A Secret Club Ch. 02

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In the nice weather, the members of Manclub bring their slaves outside naked, though they wear shoes and, since Jason is fair-skinned, I allowed him a baseball cap. I, myself, always have a lead attached to Jason’s collar. Others simply have the slave walk a respectful distance behind them. Slaves are not permitted to communicate with each other. The day after our talk on the terrace, we headed out to greet the day. It was warm with a refreshing, light breeze. Big cumulus clouds floated overhead.

In a shoulder bag, I had some fresh fruit, some iced coffee , and treats for Jason. I also packed his kneepads and gloves. We were headed to the park area, and we would have a practice session there.

Most all of the members know each other, at least by name, and it was fine, indeed, to be stepping out with my very well-behaved boy, and greeting members as we passed each other. I had all of the afternoon before I needed to be home. There would be an important phone call coming in from Singapore at six. Jason was two steps behind me, and to the right, so that I could turn easily to check on him. He walked with his hands at his side, and his gaze downcast. He is nice looking in a feminine sort of way. He has light, blonde hair on his legs but, except for his pubic bush and underarms, that was all. He isn’t especially endowed. His penis is below average, but this is a desirable trait at the club. For slaves, that is. I’m six inches when flaccid, rather thickly endowed, and my penis has a large helmet. Jason is fascinated with it, and always treats it with reverence and awe. Hard to beat that dynamic for a master and slave! Sometimes, he talks to it, very softly and sweetly. That is a great turn-on for me,I must say. I once allowed him to sculpt a replica of it with clay, and he keeps it at his bedside in the dorm.

At the park, there were eight or so masters with their slaves on the meadow. Some had their slaves on all fours, and were walking them. Form is paramount in this sort of walking. Much as in equestrian dressage, how a slave moves as he is led about by his master is closely scrutinized by the spectators, and judged. Jason, through his own innate gracefulness and many hours of training, always showed superlatively, and I received much praise from the others any time I showed him.

When we arrived, a small group of masters came round to observe. Jason donned the kneepads and gloves, and I put him through his paces. He was excellent, and there was some actual applause, which is not common. I was delighted! After his performance, I had Jason beg, and there is nothing more touching, heartrending, in fact, than hearing the plaintive whimperings Jason emits when he is begging. He puts his ‘paws’ up and claws the air frantically as he makes these sounds. I allowed him a few sesame seed chews for his efforts. All in all, it was a great afternoon for us both.

I tied Jason to a post outside the lounge, and went in for a drink. I looked at my watch. I would have to move along soon to be home in time.

The project in Singapore was a bridge. We weren’t doing the actual span, but were providing and pouring a massive amount of concrete for where the suspension strands would be anchored. My supervisor there filled me in on its progress. Things were going smoothly, and on schedule.

After the call, we all four had dinner. Our cook, Liza, is Austrian, and very talented at the stove! We feasted on heirloom tomatoes with balsamic dressing and basil chiffonade, coq au vin, and creme caramel. Perfect. I struck up a conversation with Tod at the table. His campus is only twenty miles from where we live and, though he has an apartment close to the school, he is often home. His Lacrosse team was heading for the playoffs, which was exciting. He is an engineering major, as I was, and was enjoying his class on metals – density, stress tolerances, and such. There was a good bit of math involved, but that was something Tod took to naturally. I knew he would make his mark some day. Still, our conversation would lapse at times, and a cloud of sorts seemed to descend on him. This was the worry I mentioned earlier. Perhaps it was a phase of some kind. Part of me was loath to confide in him about the club, simply because it was, by ‘normal’ rus escort standards, rather extreme. Still, I decided I would take the chance. I knew, from my own experience with Jason, that having someone to control absolutely, an underling at your beck and call, could be mightily fortifying to the ego, and a lasting boon to one’s confidence in the world. I asked Tod to join me in the den after dinner for port.

I didn’t inquire into his state of mind, whether he was feeling depressed, any of that. I just laid bare to him the secret life I’d been conducting over the past year.

“Damn, Dad. I mean this is like some kind of science fiction. This is at the club?” Tod said, a distinct tone of disbelief in his voice.

“That’s right.” I said. “You kind of have to know how to get there. it’s hidden. Plus, there are security people along the path to it, and if you don’t belong there, they’ll just turn you around.”

“Shit. I mean, wow! That is just… amazing!” he said, shaking his head, but smiling incredulously as he did.

“And this Jason. He’s like,… what, your slave?”

“Yes he is, Tod. I got him through a fellow in Chicago who deals in this sort of thing.” I said. “Now, you are sworn to absolute secrecy, you understand? I’m taking a considerable risk confiding this to you.”

“Sure. Of course, Dad. Man, this is really out there!” Tod said, taking a deep breath. “Whew!”

“It’s something I get a great deal of enjoyment from, Tod. It just really restores me whenever I’m frazzled from the pressures of work.” I said, topping up our port glasses.

“And this Jason? Tell me about him.” Tod said, and I could see that he was more than intrigued. He was interested.

I gave Tod an overview of how Jason serves me, and how the club operates. I had his undivided attention.

“That sounds trippy, Dad. I mean, how he services you, you know… sexually, and all.” he said. I could see that ‘trippy’ as it seemed, it didn’t exactly turn him off. Good.

“Would you like to come there with me sometime? Meet Jason? See if you might want to try it out?” I said. “You certainly seem interested.”

“Yeah… yeah, I guess so, Dad.”

“You guess so?” I put to him, and he looked at me and smiled conspiratorially.

“Sure, dad.” he said. “I’m down with it.”

“And mum’s the word. got it?” I said, returning his grin.

“Right. Damn, Dad. This is about the wildest thing I’ve ever gotten into.”

“I think you’re going to enjoy Manclub. And Jason. He’s hot to serve you, by the way.”

“You talked about me?” Tod said, giving me a nervous look.

“Just showed him a picture of you that I keep in my wallet. It kind of got his queer juices flowing.” I said, giving him a wink.

“Really?” Tod said, smiling shyly.

And, he’s a first class cocksucker, Tod. I mean, when I get off in his mouth, I just explode. He’s very gifted that way. I get it anytime I like. Wake him up in the middle of the night, if I feel the whim. He’s always ready for it. Very hungry.”

“Shit. Sounds… cool!” Tod said excitedly. “When can we go?”

I decided to wait until the Spring semester ended before bringing Tod to the club. That gave us a chance to talk things over with him a bit more. At the club, I took photos of Jason with my phone, telling him that I wanted Tod to see what he looked like.

I had Jason kneel naked in the living room wearing his collar, with the lead trailing down onto the floor. The pictures brought out the very essence of Jason. Knowing that they would be shown to my son, the photo shoot, if you could call it that, gave Jason an erection.

I took pics from front, rear, and side. In the one where he faced the camera, Jason exhibited the most touching, imploring expression. The hunger to serve his master’s son was so very clear.

I showed these to Tod over the following weekend, then deleted them. In the den, he took his time looking them over.

“Well?” I finally said.

“Gee, Dad. So that’s your slave.” Tod said, flipping through them again. “Kind of sensitive looking.”

“Yes. He’s sensitive. Very passionate, and grateful, really, for my taking him in. He told me that when he saw yenimahalle escort my picture at Bill’s office – the Chicago guy – all he wanted was to be on his knees in front of me; that he wanted me to be his owner. Quite a tribute from just a picture, eh?”

“I’ll say! So, you actually, like,… own this guy… you own this man?” he said, looking intently at the frontal picture of him.

“Actually, in his mind, and mine, for that matter, he’s not really a man, Tod. He’s a boy. He’ll always be a boy. My boy.”

Tod nodded, seeming to grasp the distinction.

“Sure.” he said, handing the phone back to me. “Kind of stuck in being a child; dependent, and all.”

“Pretty much. He doesn’t have any ambition outside of serving me, it seems.” I added.

“That’s his whole life, then?” Tod said, leaning back in the leather arm chair and crossing his legs.

“What about, you know, me? Does he have… um… feelings like that towards me? Of course, he hasn’t met me.” Tod said, tentatively.

“Well, you’re my son, and that’s pretty much your calling card. Plus, he’s seen your picture. That picture says a lot. I’m pretty sure he sees my qualities in you.” I said, reassuring him. He’ll do what you tell him to do.

“Once, Tod, I ordered him to stand in the middle of the room and slap his own face for five minutes. He’d done something wrong. I forget what… Oh, that was it, right… he’d failed to make my bed properly – something about the pillows. Well, he didn’t hold back! It was something to behold.” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“Shit. Slapped himself, huh? Damn.”

“And really hard, too. He definitely showed me how sorry he was! Afterwards, I ordered him away to his sleeping area, but, the next morning, I allowed him to kiss my feet, to thank me for my forgiveness. Soft kisses mixed with tears on your feet is not a sensation to be missed, Tod! So, that’s pretty much how it works. Do what you want with him, and he bounces right back. Every time.”

Tod and I went to Manclub in the middle of the week. I told Helen we’d be at the club, Gaspar’s that is, and that we’d be staying over. Tod was understandably a bit nervous, and we didn’t talk much on the way there. The security guard in charge of transportation to the club, from Gaspar’s, asked Tod for I.D. Only immediate male family members were allowed through.

Riding through the wooded terrain, I checked in with Tod.

“Excited?” I said, knowing that there was surely anticipation mixed in with his nervousness.

“Yeah.” he said. “And, well… nervous. Mostly excited, though.” he said, giving me the conspiratorial grin I’d come to savor as a bond between us. We were being ‘bad’ together. This was not the typical father-son outing!

“Where is he now?” Tod asked.

Of course, he wanted to be ready for what was coming; wanted to get the lay of the land.

“He’s waiting for us at his dorm room. You’ll meet him there, then we’ll bring him to my suite. Remember, Tod, he’s not a friend. You should look at him as you would an applicant for a job. You’re the boss.” I said, with an emphasis on the last word.

“Sure. No, I get it.” Tod said, turning toward me. “About the sex stuff, Dad. I’d like, well… I’d like to do that privately.” he said.

“No problem.” I said. “That makes sense, really. You’ll have your own wants, your own rules. When you’re with him, you’ll be ‘The Man’. My being there would just confuse things, I think.”

“Thanks, Dad.” Tod said, sounding relieved.

“Damn. My own slave. Whew!” Tod said, shaking his head, and smiling.

I had the cart driver wait while we took our bags up to my suite, then continued on to the slave dorm.

I opened Jason’s door and we walked in. He was waiting for us, naked, except for his collar, and kneeling in the middle of the floor. I didn’t acknowledge him. I went to the small fridge and opened it.

“Want a beer, Tod?” I asked. The beer was there for my own refreshment. Jason wan’t allowed to touch it. Tod, who had been standing a few feet from Jason, was now walking slowly around him like a prospective buyer sizing up a car. He looked over to me.

“Yeah, I’ll take on.” he said casually. He came over to me, and I handed him the frosty bottle.

“Welcome to the club.” I said, our bottles clinking in a toast.

I walked over to Jason, and Tod followed.

“Looks like our boy is happy to see us.” I said jocularly, gesturing to Jason’s penis with my bottle. Jason’s cock was standing at attention.

“Looks like.” Tod said. “Kind of on the small side, isn’t it?” Tod said, chuckling.

“True.” I said. “Not blessed like we are.” I said, giving Tod a wink. I’ve not seen Tod’s penis since he was a boy, but noticing the bulge in his pants as I did from time to time gave me a good indication.

“Otherwise?” I queried.

“Oh. About him?” Tod said. I loved the way he talked about him as if he were an object! He was getting the hang of it.

“Looks fine to me.” he said. “Sweet mouth, just like you said.”

“Wait to you feel it.” I said, and we both laughed.

“Well,” I said, “as long as you’re satisfied with the product, let’s have introductions.”

We stood side by side with Jason at our feet.

Jason, look at me.”

He looked up, looking only at me.

“This is my son, Tod. Tod, this is Jason, my slave.”

I turned to Tod.

“Hold out your hand to him.” I said.

Tod extended his hand and Jason leaned forward and pressed his lips to the back of it. He then lowered his eyes down to the floor.

“Tell my son a little about yourself, Jason.” I said, as I arranged two kitchen chairs a few feet from him. Tod and I sat down and waited.

“First, Mr Tod, I want to tell you how pleased…” he began.

“Stop right there.” I said. “What did I just tell you to do?”

Jason’s fingers began to fidget, and he looked at me wide-eyed. Some color seemed to drain from his face.

“I’m sorry, sir, I…”

“That’s strike two, boy.” I said in frustration. “You have failed to answer two questions put to you all in the space of fifteen seconds!” I said, my voice rising.

Todd crossed his legs at the ankle, and looked on with interest. Jason’s lower lip was now trembling, and he kept his eyes focused on the floor. We sat there in silence, Tod and I sipping our beer, and Jason trying very hard, it seemed, not to cry.

“Jason.” I finally said.

“Yes, sir.” came his quiet reply.

“Tell my son a little about yourself.”

Jason looked up at Tod, taking a deep breath.

“Mr Tod, I am twenty years old.” he began nervously, his hands still trembling some.

“Louder, Jason.” I ordered.

“Mr Tod, I am twenty years old. I grew up in a small town in Iowa. I am a homosexual. I love sucking cock.”

These were the basic data which I told Jason were all that mattered about him.

Tod turned to me and gave me a very affirmative raised eyebrow.

Jason continued: “Mr Victor learned about me through an agency in Chicago, and was kind enough to bring me here. I’ve been here a little over a year, and am very happy here. I am your father’s slave, Mr Tod.” he said, and stopped. I turned to Tod.

“Got any questions for him?” I said, casually.

“Hmmmm. Let’s see.” Tod said, giving Jason a probing stare.

“When did you first know you were a fag?” Tod asked. A perfectly reasonable question, I felt.

“Early on, sir.”

“No women?” Tod continued.

“No sir. Only men. I’m not all that attracted to gay men. I…”

At this point, Jason looked at me with fear in his eyes, afraid, no doubt, that he was going beyond the scope of what Tod had asked. Still, I gave him a nod to complete what he was saying.

“I feel very attuned to serving straight men, Mr Tod. To me, they are true men, real men. That’s what attracts me.”

Tod leaned a bit forward in his chair.

“Do you think you would like to serve me?” he asked.

“Oh, yes sir! Very much.” Jason rejoined, beaming. “Yes, sir!”

Jason’s penis was at a forty five degree angle, if it was five. Excellent, I thought.

I noticed Jason stealing a glimpse at Tod’s crotch.

“Careful, Jason”, I warned, using a tone he was all too familiar with from the early days of his training. He looked down immediately.

“Yes, sir.”

Still, I was pleased that he would clearly feel the same fervent craving for Tod’s cock as he did for mine. Having Jason servicing him ought to make a new man of my son, I wagered. There’s really nothing quite like the attentions of a cock-hungry fag to make a man feel all is right with the world.

To be continued…

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