A New Cuckold

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My first ‘experience’ with a hotwife situation occurred with my now ex-wife. We had been married for 5 or 6 years and were getting into the marriage sexual doldrums. We had talked off and on about having some extracurricular fun to spice things up in our sex lives and as we talked it kind of slipped out that I had a few (or more) drunken episodes with women that l had met while traveling on business.

We had a rough few days after that and spoke very little – especially about my straying behavior. Unknown to me at the time she had confided in her best friend Michelle – and that is pretty much where this story starts. Michelle told my wife that she knew a man of large proportions and would be happy to fix it so my wife Ann could sample his large cock. After the fact Ann told me that she was reluctant at first…but was mildly interested when Michelle indicated that Skip was very well hung and had a ferocious sexual appetite. I had above average equipment…but nothing I packed could compare with Skips equipment.

I had been scheduled to consult on a job in Port Charlotte Fl which was about 100 miles from our home in Tampa and off I went. I arrived at Port Charlotte and checked into my hotel. The next day was filled with business consultations and then a business lunch and then my client scheduled another meeting the next day. I went back to the hotel where l was staying and lounged around the pool…scoping out the young women in skimpy bathing suits…surreptitiously adjusting my cock in my swim trunks thinking about their tight bodies and what l would do to them in bed – if given half the chance…but with trying to be a good husband all l could really do is ogle them and sip my cocktail. My cell rang and I was informed that my consultation the next day had to be postponed and that it would be a couple of days until it could be rescheduled.

Luckily l had only taken a couple of sips from my cocktail – so l left it on the table – went up to my room to pack and proceeded to check out, load my car and head home. During my journey an accident on one of the many bridges in this part of the state stalled my progress and I was stuck for a few hours on some bridge. The sexual anticipation had tightened my crotch as my cock had become semi engorged thinking of the time I would spend later sampling my wife’s wares and fucking her like only l thought l could fuck her. Eventually the jam cleared and l practically raced home to enjoy some private time with my wife.

Approaching my home l noticed a car in the driveway that l did not recognize – but l just figured that Ann had a friend over for a nights diversion while l was away – and what a diversion it turned out to be. I parked and figured l would get my luggage later or tomorrow. Letting myself into the house l was greeted by a darkened living room and kitchen. I could vaguely hear the television upstairs and wondered why Ann would be in bed at such an early hour. I heard what I thought was a masculine voice and l had no idea that my life was on the verge of changing forever.

Some keen sense was working within me so l stealthily approached the stairs and prepared to make my way up – as music softly made its way diyarbakır escort to my ears. Stopping l quickly took off my shoes and jacket and crept up the stairs towards our bedroom. I could plainly distinguish Ann’s voice and then l could hear a masculine voice reply to her questions. A knot started forming in my stomach as all manner of scenario’s flashed through my mind in a microsecond. I reached the top landing and the bedroom door was closed…but the adjoining bathroom door was slightly ajar. Slowly l crept into the bathroom and saw that the bathroom door into our bedroom was halfway open – so l crept in and my life changed radically at that moment.

Ann was on her back with her knees pulled up to her shoulders her hand pulling her thighs down and even farther apart as her lover pumped a very large cock in and out of her wet pussy. His hands were behind her knees and his large tool was plowing into her in an urgent fashion – not really out of control – but with determination. This image was imprinted, no etched into my memory for all time. His large cock was sliding into her hot slit and as he pulled out l could see her inner lips grip his cock making it appear that he was turning her pussy inside out. Her arms were slung haphazardly on the bed above her head and her eyes were rolling up into her sockets from the sheer lasciviousness of their actions. I could tell she was on the verge of cumming – probably again – and at that very moment she orgasmed. Her lover merely pounded her harder as she visibly shook and curled her toes and latched onto the sheets with both hands. He slowed his pumping motions and nursed her through her orgasm as her breath became ragged and sweat poured off her body.

I had never seen Ann in this state before and l had literally had sex with her thousands of times in all of our years together. Her sweat dampened hair clung to her face and her body was flushed red as the blood coursed through her veins as she was getting fucked by a porn star sized cock. Her breath was ragged through her mouth as she fought to get oxygen into her lungs and her sweat plastered her hair to her face and shoulders. Her lovers large member was relentless as he slid in and out of her hot gash. l absentmindedly admired his physique as he plowed his engorged dick in and out of my wife. He had a swimmers build and his hair was also wet with sweat as his exertions brought my darling wife to another big time orgasm. He merely fucked her even harder causing her to cry out to him.

“FUCK ME….fuck me with that big cock…oh God I love it….harder!!!” She managed to stammer out somehow as he plowed full force into her willing receptacle. He stopped for a minute and her eyes went wide with surprise. He merely rolled her over and pulled her hips up – grabbed his fuckstick and slid it into her for some good old doggy style screwing. She laid her head on the bed as he grabbed her hips and started slamming into her with a wet smack smack smack sound. I was surprised her moaning was not waking up the whole neighborhood as his large equipment was making her snatch squelch everytime he roughly inserted it into her quivering femaleness. Ann continued to moan edirne escort loud enough to wake the dead as his assault on her pussy was relentless. I could not pry my eyes away from the lewd scene before me and l realized l had a hard on that resembled those l used to get in high school. In those days no amount of jacking off could quell my lust for sex.

As he continued working his thick meat into my her pussy doggy style – he slid his thumb into her ass. That set her off on another series of orgasms that wracked her body and made her scream into the mattress and yet he was unrelenting, savagely fucking my wife’s once tight pussy.

My erection was painful. I couldn’t believe that watching my wife fuck was having this effect on me. I had always thought that if this ever happened l would be a raving madman. Charging in and putting a beating on her lover as he begged me to spare him. Here I was however; being cuckolded by a man with a very large cock putting it to my wife like an Olympic champion. As all of this was running through my mind my wife had another powerful orgasm that, quite simply, was so powerful she was unable to make any sound. Her body shook and almost convulsed she came so hard. I surely thought this would be the end of their session – but he merely rolled her over and pushed her knees up to her shoulders. He slid his hand under one of the pillows and came up with some lube – squirted a generous amount onto his hand and pushed her knees up and applied it to her ass.

This my wife would NEVER go for – l had tried for years to get anal sex from her and was always presented with a stern NO. He finished lubing her ass and applied a coat to his horse cock. Stroking up and down the crevasse of her ass I was prepared for her to halt the action. He merely slowly started working his equipment into her ass very slowly.

“Oh god….l love it when you fuck my tight ass.” my wife managed to gasp out between her ragged breaths.

I was aghast! Anal sex was the absolute no no in our marriage. I had tried and tried dozens of times to get her to let me get into her booty – but the answer was ALWAYS a firm no! Her lover merely took his time and slid his thick meat into her bottom without much fanfare at all but it sent her off the charts. The instant his probing penis was embedded into her sweet ass set off another round of orgasms for her. I lost count of the number of times she came.

“l love the way you fuck my ass – please pound it hard.” she begged.

l could not believe my ears! My staid wife – begging her huge cocked lover to fuck her ass hard, all l could do was shake my head. I felt as if my life was falling apart right in front of my eyes. I felt tears well up and my stomach churned.

Her lover started making sounds that promised a huge orgasm was on the way. He gave a couple of grunts and then thrust hard into her pussy and shot what must have been a record amount of cum into her. He came so hard I was surprised he didn’t fly around the room backwards like a deflating balloon. He shuddered and shook and thrust hard into my wife’s hot ass ejaculating what must have been a record amount of cum into her bottom. He laid elazığ escort on top of her very still for a few moments then rolled off to the side. She immediately slid down and grabbed his large joint, gave it a couple of strokes and then started sucking it like a two dollar whore. I was aghast! She slobbered and sucked and jacked his cock all the while going ‘Mmmm’. I was lucky if she sucked my cock once a quarter – l practically had to beg her to perform her oral talents on me – and here she was sucking his cockhead – which was all she could fit in her mouth – like it was an all day sucker – after it had been in her asshole.

In no time she had his cock rock hard again – she had always been an accomplished cocksucker – she just rarely did it for me. My mind wondered a moment as l thought about how many times had this happened…was this the first time. I instantly dismissed that – as they fucked too well together – they had obviously been seeing each other more than a few times – but for how long? Ann arose from the bed and started heading – rather unsteadily – towards the bathroom. I felt like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car. I quickly stepped out into the hallway and stepped into the linen closet. The silence was deafening. l anxiously waited for her to jerk the door open and ask me if l ‘liked what l saw’. I heard the toilet flush and her receding footfalls as she made her way back to the bed.

I could hear them speaking but it was unintelligible conversation to me…then I heard a jingling sound…his belt perhaps? Coins in his pocket? I stayed put and then heard the bedroom door open and heard some muffled conversation and some kissing. Retreating footsteps, a slamming door and l knew he was gone.

Now what? Would I be trapped in here until she fell asleep? Or perhaps she would shower? Could I wait it out? My throbbing erection was starting to recede a bit when suddenly the closet door opened wide and Ann was staring me in the eyes.

‘Like what you saw?’ she inquired.

‘Umm….I uh…’ was all l could stammer out.

She turned and walked into the bedroom. l stood there for a moment like a rat in a trap and unsure about how to proceed.

‘Matt – come in here…please.’ she said.

l slowly walked into the bedroom and saw her casually laying on the rumbled bed where I had watch their epic fuckfest. I walked slowly over to the edge of the bed.

‘Strip’ – she practically commanded me.

l slowly undressed and my very hard cock sprang into view. She took a good look at me, hard cock and all.

‘Laydown for me’ she asked.

l slowly laid on the sweaty sheets. She slowly rubbed my forehead – got on her hands and knees and threw a leg over my head. l had a close up view of her ravaged snatch. It was slightly agape and had cum inside of it…some of the cum was forming on the labia and was making a potential droplet. She sat down with her labial lips on my lips – as l was fighting the urge to retch she said, ‘clean it! Clean my lovers cum out of my just fucked pussy!’

I paused for a moment…

‘Do it you fucking wimp…yea that’s what you are…a fucking cuck wimp…clean my nasty cunt!’

As soon as my tongue touched her labia my cock erupted with the largest load and the biggest orgasm l had ever had.

‘l fucking knew it’ she said, ‘You’re a cum eating cuck wimp – now stick that tongue in there and get all the cum my lovers huge cock shot into me!’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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