A Night in Three Parts

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I tingle, shivering with anticipation as I hear your keys in the lock. Lights are low, candles are burning, music playing softly in the background. Thankfully, dinner is keeping warm in the crock pot. No worrying about setting the house on fire tonight. (the kitchen anyway!) I’ve been waiting for you to come home all day. Wanting you. Thinking about you.

When you finally open the door, I’m standing there holding a glass of wine for you and a note. You walk into the house, drop your bag and take a long look at me. I’m wearing a collection of your favorite items. My sexy librarian glasses, hair in a messy bun, red bra and a soft, black low cut sundress with a billowy skirt, oh and heels that bring me to your exact height. You smile me at appreciatively. I hoping it’s because of what I’m wearing and not because of the wine, but it doesn’t really matter. The look you give me gets me hot and wet.

“Hi handsome,” I whisper, holding out the glass of wine. You walk to me, take my other hand and tug me towards you, and we kiss. Our lips meet gently at first, then I nip your lips with my teeth and you growl in that way that drives me even more mad. You pull back, burying your face in my neck, nuzzling and nibbling until I have goosebumps and my nipples start to harden.

“Hi, lover,” you sigh between nibbles.

As difficult as it is, I extract myself from your arms and hand you the wine glass and note. You take a sip, looking quizzically at the note, which has

written on it, and then me. I shrug innocently and gesture for you to sit down in your armchair. You unfold the note and see that the word OBEY is neatly written in block letters. You look me in the eyes and smirk. Again, I smile innocently. You start to say something, but I climb onto the chair and straddle your legs. I lift the edges of my sundress to drape around you and you catch the briefest glimpse of the thin black, sheer panties I’m wearing.

Placing my index finger against my mouth, I whisper “Shhhhhh” as I wink slowly at you. I slide my finger over and around my lips making sure I have your full attention before my tongue slides out to wet it,. Keeping my eyes locked on yours, my finger slips slowly between my lips and out again even slower. I place my hot, wet finger against your lips, teasing and pressing.

“Come closer,” I urge, bringing my head towards yours. We kiss slowly. I love the feel of your lips, the way you slide your tongue out to meet mine and the the taste of your skin, slightly salty and smelling of cool, crisp outdoors. Somehow you find the presence of mind to put down the wine glass and the eskort bursa note flutters to the carpet. Your hands slide into my hair tugging it free from the messy bun and I shake it loose. I can feel you getting hard beneath me. I adjust my positioning so I can feel even more and when I do, you groan with pleasure.

“Yes, baby?” I tease you, “What do you need?” punctuating every word with a kiss. You move your hands to my breasts, fanning your fingers over them, squeezing softly.

“These,” you whisper, “I want these. Now.”

“Oh really?” I say, “Too bad you’re not the boss” I lean over, pressing my breasts more fully into your hands, reaching down to pick up the note card and dangle it in front of your face. I slide myself off your lap, purposefully with more bumping and grinding than actually necessary and stand next to your chair holding out my hand. “Stand up and strip,” I tell you. You look at me with narrowed eyes and start to protest. “Stand up and strip” I repeat more firmly, tapping the card on my palm.

“Fine.” You stand up and I promptly take your place in the chair. I scoot back, smooth my skirt down around me and watch you eagerly. Kicking off your shoes and stepping out of your socks takes just a moment and then you’re taking off your shirt. I’m watching you, you’re watching me. Your fingers easily undo the belt buckle and you wink at me. I laugh. We’re both thinking the same thing. I kneel on the chair so you can lean down and kiss me. My hands rest on your waistband and fingers slip inside. I feel you jump.

“Sorry love, cold fingers” I exhale.

“It’s not the cold, it’s you. I love feeling your hands on me,” you squeeze out before our lips meet again. My hands travel across the front of your pants, feeling your arousal. The heat, the hardness, the pulsing. I slide my hands up and down the length of you, slowly and then more quickly. You moan with pleasure and move yourself out of my reach.

I pout but only until I see you unzip and push down your pants and boxers and step out of them. It’s a good thing I’m already sort of sitting down because the sight of your naked body makes my knees weak. We lock eyes again, speaking wordlessly, smiling that secret smile only lovers understand. I reach out to touch you, sliding my fingers over your erection, tugging you closer. I lean towards you, breathing in your scent, caressing you with my hair and the side of my face, and place my mouth against your hip, flicking my tongue on that spot I know you adore. I feel your knees buckle and the intake of your breath.

“Oh, God,” you whimper, “that feels bursa yabancı escort amazing.”

I place one hand on that hip for balance and the other I place between your legs, cupping you. I love the weight and feel of them in my hand, I can tell you’re getting even harder, the more I lick and massage you. I lean back and look up at you and see that you are watching me. I smile and blow a kiss to you.

“I want you to touch yourself while I’m occupied with these other parts of you,” I say, “and I want you to keep watching me.” You nod and start stroking yourself, never taking your eyes off me. I start making big long licks up the side of your hip.I can feel you stroking next to my face and sometimes I even feel your knuckles brushing my cheek. I slide my mouth down the inside of your leg, licking, kissing, nibbling. I am still cupping you in my hand, and I can’t resist sucking them into my mouth one at a time. You groan and stop stroking for a moment to catch your breath. You look down at me sucking you and I loudly express my enjoyment. I move to your other leg, kissing my way up your hip and electrifying you on this side.

I turn my head to watch you and realize you are so incredibly hard. I can see drops of moisture leaking from your cock, I move my face closer to your hands and stick my tongue out. As you stroke, I start licking you. You move closer to get more of my mouth on you and sigh with pleasure as my tongue meets your fingers too. I can tell it’s not enough for you, that you want more, need more so I reposition myself in front of you. “I want to suck you until you come,” I purr, “baby, let me taste you.”

I open my mouth and wait for you to slide inside. You groan again as you carefully push yourself into my waiting mouth. I moan with pleasure as I feel your hot hardness fill me. My tongue slides over you, still brushing your fingers as you pump in and out. I use my teeth to scrape you softly…all the way out….all the way in. I pull your hands off and place them on the sides of my head. I want you to control the rhythm so I can concentrate on making you come. I place my hands on your hips and pull you closer, deeper, I want to take in as much of you as I can.

Deep, slow, hard. Then soft nibbles and licks. I start cupping you again in my hand, massaging you, squeezing gently, tugging. I can hear you breathing harder, moaning more. I take my mouth off you and start stroking you quickly. “Come on baby, come for me,” I urge you. “Look at me. I love this. I love making you feel amazing. Excited. Horny. I love knowing you’re bursa merkez escort going to come all over me. I love knowing that I’m going to lick you clean afterwards.”

You groan again, “Baby” is all you manage. I put just the tip of you in my mouth, sucking hard and doing a twisty, stroking motion with my hand. My tongue slips lower to lick that sensitive area, softly at first, then harder. I’m getting so turned on, my panties are soaked and I’m squirming. “I’m gonna come, baby,” you gasp and pull back.

I keep holding you and licking now from bottom to top like an ice cream cone. Long, big licks with short fast strokes. “Come, lover” I coo between sucks. You moan one last time and then come with a hard shudder.

You look like you’re about to fall over, so I swap places with you on the chair. You lean your head back, close your eyes and place your hand on my head. Leaning forward, I continue stroking you for a short while and lick you clean, as I promised. Then you pull me up into your arms and wrap them around me.

We lay tangled together in the chair for a few minutes, breathing heavily, and then I tug you up. “You’re not done yet, lover,” I say.


“Yep. Didn’t that note card have

written on it?”

“Yes,” you draw out, “how many more are there?”

“Oh, just two more, but until you find the next one, you’re still on OBEY mode. Sooooo, unbutton my sundress.”

“Gladly!” You start unbuttoning, brushing your fingers and hands over my aching breasts. I try to control my breathing, but you can tell I’m turned on. Finally you slip the dress off my shoulders and down my arms trapping them against the sides of my body. You grin wickedly at me, stroking your fingers up and down my cleavage, leaning down and nuzzling them with your face.

“Kiss them,” I gasp.

You lean closer, placing soft kisses on the upper part of my chest, nibbling soft bites, laving with your tongue to soothe and then sliding over to a new place. This continues for an indeterminate amount of time, days, weeks, years…I have no idea until you tug me to my feet, turn me around and start to unhook my bra.

While you’re kissing the back of my neck, and working on those hooks, I reach into my bra and pull out a second note card. You look over my shoulder as I’m pulling it out and I can feel you laughing silently. As you unhook the last clasp my bra falls to the floor and my breasts tumble free into my waiting hands. You reach around me and pluck the note from my fingers. It says


“I love you,” I say.

“I love you,” you reply.

“Open it” I give one last order.

First, you turn me back around to face you and you hold my face in your hands and kiss me soundly. Then you open the note. And grin. Of course I already know what it says, but you show it to me anyway.

In the same block lettering it says MAKE ME BEG.

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