A Teacher’s Gift

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It was the middle of English class, the last period of the day. I stared with eyes glazed at the woman of my dreams, my teacher. She had long blonde hair, slicked to the sides like a model. Her face was beautiful, her body so elegant. She was wearing a black skirt that clung to her just perfect figure. I was feeling so horny, just like everyday of her class.

She must have seen me eyeing her because her eyes darted toward mine with a condescending look, but at the same time one of pure lust and want. She gave a smile that made my penis dart upwards causing me to make a tiny lurch forward in my seat. She must have known why because she smiled.

I felt like an idiot, how could I be so non discreet? I wanted her so bad but I knew she was married with kids and that it would never happen.

“Well”, I thought, “I might as well hold nothing back, she knows I like her so what’s the harm.”

I put on the best look of lustful want I could and scanned the length of her wonderful body, stopping especially around her breasts and crotch area, just so she could see where I wanted to look. She seemed pleased because she smiled even more and turned toward my direction. I was sitting in the back but my view was a full body one. The class was busy on an assignment so it was just me and her at the moment.

She looked at me and stretched in a sexy way, letting out a purring moan as she did. I felt my cock grow larger and a tiny bit of pre-cum ooze from the top. She seemed to know I was enjoying the show because she turned and went to a shelf of books in the corner, bending over slowly, facing her ass toward me. Her skirt rode high, just below her ass and I wondered how she could wear such a slutty dress to a high school. The view made me silently groan, my dick so hard now that I wanted to just start jacking off right then and there.

She turned around, cast a devilish stare and went for the desk she had at the front that she sat in when she spoke to us. She leaned against the lip of the desk and pulled herself up. Escort Bayan As she situated herself on the desk I saw her skirt ride high, almost the full length of her silky legs. She saw me staring bug eyed with my mouth open at them and without even scanning the class for other eyes, began to slowly open up her legs. I was in pure heaven as I saw the passageway to her beautiful pussy open. She opened wide enough for me to make out some white panties, formed to the pouty lips of her well used pussy.

She knew I was in heaven and shut her legs closed in an almost evil manner. I wanted more but saw why she did when I saw one of my classmates staring at the teacher.

The class was almost over and I felt sad, I wanted so badly to have her, but I knew it wouldn’t be right. I got up when the bell rang and was almost to the door when I heard her cute and innocent yet somehow sultry voice call to me.

“Calvin, stay after class.”

I stopped dead in my tracks, my heart beating wildly with sudden fright and wonderment. What did she want? I turned and made eye contact, her eyes were cloudy, full of lust.

I walked slowly up; she was still sitting at the desk, in a very cute way.

“Yes?” I muttered shyly.

She glanced at the door to see if it had closed with all the students gone.

“I saw you looking at me; do you like what you see?”

I was shocked; I couldn’t believe this was happening. “Yes,” I said weakly.

She could tell I was stumbling with words, and instead of saying anymore leaned back on the desk and pulled her skirt up. “Eat me out Calvin, don’t worry, I wont tell if you don’t.

I felt weak in the knees, I thought about leaving but thought otherwise, I was so horny, and had thought of eating her out so many times before. I got on my knees, sliding my trembling fingers along the inside of her thighs, until they softly touched the lips of her cunt. I felt them sink in to her moist slit and I moved my hands to the strap of her panties. She lifted herself Escort up as I slid them off her legs. I was bombarded with the sweet scent of her pussy juices, saturated into the panties and escaping from her now visible cunt. It looked so beautiful, gleaming from wetness, flapped open like a slut’s pussy. She opened her legs wider and I moved in, sticking my tongue slowly out for the first taste. It felt warm and slimy but tasted somehow delicious, something unique. I loved it and began to lap at her sloppy pussy lips. I pushed my tongue into her pussy and began eating her for all she was worth. I felt her body tense with each lick, a moan escaping her sweet mouth. My dick was at full hard-on and I zipped my pants open to let it free. I then moved one hand to jack me off and the other to work at my teacher’s clitoris and massage her incredible pussy.

“Oooohhh, yes that’s it, like that, aaaahhh.” She began moaning louder and louder, moving her body with pure enjoyment at each one of my licks and tongue thrusts. I couldn’t believe I was eating out my English teacher when school had just ended with the door unlocked, but the thought only made my dick ooze some more cum. I sucked at her harder and harder now until I felt her pussy tighten on my tongue and her entire body shudder into orgasm. Warm cum from her cunt streamed out onto my face and into my mouth, it tasted so good, and I thought about what a lucky husband she has.

She fell back and her legs flapped over the edge of the desk. She looked so relaxed, so slutty.

“Oooooooooh.” She moaned in pure sublimity. She lifted her head up to look at my pussy juice filled mouth. I stared at her in lost, and her eyes lit up, as if she remembered something important.

“How could I be so selfish, you poor guy, you must be hard as a rock, c’mon stick your dick in my snatch, go ahead.

I leapt to my feet, with cock already out and hungry for pussy, and leaned in for my gift. The head of my penis touched the sopping mound of my teachers cunt Bayan Escort and slid deeper into her warmth. I moaned and she pulled her legs up and wider for me to get it all. I slid in and out of the slut, imagining her husband and little girls staring at me staring at me. My teacher, having just came, didn’t really enjoy my cock, but decided to moan for my benefit. With each girlish moan that filled the classroom I felt even more pleasure, and gripped and stared at the body of my teacher as I slid in and out of her cunt. I could feel myself about to cum, and took one last look at her face, hair, black dress, tits, silky legs, and beige sandals she had on. I took a final smell of the pussy stench that filled the room and looked at the cunt that had given me so much pleasure, focusing on it, in and out, sloshing around her wet lips, I finally let myself cum. Waves of unbelievable pleasure surged through my body and my body buckled. My teacher let out her loudest most sexy moan yet and streams of hot cum poured from my cock deep into her cunt.

When the orgasm ended, I dazedly withdrew my cock from my drenching gift and my teacher closed her legs and pulled her skirt down. She pulled her sexy body up and got on her knees, encapsulating her mouth around my de hardening dick, lapping up my left over cum and her own pussy juice.

She slid her mouth off it and smiled. I pulled my pants up and just stared at her. Still wondering how this could have been real. My teacher leaned over, picking up her panties, and handed them to me.

“Here, a souvenir so you won’t forget me,” she said with a smirk and playful tone.

I reached out and grabbed them lifting them up to my nose, her cunt’s aroma drifted through the moist fabric and I smiled.

“Thanks,” I said, “I’ll see you in class tomorrow.”

“No problem Calvin.”

I left the room, closing it slowly in order to take one last look at that beautiful woman. Our eyes met, she smiled so did I, and the door closed.

For a long time after that I was the happiest kid at school and at home. I kept her panties under my pillow and every night jacked off while I sniffed the crotch of them. I never did get to have her pussy again, although I believe other students did, but I didn’t mind, what I got was plenty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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