A Friendly Fuck Goes Three Ways

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Authors Note: This is my twenty-seventh story. Part of it was inspired by an email from a friend and part of it is my response to his fantasy email. Enjoy and please remember that all feedback is greatly appreciated!


Currently single and preferring things that way, I have an arrangement with a friend of mine, Clark, in which we are simply friends but we get together for a good fuck now and then. Since neither of us is a hopeless romantic and both tend more towards cold realism it works well for us.

I live with a childhood friend and her husband. She works days and he works nights, so my place is almost always out of the question.

Clark lives with a high school friend of his, Damian, who is almost never home, so we always get together for our little fuck sessions at his place so we won’t be overheard or interrupted.

It’s a lazy Saturday morning and I’m having a relaxing bath when my cell rings. I dry my hands and reach for the phone.


“Hey, it’s Clark. Any plans for today?”

“Not really. What did you have in mind?”

“I was thinking I’d come pick you up, we could hit the theater and see a matinee then head back here since Damian will be gone all afternoon.”

A sly grin crosses my face, “Sounds good to me…I’ll be ready in about a half hour.”

I put on a baby blue thong under my dark grey sweats and a black bra under the black tank top. I brush my wet hair back into a pony tail, throw on my black hoodie and runners, grab my purse, and I’m out the door just as Clark pulls up in front.

We end up seeing the latest “thriller” movie which is kind of a let down. We spend the majority of the movie running fingertips across each others arms, legs and necks and nuzzling close. It’s been a couple weeks for both of us and we decide to leave the movie before it ends and head back to Clark’s place.

Once we’re in the door I kick off my shoes and run upstairs and lay down on the bed. Clark walks in behind me and gives me a wicked grin as he starts unbuckling his belt. I pull down my sweats to reveal the baby blue thong and take off my tank top and bra in one motion.

Clark steps out of his jeans and boxers and crawls on top of me. He leans down and kisses me hard and deep and I moan into his mouth as my hands move under his shirt and up his back. Finally I break the kiss and pull his shirt over his head and throw it across the room. I run my fingers through his blond hair and tug his lips back down to mine.

Clark presses his cock into my thigh and my body arches against him as I moan into his mouth. He moves down to suck one of my nipples into his hot mouth when I pull his head up by his hair and say in a voice hoarse with need, “No time for foreplay lover, it’s been too long…just fuck me!”

He growls as he moves off my body, “Well in that case we’ll be doing it my way this time…on your knees!”

My favorite position is the classic missionary…Clark’s is doggy style…we compromise by alternating.

I move onto my hands and knees, spreading my legs and moving one of the pillows so I can grip the bars at the foot of the bed. I look at Clark over my shoulder, “What are you waiting for!?!?!?! Damnit Clark just fuck me!!!”

His hands grab my hips and I feel his hand guide his cock into my tight pussy. I moan loudly as I push back against him. My head drops and my body tingles as I feel his cock pushed inside me to the hilt. He holds there a moment, knowing I love to savor that sensation, before he begins slowly pulling his cock out of my pussy to the tip and then pushing it back in even slower.

I scream out in frustration, “I’m not a china doll, I won’t break!!! I don’t want you to be gentle! I want you to fuck me hard and fast and make me scream!”

I hear Clark’s sharp intake of breath and feel him shove his cock deep into my pussy. I cry out in pleasure and pain and shove back against him.

Soon we’re both lost in a haze of intense pleasure as we fuck hard and fast. I throw my head back and as I do I notice that in our haste we’ve left the bedroom door slightly ajar…and through it I can see Damian standing in the hallway in his boxers watching us.

I moan loudly and shove back harder against Clark’s cock. It turns me on watching him watching us. A thought occurs to me to have him join us and I just about cum from the idea alone. I don’t know how either of them would feel about it…but with Clark’s cock pounding me from behind and Damian’s look of desire I can’t resist.

“I want something in my mouth.” I say in a voice deep with lust. Damian’s shocked eyes look into mine as he realizes I’ve seen him and am inviting him to join us.

Clark is so far gone he doesn’t even hear me…but when Damian eases the bedroom door open and slowly enters Clark slows his pounding of my pussy, “What the fuck are you doing home!?” he demands.

Damian looks unsure…he glances to me, then to Clark, then stairs at the floor. “I didn’t have ısparta escort to go in today. I was sleeping when you two got home…I work up…the door was open…then she was looking at me and she said she wanted something in her mouth…I thought you knew what she meant…I’ll go now.”

As Damian turned to leave, I shove back against Clark’s hard cock. Looking over my shoulder at him I clenched my pussy muscles around his cock, “Please?”

He knew what I meant and as Damian was reaching for the door Clark said, “She said she wanted something in her mouth…so why the fuck are you walking away!?”

Damian turned around and looked both surprised and somewhat embarrassed. He looked to Clark for confirmation that he wasn’t just hearing what he wanted to hear. “Put your cock in her mouth, man. If it helps her cum, put it in. You’ve got to feel this girl’s pussy when she cums. It’s incredible.” Damian grinned and looked to me. I licked my lips and shoved back against Clark to remind him not to stop fucking me.

Within second Damian’s boxers were off and he had grabbed a handful of my long hair as he laid his hard cock on your tongue and started pushing it into my mouth. I quickly picked up a steady rhythm sucking his cock while my Clark returned to vigorously fucking my pussy as he says in a strained voice, “Are you gonna cum for us, Lynne? Are you gonna cum taking two cocks at once you dirty, slutty girl? Are you gonna get off like a little slut!?”

Clark knows I LOVE dirty talk and he knows I’m loving every second of this. I’m aching to cum but I still want more. “My clit,” I say, pulling my mouth off Damian’s cock for a second. “Touch my clit! PLEASE!”

Clark slows his pounding of my pussy and says, “What do you say man? Wanna’ feel this pussy when she cums?”

Damian runs his fingers through my hair and holds tight to stop my mouth from working his cock for a second, “Sure…if you don’t mind.”

Clark slaps my ass as he pulls out of my pussy, “Go for it man…besides…gives me a chance to give her a facial!”

Damian pulls his cock from my mouth and the men change places. I can feel the tip of Damian’s cock teasing my pussy and it’s driving me insane, but his hand is firmly holding my hips, keeping me from pressing back against him. I’m licking Clark’s cock when I feel Damian’s finger press gently against my ass and I moan and futilely try to press back against him.

“You like that?” Damian asks teasingly as he shoves his cock deep into my pussy and then pulls it out and teases my ass with his hard, wet cock. I feel the head of his cock slowly ease into my tight ass, teasing my ass the same way he did my pussy by not filling me completely and making me ache.

“You know you’re a bad girl, Lynne…taking two cocks tonight already.” Damian says as he teases my ass and Clark moves his fingers to slip inside my aching pussy.

“Tell us what us slut you are!” Clark chimes in as he pulls his cock from my mouth so I can respond.

I moan loudly, “Fuck me Damian! Fuck my ass!!!”

“So you want it in your ass?” he asks teasingly, though I can hear his own need in his voice.


“Do you NEED it up your ass? Do you my hard cock in your tight little ass!?”

Damian starts to slowly push his cock deeper into my ass as Clark starts rubbing his cock in front of my face with his fingers rubbing against my throbbing clit.

“Yes! Please! Fuck my ass! Oh! Yes! Like that!”

“That’s it Lynne, tell us what a slut you are,” Clark says as he start fucking my pussy with his fingers.

“I’m a whore! I want you both to fuck me!”

“Put your fingers in her pussy. I want her full when she cums.” Damian says to Clark as he shoves hard into my ass.

“That’s it,” Damian says as he watches Clark slip his fingers into my hot pussy,”Finger fuck her cunt. Three Fingers in that sopping cunt”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck Yes! Ohh fuck!!! I’m cumming!!! Don’t stop!!! Don’t you fucking stop!!! UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I scream as my body spasms in climax. My pussy clenches tight around Clark’s fingers and I shove my ass back hard against Damian’s cock. My eyes closed, head thrown back and mouth open in screams of pleasure I feel Clark’s hot cum on my face and it makes me cum even more.

I hear Damian moan loudly behind me and feel his cock throbbing inside my ass while he cums deep inside me.

Once we’ve all caught our respective breaths I collapse onto the bed, Damian excuses himself from the room and Clark starts looking for his clothes. I knew he had to work later but until I glanced at the clock I hadn’t realized just how long we’d spent in that haze of lust. If he didn’t hurry Clark was going to be late for his shift.

He bends down to kiss me goodbye and I thank him for an unforgettable night and say that I’ll just have a quick shower and be on my way.

“You don’t have to go. I’m just doing a short 5 hour shift. You can stay here and we can go another kars escort round when I get home if you want.”

I sit up in the bed and Clark hands me my clothes, “I’ll have a shower and think about it. Now, you, go to work!” I kiss him goodbye as I head towards the bathroom.

I’m standing in the hallway naked since the door is closed. Damian finally opens the door to step out and I can see that he has that heavy lidded look of afterglow about him still and I grin to myself. I lean over and place a hand on his shoulder as I kiss his cheek and walk past him into the bathroom and close the door behind me.

I spend about twenty minutes relaxing, unwinding and enjoy the heat of the shower and the warmth of the sexual afterglow.

I step out of the bathroom and open the door a crack to let the cool air in while I dry off. I wrap one towel around my wet hair and another around my body as I step out of the bathroom in a cloud of mist.

I can see Clark’s bedroom door wide open and know there’s an assortment of my clothing and lingerie in one of his drawers. I also see Damian’s bedroom door open just a crack and can see a glimpse of his thigh sticking out from under the sheets.

I hesitate in the hallway for a second before making up my mind.

I go into Clark’s room and brush out my wet hair then put it into pigtail braids to keep it from going out of control as I sleep. I then pull out a mid-thigh length dusty rose satin nighty with thin spaghetti straps which I know compliments my pale skin wonderfully and highlights my auburn hair just right.

I glance over to the bed where we all had lain just an hour ago and feel my pussy pulse with the memory. A small moan escapes my lips as I pull my eyes from the bed and head into the hallway towards Damian’s bedroom.

Going from the hot bathroom to the chilly hallway and putting on the satin nighty has made my nipples stand out hard against the soft fabric I graze the palms of my hands over them just before I knock lightly on the bedroom door and ease it open.

In an instant I take in the sight of Damian’s arms stretched languidly above his head, his naked torso and my eyes linger just below his belly button where the bed sheet begins. In my peripheral vision I can see the tent in the sheets…but I feign ignorance of his again aroused state and put into my face a look of exhaustion and innocence.

“Clark said I could crash here till he gets home from work…but I hate sleeping alone. Would you mind horribly if I asked you to come and lay down with me in there until I fell asleep?”

The damsel in distress act…it never fails…too weak to be alone but strong enough to not ask more than one might be willing to give…just the right combination and it works just the way I wanted it too. Damian scoots closer to the wall and lifts the edge of the cover up saying, “If you don’t want to be alone you can climb in here with me. You might want to grab a pair of my boxers from the top drawer over there though…I’m…kind of…naked right now. I’d hate to make you feel uncomfortable or anything.”

Inwardly I grin impishly…outwardly I walk over to the bed and climb in, “It’s not like it’s nothing I haven’t already seen.” I say as I climb under the covers and lay on my back as still as I can, making sure no part of my body touches his.

Damian lays there for a moment unsure what to do…then I turn to him and say in a soft voice, “Would it make you uncomfortable if I asked if I could cuddle a little?”

It takes everything I have not to flick my gaze to his groin…but the glimpse from the corner of my eye showed a bob in the tent he’d created in the sheets.

“Sure” he says in a voice that sounds both confused and aroused. I move onto my side and snuggle up so the line of my body is pressed against his. I wiggle my head into the crook of his shoulder and move my arm across his chest and sigh contentedly, “mmm…thank you” as I snuggle into him.

With his arm around me I feel his fingertips begin tracing shapes on my back and I let out a soft moan and whisper, “that feels good” against his ear. My encouragement has the desired effect and he begins kneading my tense shoulders.

As always when being given a shoulder massage I begin moaning in earnest. When he hit a tender spot at the base of my neck my back arches, causing me to press against his body more. I moan loudly and as he eases off the spot. I kiss his neck just below his ear and whisper, “God, your good at that” before quickly flicking my tongue against his earlobe.

He turns his head towards me and for a second we just look at each other…then I move forward and kiss him. Softly at first…testing the waters. While we may have just fucked this is our first kiss. However, it doesn’t take long before the passion mounts and my tongue snakes in to explore his mouth.

I pull away from the kiss and trace the tip of my tongue across his lips. Then kiss his Adam’s apple and begin slowly kissing my way down his torso…past kastamonu escort his belly button…then veer to the side and kiss my way down to mid-thigh on his left leg.

I look up at him as I slowly begin kissing my way back up his thigh…moving not towards his hip but straight for his groin. Instead of taking his now hard and throbbing cock into my mouth as he expects I look into his eyes as I trace the tip of my tongue across his balls.

After teasing his balls with my tongue for a minute or two I ever so slowly trace the tip of my tongue up the shaft of his cock before I flick my tongue out to lick up the precum.

I see his eyes close and feel him shudder and then I devour his cock, taking as much into my mouth as I can as I look up to see him staring down at me wide eyed and hear him moan before his eyes roll back in his head again.

He runs his fingers through my hair as I suck his cock for a few minutes before he grabs a fistful of my hair and pull my head up from his cock, “I want to feel that tight pussy for myself” he says as he releases my hair and pushes on my shoulders to get me to lay down on my back.

He crawls to kneel above me and pushes the satin nighty up slowly to reveal my shaved and gleaming wet pussy.

“My, my, my…look how wet you are…just from snuggling up with me and sucking on my cock. You are a horny little slut aren’t you?”

I know it’s a rhetorical question since my body has obviously answered for me, but I arch towards him and moan softly, “Mmmm…yes I am…very horny…let me be a little slut for you Damian…please.”

He grins down at me and slips the nighty down below my tits…he bends down and flicks his tongue across each of my nipples, making me moan and arch up against his hot mouth.

“And so eager for me to suck on your nipples…would you like me to suck on your nipples Lynne?” he asks in a slightly mocking tone.

I arch farther towards him and moan, “Yes…please…yes” as my hand moves to the back of his head, fingers running through his hair, urging his mouth down to my aching nipples.

His head move downwards and his tongue snakes out and flicks across my right nipple. I moan and try to push his head down farther, but he’s stronger than me and resists easily.

“Please…Damian…please…suck it!” I plead as I futilely try to push his mouth down to my aching nipple.

Finally he relents and his mouth clamps down on my hard nipple…I scream out in pleasure and my hips move up towards his body.

Within moments my hips are writhing beneath him, my pussy begging for attention as I cry out for him to suck my nipples harder and harder. He complies and I cry out, “Oh fuck yes!!!” as his mouth reaches just the right level of pressure.

His mouth on my nipple is like heaven…but my pussy is still aching and oh so wet.

“Please…Damian…I want you inside me…please…fuck me…please” I beg while I run my fingers through his hair and keep his head pressed against my tit.

While I’d thought it was obvious I was asking for his cock inside my pussy he seems to have other ideas. He slips his hand down and begins stroking his fingers across my clit, making me buck and moan beneath him.

I’m so worked up that in under a minute I’m chanting, “Please, please, please” as I near my climax. With this he slowly eases his fingers from my clit and as I moan my protest he eases first one, then two, then three fingers into my pussy. I’m moaning again, but no longer in protest as he begins working his fingers in and out of my wet pussy.

His fingers inside me feel amazing…but now my clit is left all alone, “Please…my clit…play with my clit while you finger fuck me…I’m gunna’ cum soon…please…my clit…PLEASE!!!”

Again I’m expecting one thing and he gives me another.

I’m hoping his thumb will move up to my clit…instead his body moves down and his wonderful tongue flicks out against my clit.

I cry out a wordless moan and push my pussy up against his face. In seconds my hands are in his hair again and his tongue is lashing against my throbbing clit while his fingers mercilessly pump in and out of my pussy.

“God! Yes! Fuck yes! Fuck me Damian! Fuck me deeper!!! Oh yes! My clit! My clit! Yes!!! Lick my clit while you shove your fingers in my pussy baby!!! Deeper! Deeper!!! I’m gunna’ cum!!! I want your cock in me when I cum…please Damian! FUCK ME!!!”

I pull his head up from my pussy by his hair and urge him up the length of my body. I move my hand down to grasp his hot, throbbing cock in my hand. I hold him for a second and moan softly before guiding his cock into my aching pussy.

He pushes in until he’s as deep inside me as he can go and I moan loudly and clench my pussy muscles to hold him there a moment so I can enjoy the feeling of being filled.

I slip my hand down between our bodies and begin rubbing my clit as I relax my pussy muscles and look up at him, “Please…fuck me…I’m so close…I want to feel you cum inside me…please…fuck me hard…make me cum for you…please!”

He throws his head back and pulls his cock slowly out of my pussy then shoves it back in as hard and as deep as he can, making me scream out wordlessly and arch against his body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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