A Shower after Work Pt. 01

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Thanks for reading! This is my first submission to Literorica, indeed my first piece of erotic writing. I would like any feedback: good, bad, constructive or not. I think it might be a slow starter…any tips much appreciated.

Disclaimer: In this work of fiction the character of ‘Bethan’ is played by [name redacted], with all details in the story except the description of her appearance altered from real-world likenesses. All characters in this story are over 18.

I hope you enjoy.


I cycle in to work every day. It is a reasonable distance and we’re liable to four seasons in one day here, so I take it seriously.

It’s a Wednesday, and I’m taking my normal route. I approach and start to overtake a girl – who I don’t recognise – whose shorts have slipped down, just a little, leaving the top of her ass exposed. Instead of passing her I slow down and enjoy the view for the last two miles to my office.

Her tanned skin rising and falling, the tensing of the muscles as she pushes the pedals down, and the hint of goosebumps on her lower back all contribute: I’m a little excited when I leave her and the path as I arrive at work.

I make it to the bike racks, unable to get that tanned ass out of my head, and start to pack my bike into one of the high-level storage shelves. A colleague, Bethan, rides up and starts using a locker a few down from me. I say ‘Good morning,’ and we make small talk about work projects and Friday-night plans.

She is a year or two younger than I am, about shoulder height on me, with curly blonde hair, large, innocent light blue eyes, C cup tits (hidden at present behind a sports bra), and the perfect amounts of tummy and ass. She is normally very reserved, but I have caught her looking at me across the office on a couple of occasions. Of course, the office gossip machine runs riot about the quiet blonde with the milk-white skin, long legs and large, cutesy eyes.

As I lift my bike, the conversation stops and I notice Bethan glance down at the front of my shorts. My cock is above average, almost 9 inches long and 5 inches in circumference when I’m fully erect, and the fantastic behind of the Latina cycling ahead of me has caused me to push out against my cycling gear. I decide to test the waters a little further, to be bold.

Whilst heaving the bike rack back into its stowed position and fastening the lock, I make a point to push my hips forward and to tense my pelvic muscles, making the bulge as pronounced as possible.

I hold this position, pretending to fiddle with the padlock, and look at Bethan until she glances up and returns my gaze.

Her eyes widen and she blushes, muttering ‘Good to see yours’, before scowling and shaking her head as if to scold herself and hurrying off to the women’s locker room. I watch her ass move in her cycling shorts as she goes, making a point to keep staring at it when she looks back over her shoulder.


Bethan tends to eat lunch alone at her corner desk, looking out of the window. I decide to push my luck and see what reaction I can provoke in the quiet and innocent girl.

I make my way across the office to talk to her. I have been thinking about all the filthy things I would do with her if she would let me, and gently rubbing my cock through my pants. I walk quietly up to her desk, standing beside her and looking out at the view. I am standing inches from her when I cough lightly and say, ‘You’re lucky to have this view, you know.’

Bethan whips her head round with a start, coming eye to eye with the crotch of my pants, slightly tented towards the window. She raises her eyes, wide as saucers, slowly up to see me. I’m still staring out the window at the view, pretending for all she knows that I have no idea of my condition.

She swallows audibly and looks back down at my bulging pants. I glance down without tilting my head, and see her legs tighten together as her posture tenses a little.

‘So nice to eat lunch with a great view like that.’ Out of the corner of my eye I see her raise her eyes to check that I’m still looking out of the window, then go back to examining me. I slowly look down at her, waiting in silence. Eventually she looks up at me again, eyebrows raising when she sees me looking down at her. She says cautiously ‘Yes, I agree—what?’ Then, ‘Um, can I ask you a question?’

‘Fire away’ I tell her with a grin.

‘Is that..all you?’

‘Is what—oh, I’m sorry!’ I feign embarrassment, shifting my weight as I look down. ‘I suppose it is.’

She looks slowly back down, glancing around the office. I tense my muscles to make the bulge pulse slightly. She gasps, and her legs rub together, unnoticeable to anyone behind us in the office.

I chuckle and say ‘Yep, Escort Ankara all me. You know, I sometimes like to use the individual shower rooms to get changed after work. There’s nothing like a hot shower in private then a ride in the cold after a day of work. You should join me some time — for the ride of course.’

Again I flex my cock while she stares with her bottom lip between her teeth. She realises time is passing, looks up, tries to smile innocently and says, just a little too dreamily, ‘A ride with you sounds nice.’

I lean down until my lips are an inch from her ear and whisper, ‘Five forty-five this afternoon, cubicle on the far left.’ After slowly inhaling and breathing warm air onto her neck, eliciting a shiver and a sharp inhale of her own, I straighten up and say out loud, ‘Great, I’ll see you tomorrow morning then, Bethan.’ With a wink, I turn to go back to my desk.


At precisely quarter to six, there is a light tap on the door of the wet-room shower. I have been waiting with my shirt half buttoned, tie almost undone. I silently slide the lock open, assuming I am correct that it is not the cleaning staff trying to access the shower — but I do not move the door. I need to judge her appetite for a bit of subordination play: come on too soft and I miss my chance, too hard and she might get cold feet.

Another light tap on the outside and the door swings open just a crack. As the door opens I undo my tie with my back toward it. I turn as I hear the door lock.

Bethan turns to face me. Her mouth is slightly open; she is clearly nervous, but her breathing is shallow and she licks her lips unconsciously.

‘I’m on time, I think.’ She shuffles and smiles nervously, cheeks reddened.

‘Ah, perfect. I could do with a hand, if you don’t mind? Or maybe two?’

She looks me in the eye, seeming somewhere between hypnotised and indecisive. She moves forward, glances down quickly then back to me. Her hands reach out awkwardly, one grabbing my waistband, the other flat against the fabric of my pants. I reach down to her wrists.

‘No, not yet. We can’t have a shower with our clothes on—’

I guide her hands to the remaining buttons on my shirt, and I feel her catch her breath as I reach behind her neck to undo the fastener of her dress. I start to pull the fabric down over her shoulders, and as I do so pull her in towards me and continue, now in a whispering, low growl — the moment of truth:

‘—and we need the noise of the water to cover your moans as I pound my thick cock into you.’

Bingo. Her right eyebrow raises. The corner of her mouth curls, almost imperceptibly. As I lean slowly towards her, she raises her chin toward me. I pull her by her shoulders the rest of the way, her lips planting onto mine. We share a long kiss, pressed lips against pressed lips as I grasp her against me. Our kiss becomes softer, our mouths open and we explore the texture of the other’s tongue with our own. The pressure and passion start to build once again, more slowly and organically this time.

I pull her dress down over her body, exposing a lacy dark green bra holding her generous-handful C-cup breasts; she frantically undoes the remaining buttons down my front. I pull my arms loose and lose my shirt as she shimmies her dress down her legs.

As our lips lock once more, I place my hands around her waist and pull her close to me, making sure she feels my still-soft penis against her through the three layers of fabric. My hands move to her back, taking in the smooth, perfect skin; I deftly unclasp her bra, then slip the straps over her shoulders. It is held in place by my chest against hers as our tongues explore.

Her thumbs dig into the waistband of my pants, and she sticks her ass out away from me to get her hands between us, unbuttoning and unzipping. She pushes my pants to the ground as her fingers close around my cock through my boxer shorts.

My right hand moves down to her ass and pulls her back against me, sandwiching her hand between us. She continues to squeeze and tickle, I can feel the precursors to blood flow down there. I resist the urge, made all the more difficult by cupping and squeezing her flawless ass.

I have an immense amount of control over my sexual organ. I can, to a point, consciously resist getting hard, and I can get hard again remarkably quickly after I finish.

My left hand is holding Bethan’s head, keeping her lips pressed against mine whilst our tongues work. My thumb caresses her ear; my fingers are buried in her hair. I pull her mouth away, saliva and a trailing tongue left between us. Her bra drops away and I look down at her gorgeous, perky tits, her light pink nipples hard with anticipation. Keeping control of my cock has never been Ankara Escort more difficult.

I look up into her stunning sky-blue eyes and say simply, ‘There’s a rumour you’ve got a talent. I want you to show me if it’s true.’

After a second of silence, she smirks, biting her lip as her eyes crinkle mischievously. She drops to her knees, pooling my pants to make the tiles a little more comfortable.

At eye level with my underwear, she plants kisses against the outline of my cock, which is still completely flaccid at the expense of a great deal of concentration on my part. She looks a little disappointed when nothing stirs, and looks up at me: a question.

‘I want you to feel me grow,’ I say, and push my thumb between her lips, gently pushing out her cheek as if to illustrate. Bethan’s eyes betray understanding, and she bites playfully down on my thumb. She swirls her tongue around the trapped digit as she hooks her fingers into the band of my boxers and pulls them down.

I can see the disappointment again on her face when she sees my naked penis up close. My cock is about three inches long and about the same in circumference when I’m completely soft — I’m definitely a grower. Again she looks enquiringly up at me, eyes narrowed.

I keep my face impassive and say, ‘If what they say is true, you should have no trouble taking all of that.’

Her eyes are confused, wary and twinkling playfully all at once. Her hands come to rest on my hips. She extends her tongue and takes the tip of my flaccid cock into her mouth. A short, sharp suck and I am completely inside her mouth, warm and wet. With my hand on the back of her head, I stroke her hair and maintain a tender but firm pressure, reminding her she cannot now let me go.

She starts to move her tongue against the underside of my cock, running it up and down the length. I maintain control.

‘If you want it harder, you had better try a little harder,’ I growl, caressing her cheeks and pushing them in tightly against my cock.

Bethan begins to flick her tongue a little more firmly, now up against my frenulum, now teasing the ridge between shaft and head, now wrapping around and kneading my soft cock. I close my eyes and — concentration perhaps mistaken for pleasure — she moans encouragingly around my cock, ever so softly.

Moaning: that’s my weakness. The vibrations of her soft noises seem to ripple through my cock, into my body and up and down my spine, making my fingers and toes curl; the former involuntarily gripping her blonde curls tightly now. That makes her moan more.

There is no one on earth who can fight that feeling, so I relax and let myself start to grow.

I gently shut my eyes once more and relax my muscles, enjoying the feeling of Bethan’s curly hair between my fingers, the softness of her cheeks beneath my thumbs, and the moaning giggles when I tickle her ears. The smell of her readiness for sex drifts up, combined with her perfume. Her fingers grip, digging into my firm ass cheeks as her tongue continues to swirl in her mouth: wrapping around and moulding my cock. I can tell she is already starting to find it a little more firm.

I open my eyes and look down. Her nose is still pressed against my body, held in place as she is by my own hands. I can feel the inside of her mouth getting tighter on my cock – or, more accurately, I can feel my cock growing and filling her mouth. Her eyes are locked on mine, getting wider with every passing second; I watch a look of ‘now I’m impressed’ come and then be replaced. The sight of her experiencing my growth makes all the sensitive areas around my cock tingle, and I twitch in her mouth.

Bethan doesn’t miss a beat. Her tongue changes tac; she can no longer push me around in her mouth, and the head is already too far back beyond easy reach of her flicking. She instead pushes her tongue forward and backward, spreading it wide across the underside of my cock, as if the ‘come hither motion’ would entice more into her mouth.

She moans again, and the vibrations have a quite literally measurable effect. I lengthen in her mouth by at least an inch and a half in just over a second, pushing against the back of her mouth. My girth is almost full by now; her mouth would have strained to fit me inside if I hadn’t filled her this way.

As her tongue continues to rub and muscles constrict around the head of my cock, I discover that the rumours are true: a little additional pressure on the back of her head elicits another moan, and she pulls me further into her using her hands behind my ass. My cock swells even more, and slips into her throat.

Bethan’s eyes shut lazily, she swallows around my cock once again, and I am now fully erect and stuffed down the back of her throat.

She Ankara Escort Bayan starts to swallow repeatedly, the muscles in her mouth and throat massaging the portion of my cock that is buried in her. Her tongue continues to caress, flick and massage my shaft, even sticking out of her mouth to flick against my balls. She looks me in the eye and winks as if to say ‘the rumours don’t do this justice, do they?’

She notices very soon that moaning around my cock makes my muscles tense, and she finds a rising and falling volume in time with her movements that very quickly brings me to the edge.

‘Where do you want the first load?’ I ask her matter-of-factly, giving a frankly illusory impression of being back in control. She raises her eyebrows, the return question clearly being, ‘First?’

‘Good answer,’ I say, keeping the pressure on the back of her head. ‘I should warn you: I cum a lot.’

The corners of her eyes crease and the intensity of the sensations increase as she moans again, and I find myself teetering, then falling over the point of no return. I growl and bite my lip as my orgasm starts.

I have an equal amount of control over my cum as I do my erection. There is no visual element to this cumshot, straight down Bethan’s throat as it is, so I let my orgasm pass through me for a few seconds before I release my cum.

Saving up like this gives me a flow rather than a shot: a steady three or four seconds of cum flows from the tip of my huge cock, straight down her throat — not in a torrent, but a constant stream. The feeling of thick cum flowing through the head of my cock is amazing in itself, no doubt prolonging my orgasm.

(The look of amazement on any girl’s face, particularly when I drop a load in this way over their tits or tummy, is usually enough to encourage an involuntary shot, which tends to catch them in the face. This can be rather self-perpetuating at times.)

I catch myself before my load is completely drained, and as I slip my cock out of Bethan’s mouth, I let the rest flow out. Roughly the same volume as any normal load, delivered in a single, second-long shot on her tongue. She furrows her brow and moans contentedly. Some of it gushes straight to the back of her mouth and down her throat, but most drips down her chin and splatters her tits. Some hangs artistically off her nipples, and some runs still further down her body until it’s caught in her trimmed light blonde hair.

As soon as my cock slips out of Bethan’s mouth and down over her chin she desperately growls, as one word: ‘Holy-fuck-so-fucking-hot-need-to-cum’.

Her hands frantically release their grip on my ass; one braces against the floor, the other goes straight between her legs. I see her fingers flying beneath her panties, then diving back further. I can’t see from where I am, but from the noises and the smell of her sex floating up I make an accurate deduction. She mutters some unintelligible things as she fucks herself. I can only catch the words ‘thick,’ and ‘filled,’ and ‘so much’.

She arches her back, and her hand goes from the floor to her chest, squeezing and rolling her breasts, trapping her nipples between her fingers. Her mouth opens silently and her eyes stare unseeing up at the ceiling, blinking unevenly.

I step around her, my cock swinging close to her face—her eyes flick toward it and she moans—and turn the tap. As the warm water starts to pool around her shins in contact with the tiles, Bethan is clearly riding towards a staggering orgasm. I crouch down, and slip her panties off her delicious ass, down her creamy white legs.

My chest is against her back and the insides of my legs grip her hips. My cock hangs down and presses between her ass cheeks; it begins to stiffen again. I do not resist, but encourage this time. With one hand I cup, squeeze and pinch her unattended breast; with the other I firmly grip her neck, turn her head towards me and kiss her powerfully.

She moans into my kiss, her eyes wild. Her shoulders shake with no rhythm — in response, perhaps, to the tensing of internal muscles gripping her fingers. Gentle flicks to her nipples, and every millimetre of movement of her enclosed fingers, send spasms rippling through her body. After a time, she exhales.


‘Enjoy that?’ I ask after a minute or so. The vacant sound of running water speaks for her. ‘Want me to push you onto your knees and stick this cock inside you?’

‘Fuuuuuck’ she replies, drawn out and wavering; a shiver spreads from her neck, down her spine.

‘You’ll forget every other word by the time I turn off the shower,’ I promise. Seconds pass, breathing deeply. Bethan looks up at me, her large blue eyes twinkling with desire as she grins hungrily. She licks her lips as her eyes narrow: ‘Hurry up, then. Fuck me until I scream.’

I shake my head, smirking as I push her forward and lift her hips. She looks back with wide eyes as I tense my muscles; cum leaks out of my growing cock and onto her ass, trailing as move into position.

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