A Free Drink

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Danny lived in the apartments opposite when we first moved to northern France, with his mother and a dog. He was a small but cute kid, always wearing improbably large glasses and an improbably large maroon jacket and his hair sported an improbably large quiff. He rode around on a bike too small for even him unless his mates came calling in a black BMW. I guessed he was about 16 and I put him into the ‘not available’ category, even in my fantasies, on account of both his youth and his on/off soapy girlfriend.

He and his mother moved after about a year, I had only ever exchanged pleasantries with them and didn’t know where they had gone until after 6 months or so I saw him in the supermarket and he told me they lived only a mile away- but as we didn’t move in the same circles, I never saw them much at all for the next 4 years.

One day I had cause to go to a neighbouring town as my pool was closed for a refurb. It is about 12 miles away and the bus times corresponded reasonably well so I could have a swim and get the last bus back. I had used the same bus only two or three times before and in truth was always a little concerned that it might not show and I would be in the middle of nowhere with a 3 hour walk home. That said, all the buses I had ever gone for showed up, usually within a minute of the expected time and this particular cold and dark evening was no exception. Except for the morning and late afternoon school runs, the buses were like personal taxis and I had them all to myself for most of my journey. Again, it seemed this would be the case tonight.

Just as the driver was closing the door and getting ready to start off, 2 guys came round the corner. I caught them out of the corner of my eye. They kissed goodbye and one set off walking, the other getting on the bus. It wasn’t unusual to see 2 guys kissing but normally it was the French, Italian or Spanish kissing of both cheeks, rather than an albeit brief meeting of lips. And down the bus walked rus escort Danny. He smiled politely but swayed somewhat and I smiled too as he had clearly spent more time than was good for him that afternoon drinking. He sat a couple of rows behind me and we set off.

We hadn’t gone more than a couple of hundred metres than he came and sat the other side of the aisle from me. He had seen my gym bag and asked, quite simply, if I had an empty bottle in it he could have.

“Why would you want an empty bottle?” I asked.

He grimaced and squeezed his crotch somewhat. “Too much beer,” he said.

Well truth be told, I did have my water bottle with me and could have finished the last of my water but it cost me good money and I didn’t think for one minute he would return it to me so I said I hadn’t any such receptacle.

“But I do have a proposition,” I said.

“Go on,” he replied.

So I just blurted out what I was thinking, not that I thought I had any chance if getting it of course. “Piss in my mouth,” I said.

“Fuck off,” he replied.

I smiled but could also feel myself going red with embarrassment at the outrageous proposition I had made and the smack of rejection. I said “Well you have 2 other choices, you can either pee yourself or get off at the next stop, piss in a bush and then walk home, it’s about 2 hours from here.”

He glared at me and I stared at him, wondering who might blink first in the darkness of the back of the bus. He came and stood next to me, still glaring at me, and I wasn’t sure, small as he was, if he was going to thump me. He reached down and quickly undid his belt and trousers, lowering them and pulled his cock out of the front of his elastcated boxers, which looked tiny. Even in the rear view mirror, he was hidden from the driver’s view by the rows of seats. “Hurry up,” he said, and I leant down and placed all of his little piece of flesh in my mouth. I’d yenimahalle escort like to tell you I enjoyed the moment, that he grew a little, that his cock tasted great. But in truth, as soon as I locked my lips round his member, the piss started to flow. And once he started, he relaxed and it flowed faster. I put a hand round the small of his back so the movement of the bus wouldn’t dislodge him as I sucked and slurped away, leaving me and the bus seat drenched in his piss.

Now, it must be said that continental and light beers, consumed in quantity, produce really good piss. Enough water so that it’s not too strong nor too acidic, and the alcohol is converted back to sugar by the body so there’s a natural sweetness, balanced by the natural salinity as the body rids itself of surplus salt. I like to ask my partners to pee slowly, so I can taste what I’m drinking, but under these circumstances, I didn’t have the chance and had to swallow as fast as I could (and as fast as Danny flowed). For a little guy, he’d had a lot to drink or at least hadn’t peed all afternoon, and he emptied his bladder almost as fast as I could swallow. I wanted it to last forever but didn’t want to spill a drop and in truth, couldn’t keep up if he continued at this pace. And it was fast so that I could only just taste his golden gift. Eventually though, the flow began to ease and I could enjoy not just the taste but my thirst quenching actions.

As the flow reduced to a trickle, I looked up. He looked like he was in a trance, the relief I guess of not having wet himself or been stuck 10 miles from home. And his little cock slowly didn’t seem that little anymore. Now I wondered if it was the warmth of my mouth and the temperature of the bus as it had been cold outside when we set off but I quickly realised his cock was hardening and from 2 inches flaccid, he doubled in length and girth and then finally stopped, rock hard, at about 5 inches as I sucked down hard and tongued his cock slit. I was pushed up against his boxers but sucked good and hard and let my mouth slide down and back up his solid shaft a couple of times. I then let go of his cock, which slapped upwards, and pulled down his boxers, at least so his knob and bollocks were free of them. Even in the dark, lit by the occasional street light we passed, it was a real sight. Not a pubic hair to be seen, and his tight scrotum matched beautifully. His cock had grown in size from nothing but his bollocks were average sized and I was unsure how full they were but I reached behind to grip his butt cheeks, one in each hand, to steady myself again as the bus continued its journey through some winding country lanes. His cute little buttocks were barely bigger than play doh tennis balls in my hand, and I gripped them and massaged them tightly.

I guessed he wouldn’t last too long, in part due to the fact that we only had a few minutes of journey ahead of us and the stop we were coming up to sometimes saw passengers get on as the bus corresponded with the Paris train, so I sucked fast and hard as he rocked and thrust his hips forward.

I heard his breathing deepen as the bus slowed down to take the corner to the next stop and just as it turned the corner, he gasped and grunted as he ejaculated 4 spurts of his man juice in to my mouth. It was warm and thick, sadly not as voluminous as his piss, but pleasant and slightly bitter. I pulled him in closer, not wanting to miss a drop but he was pulling away from me almost immediately as we slowed down at the stop to allow 3 passengers to alight, one of whom was a neighbour of mine. Danny had tucked himself in and sat back down in the seat behind me, the neighbour knew him too and we both said a cheery good evening. Once he passed us, I heard Danny fastening his zipper and for the remaining 10 minutes of our journey, no further words were spoken. Indeed, he didn’t say goodbye as he got off the bus either but as he was just about to disappear from view, he turned around and waved.

I waved back and headed for home with my boner still raging and the bitter taste of his cum at the back of my throat, just in the mood for a good fucking from my boyfriend Dave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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