A Public Fuck

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It had been an uneventful visit. Nothing had happened; Arielle could feel the frustration, ever present. The wetness between her legs, and the slight, sweet feeling of several denied orgasms as her thighs rubbed together reminded her of the fuck she didn’t get earlier. She knew that the interruptions had to be as equally frustrating to Jamie. His cock was hard. She had been rubbing it through his jeans for about an hour, discreetly.

They walked to the front of the house, slowly moving towards her car. She didn’t want to leave; not without the cock she had craved for so long. A vibrator would have to do later, but goddammit, she needed the real thing. It had been so long!

She turned to face him, leaning backwards against the car, both of them facing the road. The car now blocked the view from inside the house. He smelled amazing, like a man should smell. Earthy, with a hint of cologne and aftershave.

“Kiss me”, she demanded, pulling him closer.

“Suck my tongue, Jamie.”

He came closer, his open mouth enveloping hers, tongues dancing wildly against each other, each one wresting for control. The little darts of his probing tongue against her lips seemed to jolt with sexuality, bolts of miniature lightning shooting all the way to her cunt. She pushed her hips involuntarily towards his hard cock straining at his jeans, punctuating each smooth dance of his probing tongue against hers.

Arielle pulled away, her need overriding all attempts at modesty. She unceremoniously pulled her shirt up, her tits prominently pushed up at her bra, almost spilling out. Arielle had always known she had great tits. It was knowledge borne from multiple sexual partners’ immediate reaction to seeing or touching them over the years.

She pulled at one tit, letting her nipple free of her suffocating bra. The air was erotic against her exposed skin. Ample, beautifully pale meat in her hands, ready for his eager mouth. He reluctantly placed his hand over it, his fear of being caught stopping him from doing what she so desperately needed in this moment.

She waited for a split second, before pulling her other breast out. Two tits, out in the open, publicly exposed and ready. She knew her men well. She knew this one, like the others before him, wouldn’t be able to resist her womanhood.

One hand guided his mouth towards her nipple, the same way he had guided her head to his cock so many times before. She was going to get her eskort bayan bursa fucking satisfaction, right now. Her normal, submissive self was somewhere inside, overridden by the need for sexual release. His mouth latched to her, suckling. The suction was so intense! She always forgot how much she loved this, until the moment she felt it again, especially with a new man. Her hand at the back of his head, she guided him between her breasts, alternating his mouth, not giving him time to think of how exposed they were to the passing cars.

His instincts were overpowering his nervousness. A few cars went by, the sounds of engines and the rush of air making him hesitate, but adding intensity to her need. How long had she been unaware that publicly doing this would turn her on so much? She reached into his jeans, not even bothering to undo his belt or lower his zipper. Her fingers wrapped around his cock, squeezing just the way he liked it. He could feel the heat of her palm against his skin, as she started slowly stroking his cock, rewarding him for the beautiful things he was making her feel with his mouth.

Two lovers, Arielle guiding his mouth as he tried to get at nonexistent milk from her erect nipples, and Jamie hunched over to allow more movement within whatever space remained between her hand and his tight pants. It was a sight that would shock the neighbors, if they were to look out their window. “They may already be watching us”, she thought crudely.

Arielle knew what she wanted. A true slut, many men had learned over the years that getting her sex started was a guarantee that she would take cock. Now that she had been deprived, she was actively aware that she was going to take what she needed, no matter how reluctant Jamie was in this moment. They slowly moved away from the car, still tied together in this sexual pose, stopping until they met resistance against the house, to the side of a closed window.

Jerking him off like a cheap hooker seemed to have awakened something primal within him. He pushed her roughly against the wall, his hand finding her wetness and invading her roughly. She gasped, his fingers working her wet pussy and making her forget to stroke him in return. She closed her eyes tightly in pleasure, the sound of him fingering her and snacking at her tit filling her up, her ears blocking every sound out. This was a new high for her; she wanted more.

She could feel the wall at her ass. altıparmak escort Every time he pushed his hand forward to finger her deeply, she pushed forward, needing more stimulation, wishing it was his cock.

“Fuck it”, she thought. “Now or never.”

“Fuck me, motherfucker”, she whispered urgently into his ear.

He didn’t seem to hear her.

Her next whisper was fiercer, more insistent.

“Did you fucking hear me? I need your cock, NOW!” she demanded in a harsh whisper.

“Don’t make me beg”, she pleaded, not realizing that she was already begging.

Slowly, she unbuttoned and lowered her pants. Her hips shimmied side to side as she pulled her pants down. Not fully, because she knew it would scare him off, but enough to give him access. Her hand worked his meat more intensely, matching what she knew would be his preferred pace when he fucked. Men were all so alike. She was manipulating him in more ways than one, leading him towards putting his cock where it belonged. In her cunt. Her snatch. Her wet pussy. Just the feeling of the dirty words rolling around in her head made her gasp out loud, her wetness increasing. How the fuck was he resisting this?

She freed his cock, pulling it out into the evening air. He leaned closer, kissing her as she stroked him towards an orgasm, his turn to forget to continue fingering her. She didn’t care. She was this close to getting the fat meat she craved. She knew she was moments away from feeling the fullness that came with him bottoming out inside her, the thickness of his base stretching her cunt lips the way she so loved. She chose her men based on their cock. Some women preferred length, but only a thick man seemed to make her feel properly fucked. She had seen and felt him; he had a beautiful cock.

She pulled him closer for a kiss. His cock touched her exposed pussy, and the intensity of it all made them both gasp, exhaling breath into each other’s faces. This was it! No more resisting. A man’s instinct is to fuck, and his was no exception. She’d won.

He slid home, both of them standing against the wall. His thrusts were deep and long. She could feel every vein, every ripple of his straining manhood. The head of his cock was hitting the top of her pussy inside, making her rotate her hips with each penetration, like a woman trying to savor the sweet sensation of being dominated. She knew her place, and it was under this bursa türbanlı escort man. She belonged to his cock. She bit her lip, her hands at his waist guiding him faster and harder. Each thrust was now powered by her, pulling him to her harder and harder, their breathing intensifying over each other’s shoulder. Her nipples rubbed at the harsh fabric of his shirt, giving it that rough feeling she liked to make herself feel when she fucked herself late at night and squeezed her own nipples.

There was no mistaking what this was. Jamie was fucking her, and Arielle was fucking him back. An observer would see, in that moment, two lovers tightly holding each other, her upper ass hanging out of her unbelted jeans and his undone buttons flipped to each side of his cock. He was pummeling her womb, against the wall. Raw and primal, their fucking was unbroken by words; only breathing.

Jamie could feel it coming. From deep inside his balls, he could feel the orgasm beginning to build. The sweetness was overtaking him. His cock tingled every time he bottomed out inside this bitch. Every time he slid into her, his skin felt a little more stimulated. It was silken steel against a velvet glove; a hard man deep in a slut’s accepting cunt.

Arielle knew when a man was going to cum. She had been fucked by enough men to know the signs instinctively. Her thrusting matched his, her impending orgasm growing to match his. They were each concentrating now on nothing but the end.

She wondered if she should make him pull out, but pleasure overtook her. A squeal burst forth to punctuate her sudden, intense orgasm. Her pussy pulsed with the increased blood flow, wetter now still, as she surrendered fully to the pleasure that was a cock-induced orgasm. His cock was relentless, a battering ram at her pleasure center. She stuck her mouth into the place where his neck met his shoulder, muffling her moans.

The orgasm left her weak. The only thing stopping her from falling to her knees was Jamie’s cock pounding into her, his weight pressing her to the wall. She started kissing his neck, pushing him closer to the edge.

His breath was ragged. His explosion was close now. They both knew it. He cried out in a whisper, a low guttural animal sound as the cum left his balls and shot up his cock in wave after wave of intense pleasure. The ebb and flow of pleasure was making him weak. Three, four, five spurts, and he wasn’t finished. Seven!

He pulled his cock out of her. Her juices, mixed with his cum, dripped out of her onto the gravel in an obscene drip, drip, drip. His hands at her shoulders kept her standing, or she would have taken a knee.

“Holy fuck”, they both simultaneously said.

She smiled. Mission accomplished.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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