A Strange Attraction To My Cleaner

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I suppose I should have seen this coming… I mean, it had all the great makings of a porno movie, and I do tend to get um… erotically charged by odd things and those you wouldn’t normally expect… But, alas, I didn’t see it coming.

I had just moved into my new house – a lovely 4 bed, 2 bath detached house with front and rear gardens, conservatory and separate double garage and double driveway. This place is big enough for a huge family, yet, for now, it’s just me… So I had just moved in, and with my job being so demanding of my time, I quickly realised that keeping on top of the cleaning wasn’t going to be easy for a single person with certain limitations, so I decided to enlist some help.

My parents had been using the same cleaner for years and in fact this woman began working for my folks while I was still living there, at least 5 years ago, could be more, I can’t remember… So I figured I’d hire her too, since, at least, we know she does a fairly decent job, and my parents’ house is about as big as my new house, maybe slightly bigger. I figured between me cleaning up after myself, and her keeping on top of the “day-to-day” stuff, we’d manage to keep the house in pretty good shape.

Now, way back when she first started as my parents’ cleaner, I was going through a phase in my late teens, where I was attracted to older women and older women only. So, for like a blip, I quite fancied the cleaner that came by the house on a Wednesday afternoon, while the parents were at work and I was in bed asleep after a usual teenage late night the night before. Makes sense, right?

Those feelings quickly went away as I matured further and I thought nothing else of it – Until she started cleaning for me…

Things were going fine in the beginning, and on the days when I’d work from home we’d always have a little chat every so often, just exchanging pleasantries and updating each other on family lives etc. but then almost as if out of nowhere, one day she was mopping the kitchen floor while I stood in the doorframe chatting to her and as she bent down, I found myself staring at her backside. With her wearing tight fitting jeans it was hard not to notice the roundness of her bottom. I found myself standing there with perverse thoughts running through my head. I even had visions of taking her right there in the kitchen.

Luckily for me, my better judgement kicked in at the last second as my hand reached out to grab her, and I stopped myself. I could just imagine what my parents would say when they heard the news that I’d taken our cleaner by force.

A few weeks went by and I had to try to avoid her as best as possible because I just couldn’t shake this strange attraction to my cleaner. She’s certainly not the type of woman I’d normally lust after, but yet I couldn’t help myself. She’s old enough to be my mother, and must be in her early forties or at the very least her late thirties. I’m also no expert on women’s sizes but if I had to guess I would presume she’s around a size 16 waist; by no means would I consider her “fat” (unlike the media would if she were a celebrity), but she’s certainly a little larger than the average “hot” twenty-something a guy my age would go for. Despite being a little larger than most women would like to be, I still found her attractive.

Her body is all in proportion and she has the right curves in the right places. I would even venture to say her ample breasts could be somewhere in the region of a 38D bra size… I don’t know, I’m not an expert! I’m also usually not that attracted to women with shorter hair, yet there she stood with short, short hair, gelled up into a few spikes – Reminiscent of her punk days as a teenager perhaps? Or maybe this was just mid-life crisis hair? Either way, for some reason, her hair wasn’t putting me off like short hair normally would on a woman.

As the weeks went on, while trying to avoid talking to her, in case I happened to embarrass myself or slip up and confess to my attraction (I’m a very honest guy – sometimes this kind of thing can happen!), I instead relented to sneaking around, almost spying on her as she cleaned the house. Although perhaps I didn’t do a good enough job as I could swear she actually started to tease me.

From behind a doorframe I watched as she reached the feather duster up to the top of the blinds in my office, her top riding up, exposing her midriff to me, and revealing the top of a thong peeking out over the waistband of her jeans. What was wrong with me? I even found her midriff sexy… It wasn’t the most toned of stomachs but it also wasn’t flabby and rippled, it was just…Normal, I guess?

As she moved towards the other end of the room to empty the bin I stepped through the threshold and watched as she teasingly bent down, again, showing me that round apple shaped ass. I bit my lower lip.

These brief little moments continued for another few weeks. I thought I was going out of my mind. She couldn’t possibly be aware of my attraction could she? She couldn’t possibly be teasing me? I mean, she’s known me since I was Anadolu Yakası Escort a teenager… I realised though, that I hadn’t said two words to her for about a month, so I felt I should pluck up the courage and get some serious face time in there, so as not to appear weird and as if I was deliberately avoiding her, which, I was, but I just didn’t want her to think that!

The following week I decided to plant myself in the spacious kitchen/dining area, where this all began, but I planned well in advance that I could be eating my lunch while she cleaned the counter tops so that I could create silences if need be, so as not to let on about my attraction to her. So there I was, sat at my dining table, the sun beaming in through the conservatory behind me, and in she stepped, wearing, for the first time, a tight fitting long sleeved, open shoulder, halter neck top, and yes, her trademark jeans. Her top could’ve doubled as a dress as it ran down over her ass, but I guess she was being modestly appropriate what with it being so tight. I was quite surprised to see her wearing something even remotely revealing. Did she know something? Was she actually teasing me? I mean, why would you wear something like that to clean someone’s house?

I began to eat my sandwich as she pretended not to notice me. With her back turned as she cleaned the hob I had a great view of her from behind, with no need to spy. For the first time, I could see the skin on her back, from the nape of her neck right down to the middle of her spine. She kept her skin in good condition – that was clear. I was beginning to obsess. I was taking in every curve of her body as she moved in that tight top.

She turned to rinse out her cloth and feigned being startled by my presence. I paused, mid-bite of my sandwich.

“Eddie! You scared me!” she exclaimed.

“What? It’s lunchtime!” I replied, somewhat muffled by the bite of sandwich in my mouth.

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to sneak up on people like that?” she asked.

“I didn’t realise being sat eating a sandwich was classified as sneaking…” I smugly responded.

“Almost gave me a heart attack… Is that what you want, Eddie? An old lady like me dying of a heart attack in your kitchen?” she playfully enquired.

“Suzie, for one, you’re not that old, and two, I wouldn’t let you die in my kitchen…” I answered.


“No, I’d at least drag you out to the garden first!”

She wasn’t amused by that joke.

“I’m kidding. I know CPR. I’d have you back and fighting fit in no-time.” I added.

“I don’t know about fighting fit, but I guess a good pump on the chest and a bit of mouth to mouth might do the trick…” She trailed off…

I wasn’t sure how to respond to that one… Was she fishing for a compliment, or was she just flat out coming on to me? – Or both?

After a brief silence, I finished with my sandwich and started towards the dishwasher, just to the right of the sink where she was working.

“For the record, don’t be so hard on yourself. I’d put you in the fit category” I slyly said as I slipped my plate into the dishwasher. Her hand suddenly slipped and the tap went on full, spraying water in all kinds of directions. We both reacted to turn it off and our hands met on top of the tap handle. Suddenly it was very heated…

“You um… You’d class me as fit? …As in… Fit?” she enquired, brushing her hand through her hair as our hands still touched.

“Well, I mean, don’t brag about it or anything, but… Yeah”

“That’s… That’s sweet of you, Eddie.” She smiled, our eyes gazing into each other’s.

I don’t know if it was the fact that I could sense her heart still racing from the apparent shock of my being there, or if it was my heart racing from my anxiety over her stumbling upon my attraction for her, but suddenly I felt myself lunging forward to kiss her. She didn’t back away. Her hand started to grip the top of mine tightly, forcing it to stay over the tap handle. Was she holding me in place, or was she trying to hurt me to get me off her? Either way, I continued as that sudden urge evolved into lust. I embraced it just as I was embracing her.

I felt her free hand cup my neck as I kissed her. Then I knew she wasn’t trying to stop it. She began kissing back and our hands were freed from the tap, which we accidentally turned back on full as we let go. I backed her into the corner as our tongues met inside each other’s mouth and we began groping each other’s bodies. The water began bouncing out of the sink and spraying everywhere as it was being thrust into the sink with such force from the tap being on full.

I lifted her onto the counter top as we continued kissing and my hands reached down her legs. I noticed she had already slipped off her boots. I raised my hands back up her legs and unbuttoned her jeans from underneath her top. Just as I reached her waistline to pull them down, she stopped me, gave me a peck on the lips and then in one fluid motion, slipped my shirt off my body. My skin reacted Avrupa Yakası Escort with goosebumps to the cold water splattering across my back and arm. I tugged her jeans down and peeled them off her legs before kissing my way back up her legs as she parted them.

With her legs parted I ducked my head under the hem of her black top only to be met by a red lace thong which I promptly began kissing and licking. She reacted in the most natural way and moaned, squeezing her legs together around my head. I continued to kiss and lick at the thong, soaking it in my saliva from the outside. Little did I know she was soaking it from the inside too, with her own form of lubrication.

I began to taste her juices and started to suck the juices through the thong, into my mouth, alternating with the licking. My tongue was on a mission to stuff as much of that thong in between her pussy lips as possible. When I felt I had sufficiently prepared her, I slowed down and her legs relaxed from around my head. I brought my lips up to meet hers briefly and then began to tease the thong away from her hips, slowly. I watched as the fabric I had stuffed in the crevice between her pussy lips began to peel out and then with a wet smack, joined the waistband and I quickly removed the thong from her legs.

I found that visual so arousing, and it was clear she did too as she took my chin and brought it to her face so we could make out again. Our tongues began to dance the waltz of lust as she unbuttoned my trousers and slid her hand inside my boxers. When it came out, it brought along my already hard seven inch dick. She was surprised to see my mildly above average sized cock. I wasn’t. I knew it had been there all along… Though I think she was more surprised at the size than anything else!

She slowly guided my dick towards her now exposed pussy as her tongue teased my lips in a “come closer” fashion while she dragged me towards her by my neck. As I entered her she let out an audible gasp and gripped my neck tightly. Her entire body tensed up, so I slapped her ass through the bottom part of her halter top. She relaxed and let out a moan. I figured she enjoyed that, so I did it again, and again, and again. I continued to slap her ass as I worked up a pace inside her cunt and she began to rock into me from atop the kitchen counter.

The clothes on the floor began to soak as the floor started to flood from the tap still spraying. My back was dripping with water and her top was beginning to dampen from the sporadic sprays she endured while we found our groove. I couldn’t believe I was fucking my cleaner. It was so hot, but in a less than conventional way!

My free hand crawled under her top and found its’ way to her clit while I fucked her. I began to rub her clit in sync with each thrust and then gradually began to rub a little faster each time I forced my cock inside her. Her grip on my neck didn’t loosen, and as we kissed, I could sense she was close to orgasm, so on my tip toes, I began to thrust upwards as I entered her each time, and rubbed her clit as fast as I could, in hopes that my dick would find her g-spot while her clit endured sensory overload.

My plan must’ve worked because it wasn’t long before she let out a scream that could be heard two doors down and her entire body tensed up again, convulsing as I felt her cum all over my penis. Her moans were frequent as she enjoyed her orgasmic wave of pleasure; as it subsided, her tongue certainly thanked me while I gripped her ass through her top.

When she finally joined me back down on Earth, I lifted her up from the counter and she wrapped her legs around me, which forced her top to ride up, exposing her ass and settle at her waist. I spun her around so she would be sprayed by the water and she reacted with a different kind of scream, promptly slapping me in the face for my prank. So I got her back with a giant slap to her now exposed derriere, which also caused her to jump. We began to giggle and as she kissed me passionately, I reached over to the tap to turn it off.

I then sat her on the edge of the sink and continued to pound her pussy with my pile-driver while working my way down from her lips, to her neck, to her exposed shoulders, and over the neck line of her top, to her chest. I planted soft kisses all over her exposed chest before taking my hands from underneath her and ripping her top open to reveal her big firm breasts with no bra enclosing them.

I was surprised to find her breasts were surprisingly firm and perky for a woman of her age, and for boobs of that size. I knew she was a mother of two, yet her boobs seemed to have held up well during the breast feeding stages… Either that or she’s had some incredible work done, but I doubt it as these twin peaks seemed to be real to me.

Delighted at the sight before me, I dove right in and jokingly motor-boated in between her mounds for a moment before beginning to lick and kiss my way towards the areola of her left breast. Her large areola seemed incredibly sensitive as her torso reacted to İstanbul Escort each lick. I circled her areola a few times before placing my lips over her nipple, biting gently and tugging while licking it. She seemed grateful for such a technique and I could feel her pussy juices flowing once more as she squirmed over my cock while I fucked her.

After sucking her left nipple for a fair few minutes, interchanging with my licking and biting technique, I gradually worked my way across the mountains to the summit of her right breast and repeated the same manoeuvre with her right areola; licking gently, kissing it, and licking in a circle around it a few times before enclosing her right nipple in the gentle vice-like grip of my teeth while my lips sucked her teat and my tongue licked the tip.

I loved how her body reacted to such sensory stimulation.

She kissed me passionately and then pushed me away, allowing herself to gain control of the situation. She leapt off the counter top, which amused me a little as she is only a few inches taller than five feet. She pushed me again and again until I was pressed up against the wall. She put her finger to my lips and then pressed my chest back so I was flat against the wall.

She lowered her head to my throbbing dick and wrapped her lips around it, but, as I don’t care for the act she was attempting, I quickly pulled out, and switched places with her. I then had her bent over, with her face and hands against the wall. I enjoyed the switch of power. I spanked her ass hard on both cheeks a few times and then bent down to lick between her crack. I licked from the top of her ass cheeks down to her ass hole and circled that puckered entrance a few times before darting my tongue in once or twice, which must’ve surprised her, since she let out a raunchy giggle. I then continued my licking, down to the entrance of her cunt and worked my way up and down her slit, making sure I made contact with each fold, inner lip and outer lip.

I then worked my way up further in between her legs and made contact with her clitoris. This made her jump, but I latched on and grabbed her ass with my hands as I now sat on the wet floor with my entire mouth covering her clitoral area, yanking her ass towards me as she bent over, draping her boobs near my head, against the wall. If this really were a porno movie, that would’ve been a great sight to see from the third person perspective.

I lapped away at her clit, licking, sucking, gently biting, grazing, nipping, tugging and kissing it in variable fashion and with such speed that it wasn’t long before her legs became weak and I felt a hot liquid landing on my chest. I looked down over my nose and saw that she was cumming again, but this time it was almost as if she was squirting her juices right on to me as her legs convulsed, along with pretty much every other muscle in her body. I was amazed, but I continued to lick until she collapsed on top of me.

She fell silent for a moment or two, but then as I rolled her into a seated position against the wall, she began to pant breathlessly with infrequent moans. We sat on the flooded floor for a few moments while we caught our collective breath back and she gently rubbed her pussy area. She began to giggle.

“Wow, you are something aren’t you?”

I assumed that was a rhetorical question as she pulled me in for more kissing. I mounted her in her seated position and thrust my tongue down her throat and my dick in her pussy and began to once again pound away, making splashes on the floor. My hands cupped her breasts and played with her nipples and she gripped my ass, eagerly pulling me towards her with each thrust. One of my hands roamed the rest of her body and made its’ way up to her hair, which I then tugged sharply and she grunted in response before breaking our kiss.

“Cum inside me, baby. Cum inside me… I want you to cum inside me, Eddie!”

We kissed again and then I swiftly pulled out and stood up, pulling her up to her feet by her hands. I then pushed her towards my dining table and splayed her over one of the chairs which looked into the conservatory. Unbeknownst to us at the time, we were then in full plain view of my neighbours whose houses overlooked my garden and conservatory.

With my cleaner bent over my dining chair and her legs wide apart, I slapped her ass a couple more times before ramming my cock deep inside her again and groping her huge breasts as they swayed over the front of the chair. Her moans were getting louder, and my thrusts were getting harder in response. She reached behind her to pull my ass in towards her as I pushed into her. My right hand again roamed her body and then reached up for her hair and tugged again, pulling her head back. She laughed a sick laugh, letting me know just how much she loved that kind of stuff, so I used my left to pull her up towards me by wrapping my arm around her neck in a clutch.

She laughed again, in between her moans as we were now both stood up, and she was twisting her neck back to make out with me again. My right hand then slid down to play with her right boob as she held on to the chair with one hand and my ass with the other. With each thrust of my dick inside her opening, her navel pushed against the back of the chair causing it to make that God-awful noise against the floor as it nudged along towards the table.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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