A Surprise Massage Ch. 02

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I just realized that I did not give my wife a name in part one! What a goof! If you have read my story about the hot tub you know that she is Judy, for the story, and I am Greg. My apologies for making this mistake, I’ll get this storytelling figured out sometime.

“I was thinking about that, and since there are a few preparations still to be made, how about if you take a nice relaxing bubble bath for just a few minutes?”

She smiled and looked at me then at Jeff and asked seductively, “Alone?”

Laughing I said, “Only for a little while. How about if we help you undress?”

Her face showed a mixture of excitement and fear and I could almost see her brain processing this. She looked at me, took a deep breath, and said, “Sure, that would be nice.”

I went to the bar and opened a bottle of wine and poured three glasses. “Will this help make you more comfortable?” I asked.

She took the glass, smiling, and said, “It sure won’t hurt!”

I offered Jeff a glass and we toasted this lovely lady.

I moved over to her and took the glass from her and set hers and mine down on the end table and kissed her softly. I motioned for Jeff to come over and when he did I told him to slowly start to lower the zipper down the back of her dress.

I went into the bathroom and started the water for the bath, making sure the temperature was just right. With the water running I went back to help undress my bride.

I came back into the room and Jeff was just getting the zipper to the bottom and he gently slid his hands inside along her shoulders, easing the dress outward and down her arms. I watched, her eyes were closed and her breathing was increasing.

I walked over and kissed her again and helped slide the sleeves off and the dress down her body until she stepped out of it. Laying it on a chair, Jeff and I both just stared at this beautiful lady standing before us in black lacy bra and panties, black thigh high stockings and her strappy high heels.

Her eyes danced as she felt our eyes roam over her and she could see the expressions on our faces. I could see her nipples straining at the lace of her bra and noticed that the front of her panties was beginning to dampen.

“Ok, Jeff, I’ll get her shoes and stockings off, you slowly help her with the bra and panties.”

I knelt down and unbuckled the shoes and carefully removed them, then, still kneeling I kissed her tummy and began to slide the thigh high down her left leg first. Slowly working the stocking down I soon lifted her foot and slid it off, tossing it onto the chair with the dress. I repeated the same slow procedure with the right stocking.

As I was doing this, Jeff had unhooked her bra, standing behind her, and had slid his fingers beneath the straps and slid them down her arms. She bent her arms and took them out of the straps and her bra fell free and onto the floor. Her breath caught again, as did mine as I realized that my wife’s breasts were exposed to another man.

Moving around in front of her, Jeff kneeled down and caressed her hips, never taking his eyes off of hers. His thumbs caught the lacy waist band and he began to slowly slide it down her shapely legs. Everyone’s breath was coming in short rapid gasps as her panties slid lower and lower.

I rushed into the bathroom and turned off the water flowing into the tub and returned to see that Jeff had the panties down below her knees and I stepped esmer porno over to hold her hand as she stepped out of them.

Judy was standing there naked now and said, “Boy, do I feel underdressed!”

We laughed and I told her that we too would be naked for her massage.

She looked at both of us, let her eyes roam down to our crotches where the bulges were more than evident and said, “Good, I like that idea!”

I took Judy into the bathroom after asking Jeff to get her a refill of wine and helped her into the bubble bath. She settled in and looked absolutely gorgeous. I lit some candles and turned off the overhead lighting. Jeff brought in the wine and I got some of the strawberries and brought them in as well.

I asked Jeff if he wouldn’t mind feeding a few of them to her while I got everything ready for her massage and he readily agreed to do that.

I went to the closet and got the massage table out and set it up in the center of the room making sure there was plenty of space all around it for Jeff and I to move. I plugged in some warmers and put the oil on them and placed a large soft towel on the table as well.

I could hear Jeff and Judy chatting and was glad that I had asked him to stay with her so she could get more comfortable with him. I yelled for Jeff to please come help me and when he got there I showed him the setup with the oils and also told him that we would start with a real massage and work the erotic massage in as we went.

We quickly stripped off our clothes and went into the bathroom to help Judy out of the tub.

When we walked into the bathroom, Judy’s eyes widened and her smile went from ear to ear!

“Woooohoooo!” she cried and giggled like a school girl.

We helped her out of the tub and over to the shower where we carefully rinsed the bubbles from her body. Jeff and I each took a towel and began to dry her off, making sure that all the water was gone.

Wrapping a towel around her, we walked out to the room where there were candles everywhere and soft music playing low. She looked around the room and said, “Wow! This is absolutely beautiful!”

We helped Judy get onto the massage table having her lay on her tummy. We left the towel draped over her buns and I motioned for Jeff to start at her head and I started at her feet. We covered our hands in the warm massage oil and Jeff began to rub and massage her neck and shoulders. I took a foot in my hand and began to massage the soles of her feet, knowing that she really liked a good foot massage.

We took our time, slowly working her body, kneading her muscles and working out any knots that we found. Jeff worked down her back and I worked up her legs. We removed the towel so that Jeff could do her lower back and I was ready to start her buns. As we oiled and massaged her we could hear little moans of pleasure and satisfaction come from her. I poured a little oil in the crack and slid my finger along its’ length from top to her anus. She opened her legs slightly allowing me to massage more.

I worked down further and Jeff was soon kneading her tight buns as I oiled and caressed her inner thighs. As I slid my hands along her thighs, and my fingers brushed her wet lips my cock stiffened more and more. I looked at Jeff and saw that touching Judy’s body like this had him rock solid.

We each moved to the side of the table as we massaged up and down her fantazi porno legs, buns, back and shoulders. She moaned with pleasure as we worked the stress out of her. When we did her arms and placed them back on the table, she let them hang over the edge and as we continued to massage her back and shoulders, she began to rub our legs in return. Her touch sent a charge of electricity through me and I think that same charge caught Jeff as well because he gasped a bit when she touched him.

I asked Judy, “Are you ready for the front yet or do you want more on your back?”

She lazily replied that this felt so good and thanked us again and again. Finally she said that she was ready for the front and began to turn over. We each helped her, making sure that she stayed in the center of the table and when she lay back, she looked at each of us with the most incredible smile, reached her hands out and squeezed our very hard cocks. We both gasped and she giggled,” Thank you so much, both of you.”

She let go of our cocks and we started the massage again. This time we stayed on the sides and both started at her feet.

We slowly and gently massaged her, keeping a good coat of oil on our hands and worked up her shapely legs. As we neared her hips, her breathing increased, her full breasts rising and falling rapidly and she opened her legs a little bit more.

We oiled up her abdomen covering her sides as well, slowly working higher getting closer to her beautiful breasts with her very hard nipples standing straight up.

As I took a breast in my hand the first time, I could feel her hard nipple in my palm as I gently squeezed and massaged the oil into her silky skin. Jeff had worked his way down her thigh and was now oiling just outside her dripping lips.

Judy began to squirm a bit and her moans were more frequent. I moved to the other breast to make sure it was oiled then kneaded both breasts at the same time, rolling and tweaking her nipples.

Jeff massaged up and across her trimmed mound, his fingers spreading between her folds to rub her clit still beneath the hood. Judy bucked when she felt the pressure on her clit, gasped and moaned “OHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYY!”

I was massaging her tits more firmly now and Jeff had slipped his finger below the hood and was rolling it in circles with a firm pressure. Judy moaned and writhed on the bed and we could smell her arousal begin to fill the room. She asked me to oil her hands please and when I did she immediately reached for our cocks again and began to stroke both of us as we continued to massage her tits and clit.

Her breathing was rapid, almost in gasps as her body responded to the dual stimulation we were providing and stroking two hard cocks for the first time in her life like this only added to her arousal. I leaned down and kissed her lips and slid my tongue into her mouth where she immediately sucked it further and both tongues intertwined and moved together.

Jeff was rolling her clit and slipped two fingers inside her flooded tunnel and she gasped, lifted her head off the table, and groaned, “OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS!”

She squeezed my cock harder when Jeff’s fingers slid into her pussy and I rolled her nipples a bit harder as well. I leaned down and took one nipple in my mouth and sucked it deep and rolled it with my tongue, while still rolling the other nipple with my thumb and forefinger.

Judy porno filmler was bucking her hips against Jeff’s fingers and her body began to tremble as she got closer. I could tell that she was very close and sucked her other nipple eagerly, trying to bring her all the way.

I watched as Jeff worked his fingers in and out of her faster and faster and rubbed her clit faster as well. Judy was so close and suddenly her body tensed up and her moan grew and grew to an almost scream as her orgasm exploded deep inside her. She is usually not very vocal at all, so knew that this must be a really good one for her.

Her body jerked as the waves poured through her, and somehow she pumped our cocks faster and faster. She looked up at me and said, “Get in me now! I want you now!”

I lifted her off the table and placed her on the bed, climbing between her thighs and drove my cock all the way in with one thrust. Judy screamed again and her body shuddered with another powerful orgasm.

She motioned for Jeff to come closer and she took his cock in her hand again and began to stroke him and rub the precum that was flowing all over his thick head.

I began to pound in and out of her and, to my surprise, she pulled Jeff closer and began to lick at the head of his cock. He moaned as her tongue flicked across the head and his eyes closed and his hips bucked.

I watched Judy, fascinated, as she began to suck Jeff’s cock into her mouth and my cock swelled more as I continued to pump her incredibly tight tunnel. Jeff began to caress her heaving tits, rolling her nipples as she sucked more of him into her mouth. I had never seen anything like this and I felt no jealousy at all, only a deep satisfaction at seeing Judy so pleasured.

I continued to fuck my wife and I rubbed her clit at the same time. She moaned as she sucked Jeff’s thick shaft and soon Jeff announced that he was going to cum soon. She sucked harder and I pounded harder and rubbed her clit harder.

Jeff groaned and his body tensed and he held still and I knew that his big balls were unloading. Judy felt his body tense and sucked even harder and swallowed his first load.

Seeing this I plunged deep and my own balls erupted and I sent my first load into her soaked pussy, spraying deep inside her. She felt my hot cum in her pussy, Jeff’s cum slide down her throat and her body exploded and she squirted her cum down my shaft over my balls onto her ass and onto the bed.

We were all groaning, shouting and cumming at the same time. Judy swallowed two loads then removed Jeff’s cock from her mouth and stroked him, sending the next several loads onto her tits. I continued to buck deep into her sending load after load into her gripping and sucking pussy.

Collapsing on top of her, I kissed her deeply, sliding my tongue into her mouth. I could taste remnants of Jeff’s cum on her lips and tongue and that just excited me more! I stayed buried in her still quivering pussy, she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me tighter.

The three of us lay on the bed and caught our breath. Jeff said that he really enjoyed this and thanked us for letting him be a part of it. He said he would never forget it. Judy pulled him down and kissed him and thanked him over and over for making her fantasy a reality.

Jeff got up and went into the bathroom to clean up before getting dressed, saying good bye and leaving.

Judy and I stayed on the bed, joined together, her incredible pussy gripping and squeezing my cock the entire time. We kissed and caressed each other as we basked in that “Pink Cloud” as Judy refers to the afterglow of some great sex.

She smiled up at me and asked, “So, what’s YOUR secret fantasy?”

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