A Trick and a Treat

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“Man I look hot!” I thought, looking into the mirror, staring at the near replica of Elvira. I had the long black wig, the tight, long, black dress with the low V-cut front, and my high heeled black shoes. My best friend was doing my make up, as we discussed how to trick my husband Pierre tonight. We have this on-going “contest” to see who can beat the other at the best Halloween trick. I have won the last 2 and was going for a third. I’m not too quick at being fooled, Pierre knows this, therefore I get him every time.

“Why don’t you talk to his boss, and have him temporarily ‘fired’?”

“Hmm, that may be something I can go on… but he would know something was up being Halloween and all. I’ll think of something before the night is gone. I gotta hurry though, Pierre is already there helping out.”

Pierre’s boss has a yearly Halloween party for all employee’s and their spouses at the job. No kids are allowed, so therefore they can get pretty wild. Last year, they had a contest with all the women bobbing for apples… topless! It was a hoot seeing all the women, drunk and half naked bobbing for apples as the men cheered them on. I won that contest… only because I decided to take it all off, and the judges were all men. Go figure.

“Ok” She said. “What do you think?”

I turned to look in the mirror. I looked really good, and knew it would be a hit.

“It looks awesome! You did a great job!” I thanked her and left off for the party.

Most everyone was there by the time I got there. There is only about 8 guys that work there and a female receptionist. I saw Pierre’s friend Brad, and went to ask him where Pierre was.

“Wow! You look great!” That sure is a hot dress you got on there!”

“Stop looking at my tits Brad, and tell me where Pierre is” I said laughing on behalf of his embarrassment.

“Uh, he is in with Kevin getting the keg ready.” He said quickly looking away.

I found Pierre and a few of the others sitting around a table drinking beer and talking about the contest they were putting on for the women.

“Hey Babe” I said.

All eyes went to me, and half of their mouths dropped open. I had to laugh. I guess the “wonder bra” was doing what it needed to, and I felt Mersin Escort like the porn star Houston in that dress. My tits were just almost overflowing.

“Well hey there!” He said getting up from his seat. “You look great!”

“Thanks, where’s the rest of your costume?”

Pierre was wearing a black cape and black boots. He held up his mask and said it was too hot to wear it, but he would put it on after he got a few beers down him. I joined they guys for a few and we all decided to go out and liven up the party a bit. Everyone was in the lounge dancing and drinking when we got in there. The lights were out, and only a strobe light flashing. I knew we were in for a long fun night, and I had a lot of thinking and planning for my trick on Pierre. I figured I would party a little and drink a lot before I made any major plans. ‘I have the whole night’, I thought.

About an hour later, as Pierre and I were dancing, he whispered in my ear for me to meet him in his office.

“That dress is making me horny, and I wanna fuck you in it!” He started kissing and licking on my neck, and I felt myself getting hotter with every touch. I finally gave in.

“You go ahead and I’ll meet you in there in a few. I don’t want us to look too suspicious. I’ll grab us a couple drinks on the way.”

“Alright, but hurry.” I said. “Don’t be too long!”

With that he kissed me, and I made my way through the crowd and down the hall to his office. I opened the door and it was all dark but the light coming from outside the window. I decided not to turn on the lights, so no one would be curious. I sat down at his desk, and scribbled him a little note for him to see on Monday. About ten minutes passed with no sign of Pierre, and I was getting a little spooked myself, so I thought I would go back out and see what was keeping him. Just as I opened the door, there he was, causing me to let out a scream. He quickly put his hand over my mouth and looked down the hall.

“Dammit Pierre! You scared the shit out of me! I didn’t think you were coming, so I was gonna come check on you.”

He closed the door quietly and led me back to his desk without a word. He motioned for me to sit up on his desk while he pulled Mersin Escort Bayan the curtains tight, leaving a little light in the office. I pulled my dress up as I leaned back on his desk, exposing my pantyless crotch. He stood there looking at me, not saying a word.

“Well, arnt you even gonna take off that mask?” I asked with a laugh.

He moved his hands slowly up my legs, up my dress, and over my breasts until he reached my face, caressing it gently. His fingers made way to my eyelids and closed them softly, while letting one brush over my lips.

“Oh, ok” I whispered. “I’ll be quiet.”

He began rubbing my breasts over my dress, breathing heavily. I took his hand and led it to my pussy. “Start with this.” I whispered. He ran his fingers down my pussy lips and back up through the middle, teasing my clit on each run. I felt his hot breath come close and I pushed my hips forward to feel his tongue meet my pussy lips. I couldn’t help the almost loud moan that escaped my lips. He started to lick me softly, running his fingers at the same time up and down my lips, until he slipped two of them inside. He sucked my clit into his mouth flicking the end of it with his tongue, forcing me to let out small moans. His fingers twisted and turned in and out of my pussy hole, while playing with my clit, causing my body to go into great orgasmic pleasures. I felt myself cumming all over his face, as he just licked and took every bit from me.

I laid there for a bit, coming back to my senses, smiling to myself in the dark. He found my hands and pulled me up, and I sat there waiting for his next move. I felt him pull me to a standing position, and turn me around facing the desk. He kissed my neck, while pulling up my dress, and rubbing my still wet pussy from behind. I leaned down and rested my elbows on the desk, expecting him to enter me from behind, but instead I was surprised with him going to his knees, spreading my ass cheeks, and licking my asshole. I was so turned on by this, at this point I didn’t care who heard my moans. He was being so kinky and erotic, and I was enjoying the moment! His tongue was soon replaced with a finger in my ass, pushing it in and out slowly. He came to his feet, Escort Mersin and put his cock to my pussy lips.

“Oh yes Baby… put it in… I wanna feel you…” I said.

His hard cock slid in easily with my wetness, and he began to thrust in and out with the same rhythm of his finger in my ass. The office was filled with the sounds of my moans and his breathing. I guess it was the alcohol talking by that time, because I heard myself tell him that I want him to fuck me in the ass. What man to refuse that? His cock slipped slowly out of my pussy and up to my asshole. His fingers came to my pussy, diving them deep inside and then to my asshole, getting it nice and wet. His cock slid up and down my ass, throwing me into a frenzy, causing me to take his cock and guide it to my wet asshole, where he took over and pushed it in a little. I was so hot and horny by this time I just pushed myself back and felt him go deep inside me. He grabbed my hips and fucked my ass with such ease. I brought my fingers to my pussy and began fingering myself at the same time.

“Yes! That is so good! MMMMMM… you’re gonna make me cum Baby!! Fuck my ass hard!” I moaned. “I want you to fill my ass up with your hot cum… ohhhh, fuck my ass goooood!!”

With that, I felt his last hard thrust, pushing me hard to the desk as I felt him explode in my ass. I kept fingering my pussy, and soon brought myself to yet another orgasm. He pulled his cock out and I felt his cum drip down my ass. It felt so good and nawty. Just then the door opened, the lights turned on, and there stood my husband with a shocked look on his face. Both glasses slipped out of his hands to the floor. I quickly turned around to see his boss standing behind me with a big smile on his face.

“Oh my God!” I screamed. “What the fuck is going on!!”

I stood up and pushed my dress down as fast as I could and I ran to Pierre.

“I was waiting in here… I thought it was you and…”

“You what? Decide to fuck my boss? What the fuck were you thinking? That’s it, it’s over!”

He turned to walk out of the office.

“Pierre!” I screamed.

He stopped and slowly turned around…


Needless to say I was pissed off the remainder of the night. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I couldn’t believe he actually got me on a Halloween prank! But after all, isn’t the saying “Trick or Treat” right? You get a trick OR a treat. Well I got a trick AND a treat. Pierre got a treat too… the boss gave him a raise. 🙂

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