A Schoolboy’s Secrets – Day Two: Abandoned Morals

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Dear Diary,
The strange thing about this school is that although it’s a private school, you’d think it was just for posh snobs who just want a decent education. But today I found out that that wasn’t always true. Sometimes those boys sent this school, just wanted to mingle in with other people and get a nice good relationship going, like me! Sometimes we can make ends meet and get some hot sex in too (see previous story for more juicy info!). But never have we ever had a public school reject be sent to our school because he’s too hard to handle. Today was that day when that reject turned up on our doorstep

It was a miserable November afternoon in a dreary Chinese lesson when this new arrival was brought in. And boy was it a surprise! He was tall, tanned and fit, three of the best qualities in my opinion. He had a spotless face with beautiful white eyes and thick dark hair. He wore his uniform out of place, trying his best to make it look at least a bit more fashionable than what it was. His toned muscles were bursting out of his shirt and his trousers were so low on his waist, he very nearly flashed everyone. I couldn’t stop eyeing him up. Nothing stop me thinking I want him!

He took his place at the back near me and slouched around. He looked completely out of place compared to everyone else sitting formally with their uniform correctly worn. Some of the snobbier boys just regarded him as filth and shot him harsh looks. All the more reason to observe him myself! But for such a different reason… He didn’t disrupt the lessons are anything, he just disrupted my attention! He turned out to be in a lot of my classes, which I was so effortlessly grateful for!

OK, I’m making it sound like I’m shallow at the moment. This guy, personality wise was probably one of the worst I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t even consider this guy normally, but it just gives you an idea of how hot he was! It made me forget my morals and just want to tear his clothes off!

His first night in the lounge, he obviously wasn’t interested in the snobbier ones laughing over the cricket on TV, so he sat on his own in the corner. I saw his sense in this mood; I never really liked them either! I moved over towards him, up close he was even better. I think my legs were shaking when I sat down in the chair next to him.
“Hey!” I sadly had to start slowly.
His gorgeous brown eyes turned and he unexpectedly blurted out: “What do you want?” Nice to see you too…
“Just…wondered if you needed some gaziantep escort company”
“No I’m good” He closed the conversation. Typical isn’t it? But I’m not letting him out of my reach.
“So what do they call you?”
“Calvin” he grunted back
“Calvin eh…” Odd name I thought, but then there were worse in this room. Reginald snorted over by the TV just in time. “So, how was your first day?”
“Erm…like the place?”
“How’s the family?”
“Is the dorm alright for you?”
“Teachers OK?”
“Shall we go shag behind the changing rooms?”
“Are you sti…what did you say?”
“Damn, caught me out”
“That’s just sick! I’ve got a girlfriend!”
“So?! It’s just wrong! Keep away from me!” And with that he stormed off leaving me to think calmly about where it all went wrong…

Oh you fucking commoner! Always convinced its wrong!! How do you know it’s so fucking wrong if you haven’t tried it?! They oughta just give the guys with the good personalities fit bodies, makes it easier for guys like me! Why couldn’t he be more like Kyle? Oh yeah, forgot to mention, Kyle’s on this trip of sorts, and I desperately needed some form of sexual release at this point. As you can tell I was in a bad mood so went off to bed to cry in frustration at this twisted world.

The next day dawned and I didn’t even bother looking at the twat. The night before had killed almost all the lust I had for him. I could feel his eyes burning into me throughout the day. Why though? It’s not like he wanted me. Apologies are too late now you slag…

The rain poured that day and I spent most of today moping around the PE changing rooms during my free time, catching a glimpse of any rugby studs in tight shorts running about, to see if they cheered me up. They were hugely muscled, almost unnaturally, wet and getting muddy. Under normal circumstances, I’d have to wank off right there and then, but my failure just made me feel shit. The rain fell ever harder and I just relished in my wet loneliness. Maybe its better this way, I started thinking, but I never got that thought any further.

I’d only just closed my eyes the let the rain hit my face when my tongue found an intruder in the shape of another warm tongue in my mouth. The shock made me open my eyes and I was staring into the brilliant eyes of Calvin. My mind was rushing and I shoved him off me, this just didn’t work!
“What the fuck are you doing?!” I shouted at him
“What the fuck are you doing?!” he repeated
“Well I’m trying to stop some homophobe from suffocating me with his tongue!”
“Oh you’re still fucked up about last night are you?”
“Yes I am! And now you just come along and attempt to murder me?!”
“No, that wasn’t murder…”
“No, it was a joke wasn’t it? You’d just be like the rest of them, make fun of me by snogging me. Go on! Just run off back to your slag of a girlfriend!”
“My what?!”
“You heard me, piss off!”
“Alright, I’m sorry about last night. I panicked. I didn’t know what to say and I made it up. I like you but I didn’t want to look a twat in front of the others!”
“You didn’t want to look a twat?! That’s no excuse to say what you said!”
“I said I was sorry!”
“It’s too fucking late for that now!”
“Oh you talk too much” and he yanked my head into his again and his fiery tongue invaded my mouth again. I tried to fight it, but his powerful arms kept a firm hold on me. He may have been a public school reject, but boy was his kissing good! His tonguing made the snog slippery but oh so enjoyable. Eventually my lusts took over me again and I stopped fighting back. I even put my hands around his firm buttocks and wrenched them hard against my own, bulging crotch. He obviously liked it too as he groaned when our cocks collided.

When he grew bored of the passionate snogging, he recoiled and said to me in that cocky voice that oozed sexuality:
“Right now big boy, you get on your fucking knees for Calvin, and suck his dick like you never sucked dick before!” his cold hands were pushing down on my head. He wanted a good blowjob from an expert. His authority just turned me on, being forced to do things just sometimes made me turn kinky! My knees squelched into the soggy ground below and my mouth was nestled in his trousers. My mouth was out of control, biting at the huge bulge it concealed. I wanted it so fucking badly! I undid the zip and his dick came flying out and my mouth was there in a shot, frantically licking the juicy head of his cock. His tanned organ must have been at least 9 inches, and tasted like the sweetness of spunk! “Oh yeah, suck that for Calvin, you suck it real good! Holy fuck that’s good. Swallow more of my dick, you dick-sucker!” his hands moved to the back of my head forcing me to swallow more of his huge cock. I’d never be able to get enough!

The sexy fucker then out of nowhere cracked his hands against my ass and pulled me back up again. “Fuck, you’re so sexy! Show me that nice ass of yours! And I’ll fuck you to death, you want that? My dick will rip your sexy ass apart! I’m going to fuck you so hard; you’ll hardly be able to walk!” Just talking about it made me over flow with lusts and I uncontrollably ravaged on his lips again. But he wouldn’t have any of it and he ripped down my trousers, his huge dick pointing straight at my entrance. He rammed it straight into me and pushed down on my shoulders. I’d never had it this hard and I screamed as all of his rigid cock shot up my ass. He relentlessly pounded me so fast, I couldn’t count how many orgasms I had. The screaming was so loud, and not just from me! “Oh yeah you fucker, you like that don’t ya? My huge dick is gonna make you scream for daddy! Holy shit, yeah! Shake that fucking ass!” His hands crashed once again against my freezing ass and it hurt so much it felt so hot. Words couldn’t describe how hot this was but I managed to wail out:
“Oh Calvin, your dick is so hard I’m gonna scream! Your mouth is as hot as you screw, and you fuck like a whore! Oh give it to me you fucking bitch!”
“You want it then? Come here and swallow Calvin’s load! Beg for it you dirty fucker! Beg for the cum!” He pulled my face so I was positioned under his throbbing cock, and he wanked off furiously so he himself screamed and a huge load splashed against my face. I had to lick it off fast as the rain was washing it away. It tasted just as I thought, so fucking sexy!

We slid down the edge of the wall panting for breath as our orgasms reached their ends. I must have been out of my mind being fucked by someone who less than 12 hours ago had just insulted everything I worked for. But all of my morals had gone ever since I met this guy. He was so hot, it didn’t matter that he was shit everywhere else. I turned round to explain my feelings for him, but he had already disappeared off while I was collecting my thoughts from the relentless fucking. He left a note on my coat. Sodding hell, why did I just daydream then? I should have spoken to him instead of let him run off! I read the note:

“Fuck you’re hot! I was wrong about you, I want you more! Maybe next time I can have a fuck from you? Just gone off to my room to jack off. I want you so fucking much!”

I smiled to myself as I sat in the wet grass with the rain falling against my face. Once you start, you just can’t get enough can you? After some serious cock jacking I went back inside to change and chase after that sexy hunk of mine! He needs a seriously good fucking one day!

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