A Glorious Discovery Ch. 02

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Beautiful Face

Disclaimer: All characters are over 18 years of age. A huge thank you to all of you who gave feedback on Chapter 1. I hope this satisfies you as well. ___

It had been a few weeks since Anna’s glory hole discovery. She visited the glory hole regularly and loved every second of it. She had switched to going commando everyday. And was horny all day this way. Anna even flashed a few of her fellow classmates her pussy. And in return she got a nice little fingering session during class.

One of the guy who fingered her kept going at it for a while, keeping her on edge, and only allowed her to cum when the professor dismissed them. If the professor noticed anything, he didn’t say a word.

Anna built a reputation among the guys who knew her wild side.


Another day, another boring lecture. At least this was the last one for the day. Anna was squirming in her seat. Her mind kept drifting off to the glory hole. She was dripping with anticipation already. There was only the thin fabric of the skirt between her and the cushioned chair. It was sure to have a wet spot when she got up.

Anna was feeling even more brave today. She wore only a tight, white tank top that showed basically everything and a short skirt. If a slight movement or a breeze Sex hikayeleri hit her, she was sure to flash everybody. But she didn’t care all that much.

She moved her ass so that her pussy lips were spread below her. She sat that way for a while, half-heartedly answering questions the professor threw her way.

Carefully, keeping an eye on the teacher, she began to grind a little. Her delicious ass moved back and forth slowly, cunt juices as lube. She could feel the heat build up. Anna desperately wanted someone to finger her but the professor had an eye on her. Looking straight ahead towards the presentation, she continued to grind into the chair.

Her breath came shallow and drawn out. She could not cum right away. Anna kept this going for a while. Back and forth. Imagining that she was riding a cock. Back and forth. Big cock. Circular motion. Getting a nice ride.

The professor’s eyes skimmed over the class and landed on her. He kept his gaze on her. And Anna came. She came hard, trying not to make a noise. She slumped in her seat and continued to cum silently.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Anna stopped cumming. She sat up slowly. Not moving too suddenly. No one was paying attention to her. They were caught up Sikiş hikayeleri in a heated discussion. She could feel the cum underneath her. It was sticky and thick. There was some of it on her the inside of her thighs.

She breathed deeply and looked around. A pair of eyes locked on her. The professor stood with his arms folded in front of him. Anna held his heavy gaze. Soon enough they were dismissed. She took her sweet time packing up her things. A few students lingered around. She got up, the cum sticking to her legs, walked up to the door. The professor’s eyes never left her or her sweet, sweet cum covered legs. Anna was sure that she saw an outline of his erection in his dress slacks.


Anna, as usual, moved towards the men’s room. She hadn’t bothered to clean up the cum which was now slowly making its trail down her legs. Pushing open the door, she flipped the sign on the last stall to say ‘IN’, got inside and stripped. Her 36C tits bounced around deliciously. She teased and twisted her nipples a little, getting them nice and hard. She ran her fingers over her slutty cunt. Pushed a finger in. Just as she was about to get going, a cock appeared through the hole.

It was about 7 inches and thick. The thickness definitely Erotik hikaye made up for the lack of length. It was semi-erect and veiny. Anna happily took the cock in her hand and started stroking it. The owner didn’t make a sound. She took in the head tightly, sucking on it. A bit of pre cum oozed out. She took in the whole cock. It was so delicious, she kept taking it in. Bobbing the cock. Yummy.

The now hard cock was ready to cum. Anna quickly, in one swift motion, took it deep in her throat. The owner seemed to like this very much. He grunted and gasped as he came. Lovely, slippery cum, slid down Anna’s throat and she happily swallowed every last drop. The cock went limp in her mouth and the owner withdrew it.

Anna looked down to see a puddle of her wetness and giggled. A hand came in through the hole and grabbed her neck. Anna gasped out loud at the sudden contact.

“Please sir, let me go”, she pleaded. The hand only tightened.

“Why, you bitch. Begging to stop now, are you?” Anna recognised the voice.

“Please sir, let go of me”

“You were asking for this, whore. Masturbating in my class? You’re an absolute disgrace.” The professor let go of her suddenly and she gasped in relief. He knocked on the door and rattled the handle. Their was nothing Anna could do except open the door. His gaze landed on her, sitting in a puddle of her own juices.

“Get up and walk to my office, you know where it is. And don’t even think about cleaning yourself up.” With this is turned and walked out briskly.

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