what I tell you. Now come and suck my dick some more while I suck on your nice titties. I then laid down on my back and said so you want me to cum in your mouth. Bala said yes. So she started sucking my dick at a ferrous pace. 10 minutes later I unloaded a ton of my cum in Bala’s hot mouth. I then tell her to clean my dick real good and she does. Bala licks every last drop of my cum off of my dick.

Then I started sucking and licking Bala’s nipples. Then I started massaging her clit and her G Spot. I had Bala calling out my name , a minute later Bala came. I then started sucking her nipples again. After 7 minutes of that I went back to sucking Bala’s clit. She came in 6 minutes. I asked Bala now do you want me to fuck you. Bala says yes. I said yes what. Bala said yes I want you to fuck me. I said so what about your friend Chandra. Bala said you gonna fuck me or not. I said say please. Bala did not say anything.

Then I just laid on my stomach.

Then Bala came and laid next to me. Bala then whispered in my ear , come on baby fuck me, I know you want some of this good pussy. I told Bala to say please. Bala then reluctantly said please. I then said please what. Bala said please baby fuck me. I told Bala to give me a nice tongue bath on my back. So Bala started by kissing me on the side of my neck. Then she worked her way down my back. I told her to keep going down. Then she was licking and kissing my ass. Then I spread my legs. I then told her to lick all the way down to my balls. Bala started moving her tongue down my ass crack.

Then she bypassed my asshole. I said you missed a spot. Bala hesitates but then flicks her tongue over my asshole. I said that felt really good. Do that some more. So Bala flicked her tongue over my asshole. I said now lick it good and I will fuck you like you have never been fucked before. So Bala starts licking my asshole really good she has me calling out her name. Bala then really gets into it. After 5-6 minutes of her massaging my asshole with her hot tongue. I told her you have earned a real nice fucking. I then told her that anytime she wanted a good fucking she could get this big dick as long as she licked my asshole like that. So then I started sucking Bala’s clit again then 3 minutes later she came.

Now I jumped up and shoved my 7 inch dick all up into her big fat wet hungry pussy. Bala screamed out real loud as she grabbed me and hugged me very tight. Her thighs had me in a clamp then her legs opened wide to accept more dick, but I had already given her the full 7 inches. Then she said baby this dick is good, Fuck me harder baby. I then started pounding her wet hot pussy and Bala was absolutely loving it. Bala came after fucking her like this. Once she came I then pounded her sopping wet pussy faster and harder. Two minutes later I came and kept fucking Bala until my dick got soft. Once my dick was soft , Bala moved down to start sucking my dick. Damn she had me at a disadvantage as my dick was very sensitive and had me squirming in the bed. Bala totally cleaned my dick after sucking it for 4 minutes. I had to push her off of me. I could see the disappointment on Bala’s face as I stopped her from sucking my dick any more. Then Bala said that I am no fun. I said you were not saying that shit 10 minutes ago when I was fucking you. As a matter of fact you were screaming out my name as I pounded that pussy of yours and you had me clamped in a bear hug with your legs and arms as you dug your fingernails into my back. I then told Bala , if she wanted some more dick she knows where I live. I also said the next time your here I am going to fuck you in that nice ass of yours. Bala then replied “Keep On Dreaming !!!”. So now Bala started to get dressed and soon left.

I said to myself , I hope she doesn’t say anything to Chandra and mess up my plans to get Chandra in my bed and feed her my big dick and make her come back for more.

So Sunday is here , I got up early and had a nice walk in the park. Now I decided to buy the Sunday newspaper. Now I am sitting on the bench in the park reading the Sunday newspaper.

Chandra comes out early to give Benji his morning walk. Chandra sees me and Benji runs and jumps up on the bench and onto my lap. Chandra laughs as she comes and sit down next to me. I said good morning pretty lady. Chandra says good morning Ralph.

Now let me describe Chandra if I didn’t already. Chandra is very tall about 5-11 and weighs about 150 pound. She has long legs and a nice big round ass and large orange size breast with protruding nipples. She has big round brown eyes and what looks to be nice dick sucking lips. Her smile is out of this world. She has long black hair that comes down to the middle of her back. She has a light tannish / brown complexion with smooth skin. She also has a very soft voice. I think she is about 30 to 34 years of age. So too at this time I will describe my features if I didn’t already. I am a 28 year old light skin black man. I am 6-2 in height and weigh 205 pounds.

I asked Chandra would you like to have breakfast with me this morning. Chandra surprisingly says yes. But only after I walk Benji and take him back upstairs. I said we can bring Benji as we can eat outside, they have outside tables. Chandra says that is so nice. So we then walked 4 blocks to a nice sidewalk cafe. We then had a nice breakfast. Chandra had a egg omelette and orange juice and tea. I had scrambled eggs ham and toast and pineapple juice and tea. We then walked back to the park and sat down.

Chandra asked me if I was the life guard at the swimming pool. I said yes. Chandra said can you teach me how to swim. I said not while I am working on Wednesdays and Thursdays. But I can teach you on Friday nights or Saturday nights.

Chandra says that is so good. When can we start. I said Friday if you want. Chandra says that would be great. What time I said 7:30 would be a good starting time. Then Chandra said thanks and said goodbye. As Chandra walked away she looked back and smiled as she again said thanks. I said bye pretty lady and bye Benji.

So by chance I see Chandra on the train on Friday. The train is once again packed. I see Chandra standing about 4 people away. The train is packed but when the train pulls into the station, I work my way over to Chandra and said hello. I asked her are we still on for tonight’s swimming lesson. Chandra says yes. The train has become more packed as we move from station to station. The sides of Chandra’s breast are smashed against my chest. I can actually see her protruding nipples rise. Now the side of her legs mainly the side of her ass is now resting in my dick. I can feel Chandra take a deep breath. As the train pulls into our stop , Chandra turns to prepare to exit. Her ass is now resting on my raging hard dick. Then just like that my dick finds the crack of her ass. For ten seconds I know that she can feel my dick pushing her dress into the crack of her ass. Then the doors open we exit the train. I told her to ride home with me as I hailed a taxi. Chandra agreed and we had a quick ride home. Then we got on the elevator and Chandra said so Ralph how did I smell this Friday. I said good as usual. Then Chandra shocked me by saying “Ralph I am going to have to charge you on Fridays for riding my ass !!!”….

Then Chandra smiled and said see you at 7:30 as she got off the elevator.

So I am in the pool swimming a few laps when Chandra walks in. I then say hi Chandra. Chandra says hi Ralph. I said well come on in the water it’s nice and warm. We start off with Chandra holding on to the edge of steps and kicking her legs. Then I told her to hold my hands and kick her legs. I then walked around with Chandra kicking her legs. I then told Chanda that I would hold her stomach with both my hands as she kicks her legs. Then I told her to stand up and then I gave her instructions on moving her arms. Then she was once again being supported on her stomach by both my hands. I told her to kick her legs. Then start with the movement of her arms. I walked her around the shallow section (4 feet). Then I said I am going to remove my hand. Then I actually removed my hands. Chandra was doing ok for 6 feet. I then said try it again without me holding you up. So on the fourth try she actually swam for 12 feet. I told her very good.

Chandra jump up and hugged me. Wow what a feeling having her body pressed to mine. Damn I got an instant hard on, but was saved by the water that hid my raging hard dick. Now I told Chandra that I am going to hold you on your stomach again. You will now practice breathing. You will breath on every second stroke of your left arm. So Chandra practice this as I held her up with both my hands under her stomach. Then she abruptly stopped, my hands slid right over her breast. Chandra said I think I have it and want to try swimming across the 30 foot width of the pool. On her 5th try Chandra made it across the pool without stopping. I then told her that’s enough for the night. Chandra wanted to continue but I said that’s it.

Chandra yavuzeli escort said it’s Friday come on. I said I am going upstairs and have wine and relax. Sorry.

Chandra then said I’ll have one glass of wine with you if we can do another 15 minutes of lessons. I said well ok but only 15 minutes. I then showed Chandra how to float and how to do the dog paddle. That took all of 20 minutes then we were done. So we dried up and then got on the elevator. Chandra got off on the 15th floor and asked me what apartment. I then told 19 H.

So 30 minutes later my doorbell rings. I looked through the peep hole and and it is Chandra. I open the door and say hi pretty lady and come in. Have a seat, make yourself at home. Chandra has on white shorts a black tee shirt and green flip flops.

I then turn down the music that is playing. I also said would you like some wine now. Chandra said please. I then poured Chandra and myself a glass of White Zinfandel. Chandra took a sip of the wine and says this is really good. What is it. I told her it was Sutter Home White Zinfandel. She again says this is really good. I told her that I was drinking this brand since my college days. Chandra says can you write the name down for me. I said no, I have a better idea. I will give you one bottle to take home with you. Wow Chandra says you are really nice. You should have brought your dog up here too. Chandra says I have spoiled him enough, maybe next time. I said yes I would love that, yes maybe next time. So Chandra says what college did you go to. I told her Rochester. Chandra says she went to Syracuse. I said nice. Then Chandra asked me how old I was. I said I will only tell you if you tell me how old you are. Chandra said she is 32. I then told her I was 28, is that a problem. Chandra said no, not at all. Chandra then says you have basically taught me how to swim in just a few hours all in one day. You are a good instructor. I said thank you. I asked Chandra if she wanted another glass of wine. Chandra said absolutely and thanks.

I then tried to press my luck. I asked Chandra what she meant by the next time on Friday she was going to charge me for riding her ass. Chanda replied yes that is exactly what I meant. You know what you were doing on the train ride home one if not both of those Friday train rides. Your friend between your legs was pressed right up in my ass. I then responded your the one that got on the train and was pushed up against me. And by doing that you woke up my friend with that nice round ass of yours. Chandra said oh right blame it on me lol. I said how can you blame me. You really have a nice ass and when it was pressed against my dick , his response was only a natural one. That would happen over and over again. Even now when I see that gorgeous ass of yours my dick gets hard. So you want to charge me. I say then charge me lol. Chandra laughed. So you like my ass. Yes you have a beautiful ass. Stand up and just look in the mirror over there. I think you already know that you have a nice ass. So how much are you going to charge me for riding your nice big round ass.

Chandra says I will let you know.

I said will it take another bottle of my Zinfandel. Chandra laughs.

I then asked Chandra to dance with me as a slow jazz song starts to play. Chandra gets up and walks to the middle of the living room. I then join her.

We embraced both of her hands are on my waist. One of my hands is on her waist and the other is in the middle of her back. I then tell Chandra she smells really good. My already rock hard dick finds its mark and is resting right on Chandra’s love triangle. We are now moving as one. I then start to slightly rub the middle of her back. I then apply a little more pressure as I push my dick into Chandra. She does not object and keeps pace with me as I start to grind my dick on her love triangle. I then start to massage the top of Chandra’s ass. Then I whispered in Chandra’s ear, so how did my big dick feel in that nice ass of yours , when it was resting in the ass crack of your delicious nice round ass. Before Chandra could answer I drew her into me.

Now she could really feel the heat and the rage of my hard dick grinding on her pussy. Not even the short pants that covered her love hole could keep the heat and the force of my dick away from waking up her pussy. Then Chandra said it felt good. Chandra said it felt good because I knew at that point you had a big forceful dick. Now is there anything else you want to know. I said no and I gently kissed her on her neck. I could feel Chandra breathing get a little heavier. Then I started rubbing Chandra’s nice ass. Again she did not object. Then I went to kiss her. Chandra turned her head away. I kept on grinding my dick into her and I was massaging her back and her ass. I then kissed her on her neck again. I heard her moan a bit. Then I moved my right hand to hold her left hand. Then I moved her hand down to my dick. I then rubbed her hand on my dick. Chandra did not move her hand away from my dick. Then I moved my hand to continue massaging her back. Chandra kept her hand on my dick. I then asked Chandra how does it feel. Chandra said it’s hot and it is really big. I told Chandra to take it out. I kissed Chandra on her neck again. Still I tried to kiss her with no luck.

Chanda proceeded to unzip my pants and then reached into my underwear and pull out my raging hard dick. Then she said WOW how big is that. I told her 7 full inches. Chandra said DAMN. Chandra started to stroke my dick. I asked Chandra do you like it. Chandra did not answer. I then started rubbing Chandra’s pussy covered shorts. Then I slipped my hands down under the waistband of her pants and her panties. I started rubbing the top of her clit then her wet pussy slit. Then I used the wetness of her pussy slit to massage her now unhidden clit.

In three minutes Chandra came for me. I tried to get her to suck my dick but to no avail. I then tried to pull her shorts down so I could massage her wet pussy with my tongue. But to no avail. Then Chandra said I think it is time for me to leave. I was disappointed but did not object.

Then I said not only do you have a nice ass you have a nice juicy pussy and just maybe you will let me lick and suck it for you and make you cum in my mouth.

Another thing don’t forget your bottle of wine. And just like that Chandra was gone. I then told Chandra remember 7:30 next Friday.

The weekend came and went. So did the first few days of the week. On the Thursday I saw Bala while I was on lifeguard duty. I said hello to her and she smile and said hello Ralph. I asked Bala did you miss this nice big dick. Bala said yes. I loved having fun with it. She then said because she is friends with Chandra that she thought it best to cut our meeting short. Short as in no more. I said I understand but if you ever get that itch between your legs , you know where to find this big dick.

So Friday is here and it’s 7:30 and I don’t see Chandra. It’s now 7:45 and I am ready to leave just as Chandra walks in. I said your late. Chanda days sorry. I then say tonight we are going to work on your breathing. Now try swimming the width of the pool a few times. So are you ready. Chandra says yes. She is absolutely doing well. I then says that is really good. You are a quick learner. I want you to rest for 5 minutes then you are going to swim the length. I will be walking right along with you while your swimming. You have nothing to fear. So Chandra starts at the deep end and swims towards the shallow end. Surprisingly she swims the whole length of the pool. I said WOW GOOD JOB !!! Chandra smiles. I said take 2 minutes and swim back to the deep end.

Chandra does that as well. I said DAMN you have learned to swim in just two days, it took me a whole week. So here is what you should do. Anytime that your in the pool, practice doing laps to build up your endurance. We are done. Good job pretty lady. Chandra says let’s celebrate do you have anymore of that good wine. I said I always have at least one or two bottles of that in the house. Chandra then says give me 30 minutes and I will be there. I said sounds good to me.

Chandra rings my doorbell. I open the door and I said WOW you look great. Damn you are beautiful. Short black pants and a white blouse. She has on black flip flops and her long black hair is in a ponytail. I let her in and told her to make herself at home. And so she removes her flip flops and lays on my couch. There is Motown music playing and only one light is on and that light is green. I asked Chandra can I get you some Zinfandel. Chandra replies bing the bottle. I said “OK !!!!!”… I then told Chandra to move her feet over a little so that I could sit down. I then pour us both a glass of wine. Chandra takes a couple of sips of the Zinfandel and says boy I love this wine. I then take Chandra’s feet and I put them on my lap. I start massaging her feet right in my lap. She loves that. I love looking at that nice ass of hers as she is laying on the couch on her stomach. I can hear Chandra moan. Chanda has nice long legs. I am tempted on massaging her legs too but don’t. I asked Chandra do you like that. Chandra says yes, it’s so relaxing. Maybe one day you would like a full body massage. Chandra says maybe. I then ask do you want more wine. Chandra says by all means… Yes. So I pour us both another round of wine. I then move to the side of Chandra as I am kneeling on the rug by the side of Chandra who is still laying on the couch. I then kiss Chandra on her neck. I also start massaging her shoulders. Then I slide her blouse from her shorts. I now have access to her back. I then start rubbing Chandra’s back then I kissed her back. Boy did I hear a moan. Then I gave her a tongue bath on her back. Damn she loved that. Then I unhooked her bra and continued giving her a tongue bath. I then slapped her on her ass , Chandra jumped. I told her to turn over.

So then I start kissing her stomach then slowly moving upward then I lift her blouse and bra over her tits. Then I started kissing her tits then I started licking her tits and her nipples then I started sucking her nipples. I could hear her softly call out my name. Then I reached for her other tit and was massaging and tweaking her nipples with my fingers. Then I went to kiss Chandra but she would not let me kiss her as she turned her head. I then started rubbing her shorts covered pussy. Then I slipped my hand under the waistband her pants and panties. I started massaging her wet pussy. But this time I was not going to make her cum. Then I lowered her shorts and rubbed her pussy some more. I was pushing her panties right into her wet pussy slit. I was massaging her panty covered clit but did not try to make her cum. Then I slid her panties down her legs. I started rubbing Chandra’s pussy again and Chandra opened up her legs real wide. Again I purposely did not try to make her cum. I now positioned myself between Chandra’s wide open legs and began devouring her soaking wet hairy pussy. Again I did not try to make her cum. Then I took my dick and ran it up and down her pussy slit. Chandra was moaning like crazy. I then only put the head of my dick into her pussy hole. Then I went back to sucking her tits. I guess she was disappointed that I did not fuck her right there and then.

I tried to kiss her again and again she turned her head. I kiss her on her neck then I moved up to her face where my dick was now right next to her face. She did not try to take my dick and suck it. So I grabbed my dick and placed it on her lips and moved it across her lips.

After 30 seconds of this she opened her mouth just a little. Then I shoved my dick down into her lovely mouth. I kept wiggling it then she started sucking my dick. I said that’s right baby suck this big dick. I started massaging her pussy again. This time with criminal intent. I wanted to make her cum hard. I was massaging her G Spot with three fingers and massaging her clit with my thumb. Chandra had both hands on my dick , one hand holding my dick and the other hand stroking my dick. Boy she had expert level experience in sucking dick. Then she came.

Chandra came real hard and her pussy was almost convulsing.

Chandra stopped sucking my dick as she was grinding her big ass into the bed and arching her back up. All the while gripping the couch cushion. Then I went to kiss her and she shoved her tongue deep into my mouth. She played tongue tag with my tongue for a full three minutes. She was on fire. Then I got up and shoved my dick into her hot throbbing pussy. Then she screamed out my name. I had shove the whole 7 inches of my dick into her hot pussy. I fucked her good and long , pounding that fat pussy of hers. 20 minutes of fucking her in the missionary position I then put her legs on my shoulders as she still laid on her back. I was now giving her some slow deep fucking. Chandra started talking in Indian (Hindu) her native language. I was fucking her good. Hell ,,, she came twice in the first 20 minutes. When I put her legs on my shoulders I fucked her for 17 minutes and she came 3 times. Then she pleaded with me “No More Baby” but I kept fucking her and she came again after 5 minutes.

Then I put my dick back near her face and Chandra reaches for my dick and started sucking it real good. In about 6 minutes I unloaded more than a mouthful of my hot cream right in Chandra’s nice hot wet pretty mouth. Chandra swallowed every last drop and licked her fingers. Then I told Chandra to come into my bedroom. I then pulled back the covers and laid in the bed. Chanda then came into my bedroom. I told her to get in. Chandra just stood there. I got up and walked over to her. I then moved behind her. My dick was in the crack of her ass. As I had her tits cupped in my hands. I then told her , is this familiar my dick being in the crack of your nice ass. My big dick that you felt on the train. My big dick that you purposely let stay in the crack of your ass as we road to our stop. Then I kissed her neck. And slow walked her over to the bed. Then I pushed her onto the bed. Then I spread her legs and started licking and sucking her fat wet hot hairy pussy. 5 minutes later she came. I then started licking all around her pussy but not the sensitive clit. When Chandra started rocking her legs again I went back to sucking her clit to make her cum again. All of this gave me time for my dick to recover. I then jumped up and shoved my dick back into her love hole. I fucked her for 10 minutes and she came again.

Then I went to kiss her again she turned her head. I then took my pussy juice , cum covered dick and put it near her face. Chandra reaches for my dick and started sucking it real good.

I could not figure out why she would kiss me sometimes and then turn away from me other times when I tried to kiss her.

So now Chandra had my dick nice and hard again. I told her to get on her knees. Now I was fucking her doggie style. I had her big nice titties flopping all over the place as I pounded her nice big ass. Chandra had her face planted in the sheet. Chandra’s hands were gripping the sheets and she was calling out my name. I was deep down in Chandra’s pussy. This was the deepest I had been and she loved it. Chandra was telling me “That’s right fuck me baby, fuck me. Get that big dick of yours all the way down into my hot pussy , fuck me baby”. I ask Chandra do you like the way I am fucking you. Chandra says yes baby, I love this dick. I now know how to fuck her good , she likes doggie style. I fucked her like this for 30-35 minutes using 2 or 3 variations of doggie style. Chandra has cum this time 4 times. Two minutes after she came for the last time I unloaded a ton of my hot cream deep down into the depths of her pussy.

I have totally lost count how many times Chandra has cum. I do know that my bed sheets are totally soaked. I also know my dick was on life support. Damn she never gets tired of cumming.

I then rolled over onto my side. Chandra cuddled up next to me as she was now kissing me on my neck. 25 minutes later she was playing with my dick again. I said damn this woman is crazy.

She wanted more fucking. Hell I was dead. But that did not stop her from sucking my dick some more. Now I know she was crazy, what the fuck did I get myself into. But I then decided that I would go to the adult store and find a nice sized dildo and a nice vibrator to help me tame this new pussy. Damn she is greedy. So Chandra sucked my dick for one last time for the night as she made me cum in her hot wet hungry mouth. Now it’s decision time, whether she stays for the night or do I walk her back downstairs to her apartment. Then just like that Chandra says that she has to get back downstairs. So she gets dressed and quickly leaves. Damn that was fast.

So once I Got back into my apartment I changed the wet sheets, turned off the lights and went to sleep.

So now it’s Thursday and I see Bala and Chandra. I said hello to both ladies. I could see them both steering at the bulge in my swimming trunks. I purposely made my dick get real hard before walking over to them to say hello. Bala has her mouth open and Chandra was steering at the bulge with her deer eyes.

I then walked away as I said have a nice night ladies, enjoy the pool. Chandra tells Bala that Ralph had taught her how to swim in just two days. Bala replies OH !!! And may I ask you what else did he teach you or show you. Chandra said Bala stop ! Bala said You can’t fool me I know you want to taste that big dick. Then Chandra and Bala start laughing.

So it’s Friday afternoon again. On my way home I was looking for Chandra to get on the train at her station but no Chandra. Oh well. So I stopped at the liquor store and got 4 bottles of White Zinfandel 1 bottle of Asti Spumante and a six pack of Corona beers. When I got home I just opened up a cold Corona beer from the refrigerator and added a slice of lime. Then I turn on some music and just chilled for 2 whole hours.

Just shortly after chillin for 2 hours , the doorbell rings. I look through the peep hole and it’s Chandra. I opened the door and said hi , what a nice surprise. I said come in, make yourself at home.

Chandra had on red sweatpants and a black tee shirt and a braided ponytail. Along with her was Benji. I immediately picked up Benji and said hi buddy. Benji was trying to lick my face. I then put him back down on the rug. I asked her do you want something to drink. Chandra said yes my favorite wine if you have any. I said of course I do. I brought out a nice chilled bottle of Zinfandel and two glasses. Some Ritz crackers and some sharp cheddar cheese. I then said what do I owe this nice surprise to. Chandra said she just wanted to hang out with me and then said I hope you didn’t mind me bringing my body guard. Wow Benji the body guard. I didn’t know that you needed a body guard when you came to see me. Chandra said yes she did. I said why, Chandra said because you might try to slip that big Dick of your between my ass.

Then we both laughed. I then said to Chandra do you mind if I give him some of these all natural dog treats. Chandra said just one. So I called Benji and he jumped up on the couch with me. I then started rubbing his head and back. Then I gave him the treat.

Then I took out another treat and held it up to Chandra and said come hear. Chandra looked at me and said so now I am your dog. A angry Chandra said Ok. Then Chandra took off her shorts and panties , then sat on the couch , spread her legs wide open, showing me her nice pussy. Then she whistled and said here boy, come here as it was directed at me. I then said ok you got me back. That was a nice payback. Then Chandra said here boy get over here and start licking. Damn she got me good. Lol.

So I made my long long journey across the living room floor. Got down on my knees and proceeded to devour Chandra’s juicy mouth watering pussy.

After 5 minutes I could see the juices flowing out of Chandra’s love hole. By the time I got to the 12th minute of licking and sucking on Chandra’s love hole she had cum twice. My whole face was covered with her juices and cum. She then pushed me away and told me that’s enough for now. Then she said never do that shit again or anything like it. I said sorry, I was just playing around. Chandra said no playing around like that. I then said ok.

But she wouldn’t let it go. I jumped up and tried to kiss her but she turned her head. I then grabbed her head and forced my tongue into her mouth. Chandra was still struggling while I tried to kiss her. I then jumped on top of her and shoved my dick right up into her pussy. After 6-7 down strokes Chandra wrapped her legs around me and was no longer fighting me when I was kissing her. She actually started playing tongue tag with my tongue. Chandra started moaning in my mouth as I was now fucking her good. Just 3 minutes of fucking Chandra , she came. When I changed positions I could see my whole dick was white. My whole dick was covered with Chandra’s cum. I then put her on her knees and fucked her in the doggie position. Chandra was calling out my name loudly as she was saying stuff like this. “Oh Baby that’s right fuck me just like that. Fuck me with that big dick of yours. That’s right just like that. I can feel you dick all the down in my pussy. Damn baby, Oh Ralph fuck me baby , fuck me. I love it , fuck me baby. OOOU baby, OOOU baby OOO OOOOO”. Within the next 30 seconds Chandra came again. Benji started barking. I guess he though I was hurting Chandra as she was crying out my name as I was really fucking her good. Benji just watched and barked as I fucked his master.

Chanda seemed exhausted, so I asked her if she wanted another glass of wine. Chandra said please. I then told Chandra to sit on my lap. I then told Chandra that I was sorry and I will never again disrespect her in any way. Then Chandra kissed me. So this bought up the question. Chandra why when I go to kiss you you always turn your head. Chandra says that’s because you have to work for a kiss. Nothing is free. I said WoW. So suppose I start making you work to get fucked by me. Chandra replied , you mean you have to work to get me ready to fuck. Ok let’s stop this. So if I try to kiss you good morning or good night how does that work.

That’s different we are not having sex. Ok I got it. So now I know.

In my mind I said I am gonna break her ass of of that shit.

So I told Chanda let’s take a shower and get into my bed.

Chandra says that sounds like a very good idea. So we get into the shower and once again I have my big dick in the crack of Chandra’s lovely ass. I am soaping up her nice tits. Oh what a nice feeling. I can feel Chandra’s nipples getting hard.

Chandra can feel my big hard dick between her legs. So I turn Chandra around push her against the shower wall and I start sucking on her hard nipples. Chandra is loving the attention I am giving her breast. I then take my right hand and start massaging her juicy pussy. Then I focus on her clit. In 3 minutes of stimulating her nice clit , Chandra cums for me. Then I go back to sucking her nipples. Then we got out of the shower , dried off and headed to the bedroom. On the way I stopped in the kitchen to get her yavuzeli escort bayan a new bottle of Zinfandel and two fresh glasses. Then I joined Chandra in the bed.

I then reached for some baby oil and told Chandra that I was going to give her a nice massage. I started with using nice hot damp towels on Chandra’s feet to (wash them and make them moist). Then I used baby oil to massage the sides and the ball of her feet. Then I went send my knuckles to massage the arches of Chandra’s feet. Then I stretched her toes. Then I started massaging her ankles. Then I used more hot towels on her feet. Chandra was absolutely loving this attention. Chandra was so relaxed that she almost fell asleep. Now I put the towels back into the microwave to get them hot again. I then started massaging her lower legs then again I used the hot towels from the microwave. Next was Chandra’s strong thighs. So more baby oil and more hot towels. I purposely did not even go all the to the top of Chandra’s thighs. I was saving that when I would start to massage her nice big round ass.

Now to that delicious ass of hers. I first kissed each side of Chandra’s ass. Then I poured some baby oil on Chandra’s ass. Then I poured some baby oil on my hands and rubbed my hands together. Now I started massaging Chandra’s nice ass. I heard Chandra moan immediately. Then I spread her nice ass and was massaging from the sides of her ass to the crack of her ass as my hands came together. Then back over the rounds of her ass to the sides. Then I kissed her ass on both sides again. I now poured some oil down the crack of Chandra’s ass and watched it drip down her ass hole and onto the sheets. I then started massaging Chandra’s ass hole, boy did she moan , wiggled and spread her legs wider all in one motion. As I continued massaging her ass hole , Chandra hunched up her ass as she welcomed this pussy wetting massage on her ass hole. Chandra said Damn baby that feels so good. Chandra was kind of disappointed when my hands drifted from her ass hole to the top of her thighs.

Now my hands slowly crept up to the sides of her wet pussy. I was now massaging the outer lips of Chandra’s pussy. More moans. Now I had slid my fingers to play with the inner lips of her wet pussy. Then Chandra called out my name “Oh Ralph”.

Then I started massaging her moist clit. Then her clit decided to come out to play. Now Chandra’s pussy was really wet and her clit has protruded from the hood. Chandra’s clit was now standing at attention. Chandra’s legs was now wide open. I could now see her dripping wet pussy hole. Three minutes of massaging her clit Chandra call out my name again as her body contorted over the sheets on the bed. Chandra came for me as I was only getting started. I quickly oiled my dick. I then laid on top of Chandra’s ass and her back. While laying on Chandra’s ass and back I kissed the side of her neck. I asked Chandra did she like that. Chandra said yes baby. I then whispered in Chandra’s ear that I was only getting started with the massage. I also whispered that I was going to make her cum in my mouth a few times before I fucked her real good. Nice and slow, nice and deep. Then I was going to continue the massage after I turned her over. Then I would start the whole process all over again while she laid on her back.

I told her we would spend all night and all of Saturday morning in my bed. Chandra then kissed my arm. I told Chandra that I loved being in this nice pussy of hers. I loved kissing her nice ass. I loved sucking her nice tits and nipples. I loved playing with your nice black silky hair. I love parting the nice hair on your bushy pussy as I licked and sucked on it. Chandra then kissed my arm again. Chandra then said that she was glad I had a big dick that could fill up her pussy and know how to use it. She also said that she was glad that I wanted to fuck her, especially after feeling that big dick of your resting between the crack of my ass while we first rode that crowed train. Chandra said that she was really happy to suck my nice big dick. She really loved that I could make her cum so many times and she still wanted to keep her legs open for some more dick.

So Saturday morning came as we were both exhausted. My dick was dead and her pussy was sore along with her legs.

I then prepared a nice warm bath for Chandra and she loved it. I then told her to rest in the bed as I have changed sheets and got rid of the damp towels.

I then took a shower. But before I took a shower I ordered breakfast and picked it up from the corner restaurant.

After I got out of the shower I woke up Chandra and fed her breakfast in bed. We then had to take Benji for a walk so we got dressed and walked in the nearby park. I asked Chandra if she wanted to hang out with me today. She said yes but not in the bed as she was sore. I then said sorry. She said it wasn’t your fault. Chandra said that it was her fault for being greedy. I then said no it was my fault for being so greedy as I could not get enough of your hot , sweet, juicy pussy. Then we both laughed. Then Chandra surprisingly kissed me. I asked her what was that for. Chandra said “for making love to me and fucking me , like no other man has” then she jokingly said and for having a big dick. Then we laughed again. So we see an ice cream truck and I asked Chandra if she wanted some ice cream. She happily said YES. So I got her a cream sickle (orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream) ice pop. I got an ice cream sandwich. We sat on the park bench and ate our ice cream. Benji just looked at us and was probably cursing at us because we did not give him any. When we got back I gave him two treats. But on the way back I brought two cans of dog food for him.

So now we are back in my apartment. Drinking wine and listening to music. I asked Chandra if she would go to dinner with me tonight. Chandra said I would have to go downstairs shower and change. I said good. What kind of food do you want to eat. She then said I don’t know , what kind of food do you want to eat. I started laughing and said the food that is between your nice long legs. Chandra started laughing and said, you would say that !! Chandra then said seriously what kind of food do you want. I then told Chandra being with you is enough, I asked you out for dinner so you pick the type of restaurant you want to go. So Chandra said it’s between Indian and Chinese.

Then I said I know a nice Indian restaurant. Chandra said is it the one about 12 blocks away. I said yes it is. Chandra then said that is her favorite Indian restaurant. I then said how is 7:30. Chandra said “perfect. So what are we gonna do in the meantime”. Chandra said you gave me a nice massage and you made me cum so many times that I lost count (as if I was counting lol). I want you to take off all your clothes put some towels on the couch and lay on it. I want to suck that lovely big dick of yours. You took care of me in the bed but you did not cum. I want to suck your dick real good and make you cum in my hot wet mouth. I want to taste that nice cum of yours. That is the least I could do after you really fucked me good last night and this morning. I then said if that is what you want then you got it. Hell I am definitely not complaining about having my big Dick in your lovely how wet mouth as you are sucking my dick and playing with my dick head with that nice tongue of yours. HELL NO !!! I ain’t complaining at all lol.

So I am laying on the couch and all I can hear is Chandra slopping and slurping on my dick. I can see all of my 7 inch dick disappearing into Chandra’s hot juicy mouth. Damn she is good. Then just like that my balls start to swell and my dick gets harder and bigger as I exploded in Chandra’s mouth as I came. It was so much cum that it was dripping out the sides of Chandra’s mouth. After Chandra swallows my cum , she licked her fingers , wiped her mouth with her hands then licks her fingers again. Chandra says wow baby that was a lot of cum UMMM and then smiles.

I said yes baby that was a lot of cum as you had me calling out your name as you were sucking the life out of my dick. Damn baby that was good. You are dangerous lol.

So we have some more wine , some Ritz crackers and some sharp cheddar cheese. As we talk about all kinds of stuff.

So now Chandra is getting ready to go downstairs. But before that she takes Benji for another walk. Then she goes to her apartment.

So we have reservations for 8:00 at the Indian restaurant.

I picked up Chandra at 7:30 and we drove to the restaurant. Chandra ***********ed all of the dishes that we were going to eat as I told her to make all of the choices. My only request was not too spicy. Wow what a great meal. During the meal Chanda has taken off one of her shoes and was playing footsy with my Dick as she had her foot under the table resting on my chair. Even when the waitress came back her foot was playing with my dick. Chandra was having fun at my expense lol. Even in the dark of a corner parking lot at the restaurant she started sucking my dick right in the car. I did not know that she was that bold , but I totally enjoyed this new welcome boldness. So Chandra said that she wanted to get a few things from her apartment and spend the night at my place. I told her to bring her bodyguard too. Chandra laughed at that.

So I waited 10 minutes in Chandra’s apartment. I said you sure you just don’t want me to spend the night. Chandra said no you have all of that good wine at your place. Hell I could go upstairs and bring back two bottles. Chandra said you sure. I said no problem. So I ran up stairs got two bottles of Zinfandel, a change of clothes and sweatpants and a tee shirt.

Fifth teen minutes later I was ringing Chandra’s doorbell. Chandra open the door only wearing a silk robe. Damn and the robe was wide open revealing everything as she had nothing on under the robe. What a pretty sight seeing that nice bush of hers between her legs and those nice hanging tits.

So when I got in Chandra’s apartment she took both bottles of Zinfandel from me. I then sat on the couch and Benji immediately jumped up onto the couch and in my lap. I then told Chandra whatever I did to her, her body guard would not harm his friend (me). So , so much for your body guard. Chandra says hopefully we won’t need Benji as a bodyguard. I told her when you come back to my place you might. Chandra says hey buddy don’t get any ideas about using my ass as a parking space for Mack truck between your legs. I replied , Damn baby that’s cold.

Chandra says that ain’t cold that’s a fact. Now make yourself useful and poor us a glass of Zinfandel. We both started laughing. Then Benji barked , I asked Benji if he wanted some wine too, Chandra quickly responded don’t you dare. I then said sorry Benji. But I did bring my friend a doggy snack which Benji quickly gobbled up.

Chandra then came and straddled her legs over my legs. I had sweatpants on. Chandra was now facing me as we both were drinking wine. Her naked breast were on my tee shirt. Her naked love triangle was on my Dick covered sweatpants. I then manage to lower my sweatpants Now Chandra’s love triangle was just about resting on my hardened dick. Chandra was then telling what a nice time she had today. Then she kissed me. I said nice I did not even have to work for that nice kiss. Chandra said shut up silly.

I then kissed Chandra and we played tongue tag for about 2 minutes. Then Chandra said you friend down there really has woken up. He is trying to say hello to my hungry pussy. I then tell Chandra to raise up a little. I then positioned my dick right at Chandra’s pussy hole. Chandra then impaled herself on my dick.

We continued have our conversation. Chandra says that she could feel my dick jump once in a while. But she tried to remain calm as we continued our conversation. I think we were playing a game on who would give in first to the sex. So she started flexing her vagina muscles on my dick and I was making my dick jump. Who would give in first lol. So Chandra tried to cheat by slightly moving up and down ever so slightly. I said your cheating.

Chandra then said I would never cheat on you and you better not cheat on me again. I said what do you mean again.

I said Ralph stop right there before you get into trouble. I said what trouble. Chandra said stop it. Bala told me that you fucked her. Bala also said that you fucked her real good. She told me that and said that it would not happen again. I told her that it was fine as you and did not have any sex. Bala said she was sorry , but did enjoy getting a damn good fucking by you. Damn you knew and you did not say anything, Wow. Chandra said we did not have sex yet , so you did not cheat on me, he’ll I was never even in your apartment. But I will tell you this , don’t cheat on me because their are no second chances with me if you do.

I hope that my pussy is all that you need. I then told Chandra so you did not get mad at Bala and me when she told you. Chandra said she was a little angry , but realized she told Bala that she was not going to do anything with you , so I guess that was a green light for her. She told me everything and I do mean everything lol.

I then told Chandra can we get into your bed and let me show you how much I care for you. Can I show you how much I like your nice juicy pussy. Can I show you how much I like sucking your tits and making those nice nipples of yours hard. Can I show you how much I love that nice big round ass of yours.

Come on baby let’s get into your bed, so I can take care of you and make you really feel good.

Come on baby my Dick is starting to ache, it needs to be in the depths and warmth of your nice juicy pussy. So Chandra eases off of my dick, closes up her robe and grabs the bottle of Zinfandel and her glass and says come on what are you waiting for an invitation. So I too grabbed my glass of wine and followed her into her bedroom.

Chanda has a queen sized bed. I then said this bed is not going to be big enough. Chandra replies your dick ain’t that big and she starts laughing. I replied HA HA HA !!! You got jokes.

Chandra pulls back the covers on the bed, takes off her robe and gets into the bed. I take off my sweatpants, underwear and tee shirt and get into the bed with Chandra. Chandra then says I hope you give it to me as good as you gave it to me when I was in your bed. I said don’t worry about that, cause baby I am gonna give it to you real good and you can count on it. Just don’t wake up the neighbors as I am giving it to you. Chandra then punches me on my arm and says now you got jokes, lol.

Then she rolls onto her side.

I then scoot right up on Chandra’s back as my chest is now pressed against Chandra’s back. I then lift her right leg and place my dick between her legs right next to her hungry pussy. I then cup her breast as I kiss her on her neck.

I then whispered in Chandra’s ear that I am going to make love to her all night long as Monday is a holiday. I promise to give it to you like no other man has ever given it to you. That I promise you. Chandra says you promise and you have already given it me better than anyone has. I then said I promise baby. So as I am now kissing Chandra’s neck , I started massaging her tits , mainly her nipples. Chandra can now feel my dick slightly massaging the folds of her hot wet hungry pussy. Her nipples are now rock hard. I can now feel the moisture from her hot hungry love box. I now roll Chandra onto her back and immediately start sucking her rock hard nipples. Chandra lets out a loud moan as she also calls out my name “Oh Ralph”. Then I slid my right hand down between Chandra’s legs. I then started to massage her nice wet pussy as I was still sucking on her nipples. Three minutes later Chandra cums for me for the first time tonight. I was only getting started, because this was gonna be a marathon fuck fest. I was gonna give it real good to Chandra. I was gonna show her what a real good fucking was and how my 7 inch Dick was gonna fill up her entire pussy. My intent here was to make her wake up the neighbors with her cries of passion as I was fucking her with criminal intent.

Now I slid down to her hot wet pussy. I open up her legs and then started licking the outer edges of her pussy. I slowly worked my way inward towards her clit. When I finally got there her clit was standing at attention waiting for me. Waiting for my long hot tongue. Damn her clit was hard and standing straight up. I then flicked my tongue at the tip of her clit. Then I move to the bottom underneath on her clit. I started massaging the underside of Chandra’s clit. Before I could even get to the top of her clit , Chandra call out “Oh Baby I am cumming, OH Ralp, Baby , OOOO” and then Chandra cums for the second time. She had my head clamped between her thighs as she came. My chin was wedged in the bottom of he pussy slit and my nose was trapped on her clit. She had me in a death grip as she came. I could feel her pussy trembling.

I then moved up to kiss her as I am laying on her. My Dick is resting on her nice pussy. My chest is slightly resting on her nice firm breast. Chandra still has her eyes closed and her mouth is open. Chandra is still feeling the bliss of her climax. I then kiss her. Chandra wraps her arms around me and kisses me on my neck. Then Chandra shoves her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues dance to her slight moans as we swap the juices of our mouths. Then Chandra says thank you baby.

I then say thank me when I am finished. I kiss Chandra and then slide down to her breast as I once again start sucking and licking her tits. Then I started sucking her nipples again. Then I started playing with Chandra’s sensitive pussy. Then I took my dick and ran it up and down Chandra’s nice pussy slit. Chandra jumped but spread her legs wider. I then positioned my dick right on Chandra’s nice pussy hole. Then I started massaging her pussy hole with the head of my dick. Chandra was getting impatient as she wanted me to fuck her immediately. I continued to massage her pussy hole with my mushroom head dick. I was also massaging her clit at the same time. Then Chandra cums for me again. I immediately shoved my dick into Chandra’s nice hot hungry pussy hole. Chandra yelled out “OH Baby , thats it “. I then started pounding Chandra’s nice hole. Chandra then wrapped her arms around me. As I got deeper into Chandra’s pussy, Chandra wrapped her legs around me. I could really hear Chandra moaning and breathing heavy. Chandra then started saying “That’s right baby ,fuck me , this is your pussy, fuck me, Ralph baby fuck me “. As I was now hitting the bottom of her pussy, Chandra locked her feet , to keep her legs around me. Two minutes later Chandra cums. She was now taking all of the dick that I had to offer. She was taking the whole 7 inches of my hard dick. Her pussy had swallowed my whole dick. I never was fucking her this good. The juices from her hot hungry pussy was all over the bed sheets as she squirmed all over the bed. I could hear the sloshing sound of my Dick ramming into the depths of her juiced up pussy. I could see her cum on my dick. 7 minutes passed since she came the last time and just like that she cums again. She was screaming “Yes Fuck This Pussy !!!! , that’s it baby fuck me, fuck me , fuck me, Oh Ralph, OOOU baby fuck me, fuck me baby”. I was still pounding that pussy. I had her squirming, snaking, grinding her ass in the bed as I was feeding her pussy all the Dick that she could handle. So fucking her like this for a total of 20 minutes Chandra cums once again. Then I heard the neighbor pounding on the wall and saying keep it down. We both laughed. I then would give her a break. Boy was her juices flowing out of her love hole. Wow the sheet was totally soaked beneath her. I then placed a towel under her. Chandra took the dick like the grown woman that she is.

Now I started kissing Chandra again as I had worked hard for those kisses as she once said I had to do. I then rolled onto my back and told her to lay on top of me.

I was going to give her a break. Her legs and love box needed a break. I still did not cum yet as I was really saving it for something special for her. So we are laying here for about 15 minutes. I am telling her how I am going to fuck her next. Her pussy is getting wetter from just listening to me telling her what I was going to do to her. In the remaining hours of our marathon love fest.

I am now kissing Chandra and rubbing, massaging her nice round ass. Chandra breaks the kiss as she exhales. Chandra then says “I love laying on top of you while You are massaging my ass. That alone makes me wet”. Chandra then kisses me again. I then squeezed her nice round ass with both hands. Now it’s time to get back to work.

I now roll Chandra off of me onto her back. I immediately start kissing her nice tits. I quickly move to stimulate her nipples. I started licking around her nipples, then just like that I have her erect nipples trapped in my mouth. Chandra once again is moaning. I then snake my way down to the treasure that is waiting between her legs.

I slowly spread her legs as I am ready to assault her love box with my hot tongue. As I approach Chandra’s bushy love box I can feel the heat emanating from the folds of her wet pussy. I then trace the folds of her pussy slit with the tip of my hot tongue. Chandra immediately jumps, at the same time she spreads her legs wider.

She also screams out the words “Oh Baby”. I then lap up the juices that are flowing from her wet pussy. Chandra is now grinding her nice ass into the sheets. Her thighs are now opening and closing around the sides of my face. Her torso is squirming in the bed. She has now cupped her breast and squeezing them. She is calling out my name as I am licking up and down her wet pussy slit. Then just like that I have her clit trapped in my mouth as I massaged it with just the tip of my tongue. When this happens Chandra arches her back as she starts to cum for me. She again screams out “Oh Baby, Ralph, OO Baby, OOOOO” as she is cumming , as her body is convulsing in the bed. Then Chandra says “Baby stop teasing me and please come on and fuck me, please baby. I need you to fuck me right now”.

So now Chandra needs me to fuck her. So I quickly take the head of my hard dick and run it up and down her soaking wet pussy slit. Now I quickly have the head of my dick resting on Chandra’s pussy hole. Chandra in a low whisper says “YES that’s it baby that’s what I need”… Then I forcefully shoved my dick into Chandra’s love hole. Chandra immediately wrapped her arms around me. After 7 down strokes her legs were wrapped around me too. After fucking her for 6 minutes Chandra once again cums for me. After another 4 minutes I hit bottom and I heard one of the loudest screams from Chandra. Chandra then locked her feet to keep her legs around me. She loves it when I hit the bottom of her pussy well. That’s when she usually locks her feet. Chandra then starts to fuck me back. She normally does not do this. But when the dick is that good to her , her pussy starts fighting back. Then I have to start pounding her pussy to show it who’s in charge. So it took 3 minutes of pounding her pussy to get total control again. Then she escort yavuzeli cums again. This time she dug her fingernails deep into my back. I had Chandra screaming, crying , making all kind of noises and saying all kinds of stuff. I had to shove my tongue into her mouth because she was making way too much noise. I could hear the sloshing sound of my dick entering and exiting Chandra’s drenched pussy. Then Chandra cums for me again. Then two minutes later I flooded the gates and the whole passage way of her pussy. I unloaded my cum deep into the depths of her hot hungry wet pussy. Wow I could feel the spurts of cum bouncing off the walls of Chandra’s pussy. I could also feel her vagina muscles contracting on my dick. Now I know that she was fucked good. I know that Chandra knows that I fucked her good. At the very least her pussy knows that it was fucked good. I laid on Chandra’s body until my dick started to go to sleep. I laid on Chandra’s body until she stopped trembling. Then I roll off of Chandra, kissed her and rolled onto my side with my back turned to her. Chandra then rolls onto her side and scoots over to my back. She has her breast on my back as her arm is now wrapped around me.

Chandra then kisses my neck and tells me thanks. She also says baby that was so good. I loved the way you just made love to me and then fucked me. I did not even know that my hungry pussy could take all of your Dick like that , especially when you started pounding my pussy to take control. Damn that was good. I then told Chandra that I wasn’t finished yet. Chandra says yes you are , because I don’t know if I can take anymore. I then said that’s why I came , to give you a break else I would have still been in that nice pussy of yours. I knew that you needed to rest those legs of yours and to let you and your juicy pussy get a chance to breath. Both of you were out of breath. And besides it’s 2:30 in the morning. Chandra then softly says to me “baby I want you to fuck me in my ass later tonight”. Baby you read my mind, I was gonna give you that when we started up again. Chandra said Oh No baby, not until I prepare myself.

So now we are both relaxing. I asked Chandra if she wanted another glass of wine. She said I need a glass of cold water. We both laughed when she said that. Chandra then said that “no man has ever fucked her that good. No man has ever made her cum so much. No man has ever made her pussy feel that good. Damn baby you are good. And I love that big dick of yours”. I then kissed Chandra’s arm. And got up to get us both a cold glass of water.

When I got back with the water Chandra asked me a strange question. “Did I fuck Bala this good.” That question put me in a no win situation. I could not lie because Bala told her everything. So I told Chandra that “I fucked her real good. As a matter of fact I fucked her so good that she was doing anything I wanted her to do. I had her begging me to fuck her some more. She lost count on how many times I made her cum. But I made love to you and fucked you better and with love. I just fucked her and made her do all kinds of things, everything that I wanted her to do. So are you mad or just curious about me fucking your friend. To add to that she asked me to kiss her when we were in the elevator and when I went to kiss her she said not here and then asked could we go back to my place. After having two or three sips of wine she went into my bathroom and then came back into the living room totally naked”. Chandra said WOW she did not know that. Then Chandra said so are you done with Bala. I then said I told you I was. You have more than enough pussy for me. Then Chandra said really. I said yes you do. Then Chandra said ok so get back to work. I then replied yes boss !!

I slowly maneuver my way down her sopping wet pussy and , well let’s just say I made Chandra cum 5 more times. On the last time when I made Chandra cum, the next door neighbor was banging on the wall. Chandra was making way too much noise.

So as the weeks and months came and went. Chandra fell in love with my 7 inch Dick and me. During this time Bala was always flirting with me. One night while I was working as a life guard , Bala was the only one left in he pool for the night.

Bala then went into the men’s locker room. When I put up the pool closed signs I went into the men’s locker room. I had just taken off my swim trunks And just like that Bala appeared totally naked. I then said Bala what are you doing.

Bala then said come on I know you still want some of this good pussy. At least let me suck that big dick of yours. I said Bala stop. Bala said tell your dick to stop, look at it. Your Dick is saying something different.

Bala then comes near me I try to push her away but not to hurt her. Instead I tripped over the bench and slammed my head on the edge of the bench. I was really woozy as I laid sprawled out on the locker room floor. Meanwhile Bala started sucking my dick. I tried to fight her off but was still too woozy. She got my Dick really hard then she mounted me. Bala was now taking all of my dick. She was fucking me and having a good time doing it. Damn this shit was getting good. Bala was telling me all kinds of shit. “You know your wanted some more of this good pussy, you know you wanted to suck on these big tits , not the ones you have now. You know you like me to do all of those nasty things to you , just like before. I had you calling out my name when I licked your ass hole and was jerking you off at the same time. Now tell me to stop and I will get up off this big dick of yours right now”. Damn this pussy was good I could not force myself to tell her to get off of my dick. So after another 5 minutes Bala said now I want you to fuck me in my ass. So Bala now got up off my swollen 7 inch dick and positioned herself with her hands resting on the bench while she bent over. I then moved behind her and slid my Dick right in her big ass hole. I started fucking her slow and deep. Then I picked up the pace. Bala was making way too much noise as I fucked her real good in that nice ass of hers. I put my swim trunks in her mouth. I fucked her in that nice ass of hers for 10 minutes. Then keeping her in the same position, I fucked that nice fat pussy of hers for another ten minutes. Then I moved in front of her so she could suck my dick. Bala was sucking my dick for a full 5 minutes before I unloaded so much cum that is was dripping out of both sides of her mouth. Bala could not swallow all of my cum because too much of my cum exploded into her mouth in rapid succession in four big spurts.

The I sat down and thought about what just happened. I said Bala what did you do. Bala said I fucked you and you fucked me. I told her she just destroyed her relationship with Chandra and destroyed my relationship with Chandra. Bala said not if you don’t say anything. I asked Bala why did she do this. Bala then said I wanted to taste that big dick of yours again. I also knew that you wanted to fuck me again.

So keep this to yourself and everything will be ok. Bala then walked away and then collected her clothes from the lockers in the isles down the by the exit.

I then put on my clothes and left.

I got back to my apartment and took a shower. I then got a nice cold Corona beer with a slice of lime. I sat on the couch thinking about what had just happened.

Damn , Bala was right , that pussy was good. Then again she was really having fun when I was fucking her in that nice fat ass of hers. Then she sucked my dick. Then the phone rang it was Bala. I said how did you get this number. Bala said “forget all of that , now wasn’t that pussy good. I also know that you enjoyed fucking me in my ass and then I sucked your dick really good that you unloaded so much cum in my mouth. I bet you, you did not unload that much cum when you fucked Chandra. Now anytime you want some more of this good pussy or you want your Dick sucked real good ,you now have my number. Now have a good night”. I said damn what the fuck did I get myself into.

So now it’s Friday, I wasn’t feeling to good so I did not go to work. I went for a walk in the park and sat down for a while. Then I went back upstairs and who the fuck did I see coming through the side door where the maintenance shop is, no other than Bala. Bala said hi Ralph as she too waited for the elevator.

So three people got on the elevator on the third floor a lady got off. That left me and Bala. Bala then cornered me and said she wanted to suck my dick some more. I told her no. She said she would tell Chandra that I fucked her yesterday. After I thought about it I relented and got off the elevator with Bala on her floor. I then entered Bala’s apartment and she said have a seat.

Now I am sitting in Bala’s apartment when she walks to the middle of the living room and starts to take off all of her clothes. Then she comes over to the couch and starts taking off my clothes. So here we are totally naked. Then she leads me to her room. She has a big round bed with black satin sheets. Mirrors in the ceiling and on two walls. The lights in the room are red. She has a white shag carpet. Damn this is a sex den. She tells me to lay on the bed. Then she crawls into the bed. Starts licking my legs then my thighs then my balls and then she has my dick lodged into her mouth. She is sucking my dick for dear life. Damn she can suck Dick better than any woman I have know. Then she turns me over and starts licking my ass hole. Then she turns me back over and move my legs up in the air. She starts licking my ass hole again but this time she is jerking off my dick at the same time. Damn this is good.

Now she turns around and we are in a 69 position as she is on top. She forces her pussy down on my mouth. I start licking her fat pussy. Just like that I can see the juices running out of her fat pussy. Bala cums within 4 minutes. I kept on sucking on her big clit. She kept on sucking on my big dick. Then she rolled over on her back and commanded me to fuck her.

I then got up and positioned my self to fuck her. Then Bala said I better fuck her real good or else. I fucked her , yeah I fucked her. I wanted to punish her for what she was doing to me. She was actually blackmailing me. I made her cry as I was fucking her. I pounded that pussy even when she said she had enough. Bala cums twice while I was fucking her. I wanted to make her pussy sore.

Then I turned her over and forced my Dick into her big ass hole. I was literally fucking the shit out of her. I did not care. I pounded her ass hole until that too was sore. I played with her clit as I fucked her in the ass and she cums two more times.

I was trying to teach her a lesson. Then finally I turned her over again and forced my dick in her mouth. She absolutely did not like that. But I kept my dick in her mouth and eventually she stated sucking it. 3 minutes later I came in her mouth. Then I rolled over. She called me a bastard, I said what’s wrong you got what you wanted. Bala said the next time don’t be doing that kind of stuff. I said there ain’t gonna be a next time. So you go ahead and tell Chandra. That’s it go ahead. Now leave me the fuck alone. I got my clothes and left.

Bala did not carry through on her threat to tell Chandra about what had recently transpired between me and Bala. But when Chandra was sucking my dick all I could think about was Bala sucking my dick.

9 months now have passed since my encounter with Bala.

No problems with Chandra. Life is great we exchanged apartment keys. Heck she spends more time at my place than her own place.

Now I went to a computer conference in the Midwest. The last scheduled speaker had health issues so I came home a day early. I put my luggage away. I take a shower and I have a nice cold Corona beer with a slice of lime. Then put on a pair of short pants and a tee shirt. I then make my way to Chandra’s apartment. I enter Chandra’s apartment and want to surprise her so I am very quiet. I didn’t see her in the living room so I quietly walked down the her to her bedroom. Her door was slightly open. I heard someone talking. Then when I peeked into her bedroom and what I saw shocked me. I saw Chandra and Bala naked in the bed. Chandra was licking Bala’s pussy. Bala then said “Damn baby your really licking and sucking my hungry pussy good tonight. Much better than last night. That’s it baby suck this nice pussy. Oh baby I am cumming Oh Baby , ooo OOOOO”.

“Damn baby that was good”..

Now lay your nice ass down so I can take care of you”..

Now Chandra lays down and spreads her legs so Bala can now service her.

Now Bala starts sucking Chandra’s tits then started sucking her nipples. Chandra is moaning loudly. Then Bala starts fingering Chandra’s pussy. Chandra then cums for Bala. Now Bala starts sucking hard on Chandra’s nipples. Chandra is now squirming in the bed. After 5 minutes of sucking Chandra’s nipples , Bala moves down between Chandra’s legs.

Now Bala is torturing Chandra’s pussy. Bala is licking and sucking all around Chandra’s pussy but not licking it. Chandra then tells Bala to stop teasing her. Bala says beg me to lick your pussy first. Then Chandra says come on Bala lick my pussy. Bala says say please. Chandra then says please lick my pussy for me. So Bala then starts licking Chandra’s fat juicy pussy. Chandra is arching her back. Chandra is holding her tits. Chandra is telling Bala that’s good baby. Now stick your tongue in my pussy hole and fuck me with your tongue.

So Bala starts fucking Chandra with her tongue and also is massaging Chandra’s clit with her fingers. Then Bala says you like the way I am fucking your nice fat pussy. Chandra days I love it.

Then 4 minutes later Chandra is screaming Bala’s name as she starts to cum.

I now entered the room and says WOW. That was nice. Both women are shocked. They are both embarrassingly looking at me. I told them don’t stop I want to see more. Then Bala said I think you have seen enough. I said no I haven’t, hell I want to join in. Bala said come on. Chandra looked at Bala and said no way. I looked at Chandra and said your sharing my pussy , so now I am gonna share your Dick. Chandra held her head down. I then went to kiss Chandra. I said I still love you and this won’t affect our relationship. Because I am back so now you don’t have time to fuck anyone else. Now if you want to have Bala again it will include me as well. No need to say sorry, Now kiss me.

So Chandra kisses me. Bala then moves behind Chandra and starts massaging Chandra’s tits. Bala then winks at me. I then looked at Bala and then I started shaking my head with a sarcastic smile.

Chandra then starts taking off my shorts and tee shirt. Chandra then said “Baby I want to suck your big dick so bad. And I want you to fuck me real good as I missed not having your nice Dick for the last 5 days”… Bala ask Chandra can I have some too. Chandra says that is up to Ralph, but only after I get mine. I then tell Bala to get on her knees and suck my dick. Bala says with pleasure. I am hugging and kissing Chandra as Bala is busy sucking my dick. Then I start sucking Chandra’s nipples. Then I tell Chandra to lay down. I slowly spread Chandra’s legs and work my way to her nice fat pussy. I absolutely devoured her wet hungry pussy. I was tweaking her nipples with my fingers. After 4 minutes Chandra cums for me. I then pulled my dick out of Bala’s mouth and shoved my rock hard dick right in Chandra’s hungry pussy. Chandra screamed out. I was giving her this nice hard 7 inch dick slow and deep. Bala got behind and was licking my balls as I fucked Chandra. After fucking Chandra for 3 minutes nice and slow , I started fucking her faster and harder. Harder and deeper. 4 minutes later Chandra cums for me again. Then 5 minutes later after giving Chandra a welcome home pounding I came deep in her hungry love box.

I then pulled my Dick out of Chandra and Bala immediately started sucking my dick again. Bala not only cleaned my dick but was trying to suck all the remaining cum that was in my dick canal.

Then to my amazement she spread Chandra’s legs and started to lap up my cum and Chandra’s cum. Damn Bala was a real freak. Bala licked and sucked Chandra’s pussy for 15 minutes and made Chandra cum 2 times. My dick had just come back to life , so I moved behind Bala and slipped my dick into her wet pussy. I got a big sigh from Bala when my dick entered the passage way of Bala’s pussy. Then I started fucking her real fast. Bala took a break from sucking Chandra’s pussy as Bala was enjoying this fucking that I was giving her. After 5 minutes Bala cums and then she rested her face right on Chandra’s wet pussy. I was still fucking Bala and she started screaming my name as I kept on fucking her sensitive pussy. Chandra could only watch as Bala was in total bliss , enjoying the Dick that was filling up her love hole. The Dick that was making her fat pussy drip. The Dick that had just made her body tremble as she just came. Ten minutes later Bala cums again. Bala was totally out of breath as she pleaded with me no more. I just kept on fucking her. I just kept on punishing her fat pussy. 5 minutes later Bala cums again. Then Bala forcibly pushed me off her big round ass. She called me a bastard. Chandra and I were laughing. Bala said that shit ain’t funny.

Ralph then told Bala to come and suck his dick. Bala refused. So then Ralph told Bala to move out of the way. Bala moves then Ralph shoved his hard 7 inch dick right in Chandra’s love hole. Chandra jumped but opened her legs to welcome Ralph’s hard dick. Then Ralph started fucking Chandra with love. That eventually turn into fucking. Which eventually turn into to a good pussy pounding. Chandra cums twice. Then Ralph really picked up the pace and came deep into Chandra’s dick starved pussy. Chandra immediately kissed and thanked Ralph for the good needed fucking. Meanwhile Bala could only look on. Bala was now ready for some more Dick but Ralph told her no. Bala then asked could she suck Ralph’s dick. Ralph again said no. Bala was now angry. Ralph then told her that she had to lick my ass hole and Chandra’s ass hole. Bala said no way. I then said well no more dick for you. I then started kissing Chandra then I worked my way down to her tits. I then started massaging her nipples with the tip of my tongue. Chandra was saying baby that feels so good. I then stated massaging Chandra’s soaking wet cum filled pussy with my fingers. I started rubbing her pussy slit. Then I started massaging her clit. Then I slipped first one finger into her love hole. Then two, then three fingers. I was massaging her G Spot with three fingers as my thumb was massaging her clit. Chandra cums for me in 5 minutes. Bala could only look on in envy. I eased up on Chandra’s trembling pussy and once again concentrated on massaging her nice tits. Immediately Chandra’s nipples became rock hard as she was calling out my name.

Then when I was feasting on Chandra’s nipples. I felt a warm tongue playing with my asshole. It was Bala licking my asshole. Then Bala started fucking my asshole with her hot tongue. I then said that’s nice. Chandra then looked at me. Then Chandra noticed Bala licking Ralph’s asshole. Then looked back at Ralph again to witness how much pleasure Bala was giving her man. Then Bala started jerking off Ralph’s dick.

Chandra could see Ralph’s dick was rock hard and in a few minutes Bala would make Ralph’s dick explode all over the place. Chandra immediately put a stop to this by getting up and telling Ralph to fuck her again. Bala became disappointed. Ralph was now fucking Chandra’s hungry pussy. Bala once again moved behind Ralph’s ass and started licking his asshole. Chandra was now getting annoyed as she wanted to be the one who wanted to give Ralph the total pleasure of her pussy. So once again Chandra got up and told Ralph to lay on his back. Chandra then mounted Ralph as she now had her back to Ralph. Bala did not like this as she could only watch. After Chandra made Ralph cum then she got up and left the left overs for Bala. Bala then suck Ralph’s Dick and sucked his balls and licked the juices and cum from Chandra and Ralph as it ran down Ralph’s asshole.

Ralph then told Chandra to get on all fours. Then told Bala to fuck Chandra’s asshole real good with her hot tongue. Bala did not like this as she felt that Ralph was treating her like a whore to service all his wishes.

Bala then slowly moved towards Chandra. Then Bala Started licking Chandra’s wet pussy then Chandra’s asshole. Chandra was totally enjoying this ass fucking by Bala. I then took my limp dick and moved in front of Chandra. Chandra smiled and eagerly took my dick in her hand and slowly engulfed my dick in her warm wet mouth. In 5 minutes of having Chandra sucking my dick, it was once again hard. Another 5 minutes had passed and now Chandra was licking her lips as she made me cum deep into her mouth. Meanwhile Bala was now deep fucking Chandra’s asshole with her hot tongue and lapping Chandra’s pussy too. Then Bala started massaging Chandra’s clit. Minutes later Chandra cum was all over Bala’s face.

So now it was getting late. I just wanted to relax with just Chandra. So I told Chandra to take a shower with me. I also told Bala that was it for the day. (Indirectly saying go home).

So Chandra and I have taken a shower. I now change the bed sheets. Chandra is now laying on top of me. I tell her that Bala may be her friend but she is bad news for us. Chandra says I know. I then say so what are we gonna do about it. Also how long has Bala been fucking you.

Chandra said for a year. Then you came along so I stopped. But when you were gone I missed your big dick. The though of having you nice dick got me so horny. Then Bala came by as we were going shopping. One thing turned into another and then just like that Bala was between my legs munching on my Dick starved pussy, “your pussy”. So for the third day you were gone she was fucking me with that long tongue of hers. So yes we have to do something about this.

Chandra then kisses me as I am holding her nice ass in my hands. I then pull the top sheet over us as we are enjoying the warmth of each other. Chandra can now feel my dick waking up.

Chandra tells me that she wants me to make love to her. She says make love to her first then fuck her. I then made passionate love Chandra then I fucked her. I fucked her for a good 40 minutes.

Having making love to Chandra and then fucking her really good makes me feel so good. Chandra tells me that she will stop seeing Bala. I then tell Chandra that as long as I am the only man making love to her and the only man fucking her, If she still wants to see Bala from time to time that’s ok with me as long as it does not interfere with any plans we may have.

This arrangement was good for the better part of a year. Then Chandra tells me thats she wants me to give her a baby. I then tell her she would have to stop seeing Bala. Chandra did not hesitate and replied “ok, she would stop seeing Bala”. I told her that this is for the baby’s sake. Chandra agreed. During the time of Chandra’s pregnancy I was giving Chandra’s ass hole a good working out and she loved it.

So after 10 years Chandra and I are still together with a 9 year old beautiful girl. And after 10 plus years Chandra is still greedy. We are constantly waking up our daughter in the middle of the night. So we have to do something about that.

On another note Bala has found a couple who seems to satisfy her needs. She seems happy.

And we are too.

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