A Most Rewarding Boss Ch. 04

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“So, do you actually get turned on thinking about my feet?” Even for Karla, this was an incredibly direct approach and the first time that Jack had actually heard her talk about their foot fetish experiences and relate it to how they were feeling.

Matching her directness, Jack spoke concisely and softly, his voice registering little more than a whisper. “Yes, I do.” This was precisely the sort of one-on-one situation that didn’t always make him feel very comfortable.

Curious to know more, Karla pressed Jack further. “Do you know why?”

For Jack, this moved the conversation slightly further away from where it had begun, and he felt a little more at ease. “Well, that’s hard to say. I believe sexual fetishes are ingrained in us at an early age, so I guess mine is feet.”

Karla looked sternly at him, distinctly unimpressed with the lesson in sexual psychology. She cocked her head to the left, raised an eyebrow and told him, “I’m not sure I’m interested in that. Talk to me about, you know, what my feet do to you.” She was genuinely intrigued. Jack was the first man to have worshipped her feet, and she wanted to get an idea of what he really felt about it.

Jack wasn’t finding this ‘interview’ an enjoyable experience.

“I have a foot fetish,” he began. “I love looking at, touching, and worshipping women’s feet.” Looking up and meeting Karla’s eyes, he realised something and dared to share it with her.

“I’ve never actually said that aloud before.” Jack’s face had flushed, and this mild embarrassment led him to struggle to get his words out without stuttering slightly.

“It’s okay,” Karla said, sensing Jack’s discomfort, enjoying the feeling of control that gave her.

“What about you?” Jack blustered.

“Oh, I don’t have a foot fetish, dear,” Karla giggled. Jack confirming that her feet turned him on made her feel satisfied.

“No, I meant what about when I’m worshipping your feet,” Jack clarified. “How does that make you feel?”

Karla smiled. It made her feel damn good, but Jack didn’t need to know that. “I like it, but then I think you knew that already.” She wasn’t giving anything away, and Jack immediately felt he’d opened up more than he’d wanted to. An awkward silence was broken when the phone rang, and as Karla made to pick it up, Jack started to make his way out. She paused, held out a hand to catch his attention and asked one final question, making sure she had understood entirely what Jack had said earlier.

“You get…turned on…by my feet?”

Jack nodded.

“You fucking weirdo,” she said, smiling wickedly, dismissively waving him away, and taking what would turn out to be her final call of the day.

Once Jack had left her office and closed the door behind him, he let out a huge sigh. He felt both relieved and nervous. He’d told her a lot, but there was an awful lot that she still didn’t know.

She didn’t realise that just the smell of her feet drove him wild, that he’d fantasised about her for years, and, of course, that he wasn’t planning on sticking around and working with her forever. He didn’t care if she thought he was a weirdo.


A few days passed before they found themselves in the office, alone after Eryaman Escort everybody else had left.

“I don’t know if this is the right time for this, but I wanted to talk to you about…” Jack paused, not sure if he should end with ‘us’ or ‘our relationship’ or something vaguer, before settling, on, “…what we touched on the other day.”

“I thought we’d sorted all that,” Karla quickly replied, not really wanting to get into anything particularly taxing right now.

From the tone of her voice and the way she was curling and uncurling strands of hair as she sat, Jack thought that the timing of the conversation was not great, but he desperately wanted to move things forward.

“This might sound stupid, but I want to know where this is going.” Karla tried to jump in, but Jack held out his hand to stop her. “Please, let me just finish.”

Karla, too tired to argue, slumped back in her chair, sighing audibly as Jack sat on the side of her desk, turning his head towards her.

“Okay. Look, I know you like having me at your feet. God knows I love it too.” Jack blushed, and he looked down to regather himself before continuing. “Am I just a toy to you or do you have some plan in place? What do you want from me?”

There had been no plan in Karla’s mind, but one was beginning to form now. She stood up, put her hand on Jack’s thigh and whispered in his ear, “You want more? I can show you more. My place. 8 o’clock.”

Jack nodded. She’d never got close enough to him before that he had felt her warm breath on him and smelt her perfume.

“For a minute there, I thought you were going to declare undying love or something,” Karla giggled.

Jack smiled, his smile a mischievous one. “I wouldn’t know anything about that,” he joked before turning and making his way out. “See you later.”

Karla had been thinking. And as she had been thinking about her past, what she had in the present, and her future, she had realised that there was more to her feelings for Jack than just a bit of fun that she could forget about. He hadn’t known it, but he’d timed things perfectly. He made her feel special, and she wanted him. The thought that kept coming back to her was that she wanted more.


Karla showered, dried herself and pulled on a dressing gown and a pair of fluffy slippers. She planned to get straight down to business when Jack arrived, and it had been a long enough day already. He was not far away from her house when his mobile phone rang. Convinced it was Karla ringing having changed her mind, he picked up.

She spoke softly, “When you get here, come straight in, lock the door behind you, and I’ll be waiting for you upstairs.” Before he had a chance to say anything, Karla had hung up. She placed the phone on the floor, face down, and slid it under her bed, closed her eyes and wondered exactly how the evening would pan out. Her sizeable double bed dominated the room, with its wooden headboard and a selection of pink and white pillows on top. Her clothes filled the wardrobe in one corner while in another, a full-length mirror stood.

Jack soon arrived and did as he had been instructed. Karla heard him lock the door. Sincan Escort Taking off his shoes, he made his way upstairs and through the only door that was open into her bedroom.

She sat on the bed and as he surveyed the room, motioned with her head for him to come and join her.

“See, Jack, I’ve been thinking. You’ve done lots of sucking, now I believe that it’s my turn.” As she spoke, she carefully ran her foot up his leg and pressed against his cock. She knew that would get him going and she was right. “Come on, get these off,” she demanded, tugging at Jack’s trousers. She gave him a wicked smile. He smiled uneasily back.

Jack sat back down, and Karla dropped to her knees, placing the palms of her hands on Jack’s legs as she slowly took his cock into her mouth. He moaned approval as she gently got used to the feeling and the taste.

He was by no means a big boy, but Karla didn’t care. This was taking her back to the time when she was a young woman partying hard and fucking even harder. She’d sucked dick in her time, a lot of it; and from the way she’d made men come in the past, she knew she was pretty good at it too. Closing her eyes, she flicked her hair away from her face and started delving into her sexual memory bank and digging out everything she could remember. She was determined to bring him off.

Meanwhile, Jack loved her going down on him. The gentle touch of her soft hands and long fingernails on his balls and his dick, and the sensation of warmth and moisture from her mouth were making him hot. As he took off his shirt and jumper, Karla moaned and ran her fingers down his belly.

By now, she was beginning to find herself impressed with his stamina. Most men would have been at least shaking a little by now, but Jack was in total control of himself. Suitably emboldened, he gently stroked the back of her head as she sucked. But there was no way he was going to let himself come.

Jack had tried not to show it, but he’d been nervous about this. He had settled down a little once things had gotten steamy and now, with Karla sucking and rubbing his dick fervently, he was in a happy place. So was Karla, but she needed a break.

Standing up and breathing deeply, she took hold of a post at the corner of her bed with one hand and Jack’s dick with her other.

“I’m impressed,” she gasped. “Most men would have come by now.” She leaned over him, dropping her gown, and bouncing her boobs onto his face. She gazed over his shoulder as she frantically rubbed his cock, but even her breasts, literally her most significant assets, seemed to not affect Jack, who fondled them disinterestedly as if he was being forced to complete a task he really didn’t want to.

Frustrated, Karla flopped on the bed and lay on her back. “Jesus Christ! You must be the only man on the planet who’d rather suck my toes than my tits,” she said. She admired him for it. He was different. It drove her wild. But she pretended to be angry about it.

“How many men have you asked?” Jack said, seeing straight through her act. Taking hold of her feet, he placed himself so he could rub his cock against one while he sucked the other.

Karla Etlik Escort groaned loudly. This was more like it. “Not important. You carry on.” As Jack sucked her toes, he made sure he looked at her as she lay on the bed. He was sucking her toes in the way he’d wanted her to suck his dick, and establishing as much eye contact as he could, searching for a connection that was more than just physical.

It wasn’t there. Karla had closed her eyes again, and she began to smile as Jack gently started playing with her pussy with his fingers. He was working combinations with his tongue and hands that Karla loved, and she squealed with excitement as he toyed with her. It had been years since she’d experienced any sort of intimacy, but she had a sense of trust with Jack that she’d not felt before. She knew he would look after her. She knew he was making her happy and she couldn’t get enough of it.

She had barely noticed that he’d stopped playing with her feet and she almost jumped as he brushed his tongue along her pussy. Jack felt her body tense and looked up, his eyes meeting hers.

“It’s okay,” she whispered. It was more than okay. Karla lay back again and gripped the mattress with both hands as Jack sent shock waves of pleasure through her body, licking, and sucking her pussy. The bed creaked as she writhed around.

Every move Jack was making seemed to be hitting the spot, and when he teased her clitoris with the tip of his tongue, she was taken to a place she’d never been before. She grabbed the back of his head and pushed him against her, demanding more and more attention.

Jack felt her warm hands on the back of his head and closed his mouth around her clitoris and after a short pause put his tongue to good work again. He could feel her body shaking and quivering as he continued. She gripped his head harder and harder.

He could barely breathe, but he knew the release would come soon enough and so did Karla. She felt as if she was going to explode with pleasure and when he finally tipped her over the edge, her moans turned into a series of screams. Her toes curled, her body arched upwards, and she finally let go of Jack’s head before she came crashing back down. Both took a while to get their breath back; Karla because of the pleasure and Jack because of the way she’d limited his movement.

“Fuck me,” Karla eventually breathed out, her cheeks and upper body bright red with exhaustion.

“Not tonight,” smiled Jack. “Let’s not get too crazy.”

She wasn’t after sex, but she was too tired to argue. In fact, she was utterly exhausted. Right now, she didn’t want to move another muscle.

“Can you get me my gown?”

Jack picked her gown up off the floor and helped her put it on as she sat up. She was in another world and feeling unable to string a sentence together, she stroked Jack’s cheek and laughed as he smiled with satisfaction at her. A warm feeling of contentedness washed over Karla’s entire body as Jack started getting dressed. She hadn’t ever felt like this before. Pulling the covers over her, she lay in her bed, finally recovering enough composure to tell Jack to take the spare key from the rack, lock the door and post it through the letterbox as he left.

“Sure,” he said. “See you tomorrow. And thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Karla replied, wondering whether it should have been her thanking him, first for pushing to take things further and then giving her the time of her life. No, this was all right, she thought, and soon – well before Jack made it home – she was fast asleep.

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