A Fuck Toy Graduation Episode 03

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Big Dicks

Author’s Note: Taylor delights in humiliation but first she surrenders to be fucked and sucked by the Adult Club and Swanson High School. Then she begins cock sucking lessons.


Taylor woke up Thursday morning and felt like she was still dreaming. She’d dreamed of Miss Rollins, the kiss they shared, the woman’s breasts, her soft voice and tender touch. The morning broke that dream into shards and left her dizzy and crazed at the same time. The days of her week came back to her. Handled and mauled and sexually used by so many, so often, as though she were, yes, a sex toy, an actual fuck toy. She thought of learning to suck cock, the taste of the cum, the warm, thick liquid slathered on her face like frosting, the slick, gooey feel of the love syrup on her lips, on her tongue and in her mouth. She tasted it again, smelled it again. The passion sizzled between her legs. She felt it, the gnawing need, the blinding desire to feel filled again. She thought of the sour, smoky smell of Mr. Crowder penetrating her, thrusting into her while she orgasmed and she wanted it all again.

“My god, what am I becoming?” The question sounded silly in her ears, even as she spoke the words. “I am becoming a sex toy, a fuck tool, a three-hole climax aid.” Her voice sounded dry, caked with flakes of amazement and lust. She turned over onto her face and lay in her bed. Taylor’s mind filled only with one thought: Three masters! She had no idea how to have one master, much less three. What could it mean, to have a master? She fiddled with that thought. She rolled onto her back and put a hand inside her briefs, toyed with the folds of her pussy, running a finger in and around her entrance. She was wet, watering the grass. She withdrew her hand and licked the finger, tasting her thick, salty juice. She lay back. Three masters? How is that even possible?

“God, I don’t know how to have one master. What does that make me?”

She rose and showered again just for the luxury of hot water flowing over her body. She ate breakfast with the family and drove to school, actually her mother drove her since she needed the car. Taylor felt stranded as her mother drove away. She faced the school entrance and felt it, the full-fledged feeling that she was walking to her doom. Whatever she’d been, she was about to stop being that girl. Her body shivered with the sensation. This was suck and fuck Taylor week, ending with the beginning of a raffle to make her a sex slave for someone for a week, a whole week! What would it be like to be a sex slave? What is that anyway? A sex slave?

“Someone who is a slave to sex, and will do anything sexual that is asked of her.” Taylor’s voice cracked on the word “sexual”. She walked in to the school. She was early and the halls had only a few pitiful people who came to school early for reasons different than Taylor’s. She wanted to get to class without having someone make her orgasm. She had a pad in so her panties weren’t soaked through yet. Yet. That word signified her rational expectation. She got to her first class without being accosted. Ky came in and sat across the aisle from her. They didn’t look at each other.

“Where’s Ash?” Taylor asked. They often rode together to school, one or the other drove.

“Letting Olson stick his tongue down her throat.” Ky said softly. “Or whatever.”

“Whatever. Hey, I had an idea.” Taylor said, her voice was velvet soft, like the head of a cock. The thought made her pussy clinch and her mouth water. She wanted to learn to suck cock.

“Oh? Another one. Maybe you think too much. Maybe you should quit while you’re ahead.”

“Quit giving head, did you say? Hell, I haven’t really started, have I?”

Taylor felt Ky look over at her. She felt wonder and chagrin emanate from the woman like heat waves, rippling against he skin. After what Ky had done to her the day before and was doing to her, it seemed to rattle and infuriate Ky that Taylor wasn’t bowed by it all. She had no idea what she was doing; Taylor stopped at that thought. Shit, if Ky figured it out, the bitch would quit it! Nothing would please Ky more than to rob Taylor of the mounting pleasure she was discovering, that being sexually used offered her. She turned to look at Ky. She had to do something to make it seem like she was suffering.

“You aren’t serious about the week thing, were you? I mean a, a, a, a sex, sex thing for a week? And to who. Who is going to let me blow them for someone else to have me? That was all just bull, right?” Taylor made her voice plaintive and high. When Ky smiled that superior, contemptuous smile she got when she knew she was winning at something, Taylor felt the warm flood of relief. Ky was too smart for her own good, never imagining that someone could outsmart her. That had always been Taylor’s advantage.

“Taylor, I am dead serious. You initiate everyone, just like we said…” she stopped. “You know something, Taylor, Kam really gets off on seeing you humiliated. He fucks me royally after he watches you get fucked. I don’t know what it is. I wonder ısparta escort what it could be? Oh, I know. He hates you. No, that’s not right. He is amazed that anyone else would ever fuck you.”

“You mean besides him?” Taylor smirked. “He can’t seem to leave me alone.”

“Fuck you, Taylor. He’s just trying to make you say ‘no’. I keep telling him you’re just a slut and don’t know how to say ‘no’.”

“I don’t want to.” Taylor thought to herself, wondering what Ky would do if she said that out loud. Her pretty head would explode if she ever suspected that Taylor loved what she was arranging for her. Instead of admitting the truth, she prevaricated.

“I don’t need to learn to blow guys. They were lined up yesterday to fuck me.” Taylor felt for a moment she’d been too, too, too what? Honest? Forward? Something was too extreme. She needed to get to the point before anyone else came into the room. “I think we should initiate other adults. You know, teachers…adults who aren’t students.” Taylor looked over at Ky, so she saw the idea blossom in her eyes.

“Oh my god, Taylor, that’s amazing. Yes. Yes!” Her eyes were in the far distance. Everyone knew, well she and Ash anyway, knew about Ky’s obsession with Mr. G. It always amused Taylor how Mr. G seemed to have an affinity with her and not Ky. She knew Ky resented it but then Ky resented everything about Taylor. That they were friends…well, frenemies anyway, always amused Taylor slightly. Suddenly, she had a thought: Ky liked to keep her close because Taylor made her look better!

The thought penetrated through her like a shot, piercing her deep. She shuddered.

“Mr. G! He’d love to fuck us all. But how do we ever get a teacher to…a…join?”

Taylor shrugged, thinking of those full, overripe boobs in her hands, massaging that pliable flesh that wavered and wobbled when Miss Rollins moved even a little bit. She always wore those flimsy bras that let her tits wag before her. All Taylor had to do was invite Miss Rollins, she thought, and the woman would throw off her shirt and offer her tits to anyone to lick and suck and kiss!

“Taylor!” Ky’s voice violated her fantasy of Miss Rollins naked, being mauled by the Adult Club.


“How do we get a teacher to join the Adult Club? We can’t just ask them. It’d be his ass if he…if they…if a teacher had sex with any of his students.”

The pronouns displayed Ky’s thinking. She was thinking about Mr. G.

Taylor felt smug, knowing that and knowing what she knew, that Miss Rollins would show her tits to her students in a minute. The woman was lonely, horny and willing; an excellent combination.

“We just need one, one to break the taboo on teachers making out with students. We’re not underage so there isn’t any real restriction on them, not legally. We’re adults, that’s the entire point of the Adult Club. Let me work on it, I’ll find a way to get one and that should make it easier to get others.”

“God, the guys would go apeshit if you got Miss Cummings to join. Cummings, god, she should be a charter member just for the name, not to mention how she looks. She is the epitome of blond curves. You know why blondes have more fun?”

“No. Why?”

“Because they’re easier to find in the dark.” Ky chortled. Taylor thought of Nicole and felt a flicker of interest between her legs.

It was like nothing had happened. They were back to being peas and carrots. Then, like flicking off the light, Ky’s eyes dulled and she looked at Taylor, almost squinting.

“I have a plan for Friday night, Taylor. For the full initiation. We’ll make it all about you. I know how you love to be the center of attention.”

“I don’t think we should change what we’ve been doing. Everyone should be included.”

“They will be but the initiation should be you.” For a moment, Taylor thought the leverage Ky possessed wasn’t going to be used. She was wrong. “You need to stick to your own age, don’t you think, and fucking leave my father alone.” Taylor wanted to fight back but if she fought too hard…her pussy vetoed the idea.

“Jesus, Ky, I was tied up. It’s not like I had much of a choice. He fucked me. Honest.”

Ky fairly snarled.

“Sure. The first time. What about going to the house and offering it up!”

Taylor was going to retort, wanted to answer the charge, but honestly, she had nothing. That someone entered the room and sat down was happenstance and coincidental, but perfect timing at any rate. Ky glared at her and finally Taylor turned away. “The fucking bitch”, Taylor thought, and moments later she realized she fully intended to go make the offer again. Mr. Carter wasn’t so immune that he might not give in and fuck her again. She wanted to spite Ky and fucking her father again, in spite of her warnings would be just the spice in the kettle that made it savory and nice. It also would keep the “revenge” going and so far, Taylor was coming more than she’d imagined one woman could. She shuddered, a chill thrill of anticipated kastamonu escort ecstasy ran over her skin, leaving her quivering. Nicole arrived and they began to chat about nothing. All Taylor could think about was the feeling of her face coated in cum. Suddenly everything else in life turned down a notch or twelve and she felt numb to it. Only the raving of ecstasy in her body made her feel fully alive.

She thought she was home free. She’d made it to class without getting molested or fucked or whatever you call it. She tamped down the muted disappointment. She’d had enough sexual attention yesterday to fill a lifetime for most people. She sat daydreaming about it, the feeling of being fucked on the desk turned her panties swampy. She wished she’d kept her eyes open and watched people watching her be fucked. It was a minor regret but one that made her feel dirty and horny at the same time. “Next time,” she thought, “I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open and watch them as they watch me having sex.” That idea gave her an elicit thrill that made her squirm.

“Taylor Dillon!”

Taylor jumped liked she’d been poked.

“Taylor, you’re wanted in the office.” Mr. Mercer waved a leaflet at her and handed it back to the guy standing there. She should have known something was up. The guy was Jerry Moffit. He ran with two other guys, Jarl Thorsen and Pavel Alexandrovitch. She should have known but she didn’t. She followed the guy out of the classroom and down the hall. She didn’t suspect anything until she felt the arm around her middle, pinning her arms to her side, and the hand over her mouth. She was dragged bodily into an empty classroom. Jerry shut the door and began unbuckling his pants.

“What do we do now?” Taylor knew that voice, it was Pavel. They were all adults but Ky hated Jerry and he hated her so leaving them out didn’t bother anyone.

“We fuck her.” Jerry said.

“All of us?”

“She has three holes. Yes, idiot, all of us.”

“Three holes? You mean all at once? How’s that going to work?”

Jerry rolled his eyes, realized he shouldn’t have his pants around his ankles for what came next and left his belt loose but kept his pants buttoned.

“Hold her,” he said, “I’m getting her panties off.”

Taylor struggled then, and screamed into the hand over her mouth. Her pussy exploded. The throbbing anticipation between her legs transformed from potential to kinetic arousal. Whoever had hold of her lifted her off the floor. Her legs flailed and she kicked at Jerry. Jerry snarled, grabbed one ankle and when she tried to kick with the other, he grabbed that. She grunted.

“Jesus, she didn’t fight anyone else.” Pavel whined.

“Because they were part of the fucking club. We’re not. But we’re adults and we can fuck her. We got the certificates.”

“Maybe we should show them to her so she’ll quit fighting.”

Jerry grunted.

“I like it that she fights. This is going to be fun. Here asshole, hold her leg.”

Pavel appeared in Taylor’s sight and grasped her right leg. That meant Jarl Thorsen had hold of her. They called him Thor because he was Norwegian and big and strong and had long blond hair that he tied in a pony tail. If it hadn’t been for his droopy left eye, he’d have been a perfect god of Thunder but as it was, he was a flawed specimen. Like his running mates, he wasn’t the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree but by god he was strong. Taylor struggled but it was like she was locked in the seat harness of a roller coaster car. Thor didn’t budge.

“Put her feet together so I can get her panties off. Thor, hold her, yeah, up like that.”

Taylor’s legs were out in front of her and she started to struggle. Jerry pulled a knife and touched her thigh with it. “Don’t struggle, cunt, or I’ll have to cut them off and you’ll be commando the rest of the day unless you carry spare panties in your purse.” Taylor went still. The arm, tight around her middle, robbed her of the air she needed to breathe well and so she was panting, fighting for air. She refused to believe it was excitement, to name it that.

“Jesus’ criminal record!” Jerry muttered. “She’s sopping wet. She even has stuffing in her crotch and its soaked through with her juice.” He pulled Taylor’s panties down her legs and off, leaving her high heels on. “You have the rope and gag?”

“Here.” Pavel answered.

Jerry let her left leg drop and moved against her, a hand between her legs. He clutched her neck and squeezed. Taylor felt her head swell.

“Thor let go. If she screams, I’ll choke her quiet.”

The hand moved off her face. Taylor gasped for new air, pulling it in as she dangled in Thor’s grasp around her middle. Jerry wadded up her panties, pad and all.

“Open up, Queeny, don’t want you to lose track of where your panties are!”

Taylor clamped her lips closed but that was a mistake. He squeezed hard on her neck and put a knuckle against her lips and pinched them against her teeth. She opened her mouth. He stuffed her wadded kayseri escort up panties into her mouth.

“Gag.” Pavel handed him something and Jerry pressed it against her face. It was plastic, with holes in it and covered her nose and mouth. When he reached behind her head, she popped her head back and thumped it into Thor’s broad, immovable chest. He didn’t even respond. She heard a click and the thing was fixed over her face. A plastic mask covered nose and mouth. Her panties in her mouth filled her nose with her own smell. She didn’t focus on that because Thor shifted her and she felt her ass pressed against what was an impossible bulge in his pants.

“Ugh, ugh.” She babbled around the panties. Her mouth watered and in moments saliva was running down her chin. Then the hand between her legs penetrated into the wet depths of her pussy. She grunted and closed her eyes. The feeling of being filled once more flooded through her and she jerked in Thor’s grasp. Her body responded. The tension, the surprise, all of it combined into a tight, flash of orgasm that struck her and was gone. She jerked once with that bolt of ecstasy and then sagged in its wake. The finger moved inside her and she wanted more, more fingers, more girth, more length, more ecstasy. Her body quaked with her need.

She opened her eyes. Suddenly, she was aware she was the only one moving or making a sound.

Jerry was right in front of her. Pavel held her right leg parallel to the ground and Thor still had an arm around her waist and arms, one big hand clutching her right elbow. Jerry stared at her, not moving anything but his finger jammed deep into her bubbling cunt. Her eyes opening seemed to awaken Jerry. He put his other hand on her boob and massaged it, through her dress and bra. The feeling sparked something inside her, as though it completed a circuit in her pussy with the end of Jerry’s finger inside her and the erotic thrill zapped her stupid. She grunted and jerked.

The asshole only rubbed the one tit, not both. He stepped back and stared into her eyes. He pulled out a piece of paper and held it up before her blurred eyes.

“We all have a certificate, Queen Bitch, Cunt, Whore, Slut, Cunt, Cunt, Cunt! We’re all going to fuck you. Thor goes last because his horse cock will stretch you until you flap when you walk, if you can walk at all when he’s done. So me first then Pavel and then Thor. We’ll be in but you have to sign our certificates, so we can get into the next Adult Party. We have to bring girls of our own, though. We fuck one, someone fucks ours. That’s what it says.”

Taylor comprehended his words. That sounded just like Ky. It wasn’t enough to get Taylor fucked but she’d put in a clause she thought sure these three would never be able to fulfill. Ky likely thought the only dates they had was with Rosy Palm and her plastic sister, Vinyl. That made Taylor furious and scared. How many more of the untouchables at Swanson had Ky enlisted to fuck her?

“Cunt, we’re going to tie you up. Then we’re going to fuck you. You fight, you might get bruised. You want to get Thor in the pussy and not in the ass, I’m telling you. Okay, cunt?”

The guy waited and Taylor finally realized he was actually waiting for a response, so she nodded. Her body vibrated with anticipation.

Jerry signaled to Thor to let her go and the big guy released her arms. She stood on one leg.

“Put her leg down, idiot.” Jerry said to Pavel.

She got both feet under her and slowly turned around and offered Jerry her wrists. He trussed her up in a quick instant.

“Where do you want it?” Jerry asked.

For a second, Taylor didn’t realize he was talking to her. He seemed accommodating in ways that surprised her. She shouldered her way around Thor, like a tug boat easing around a freighter’s hull. She walked over to the desk and lay on it, face down. She heard Jerry behind her, then felt his hands between her legs. When he entered her, it was abrupt and deep. He rammed into her like he was stabbing the last steak on the plate. Taylor lurched a little but became lodged between him and the desk.

For a moment she actually thought he could fuck her to an orgasm. She was so excited, so aroused, dripping with it, so she thought that even a gay misogynist could have made her come but Jerry went from zero to sixty in a split second and moments later flooded her with more cum than she thought possible to spurt out of one average sized cock. He grunted and hunched and pumped and pumped and pumped until she flooded and overflowed. She felt the wet streaks running down her legs again and she had flashbacks, all the way back to yesterday. And still the guy pumped cum into her.

When he finally ran down, she felt her inner thighs were wet clear to her knees and it wasn’t all her, in fact it was very little of Taylor’s pussy juice. She felt him withdraw more like you feel a cloud leave the face of the sun than the departure of his cock. He’d been draped over her back, hands on the desk while he pumped his gallon and a shot of cum into her. She felt swampy and mushy. When she shifted her weight, she felt a new gush of cum rush down her left thigh. The tickle of the trickle gave her a thrill; hardly what she wanted to feel but still it was something. Jerry Moffit was hardly high quality cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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