A Good Wife

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My wife and I met 15 years ago. We used to work together in sales. We were both 25, eager, and hungry new sales reps. Rebecca was a very smart and confident young woman fighting to earn her spot among the boys in the sales team. She talked loud and always made her presence known in the room. She was beautiful and her looks helped her get attention from companies we used to pitch to. She was about 5′ 10″, with long legs and a thin figure. She had wavy blonde hair and a very pretty face. She had a thin bone structure and flawless facial fetures. Her body was super hot; thin waste and petite breasts that she showed off from time to time with low cut dress blouses.

All of that helped her attract attention from guys in the office and on the road. But what drew me to her was the fact that she was missing her left leg. We had been working together for several weeks before one day she came in wearing a knee length skirt. She had a plastic, skin colored prosthetic leg that went up to her knee. Her gait was almost perfect. Until that day I didn’t notice she was missing a leg or had a limp.

Over time she began to catch on to the fact that I was interested in her… and her unique leg. I had the hots for women with a missing limb. It was incredibly difficult to act cool at first and not blow my secret. She now tells me that back then she could tell that I was “fascinated” with her leg and I wasn’t like other guys hitting on her.

Rebecca had dated a few guys before me but none of them for more than a few months. She said that they all would persue her and treat her nicely until they had sex. After that they would either slowly lose interest or say that they couldn’t handle it. Somehow she was able to keep her confidence through those tough break ups and put herself out there time and time again.

When we first started to go on dates and eventually making things physical, we couldn’t get enough of eachother. She had never been with a guy that was attracted to amputees and was totally into it. I wanted to touch, lick, squeeze, and rub my dick on her below the knee stump as much as I could. She thought it was the coolest thing and wanted to have sex with me every chance that we could. Not only that, but she had incredible orgasms where her whole body would shake and she would drift into a trance. I would stay hard for hours and we would keep going and going until my balls were bone dry. It was the greatest.


Two years later we got married and life was good. We traveled, moved into new jobs, bought a house, and made plans to have a few kids. Rebecca would wear her prosthetic whenever she left the house and most of the time at home to get around. She lost her leg in an accident when she was 12 years old so it was not new to her and she moved around very well with her prosthetic. When we would relax in the evenings on the couch she would take her leg off and rest it on my lap because she knew I liked to touch it and massage it. It was a routine of ours and it helped her stump heal after a long day and we both enjoyed it.

When Kartal escort going to bed for the evening, she usually kept her leg off and hopped around the house. It was, and still is, incredibly hot to watch her get around the house that way. She takes small quick hops from room to room, knowing that I am watching her most of the time. She will sometimes tease me by pulling her pand leg down leaving an empty pant leg dangling under her stump because it turns me on.

She had issues with her stump every once and a while, where the end of her nub would have sharp pains and it made wearing her leg very painful. The doctors at the time told us that she was developing some small bone spurs on the end of her stump and they would keep an eye on them in the future.

When we had sex, which was every day at least once, she would use her stump to rub and gently kick my dick. I loved grabbing her nub and holding onto it while I banged her. Becca orgasms every time we have sex, either before I put my dick in her when I eat her out, or during thrusting. She orgasmed quicker than me most of the time. Her sex drive is still about the same as mine, which is great having a partner that wants to have sex regularly.


We eventually had two kids together and started raising a family. Rebecca’s boobs had shrunk a little bit since breast feeding and she got a boob job. She ended up getting them enlarged slightly compared to what they were before kids. She got very respectible B cub boobs and they are quite perky and hot. She started wearing low cut tops again revealing her sexy cleavage and thin figure. She definitely had the hottest body of all the moms in town.

A couple years after having our kids Rebecca’s leg was getting worse and the doctors told her that her bone was failing. They gave us a few options, but we decided the best option was to amputate her leg again above the knee. The plan for the first revision surgery was to remove the lower six inches of her femur, leaving room for a prosthetic knee joint. At the time we were both a little nervous. Nervous that she may not have the same quality of life and mobility. I was secretly quite excited to see her new stump. I always liked above knee stumps a little more than below knee stumps and the idea of change was exciting. I never said that out loud to Becca but I am sure she knew those thoughts were going through my head.

The doctors left her a very neat scar and round stump. Her long thin figure left her with a cute, fit, and beautiful stump. Her leg ended about six inches above her other knee, leaving about 2/3 of her femur bone. She healed for several months before being fitted for a new prosthetic and starting physical therapy. Her balance was off since her body had changed and she had to adjust and learn to balance without her prosthetic on. While healing, she used crutches to move around the house and get out.

It was incredibly sexy watching her long, thin body move around on crutches with her remaining leg. Because her stump was shorter, it made Kurtköy Escort her other leg look longer and even sexier.

Sex was more exciting than ever. I was a little embarassed the first several times we had sex after her surgery because I did’t last very long and I beat her to the orgasm. She laughed and knew that the new stump was a turn on.

With her new stump we were able to try several new things. I would kneel on the bed over the top of her leg and she would press her stump up against my dick and balls, swinging her stump back and forth. She liked to watch as it drove me crazy. I still rubbed her stump and kissed it all of the time but it was much more tender than her old stump. I had to be more careful with it at first even though I wanted to squeeze it hard and feel her soft skin around my hand.

Sex with her above knee stump is more fun than before in a lot of ways. Doing doggy style she will lay with her chest down off the side of the bed and I will stand behind her. I can reach down and hold her stump and move it around while I grab her ass with the other hand. In missionary she will still wrap her one leg around my body and pull my body into hers as I thrust. She flares out her other leg to the side making it easier to slide my entire dick into her pussy.

My favorite position is with her on her back and I will kneel on the bed and spread my knees apart as far as possible. That way I can slide my dick into her and still stay upright so that I can look at her tits and stump. She will bend her leg up so that it rests agaist my stomach and rub it back and forth across me.

Becca knows the best ways to tease me and gets a rise out of it herself. Around the house is still the only time she doesn’t have her prosthetic on and whenever its off, I can’t help but sneak a peak here at her nub. We have been married for years and I still can’t get enough. In the winter she will wear sweatpants or yoga pants around the house. Most of her pants still have both legs and she will just either tuck the remaining empty pant leg around the front and into her waste or leave it dangling as she moves around the house. I asked her to get a couple pants cut and sewn shut so that they fit around her stump and she will wear those from time to time too, which I find incredibly hot.

Two years ago Rebecca had to have one more revision surgery. Her stump was always painful after the surgery to an above the knee. The bone never healed properly and she had some excess skin and fat on the end of her stump. The doctors went in and did one final revision to remove another six inches of femur bone and a bit of excess skin, fat, and muscle that had developed after her leg shrunk and atrophied without her knee joint.

She was very happy with the final surgery and has had much more comfort and quality of life since then. She still is able to use a prosthetic and uses it almost any time she leaves the house. Her gait is not as good as it used to be with her below knee amputation. Her limp is much more noticible and stairs Pendik Escort are harder to navigate. But she can walk for miles a day and experience very little discomfort.

Her stump is now the most beatiful it has been and I think the most sexy stump I have ever seen. From her hip, it is about 9 inches long, ending a little more than half way up her remaining thigh. For reference, when she wears workout shorts or skin tight bike shorts her stump barely peaks out of the bottom.

She will sometimes catch me staring, or try to tease me and reach down and pull her shorts up so that I can see her stump around the house. With the kids running around it turns into a little game as we try to hide those interactions from them. In pants when she lets her pant leg dangle, it is almost completely empty and swings around underneath her while she moves around on crutches. It drives me crazy and I have to go up to her sometimes and grab her ass or her stump and give it a squeeze. She will smile and bite her lip as the game and teasing turns us on.

We still have sex or do some sort of sexual act every day. When I go down on her I will usually keep one hand on her tits and squeeze her nipples, which makes her moan or scream with pleasure. And I will keep my other hand on her stump and pull it to the side as far as I can to spread her pussy out and expose her clit.

When its her time of the month, we do other fun things that I might enjoy as much as sex if not even a little more. Becca will kneel on top of me and kick my dick with her stump and give me a handjob. She will pull out the massage oil and I will give her a full body massage, with extra emphasis on her stump, boobs, and ass of course. But my favorite thing we do is lay on the bed on our right sides with her in front as the little spoon. On her right side, her left leg stump is on top and her right full leg on the bed. I will put oil on my dick, her stump, and thigh and slide my dick between her legs. I will thrust my dick back and forth between her thighs while she squeezes her stimp against her leg. Sometimes I will have her lay on her stomach and slide my dick between her ass cheeks like a hot dog in a butt cheak bun. It will take me a little longer to blow my load that way compared to regular sex, but the slower build up and anticipation creates a more intense and longer orgasm.

I don’t share many sexual details with my buddies but they are all very curious about what its like having sex with a woman with one leg. I can confidently say that I have more sex than all of my guy friends combined. I can tell that they are all jealous of the sexual relationship that we have and I am sure if given the chance, they would bang my wife. She is almost 40 and still has a rocking body. Her tall thin figure with her nice titties and toned muscular arms and single fit leg are just stunning. Between the crutching and hopping, along with almost daily workouts, she keeps herself in great shape.

But the best part about her is her attitude, willingness to try new things, and her confidence. She is a knockout and she knows it. She drives me crazy sexually and she knows it. She is the sexiest woman in her friend group and she knows it. She loves her stump and how it turns me into a sexed up animal. It doesn’t get any better than that for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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