A Refuge in Episodes Ep. 03

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For Cinner

The lobsters’ succulent white meat disappeared almost as rapidly as the shells lost the heat from their steaming. Almost as rapidly, she felt the effects of the wine filling her with warmth and bringing a delightful energetic fuzziness to her brain. While they did share wine and other spirits frequently, something seemed different with the wine in her glass that seemed never to empty. By the time she had downed her fourth glass she realized noticed the yellow lights of the candles and lamps flickering as mischievously in his eyes as the smile that graced his lips.

“How is the wine?” he asked in a casual voice, sipping from his glass of water.

“It’s wonderful,” she replied hesitantly, realizing he had not touched his own glass, simply refilling hers as she emptied it. The buzz in her mind and body grew more intense as she said this. “It’s different, is it a new” she asked in a puzzled voice. His widening grin told her that it was not and she realized what she thought he had done.

“You bastard!” she blurted with a laugh. “You spiked the wine!” Her cheeks flushed pink from the wine and excitement of having fallen so easily into one of his little game-traps. Her nipples surged erect in anticipation, knowing that earlier playing would soon resume in earnest. “What’s in it?”

“Oh, just a little candy for you.”

She knew that meant only one thing – he had laced the wine with cocaine, her favorite occasional and recreational drug. She could feel the tell-tale surging of energy, the way that her heart beat faster, sending blood coursing through her body, speeding along the alcohol to moderate and subtly enhance the high. With a thrill of delight she swallowed the remainder of the glass, swirling it first around her mouth and across her tongue before letting it drain down her throat. She speared her last chunk of lobster after putting down her glass, exaggeratingly dipping it in the butter before bring it slowly to her lips, drips of the greasy yellow coating splattering across the simple table cloth, her sweater-bound breasts, chin, and lips. She smiled enticingly at him in challenge.

The mischievous grin that had sat upon his face for the course of the meal disappeared as quickly as the wine had sluiced down her throat moments earlier. Slowly and deliberately he pushed his chair back from the table, patted his own lips with a linen napkin, and placed it across the cracked lobster shells on his plate, a dark cloud passing across his face.

“When did I give you that sweater?” he asked her coldly, making her look down at the greasy wet spots of liquid butter she had created in her teasing last bite of lobster. Her own face paled in realization that she had perhaps picked the wrong instant or at least the wrong clothing in which to play her own teasing gambit. She cast her eyes down, shoulders tensing, head lowered in surrender of her sin. When she did not respond he harshly prodded her again with the biting tone of his voice. “Well? When did I give you that sweater?”

She still hesitated, lower lip quivering at the rapid change in his mood and tone. He was no longer her mischievous playmate and lover. He was now her Master. When she spoke it was in a meek, tiny voice. “You gave this to me the first day we made love, Master.”

He did not nod, did not respond in any way to her statement, continuing to stare at her coldly. The sat as such as a minute crawled by, followed by another and yet another again.

“Is that how you treat a gift to commemorate such a significant event?”

She had not completely surrendered herself to him on the day they first made love, a marathon session of wet, messy, frenzied, genç porno scrumptious passion. At least she had not realized that she had surrendered herself completely to him on that day until much later. The sweater, intricately woven Irish wool dyed a passionate and irresistible red, he had told her when he gave it to her, symbolized the ardor they had shared and that they had sparked in one another.

“I…” she whispered, eyes closing to hold back the tears of uncertainty that threatened to spill down her long lashes to her cheeks. Was his anger genuine? Or was it part of the game. The wine and cocaine flowing through her system confused her, quickening and dulling her thoughts at the same time as she sought the proper words. “I…I am…”

He cut her response short, standing with a dismissive grunt that told her to be quiet. He stepped toward her and entwined his hand in her long hair, twisting it so that the locks wrapped around the back of his hand and back into his palm. A quick jerk brought her bounding to her feet, her chair tipping over in her haste as her scalp prickled with pain as he pulled her hair. Her head tilted back with the continued strain of his hand pulling her hair, her throat bared to him, pulse pounding in her neck veins. She kept her eyes closed, surrendering to his anger and disappointment. She knew her mistake had earned her a yet undetermined punishment.

“Remove your jeans.” His voice was low, a growl emanating from deep within his throat. She fumbled with the button and zipper, hands rushing to obey his command. With the fly flaps spread open she tried to slip the jeans over the swell of her hips and buttocks but found that she could not push them down far enough with him holding her hair and head erect. When she tried to speak, to tell him of her difficulty he cut her off, demanding more insistently that she remove her jeans.

Struggling against the strain of her pulled hair, the fabric of the jeans, and the sumptuous curves of her own body, she managed to wriggle the jeans down past the middle of her thighs but not completely off. She whimpered when she realized she could push them down no further as long as he held her hair. A click of metal on metal came from near him, down at the level of her hips, and she felt the cold metal of a blade trace the soft, delicate skin of her exposed thigh before slipping upwards and under the thing band at the waist of her panties above her hip. The fabric parted with ease against the razor-sharp blade causing her panties to fall partially away from her body. She shivered, biting her lower lip, as he ran the point of the blade across her stomach just above the waist band of her panties before slipping it under the thin fabric above her other hip. With a quick flick the blade separated the fabric again and caused the front and back of her panties to fall open away from her body revealing her perfectly smooth, hairless and oozing sex.

“You have ruined one of the most precious gifts I have ever given you.” His voice was barely a whisper, forcing her to strain to hear while the cool air of the room met the hot flesh of her groin. “You must be taught…a lesson…”

He ripped her panties roughly from between her thighs, the wet fabric slipping against her moistened thighs. She heard him inhale deeply and she could see through her closed eyes that he was breathing in the intoxicating scent of her aroused body. She imagined him sucking on the fabric and was startled instead to feel the wet fabric pressed roughly against her lips. Obediently and without thought her mouth fell open to accept her wet intimates as he stuffed them into her mouth.

“You will not make a sound.”

He full hd porno pulled her across the room to the small couch, making her shuffle and stumble as the half-removed jeans hampered her movement. She kept her eyes tightly closed as the taste of her sex filled her mouth and the scent of her arousal flooded her nostrils. Some women did not find their own scent or taste particularly exciting or special but tolerated it as a way to tease the men or women in their world. But not her. She loved the smell and taste of herself, often enjoying the taste of soaked panties filling her mouth while she masturbated or during love making. She could not help but suck her own juices from the fabric of her panties.

The couch squeaked as he sat down upon it, pulling her head down with him as the level of his hand lowered as well. His hand continued to pull her hair, guiding her down lower until her stomach laid across the tops of his thighs, her legs trailing away from her in a tangle of jeans. Her swollen breasts hung heavy off the outside of one of his thighs and her bare ass thrust proudly into the air, goose bumps from arousal and cold decorating her tight buttocks. It was only then that he released her hair and she hung her head in relief from the pressure of his hand.

He roughly pushed her jeans further down her thighs so that they bunched around her knees, allowing her to part her thighs just slightly. Her glistening sex peeked out from between her barely parted thighs below her round, full ass. A hot liquid dribbled onto the top of her ass and she realized that he was pouring melted butter over her ass. She fought against herself to prevent the moan of excitement and pleasure as the warm, slippery liquid dripped down her ass cheeks down her ass crack, over her tight asshole, and over her engorged labia before trailing down her thighs into her jeans. His hand began to rub in slow circles around her ass, first one cheek and then the other, coating her ass with melted butter, sliding his fingers up and down the length of her slit over her asshole between the lips of her sex and across her painfully erect clit.

The mouth of the wine bottle pressed against her greased asshole, liquid spilling out and down her crack and sex and inside of her thighs. Though muffled by her panties, she still managed a yelp of surprise that was met almost instantly with a sharp, sudden smack against her exposed ass cheeks.

“Silence!” A second stroke of his palm against her ass punctuated his command. She felt him parting her buttocks, exposing her asshole more clearly, allowing him more room, better access. He still spilled a small amount if wine when he pressed the mouth of the wine bottle against her hot hole. She sucked hard on her panties to stifle her moans and groans as he rotated the mouth of the wine bottle against her asshole, pressing inward with the strength of his hands. For a few moments she thought that the butter would not be enough but she gasped inwardly with pleasure as she willed her ass to dilate and accept the bottle into her body. He continued to rotate the bottle as he pressed it deeper into her, the neck flaring wider as the bottle slid deeper into her willing hole, the remaining wine coursing in to fill her.

“Hold it,” he whispered, forcing her to tighten her forced-open ass to clamp tightly against the hard neck of the bottle. The bottle was heavy and threatened to change position and harm her so he rested his free hand against the base of the bottle, pressing against the bottle to both steady it and prevent her from pushing it out with her powerful muscles.

The third stroke against her ass was different, not his gangbang porno hand this time, instead a leather strap with two pads at the end that slapped together when the blow landed. Several more blows came in rapid succession, alternating from one cheek to the other, from the upper part of her buttocks down towards the spot where her ass and top of her thighs met. The skin blossomed red and stung with delectable pain. There was a pause as she felt more butter drizzled across her ass, dripping down around the bottle projecting from her ass and down her engorged lips. Her breath came faster, her mind narrowing in concentration to her stinging cheeks, her pulsating and dripping sex, and her violated asshole.

He slowly pulled the neck of the bottle out of her ass, the muscle clenching back towards its normal size as the neck grew narrower but relief was not to come, at least not yet, as he did not remove the bottle, instead sliding it back deep inside her. He continued to use his free hand to fuck her ass with the bottle while his other hand rained another series of blows with the strap upon her tender ass. The strokes traveled across her ass cheeks and down the backs of her thighs, around towards the outsides of her buttocks near her hips.

She could not help herself, she squirmed in pain and pleasure, in depraved lust and excitement for the violation off her body, the sumptuous abuse of her ass and buttocks. She could not hold back her whimpers and groans of pleasure as the blows continued to come and the bottle slid in and out of her ass, opening her ass wider as he pushed it a little deeper with each inward thrust.

“Spit out your panties.”

She moaned with delight and release as her tongue pushed her panties from her oral cavity. Though he had not said it she knew he had granted her permission to break her barely contained sounds of pleasure. With her mouth free, she was able to lick her lips and open her mouth to pant and groan her excitement freely. The breaths came quickly in her excitement and changed to sharp gasped intakes of pleasure as the strap fell once again across her ass and the bottle plunged deeper into her ass. The sounds of her excitement sounded like those of a she-animal enjoying a well deserved kill.

Then two things happened at once. The bottle popped out of her ass, her hole gaping at the sudden departure of the invading object and his hand found her sex. His thumb slipped easily between her sodden lips and into her hot pussy, his two forefingers of his hand sliding along her slit to her pounding clit. The combined sensation of the pad of his thumb rubbing against her G-spot and fingers roughly rubbing her swollen clit, the stinging of her buttocks, and the spasming winks of her closing asshole launched her into a powerful orgasm. Her cries of climax rattled with the windows of the small cottage as she screamed out the force of her orgasm. Hot jets of fluid sprayed from her pussy as she bore down with each spawn of her orgasm. Each powerful contraction of her orgasm caused a pulsing spurt of her cum to erupt from her pussy and forced a stream of wine from her asshole. The liquids combined, spreading over his hand and forearm as he manipulated her body, soaking her jeans, his thighs, the couch beneath them.

Tears of relief poured down her cheeks as he continued to stroke her inside and out, bringing her to another shaking climax, more liquids spraying from her body in excitement. Her mind went numb, nothing else existing but the parts of her body that throbbed, pulsed, or gushed with arousal. Yelps and wails of pleasure poured from her mouth as he stroked her clit, her pussy, and as the fingers of his other hand slipped easily into her ass. One finger, a second, a third invaded her ass as she continued to cum, her sounds of excitement sounding like a throng of religious zealots speaking their devotionals in tongues of rapture, drowning out the squelching sounds of her wet, manipulated, enflamed sex…

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