A Night of Debauchery Ch. 03

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A Night of Debauchery Ch 03

After giving the taxi driver a thrill of a lifetime I finally made it to the debauchery party. My little tryst had me raring to go to give a good fuck and get one. I knocked on the door and was greeted by a handsome guy who was all muscles and smooth as silk. I couldn’t help but imagine what his cock must look like and made a metal note to search him out later. I walked down the dimly lit hallway to the main room and could hear the pounding beats of the jungle music. When my eyes finally got accustomed to the darkness I saw six guys on the dance floor in all states of dress grinding against each other, and a group of four more talking over at the bar.

I sauntered over to the bar and grabbed myself a Jack and coke, downing the first one feeling the all too familiar warmness travel through my body, I quickly ordered a second I could savor. Sipping on my drink I went over to the group of four that were beside me. I introduced myself and the proceeded to go through the standard flirting rituals that are a part of one of these parties. Giving each guy the long slow once over making sure they each caught my glances, ending in a deep stare into each of the four’s eyes. The heat that was caused in flirting could have melted an igloo.

All four were very hot and ready for some action and all of us couldn’t wait for the night’s events to begin. Shortly after I did my ritual glances the büyükesat escort music stopped and the MC for the party came over a microphone and announced it was party time. He also said that there were two random judges that were anonymous within the group and that they were going to be keeping tabs throughout the night for the numerous prizes that were going to be handed out. Then the MC announced the categories; tightest ass, best fuck, best oral, and the grand prize went to the biggest slut. I knew if I just played the night out like I normally did I could come home with all the prizes. With a final word the MC announced “Let the night of debauchery begin!”

Hearing those words I wasted no time, I dropped to my knees and fished out the four cocks in front of me. Two of them were cut and two still had foreskin but all were well hung and semi hard and I could feel my mouth watering in anticipation of tasting each and every one of them. Starting in a clockwise order I took the first guy’s cock in my mouth and quickly swallowed it. I could feel his semi hard thick cock grow to full length and thickness as I slid my lips and tongue up and down his shaft. I took all eight inches into my throat and slowly pulled back. I felt him thrust his hips forward trying to fuck my throat and I opened up and took every stroke. I could tell he wasn’t going to last long in my mouth cebeci escort so I pulled my lips off his cock to give the poor guy a moment to rest. I went to the next one and noticed it was already hard from watching me deep throat the first one.

This guy’s cock was huge and I had a hard time fitting it in my mouth but I managed and he was very appreciative. I could tell from his loud moans as I worked my tongue and slobbery mouth all over his monster cock. While I sucked this behemoth down my throat I changed my position on the floor so I was on my knees leaning into the thick cock. I took the other two guys that were waiting for my mouth in my two hands and started to jerk their meat. The guy who I first started sucking took my movement as an invitation to cum in from behind me and pulled my thong strap to the side and started rimming my ass with his wet tongue. The feeling was incredible and I felt my cock twitch in my crotch sack. I pushed my ass back on his face as he drove his tongue deeper.

I can tell you that the guy I was giving head to must have really liked having the guy tonguing my ass because each time his tongue went into my ass I drove my face forward taking the guy in front of me deep into my throat. The moans throughout the room were loud and raunchy and I could feel my cock leaking from the excitement.

The guy behind me took his kolej escort tongue out of my ass and soon replaced it with two fingers; I pinched my ass muscles to show him how tight I could make my hot hole. I heard him make a comment to the others that I had the tightest ass he has ever felt. He couldn’t wait any longer and placed his meat at my small asshole. Inch by inch I felt his meat go into my wanting ass. His cock filled me up and I can’t even explain how wonderful it feels to have your throat and ass totally filled at the same time.

The two guys fucking me from both ends soon found a rhythm and I just rode out the amazing fuck. The guy in my throat was the first to blow and he cried out loud as his load began to fire. His first shot hit my tonsils but I soon grabbed his cock and pulled it out. I wanted to feel his hot seed hitting me in the face. He fired off three more big loads covering my face in sticky sweetness.

The site sent the guy off behind me and I could feel his cock thicken in my anal cavity and heard him cry as warmness flooded my bowels. As I felt his cock starting to deflate in my rectum I wanted more and cried out “NEXT” to any takers. It didn’t take long until there were replacements and my mouth and ass were filled again.

By the end of the night I must have taken eight loads in my ass and another eight all over my face. It wasn’t even close when it came to the prizes as I managed to suck and fuck every single guy at the party. Each of them leaving their salty deposits in one orifice or another of mine let me win all the prizes.

Warn out and covered in cum I called the cab to take me home from the great night of debauchery and couldn’t believe it when the same cabbie picked me up…

To be continued…

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