A Stripper’s Touch

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Besides suckling a nice breast, the thing I enjoy most is oral sex. I guess that I’m just orally inclined by nature since I enjoy both giving and receiving equally.

I’ve often wondered how many women truly know the amount of power that they have over me when my cock is nestled in the back of their mouth, or down their throat (on the rare occasion that I’ve met women who can take me all the way down).

It is an incredible feeling, so erotic and relaxing, like the most relaxing massage you’ve ever had multiplied by a thousand. Just the thought of it brings back a memory of mine. This is a true story of a little encounter I had during a friend’s bachelor party.

It was the summer of 1995. I was in my mid-twenties and the last of my old high school buddies was getting married. Tim had been dating Carrie ever since the 8th grade, so we always figured that they would be married early rather than later.

Dick, my best friend, had planned the bachelor party. We decided to start out at a sports bar with about a dozen guys and we played some games, shot some pool, and tossed some darts while drinking beers. The bride’s father even made an appearance. At first we thought he was checking in on us, then he brought in a big tit-shaped cake for us to enjoy.

It was a fun night and people started heading home around midnight. It wasn’t long before it was just the four of us, me and my three closest friends from high school. The four of us drained a few more beers while talking and joking, then Dick suggested that we hit a gentlemen’s club before we went home.

As it turned out, I was very familiar with the club that they selected. At the time I was an account manager with a major automotive supplier and I entertained clients from out of town about once a month. It happened to be the same club that my clients liked since it had a reputation as having “top shelf” ladies.

Several of the girls knew me from bring in clients and they usually took good care of my clients since I took care of them at the end of the night with a very large tip.

On this particular night two of the regular girls that I knew came over to say “hi.” They assumed that I was entertaining my clients since I had three men with me, but I let them know that “nope, tonight is for personal reasons.”

The girls sat down with us and we all started to have a nice time. It wasn’t long before the girls started asking the guys for a dance. For those of you who haven’t been to a strip bar, when a girl asks you for a dance she is referring to giving you a lap dance in a private area. The cost is usually $20 per song.

In Michigan the dancer can touch you to a very limited degree, but you are not legally allowed to touch them – though most clubs tend to ignore the rules if they know you.

My friends, ever loyal to their wives, fought off their urges and politely but grudgingly turned the girls down. Now, my friends didn’t know that I was a regular at the club but they could tell that the girls were familiar with me.

Normally I never got dances when I was entertaining because I put all the focus on my clients. Since tonight was different, the two ladies came over and each one sat on a knee and put their arms around my shoulders so they could talk into my ear. They were close enough for me to hear, but my friends Escort Etlik couldn’t.

The girl on my left knee was about 5’6″ with very large and all natural D-cup breasts. She had long fingernails, dark brown eyes and a gorgeous smile with very full lips. She leaned close to me and whispered into my ear “Will you come upstairs and let the princesses play with you tonight since you are here for personal reasons this time?” I smiled and just said “maybe.”

The girl on my right knee was about 5’9″ with fake C cups (personally I don’t care where a woman gets them as they are just as fun). She had blue eyes, a seductive grin, and was very tan. She said “we never get to show you our appreciation for your business, so why don’t you let us take advantage of you tonight.”

I whispered to her “it depends on how good I have to be, if I can’t suck on your chest then I’d rather not be teased.” She laughed and stood up and took my hand. Her girlfriend took my other hand and they escorted me up to the private dancing area.

We were almost all the way to the private dance area located on the second floor overlooking the club when we realized that there was a small line forming to find a place. The girls told me that we would have to wait a minute and we stood in line. The taller girl was standing on the same step as me and the shorter was on the next step so she was just about my height.

The taller girl no sooner finished telling me that we would have to wait when she very slowly put her lips to mine. Her girlfriend then took my chin in her hand and turned me towards her in order to do the same. They each took their time kissing me very slowly, our lips barely touching.

I knew that they girls were fun, but I also knew that this attention was a little bit out of the ordinary. I then turned my head and kissed the first girl. I put my arms around each of their waists and drew them closer too me. The shorter one took my hand and slid it down so that I was cupping her sweet butt in my hand. I then decided to do the same to the tall one and she didn’t balk.

We stood their kissing for about five minutes before the line moved up another spot. We would be next. About that time I noticed a lot of wandering eyes; men jealously watching the girls and I because they were not getting the same level of attention.

Both of the girls had on bikini’s so I decided to be a bit bolder since the shorter one was somewhat hidden from view. I let my hand slip under her bikini bottom and to my satisfaction she actually moved her foot in order to allow her legs to spread for me and I started to run my middle finger down her butt crack and to her moist lips.

I probed the area around her lips in order to gauge how hot she was. She was definitely wet enough for me to gently slide the tip of my finger into her up to the first knuckle. She let out a deep breath, parted her lips and kissed me deeply as if I was her long lost lover.

As we kissed I wiggled my finger back and forth and applied slight pressure. This allowed the full length of my finger to enter her. She pulled her lips from mine and pressed her head against my chest and moaned softly.

The tall girl looked at her friend and asked, “What’s the matter.” To which the shorter one very quietly replied, “he has Etlik Escort his finger inside me and I really need it.” With that the taller kissed me deeply, then pulled back a bit and kissed her way across my cheek and over to my ear. She whispered “tip the bouncer up here with nobody seeing and he won’t bother us.”

At that moment the next song ended and a man and dancer in the far corner got up to leave. We started walking that way and I slipped my hand into my pocket and took out a $20 bill. I held it in my hand so that nobody could see. As we walked past the bouncer I asked how he was doing tonight and extended my hand to shake his, giving him the money.

The girls and I got to our private couch and they had me sit right in the middle of it. I sat back and reclined as much as I could. In the meantime the girls slipped off their heels and bikini tops and then each one straddled one of my legs and leaned into me.

The taller one said, “I know what you want” and leaned all the way into me presenting me her gorgeous breasts. I didn’t waste any time being slow or teasing. I inhaled as much of her right tit into my mouth as I could fit and started to move my head and jaw in a suckling motion.

The shorter girl was straddling my left leg and she started to kiss my neck and lick the inside of my ear while her hands roamed over my body. The taller girl put her left hand on the back of my head as if to pull me deeper into her breast and she effectively shielded out everyone else in the room from my nursing.

Even though she had implants, the tall girl had very suck-able breasts. Many times augmented breasts can be a hard to some degree, but her doctor knew what he was doing. He placed the saline bag under her breast leaving the natural breast-meat nice and soft. I switched back and forth from her right breast to the left. All the while she kept her back turned in such a way as to block out any prying eyes.

It wasn’t long before the shorter girls wandering hands started to massage my cock. I was a bit surprised when she unzipped my pants. I was rock hard from the suckling and when the pressure of the zipper was released my cock jumped out into the room. She stroked me several times and I heard her say “Yessss…. look at this.” Her girlfriend then pulled back to take a look and I let her nipple reluctantly slip out of my mouth. The tall girl said “Oh yeah, I wish my boyfriend had a cock like that.”

On a side note, I’m really not much longer than the average guy. I’m just over 7 inches long. The impressive thing is the width, which is well over twice the thickness of the average guy at over 6 and 1/2 inches around. The taller girl said “lets trade places now” and the two of them switched spots.

I had been looking forward to getting my lips on the shorter girl’s natural “D’s” even since I decided to get a lap dance. She took up the same position as the first girl on my right knee and blocked the view of others as she started to feed me her tits.

She cupped her right breast and brought the nipple to my mouth. I started suckling and she said “I love to be sucked on hard,” so I increased the pressure. She said “harder,” so I sucked as hard as I could and she moaned and said “just like that.”

Just about that time I felt the unmistakable feeling Etlik Escort Bayan of velvety soft lips slide down my cock. I was in heaven. My two favorite things in life, big juicy breasts to suckle and a wet mouth with full lips wrapped around my cock.

The shorter girl must have really enjoyed having me suckle her because she would moan and whimper in my ear as if it felt so good but teased her so bad. The tall girl was sucking me deeper and deeper into her mouth. I could tell that she was trying to get me all the way down and was being challenged by the sheer thickness of my meat trying to get down her throat.

The taller girl would go down slowly two or three strokes and then force her head down hard and fast as if to ram me past her sticking point. Since the shorter girl blocked our actions from view, I reached over with my left hand to find my way under the taller girls bikini bottoms. Just like her friend before, I worked my way into her box and each time she took my cock deep into her throat I would ram two fingers into her then stoke them shorter into her for three or four thrusts.

After about 5 minutes of this action I felt the taller girl start to shake. She pulled her head from my cock and laid her head on my leg as her orgasm ripped through her body. I switched to a more gentle stroking of her box as her orgasm subsided and she eventually regained her composure.

I pulled my fingers out of the taller girl and was just about to raise them to my mouth to lick off the juices when the shorter girl took my hand and guided my fingers into her hungry little mouth. She slowly sucked on my fingers as if each one was a little cock. Within a few moments she had licked off all her girlfriends juices from my fingers. She then leaned into me and kissed me deeply, letting the juices dance among our tongues.

The shorter girl then pulled away and asked for another switch and the girls took up their original places. As I started to dry nurse on the tall girl once again, she started to run her fingers through my hair. She said, “thank you, I’ve been needing some relief all day.” “I tried to return the favor but I couldn’t get you down all the way.” “I’ve only been with one other man big enough that I couldn’t get him down.”

By the time the shorter girl got to my cock it had swelled to its full size and was thoroughly engorged. She didn’t take me as deeply into her throat as the first girl, but she was bobbing her head up and down at a lightning fast pace! It only took 2 or 3 minutes of her furious hammering up and down before I began to feel my orgasm start to build.

I stopped nursing and buried my head into the cleavage of the tall girls tits and she wrapped both arms around me. She held me as I started to breathe very deep. A few moments later I felt my stomach tighten and the blissful pulsing of my cock twitch as the semen shot out of my cock and into the warm mouth that had slowed its hammering to a very slow and deep pace.

I relaxed and asked her to keep sucking a few minutes until I was soft. It is so relaxing for a woman to keep it up for a few minutes, post orgasm. Once I was soft she put my cock away and zipped up my pants. The taller girl asked her “what did you do with it?” The shorter replied, “I wanted to swallow it because he always takes care of us.” Then looking at me she said, “It’s not something that I do very often.”

I told both of them I was thankful for the attention and went back to join my friends. Of course they wanted to hear what happened and I gave them the story on our way home that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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