A New Day # 2

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I shake my head to clear my thoughts. “Must be another dream!” I say before pinching myself hard. I yelp in pain rubbing my leg. “Hmm okay not a dream” I mumble. Looking at my cock again I can’t help but shudder at the glistening wetness that still coats it. “What the fuck” I sigh yet again before standing up and grabbing the pair of underwear I kicked off in the night.

Still thinking of Sara’s mouth on my cock I make my way towards the bathroom. My cock throbs with uncontrollable lust as I picture Sara’s pussy hovering in front of my face. I stop just outside the bathroom door as I realize something. Sara’s pussy looked exactly like it did in my dream! Shaking my head in disbelief I open the bathroom door and am hit with a wall of steam. Taking a step in I stop and stand there with my mouth wide open as I see a large fleshy ass with a hint of pussy lips peaking out under amazingly thick cheeks.

“Get a good look creep?” I finch and look up seeing Kara looking back at me over her shoulder. She smirks and looks down at my cock. “Hmm did seeing my ass make your little cock all stiff?” She straightens up and turns towards me and I gasp. My eyes lock onto the two words on display above her mound, CUM SLUT. The step she takes towards me draws my eyes to her large E cups and dangling hoops emphasizing her nipples. “Like what you see perv?” She smirks running her hand up her body before lightly tugging a hoop. My cock jumps and she licks her lips. “I’ll take that as a yes.” She takes a step towards me and I step back bumping the door closed. “Hmm where are you going perv?” She steps closer to me her hard nipple lightly touching my chest. I shiver from the sensation of her hard nubs and the warm silver dangling below them. “Trying to sneak away to tug your little cock while you think of me?” She shivers and bites her lip. “Hmm such a naughty little perv.” She leans in resting her large mounds firmly on my chest. “Since it’s your birthday how about I help you out.”

I gulp and shudder. “Uh um what?” I stammer.

Kara smirks and shakes her head. “Oh wow I didn’t think you were that dense.” She looks me in the eye. “I’m going to help you out with you little problem birthday boy. Now stand there and let your big sis suck your little cock.” I shiver at the hungry look in her eyes and nod. She smiles and slowly kneels Infront gaziantep rus escort of me. The feel of her large breasts running down my body makes my heart pound. As her large mounds run over my throbbing cock a moan escapes. “You like that perv?” She smirks up at me before rubbing her tits against my cock again.

I gasp and nod “fuck yes.”

Kara laughs and presses her tits harder against my underwear clad cock. “I wanna hear you say what you like.”

I shudder at the feel of her soft globes pressed hard against me. Her hard nubs digging into my hips. “Your tits!” I blurt out. “I love your tits pressed against my cock!” I yell breathlessly.

Kara smirks up at me licking her lips. “Hmm such a naughty boy getting off on your sisters tits rubbing against your little cock.” She reaches up and grabs the waistband of my boxers and smiles. “Do you want me to take off these pesky little shorts?” I nod vigorously and she laughs. “God your a perv!” She bites her lip before slowly pulling down my shorts lowering her body with them relieving me of the sweet soft embrace of her breasts. Her face hovers next to the root of my shaft as the waist band reaches it. Looking up at me she licks her lips before pulling my boxers lower. “Oh fuck!” She yelps as my cock springs out of its cloth prison and slaps her in the face. She flinches back and gasps. “Holy shit!” She gasps as she stares at my cock.

I look down at her face as she looks stunned at my throbbing member. “Not so little huh? Think you can handle it?” She jumps at my voice and glares up at me.

“Shut up perv!” She looks at my cock and gulps. I swear I see a bit of drool drip from her mouth before she grips my shaft. I moan at her touch and she shifts resuming her cocky attitude. “Of course I can handle your big dumb cock.” She hesitates for a second before starting to run her hand up and down my shaft.

I gasp and shudder “oh fuck that feels good.”

She smirks up at me. “You like that huh? Your big sister touching your big dumb virgin cock.” She cups my balls with her other hand and I flinch. “Are you getting off to your sister playing with your cock and balls? God you’re such a freak!” She says as she slowly runs her hand up and down my shaft while cupping and massaging my balls.

I look down at her and I feel a growing rage. Calling me a perv? She’s the one who grabbed me! My hand grips the back of her head. Growling deep in my throat I say “Shut up slut and suck my cock!” She flinches back but I grip her hair. She gasps in pain giving me a perfect opening for my cock. “Oh fuck!” I gasp as her lips touch my tip. I don’t stop there as I force more of my cock into her mouth. She gags as I roughly hit the back of her throat. I freeze in panic. ‘What the fuck am I doing!’ I think as I let go of her hair.

Kara pulls her mouth off me with a gasp. She pants for a second before looking up at me. Gone was the confidence in its place was this lustful stare. She doesn’t say anything before attacking my cock with her mouth. I groan as she pushes me deep within her mouth bobbing up and down my shaft a few time before she takes a deep breath and takes me into her throat. I gasp at the attack. Sara’s inexperienced mouth was amazing but with Kara it felt like my cock was going to melt with pleasure. Kara looks up at me and takes me deep in her throat. She holds me there and starts to hum.

“OH fuck I’m gonna cum!” Kara grabs my ass and holds me close. My cock swells in her throat and I see her eyes go wide as I start to cum down her throat. She let’s me go and pulls back coughing as I release ropes of cum. I pant looking down at her cum covered face and tits.

“Holy shit you cum a lot!” Kara exclaims as she catches her breath. She looks down and laughs. “Now I’ve got to take another shower.” She stands up on wobbly legs and grabs the counter. As she stands her large breasts jiggle and sway. I cant help but reach out and cup one. “Oh,” Kara jumps as my fingers brush her pierced nipple, “hmm you like my tits?” She asks as i grope her softly.

I look up at her and smile. There’s a mischievous glint in her eye as I nod. “Of course. Who wouldn’t love a pair of big sloppy tits like these.” I emphasize my point by tugging her hoops.

“Ahhh.” She hisses, “Who said you could touch my tits perv?”

I grin up at her as I dip my head towards her quivering nipple. “Who are you calling a perv?” I flick her nipple with my tongue causing her to hiss. “You’re the one covered in your younger brothers cum. If anything you’re the pervert.” I lick her nipple lightly causing her to moan softly. “You are just a sick perverted slut who wants to fuck her baby brother huh?” She shudders and nods. “I wanna hear you say it.”

“I’m a sick whore who wants her baby brother to bend her over and fuck her in the ass.” She moans, her legs shaking hard. I look wide eyed as she slowly sinks to the ground. Her bright red face looks up at me as a wet spot grows underneath her.

“Um what was that? Did you, did you just cum?” I ask. Kara blushes harder and nods shyly. This timid side she’s showing brings out a new level of lust. My cock hardens to steel and I growl deep in my throat. Kara looks up at me wide eyed. Her legs opening almost robotically as she stares at my throbbing member. My eyes lock onto her shaved mound. A small clit ring crowns a puffy mound flushed red with excitement. Her parted lips show off a bright pink pussy. My cock throbs painfully as I step forward. Kara licks her lips and lays back.

Knock Knock Knock. “Big Brother are you in there?”

At the sound of Saras angelic voice my mind turns to her. Ripping off her clothes, bending her over this sink, roughly fucking….. I snap out of it as I realize what I was thinking of doing to Sara. Looking down at Kara I sigh. “Go and take a shower.” She nods and starts to stand. “But Kara,” she looks up at me, “we aren’t finished.” She gulps and nods before turning and stumbling to the shower. My eyes watch her dimpled cheeks jiggle and I sigh. Opening the door I look down and see Sara grinning up at me. My dried cum flaking on her face.

“There you are!” She squeals. “Hurry up breakfast is getting cold.” She looks down and gasps. “Its hard again! Can I suck your cock now? Please!” She looks up at me pleading, giving me the cutest puppy dog eyes.

I laugh and shake my head causing her to pout. “After breakfast okay?”

Sara squeals and nods before hugging me tight. My cock gets pinned against her chest and mine. “Okay big brother now hurry up!” She lets go but not before giving my cock head a small kiss.

She rushes down the hall and I stand there and watch her skirt flutter around her. Giving off flashes of her firm bubble butt. “So Sara is sucking your cock huh?” My heart stops as I remember kara standing in the shower. I turn and look at her smirking face. “God you’re such a naughty little perv.” She says before disappearing behind the curtain.

I stand there and sigh. Once again asking myself “What the fuck just happened?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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