a trophy for the champion

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My name is Sara and i work at a small recruitment agency, from my very first day, I developed a sexual feeling for my new boss, she was around 45 years but looked so hot and sexy, everything about her, the way she walked and the way she spoke made me tingle all over, i wasn’t sure if she liked girls or if she was just a very touchy-feely type of woman, but wow whenever she accidentally touched me and smiled i would skip a breath and a warm feeling seemed to run through my entire body, i think I had secretly fallen in love with her, so I tried everything to please her whenever I could. I had always considered myself Bisexual, but recently i found myself longing for a permanent female lover, someone who was strong enough to give me what I craved, I so hoped that the feeling I had about her was right, she gave all the right signals that she was interested in me as more than a worker and friend, but i had to be sure ,so i started innocently flirting with her and letting her catch me looking at her with as much of a seductive look i could manage without being to obvious my clothes started becoming more sexy and slightly revealing and I gathered as much information about her as I could, I discovered her passion for horse racing ,i also found she was partners in a few racehorses that won many races, also her friends were all very rich and belonged to very influential businesses that revolve around the racing industry, many of our clients were also her friends, then i stumbled on to the most interesting part of her life, she had recently separated from her lover, who happened to look a little like me. but the best part was an old friend of mine mentioned she had split with her lover because she was to dominant and demanding.

Sara what are you doing on Saturday . I looked up from my desk, to see Joan was looking at me in a very different way to normal. Just wondering if you would be interested in coming to the ladies day race tomorrow honey, only if you are interested in horses. you could op around to my place and come with me if you like. I looked and quickly blurted out sure i would love that, hhhmm i dont know what to wear though, i dont have any fancy cloths, ddo need a hat or anything, my voice was excited and i struggled to maintain my usual calm approach. Ohh just find something light and colourful to wear Sara, or maybe i will have some thing for you in my wardrobe, if you want to come over and try on a few things. I was like a young school girl as i hurried home so many thoughts running through my head, . one thought was dress like you want her to know what she can have, so i picked the shortest skirt that still had a little modesty and the most sexy clingiest top i had, damn i thought as i looked in the mirror my nipples showed through large and hard, smiling i picked out my new nipple rings and replace the studs, then lifting my skirt i looked at the ring through my clit, another smile, as i reached for my thong i suddenly thought why bother,, let her see what i have to offer,any way i am sure she has seen me at work giving her the odd subtle flash with out panties,

I arrived at her place a little early, but as i drove up she was sitting waiting, as i got out the car i heard her say wow you look nice honey but i think you should change your shoes for heels , every one wears them and you don’t wont to be the odd one out. and i have a bit of bling that will go well with your out fit, come inside, it was fantastic ,like a mansion, she led me into her bedroom, i was so busy gazing around i didn’t feel her hands on me untill i felt her breath in my ear.

Sara you look good enough to eat right here honey, her hands drifted down my back and lingered on my behind, a shiver ran through me, next her mouth closed over mine and her tongue brushed my tongue, another shiver and i could feel the heat radiating through me, her eyes told me enough , and her words were from far away as she breathed her warm sweet breath into my ears, Sara i want you.. holding my hands she ulled back and looke me in the eyes, Sara will you be mine. I stuttered yyyesss anything mistress please own me and i will do anything for you,,, you can do anything to me you want. Really Sara you will be my slave then is that right , her wicked smile spread over her face, and i felt her hand move down between my legs and under my skirt slipping higher, Slut you haven’t got any panties on,,, For you Mistress if you want me… Yes you will be mine Sara, now i am sure i have some jewelry to make you shine,,, here.

I looked at the earrings she fitted to my lobes small horses that looked like they were on a pedestal, then the prettiest looking neck-less come collar she showed me before it was clipped around my neck, as it clipped on i was led from the mirror, i caught a glimpse of the writing that stood out, but couldn’t quite read it, what is the writing Joan. i asked, trying to turn back to the mirror but she pulled me into an embrace and kissed my cheek. the un clipped the collar and showed me the strange writing around it, i looked and couldn,t make out the writing, It’s some strange ancient language said Joan, re clipping it around my neck.

Arriving at the race track was incredible ,so many of Joans friends greeted us and all seemed to look at me with approval, i started to feel quite comfortable, Joan took my hand and walked me through the crowds as if it was okay that ever one knew i was with her , or even more than a friend, i was in heaven,.

we went straight to the VIP lounge area , so amazed with the setting and exquisite room surrounded with TV screens and waiters serving drinks, Joan handed me a glass of red wine, i hesitated, looked at her and murmured, Joan this stuff goes straight to my head. YOU will drink what you are given Sara, my heart racing i just nodded at her and whispered ok , taking a small sip, it was then i heard a husky voice behind me say. Ohhh Joan so pleased you could make it ,and is this your new filly. pleased to meet you I am Joans friend and partner in crime Amanda, mmm you can just call me Mandy , i hope to see a lot more of you tonight ,, mmmmm love your necklace, such exquisite wording if i say myself.turning to Joan i heard her say , You certainly found a winners trophy fit for a champion ,followed with what i took as wicked sexy smile, then i jumped as her hand slid over my backside and gave me a small pat.

As the day wore on the room filled with women all who looked very rich and somewhat bored, but all greeted me as if i was some one special, i felt so good with the comments on how nice my jewlery and cloths looked, and every now and then Joan would escort jigolo gaziantep tell me i was such a special prize i lapped up the compliments and slowly started to become very intoxicated , knowing in my mind that red wine made me horny for some unexplained reason. i mentioned quietly to Joan that fact ,all she did was smile and lick her lips, saying ,well honey that will make it so much better later on then. thinking she meant for me and her i blushed slightly and as her hands wandered over my erect nipples, i gasped and started to feel the moisture between my legs.

Suddenly the room went quiet, the screens lit up and i heard Mandy call out , here Joan quick , there’s Peta getting the champ ready, Hey Sara, what do you think of him as i looked at the screen and saw this massive horse being readied by the pretty girl in shorts and tank top, i recognized the girl as one of the many who came through the office, sexy and so damn suggestive each time i saw her, she was leading the horse from the stables up to the starting lines,, all went quiet and then i saw a flurry of betting, each bet that was placed between the women here drew a glance at me i started to feel like i was being judged each woman slowly looked me up and down and made comments to each other before passing money over and selecting tickets. Joan was talking quietly to Many, who kept glancing at me and smiling, my glass was never more than half empty before it was refilled, i was feeling very tipsy and enjoying the moment , suddenly a very drunk lady stood in front of me and grinned, then slowly walked around me brushing her hand over me as if she was steadying herself, her hands lingered on my breasts and slowly ran over my hard nipples, mmmmm she said slowly with a cruel hungry smile, you ever handled a horse honey, i mean really handled one, mmmm i would love a trophy like you hun, i hope you, perform as god as you look, with that she ran her hand down my dress and walked away,, puzzled i glanced at Joan, but just then every one yelled and the big race was on, as far as i knew the horse winning belonged to Mandy and she was yelling and glancing at me while grinning at Joan , who was looking as pleased.

The race finished ,the winner belonged to Mandy, every one was cheering and the bored looks now gone, each women seemed to be showing more interest in me now than before, my wine intake seemed to increase, I was so horny, each time a sexy woman talked to me they seemed to touch me in a very intimate way, subtly but arousing, i didn’t mind any more as i felt so content and filled with thoughts of me and Joan. The afternoon disappeared and as the last race finished , we appeared to be the last group in the VIP rooms, slowly the lights on the out side switched off and we seemed to be partying alone,

Mandy and Joan stepped on the small platform and called for quiet, silence… Well my champion won again and as usual he will be rewarded, now you all know, how much i charge for stud fees,, well as a special treat i will wave the fee for a one off free service to one of you ladies own special filly, and we have drawn the ticket ,,, and the winner is Joan, … Joan please call up your filly to receive her prize a round of applause went up and i just looked around to see what was happening when Joan walked over and took my hand leading me to the stage. still not understanding what she had said i smiled as i was handed a selection of parcels,,, clapping continued and i slowly unwrapped the parcels, the first had me confused, it looked like short horse hoofs with straps, the second looked like a horse halter with a bit and reins, the third was slightly longer horse hoofs and legs with straps, the forth revealed what looked to me like hobbles or restraining straps for feet and hands then the last was a riding crop and what looked like a spray bottle full of liquid ,and what at first glance appeared to be a horse tail, but it couldn’t be because it had a plug thingy attached, in my confused state i looked at Joan and then Mandy, The women were making so much noise and my alcohol affected mind started to sense things were not as they seemed, .

Looking around and down at the items on the table, i slowly turned to the window, stunned to see my reflection, and the letters on my necklace reading clearly in the right direction now, WINNERS TROPHY FILLY. i reached up and slipped off an earring, stunned and shocked by the reality of what i saw, a horse indeed with a girl bent under him being fucked,,, ooohhh shit my mind raced, it was then i heard Joan , her voice strict and full of demand, SARA!!! TAKE OFF YOUR DRESS , NOW I SAID, the sting of the riding crop across the back of my legs brought me back to reality,,, What I stammered. GET YOUR DRESS OFF SARA.

NOW. She stepped up next to me and lifted the dress off me, i stood shocked , naked in a room full of women, who were cheering and making comments about me, It was then the drunken women from earlier stepped up waving the horse tail , and stating she would fit it for me,. M y tears welled up and my body shook and shivered, as the situation sunk in, half drunk and in shock , i felt the hands removing whatever dignity i had left then i felt the tail being gently pushed into my anal cavity, tears streaming down my face and no fight in me just terror and shame. then i felt something slipping over my head and my mouth prized open ,steel pressing on my tongue and straps tight around my head, then my hands were grasped and i felt staps attatched, looking down i saw my hands now had extensions like horse legs and hooves. Bend over Sara I heard, then i was forced over onto all fours, with my new horse legs in front holding me steady , next my feet were lifted one at a time and new horse feet attached, all the time i could hear Joans soft voice trying to calm me and explain how she had lost a bet and i was the payment, and how lucky i was to be chosen…it will be exciting and you will love it honey she said, then reminded me i was hers to do as she wanted..

I felt the tug of the reins and i was bent over in an awkward position on all fours balanced on my new horse legs, no way i could stand and no way i could do any thing but try and keep my balance, my feet and hands were hobbled with just enough strap length to allow me to walk unsteadily on all fours like a pony, my behind in the air tail swaying and tickling my inner thighs, my nipples hard and erect, rings pulling down ward, my anal hole full, feeling badly like i needed the toilet but the large plug firmly embedded in me, tears still welling i had escort bayan gaziantep lezbiyen no choice but to move in the direction i was being led. down the hall and outside i was led onto the winners lane as they called it, unsteadily walking and trembling into the dark lane heading for what looked to be stables.

The cheers and flashes of phone cameras , rude remarks and comments about how i was going to be the hottest fuck the champ had ever had, semed to never end as i made my shameful way into the stables, smells of fresh hay and horse sweat filled my terrified nostrils, i heard the snorts of horses and my tears flowed uncontrollably, fear welled in my very soul, then my sinful body started to let me down as the adrenaline pulsed through me and i started to feel excitement at the humiliation and degradation i was being subjected to.my body started to react the way i didnt want, i felt the familiar tingle deep inside start to grow, the same feelings i get when dominated and restrained by a lover, my nipples getting so hard from the feeling of the heavy rings hanging down and my clit ring tugging and dangling down , the comments and suggestive remarks started to arouse me,

I was led into the stall , i trembled with a mixture of fear and excitement, as i looked at the sheer size of this magnificent beast, all the other women stood out side around the stall, only Mandy and Joan entered with me in tow, i was led over to him, his massive cock already hanging down, i shivered at the sheer size, and it’s not even hard yet i thought.

Mandy reached through from the other side and slowly stoked his cock, it trembled, my mind registered ,he is used to this, i looked at

Joan and pleaded with my eyes, don’t make me do this please.

A smile split Joans Mouth, her eyes were full of mischief as she slowly removed my halter and the steel bit from my mouth, saying softly, the champ loves a good blow job after he wins a race , and i think you are just the filly to satisfy him, then slipped her hands behind me and slid a finger deep into my very wet slit, i shuddered and jumped forward just as Mandy offered his massive cock into my face ,the end of his now hardening cock glistened with moisture and i could almost smell the smell of perfume and the faintest hint if i didn’t know better of my favorite perfume … the smell of a hot wet pussy, my mind must be drifting in my half drunk state, reigned to my fate i opened my mouth and let them offer his cock to my lips, drifting into another world i only heard the noises from around me and the far away voices , one crying out omg she is going to do it, ohhh fuck how hot, i don’t believe the horny slut filly is doing it. With that my mind went into blank mode i closed my eyes and slowly worked my mouth over that hard cock like i was on a mission, i just wanted to get it over with , fighting my tears i slurped and licked at him then as i found the taste becoming sweeter, and my mind playing tricks, still smelling that faint smell and lingering taste i associate with being between the legs of a horny woman, by thinking of making love to Joan i totally became horny and my sexual feelings began to accelerate , my mouth worked in a frenzy, suddenly i wanted him deep in side of me, The first twitch and sudden movement from him sent a tremble deep through me i felt him start to weep a sticky wet syrup into my mouth, the the shudder through him, i wanted so much to use my hands and engulfed him into my mouth as far as i could, the steadying hands from Joan stopped me falling over, suddenly i felt him erupt into my hungry mouth i nearly choked on the massive flood of horse cum, i gasped and uncontrollably swallowed the first mouth full, no choice but to let it slide down my throat, then the next flood took me by surprise and that to followed deep down my throat and i had no choice but to swallow all , the flared end was sealing my mouth and as much as i tried i couldnt spit out any cum all went to the pit of my stomach and more kept flowing , finally i pulled my face and mouth away gagging and choking , trying to steady myself on my new horse feet, the spurts of cum still pulsing ,but now all over my face and body dripping down and running down my sides to my arms and legs, slowly on shaky legs and arms i backed away and collapsed on the hay ,so exhausted and now the shame of what i had just done started to settle in. Still flashes and noises surrounded me then it started to go quiet,

Mandy spoke first,, slowly and with a tone i hadn’t heard before. Wellll she seemed to get into that quick enough eh Joan You picked a winner there, Lets get back to the celebrations, the new Filly can rest up a bit, she isn’t going any where in a hurry like that hahah no cloths, a tail stuck up her arse and covered in cum, we can come and get her later , with that ever one started leaving just a few more photos, then i looked in horror as i saw one woman with a movie camera, my heart fell even deeper.

I was all alone in the stall ,just the shuffling of the horses and the remaining scent of perfume and still that lingering smell that i just couldn’t believe to be a wet pussy. maybe i was smelling my self, so i just sat huddled in the corner, feeling so ashamed but strangely turned on, looking over at the champ busy eating hay, i started to wonder what it would feel like to have him inside me, then drifted into sleep.

I woke up with a start, sure i could hear some thing , i huddled in the corner then called out, no answer, must have been the horses, the horse cum had dried on me and my mouth tasted strange and sticky i licked my lips with out thinking , then it all came rushing back, i wriggled around and starte to get the legs off of my hands,i managed to loosen my hands but the hobbles were still on my wrists, it was then i looked back at the stallion, his huge cock was hanging down again, M y brain wasn’t thinking and my body rebelled as i suddenly had the urge to see if i could get him to fuck me,,, no i thought but then i already have sucked him off and swallowed fuck knows how much cum, my now very wet pussy ached to be filled my hands gently rubbed and worked myself into a state of arousel, still with my horse legs attached to my feet i hobbled ove r to him and started to stroke him , quickly he started to harden, soft snorts and a tremble shuddered through him, he knew what was about to happen, so ever so slowly i edged closer and backed myself under him softly rubbing him up and down my wet slit the remaining cum still dripping of me became slippery enough to slip him gaziantep escort masaj salonları in and out of my swollen hungry pussy lips ever so slowly i worked him harder and in to me a bit at a time until i felt push a bit harder and he slipped deeper into me, i stiffened and felt a rush of pleasure i rocked back and forth until he was deeper then my rocking became a little faster , he was pushing at me at the same time, .the feeling of being full and the sheer thought that it was taboo sent me into afrenzy my control slipped my body ached to cum then i started to moan and trash on his gorgeous cock taking him as deep as i could , then the rush of my orgasm started from deep in me and sheer pleasure filled ever part of me, as i felt him tense then the flood of cum filling me and running out ,down my legs , i lost control and screamed in pleasure ,,more i wanted so much more , full of cum and exhausted i fell from under him and dragged myself to the side of the stall gasping for breath and still feeling the tremors rushing through my body, it was then i heard a voice and the click of the door, in horror i crawled to the door and peered out,, ohhhh fuck two women were running from the stables and i could see one holding a video camera,, ohhh fuck what have i done,, i crawled back to the stall, and started to undo the legs from my feet,, it was then i saw movement in the corner, in absolute horror i looked directly into the motion camera, looking around i saw more as i moved around they seemed to be following me, the fucking things were every were, i vomited , my mind racing my tears flowed and my whole body shook in despair, what have i done still limited in movement with these damn hobble around my feet and wrists, i looked desperately around for some sort of cloths or blanket any thing so i could get out of here.

The door opened and I heard the voice of Joan, my tears still flowed freely and i was trembling as she approached me and whispered come Sara i will get you out of here., quick here ,she handed me a small rug , quick we need to get to the function rooms and clean you up

In the dark, naked and shivering , we slowly made our way to the rooms, i could hear the party still going, i whispered where are you taking me. There is a guest room in the rooms next to the VIP room, quick we will get you in there and you can shower, I will try to find your cloths then i will get you home, Please forgive me Sara i didnt think you would have to do that ,so sorry honey. I looked at her and wiped my face . her eyes looked genuinely sorry and she reached over and carefully hugged me, then pulled back as a dollop of cum dripped from between my legs,, her face went still her eyes opened wide,, You You fucked that horse Sara what were you thinking, but a smile crept over her face. It was then i broke down and told her what i had done, and about the women with the camera, and the motion cameras, crying and sobbing .

Joan looked at me and shook her head, firstly Sara, those women didn,t see you do that thing with the horse dick, they just went back to get the camera they left earlier on, if they saw you they would have told me when i passe them on the way here, and don’t worry about the motion cameras, they are disconnected honey, come quick.

We ducked down the hall way and into the room as she said we would, i saw the shower and just felt relief,. I will be back she said lock the door and only open it when i come back. I locked the door ,showered and waited and waited and waited, sitting alone with just a wet towel around me i started to worry , i opened the door and peered out then stepped into the hall way to see if i could see which way the party was , oh fuck a click and the door closed, grabbing the handle , fuck it was locked, ohhh fuck , i panicked and started down the hall, as i slowly crept ast the door to the function room, i heard Joan and Mandy, cheering and laughing, the room was packed, i slowly ducked down and crept past, just about past as the door opened and out stepped the drunk woman, She grabbed my arm and dragged me through the door into the room full of cheering women, Hey everyone she shouted , I found the star attraction filly sneaking down the hall, silence except for a moaning noise and groaning coming from all around the room, in utter horror i stared at the screens all around the walls of the room, each screen was playing video footage of todays events, all of me in vavrous positions giving the stallion a blow job of the year then in others photo’s of me engaging in oral sex with the damn horse then horror here is the one ever one is watching , me bent over moaning screaming and being fucked by the stallion, cum dripping from me , then more me standing in the shower cum running down my legs and pooling on the floor, the entire contents of my stomach surged up and pored on to the floor, so much cum and still more flowed.

Mandy stepped up to me and lifted my face, Well honey , How are you going to pay for that little lot, you do know how expensive my champions sperm is, i charge 10000. dollars a service honey, i did tell you the first session was free, but you seem to have helped yourself to quite a bit more , and now you have wasted it, .

She then calmly told me i would have to work in her stables for free until my debt was paid, and just as calmly grabbed me and clipped another collar around my neck, then the halter was forced back on my head, and as quick as that i was led back to the stable, as we entered the stable i smelt that familiar perfume again, she pushed me into the stall with the champion, saying as she walked away, you can sleep with your new lover honey ,

Sitting in the corner again crying softly, i heard another noise, and the smell of perfume only stronger, then a sexy husky voice, Hey Sara ,You like him as much as i do eh, i should be angry that you fucked my lover, but if you let me fuck you i will forgive you, I looked up and there was the girl, Peta, standing ,with no cloths on and a wicked sexy i want to eat you smile, i looked at the cameras, but she quietly said don’t worry i know how to turn them off and her fingers beacon’ d me, and pointed between her open legs, smiling and licking her lips.

I looked at her then back towards the stallion, looking back at her swollen engorged pussy lips and the glistening sheen down her thighs, i realized where the smell of sex and perfume had come from earlier, i now smiled and slowly pushed my self to my knees,

Sara, When they brought you in the first time , they were just trying to humiliate you, you didnt need to suck his cock, you were meant to be my reward, but when you started to fuck him, i just hid and watched, i didn’t have time to turn off the cameras, but you are good,, and now we can both keep him satisfied ,

Peta turned and flicked off the lights, taking my hand and slowly we walked to the stallion , holding hands we both knelt down and softly started to get him hard,

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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