A Traditional Swim Ch. 16

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This story is part of a series. Chapters 1 through 15 will provide context. However, this story may, I hope, be enjoyed as a stand-alone work.


Heather went back to college and Sara and I went back to the island after the nude meet in Tampa. We lived very quietly on the island. We stayed in touch with Heather, Ashley, and Sandy as their season progressed, spent time at Sally’s bar, and continued to explore and make friends around the island. Actually, Sara made most of the friends. Her great personality and tremendous physical beauty drew all kinds of people to her. I just tagged along.

Sara started us on my rigorous training in January. We split between open water work swimming out of our cove and pool work at the local municipal pool. Since we trained nude, we had to hit the municipal pool ridiculously early each day to get done before it opened to the public. Sara’s goal was to get us ready for another season of nude meets. However, while Sara was in regular communication with numerous people in her nude swim meet network, nothing was coming together. Apparently, too many people in this network were still involved in mainstream swimming and were simply too busy during the collegiate and high school swim seasons. Nonetheless, we trained religiously. When the calendar told us that we had made it from January to May, it was time to go back to Florida. We had been invited to Ashley’s and Sandy’s college graduation.

We were only in Florida for a few days. Naturally, Ashley and Sandy had family in and were spending most of the time around graduation with them. Although Rob had also graduated, he was missing the ceremony because he was already with the White Sox rookie league farm team.

Much of our time was spent with Heather. With Loren’s tacit approval, Heather was able to get us into the university pool a few times where the three of us swam naked. Loren was also kind enough to invite us back to train with her team the following September, provided that we trained naked. Of course, we agreed.

We were sitting with Heather in the health food bar after one of our swims when Heather said,

“I am really not looking forward to the summer.”

“Why not?” Sara asked.

“I’m going to have to go home and spend the summer living with my parents. I only recently learned the joy of going naked and I have to give it up for three months. There is no way I can nude living with my parents.”

“Can’t you sneak out to a lake or stream?” Sara asked.

“No. Since my body developed, I’m treated at home the way I’ve read that they treat women in Saudi Arabia. I’m not allowed out without an escort.”

“That is absurd,” Sara commented.

“Wait,” I said. “Your parents fully support your swimming, right?”

“Absolutely,” Heather replied. “The scholarship saves them paying for my college.”

“What if you could find somewhere more relaxed to spend the summer and explain it to your parents as training?” I suggested.

Heather and Sara both discerned where I was heading and started smiling. Heather’s smile quickly fell, however.

“My parents don’t know you. I don’t think that they would go for me spending the summer with you on a Caribbean island unsupervised.”

“Heather!” Sara scolded. “You’re 18. You don’t need your parents’ permission to visit us!”

“Yes, but, defying them on something like that would bring on a complete break. I really can’t do that. Better just to do my thing out of their sight and hearing and let them think that I’m the good little fundamentalist daughter.”

“What if,” I asked, “one of your coaches was with you?”

Heather and Sara both gave me questioning looks.

“Loren is taking Sandy on as a graduate assistant coach next season, isn’t she?”

“Yes,” Heather said slowly.

“Maybe we can persuade Sandy to come down as your chaperone.” I said. “Would that overcome your parents’ objections?”

Heather brightened. “It might.”

Sandy really had nothing to do until the swim season started next fall. She was more than happy to stay with us over the summer.

“I assume that I can pack very light,” Sandy said, smiling.

Persuading Heather’s parents was somewhat more difficult. We had to enlist Lauren (who also thought Heather’s parents were stifling her) to speak to them. Loren gave Heather’s parents and enthusiastic endorsement of us and of the training Heather would receive on the island. Loren also assured them that Sandy, whom Loren trusted completely, would be there to keep Heather away from bad influences. Loren emphasized that a summer’s training in an environment like ours could make the difference between Heather making the NCAAs and not. It was, of course, pure BS. But, everyone who knew Heather wanted to give her the opportunity to spread her wings.

“What do we do if your parents decide to visit?” Sara asked.

“No chance of that,” Heather responded. “Mom and Dad have never been out of the U.S. Dad likes to say (Heather puffed her chest mockingly and also quite strikingly) ‘If we don’t have it in America, I’m not interested.'”

The eskişehir escort deal was done. We scrambled to get Heather a passport on an expedited basis. A week after graduation, Heather and Sandy joined us on the flight back to the island. As an additional bonus, Ashley had agreed to come down for most of July. She started graduate school in Gainesville in late August.

After a day of relaxation, Sara had all four of us training very early and very naked at the municipal pool. Heather was loving it. At her suggestion, we began riding nude in Sara’s SUV from the cove to the pool. We went over early enough that no one was out or on the roads. Coming back, however, there was human activity and we were typically seen. Sara, Heather, and I enjoyed being seen. Sandy was discovering that she also enjoyed being seen nude. She was certainly worth seeing.

Sara was continuing to work her network to arrange some nude meets. One afternoon, one of her contacts sent her a number of pictures, probably posed, showing something that looked like a swim meet in which the ladies all wore suits and the men were all nude. Sara’s contact included the question, “What about something like this?”

Sara showed the pictures first to Heather and Sandy. Sara told me about it later. Heather wasn’t impressed. For her, the attraction was that she got to go nude. Of course, Heather could not swim in any of these totally unsanctioned meets anyway for fear of losing her eligibility to swim at school.

Sandy’s first reaction was “having just the guys nude makes it more overtly sexual.” Sara said that Sandy thought for a second, then said “but, hell, it is sexual. What if we had one where the guys are nude and the girls wear suits and another where the girls are nude and the guys wear suits?”

Sara liked that idea and began circulating it among her network. Apparently, the idea caught on. Becca and Jeff offered to host both meets at the pool in Tampa so long as they both got to compete. After some checking, they came up with dates on a Thursday and Saturday so that everyone could make only one trip to Tampa.

It was at this point that Sara disclosed the idea to me. She showed me the pictures of the naked men and suited women she had received. Sara gave me her “persuasion” smile.

“You’d enjoy doing that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah,” I said. “That could be fun. I do think that it is too bad if you ladies will be covered up though.”

Sara laughed. “Don’t worry. We’re going to do a second meet two days later with the girls nude and the guys in suits. In both cases, it will emphasize the nudity of the people who are nude. That should be fun. I think that we’ve got a fair number of people committed to swim. We’re going to do the CFNM meet first, but the rule is that, if a girl swims suited in the first meet, she has to swim nude in the second.”

So, it was on and I was committed to do it. Sara and Sandy would be swimming. Heather was coming along to help.

I remember feeling a bit different walking into the natatorium in Tampa this time. It wasn’t going to be a nude meet. Only we men would be on display.

Coming into the pool area an hour before the meet, we met Becca, Jeff, Pam, and a well-built young man. The young man was Jason, Pam’s older brother.

“We needed another guy for our coed relay,” Pam explained. That confirmed that Jason would be swimming tonight.

After the introductions, Becca said, “This is great. I get to swim tonight. I’m regret that I didn’t get to swim last time. I’m just sorry that I have to wear a suit.”

Pam smiled and said, “Well Mom, you’ll get to be naked Saturday.”

Becca looked at her daughter, smiled, and said, “You went nude at the last meet, but I didn’t get to.”

“True,” Pam responded, “but I wasn’t swimming. This time, I’ll be bent over on the blocks showing everything. So will you Mom.”

“I know,” Becca replied. “I’m looking forward to it.”

At that point, Pam’s friend and teammate April walked up.

Pam asked us, “You guys remember April?”

I certainly did. April had helped run our last nude meet at this pool. Pam had talked her into to going naked. That had been April’s first time nude amongst a lot of people and I think that she became a convert. Like Pam, April was a very, very lovely young lady.

Pam continued on. “April is swimming tonight. She’ll be the other woman on our medley relay.” Pam grinned and added, “And, April will be swimming Saturday night.”

April said hello to us all. “I’m happy that you invited me to participate. I’m really looking forward to Saturday. Scared, but also very excited.”

I couldn’t help asking Pam and April, “Are you worried about your eligibility? We did some checking and decided that it was too risky for Heather to swim in these meets.”

April answered me. “Pam and I graduated in the spring, so we don’t have the NCAA to worry about. I doubt that USA Swimming will find out, or care if they do. It’s not like we’re submitting times from these meets or being paid to swim. I can’t speak for Pam, but gaziantep escort I really doubt that I’ll be swimming many more sanctioned meets. These meets will be great for me because I can swim competitively in a more relaxed environment, have some fun, and make some new friends.”

Pam agreed. “I suppose that I could keep swimming sanctioned meets, but it’s not like I’m fast enough to go to the Olympics or Pan American. Besides, I’ve got a chemistry degree I need to put to use. Swimming in these meets naked will give me the motivation to stay in shape.”

“Shape” for both Pam and April was a very beautiful thing.

“Changing the subject,” Becca interjected, “we’re using separate locker rooms. That should create a bit of tension. Everyone will assemble in the hall outside the locker rooms and march into the boy-girl-boy-girl, or nude-clothed if you prefer. That should look interesting. And,” Becca smiled, “we’ve sold out both nights. Oh, and we want you in suits in the warm up pool.”

“Damn Becca, why?” I asked.

“It will be better if you don’t get naked around the girls before the actual meet,” she answered.

I felt strange in the warm-up pool. I had not swum wearing anything in a long time. As I finished warming up, Sara came over with a younger man who was built like a top-flight swimmer.

“Harry,” Sara said, “this is Ed. Ed was a Pac-12 champion four years ago. He’s the fourth on our medley relay. He’ll anchor and swim free.”

As I extended my hand to shake, I asked Ed, “you ready for this?”

Ed smiled. “It should be fun. Besides, I don’t mind showing my dick to see girls in the old-style suits. What they compete in now is not sexy at all.”

I had to agree. The competition suits in use now are ugly and cover the swimmer up in order to reduce drag in the water. The ladies in our group had decided to compete in older-style suits that were tight and cut very high on the hips and lower on the chest. These suits were not the fastest, but they showed much more skin and much more of the swimmer’s figure. Frankly, they were sexy.

After the warm-ups, the girls went off to put on their competition suits. We went into the men’s locker room to strip off. After several minutes and quite a few piss stops, we all walked naked out into the hall. The girls were already out there. Most of them looked very good. As I walked down the hall to find Sara, I saw Trish looking great in a tight, very high cut red suit.

Trish called out “Harry!” I walked over.

“How are you Trish?”

Trish looked at me a moment. “Hairless?”

“Yeah. Sara, Heather, and Sandy shaved me last night.”

Trish reached out, lifted up my dick, and looked at my balls for a moment.

“They did a good job. Hairless looks good on you Harry.”

“Trish, that suit looks pretty great on you,” I replied.

“Thank you, but don’t I look better without a suit?” Trish asked flirtingly.

“Of course,” I responded, “but the suit is pretty hot. Where’s Larry?”

“Back in Connecticut,” Trish answered with what seemed to be genuine displeasure.

“Good luck and have fun,” I said and walked on down the line to find Sara.

I saw her quickly. Sara stands out in any group. In this instance, she was wearing a light blue one-piece that looked painted on. It was lower on her chest than a real competition suit and was so high on her legs that the back was almost a thong. Sara looked tremendous.

Waiving me over, Sara said “your place in line is here, behind Pam.”

Pam was wearing a more conservative medium blue suit. Also high on her hips, it fully covered Pam’s tight ass. Pam looked me up and down.

“You look good shaved, Harry,” she said.

“I don’t like swimsuits, but that one looks great on you,” I responded.

“I wish I could take it off right now,” Pam replied.

Sara tapped my shoulder. I turned to her and she hugged me tightly.

“This is pretty hot,” she whispered in my ear. I kissed her.

One of Pam’s former teammates who was helping run the meet called for our attention. It was time to march in. Marching behind Pam’s ass covered in that tight material was engaging and, I think, Pam was adding some motion in her walk for my benefit. More than once, I felt Sara slap my bare ass.

Walking into the pool was a relief in one sense because the hallway was air conditioned to the point that it was chilly. The pool had the usual warm moist air. Looking around, I saw that Becca had been right. All of the seats were filled and people were standing in the back. We marched a complete lap around the pool deck.

There was seating on three sides of the pool. The first rows of seats on two of the three sides were very close as we walked by. Had anyone wished to, they could have reached out and touched me without extraordinary effort. I made eye contact with as many spectators as I could as I walked by. I felt very exposed and that felt wonderful. I was really very proud to be walking naked in front of these people with my dick, balls, and ass on full display.

As we finished giresun escort our lap at the competitors’ seating behind the blocks, Sara asked me. “Having fun Harry?”

I grinned at her and nodded.

The racing was interesting. The meet started with the women’s 50 fly. Fly was one of Sandy’s strongest strokes so I expected her to win. By luck of the draw, Pam was in the lane next to Sandy. Sandy got a great start and had about a body length lead just before the turn. After the turn, it seemed a very long time before Pam surfaced. When she did, she was just slightly behind Sandy. Pam really burned the final 25 and touched Sandy out at the wall.

My first race was the men’s 50 breast. Ed was in the lane next to me. We both noticed that the ladies were all standing behind the blocks. As we bent down to our marks, exposing our balls and assholes, Ed laughed and said “the full Monty.”

I had been training well and thought that I had a good shot. Ed beat me off the blocks and stayed just a bit ahead of me for the whole 50 meters. I realized that he was considerably younger, but I decided that I really wanted to beat him.

Ed and I raced each other again in the 100 breast. Ed was in front of me through the last turn. An extra shot of adrenaline kicked in and I swam probably the best 25 meters of my life. I touched just in front of Ed. The effort left me completely exhausted. Sara and Sandy had to help me out of the pool.

It took me several minutes of sitting to get back to normal breathing and heart rate. A few minutes later, I decided to head back to the locker room for an energy drink. As I walked naked along the long side of the pool between races, I heard a female voice call “Mr. Stone.” Naturally, I had walked along the side where spectators were sitting. Turning, I saw a woman whom I guessed to be between 30 and 40 stand and gesture to me. Walking closer, I saw that sitting next to the woman was a girl in her late teens or early 20s. The woman gestured again so I walked over.

As I got close, the woman said, “Mr. Stone, I’m Claire and, gesturing towards the girl, this is my daughter Emily. We saw you swim here a few months ago and we’ve been following you on the naked racers website (a site that Sara and a few others maintained to promote our nude meets). Emily just graduated from high school this spring. She swam for her school all four years. We’re both fans. Emily is too embarrassed to ask you, but, may we have your autograph?”

Being asked for my autograph was a first. Being asked for my autograph while standing nude in front of a lady and her daughter was more than a bit strange. Nonetheless, I nodded and said “sure.” Claire handed me one of the single sheet programs we were using and a pen. Not having any place to write, I put the program against my bare and damp thigh and signed as best I could. Claire was smiling. Her daughter’s expression was ambiguous.

As I handed the program back to her mother, Emily said, “Thank you Mr. Stone. May I ask a question?”

“Of course.”

“What is it like to be totally naked in front of all these people?”

“Emily, I’m not sure that I can adequately explain it, but it is a wonderful experience. I feel both empowered and liberated. There is also something sexy about knowing that people are looking at, and hopefully enjoying, my naked body.”

“That is pretty much what I thought,” Emily said. “I’d love to do it, to be naked in front of a crowd like this. Oh, and I do enjoy looking at you naked.”

I glanced at Claire expecting an expression of stern disapproval of her daughter’s stated desire to go nude in from of a couple thousand people. To the contrary, Claire was smiling and nodding.

“If you’re serious,” I said, hoping that I wasn’t making a mistake, “I think that you can still enter to swim Saturday. That is when the ladies swim naked.”

Emily’s face broke into a smile. “Really?”

Claire almost floored me by saying, “That would be great!”

“What would you want to swim?” I asked.

Emily replied, “I was best in backstroke.”

“I’ll talk to some people and see if there is space for you to swim,” I said.

Together, Emily and Claire said, “thank you.”

I walked away mentally shaking my head in astonishment. I was so taken aback that I didn’t notice Heather walking towards me until she was right in front of me.

“You’ve developed a fan club, Harry?” Heather asked grinning.

“Something like that I guess,” I replied. “But, the younger lady of that pair said that she wants to swim with us Saturday night. She was a high school backstroker.”

Heather asked, “Does she understand that the women are nude Saturday?”

I nodded, “that’s why she wants to do it.”

“Ok, “Heather said skeptically. “I think that we’ve got room. I’ll go talk to them.” Heather walked off in the direction of Claire and Emily.

Fortunately for me, the 100 breast was my last race, save for a relay leg. That gave me a reasonable amount of time to recuperate. While I was pondering whether I was too old for this sort of thing, the races went on. Sara swam all three distances in both the back and free and won all six races. Sara never ceases to astound me. Pam beat Sandy again in the 100 fly. Neither lady swam the 200. Sandy saved face by beating Pam in the 50 and 100 breast and Sandy just touched out April in the 200.

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