A Vacation in Mexico

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When I started chatting with and mailing letters and stories to him, it was just fun sexy electronic play. We talked about everything. Most of the time it was real hot and we’d both cum to the stories and chats.

Then after about three months of this we began making suggestions to meet each other. I live and work in Long Beach. Jerry lives in Cleveland. So the hardest part was where and when to meet. I had been planning to take a vacation and wanted to go to Mexico for a few days. When I suggested this to Jerry, he was all for it. So, we planned our visit to Mexico over the Internet. Each time I received or sent an e-mail about the trip there would be a fantasy story.

During the first chats and letters, the fantasies would surround the idea of massages, showers, and mutual masturbation and would usually end with a healthy session of anal sex. During the four months of planning, the excitement was getting to be unbearable. During the last two weeks, we began calling each other and having phone sex. The build up was great!

Then the day was at hand. We took off from our airports at basically the same time. However, I arrived at the hotel in Cancun three hours earlier than Jerry. I went to the room and began to get everything ready. The room was beautiful. We had a balcony, which was semi-private but I saw nobody from the adjoining room. The view of the beach was great. We were up high enough that nobody could see passed the railing of the balcony, but not too high that we couldn’t see the people on the beach. There were bikinis, and thongs, sun tan oil and all sorts of goings on.

Back inside the room, I checked the wet bar, poured myself a drink and took it with me to the shower. I got into the shower and began a long, hot rinse. I was so nervous. The hot water and the scotch slowly began to loosen me up. While I washed myself, I began to think of Jerry and all of the fantasies we shared. I was wondering which one we would fulfill first. I began to get hard and had to pay attention to my erection.

I soaped my penis and my shaved balls. I began to slowly stroke my cock from the base, to the head. Then, when I reached the head, I squeezed and rotated my hand. Then worked back to the shaft. While I was slowly pumping my hard cock with my right hand, I began to massage my anus with the other. I used some conditioner, (I like conditioner, because it’s slow slippery), I began to massage my hairless ass, moving my hand all the way from the top of my crack, to my hole and slowly inserting one finger inside myself. When I began to get real hot, I slipped two, then three fingers inside me. Before long, I was so hot that I was matching my finger fucking to the pumping of my cock. When I came, I came hard and almost collapsed on the floor of the shower.

After my self-pleasuring was soooo successful, I got out and toweled off. I did some touch-up work on the shaving of my crotch and ass, looked my self over in the mirror and decided that I was ready. I figured that I only had about another hour before Jerry arrived. So, I dressed in a light shirt, white thong and cotton pants.

I was really getting to the point that I didn’t know if I wanted to do this. It wasn’t my first time with a man, but I didn’t know about meeting someone in Mexico that I had only written to, chatted with and came over the phone with. However, my thoughts of security were abruptly interrupted, when I heard the door to the room opening. There he was!

Jerry had described himself as an average man. But, I couldn’t believe how handsome his idea of average was. He was about my height, and weight, he had brown hair and the most intriguing grayish-blue eyes I had ever seen.

Jerry smiled at me; I smiled back and could think of a damn thing to say. So what were my first words? Well, here we are. What? Jerry sensed my uneasiness, and smiled a wonderful smile. He said, “don’t worry, I’m just as nervous as you”. He approached me and we shook hands.

While we made some small talk, I showed him around the room. We had a honeymoon suite that we both chipped in for. It was expensive, but very well worth it. The room opened up into an entertaining area with marble (like) flooring, two steps up to the corner window and balcony. There were two bedrooms and one bathroom. I showed him to his room and he began to unpack.

While he was unpacking, I stood in the door way and we continued our talking. He was telling me of his flight and how excited he was to finally be doing this. I told him that when he came into the room, I was seriously considering getting lost in Cancun and not going through with this. He looked at me with a surprised look on his face, walked to me and lightly kissed me on the mouth. He stepped away, took his hand in mine and said, “I almost didn’t get on the plane”. I dropped his hand and asked him if he wanted a drink.

After we had a few drinks on the balcony and took in the view (of the ocean). We decided that we’d go have dinner in the çankaya escort hotel restaurant.

Downstairs in the restaurant, we had a great meal. Steak for both, salad and a few more drinks. A few times during the meal, he ran his foot up my leg. We brushed hands a few times and were beginning to get turned on. Neither of us is gay, we are both bi-sexual and there were no outward signs that I could tell, that we were together. We exchanged a few knowing glances and smiles, but other than that, I think we appeared to be a couple of buddy’s in paradise.

After dinner and a few more drinks, we decided to go into town and find a bar. I agreed and thought that I couldn’t drink too much more, because I wanted to be conscious for the night ahead. We found a quite Mexican bar about three blocks from the hotel. We entered and settled into a couple of wingback chairs. We ordered drinks and began to talk about more personal topics.

Jerry asked me if I was still up for some “playing” around that evening. I smiled ruefully and told him that if it were up to me, we’d leave right then and go back to the room. He laughed and told me that he wanted to have a few more drinks and flirt with me. I was all for that too. I liked the idea of building up to the moment with flirting, anticipation and maybe a little bit of seduction from and to each other.

There were a few women in the bar and we danced with them a few times. During the time that we were in the bar, the crowd went from quiet and reserved to a loud, laughing gaggle. Apparently, the bar was a favorite of the local area. We had a great time. During the night, and more and more the drunker we got, we became more and more adventurous in our flirting.

At one point, while we were walking to the restroom, Jerry grabbed my ass from behind. I stopped walking so that he would get closer and I reached back and grabbed a handful of his crotch, giving him a little squeeze. While we were in the bathroom, relieving ourselves, we each took little peeks at the other. But, I couldn’t get a good enough look.

Around midnight, we were back at our table and drinking yet another drink. We glanced at each other at the same time. Jerry smiled and I smiled back. I told him, “If you don’t take me back to the room now, I’m going to drink too much and pass out”. He smiled again, and got up to leave. We paid our (considerable) tab, and left the bar, walking back to the hotel.

When we got to the room, I unlocked the door and stepped to the side to allow Jerry to enter first. I entered and turned to shut and lock the door. My heart was pounding! As I locked the door, Jerry walked up behind me and wrapped me up with his arms around my stomach. He began kissing and lightly sucking my neck. My right hand was rubbing his strong arms and with my left, I reached back and pulled him closer to me. I could feel him push into my ass with his crotch, he felt wonderful. I turned my head and we began kissing. At first, we shared a few light kisses, and then I reached forward with my tongue wanting to taste this man.

Our tongues brushed, our lips parted and soon we were locked in a beautiful French kiss. The taste of alcohol and the warmth of his tongue did a whole lot to make me even hotter and harder. Jerry seemed to sense this and he began to rub my chest with one hand and sliding the other to my crotch. He squeezed lightly and kept rubbing between my legs and up to the tip of my swollen erection. I was so into this!

I eventually moved my hand from his ass, to the front of his pants. I could feel that he was also getting harder by the touch. His penis was about as long as mine, from what I could feel. But, he was considerably thicker than me.

I turned in his arms, and we again locked our mouths and tongues together in a dance of sexual passion. I broke the kiss first and began to run my tongue up and down his neck. I nibbled on his ear, lightly stuck my tongue in his ear and then went back to his neck.

After a few fantastic minutes of this, we let one anther go and walked into the room. Jerry went to the liquor cabinet and fixed what? Why, another drink, of course. But, what the hell, we were on vacation.
I actually felt as though I new this man more than I actually did, I felt extremely comfortable. It was probably the alcohol and my horniness. Anyway, I went out on the balcony to feel the breeze and smell the ocean. The “breeze” had turned into a full-fledged wind. I was standing at the rail, letting the wind blow through my hair and taking in the wonderful smell of the ocean. Jerry came out, and once again, wrapped his arms around me. I really liked the feel of that and began to smile at the feeling.

This time, however, Jerry didn’t attack me. We just stood there enjoying the feel of the wind and talked. How fantastic! We were both very turned on, extremely hard (but getting softer) and just enjoying the company and the environment.

About keçiören escort fifteen minutes later, Jerry whispered into my ear. “Can we go to bed?” He asked, my only answer was to turn back to him; and once again, began kissing him. I switched again to his neck and began to unbutton his shirt. I worked my way down with my hands and moved my way to his shoulder with my lips.

After I had his shirt unbuttoned, I began to lick my way to his chest. I slipped his shirt off and caressed his shoulders with my hands, as I was licking and lightly sucking his nipples. I rubbed my hands down his back and to his ass. While I was paying attention to his hard nipples, I began to undo his belt and pants.

I slipped his pants down and started to lick a trail down his stomach, stopping at his navel to lick and gently bite his skin. Surprisingly enough, Jerry took my shoulders and stood me up just when I was ready to dance my tongue into his shorts.

He looked at me in the eyes, and told me that I might be shocked at what he was wearing. My heart sunk as I began to look down. What I saw, excited me so much, I thought my cock was going to explode. He was wearing dark colored, panties! I looked back into his eyes, and sank to my knees. Jerry’s only response was a deep breath and even deeper exhale.

When I got to eye level with his genital area, I found that his panties were lace and they looked black in the darkness. His cock was hard, and slanted up and to the right. The head was straining to be freed, but I had other intentions at the moment.

I reached up with both hands and began to rub his thighs. He spread his legs a few feet apart to give me total access. I also noticed that his thighs were smooth, no hair. I slid one hand down and around to the back of his calves and notice that they too were smooth. This man shaves his legs! I was so incredibly happy! He never let on that he enjoyed shaving and wearing panties. I began to wonder what other pleasant surprises he had in store for me. I looked up into his eyes (what I could see) and smiled.

I reached up with my free hand (actually, I was massaging my erection again) and began to lightly caress the erection straining at the lace of his panties. I reached around to his ass and found that he was actually wearing a thong. It just kept getting better and better by the minute.
I rubbed his cock and balls inside his thong for a few minutes. Then I just had to see him in the light. I stood up and taking him by the hand, we went back inside and into my bedroom. I laid Jerry on the bed on his back and just stood back to look at him. He was fantastic! He wasn’t a muscled hunk, but his body was firm and besides the hair under his arm, hairless.

His cock was still hard and with the lace of his panties, I could see the skin color showing through the black lace. I undressed and took off my (cotton) thong. I got on the bed between his legs and returned to my licking assault on his body. I began at his ankles and worked my way up his legs to the inside of his thighs. He allowed me to spread his legs the further up I went. When I got to the point that my cheek brushed against his balls, I licked to the other side and up to his hip. He was rotating his hips the whole time. He was so sexy!

I began again to rub his erection and I felt a wet spot at the tip of his cock. I squeezed his cock and worked my hand to pump his cock and let the pre cum ooze from the tip. Then I moved my fingers to the head and got them with his liquid. I got up on my knees and rubbed his pre cum on my nipple, it was so slippery and made my nipple hard. Jerry sat up and began to lick and suck the same nipple. My cock was at full attention.

We began to kiss again, I couldn’t taste the pre cum in his mouth, but I wanted to taste it. I stopped kissing him and laid him back down with his head on the pillow. I moved back to his genitals, with one finger, I pulled the lace over his cock and for the first time, I saw the object of my fantasies for months.

His cock was fantastic. Absolutely smooth, the only vein was on the underside. He was thick and cut, the head was wet with his juices. I leaned over, and used my tongue to lick up the clear, salty, wonderful fluid leaking from him. I used my other hand and slowly pumped his cock to “milk” some more juice from him. When there was a considerable amount that had leaked out and began to run down the top of his head, I used my tongue to circle the head and lap it all up.

I couldn’t take it any further. I moved to allow him to close his legs; he raised his hips as I pulled his lace thong off of him. His cock sprang to his belly and looked fantastic! Like me his balls were shaved and the hair around the base of the cock had been removed. He had pubic hair above his genital area, but it was trimmed and thin. Very sexy!

At the sight of this, I took his cock into my mouth. I couldn’t wait any etimesgut escort longer. As I said, he’s about as long as I am, but his cock is much thicker. I attempted to get him into my throat, but he was too thick. So, I did what I could and for my efforts, I was rewarded with soft moans and his rotating hips.

I used one hand to cup his balls and the other to pump his slippery cock while I sucked with earnest. Each time I reached the head of his cock, I licked around with my tongue. After some time, he began to buck his hips and attempted to fuck my face. I knew that he was getting close to cuming in my mouth.

I continued to pump him and suck, not stopping to lick the head. But I switched hands and used one lubed finger to massage his anus. I knew he like that from his letters. I repositioned my body on the king-sized bed so that I was on the side of him. He spread his legs even further and I slowly pushed my finger inside him.

While I was trying to make him cum, he slid his hand up my leg and began to play with my cock, or what he could reach. He finally got his hand around my cock and began to pump it, matching the strokes and sucking I was doing. He moved his thumb over the tip of my cock and felt my own juices that had been flowing and making my cock slippery. He took his pre cum soaked hand and began to lick the slippery fluid off of his fingers. This sent him over the edge and he began to shoot his cum in my mouth. While he was experiencing his orgasm, I started to fuck his ass with my finger. That made him shoot even harder into my mouth.

After he came, I removed my finger and finished sucking the cum from his flaccid cock. When he got to the point that he was too tender. He told me to leave the room. I looked at him with a shocked look on my face, and my cock began to go soft. He lightly kissed me on my lips and told me not to worry. He had another surprise for me. I had to save face, I said, “well, I would leave, but this is my room!” He laughed and got up. He walked out and went to his room.

I could hear him getting into his suitcase. I began to wonder what he was going to do. I started to lightly stroke my, now soft penis. He called to me, and asked if I would get us a (guess) few drinks. Okay, twist my arm, ouch, ouch that’s enough, I give! (He, He, He)

I got the orange juice (okay, more scotch) and began to take his into his room, but the door was closed and locked. I called to him and told him I had his drink. He asked if I’d just put it in my room and that he’d be there in a minute. I did as instructed.

A few minutes later, I hear him open his door. He walked into my room wearing a fantastic outfit. I almost came at the sight! He was wearing blue, thigh high stockings, a blue satin garter belt and blue thong panties. He was carrying a black velvet bag and some more lingerie.

He walked to the bed and produced red stockings, garter belt and a g-string. He dropped them on the bed and told me to put them on. Well, what the hell, I was on vacation. I started out of the room, and he told me to put them on there, he wanted to watch. So, I complied.

I never really thought about dressing up, but I have to admit, with Jerry watching me, I became extremely excited and even began to enjoy it. After I was finished, Jerry told me to walk around the room so he could get a full view of my body. The feeling of the stockings and the garter belt was fantastic. Of course the string of the panties on my anus helped allot to keep me hard as well. He sat on the bed and opened the velvet pouch he was carrying. He told me to come over to him and pick my toy of choice. He had produced a vibrator, a large dildo, a butt plug and an anal probe. Well . . . hmmm, what should I choose.

Like most bi men I know, we play with all sorts of toys. I enjoy all of what he had and the thought of Jerry using these things on me was hot! I chose the dildo. I was drunk, relaxed and absolutely hornier than hell.

He told me to lie on my back and I did as instructed. He began to rub my cock immediately. That felt fantastic and I got even harder than I was. The pre cum began to soak my panties almost immediately. With his other hand, he was caressing my chest and pinching my nipples, I was in sexual ecstasy.

He took his hand off my chest and used a finger to get some pre cum off my cock. Then he moved his finger to my mouth and I greedily sucked them clean. The entire time he was talking to me. He was telling me how sexy I looked and how well I gave head to him. He asked me if I wanted him to suck me? I could only coo my desires to him.

He helped me take the g-string off and spread my legs. The first thing he did was to suck one of my balls into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around my testicle. His mouth was so warm and wet. Then he licked up the shaft of my erection and stopped long enough to lick my pre cum. Then he came up and kissed me.

While we were kissing, he moved his hand down, between my legs and began to massage my asshole. I spread my legs a little more, knowing that he wanted better access to use the dildo on my eventually. He alternated between my ass and pumping my cock. Then he sat up and gave me the dildo. He told me to get it wet with my mouth and that he wanted to watch me suck that cock as I sucked his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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