A Real-Life Choose Your Path! Ch. 02

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It’s been a week since the first chapter of my real life Choose Your Path journal posted on Lit, and about a week before that since I wrote it. A lot has happened in the meantime.

Hullo, and welcome to the second chapter of my autobiographical Choose Your Path story.

(To read chapter 1, please go here.)

The vote tally from Chapter Once pretty heavily favored MrZ…6 votes, all male.

One vote was cast for Dillon…also by a guy.

Interestingly, the only female to post a comment chose neither.

I wanted to see if the vote would split down gender lines, but with only one girl voting, that didn’t work out so well. Maybe this time!

So, the vote is in, MrZ it is. Poor Dillon, he was so cute…so clueless. I was nicer than usual to him these past two weeks, which is just another way of saying I wasn’t mean. He thought he was getting somewhere I think. Don’t fret about Dillon though, there are plenty of cheerleaders around here more than willing to do the leg-wrap around his face, so he’ll forget about me soon enough, if he ever thought about me at all.


If you’re new to this story, the main idea is this: at specific points in this ‘story’, I will offer you, the reader, a chance to vote on the path I take in my own sex life. Yes, this is real life, not made up fiction. Why am I doing this? Because I want too. Because I’m a coward at heart and will always, always choose the safest road, and I want to have an adventure. If I really didn’t want to do it, I wouldn’t, but right now, this is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done, so I’m enjoying myself!

There is one um…caveat I think I need to put out there for you guys: Like I said, this is real life. I can’t exactly promise you that this will actually go anywhere, and even if it does, I can’t say how long it will take. I’m not exactly going to rush myself. So things aren’t going to go according to a script or outline ‘cuz there isn’t one. So while you get to read about my little journey of sexual discovery, things might not work out the way you’d like. I guess that’s the risk we’re all gonna hafta take.

Moving on…

Right now the erotic side of my life is divided into two parts. One part involves MrZ, so I’ll fill you in on that first, then I’ll tell you about a couple of new ‘characters’ that have moved onto the scene.



MrZ teaches literature. It’s easily my favorite class. I’d look forward to it every day even if I wasn’t crushing on my professor. I’ve realized over the last couple of weeks that totally I dig the older guys. Not ancient like Sean Connery or OLD like George Clooney…just older. But flirting has never been easy for me; add the stress of flirting with a professor and it jumps from ’causes mild anxiety’ to ‘holy friggin crap’ impossible.

By the time Chapter One got approved here on Lit, I was pretty sure MrZ was interested, at least a little. Twice I caught him staring at me in class. Not the psycho ‘I’m gonna rape you in the parking lot’ stare, but the kind of look that makes your neck tingle and the palms of your hands go cold and sweaty. Then there are the compliments, nothing too overt or anything, just subtle little comments about my outfit that would mean nothing except for the look that goes with them. I had to take it to the next level. MrZ would never move beyond the timid flirt unless I gave him the yellow light to proceed with caution, and I quickly learned that I just didn’t have the courage to do that face to face. I had to move it to a place I felt comfortable…I had to go virtual.

The opportunity came when he told the class we had to do this report on morally ambiguous characters as plot devices. After class I asked him if I could get his cell number in case I had any questions about the report. It was a weak reason, but the best I could do. Sure enough, he was only too happy to oblige, so while he was standing there and the rest of the students were filing out of the room I thumbed in his number and dialed it, so he would have mine, too. I could tell he was nervous…he kept glancing up at the other kids as they left. If some dude had asked for his number, or some other girl he wasn’t interested in had, he wouldn’t have cared one bit, so I knew he was into me.

I waited a couple of nights to see if he was going to take the initiative and call or text me, but he didn’t. I knew I had to up stakes a little bit, but I didn’t want to do anything that anyone else in class would notice, because that would just scare him off and ruin the whole thing. So the next day I wore a short skirt with a pair of bright red and pink undies underneath. I got to class early and sat right up front. The rest was easy, but my heart was thumping in my chest so loud I could feel it in my ears. I waited until we started our assignment and he sat back down at his desk, which was directly in front of my seat. I slid down in my seat just enough to give him a better view and let my legs part…not a lot, just enough so it wouldn’t be obvious to anyone else. Then bursa eskort I put it out of my mind and went back to my assignment. A minute or so later I stopped writing and looked up just with my eyes so he wouldn’t see my head tilt his way. Sure enough, he had completely stopped whatever he was doing and was blatantly staring!

Instantly I felt myself flush. I had to resist the natural reaction to snap my legs shut, and just held them there until he finally realized he’d been busted and looked right up at me. He looked away so fast it was almost comical, and turned bright red. I almost started to giggle and had to cover it by faking a cough. But as I watched him stare at my open legs beneath the desk top, I saw desire in his eyes. He was looking because he wanted me, and that was one of the biggest turn-ons of my life. It instantly triggered a PSAS attack, and I had excuse myself so I could take care of that privately…

When class was over I walked up to him and made conversation. He stammered and blushed, and then complimented me on my shoes. I don’t know if it was just nerves or if he thought I was angry or what, but it was totally sweet and I could feel that familiar beating in my chest.

I didn’t want to wait to long after that to talk to him, so that night I texted him on the pretext of asking him about the report. Here’s the actual chat, typos and all, please be kind!. I changed his name, of course, to protect the innocent, but everything else is the real deal.

me: hey Mr.Z is it too late to ask you a question?

[It took like an hour for him to respond…I thought he wasn’t going too]

MrZ: Hey Sara! No, it’s not too late. Whtcha need?

me: Oh, good, I thought you old guys went to bed at like 8 🙂

MrZ: HaHa. Only when we’ve been up late the nite b4 looking 4 our dentures.

me: Hehe. And here I thought they were real.

[After that we talked about the report & we got into a tiff about what is and isn’t literature…I wanna use Black Company’s characters and he doesn’t want me too, boring stuff for you I’m sure 🙂 So toward the end I turned it up a notch…]

me: so, do ya really like my shoes or do you just say that to all the gals? [cliche, I know, but I was tired!!!]

MrZ: Yes, I do, and no, I don’t. I’ve always thought you have a cool sense of style.

me: hmm…so is it just the shoes or do you have an opinion about the rest of my outfit?

[there was a long pause here…like ten minutes. I started to fret and stuff]

MrZ: No…I think you’re a cool dresser, you don’t follow fads like most of the students.

me: Do ya have a fav?

MrZ: I think everything you wear looks great.

me: LAME

MrZ: Not going to let me off the hook so easily?

me: Nope

[another long pause]

MrZ: I think what you wore today was, um, cool.

me: Well you gotta pick another, I can’t wear that again this week.

MrZ: Oh I get it.

me: It’s about time:) Well?

MrZ: I really shouldn’t tell you what to wear.

me: hehe, o cmon MrZ, you’re not tellin me what to wear, you’re just helpin me pick out my outfit. Ya know I need allz the help I can get.

MrZ: Other folks might no see it that way, though.

me: who’s gonna no?I promise I won’t tell a soul…not even my best friend. Promise. Please!!

MrZ: Well, ok. U wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago, a gray skirt with purple & black stockings. You had a black tshirt with a cool jacket, and your black boots.

me: my Docs?

MrZ: Yeah.

me: hair up or down?

MrZ: Down.

me: ok! thanks MrZ! You made my morning that much easier! Now I don’t even hafta think about it!

MrZ: hehe…anytime.

me: o you said it now! gnite!

MrZ: Good night, Sara

Not much, I know, but it was a start. The next day I wore the outfit, just like he wanted me too. He couldn’t stop looking over at me, and I think maybe he got nervous that some of the students might notice, so he didn’t say anything that day or the next. That was on a Friday. That night, very late, I finally got a text from him…

MrZ: stll awake?

me: Oh my! You’re the last person I thought I’d get a txt from in the wee hours of the mornin

MrZ: i almost didnt text you. arent you up past your bedtime young ldy?

me: HA! I don’ have a bedtime MrZ.

me: wat happnd, did your gf let you sty up afer watchin the late late show?

[I know he’s not married, but I wanted to make sure he didn’t have a girlfriend or anything before I took it further. He also tells me that I don’t have to call him

Mr.HisRealLastName but I can call him by his first name when we’re not at school, but to protect his identity I’m gonna keep referring to him as MrZ]

MrZ: hehe…no, unfortntly i don’t have a gf right now, so i dont have anyone to send me to bed on time.

MrZ: your outfit looked great today, btw.

me: aww..thanks! Do you need me to come over and make sure you go to bed on time? [I couldn’t resist bursa otele gelen escort that one…too easy!]

MrZ: Sara, i didn’t know you were so cncerned with my welfare! Im flattered!

me: that hurts, MrZ ya knw I care!

me: Ok, I really just wanna get outta the house. I’m bored!

MrZ: Ahh, the trth comes out. j/k.

MrZ: That’s ok, sara, i dont mind being a vehicle to alleviate your boredom

me: Good, you shouldn’t. You should consider yourself lucky.

MrZ: i do, but why, specifically?

me: Welllll you’re the only teacher that gets to help pick my outfit for one.

MrZ: and it looked great on you, 2

me: plus since you seem to not realize how dang cute you are it makes talkin to ya that much more fun.

me: thanks!

MrZ: Thanks, sara, that means alot, especially comin frm you. Just plz dont say that arnd anyone

me: oh gosh take a chill MrZ, I’m not a blabbermouth!!! Do ya actually think i’m gonna say something to my gfs?

MrZ: Sorry, sara, its just that i really shouldnt even do this. i could get into a lot of trouble jst talkin to you outside of school

me: not a word, MrZ. Promise. So why do you talk to me if it could get ya into so much trouble?

MrZ: I was afraid youd ask that….

me: Well??? Don’t think for a sex i’m gonna let you off the hook so easily!

me: er…sec…hehehe

MrZ: hmmm…why do you talk to me when you could talk to any guy in school?

me: No dice, I asked you first!

[it took him awhile before he wrote me back, I think I had him sweatin a bit!]

MrZ: well, for 1 you are vry cool, and youre open and not judgmental, youre always nice to everyone, and you dont treat me like im just your english teacher.

me: Thanks! Are those the only reasons?

me: Why do you say I could talk to any guy in school…which is so not true btw…

MrZ: You dont let anything slide, do you?

me: Nope!

MrZ: Ok…you got me…youre also the prettiest girl in school. thats why you could talk to any guy in school. you can have your pick

[He is BLIND]

me: Aww…you think I’m pretty MrZ?

MrZ: Of course i do. liek I said, I think youre the prettiest girl in school.

me: Now you’re makin me blush…flattery will get you everywhere.

MrZ: is that so?

me: depends on where you want to go…

me: you do want to go somewhere, don’t you MrZ?

MrZ: i’d be lying if i said otherwise

me: question…

MrZ: Yes?

me: What would happen if someone…say the principle, got ahold of this convo?

MrZ: *sigh* should i save myself the trouble and turn in my resignation monday?

me: Don’t be silly, MrZ, I’m not that cruel, I just wantcha to know I have you by the balls now 🙂

MrZ: im…i’m speechless

me: Good! Now, what am I wearing Monday?

MrZ: sara, you have to promise me you won’t do anything like that. seriously, i could get into big trouble.

me: MrZ! I’ll pinky promise Monday at school if it makes you feel better. As long as you’re nice to me I would never do anything like that.

MrZ: As long as i’m nice?

me: yup. so…Monday?

MrZ: you could wear that skirt you wore thursday.

me: should I plan on sitting up front again?

MrZ: you….that wasn’t an accident, was it?

me: MrZ, I know how to sit 🙂

me: you were sooo busted, but sooo cute about it at the same time.

MrZ: i think you are the coolest girl i have ever met!

me: Thanks! i’m hittin the sack, g’nite MrZ! Talk to ya later!

MrZ: goodnite, sara!

We didn’t talk for the rest of the weekend. Monday and Tuesday were busy days for both of us, so even though I got a look and a compliment when I walked in with the skirt on Monday, we haven’t really had much time to flirt or chat. I hope to change that later in the week, but we’ll see. I’d like to say there’s more to it than this right now, but hey, that’s life!

In chapter three I’ll give you all the juicy details, and maybe have a new choice for you to vote on, till then, this will have to do!



Let’s move on to a saucier subject, my bf, who we’ll call Taylor.

Taylor is my age. She’s a full blooded Scot, like my dad: the light hair, the rosy cheeks, the pale skin, the fiery temper, the works. As I mentioned in the first chapter, I gave Taylor her very first orgasm.

Here’s the story:

Taylor’s mom has this totally sweet collection of old vinyl records from when she was in high school back in the day. Taylor has ‘inherited’ most of the collection, but we’ve always suspected that she’s kept her best stuff hidden from us girls. The weekend before it happened, we were rooting through her closet looking for them while she was out. We didn’t find the records, but we did find this curious pink box. Inside was this little remote controlled thingie that turned out to be a vibrator. Both of us had a huge laugh about it and put it nilüfer escort back. It looked to me like her mom never even used it. I didn’t give it another thought, until the next time I slept over.

It was late, and we were huddled up in her room talking about boys, which led to talking about sex, which naturally led to the conversation about her never having an orgasm.

“Never?” I asked.

“Never,” she replied.

Not in a dream, not by herself, never ever had the big O. Taylor is really shy, and very self conscious and not at all comfortable with her body, even though she’s gorgeous. She tried to do it herself, but she just couldn’t. I had the same problem before I got my psas, so I totally understood where she was coming from. then she hits me with the big surprise. That day, before her mom got home from work, Taylor went and got the vib from her closet and hid it in her room. She had tried to use it earlier but chickened out. She wanted me to do it for her. So I did.

She went to the bathroom to put the thing on. I turned the lights off and sat on the floor of her room. She came in a few minutes later and got in bed. We never said a word. I turned it on and after a few minutes I could hear her breathing from where I was. I couldn’t see anything, but the sound of her was totally hot. It was almost better, being in the dark, I think. A few more minutes passed, just me and her, and then I could here the sound of the bed as she starting moving, then everything got very tense and still and I heard her suck her breath in. After that I heard her moving around and she took it off and went to the bathroom. I rolled over and went to sleep. We never said a thing about the next day or any time after that.

Neither one of us considers ourselves to be bi or lesbian, but I guess you can say we are curious about it.

I talked to a couple of the guys from Lit about it to get their advice. One said that the next time I get myself off, I should think about her. If it is a turn off, I’m not bi, and I should probably just drop it. The other said I should masturbate in the bed with her while she’s falling asleep to see if it’s a turn on for me. Yes, I know he was just saying that to get his jollies off, but I decided to do it anyway.

First, I masturbated thinking about Taylor. At first, it was very weird, I almost had to stop ‘cuz it was turning me off. But as I laid there touching myself I realized there was something that turned me on about her. Hold on, cuz this is going to sound kinda weird.

I’ve always had this thing with hands. Not a sexual thing, but I just think they’re neat and they say a lot about the person who owns them. Taylor has these perfect hands, her skin is pale, her fingers are long and straight, and her nail polish is always chipped up or half rubbed off. I find that so hot for some reason. That and the cool rings and bracelets she always wears. I can’t explain it more than that. It’s just hot for me.

So as soon as I focused on that, bam! I had a really strong orgasm. It was so quick and hard it caught me off guard, and it’s hard to surprise yourself!

Once I realized that I was ok with the idea of getting a little frisky with Taylor, I went to plan B. The next time I slept over at her house, we hung out and did all the normal stuff that we always do. That night, she gave me the bed (she only has a twin, so usually one of us takes the bed and the other takes the sleeping bag). Luckily, it was cold that night so I asked her if she’d rather just share the bed so we could keep warm. She was cool with it and jumped right up under the covers.

We said our good-nights. She rolled over, and so did I, so that our backs were to each other. I waited just a minute or two, not long enough for her to be completely asleep but close, and I slid my hand down between my pjs and my undies and went to work. I was so nervous that she would hear or feel the movement of my hand through the bed that it made what I was doing even more intense. It was one of the craziest things I’ve ever done, and it was such a turn on for me. About two or three minutes into it I felt the bed shift as Taylor rolled over and faced in my direction! I froze and just knew that I had been busted for sure, but she never said anything, so without looking back I started doing it again. It didn’t take long for me to climax, and it was so hard to keep the bed still and keep from making a noise that it made it even that much more intense. I waited for another minute or two, and then I rolled over to see if Taylor was awake or not…I still wasn’t sure. Her eyes were closed, and I wasn’t about to say anything, but when I rolled over I guess I shifted the air under the sheets and I could suddenly smell myself from under the covers. I don’t know how else to say it…I just wanted to die right there.

Taylor never moved, never gave any sign that she was anything but asleep, so after a few minutes, I closed my eyes and went to sleep myself. That was one of the most erotic moments of my life!

That was just a few nights ago, and I’ve been thinking about it since. Of course, the guys I talked to on the Lit forums want me to go for it, but this is my best friend we’re talking about here. If I mess it up, I’m out a friend, and I’ll have to deal with all the drama that comes with it.

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