A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 10

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I could tell the girls were nervous as I helped them out of the car. Teodoro and Bernardo had already taken what little luggage we had and were giving it to Julien’s flight crew as I walked with Sonia and Felicia towards the jet. “It’s perfectly safe my dears. That same jet got Elizabeth and Amanda safely to Tahiti after having an engine blown off, not to mention the same pilots. They will make sure we have a safe flight and they won’t object when the two of you get more comfortable once we are inside.”

From the flash Sonia had given me as she got into the car earlier, I knew she had nothing on under the loose peasant skirt she was wearing and the bounce of her breasts made it clear she was just as unrestrained on the top.

My kitten was even less concerned about what she was wearing. She had put a fluffy white bathrobe on over her regular outfit, but seeing that no one was around as she got out of the car, she left it hanging open. Her lithe body drew admiring glances from Ryan and Daniel as they loaded our luggage, and I could see her preening under the attention.

After the girls said their goodbyes, Felicia was the first to board. As she stepped into the plane, she looked back at me and winked before pulling her robe off and handing it to Daniel. If she was looking to shock him, she was disappointed. He took her dropping to her hands and knees before rubbing against his leg in stride. He merely reached down to pet her as he told her what a pretty kitten she was. She flashed him a smile before crawling down the aisle to find a seat.

Sonia and my boarding was much less entertaining as we simply got on board and went back to take our seats. I found my kitten in the first seating area, with her head in Dale’s lap as he softly stroked her hair. “I hope you don’t mind, but she seemed to want some attention, and Master told us to treat her just as we would his other pets.”

“Not at all, she does enjoy the attention,” I replied with a grin. “In general, I allow anyone to pet or caress my kitten, and she will let you know if you are going too far. Usually she just pulls away if she wants you to stop.”

“Basically let her lead, just as we would with Julien’s other pets,” he chuckled as he looked over to Sonia. “That goes the same for you darlin. None of the men will even flirt with you unless you make it clear you do not mind. I can’t say the same for my wife though, as she doesn’t have to follow the same rules.”

“Just like a man,” came a soft, feminine voice from behind me. “Sitting there chatting and you don’t even bother to get them ready for departure. Then you have to go and bad mouth me on top of it. I think he is just jealous that I get to flirt with the pretty girls before he does. By the way, I am Periwinkle, and I will be your flight attendant.”

The twinkle in her strikingly violet eyes made it clear she enjoyed teasing Dale as she reached down to stroke Felicia’s hair. “I know my husband has magic hands, and I can’t blame him for wanting to enjoy that luscious body of yours some more, but we do need to get you ready for takeoff. Peter is waiting for me to get everyone belted in before he calls for final clearance.”

I noticed her hands were more than a little friendly as she helped my kitten into her seat and fastened her seatbelt. “We won’t really have any time to play for a while, as the first leg of the trip is a quick jump to Rome to pick up Marta. As soon as she is on board, we will start the transatlantic part of our flight. We will be in the air for about nine hours before we land in Atlanta to refuel. Then we have another eight-hour flight to the island. Just let me know if you get tired, as the bench seats in the back pull out to a comfortable bed. Of course, if you just want to play, we could pull one out for that as well. Traveling on a private jet is a great way to join the mile high club,” she said as she winked at me and trailed her hand across my groin after checking my seat belt.

I chuckled and smiled up at her. “Yes, I have flown with Scarlett quite a few times, and she seems to enjoy initiating new members, not to mention making sure everyone she flies with stays current. Are you as enthusiastic as she is about your customer’s satisfaction?”

“You could always grade my performance after we land. I am sure Julien would appreciate knowing if I am taking good care of his guests. It looks as if you have two new members to initiate after we leave Rome and I would love to help if they are interested, but we do need to get through Rome before we can have any fun,” She told us. “As soon as I tell Peter, we should be underway within ten minutes. You might as well leave your seat belts on. It’s only half an hour to Rome for us, and we should be on the ground less than that before we take off again.”

I turned to watch that full rounded bottom rolling under her little flight attendant skirt as she walked away before turning back to catch the frustrated look on my kitten’s face. “What’s ordu escort wrong sweetie? Was my flirting with Periwinkle upsetting you?”

She gave me that look that all women seem to have, the one that says stop being an idiot, before shaking her head. She ran her hands around her waist, and then held them up as she gave me a worried look. “No sweetie, you did not forget your teletype device. I saw Bernardo hand it to Ryan as we were getting out of the car. Dale, when they brought our luggage in, there was a small fur pouch with it. Can you find out what they did with it?”

“Of course, it’s not like they are far away,” he replied with a smirk as he turned his head. “Ryan there was as small bag with the luggage you just put away. Did it get packed into the cargo area?”

“Yea, it’s back in the cargo area,” Ryan replied. “I can go get it once we are in the air if they need it.”

Dale looked over to Felicia, who nodded and put her hands together as if she were begging. “That would be perfect, Felicia needs it so she can join the conversation,” he called back before turning to Felicia. “You don’t need to beg darlin. If you need or want anything, just let us know and we will take care of it.”

The flight was uneventful, other than the toe-curling kiss my kitten laid on Ryan when he brought her bag to her. Felicia and Sonia both admitted they wanted me to initiate them into the mile high club, and that they wanted Periwinkle to join us.

When we landed in Rome, Dale told us he would see us a bit later as he had to fly the first part of the transatlantic leg of the flight. As soon as he walked away, my kitten smiled at me and started typing. “Am I allowed to play with Dale? I did not want to ask while he was here in case I was not, but he makes me think of a big, fluffy teddy bear and I just want to drag him to bed.”

“Of course you are allowed to play,” I told her. “You have permission to play with anyone you are comfortable with, just try not to find someone you want to replace me with.”

I again got that stop being an idiot look as she started typing again. “That is never going to happen Master. I do enjoy the attention, but I would never leave you. I love you, and plan to be in your bed every night.”

I smiled and told her I loved her as Ryan and Daniel walked by carrying more luggage and a large harp case. We waited a few more minutes before a soft voice asked, “May I sit with you. I know you are Master’s guests, but I don’t want to be alone right now, and Dale told me it would be alright if I asked you.”

“Of course my dear,” I replied as I turned to look her over. Her red puffy eyes made it clear she had just been crying. “You must be Marta, please, join us. I am Alonso and the lovely lady next to me is Sonia. The adorable little kitten curled up in the seat across from us is my pet, Felicia. Are you all right?”

She smiled and murmured as she took in my kitten’s lack of attire, “Definitely different from what I am used to.”

“I will be fine, it was just hard to say goodbye to my family,” she replied as she sat down in the seat Dale had left. “I knew this day was coming and have been trying to prepare myself for it for the last few years. Master Julien was actually very generous and let me finish my last semester after I turned eighteen before arranging for me to come to him.”

“Excuse me for asking, but I am very curious,” Sonia said. “How did you end up becoming one of Master Julien’s slaves?”

“I don’t mind talking about it, as I have had time to come to terms with my fate,” Marta replied. “It all comes back to my family. I was a pretty little fourteen-year-old girl with a talent for the harp and not much else. I had been accepted to a private music school, but my parents could not afford the tuition because we were too deeply in debt. One of Julien’s people heard me perform and they offered to pay my way through school, as well as clearing my parent’s debts and giving them a significant sum of money.”

“My parents did not want to accept, but I convinced them it was for the best. I knew what would be expected of me and do not mind because it gave my brothers and sisters a chance at a good life instead of scraping by as my parents did,” she told us. “If it wasn’t for the money that allowed me to go to school, I would have had to drop out of school and go to work to help support my family at fifteen. This way I at least get to focus on the music that I love and know that my family is taken care of.”

“I am sorry to interrupt,” Periwinkle told us as she walked up. “Master Julien was very specific about our instructions for you Marta, and you already know what the first one is. Are you ready?”

I watched as the young girl took a deep breath, nodded, and stood up. You could see the sympathetic look in Periwinkles eyes and the flush of Marta’s embarrassment as she slowly removed her clothing. Julien’s people certainly knew how to pick them, as Marta was lovely. rize escort The jet-black hair hanging down to her luscious ass complemented her dark olive complexion, and her perky B cup breasts stood high and proud on her chest before sloping down to a narrow waist that flared out to her wide hips.

“Don’t worry sweetie,” Periwinkle said to the nervous girl. “You will get used to it fairly quickly. Let’s take your seat so I can get you buckled in for takeoff.”

Once she was buckled in and Periwinkle went up to let the pilot know we were all ready, I smiled over at Marta. “You will get used to it after a while. Felicia hates to wear anything more than what she has on, and she got to the point where she preferred to be nude in a couple weeks. It will help if you stop thinking about it, so tell us about your music. You said you played the harp, how did you get started?”

It was the perfect subject to distract her from her undressed state. She started a bit hesitantly, but by the time we reached cruising altitude, Marta was completely unconcerned about being naked in front of us.

“You are free to get up and move around now if you wish,” Periwinkle told us when she came back. “I will be starting lunch once I get more comfortable, but did anyone need a drink while you wait?”

After a round of negatives, she disappeared to the rear of the plane. Sonia was the first one out of her seat, and quickly peeled off her clothing as I removed my seatbelt and went over to remove Felicia’s as well. My kitten thanked me with a quiet ‘raow’ before licking my face and crawling over to put her head on Marta’s lap, looking up at her with those deep, soulful eyes.

Marta’s look of concern was adorable as she glanced down at my kitten then up to me. “I don’t think I am allowed to do anything before I reach the island. Master Julien’s people were very clear on one thing. I have to reach the island intact.”

“I’m familiar with the rules for new pets my dear, having been a regular visitor for several years now. She is not asking you to do anything more than pet her at the moment. Simply imagine her as a cat and treat her accordingly,” I told her as I reached down and stroked my kitten’s head. “I would have to ask, but I am pretty sure Julien would not object to you playing with the girls some, as long as there is no penetration.”

Marta looked a bit surprised as she hesitantly reached down and started gently petting Felicia. “I am not sure I would be comfortable with that. I know I will be expected to have sexual relations with both men and women, but I don’t have any desire to be with another woman.”

“Oh dear, I was hoping to let you get through lunch before giving you the rest of Master’s instructions, but I guess the subject is already on the table,” Periwinkle said as she walked back up to us. She certainly looked more relaxed, having removed her flight attendant uniform and standing before us in all her natural glory.

“Not only are you allowed to receive oral pleasure, but you are expected to start learning to orally pleasure both men and women during the trip. I’m sorry sweetie, but Master was very clear on having us start your training as soon as possible because he waited until you finished school before claiming you,” Periwinkle told Marta as she knelt down to stroke Felicia’s back. “Would you like to become Marta’s first lover little kitten?”

I saw my kitten’s eyes light up as she nodded and gave Marta a pleading look, hoping the young woman would accept her. “I know you don’t feel that you are ready, but you do not want to disappoint your Master. He is a kind and loving man, but he expects his pets to obey. You really do not want to earn a punishment your first day.”

Marta sighed and I saw a tear trickle out of the corner of her eye. “I know, I was just hoping my first time would be something more loving and romantic,” she said as she stroked Felicia’s hair. “This is just not what I was expecting.”

My kitten looked back at me and I nodded in response to the pleading look in her eyes. I could understand the girl’s plight, and knew my kitten wanted to make it more intimate. “Periwinkle, would it be possible to pull out one of the beds and give the two of them a little privacy?”

“Of course, John and Ethan are asleep in the crew quarters, and I am sure I can convince Ryan and Daniel to join us up here. It will not be much in the way of privacy, but at least they won’t have anyone right there with them,” she replied as she looked over to Felicia. “It only takes a minute to set the bed up, so come back when you are ready.”

Sonia looked at me and told me she would be right back before following Periwinkle to the back of the plane. Felicia got up and kissed me, mouthing the words ‘thank you’ against my lips. As soon as she dropped back to her hands and knees, Marta flowed into my arms and gave me a gentle kiss. “You didn’t have to do that, but I appreciate it. It won’t be the loving sakarya escort and romantic first time I was hoping for, but at least I won’t feel so self-conscious.”

I smiled as I held her in my arms. “I think you are in for a surprise my dear. Felicia is the most loving person I have ever known and if you open yourself up to the experience, it will be something special.”

“I will try to,” she said as she held me tighter for a moment. “I…umm…If I have to learn to orally pleasure men as well, would you be willing to give me my first lesson later? You have been far nicer to me than I would have expected, and I would like my first time to be with someone I at least like.”

I did not get a chance to answer as my kitten head butted my leg with a quiet ‘raow’ and nodded. Reaching down to stroke her hair, I nodded to Marta. “I think my kitten just volunteered to help you with that lesson, and I would be honored. For now though, I think the two of you should go find that bed and enjoy yourselves. Follow her lead and I promise you will not be disappointed.”

Marta gave me one last soft kiss before following Felicia to the back of the plane. As I sat back down, Sonia and Periwinkle walked back up, followed by Daniel and Ryan. The men took the seats across the aisle as Periwinkle sat down across from me and Sonia planted herself in my lap.

“Umm, I can see that having that nubile eighteen year-olds body rubbing up against you has you all ready for me. Maybe after Julien breaks her in we can request her for a night. I would love to watch you pound her sexy little ass,” Sonia purred as she unbuttoned my shirt. “You are still overdressed though, and you can’t initiate me into the mile high club with your pants on.”

She stood, pulling me up and making short work of my pants before pushing me back down into the seat and hitting the recline button. Crawling back on top of me, she gave me a scorching hot kiss as she reached between our bodies and grasped my cock. I was amazed at how wet she was as she dragged the head of my cock over her steaming hot gash and sank down it with a long moan.

“I hope you won’t be to upset with me,” she whispered in my ear as she started grind on my cock. “I wanted you to give me my first orgasm on a plane, but I asked Peri to take care of you after that. I figured she knew the people on the island and might be able to help me find two lucky men to fulfill my double penetration fantasy. She didn’t even bat an eye when she said Daniel and Ryan were a wonderful team for that and asked if I would like her to ask them for me. I did not expect her to ask them as soon as I replied, but when they agreed, I started dripping with excitement. Do you mind if I go play with them and Periwinkle takes care of you?”

“You are not my pet Sonia, so you don’t need to ask my permission,” I reminded her. “I want you to enjoy your vacation. If you see someone you want to play with, I expect you to go play without worrying about upsetting me. Your only obligation to me this trip is helping Felicia pick out my pony, okay?”

“It goes a bit farther than that, as I promised my husband I would spend every night in your bed, even if I played with other people during the day,” she told me. “I just did not want you to feel abandoned because your kitten and I found other playmates as soon as the vacation started.”

“Don’t worry my dear, I know you are not abandoning me,” I told her. “I would say go enjoy yourself, but you did want your first orgasm on a plane with me. We might want to get busy on that so you can go play.”

She smiled down at me, pushing herself up into a cowgirl position and sinking my cock deeper into her pussy. My hands went to her breasts and I started to trace my fingertips around her nipples. I knew she would not need long to climax from how hot she was, and the nipple play on top of the hand she slipped down to play with her clit as she ground her pussy down on to my cock would set her off very quickly.

I was right, and only had a couple minutes to play with her luscious tits before she let out a loud moan. Her pussy convulsed around me and she laid back over me, capturing my lips in hers for another passionate kiss.

“The next two weeks are going to be amazing. I can’t wait to make love to you on a tropical beach,” Sonia told me once she broke the kiss. “Periwinkle said she was looking forward to playing with you anyway, we are just swapping partners a bit sooner than anticipated.”

I glanced over as she got off me to see that Daniel and Ryan were already naked and waiting for her. As Sonia flowed into their arms, Periwinkle crawled up in my lap. “Don’t worry, she is in good hands,” she said when she saw me watching. “Scarlett had them well trained in taking care of a woman’s body long before I got to fly with them.”

“I’m not worried, I have flown with them many times and I know they are good people. I am more excited for her, as I know how much she has been looking forward to this,” I replied as my hands started to roam over her body. “She was quite frustrated when her husband told her he would not be comfortable doing anything sexual with another man present. He is still young and may grow out of that in time.”

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