A Game of Cards

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I was on a plane bound for Germany for the first time since Julia and I split up just less than three years ago. In that time we had not seen each other again though we had been in contact via email. As we slowly drifted over the clouds I flicked through some old photos that I’d transferred back to my camera. My head filled with past memories and what we would talk about: the principle topic being the possibility of us getting back together. After we had broken-up on that bitterly cold New Year’s Eve morning we parted on excellent terms. Nevertheless, it was a highly emotional time for us both. At first it was all tears and devastation. In order to overcome this we soon developed a particularly black sense of humour to make light of the situation. I had teased her that it was inevitable that we would have ‘break-up sex’ that night but she had convincingly dismissed any such notion. I had known that it was renowned for being especially intense and highly-charged and so had considered it to be something that, given the circumstances, I wanted to experience and would allow me to temporarily forget my misery.

That evening we struggled to eat at all. The turmoil had killed our appetites and my throat was simply too dry and choked with emotion to accept much food. I had just pushed my plate to one side when I caught sight of a fierce intensity in Julia’s eyes. We leapt at one another, feeding ferociously on each other’s lips and necks. Until that moment we had typically favoured prolonged passion that teased, delighted and gradually built up to a massive mutual crescendo. However on that night neither of us had any interest in developed foreplay: we simply needed an outlet for our anger, grief and inner turbulence. We tore the clothes of each other in a manner possessed, as our kisses became increasingly aggressive. Julia flung herself onto the kitchen table regardless of the unwashed plates and crockery nearby. She lay back, spread her legs wide and beckoned me forth. I plunged deep into her sopping wet pussy with my throbbing erection and began a sustained attack on her pleasure spot with my thumb, slick with her lubricant that spilled onto her thighs. Every thrust I made forced the table to bang against the wall, causing the pots and plates to leap about and add to the tremendous noise. Through all the sounds her moans of joy swept over me, inducing me to increase the speed even further, until we reached a breathless wild frenzy. Moments later our giant emotional eruption came powerfully and simultaneously.

The next day we could not keep our hands off each other. I had never wanted to break-up but living in distant, different countries had proved insurmountable. Thus, we had separated without there being a fundamental problem in the relationship itself. We even discussed the possibility of getting back together in the future after she graduated. It was with all these thoughts in mind that I was travelling to Germany to see her for the first time again, after so long. I had decided that I must guard against appearing too keen as I didn’t want her to think that she could just have me at the drop of a hat, though in my heart I knew she probably could.

After having made my way through security I passed through the final door out into the main entrance area of the airport. I scanned the surrounding faces in search of hers but all I could see were loads of guys holding up pieces of paper with various unknown names. I went beyond this horde and it was then that I saw her. For a few seconds she didn’t see me, which permitted me the luxury of taking in her beautiful long locks and slender body. She turned towards me and her face lit up as our eyes met. Her features seemed even more striking than I remembered; her pale blue eyes sparkled, her cute little nose lightly twitched and her deliciously pink lips parted into a wide smile. When we embraced I couldn’t help but contemplate what might lie ahead.

We arrived at Julia’s flat, the very same one in which we had broken up three years earlier. All that had changed since then was that Julia had moved into one of the larger bedrooms and that her former flatmates had been replaced with a girl called Suzannah and a guy who had gone home for the weekend. We had just come in through the door when a colourfully dressed girl burst out of the door at the end of the hall.

“Hi, you must be Daniel,” she said, smiling.

“And I guess you must be Suzannah. Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise. Please, call me Suzy. By the way, I like your camera; what model is it?”

“It’s a 40D. I got it last year. Are you into photography too?”

“I dabble a bit when I have the time. I must confess I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a while now.”

“Oh really, why’s that?”

“Well, judging by the way Julia has talked about you it sounds like you are one of the world’s most popular ex-boyfriends.”

“That’s nice to hear,” I grinned.

“I would struggle to find even a few kind words to describe my last boyfriend but Julia here simply never has a bad word kuşadası escort to say about you.”

My heart was warming on hearing this, though if either of them knew how much trouble I was having trying to avert my gaze from Suzy’s ample chest then maybe they would have changed their minds. I looked to Julia who was understandably a little embarrassed and blushing at Suzy’s revelations.

“Well, yes. Thanks for that Suzy. Why don’t you make yourself useful and go and put the kettle on,” said Julia, regaining her composure.

“You mean before I tell him any more?”

“Something like that. Anyway I know he could do with a cup of tea.”

“You know me too well. I just need to unpack a few things first though, if that’s OK?”

“Yeah, sure. This is my room now,” she said, gesturing to the spacious room on her right.

I swiftly took my bags inside, took out what I needed, and headed into the kitchen. When I got there the two girls were already sitting down at the table, with three mugs of tea on it. The sight of the table caused my mind to return to that scene in my head of us frantically ‘consummating’ our break-up. On seeing me standing motionless in the doorway the girls broke off their conversation.

“Are you OK?” asked Suzy.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“You seemed to be in a world of your own for a moment there.”

“I was just…umm…yeah, thinking about something,” I spluttered, fearing that Julia would immediately guess what had occupied my mind.

On the flight I had repeatedly reminded myself to avoid indulging in too much nostalgia around Julia for fear of appearing to have not moved on at all in life — something that I thought she would find unattractive.

“So, what are your plans for the evening?” asked Suzy.

“I don’t know. We’ll probably go out for some dinner and maybe watch a film or something,” said Julia. “How about you?”

“Well, I have something already planned so I won’t be able to join you unfortunately. Though I’m sure you have a lot to catch up on so I wouldn’t want to intrude on your romantic evening.”

Both Julia and I were a little stung by this overt insinuation as the potential rekindling of our romance was something unspoken, which neither of us wished to prematurely bring into the open. Thankfully, Julia appeared to share my feeling that if either of us were to protest it would only serve to strengthen Suzy’s assumptions.

“What are you up to then?” I probed, eager to deflect the attention away from our evening.

“I’m just going out for a few drinks with friends from my course. I’ll try not to disturb you too much when I come in.”

“That’s alright. We’ll probably be awake anyway,” said Julia.

“Doing what, I wonder?”

“Watching the film. Weren’t you listening earlier?” I said in jest, relishing this battle of wits.

“Yes, I was listening. I just thought that the film will have finished by the time I come home and that you may be doing something else,” she said with a knowing smile.

“Like sleeping,” I suggested.

“But Julia just said you’d probably be still awake. Perhaps she has something else planned for you tonight?”

“Or perhaps we’ll still be watching the film,” I countered.

“Yeah, that is possible. If that is the case perhaps I’ll pop in to watch the end of the ‘film’, if that’s OK?” she said sarcastically.

“Yes, you’d be more than welcome,” smiled Julia, shaking her head slightly at Suzy’s continued onslaught. “Do you fancy going for a walk to escape this inquisition?” she asked, turning to me.

“Yeah, that sounds good.”

“Aww, have I scared you away so soon after arriving? How nasty of me!” said Suzy.

“Don’t worry, you haven’t scared me away. Anyway, you know what they say about people, who enjoy nosing about in the private lives of others, don’t you?”

“No. Tell me, what do they say?”

“It’s a sign that the person isn’t getting enough themselves.”

“Enough what?” she said, feigning innocence and trying to coax the word out of me.

“C’mon, you’re a clever girl. Use your imagination.”

She laughed a little and smiled at my response. She saw that she was not the only one who was able to tease verbally. Julia and I got up to go and prepare ourselves for our walk. As we did so Suzy appropriately found the opportunity to have the final word.

“Enjoy your walk and dinner. Perhaps I will see the two of you later, whether the film has finished or not.”

We had a pleasant walk and dinner, both of which involved some reminiscing as well as sharing several stories from our lives during the past few years. When we returned home it was already dark and getting rather cold. Over dinner we had enjoyed several glasses of wine and were already feeling light-headed so I was slightly surprised when Julia opted to break open another bottle when we arrived home. As we headed to her room I wondered whether her taste in films had changed at all. The last time we had watched together had been on New Year’s Day, the day after we had split-up, when we had watched a film about two very passionate and promiscuous famous Latin American artists. As the film had gone on showing the tribulations of the artists regularly interspersed with scenes of wild lovemaking I became increasingly certain of what would follow the film: our own interpretation of their prolonged, emotionally-charged romps. Sure enough, my expectations had not only been fulfilled but surpassed: the sex that day was tear-inducingly blissful and without doubt the most erotic of my life.

Not long after sitting down it became clear that both of us had more interest in talking further rather than watching a film. Julia asked after the well-being of two of my friends, whom she had met twice during our time together.

“They are both fine; though I haven’t spoken to either of them in a while.”

“Do you remember that time we stayed at their place in London?”

“Yeah. We stayed in their spare room with that really uncomfortable mattress.”

“That’s right. I will never forget those springs digging into my back. Do you remember that card game we played where the loser got spanked with a tea-towel? I kept losing and having to take punishment hits from you all. Everyone took pity on me and went gently except for you, who simply couldn’t help but show off your skills with a tea-towel in hand.”

“Haha, yes, I do remember that. You know what I’m like when I’m faced with a test of skill: it’s impossible for me not to try and perform to the best of my ability.”

“Yeah, but it was whipping with a tea-towel! How can you take that seriously?” she laughed.

“I just enjoy the action so much that I can’t resist the temptation. It’s so satisfying to hear that sharp snap and to know that your technique was perfect.”

“You’re weird,” she said in jest. “Anyway, tonight I want to play a different card game with you.”

“Oh aye. What’s that then?”

“I’ve always wanted to play it but never had the chance until now.”

“C’mon, tell me what is it?”

“OK. I want you to play strip poker with me.”

I gasped a little out of surprise. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, totally.”

“Alright, but what rules do we use?” I asked, with a traceable hint of excitement in my voice.

“Well, I confess that I looked on the internet and the best rules seem to be simple five-card draw, with the loser of each hand losing an item of clothing.”

“And can you remember the poker hand rankings I taught you?”

“Yes. I did check them again online but I was surprised at how well I remembered them. You must have taught me well.”

“And what happens to the first person to get naked? Do we have to do dares or something until the other person is also naked?”

“Yeah, we can do that if you want. Are you sure you want to play?”, she asked hesitantly.

“Yes of course I’m sure. How many items of clothing do you have? I only have four if you count socks as one.”

“If socks are one, then I have six. If I take my jacket off now though, I’ll be down to five.”

“That still leaves me at a disadvantage though.”

“But c’mon, you are a more experienced poker player than I am and I think you should start with an item less as punishment for the tea-towel spankings.”

“OK. I suppose that’s kind of fair. How about some extra rules? I mean, when my friends and I play drinking games we have a ‘no celebration’ rule. Any hint of celebration results in a punishment.”

“Yeah, that sounds fun. I assume that the punishment means losing an item of clothing, yes?”

“Yeah, that works fine. Where are your cards?”

“I’ll just go and get them.”

As she stood, I couldn’t take my eyes off her figure, knowing that soon she would be naked. I allowed my imagination to drift a little further, considering what dares I could use if I were to win the game.

“Found them. OK, so let’s play,” she declared, sitting down and then shuffling the cards. “How about we have a ‘no swearing’ rule as well? So that when you lose a hand you have to restrain yourself as well.”

“Go on then. Though I think it’ll help you more than it’ll help me.”

“That’s the idea!” she said, with a wide smile.

She swiftly dealt the cards and I was left staring at a pair of sixes and little else. I really did not want to lose the first hand and give her a two-piece advantage. I peered over my cards at her; her expression revealed scant information. I took three cards, she took two. I nervously showed my two sixes and looked straight to her reaction. I could tell she had lost before she threw down her pair of threes.

“Yes!” I exclaimed, relieved to have won the first hand. I sat back content.

“Ah, was that not a celebration just there, mister?”

I let out a deep sigh of frustration, realising that it was pointless arguing: although modest, it was clearly a celebratory reaction. We both removed our socks, both visibly a little too eager to get on with the game. I cursed myself for having suggested the additional rule. The wine was making it difficult to restrain myself and I had been so transfixed on winning that I’d forgotten not to celebrate.

“My deal,” I announced.

This time I got a three-flush and an ace. Julia drew three cards, making me think she already had a pair. Another two hearts to complete my flush was highly unlikely so I cast them away along with the fourth card in search of pairing the ace. Luckily I hit. Julia seemed relatively pleased with her hand and quickly displayed her two kings. I feigned a defeated look before flipping over my aces.

“Scheiße! I thought I’d won that one,” she cried.

“Wuh-hay!” I cheered, on account of the swear word.

It was only then she realised what she had said.

“Nooo! Does that mean I have to take off two things?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Surely your jeering counts as a celebration as well though?”

I reproached myself once again for my incautious reaction, though thankfully managed to avoid swearing. Her outburst had taken me completely by surprise as she very rarely swore. Clearly the alcohol and the tense nature of events were getting to her. I took a moment to consider whether to first remove my jeans or my t-shirt, before opting to lose the t-shirt. I stood up, lifted my top over my head and performed a silly little bow, hoping to lighten the mood in preparation for Julia’s double whammy.

“You’re turn!” I said.

She got to her feet, paused, and then followed suit by haltingly lifting her top up over her breasts, shoulders and head. Her breasts had never been the largest but they were delightfully formed. For the moment though her black lacy bra hugged them tightly, revealing only a fraction of their shapeliness. Nevertheless, they held my attention, which she clearly noticed.

“Now for my jeans, I suppose?” she ventured.

“Either that or your bra,” I retorted.

“Haha, very funny. No, I think you’ll have to wait a bit longer for that,” she said as she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans.

Again, she paused momentarily to observe my reaction. She began to ease them down but again paused when only the top half of her panties was showing. She checked again to ensure that she had my attention but this time her gaze penetrated a little further. After a few seconds holding me spellbound, she resumed her task. Once her jeans had fallen past her hips I was able to admire the outlines of her sex under her surprisingly risqué choice of underwear. Previously she had not been a big fan of overtly provocative clothing but she had patently developed a taste for it since we had split up. Her matching bra and panty ensemble couldn’t fail to set my pulse racing.

“That’s quite an outfit!”

“Thanks, I hoped you would appreciate it.”

“Yeah, it’s very nice. But I know that what lies underneath is even more beautiful.”

She smiled back at me. We were down to two pieces each. Neither of us could afford any more silly mistakes if we were to win. As she dealt the next hand we were silent, in determined concentration. The game had evidently stirred our highly competitive natures. I knew that if I lost this hand I would have to reveal the exact state of my excitement. Two Queens stared me in the face. I discarded the other three cards but my draw missed completely. Julia drew one and swiftly laid down a straight. I chucked away my hand and exhaled deeply.

“Your turn to strip, I believe?” she said.

“No need to look quite so smug about it.”

I decided to imitate the way she removed her trousers by pausing to gauge her reaction. The first time I stopped I managed to catch her looking at my crotch but the second time I paused to look, she feigned utter disinterest in my stripping. I stepped closer, trying to induce her attention, when suddenly she leaped forward like a cat, playfully snapping shut her jaw as if trying to bite me. I responded in fashion by jumping back and guarding my swollen package with my hands.

“Take your hands away then. Covering yourself is strictly not allowed.”

I relented, allowed my hands to fall to my sides, and exposed the full extent of my arousal.

“I’m pleased to see you’re enjoying the game so much.”

I nodded. “It’s actually more difficult than I had imagined.”

“Yes, it’s surprisingly embarrassing considering we’ve seen each other naked before. I suppose it’s been such a long time that it feels quite new,” she replied.

“That’s true. I don’t think we’ve ever stripped for each other in such a direct way either. Presenting yourself like this makes you feel quite vulnerable.”

“It does, doesn’t it? I mean, we are not even naked yet and already I feel strangely exposed.

“Best not lose the next hand then,” I said with a wink.

This time the cards looked to be stacked against me. My first five cards were all weak and unconnected. I desperately didn’t want to lose, to be naked first, nor to perform the first dare. Yet with these cards I looked to be doomed to that fate. I gambled by changing all five cards but didn’t look to see what the draw had given me. Julia had taken two and now laid down her hand of two Jacks.

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