A Transaction Of A Callous Kind

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Mistress Ursula sat in her high backed throne. As usual she looked aloof, serene, confident, perfect. She was wearing black patent leather knee-high boots with polished steel 5-inch spike heels. A close observer would have detected a slight discolouration near the tip of those heels. Clearly the slave had inadequately washed his own blood from them with his tongue. Mistress herself had not noticed this, or there would have been serious trouble. Her leather skirt was immaculate, and the crisp burgundy coloured blouse had been pressed to perfection by the male slave. Her hair was dark and lush, but at the moment it was tied up in a chignon. Her hand held a black cigarette holder. She snapped her fingers and a fit but mature male crawled across the floor, the fine chains that form part of his chastity belt making an erotic sound as he grovels across the floor.

His normal job is as a management consultant. He is highly paid, highly respected and assertive in his career. But his salary goes directly into Mistress Ursula’s account, and outside working time he lives totally as a slave. Indeed – even at work he wears his chastity belt.

Mistress points to the pack of YSL menthol cigarettes beside her. He removes one from the pack and places it in her holder. She puts it in her mouth and inhales as he flicks the lighter held on a chain round his neck. He automatically assumes a kneeling position beside her with his head back and mouth open. His shoulders are permanently scarred from burns, and his stomach is full of slowly digesting filter tips.

Mistress relaxes; She is awaiting the visit of her best friend Mistress Petra. The Hungarian goddess is the most sadistic and insanely extreme lesbian bitch in the world, and her visits are always such fun.

The slaves tongue was burning under the load of ash, Mistress had forbidden him to swallow, and the build-up of residue was both hot and mouth filling, making him feel like gagging. Not that he would dare, the punishments would be unthinkable. As Mistress came to the end of her cigarette she stubbed it out casually on his shoulder and dropped the butt into his gaping mouth.

As he swallowed the doorbell rang. The spike heel of Mistress elegant hand made boots jerked him into action and he crawled hurriedly across the floor. Mistress was hideously angry.

“I fucking told you to practice until you could crawl faster you germ!! Hurry UP!!!”

He opened the door, as usual, wearing nothing but his Tolly Boy 2000 chastity belt, hoping it was Mistress Petra and not anyone else.

Thankfully it was, and as usual she was the absolute vision of beauty power cruelty and oligarchy. As beautiful as Mistress Ursula, but distinctly more evil, more sadistic and clearly proud of it. She looked like a male fetishists wet dream, but to men she was untouchable. Her only contact ever with a male was to harm, to humiliate, to torture, to demean, to blackmail, and on more than one occasion, even to kill.

She stood there in her leather thigh boots and long fur coat. Her gloved hands held a cigarette which she showed to him as almost finished. He held out his hand and she stubbed it out, like Mistress Ursula she dropped the crushed butt into his mouth, pushed the kneeling figure over and strode across him and past him into Mistress Ursula’s throne room.

“Petra! Darling!” The embrace started as merely friendly, but as the slave entered he could see the latent passion of the two lesbian bitch lovers coming through.

“So, Ursula, how is the new slave coming along?”

“Well darling, well, he earns good money, but his attitude still needs work. I do not think we could properly call him broken yet. I do think there is some possibility he might disobey me if the order was degrading bağdatcaddesi escort or disgusting enough.”

“I am planning to stay all weekend – would it be a good arousing project to break him beyond any human recognition? Turn him into the mentally dependant, degraded slut scum male that he should be?”

As she spoke slave was removing her fur and quaking in fear, she looked at him pointedly. Under her fur she was wearing a simple black dress, somewhat unusual, for slave rarely saw her not in leather. But this dress was a particular favourite of her friend Ursula and she was determined to have Ursula aroused and willing for the whole weekend.

“Petra, you know how it arouses me to see you in a situation where there are no limits!”

“Good! That is settled then. By the way, do you remember Melissa?”

“The sexy English girl? Of course, but I thought she was straight?”

“She is, totally, but something very interesting happened”

Mistress Ursula snapped her fingers and the slave scurried off to get her cigarettes, “Tell me more!”

“We were getting a bit drunk and chatting last week, and it became very very obvious that extreme things really turn her on! I think, if we invite her round and let her watch some very nasty and dangerous experiments and punishments of your handsome little slave, while drinking several bottles of that champagne he buys you, well I think we will be able to totally corrupt her!”

“Even though she is straight?”

“Well darling the worst that can happen is she resists us, but torments the slave for us while we make love!”

“And the best…..”

Mistress Petra finished the sentence, she becomes one of our lesbian playthings, addicted to expensive champagne and Fem Domme sex! But I think the extremes will have to be very extreme to trigger it.”

“What are slaves for if not to make our lives better!

The Dominas laughed accepted the lights, ordered champagne and sat close together on the sofa while slave brought vintage champagne for them. Both the ladies were smoking elegant white tipped YSL Menthol 100’s. Ursula had discarded the holder because she knew the burgundy lipstick stains on the tip aroused Petra. It was already clear to slave that both ladies had the same agenda.

He knew that meant little respite for him though. Both became aroused by mistreating inferior males. Both liked to see blood and tears and hear screams. Their weekend of pleasure will inevitably be his weekend of torment. And from Mistress Petra’s words this weekend would be worse than anything he had ever experienced and leave him changed forever. It crossed his mind to run away, but the idea of being naked in the street wearing nothing but a chastity belt quickly persuaded him that he must stay, suffer and finally be made into the permanently modified slave he knew all men should be.

Already his money was in Mistress Ursula’s control, but, currently, if he plucked u the courage to leave the money behind he could leave the pain and torment, after this weekend he would probably be too dysfunctional and mentally dependant to do anything but serve in perpetuity.

The Mistresses have spent a leisurely two hours pleasuring themselves. Smoking long elegant menthol cigarettes and drinking vintage champagne. The odd mouthful of Beluga Caviar in between long passionate kisses and long shuddering breast to breast embraces. The sense having become slightly jaded it is time to re-arouse themselves with something more extreme. The slave has remained on his knees beside them his body scarred with burns and his mouth painful from eating and swallowing ash and cigarette butts.

But that is mere play. It is time for him to suffer.

They giggle beykoz escort as they both mention the electro torture apparatus at the same time. Petra acquired the first one from a very wild sadistic lesbian bitch who had worked for the Argentinean secret police back in the 1980s. Now a submissive electrical engineer had made copies and each Mistress in their group owned one. The original had been famous among the cellars of Buenos Aires for being able to break a subject in a matter of just moments. The pride and joy being the painful 10-inch dildo with the 14 tiny electrified pads. This whether applied to anus or pussy could, when set at a low power setting generates a teasing and irresistibly erotic sensation, which could have the subject begging for physical release. A little higher and the subject felt sensations that bordered pleasure and pain, normally causing rapid orgasm. Once beyond this level there was nothing but pain. The talented interrogator knew how to set it to make the subject betray every secret and every contact. A sadist could snap someone’s mind and leave them incapable of coherent thought or deed.

The Mistresses intended to make Ursula’s slave totally compliant, eager to accept any extreme treatment if only the electrodes would stop. Suitably mentally changed to make him the perfect victim in the strategy to arouse their kinky friend to total willingness to become as corrupted as the beautiful Goddesses themselves.

“What of we go too far?” asked Ursula, “After all, I remember what you did to that boy last year!”

“If we go too far, then he will still serve our purpose with the girl!”

“Yes, but I will no longer be receiving his salary as a consultant.”

“True, we must be a bit careful, but, darling, there will always be rich men to enslave, don’t be too attached – he is a male after all, mere dirt beneath our feet!”

Listening to this the slave’s cock shrivelled up even more, his heart sank, he thought again about escape, even the humiliation of running naked and chastity belted through the streets might be preferable to the risk of total mental eradication. W

While the thoughts were traversing his mind, before he even approached a decision a sudden karate blow behind the ear from the practiced Mistress Petra rendered him unconscious.

When he was awoken by the ice-cold water he was strapped into the gynae chair, helpless, anally exposed, ball gagged and wired up.

Except for the Dildo. Mistress Petra was holding it in front of his eyes, leering pointedly, inhaling on her cigarette. “Ready slave?”

Before he answered it was happening a vicious raping thrust and it was buried deep inside him. Mistress Ursula’s face loomed into view as she blew a stream of smoke into his face, and he knew that almost anything was worth the joy of that most sensual image. Suddenly he could feel a pulse deep inside him….

When Melissa rang the doorbell the fear made him sob.

The ladies disappeared from his restricted view.

They opened some more of slave’s vintage champagne and started to get Melissa a little drunk. She took out a pack of Marlboro Light 100’s but the dominas persuaded her to accept the more expensive YSL’s that slave provided. Like them she was a gloriously seductive smoker, and although straight, her agreement to visit that afternoon was a sign that their beauty had tempted her a little at least.

When Ursula opened the next iced bottle of Bollinger, Petra opened the door to the treatment room.

“Why don’t you come an watch something Melissa she said inhaling deeply on her cigarette, tilting her head back a little so the cigarette pointed at the ceiling as the tip glowed red, before her gloved hand swept up to remove it with a seductive caddebostan escort flourish, a stream of blue smoke clouded her gorgeous face for a second and her wicked smile made Melissa grow a little damp.

She was taken aback when she first saw slave, but ina split second her arousal was complete. Petra’s suspicion was right, there was a streak of voyeuristic sadism deep inside her. She lit another cigarette and came to take a closer look while Ursula explained the machine, and the extreme consequences of its use. As she said the word “death”, Petra turned up the power, the slave convulsed and Melissa groaned involuntarily. These women were incredible, beautiful, powerful and willing to do thigs she only ever fantasised about. She dragged on her cigarette and watched the torture get under way.

She stood there watching, her short black Armani dress looked perfect and she new it, her size 12 figure and 36C bust was irresistible to men. Her Jimmy Choos tilletoes and simple pearl necklace all set her beauty off perfectly. But within 15 minutes her cool aloofness had disappeared. She was breathing heavily, perspiring, inhaling more frequently on the white tipped YSL’s and gulping the Bollinger. Her breathing had become heavy. The slave’s growing convulsions, the look in his eyes that told everyone he was broken, he would do anything say anything had snapped her mind too, her clit was awash and she needed to touch herself. The domina’s still ignored the look though and burned him with cigarettes and toyed with the power controls, until Petra saw Melissa give way and slide her hand under her dress to finger herself.

Within seconds both the ladies were at her side, she offered no resistance, within seconds she was exchanging passionate kisses, all six hands entwined and groping.

“Teach Me!” she gasped, “To be like you, I want to do that to him, I want to have someone like him”

“Darling, agree to become mine, and you can have him to take home forever like property…”

“Really?” Melissa gasped as a leather gloved finger parted her love-lips.

“yes, really, all yours, trained and broken in, willing to accept limitless torture, his salary paid into your bank account.”

“O yes, yes, I want him” she groaned as the fingers slid inside her and yet more parted her arse and entered her, “Ooooooooooooooh Gode yesssss!”

She shuddered Ursula “what do I have to do?”

“You must allow me to keep half his salary, you must visit us at least once a week and give yourself to us like this.”

“And I can do anything to him?”

“He will be yours, no limits….”

“Oh yessssssssss” she spread her legs to take more leather gloved fingers.

“Do you agree?”


As she sighed her agreement Petra lowered herself onto Melissa’;s face, and she worshipped eagerly. Petra was amazed, for a straight girl she was certainly learning fast. She too now gasped.

All this time, unable to see anything, just to hear, slave lay strapped. The pulsing had been left dangerously high, his mind drifted in and out of delusion and hallucination.

So the sounds of incressingly depraved lesbian sex never crossed into his consciousness.

The drugs he sipped greedily from the water he was offered made sure he did not regain consciousness until much much later.

Ursula and Petra reclined on the sofa, drained of energy. Given appropriate stimulus, Melissa had been wild, insatiable and eager. Petra had lost count of her orgasms. She sipped the last drop of champagne and nuzzled against her lover. “Will you miss the slave?”

“No, he is easily replaced, and to swap him for a weekly diet of Melissa is an excellent deal”

“Yes, but who is going to cook our dinner?!”

“Damn!” for a second, Ursula was disappointed, then she slid down between her lovers legs.

“What I want to eat does not need cooking honey!”

Petra moaned, she was the bitch from hell, but Ursula’s Goddess like tongue always made her a different and less controlled woman.

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