A Hike with the Boss

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For 19 year old Randy Davidson, the intern position at the printing company had begun as something to keep him busy until college resumed in the fall, but after the owner of the firm took a liking to the lad things changed.

Maybe it was because George Beck sensed that the young man had similar feelings toward him, despite the fact that at 64 he was more than three times Randy’s age. The student’s sexuality was obvious to the older man even though while Randy was very boyish in appearance he didn’t broadcast it, and all that only made the senior more interested.

“The boy needs a mentor,” George had told himself more than once, and while Randy might have admitted that he could use some guidance, the attraction of his boss had begun the minute he went on the interview for the job.

“He looks a lot like Grandpa,” Randy had told his mother after getting the job, and the tall grey haired gentleman did resemble Randy’s late grandfather in many ways, not only physically but in many of his mannerisms.

“Well then you should get along splendidly with Mr. Beck,” Randy’s overbearing mother had assured him. “I do know how much you loved my Dad and miss him.”

“More than you’ll ever know,” Randy had said under his breath, and his mother had been right on all counts.

From the start he practically worshiped George Beck, and as they got friendlier over the summer Randy fantasied that maybe one day they would be more than friends, although it was not in the lad’s nature to make the first move in anything.

Fortunately, on one slow Friday, George Beck made, while using an admittedly bad Brando impersonation, “An offer you couldn’t refuse.”

“You mean just shut down?” Randy said.

“Sure, it’s dead here anyway,” George explained as he put his arm around the lad’s shoulders. “We could grab some food and drink, and take a hike up near Crane Mountain. That is of course, if you wouldn’t mind spending the afternoon with the boss.”

“Me? No. That would be awesome!” Randy gushed, and that was how the boy found himself hiking up the side of a hill over a path that seemed seldom used, to a destination that his employer said not only offered a spectacular view for a short climb, but was very secluded.

“Nice to get to chat with you without all the interruptions,” George had noted. “After all, in a month you’ll be gone.”

“I know,” Randy had replied, and while at the time he thought he was just getting a half day off from work and some exercise, in the back of his mind he wondered… maybe?


“You know it just occurred to me,” George Beck said as they reached the overlook nestled halfway up the side of the mountain. “I got sandwiches and wine, but it just hit me that you’re only 19. You act so mature that sometimes I forget.”

“I have wine at home with Mom sometimes, and at college…”

“Oh, I remember college alright,” George chuckled. “I just didn’t want to corrupt you. Here we are.”

“This is amazing!” Randy gushed as he looked out at the view which was every bit as wonderful as had been promised. “I hiked Sawyer Mountain with a friend and it was twice as long and the view was nothing like this.”

“I thought you would enjoy it,” George said as he spread the blanket out and put the bags of refreshments down. “The only thing you have to worry about is falling down the mountain, so stay away from the edge of this little hideaway.”

“Will do,” Randy replied as he looked over about eight feet in front of them.

“Cheers,” George said as they clinked glasses before unwrapping lunch. “Just one thing. No shop talk, okay?”


“I come up here a lot,” George said after they finished eating. “It’s a good place to just sit and think, or just enjoy the view, although he’s even better when you have a companion to share it with.”

“It is great.”

“You seem a little nervous Randy,” George wondered aloud.

“No,” Randy lied.

“That’s good because this is a time to relax. Warm day too,” George noted. “Maybe I should get a little color on the pale body. You mind if I take my shirt off?”

“No,” Randy croaked while trying not to watch Mr. Beck unbuttoning his shirt, and it was even harder not to look after he took it off and reclined onto his back.

“Much better,” George sighed and then added, “Feel free to lose yours too if you want. Heck, take everything off. There isn’t a chance in the world of anybody finding us here.”

“Uh,” Randy mumbled, hesitating a minute before pulling eryaman escort his off, and he was grateful that Mr. Beck had his eyes closed with his head pointed upwards because he wasn’t all that proud of his scrawny physique.

Mr. Beck wasn’t a bodybuilder by any means, but while his upper torso was wiry it was also surprisingly muscular, especially for a man his age. There was a faded tattoo on his nicely muscled bicep that Randy had seen part of before at work, so worn that even from just a few feet away the lad couldn’t make out what it was.

Randy had seen hair peeking up out of the collar of the shirt of his boss at work but now with his chest fully exposed the intern got to see the silver and black rug in all its glory. The hair wasn’t thick enough to hide Mr. Beck’s large plump nipples, which made his own little buttons pale in comparison.

Randy tried to resume looking at the scenery but it wasn’t easy, especially after Mr. Beck sighed and put his hands behind his neck. The lad squirmed to rearrange himself as his underwear got a bit crowded, the sight of his mentor’s bushy armpits making Randy’s heart beat even faster.

“Don’t look,” Randy told himself under his breath, realizing that if Mr. Beck could read his mind not only would he probably fire him, he very well might have been tempted to pitch him over the ledge in disgust.

Finally Randy leaned back and assumed the same position his boss was in, closing his eyes and trying to think of something – anything besides Mr. Beck. Fall asleep. Anything but looking and drooling like he had been, because that was a recipe for disaster.


“Did I wake you?” Mr. Beck asked, and the lad shook his head because he was so wired he could never have dropped off.

“No sir.”

“George,” his boss reminded him as he rested on his elbow facing the boy, his hand gently resting on the crook of Randy’s upraised elbow, a weathered finger rubbing the soft skin.

“I was just watching you breathing, enviously admiring your youth,” George admitted as he looked at the pale smooth chest that was beginning to rise and fall a bit quicker. “Hope you don’t mind.”

“No,” Randy replied, his voice cracking as he spoke.

“Such a gorgeous young fellow. You must have them line up for you back at school.”

“Me? No. Not real good around people,” Randy admitted. “Too shy.”

“No boyfriends back on campus?” George said calmly, while Randy’s eyes bugged open wide at hearing that question.


“Yes, I mean, it’s quite obvious where your preferences lie,” George explained. “Maybe not to the real world but to me? Well, let’s just say that it takes one to know one.”

“You?” Randy asked shakily.

“Yes, and I admit that if I was 40 years younger, I would be doing more than just thinking what I’m thinking,” George confessed.

“I don’t care. I mean, it doesn’t matter,” Randy babbled. “I mean, I don’t really care for guys my age.”

“I suspect it’s a good bet you’ve never been with a geezer as old as I am,” George opined, his eyebrow raising when Randy shook his head.

“I have – older even,” Randy confessed. “And I loved him.”

“In that case,” George answered as he brought his right hand over and placed it on the lad’s stomach while his left hand gently held Randy’s elbow down. “Just relax. I like to take my time. Is that okay?”

Randy nodded as his eyes followed Mr. Beck’s hand as it made soft circles on his flat stomach, the long wrinkled fingers never going higher or lower but just lightly rubbing.

“Does this feel nice?” George asked hopefully, and as Randy nodded he added, “You skin is so soft – so smooth. It’s as creamy as butter.”

Randy let out an audible gasp when the old man’s hand slid down and undid his belt, but after unbuttoning his slacks and tugging his zipper down a bit, Mr. Beck’s hand went back to his stomach, stroking all around his belly button.

“You ready to admit that you were nervous Randy?” George asked.

“I was,” Randy replied. “Was and am.”

“So am I,” George responded as the circular motion of his hand expanded a bit, reaching just below the lad’s chest and stopping at the elastic of his white briefs. “If you ever want me to stop, please just say so. Okay?”

Randy nodded, his breathing loud and rapid as the old man’s tender teasing made him squirm a bit, and that wasn’t helped when Mr. Beck’s fingers nudged under the top of the tight white briefs sincan escort and slid downward at a snail’s pace.

“Ooh,” Randy moaned as the hand continued downward at a pace that was maddening to the boy.

“Mmm…” George sighed as his fingers stroked the smooth skin, and he got a shake of Randy’s head when he asked. “Do you shave down here?”

“Oh yes. There we are,” Mr. Beck purred when he finally reached the modest tuft of curls, and as he toyed with the little patch of hairs he noted, “I know your generation isn’t too fond of hair.”

“I am,” Randy corrected as he waited in vain for the hand to go lower. “Guess I’m old fashioned.”

“That might be my only saving grace,” Mr. Beck replied as he eased his hand out from under the lad’s briefs and brought it back up the teen’s lithe body which was free not only of tattoos or scars but nearly hairless as well, a sight that clearly aroused the older man.

“You’re so smooth I thought you were one of those fellows who waxed their bodies,” George Beck sighed as he watched the tiny pink nipples swell a bit under his touch, the sensation of his bony fingers tracing a circle around the pebbly areola making his protege squirm.

“I probably sweat a lot climbing up here,” Randy apologized when his boss let his fingers creep over to toy with the modest cluster of dirty blonde hairs that sprouted out of the center of an otherwise smooth crater under his arm.

“Perfume,” George corrected as he reached up and held the lad’s wrist down while leaning downward to let the tip of his tongue dance on the silky soft hairs while inhaling a faint scent of cologne mixed with testosterone. “That aroma. Is that the Axe effect or whatever they call it?”

“Yeah,” Randy admitted.

“You use it lightly, and I confess that over the course of the summer I associate the scent with you,” George told the boy in between kisses around his collarbone and neck.

“After you go off to college I’ll have to buy a can of it and spray it around the shop to remind me of you because even at my age it arouses me.”

“You’re delicious,” the elderly man sighed as his butterfly kisses ended and the flat of his tongue took over, caressing the buttery skin of Randy’s neck before venturing down to lick the downy wisp of hair under the teen’s arm, causing Randy to shudder and writhe in response.

“Was that your body saying, “stop that you gross old dude,” or…?” George asked, but when the teen violently shook his head no before he could finish the question, the old man grinned and ducked back down.

“You’re sensitive there, aren’t you?” George asked after letting the flat of his tongue slide up and down the sweet and salty recess several times more before resuming his exploring. “Now where was I?”

“Ah yes,” George grinned before nibbling his way down the boy’s rib cage and over his flat stomach, dipping into the recessed navel just above the parted pants while nudging them downward a ways to expose the white briefs which revealed his employee was rather excited himself.

“Gorgeous,” Mr. Beck whispered as he looked at the bulge the lad’s penis made in the underwear, and Randy sucked air in through his teeth as he felt the older man’s weathered hand run up and down over his semi-erect member, and after a few trips up and down Randy’s cock was stiff and straining to be freed as it curved towards his hip. “Got even more crowded in there.”

George sat up at Randy’s hip, reaching down to ease of the briefs down over his erection, and after he exposed the arching organ the elderly man let out a barely audible gasp of surprise as he worked the pants and underwear down over nearly hairless legs while never taking his eyes of his employee’s treasures.

Casting aside the lad’s clothing, the old man sidled back up to Randy’s hip while reaching over to cup the wrinkled pouch between his employee’s slightly parted thighs, rolling the orbs in his palm before moving his touch upwards.

Curved upwards so that his cock rested back on his stomach, the base of Randy’s very erect penis was surprisingly thick before tapering down significantly to a small conical glans at the end of the circumcised organ.

“Quite the weapon you have here son,” George exclaimed after lifting the throbbing dick upright, the shape of it not unlike a spear as the long tool strained to the sky, and then the old man leaned down and let his lips slide down slowly and steadily while looking etlik escort up at the boy who watched intently.

“Mmm…” Mr. Beck sighed after his lips went back to the tip so that his tongue could flick at the tender opening and saw that his saliva coated only about half of what had to be around 8″ of pulsating flesh and blood.

Down Mr. Beck’s mouth went once more, and with each dip of his head his lips went farther down. The elderly man felt his protege’s hand reaching down to rub his shoulder and play with the hair on his chest while muttering, “Want to see you too.”

“I’m afraid I’m far less interesting that you are,” George Beck said as he rose to drop his baggy trousers and boxers. “Less impressive as well.”

“Not to me,” Randy assured his boss as he went back down to the blanket, his hand reaching over to grab the modest uncut dick that wiggled between his bowed legs, and after the teen stretched the rubbery organ Mr. Beck went back to business.

This time the older man’s oral affections were not as slow and measured as he sucked harder and faster on Randy’s prong while kneading the lad’s balls, and while his lips never were able to succeed in taking all of the lengthy tool in, the results certainly were a success.

A groan accompanied Randy’s legs churning like his was riding a bike, and then a warning that his boss didn’t need since he felt the surge that pulsed through the teen’s manhood a second before it erupted.

Mr. Beck barely blinked at the spurts of cum blasted into his mouth and throat, and his head kept bobbing up and down while whatever semen didn’t go down his throat drooled down past his lips and into the boy’s curls.

Only when Randy went completely limp did the elderly man release the spent organ, letting the flaccid dick drop harmlessly between his employee’s thighs as he looked up at the slightly dazed and flushed teen.

“Whew!” Randy wheezed when their eyes met, a hawk commenting as it soared far above them. “That was amazing.”

“The pleasure wasn’t all yours I assure you,” George noted as Randy first got up on his elbows and then sat up, and when the teen eased the old man onto his back George commented, “I would say that isn’t necessary but…”

Indeed, his small uncut brown dick that was now very erect definitely wanted attention, but Randy’s affection went first up to George’s chest, his fingers raking through the silver and black mat with his nails lightly scraping him.

“Oh, it’s very necessary to me,” Randy said as he found the elderly man’s nipples through the hair, and after lightly twisting the plump buds bent down to suck on them hard as they got plumper, going from side to side while his boss ran his hand through his scalp.

Back and forth Randy went, sucking on Mr. Beck’s nipples while the lad’s thumbs stroked the senior’s bushy armpits and massaged the deep hollows while the sounds of his suckling filled the air.

George Beck’s chest heaved as his breathing grew more rapid, his nipples now hard and throbbing. The lad finally stopped lavishing his affected there and worked down the lean ashen body until he reached the modest brown prong which stood upright, surrounding by a cloud of silver fur.

The boy’s hand deftly peeled the crinkled foreskin down to expose the pink glans, which his tongue toyed with until his mouth engulfed the cone. Randy’s lips slid down the shaft until they were buried in the pubes, and then his head bobbed up and down the stiff dick, pausing occasionally to go down to the loose hanging balls as the old man’s legs churned in place.

The end came far too soon for George Beck as his employee’s skills coaxed his orgasm despite George’s best efforts to delay it. That orgasm was exquisite however, as once it started it seemed to go on forever. Waves of pleasure kept rushing up and down his aged body and kept his cock pulsating long after he was drained.

Randy kept sucking Mr. Beck’s dick long after he stopped cumming and went limp. finally stopping when the elderly man’s organ shriveled into the bush.

“That was…” George Beck said as he searched to find the words, and after failing simply pulled the boy close to him.

The two stayed where they were for several minutes, embracing each other as the elderly man’s breathing finally went back to normal, and only then did they reluctantly get dressed and get their things together for the hike back down the mountain.

As George Beck followed his young protege down the mountain to the car he reflected on the trips he had made up and down this path over the years. George knew that soon his aging body would not permit him to make the hike as easily, and eventually not at all, but the senior knew that he would remember this particular walk and the lad he shared it with for a long time.


Thanks for reading.

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