A New Turn to Things Ch. 04

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Darren couldn’t stop the glow he was feeling inside. She was doing so well and he pulled her to him when he had released her, pressing his lips to hers as he took what she seemed to so freely give. “You are so precious my pet!” he told her, brushing a lock of damp hair from her eyes.

“Thank you Master,” Maria whispered, hugging him, enjoying the moment of closeness they were sharing. She closed her eyes and savoured the way he smelt, the feel of his skin, the sound of his breathing. Everything about him excited her and she couldn’t imagine a life without him. Pulling away she looked at him, “Master, I want” she started, but he placed his finger on her lips.

“No decisions yet, tomorrow will be the day for decisions and choices, today is for discovery and pleasure!!” he whispered, knowing that what he was going to introduce her too next would not be so pleasurable. At least not for her. For him this was one of the things he loved. He was going to flog her, get her used to the feel of a whip. Taking her hand he lead her across to a piece of equipment that was in the shape of a cross.

“This is a St. Andrews cross” he explained to her, running his hand across the padded beams. “It is used to tie people to, so their Master or Mistress can enjoy their bodies” Darren turned and looked at her. “I’m going to tie you to it pet and then I’m going to flog you!!”

Maria gulped, she looked at him and the cross, “flog me Master?” she whispered, fear showing in her eyes.

“Yes pet, flog you. I like to inflict some pain on my sluts, and this will be a taste of that. I wont do it hard, for that you need to be trained and built up to, but I will give your back, arse and thighs a work out. I think you will look gorgeous with a red glow.” He smiled and then edged closer to her, his face so close, noses almost touching.

“Do you trust me Maria?” he asked her seriously, his eyes locking with hers and his body so close.

Maria took a deep breath, her throat moved as she swallowed, her eyes remained focused on his and she nodded, “yes Master, I do” she replied, her eyes shining in the knowledge that she did trust him.

Darren smiled, “good girl” he kissed her again, this time he pulled her close to him, his hands going for her hair and holding her head still as his tongue forced its way into her mouth. She would be everything he wanted, and so much more. Maybe he would even collar her, make her his totally. His kissed her for a good three minutes, his lips felt swollen when he pulled away, and turned her, gently caressing, stroking her glorious body. Once she was facing the cross he secured her to it, cuffing her wrists and ankles and then securing a strap around her waist.

“I love a woman tied like this pet, available to me. Now this will hurt, but I want it to, I want to hear you scream” he whispered to her before taking a step back and selecting his implement of choice.

Maria trembled as she felt the cool leather of the cuffs secure her. She did trust him, she loved him, but she hadn’t kütahya escort told him that, and her life without him would be nothing. But this, this was a totally new ball game, she had never experienced pain, pain was something to shy away from. Hell she even ran from wasps and bees. But now, now he was deliberately going to hurt her, and she was allowing him. Or was she, if she didn’t want him too he would have stopped. Wouldn’t he? Suddenly she wasn’t so sure and that realisation sent a shiver of pleasure through her. Did she want him to do this? Or was it the whole thing? The whole idea of being his? She wasn’t sure anymore!!

Darren had selected a soft red suede flogger. It had about 20 thongs of the red fabric, each one about 18 inches long. It wasn’t as brutal as some he had, but it was a good one to use as a starting point. Returning to stand behind her he flexed his arm, getting used to the feel of the handle and then he began. He started with some gentle, light flicks across her back and arse, getting the blood flowing to the area and allowing her to get used to the way it felt. As he sped up he increased the pressure, loving the little sounds she made. Her skin turned pink and then red and he smiled, she looked good with a bit of colour in her cheeks.

Maria had tensed herself as the flogger came down. She was surprised to find it didn’t hurt in the way she was expecting it too. She had been expecting sharp intense pain, but it didn’t feel like that, it was different, a more spread out feeling, not some much pain as a feeling of burning. But it eased off and she relaxed. Another kiss of the flogger made her groan, she pulled the restraints, arching her back towards him, relaxing, surrendering to the need she was feeling. Darren sped up, using the flogger expertly across her back, moving to her butt and then her thighs, he continued on for twenty minutes, until his arm grew tired. She was moaning and crying out now, writhing against the cross. Darren grinned and stopped, running a finger across her slit.

“You are so very wet!!” he whispered, kissing the back of her neck, stroking down her back, touching the heated flesh and hearing her hiss. She was everything he had hoped she would be and so much more, he really needed her here, permanently.

“You have a body made for whipping!” he told her, whispering, his breath fluttering across her skin, he loved the sigh that escaped her pursed lips.

“I cant believe it, I feel amazing. I have never, ever expected to feel like this” she whispered, turning her head to look at him, her eyes dazed. He knew she was so aroused, his finger was still stroking her cunt, her juices coating his digit as he stroked her to fever pitch.

Watching her buck on the cross he knew she was close, when he judged she was about to cum he stopped, hearing her groan loudly in despair. He laughed, “poor little girl, you have to wait!! I want to do so much more with you yet today, cant have you worn out!” he whispered, slapping her arse hard with the flat of malatya escort his hand and loving her startled squeal. He was only just beginning. Darren released her, standing her on her feet and watching her sway. She was exhausted, he could see it in her eyes. He still hadn’t finished with her, he wanted to push her that bit further today. And he wanted her arse, something she had never let him touch.

Maria stood trembling, her body singing for his touch. She was in a dazed state, watching him as he prepared some kind of bench. He stood and turned to her, gesturing her towards him with his finger. When she got to him he pulled her to him, kissing her hard, pressing her against him as he devoured her mouth, leaving her breathless and flushed. He moved her towards the bench, pushing her back onto it. It was padded and she fitted it perfectly, her hands he took in his kissing one and then securing it in cuff, then he repeated the process with the other. Kissing her fingers before he placed that one in the heavy leather cuff. He stood smiling at her, the bench was strange, he sat on a lower section, and lift her right foot, kissing her toes and then he strapped it in place so that her knee was bent and her cunt was revealed to him, the lips parting like an exotic flower. He once more repeated the process with her left foot, kissing her toes and then securing her. She was now laying on the bench, her arms tied above her head, her legs tied, knees bent and her cunt open before him, giving him access to her delicious snatch.

“If you stay with me, you will be in this position frequently. I love the way you look, tied there, open to me, waiting for me to do anything I want to you!!” he knelt on the padded lower section and leant across her, kissing her again, it was as if he couldn’t get enough of her. His lips were passionate and he knew what he was going to do her, he had two more things planned today and he would enjoy them both. He pulled back from the kiss, moving down her body, kissing her as he went. His lips left a trail of pleasure across her skin, making her moan and close her eyes. His smirked, he was sure he had her, and all he had to do was capture her more. Make her believe she couldn’t live without him.

Darren continued to kiss down her body, sucking her nipples into his mouth and nipping them, hearing her gasp and groan in pleasure. God she had a body made for him, he was so hard, but he wasn’t going to fuck her yet, not just yet. His tongue finally found her clit and he lapped it, sucking the small cock like appendage, she bucked in the bonds, arching towards him as her began to lick her slit, tasting her nectar and rubbing a finger across her. He was going to introduce her to the pleasures of fisting, something he loved to do, he thought there was nothing as erotic as watching your fist slip into a willing cunt. He reached for the tube of lube he had placed in his pocket, he didn’t want to hurt her, so he was using tons of the water based, sticky substance. Then he pushed a finger into her, slowly manisa escort fucking her, searching for that magic spot that would tip her over the edge. Slipping a second finger in, he massaged her G-spot, hearing her whimpers and knowing he would make her gush before the day was out.

Maria had never felt anything like this. There was something about being tied like this, being secured before a man, open, defenceless, on display. She loved the feelings that tore through her. When he found her clit with his tongue she cried out loudly, bucking her hips, her mind ready to explode, but she controlled it, waiting for permission. The first digit that slipped in her caught her unawares, she hadn’t been expecting that. He stroked her insides, pushing her towards the edge, forcing to send her tumbling off and spiralling into orgasm. Then another finger joined the first and she squeezed her eyes closed. “Oh oh Sir, please that’s good, I need to cum, please” she begged and he chuckled.

“Oh no you don’t not yet little one, when I tell you” and to emphasis that point her pushed a third and then fourth finger into her lovely wet snatch. Savouring the way she twitched around him, grabbing at his fingers. “You have a hungry cunt Maria, such a hungry, beautiful sexy cunt” he purred and she smiled, opening her eyes and looking at him. Her eyes locked with his and he smiled, curling his thumb into his palm and pushing his hand into her, working, worming his fist into her warmth and knowing she would take it.

She had never felt anything like it, the pressure wasn’t like pain, it was an incredible pushing feeling, as if he was trying to climb back inside her. Her eyes widened and she held his gaze, feeling the perspiration stand out on her brow, “that’s it pet, let me in, let me bury my hand in your delicious cunt, let me feel you squeezing me” he whispered and she cried out as he pushed into her, claiming her cunt as his. “Oh yes, that feels good” he didn’t move around, or twist, not on the first time. Slowly he pulled his hand back, until he felt the strain and then, then he pushed in in, slowly fucking her with his fist, loving the noises she was making. “That’s it my love, now you can cum for me, cum all over my fist” he ordered her, watching her cunt suck his hand in and smiling, she was perfect.

Maria writhed in the bonds, loving the way it felt, his hand was buried in her and she loved it. Her voice was lost, she just whimpered words of pleasure, so much pleasure. When he moved his fist she nearly exploded, only total control stopped herself from cumming, when he spoke, giving her permission she screamed, her juices exploding from her as her muscles clamped around him, she climaxed like she never had before, writhing, bucking, crying out his name. She was full of his fist and cumming so hard, she didn’t even know this could be done, but it was and it felt so damn good. When she calmed down, he slowly removed his hand, then he stood, untying her and carried her from the dungeon, returning her to her bed as she trembled in his arms.

“Rest pet, you have done me proud,” he whispered before leaving, “I’ll be back later for your final taster session. Then tomorrow you make your choice.” Then he was gone, leaving her buzzing and smiling, her mind already made up…

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