A Quick Second Go-Round

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Teale is a tall woman. She had large hips and broad hips. I have a type. I was attracted to her the first day I met her, passing my health insurance card through the small window. She is younger than I am. She had short cropped hair, almost a crew-cut, and a piercing through her upper lip. She was so removed from the sort of women I have a chance with, that I ever had a chance with, that it was a matter of acknowledging the attraction and moving on. Besides, what was up with her name.

I saw her again a week later. I had to have some follow-up tests to the one the doctor had run during my regular physical. It was nothing bad, he told me. He just had some concerns. I didn’t like the way that sounded. Teale was at the window again. She said we needed to stop meeting like that. I smiled and flirted back saying where-else would I find her.

I went through the back door when I was called and got my arm stuck a couple more times. I was smiling as I walked back by the desk. Not because I had given more blood samples but because she was smiling at me.

“Hold on.” She said, as I moved to leave. “He wants a follow-up next week.” We negotiated a time. She gave me a prescription for something to help me stop smoking. I needed to stop. Since my divorce I was smoking too much. She handed me a small card. On the front was my reminder. On the back was a handwritten local phone number and the letter T. “The Dirty Drummer,” she said.


“If you don’t want to run into me here, I will be at the Dirty Drummer after work. Like 5:30.”

I have to admit I thought about nothing else all day.

The Dirty Drummer is an old local watering hole. The clientele was equal parts retired bar fly and rough looking younger men drinking Budweiser with the rough looking women they drank with. I didn’t disturb her. She was with a group. I sat at the bar and ordered a beer. There were several on tap and I ordered a darker one.

“Hi.” She said when she came over. “Why didn’t you come over?”

“I didn’t want to disturb you, you know.”

“But you did come here so that you could run into me.”

“Not at all. I come here all the time.”

“I never see you.”

“I came just to bump into you.”

“Come over.”

The men in her group were discussing cars and trucks and it was a pretty typical conversation. I could comment from time to time. The conversation switched to music and I was at a loss. I had a beer or two more. In the end, it was probably many more. I left a $100.00 bill on the table just because I had it on me. She gave me shit.

Outside I walked her to her car. She asked if I was going to bump into her again. I said as soon as possible. She said she would be back the next day. She kissed me on the cheek and did a little scratchy thing with her fingers. “Tomorrow then.” She said as she got in her car.

I spent the night imagining her young body in my bed without clothes on and slept better than I had in months.

The next afternoon I was waiting at the bar when she walked in. She sat beside me. We talked for a while. I learned where she grew up and where she went to college. She listened to me talk about my son choosing a college. She asked how old he was and I watched her do mental calculations. We ordered another round and onion rings. She asked where I was going and I said I was smoking. Again, she looked at me as she did math.

“Just this week. Next week, no smoking. You are taking the pills, right?”

“Of course!” I said, resolved to fill the prescription, and choked down my cigarette.

She didn’t kiss me in the parking lot that night. She told me to follow her.

She had a small house in an older neighborhood. It was nice if not fancy. She undressed as we walked in the door and was in nothing but violet lace panties and black heels standing in her kitchen. I was behind her, I had picked up her dress and bra from where she had dropped them in the entryway.

“Are you collecting souvenirs?” she asked.

“Old dad habbit.” I said. She kissed me firmly. My hand ran over the bare skin of her back. It was delightful.

“I should tell you.” I told her, forcing her to stop biting at my lip. “Technically I am still married. Not for long, according to the phone call this morning, but technically, I am.”

“I work for your doctor. I know all your dirty secrets.” She said. She kissed me again.

“And yet, I’m still here.”

“Yes you are.” She teased back. Her hand ran up my chest beneath my polo shirt. As she pulled it out she drug her nails slowly along my chest.

“Damn.” I mumbled.

She did all the work that night. She was aggressive and firm but never fast. It was physical but not demanding. Her breasts were smaller than I imagined and her hips broader. It was odd to run my fingers through so short hair. She had tattoos but Bostancı Escort they were all hidden my conventional clothing. They were mostly flowers. She commented on my ancient tribal shark that had begun to turn from black to purple.

“What would you get if you got another?” she asked as we laid in bed together.

“A lion.”

“You’re a Leo? I should have known.”

“Is that bad?”

“Define bad.”

“I should go.” I told her as I rolled over on top of her. She is a big girl, I am still bigger. I placed her small round nipple in my mouth. “But I don’t want to yet.” I said.

I had worked my way down to her belly. It was smooth and soft but flat and I ran the stubble on my chin over it. “You can’t stay.” She said.

“I’ll leave in a few minutes.” I said. My mouth was at the tanline that had previously been covered by her small panties. I moved between her thighs and she parted them for me.

“Mmmm.” She purred. “I didn’t expect that on a first time.” She punctuated her sentence with a gasp and my tongue found what I was looking for. She rolled and moaned and sighed appreciatively. Cunilingus is my kink. It is my obsession. Before, after, during, I don’t care. I got her to the point where she grasped my head and pulled me to her. It was good.

“The first time always sucks.” She said as she walked me to the door. She had a beautiful and expensive feeling silk kimono over her shoulders but she didn’t tie it closed and as I kissed her I could run my hand again over her perfect flesh pulling her to me.

“That didn’t suck, did it?” I had to ask.

“No! That’s the problem. I have unreasonable expectations.” She smiled at me.

“I have to go to Lacrosse tomorrow.” I said. I was intentionally subduing the question I wanted to ask about when I could see her again.

“Saturday?” she asked instead.

He has a tournament. I’ll be at Westend High School all day.” I said.

“I could use the sun.” she said. She ran her hand down her belly and again, I didn’t want to leave. “Will your wife be there?”

“I assume so.”

“I wonder, would you sit next to me or next to her.”

I kissed her. I figured it was a sufficient answer.

When I arrived at his game neither woman was there. I didn’t want to be sitting down, have Marilyn sit beside me, and then have Teale be the one to have to choose. In fact, I wasn’t even sure she was coming. I called her Thursday. It was just to say “Hi.” She was busy, we didn’t talk long. I watched the start of the game from the field.

Marilyn arrived first, just after the game started and she sat high on the home stands. I kept my spot in the endzone and waited.

Teale arrived in a sundress. She carried an umbrella that was more of a parasol. Her breasts were pressed up high and were clearly enhanced by some sort of padded undergarments. Her legs seemed to go on forever. She drew attention from some of the boys on both benches and even a look from one of the assistant coaches.

She sat too close to Marilyn. How was she to know. I joined her. Marilyn left us alone.

After the game Marilyn approached us. She spoke at me spitefully. I sat and took it.

Teale asked me, when I walked her to her car if I was free that night. I said I was. She said she would make pasta. I kissed her in a soft, rather chaste manner.

“Thank you for coming.” I told her. It meant a lot to me, I didn’t tell her that part.

“You haven’t smoked today, have you?

I hadn’t thought about it, but no. I hadn’t. She kissed me more the way I was used to and I began to look forward to pasta.

My son liked her. “She’s got a booty, kinda, doesn’t she.” He told me. I agreed.

That night we are pasta on her patio, drank a bottle of wine, and fucked on a blanket in her yard. It was making love, certainly. I felt something for the young woman, but it was fucking too. We sweated. She moaned and squealed when I took her from behind, her broad marvelous ass slapping against my hips. She liked her tits played with, she liked to give head. We did all of those things. We finished the night with me nestled between her thighs. She let me do what I liked to do as long as I pleased.

We laid there together on the blanket with a pool towel pulled over us until early in the morning when she made me leave.

She liked kissing. We would meet for lunch and the burgers or salads would be followed up with thirty minutes or more of kissing and touching. I was almost fifty and felt fifteen. When I left her I couldn’t wait to see her again.

At my follow up appointment more tests were scheduled. I wouldn’t need to see Dr. Baker again for a while. I was meeting a specialist. It was all right at this point. I would run into Teale without having to get my blood drawn. I was going to get treatments. I booked Ümraniye Escort a vacation before they were to begin and Teale and I spent five days in Paris seeing and doing things I had never done. We held hands a lot. We kissed a lot. These were things Marilyn and I had forsaken a decade ago.

She wanted to do something kinky. She said it was her job. She was the younger woman. She was supposed to do things my wife and I would never had considered. We were at a concert. My son was upset he couldn’t go. Her friend was slight. She was a small brunette. The women wore similar tank tops and jeans if very different sized and the little brunette came home in our cab with us. I had two women that night. This girl, her name began with an S was told of my proclivity for going down on women. I administered to both women for hours and any time my ancient cock felt inspired one of the two would mount me, or pull me on top of them and we fucked like rock stars or Romans until the sun came up.

“Do you want to do that again?” she asked me when her friend left and we sat eating an omelet I had made from what was available.

“Hell yeah, we are doing that again.” I said. I watched her for a reaction. It took her a moment.

“I think Sari had a good time. We can probably do that again.”

“Oh. I didn’t mean Sari. Sure. We can, if you want. I meant sleeping over. I liked making you breakfast.” I told her.

“I don’t let men sleep over. Ever. It leads to things.” She said, almost in a whisper.

“I will take you on any terms I can have you.” I said kissing her.

“Devin. What do you want?”

I just looked at her for a long moment. I am old and wise. She would have tricked a younger man with that kind of question. “This afternoon, I want to go to Dicks for the ribs. Some time this week, I want to take Brandon to Teakwoods because I need to know what his plans are for the summer. Some time this Summer I want to take you to Jamaica because there is a nude resort and I want to lay around all day drinking rum and looking at you without any clothes on. Right now, I want to take you back to bed because I really like morning head and this is the first morning we have been together.”

“That’s some list.”

“I try to be thorough”

“I don’t think it’s a real answer.”

“I don’t think you have a real answer yourself and I am way to smart to try to decide anything for a beautiful intelligent woman. It always backfires.”

“So, head.”

“Or a blowjob. Either way.” I smiled. I wished I could pull off a wink but I never could.

It was probably the best blow job I have ever received. She gave me another one in the car headed home from the Rib place.

I lost my hair before we got to Jamaica. I was much thinner than I had been ever in my life. I suppose that is a good thing if you are going to walk around naked.

“This isnt just a naked place.” She told me as we got ready for dinner the first night. “It’s a swinger place.”

“They wont do anything if you say no. There are plenty of people who are just here to be naked.”

“Devin. What does that mean. Does that mean we do stuff or don’t do stuff. How do you feel about that.”

I was in a spot. There is only one way to get out of a spot that bad. “Teale. I love you. I am old though. I am kind of sick, you may have noticed. I want to be with you all I can every day I can. We have never really talked about being in a relationship. If you find some twenty year old guy you want to be with, I am not going to get in the way of that. My job, as your lover is to give you what you want.”

“No one fucks my pussy.”


“No, I am serious. No one fucks me.”

“No one has to do anything. We can move next door if you want. The rooms are nicer.”

“Oh no. We are going to go get our freak on. You got some serious looks by the pool. Those old ladies want to rape you.”

“As you wish. My lady.”

We only played once. They were a nice couple leaving the next morning. They were Teales age and the woman was beautiful. Mostly, the women played but the beautiful woman did take time out to screw me once. It was pretty good, having a twenty something hottie with fake boobs ride your dick at the pool in the sunshine.

She asked me later in the week if I meant what I’d said the other night. I said I always meant what I said but that I seldom remembered it. She laughed and said it was fine, I could play it that way if I wanted it.

My son and her got along well. They liked to talk music and the two of them drug me to rock fesitals that left me deaf. As the summer wore on, I couldn’t tolerate the sun. We spent most of our time in the shade of my patio. I told her she didn’t need to wear a suit when we swam in the backyard and I think my favorite thing that summer was watching her Anadolu Yakası Escort tan lines fade.

The treatments didn’t do what needed to be done and surgery was scheduled for late September. We had to talk. I took her out for French food, a reminder of our trip to Paris that spring. It was only weeks ago but it felt like years.

“I know.” She said.

I began to tell her about the surgery.

“I know.”

I told her it was only days away. I didn’t know if she could be there. She didn’t need to be. Brandon would be. I didn’t know if Marilyn would be there or not.

“I know.” She said again. She seemed to be getting angry.

“I love you.” I told her again. Only the second time. I was getting emotional.

“I know, god damn it. I have to know every god damn bit of it. I get the reports. I put them in your goddamn file. It’s every day with you. I can’t open the mail without something having to go in Devin P. Cane’s god damned medical history. I don’t even keep it fucking filed. It just sits on my desk now.” She held her hand a good eight inches over the table. “I told you, I know all your goddamn dirty secrets.” She left the table. She made it to the glass door. She was a good 100, maybe 150 feet away when at the tops of her lungs she screamed at me. “And I goddamn know you love me. Fuck off.” She said.

The waiter came right over after that. I told him it was okay to bring the food. I was hungry. The Chemo was done, I was hungry again. I ordered scotch. I told him to be generous with it. Eventually they poured me in a cab and sent me home.

I stayed at her house the night before the surgery. It was still reserved for special occasions. She drove me to the hospital. Brandon, he drove himself there. He got there a little after we did and was lead in to pre-op. The two of them made fun of me. My hair was coming back of course, probably thicker than before, but it was an odd three quarter inch length. It matched Teale’s almost perfectly. She said she was going to dye it red while I was under. She had turned hers red a month or so previously but it was growing out now and I was surprised to learn she was actually blonde. She kissed me when they led her out. My son hugged me. We don’t do that a lot.

She was arguing with a nurse as I came to. They were quite livid with each other despite only speaking in whispers. “Then get security if you have to.” Teale hissed.

“Good god, woman, you are getting fat.” I said. She was laying in my hospital bed with me. I was naked, she wasn’t. I thought it was unfair. The nurse left and got the doctor.

“Perhaps we can speak alone.” He said.

“fuck that. She understands more of it than I do.”

“Fair enough.” He said.

I had woken up stoned but I wasn’t when he left. I was too damn sober. I held Teale and cried for a minute but then turned it off.

“I can’t believe you called me fat.”

“I was pretty messed up still. Good drugs.”

“And I can’t believe you just noticed.” Oh, I had noticed. And I had noticed more than her weight. It was the little things like screaming tantrums in restaurants. I had two daughters in college and a son in high school. I knew. I hadn’t let myself accept it, but I knew.

“Discretion is the better part of valor, Love.”

“I need to tell you something,” she said.

“I know.”

“I’m pregnant.”

“I know.” I was enjoying rehashing our conversation from dinner.

“I love you.”

“I know.” I said.

I needed four months.

The girls came down at Thanksgiving. I was a mess by then but I sat at the table. Marilyn was there. She chain smoked and scowled at the attention my swollen girlfriend received. It was decided over pumpkin pie. My eldest rented a Van. We could be in Las Vegas in five hours.

I sat next to Teale. The others all slept. She had gotten Sari on the phone and we picked her up as we headed out of town. The next day I stood beside my son on the fake beach at Mandalay Bay. The pool was closed for the season but there were fake waves and sand. I stood in linen pants and a linen shirt and a broad hat to block the sun. It was a perfect eighty-degree day. My daughters walked down, followed by Sari and Teale.

“I had a threesome with both of them.” I whispered to my son.

“Nice.” Was his reply. He was Jealous.

My second wife bore my third daughter on Christmas morning. I suggested Fuchsia or Magenta as names. Teale scowled at me and named her Noel.

I had three weeks with them. I held Noel too much. Teale said I would spoil her. I said that was the way it was done. Brandon got an early acceptance to Washington, Teale had talked him into going to college in Seattle because of the music scene. Noel was sleeping on my chest when I fell asleep on the patio. It had been a beautiful morning and I couldn’t help but spend it remembering how Teale and I spent the summer lazing in the sun. I think I left them all okay. They at least were all going in the right direction. It’s a shit thing, dying before you are fifty, its good though to get to spend that last year living a whole second life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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