A Mountain

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If you read my last story then you know about the college chick that I introduced to giving head. Today I met her for our 2nd blowjob encounter together, not knowing that she has been practicing and seems to have fallen in love with sucking dick.

We agreed to meet behind the mountain near the university that has a large A near the top out of large rocks, to represent the mascot. Many people waste time hiking this mountain or jogging around it. I, on the other hand, use the secluded area to shoot loads of cum inside the willing mouth, pussy, or ass of any chick looking for a protein shot. As I pulled up to the landing area where a covered picnic area is located, I was saddened to see 3 other cars already there. But as I parked I noticed that 1 of those cars was my newfound cocksucker and 1 of the other cars was leaving! She and I spoke for a minute, but she is very shy and awkward. I guess knowing that you are about to suck dick and don’t even know the name of the guy attached to the dick, makes you a little shy. Like last time, I told her that I can keep a watch out for the occupants of the other car that remained while they were on their hike.

I opened the backseat door and let her in, like the gentleman I am! If i’m going to use some girls mouth and spurt my cum into her mouth, Casibom I can at least hold the door open for her! I slide in next to her and quickly drop my pants. I’ve gotten a new truck since the last time I saw her and we have plenty of room for this hobby of mine. She wastes no time and bends right over, taking me balls deep. Ah, this is the best moment. Cumming is great, but the initial feeling of my hard and dry cock exploring the inside of a wet mouth is heavenly. As she bobs her head and mouth fucks my dick, I reach inside her little dress and caress her ass. My finger makes it’s way to her little rosebud and starts fingering the tightest ass i’ve ever felt. She doesn’t flinch. My dick is her priority and it shows. I work her asshole and explore her ass cheeks until I feel my balls tighten. No way do I want this moment to end so soon, so I pull her up and give her a kiss to break my impending orgasm. When I ask to see her boobs, she pulls her shirt off and thrusts them into my face! Holy shit…young, beautiful, luscious boobs and I start sucking them with everything I got when I hear her start to moan!! She’s fucking moaning! The shy girl that doesn’t say much and won’t look at me, is moaning while I suck her tits. With 1 hand on my dick and another on my balls, I know i’m still close. Casibom Giriş

When I cum, I want it in her mouth. What she does with it is up to her, but I want to cum in her mouth. So I push her head back down and she gets to work as my hand finds her shit hole again. A minute later i’m blasting rope after rope of cum into her mouth. I start to relax after experiencing this heart pounding orgasm and my hand slips out of her dress…when I notice my softening dick is still in her mouth and she’s still sucking. Her hand is grabbing my balls and she asks me “do you want me to stop?” Lol, fuck no I don’t! Yea, it’s sensitive and it hurts a bit. But I can fight through that, as I coach myself to remain strong. Within seconds my dick is growing again and she never misses a beat. This girl sucks…and sucks…and slurps. This is not the same girl from last time. She has gained some experience, gotten some confidence, and she’s now showing off! Her enthusiasm is crazy and she clearly is enjoying this. We find a rhythm, her sucking and stroking while I finger her asshole. I’m hard as a rock but I know I won’t cum anytime soon. Yes it feels great, but my 2nd orgasm will take longer than the 1st.

I get the feeling after about 10 minutes that she wants more. I guide her up into a Casibom Yeni Giriş sitting position and gently lay her on her back and remove her dress and panties. She wants this and i’m going to give it to her. I look around 1 last time because once I penetrate this 22 year young pussy, nothing is pulling me out. I position myself above her and place her legs on my shoulders and I go for it. She immediately begins to bite her lip and her eyes roll into the back of her head. My dick isn’t huge, 7″ but it’s thick. I get alot of complements on my beautiful cock. It fills her pussy up and I think I might break her. She is so fucking tight. 2 things are clear: 1) She loves dick 2) She hasn’t had dick in awhile. I thrust and I buck. I’m working up a sweat and her moans are getting louder and louder. Shy girl no more, she can’t control it. Her pussy is mine for now and i’m using it for my pleasure. I can’t believe how tight it is. Then it happens, my balls tighten and I cum again. Not as much as the blowjob, but she squeezes every last drop of love juice from my dick.

As we dress I thank her and told her how great she was. Before I can pull my pants up, she opens the door and walks away. I move to the drivers seat and admire this girl as she drives away. She loves dick as much as I love her mouth and pussy. Naturally, I get a text a few minutes later from her, she wants to know when we can meet again. I’m not one to hold onto the same cocksucker too long, I don’t want them catching feelings. But I will meet her again. That’s for sure!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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