A Naughty Weekend

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We’ve been talking for months. We met online but were thousands of miles away from each other, not to mention being wrapped up in our daily responsibilities. In a world of singles oriented websites where relationships come and go with depressing regularity, somehow we’ve remained together. Our intimate, late night phone conversations are intermittent but e-mails are not…we’ve chatted almost daily, about anything and everything, from the mundane of everyday life to the intensely erotic. Although we’re both married to others, and have families, we’ve found comfort in the ability to tell someone our deepest dreams and desires without worry of ridicule or condemnation. We’ve danced around the subject of actually meeting in person for so long, eventually this was an itch that just had to be scratched. We’ve agreed to meet for a naughty weekend.

I’ve told my husband that I’ll be away for a spa weekend with the girls. I’m not sure what excuse you’ve made to your wife but you must have been convincing because here we are, about to come face to face for the first time. As I stand at the airport terminal waiting for you to arrive to pick me up, I keep reminding myself to keep calm, but I’m nervous as hell. We’ve acted out our meeting many times but now that it’s actually happening, how will it go? I scan the crowd, looking for the face I’ve only seen in pictures until today…and then there you are, with that smile I’ve been dreaming of for so long.

We’re both suddenly feeling a little shy and we try to put each other at ease by making small talk as we drive to the place you’ve arranged for us to spend the weekend. It’s a friend’s place, you explain, a very discreet friend. Pulling up out front of a tiny house, you grab my bag from the trunk of your car and lead me up the walk and into our little hideaway. Giving me a quick tour of the little studio apartment, you point out the washroom, in case I want to freshen up after my trip.

“Good idea.” I smile “I’ll be out in a bit.”

Quickly I take a shower and put on the little number I bought special, just for you and then, taking a deep breath to calm my nerves, I take one last look in the mirror and move to join you in the living room/bedroom. As I exit the powder room, I can see that you’ve started a fire in the fireplace. Your back is to me as I come out and I take a moment to admire the sight of you, so tall and handsome. Turning at the sound of my approach, I can tell by the look in your eyes that I’ve achieved the desired effect with my little lace ensemble. The naked desire on your face suddenly makes everything alright and I don’t want to wait another minute to satisfy those urges that have brought me so far just to be with you.

I smile and walk seductively toward you. Reaching out a hand and putting it on your chest, with gentle pressure I push you toward the bed. Looking in my eyes, you can’t tear your gaze away. You feel the bed hit the back of your legs and you sit down. As you watch with an appreciative smile, I teasingly unzip my sexy little black dress and slowly let it fall to the floor, leaving me standing before you in the lacy pink lingerie you had admired in the pics I had sent you…your sharp intake Escort Bayan of breath lets me know you like what you see. Then it’s your turn. I pull your jacket off, dropping it on the floor, and then pull your t-shirt up over your head. Pushing you horizontal, I straddle your legs, slipping my bra straps down first one shoulder, then the other. One finger searches under the lacy material to find my nipples, while with my other hand I reach around to undo the clasp. No longer imprisoned in their lacy cages, my breasts burst free, my large pink nipples erect and my skin covered in goose bumps. Leaning forward, my heavy breasts hang over your face and I oh so slowly move them lower as you raise your head toward them, your mouth watering with the need to take my nipples between your teeth, trapping them there, while your tongue rubs the tip…but I move them just out of your reach.

“Uh-uh…all in good time.” I whisper, making you lay back, your cock straining at the material of your jeans, waiting impatiently to be set free.

My gorgeous breasts begin their downward journey once again…inch by inch they come closer to your waiting mouth. They fill your vision and you can hardly wait but you don’t dare move in case I deny you again. Finally, a nipple is brushing your top lip. I guide it in and you run your tongue over it, making me moan softly. Spurred on, you suck on it, your teeth gripping it lightly but firmly, your tongue flicking back and forth across the hard nub. My moans become even louder, then suddenly it’s gone from your mouth. Before you can groan your frustration, my other nipple replaces it and you eagerly work on this one. I take your hand and place it on my now wet nipple and you use your fingers to send tiny shivers of pleasure coursing across my skin.

Where I am sitting on your stomach, you feel a wetness spreading out from behind the lacy panties I am wearing as I am rub myself against you. After a few moments I give you a knowing smile and slowly get up off you to stand between your legs as you sit up on your elbows to watch me. I take a moment to run my hand down the front of your jeans, then pull off your socks and shoes, slowly unzipping your pants and proceeding to drag them and your shorts down and off to be thrown across the room. As I hover over you, my long hair tickles your thighs and stomach as you feel me gently tracing my nails over your bare skin. You want to watch me so you move my hair aside and, knowing what you want, I flick it up and over my shoulder so you can see everything.

My fingers find your erection and I gently caress the tip, a dark red now, pulsing with hardness, waiting for the touch of my wet mouth. One hand leaves your cock and you watch me slip it inside my wet panties, then you can see nothing as I take your cock into my hot, wet mouth. I take it all in slowly, slowly, until you feel my lips brush the hair at the base. While my whole mouth cocoons you, my tongue is flicking up and down your shaft. I move back up, my tongue finding the tip as it slides into the slit, quickly but firmly. You think you are going to cum but hold on because you don’t want this to end. My hand cupping your balls, Escort I take my mouth away from your cock and suck them in, one at a time, my tongue tracking around and around them, then it’s back to your cock, teasing you to see how much more you can take. You clench your fists, digging your nails into your palms, holding on, fighting the urge to shoot your load into my willing mouth. My nipples are rubbing your thighs, still damp from your mouth and the hand still inside my panties is rubbing my clit furiously. Finally, you can take no more and you push me away, gasping for breath, fingers cramping. I look up at you and smile, knowing just how close I took you.

Close to insane with lust, you get up off the bed quickly, grabbing me and throwing me down on the bed. I giggle, not knowing what you are going to do but happy to let you take control. You grab hold of the flimsy, wet material of my panties and rip them off me, making me gasp at the sound of tearing lace, my breath coming quicker now. Burying your face in my hot, wet mound, your tongue heads straight to my erect clit, lips sucking on it. You bite down gently and I cry out, your tongue rubbing and thrusting. One hand finds a nipple again and you pinch it, making me gasp in pleasure. With your other hand, you rub my opening, teasing me now as I teased you before. I try to thrust up at you, to make your fingers plunge deep into me, but you don’t let me, pushing my hips back down flat on the bed. You keep rubbing your finger around the opening of my pussy without entering me, making me moan in frustration. Just when I get to the point where I think you’ll never do it, you thrust your fingers in deep.

“Oh God!” I yell, the breath exploding from me as you pump your fingers in and out of my pussy. Your tongue is still flicking over my clit and I push your face harder onto me as my hips thrust forward to make your fingers go even deeper. You put another finger in and twist them around as you go in and out, driving me wild. Suddenly you feel the rush of hot juices pour out over your hand as my climax slams into me. I scream out, my fingers entwined in your hair, pushing your tongue down harder on my clit. My whole body shudders with the power of my orgasm, but finally I let go of your hair and pull your face up to meet mine.

When our eyes are locked together again, I fiercely kiss you, smelling and tasting myself on you as our tongues wrestle and our lips mash together. I reach down and grab your cock, which is now buzzing with anticipation. I move my hand up and down your shaft as I suck my juices off your tongue. Releasing you and pushing you over on your back, I straddle your thighs, my dripping pussy hovering tantalizingly close to your erect cock until you feel my pussy lips kiss the tip of your cock, my wetness exciting you even more. There it stays, with me holding myself over you on quivering legs.

“I want your hands on my tits.” I moan, and you happily comply. As you fiddle and tweak my nipples, I gently and slowly lower myself onto your cock. It takes ages and you feel every inch being welcomed into my tight, wet pussy until I have taken all of you. We sigh together at the bliss of penetration Bayan Escort as I ease you back out of me. Every second is pure pleasure, as if time is standing still. I raise and lower myself onto you as you massage my now heaving breasts, time speeding up again as I increase my rhythm , writhing up and down on your sensitive cock.

You have to stop yourself once more, wanting to make me cum again before you do. We are locked together, sweat dripping down our chests, cries mingling together as I rock and rock and rock on your thick length. Then we both feel my pussy tightening on you, my juices flowing down it and out onto your balls as I explode once again…and then I’m gone as I lift myself off you.

“Don’t you dare cum yet.” I growl, rolling over onto my front. I get up on all fours, my ass raised up in the air. “Fuck me, and fuck me hard.” I moan at you as you stand up, your legs feeling like jelly. You pull me down the bed toward you, taking a handful of my hair. Turning my head toward you, you almost viciously kiss me, stealing my breath.

“Tell me you want it.” You say into my mouth.

“I want it.”

“What do you want?” You ask.

“Your cock! I want your cock!” I sob as you plunge into my waiting pussy.

You fuck me hard, letting go of my hair and grabbing my hips and using them to ram my pussy hard onto your cock. My huge tits are swaying back and forth and you can’t resist them. You lean over me and grab them, tweaking my nipples, forcing me harder and harder onto you. I can hardly stand it…the sensation of my wet, juicy pussy rubbing up and down on your rock hard cock is starting to make me almost lightheaded.

You get a finger wet with my juices and use it to circle my asshole. You tease it, round and round, pressing against it but not quite entering it until I am squirming with pleasure, flushed and panting. You ease your finger into my ass, just a fingertip length and twist it around. You know me so well. You know I like it when you do that. I love it, and you can feel me contracting around your finger. You push a little more inside me, all the while thrusting your cock in and out of my pussy until I feel it again…wave upon wave of pleasure as my muscles clench around your shaft, gripping it, coaxing the cum out of you. You can’t hold back any more and with a cry you climax, your hot cum squirting deep inside my pulsating pussy. You cum for what feels like forever and we are both shaking all over with waves of ecstasy. Eventually you pull out of me and I whimper at the loss. We collapse together, panting, shaking and sweaty. I hold your head pillowed on my chest and you wrap your arms around me, holding me tight. Soon we both drift off to sleep wrapped around each other.

Some time later we wake, chilled in the night air and scramble under the covers. You roll over onto your back and drag me over to enfold me under your big arm, my head resting on your shoulder. Kissing the top of my head you ask softly “You OK?”

Sighing quietly, letting my arm steal over your middle to grasp you tighter to me, I feel a little thrill at the sound of your voice, that oh so sexy accent in person this time, not over the phone.

“Mmmm, I’m better than Ok baby.” I murmur back at you as I mentally do the math, figuring out how many hours we have left before you have to put me back on a plane for home. Somehow, I see a lot of air miles and a lot of these countdowns in our future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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