A Tasty Skier

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The crisp Vermont air and the sparkling snow were driving away the frustrations and tensions of my city job. The weekend was a postcard of a winter getaway. The blue sky and the perfect temperature had me on the hill early, full of energy and excitement. I love to ride hard on my snowboard to clear out the cobwebs of the workweek. I need the physical exertion and the clean air to recharge my batteries and keep me sharp during the dull winter months in the city. I love to ride and play with the forces of gravity and feel the wind against my face.

Every outing I seem to make a little progress and therefore I constantly drive myself to improve. Yet improving does not keep me from watching the beautiful women who are sharing the mountain with me. Often, when the sun is out, the ladies like to show off their shape by wearing tight ski pants. This is frequently a magnificent sight, for these ladies are mostly in excellent shape.

Needless to say, my radar was in high gear when I spotted Melissa. Her well-rounded ass stretched her blue Lycra pants displaying its shape perfectly. It invited stares and flashed like a neon sign. I was not the only one observing her but I had an advantage, I could ride as fast as she could ski.

Riding my snowboard as well as possible, I followed her blue butt down the expert trails. She skied faster and with more skill than most people on the hill, so I had to work to keep up with her. On the fourth run we met in line for the chair lift and rode it together. Finally we started a conversation. She commented on my following her. I admitted my admiration of her shapely rear end, and also of her skiing technique. She laughed and complimented me on my honesty. “Most men would have told me how well I ski first, and then they might have alluded to my ass.” She said.

I answered, “I not only enjoy admiring a good ass but it is clear you desire it to be the center of attention.”

Once again she laughed and began relaxing with me.

“I might as well advertise the hard work I put in at the sports center. I guess you think it is worth the effort.”

We enjoyed the rest of the day as if we had known each other for years. There was no doubt she had spent time working out. She was in shape and liked using it. We rode hard, making the most of the mountain and the fresh air. By day’s end I knew I had reached my limits. Luckily she seemed tired also. I suggested she follow me to my ski house for a long session in the hot tub. I planned at least an hour in the hot water to revive my muscles, and was hoping for company. She accepted, and off we went.

I showed her a room where she could change and directed her to the hot tub and sauna. I was already in the water when she arrived wrapped in a towel. She dropped the towel and stepped into the tub completely naked. This woman was at ease with herself! I removed my trunks and threw them on the bench behind us. She laughed at me and said how much she hated bathing suits.

The heat and bubbles soothed our muscles and made me feel really mellow. She had such a magnificent body, with strong thighs and flat, hard belly I wanted to dive in and eat her forever. I couldn’t stand waiting so I mumbled some sort of request for permission and buried my head in her crotch. When I felt her hands on my head I thought she was going to push me Maraş Escort away. She pulled me in tighter while running her fingers through my hair. Then she lifted me to her mouth and kissed me deeply.

“That feels so good George, but I think you’ll drown if we continue doing this in the water. Can’t we use the sauna benches and really get hot?”

I was in heaven. Melissa stretched out on the top bench and I sat on the lower one. This put my face right where we both desired. Slowly I explored her mound and its surroundings with my tongue and lips. I was in no hurry and she certainly had a beautiful pussy, so I took my time discovering all of its folds and crevasses. She kept running her fingers through my hair giving me a wonderful scalp massage. As I licked up and down her lips she stroked my head with the same rhythm I was imparting her womanhood. We already had fallen in synch and were moving at the same speed. We were in tune with each other’s body and were enjoying the feelings they gave us. As on the slopes, I felt as if I had known this woman for years.

The heat of the sauna increased our own warmth and soon we were both dripping. Her fragrance increased and enveloped my senses. Her muskiness invaded the little room and made it smell as if we had been making love for hours. She completely intoxicated me. I lost myself in her folds, licking and sucking her pussy to taste every drop of her fluids. Her excitement was growing but the heat of the sauna became overbearing. We jumped into the shower next door and turned on the cold water to cool our heated bodies. The cold shocked us but felt good. Her nipples hardened and her skin turned pink. We stayed under the cold spray until we were chilled then we returned to the heat of the sauna.

We baked, thankfully, in the heat and I dove back in to her bush. The cold water had rinsed away her scent and taste, so I placed my mouth over her lips and exhaled to warm her twat. Slowly the odor returned and with it the delicious taste. Once again I was feasting on my favorite apéritif. She held my head in her hands and gently guided me where she preferred. From time to time she would instruct me as to her desires. I loved her being so at ease with her sexuality and how comfortable she made me feel. The first time I ate her bush she made me feel we had been partners forever. I could sense her desire mounting and increased my attention to her clit. I nibbled on it and from time to time sucked it while flicking my tongue over the end.

“Oh, yes, oh, yes,” she cried “Don’t stop now.”

I reached up to find her breasts and pulled on her wet nipples as I continued to suck. Suddenly she pulled my head hard against her belly, making it impossible for me to move. She came against my mouth filling it with her nectar and sobbing as she released her desire. I didn’t dare move until she drew me up and took me to the hot tub. She lay back against the cushions and caressed my face while drifting off in her own world. I could do nothing but admire her and gently caress her face and hair. Clearly she wanted to relax and enjoy the comedown. Hopefully my turn would arrive. I felt relaxed but my desires were still unquenched. I wanted to start again but I knew I should let her find the time and manner for our continuation.

“Let’s get cool in the shower, Maraş Escort Bayan dry off, and then use your bed.” She said eventually.

We left the hot room and took a cold shower together. I could not resist caressing her globes and pulling her pelvis against mine. She held me tightly for an instant and then took command. She turned off the water and rubbed me with a big towel until my skin was pink. She fluffed my balls and stroked the towel between my legs and up my ass. She pulled me to the bedroom by my hardening dick. She was completely in control.

She pushed me onto the bed, making me lie on my back with my pole waving in the cool air. “Don’t move, I want to take care of you, but if you move I’ll stop.” She ordered. She ran her fingernails along my inner thighs and down my belly stimulating me to a higher degree. Her nails drew circles on my lower body but never touching my inflamed sex. She continued to tantalize me taking pleasure in my discomfort and obvious desire. She pinched my nipples and raked my chest with her nails. Suddenly she straddled my hips and placed her vulva on the tip of my penis. I dared not move despite my desire to thrust myself into her channel. She continued to use her nails to scratch lines on my upper thighs and lower belly. This seemed to draw more blood into my engorged member. She had me on the brink of insanity, yet she persisted in her torment.

I bucked my hips involuntarily when she grasped my pole with both hands and rubbed the tip along her moist passage. She slowly lowered her wet lips around my rod. I felt every inch of her torrid passage with the sensitive nerves of my cock head. She was taking her time, controlling the speed and depth of my penetration. She was in no hurry, yet I was becoming insane from desire. My whole being was concentrated in the tip of my cock. I had never felt the insides of a woman’s canal so intensely. Her warmth, her dampness, the velvet texture of her walls, and the rippling of her inner muscles were creating stupendous sensations of excitement. I wanted to discharge my desire deep in her womb but I dared not. I had to please her and give her the pleasure she was giving me. I had to hold on and wait for her to take her gratification at her own pace.

She did not increase her gait but continued the slow raising and lowering of her hips. I could feel her tighten her inner walls as she retracted my shaft on each upward push. The only sign I received to tell me she was nearing her peak was the tightening increased on almost each stroke. I refused to let myself go I had to hold on, but the stimulation was too intense. She clamped tight one last time and I grabbed her hips. I pulled her down to me pushing myself deep into her. As my seed boiled forth into her depths I could feel her rhythmic griping. Suddenly she fell forward onto my chest and sobbed into my ear; she was coming deep inside. Her hips rotated and pumped as she moaned her release. I was still squirting my semen as my balls emptied themselves. I held her tight wanting this moment to last forever. She had touched me deeply and I wanted to stay with her. She slowly straightened her legs and rolled onto her side pulling me with her. While tenderly kissing my nose and mouth she told me she was starving.

“If we are going to have another day like today we Escort Maraş better eat well.” She said. I told her there was food in the house but if she wanted we could go to one of the local restaurants. She felt there would be long lines at any place near the resort. She reminded me that she only had her ski clothes, so we had better raid the icebox.

We rose from the bed to take another shower together. We wrapped ourselves in big towels and headed to the kitchen. I found a good bottle of wine, served two glasses, and we started to prepare our supper. I recommended we grill the steak in the chimney and eat in front of the fire. She liked the idea and asked me to build a big fire so we wouldn’t need any clothes. I filled the Vermont stone fireplace and lit a roaring blaze. The room warmed quickly and the sound of the fire made it seem even cozier. I lit candles and set place mats on the coffee table in front of the leather couch. I went to the kitchen to get the steak and wine and found Melissa preparing the salad nude. She was so lovely and sexy I wanted to embrace her and forget the dinner, but I demurred and set the table. While I burnt the steak, there was no other way in view of the blaze I had lit; she brought in salad, potatoes, and a big bowl of fruit. We sat naked on the couch devouring everything for we had developed quite a hunger. I cleared the dishes and returned to have her feed me pieces of fruit in her fingers.

Soon we were eating out of each other’s mouth and spilling the juices down our fronts. I had to clean the juice off her breasts so I lapped her and nibbled her until she started to giggle. She lay back on the sofa and slid a piece of pineapple into her pussy and told me that was my dessert. My hungry mouth gobbled it and asked for more. She placed another piece there and I repeated my munching. Her hips started to push her vagina against my lips. I figured my dessert had just changed and I delighted in the new course. I fed on her lips and sucked on her fruit while running my hands around her nipples. They were sticky but getting hard so I pinched them gently. I dipped my tongue deep into her cleft and she moaned rotating her hips against my face. She spread her legs and told me where to lick. She took my head in her hands and pulled me against her twat. I could barely breathe but the feast was delicious so I continued. She started to buck and cry out as I felt her inner walls throb on my tongue. I pinched and pulled her nipples, and licked as fast as I could but she just kept moaning and cumming. Finally she pulled me up and told me to fuck her long and slow.

I entered her gently and could feel her pussy still pulsing around my pole. I slid in deep then retracted bit by bit. I had a hard time not pounding her I was so inflamed, but she said slowly. I controlled my pace and reveled in her softness. I concentrated on feeling every pulse of her body. My cock was my sensor deep in her cave imparting her rhythm to my core. We were moving as one, throbbing in unison climbing to the peak together. Suddenly her passion increased and her hips lifted off the sofa to impale herself deeper. I couldn’t hold back and met her thrusts beat for beat. As my seed boiled out she pushed me on my back and rode me to her final orgasm of the day. Her climax consumed me and drew all my energy to her core. She lay on top of me panting mumbling some request to spend the night and then fell asleep. When I felt she was slumbering deeply I slid out from under and carried her to bed. I certainly had been lucky to find her on the slopes. Nothing could have made a more perfect weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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