A Night To Remember

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This is my first erotic story, on any site. I appreciate feedback.

The first time I saw him, I honestly thought nothing of him. He didn’t really stand out, just another weird guy working in a Video store. That is until he walked up to me and asked me if he could help me. I looked up into his dark eyes underneath bushy eyebrows, and smooth lips with a long goatee. He was like nothing I had ever seen before: smooth, charismatic, and very gallant. I was eighteen and new to town, very naive. He bowed rented me free movies, kissed my hand and blew me away.

I soon became obsessed with the Video store guy, Steve. Only coming in when Steve was working to rent movies that I had already watched because he recommended them to me. I felt it wasn’t going anywhere, so I slowed down and didn’t go to see him for a week. It was torture.

As soon as I walked in, Steve invited me to coffee because he was early to work and wouldn’t be required to work for at least an hour. I told him that it would make me late to a date but the guy could wait. He just smiled, a tad smugly and asked whom. I hid my grin; I felt it would give it all away. I told him then, on the way to coffee that I had been seeing a guy that worked down the street at the guitar store and that he took me to a guitar show. I told him that it was the most fun I have had in a long time because I got to meet Anthrax. They were incredible. I detailed the evening when we came back and went to his place to relax and have a drink. Steve got very interested at this point, knowing something was to Rize Escort come out of this conversation.

We got to the coffee shop and ordered our drinks and I took up my story again.

Joe-the-guitar-guy sat as close to me as he could and handed me my drink. I had only had sex once before and did not realize the advances that he was making. Not until he just about dove down my throat. (Steve laughed at this) If there was one thing that Joe couldn’t do, it was kiss. I tried not to get turned off by this and turned my head away so that he could nibble my neck. His hand roamed up my leg taking the hem of my skirt with it. To his surprise I wasn’t wearing any panties. (Steve gave me an intrigued look at this comment, but I commenced with my story without letting him ask the obvious question that was traipsing on the tip of his tongue.)

Joe moved his fingers straight into me, with out any prelude. I squealed in pain and he pulled back hastily. I was so angry that he was nothing more than inexperienced. I had that for my first time and didn’t want it again. Joe took me home soon after.

Steve laughed and told me that it was no wonder that I went to coffee with him instead of seeing Joe again. I smiled as he took my hand in his. I didn’t anticipate the incredible charisma of this man and found myself plotting to sneak out tonight to have coffee with him again, knowing full well that I had a volunteer job first thing in the morning.

He was late, about a half an hour, but I waited a little down the street from my house Rize Escort Bayan so my mother wouldn’t see me out. When he did pick me up we drove straight to the coffee shop. We got our drinks and sat outside. As we were talking the subject of my being new to the area came up and I told him, no I had never been up to The Cross at night, and sure I would love to see the view.

We drove up to the cross and then to a secluded spot some distance away and he parked so we could see the lights leading to the water so far below. Steve unbuckled his seatbelt so I followed suit. After an awkward silence, he took off his glasses and kissed me. I melted then and there. He was amazing. When he kissed my neck I was surprised when he bit me. Oh! But the pain was only sweetened when he sucked cool air over the bitten skin. My whimpers and moans were the only sounds that I heard as he drove all thought out of my mind.

I couldn’t control myself and I brought my hands up his shirt to feel his smooth back. Such touches brought his hands down to pull my shirt up and reveal a bare chest. My nipples grew hard in the cool night air and then warm as he licked and bit them. Pleasure ran down my body making my toes curl. I unbuckled his pants as he pulled my skirt up. To his delight there were to panties to deal with. He gave me a wicked grin as he tore his pants down and slipped on a condom. It was over so fast. In and out and in again and he blew his load. He apologized and I didn’t care. I was so warm.

We went to a diner to grab something Escort Rize to eat. It was 3am. After I finished my dry English muffin and coffee, I waited for him to finish up in the bathroom. An extremely gorgeous man walked in and commented on my red Doc Martins. After he was seated he came up to me and asked me if I wanted to join him for breakfast. I was so tempted but Steve was on my mind tonight. I declined.

Steve picked up some more condoms and an energy drink. He had wings tonight. He drove me to the top of the parking structure and led me to the back of the car. We sat and watched the stars some. That’s when he pulled me to him. I was sitting on the back of the car and he was standing with his pants around his ankles. He ran his fingers up and down my lips feeling my juices flow. I was more than ready for him and he pulled out his hard cock and plowed me right there on the car. The pleasure was so intense that when he pulled me off the car and fucked me standing I never noticed the difference. It became too much and I kind of panicked. He calmed me down a bit and he took me into the back of the car and pulled my legs over his shoulders. There was so many feelings swirling around inside of me and the pleasure was just too much for my eighteen-year-old body. I blacked out. I came too with Steve over my wiping the perspiration from my brow. He still hadn’t come. I offered to let him teach me how to give head. The look of sheer joy on his face was all I needed. I took off the condom and let myself become the student. He tasted so salty sweet that I took to cock sucking like a baby to a sucker. Moments later he announced that he was about to come. When he did I found it warm and sticky all over my mouth and face. I giggled as he handed me a towel.

It was 6:30am; there is no rest for the wicked…

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